The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 22 – Piercings

We didn’t put soap in the slut’s mouth. Paula figured being pierced was enough atonement. Carl did put the slut on her knees and make her give him head, long slow head, while we all waited for Ana’s return. Carl said he wanted to be able to compare the slut’s mouth before and after. Mal and Cradic thought that was a jolly idea. Mal dumped a load down her throat and in short order and Cradic was soaring towards his orgasm when Ana walked back in. Mal pulled out but Ana, when she realized what was going on, simply said “finish. I have to wash hands. Then I check Tim.”

After coming back from the sink, Dr. Ana put on gloves, pointed to Tim, and simply said “Drop Pants.” She sat down in a chair. Tim had already dropped his pants around his ankles, and it was hilarious watching him waddle over to Dr. Anna. He already had an erection. “Not needed for exam,” she said looking at his erection and obviously not impressed. She then took his penis in hand and examined the Prince Albert piercing in great detail, twisting and turning it.

“How long?” she asked.

“Five weeks now,” he answered.

“Hmmm, well, not completely healed but close enough for you to get caged,” she announced.

“OH, that’s good, we were told at least six weeks," Lucija said.

“He heal fast,” Ana announced. “Also, no great loss if rots off.”

Tim turned even redder, backed away and pulled his pants up. Lucija had him resume his place on the floor.

Speaking to Lucija in Croatian because she didn’t want any misunderstanding, Dr. Ana gave instructions.

“She says,” Lucija said, translating, “that we need to put Heather on the table, on her back just in case she faints. She also says that it's good you guys got to use her mouth, because you’re going to have to stay out of there for a couple of weeks. Her body can handle her own bacteria but your cum might infect the piercing.”

After more Croatian, during which Heather was helped onto the table, Lucija said, “Heather, she wants to know if you want to service any of the women, because you won’t be able to lick for four weeks or more.”

“I take it,” I asked Heather,” your slut brain dump to the doctor didn’t include the concepts of CnC or free use slut?”

“No sir. I left that part out.”

“I think your doctor needs to be briefed on your sex life slut,” I pointed out.

What followed was several minutes of Heather explaining how she consented to not have any control over what happened to her sexually, in other words free use of any of her holes by anyone. Dr. Ana appeared to get most of it but asked several questions of Lucija in Croatian.”

“Any hole, any time, any person?” Ana asked.

Heather just nodded and smiled.

Dr. Ana immediately said: “Everybody gets blood test next week. No exceptions, even though slut here was clean.”

The women were not being quite as bold as the guys about using Ana’s mouth. Perhaps it was the relative stranger in the room. Mother Paula stepped up to break the ice. “Well, I for one, can’t imagine going weeks without that talented tongue.” She pulled her dress off over her head in one movement, stepped up to the table and positioned Heather between her thighs. Heather didn’t have to be told what to do.

Dr. Ana put a medical bag on the table. “No waste time,” she said.
Carl stepped up beside Ana and offered to handle her stuff.

“Wash hands with this,” and she sent Carl off to the kitchen sink.

Changing gloves and using alcohol wipes, she cleaned Heather’s nipples thoroughly. When Carl came back, she handed him gloves then started pointing at things on the table she wanted. She used forceps with small holes in the business ends to clamp the left nipple causing Heather to moan. Because her entire face was crammed into Paula’s crotch, Heather could not watch what was happening on her chest. Without giving Heather or Paula any warning, Ana shoved a large gauge hollow needle through the nipple.

Heather screamed a muffled scream into Paula’s legs. “Shit doc, warn us next time, she could have bit my clit off.”

“Sorry,” Dr. Ana said with a smile. “I forgot I not use numbing cream. Besides, she bite, I sew,” she added with another smile.

Dr. Ana treaded a ring into the nipple behind the needle and used special pliers to insert the ball in the ring, closing it up. She then patiently waited until Paula came, asking only “good one?”

Paula assured her that Heather’s tongue was indeed talented.

“Wait till you feel ring flick clit, hmmm.” Ana said. It sounded like she was speaking from experience. I was getting more intrigued with this woman by the minute.

Once Paula broke the ice, Maggie stepped up to the table. Maggie was smart enough to watch what Dr. Ana was doing and was ready to pull back. Ana cleaned and clamped the nipple but held the needle while Maggie’s breath grew faster and faster. When she saw Maggie throw her head back, she pushed the needle through. Heather screamed again and Maggie started cumming, “KEEP LICKING SLUT!” she screamed, causing Ana to chuckle.

“Oops, I did it again,” she sang with a smile. “What,” Ana said in mock defensiveness, “slut no bite no matter how much pain she in.”

Ana threaded the ring in this nipple and then waited patiently while Reese had her turn with the slut’s tongue. “I need to study before do clit. Very bad if done wrong,” she announced by way of explanation of why she hadn’t suggested finishing a triangle. “Maybe later.”

I thought it was interesting that Lucija was not showing any interest in getting her turn at head. Perhaps it was the idea of having her doctor since she was 13 watching her have an orgasm. Dr. Ana said something to her in Croatian, but whatever it was, Lucija just said “That’s okay, I’m good.”

So now it was time to pierce the tongue. I was curious. “Doctor, does a tongue piercing hurt more or less than nipples?”

“OH,” she said, “tongue hurts like Majka. That’s why we use rubber square and anesthetic. Open wide.”

I expected Heather to look scared and perhaps refuse to open her mouth, but she opened right up. Dr. Ana used what looked like the rubber blocks dentists use to keep mouths open. She inserted into the slut’s molars then prepared a syringe of anesthetic. Grabbing the slut’s tongue with the forceps, Ana pulled the tongue out and shot the anesthetic several places in the tongue. “This make you talk funny for while.”

Ana spoke to Lucija in Croatian and Lucija relayed to Heather. “She says it’s important for you to try to relax and not to pull your tongue inside your mouth. If you do pull it away from her, you could cause a problem.”

“OOO HAAA,” Heather tried to say.

Heather was amazingly quiet when Dr. Ana shoved the needle through her tongue and threaded a bar through, screwing a cap on the end.

Ana talked to Lucija in Croatian for quite a while. That gave everyone a chance to look in Heather’s mouth and inspect both her tongue and her nipples. When Ana finished, we all looked at Lucija. “Care instructions,” she said, by way of explanation. I’ll brief Paula and Heather later.

“That was very cool!” I said, “Thanks for giving us a very interesting Friday trial. How much do we owe you?”

“No charge for the slut.” Dr. Ana said but realizing that everyone was examining Heather’s new piercings she added, “All others $40 euros per hole at the office.”

“I check on slut next week. Oh, and after holes heal, if she lacks respect with her mouth, just tie her tongue to her nipples, Very effective.”

I noticed that Carl practically knocked several people over in his rush to help Ana pack up her equipment and help her to the car. When he came back inside almost twenty minutes later, he had a huge smile on his face. When I gave him ‘the look’, he just continued to smile, held up his phone and said, “I got her number.”

On Saturday everyone decided to ride their bikes to a town about three hours away for lunch and then ride back. Maggie and Paula even tried to convince Heather to take a break from captivity and ride with them for one day. They reasoned that since she had gone to the doctors and out to lunch with Lucija, perhaps she would leave ‘home’ to ride with them. But Heather used her piercings as an excuse, saying they were too tender still. She suggested that Lucija could borrow her bike, which had been unused since they arrived at the Chateau. That’s when everyone discovered that Lucija had never learned to ride a bike.

Lucija was appointed DIC for Saturday and I made a point of staying around the Chateau to do some work. Lucija decided to stake the slut out in the backyard using the rebar stakes and chains that were still there from last week. We both took a beer and some reading material and relaxed in the sun, occasionally giving the slut a drink, or fingering her, or pinching a nipple or just generally tormenting her.

The group returned from their ride about four and everybody started cleaning up for the evening. Keeping it simple, Paula and Reese were working on a huge pot of spaghetti and Cradic was chopping lettuce and vegetables for a salad. Lucija brought the slut up in her chains and everyone enjoyed dinner with some good bottles of red.

After dinner, Lucija ordered, and I do mean ordered, Tim into the living room, had him strip and cuffed his hands behind one of the two columns between the living room and the dining room. Tim definitely looked anxious. Lucija then went back to the kitchen, attached a leash to the slut and gave her some instructions.

“Slut, I don’t know how you feel about Timmy right now, but none of that matters tonight. You will do EXACTLY as I say, or Heath has agreed to let me punish you by making you wear clothes and sleep in a bedroom upstairs, with that Penis Rabbit vibrator beside you for a month, do you understand?”

“Oh please, ma'am, I’ll be good, please don’t torture me so!” Heather said in mock horror and with considerable sarcasm. But she and Lucija both knew that was the last way the slut would want to spend a month. Lucija had also never discussed this with me, so she was obviously bluffing anyway.

“Conversation mode. Here are your instructions, slut. Under NO circumstances are you to let Timmy have an orgasm but you are to edge him continuously throughout the orgy. I’m going to tell him, in front of you, that you have permission to make him cum multiple times before I lock his penis up for an indeterminate time. I’m also going to make it clear that you, and only you, can decide if he cums, that I think you’re still angry with him for damaging your ass, but that he is welcome to beg.”

Heather looked at Lucija. “I’m really not mad at him ma'am. All of the guys have raped my ass multiple times, it’s objectifying, and I like their using my ass as a cum dump. Tim was a little rougher than the others, that’s all.”

“I didn’t pull Timmy off of you, and I’m not locking him up, because he took you in the ass,” Lucija explained. “I’m punishing him because he violated your trust to care for your health and safety. But open your eyes, Heather. You, of all people, should realize that I’m giving Timmy exactly what he wants. He wants me to control him as much as you need bondage, pain, and control. He was a frustrated and closeted submissive puppy dog long before I put him under my thumb. His abuse of you was just his inappropriate way of expressing his repressed needs.”

“But Ma'am, I’m not a dom!” the slut complained.

“I don’t expect you to be a dom, you are MY tool, my agent, in dominating him. Don’t worry, sometime after tonight I’ll tell him you didn’t really have permission to give him an orgasm. I don’t want him angry at you, he might find a sneaky way to take it out on you,” Lucija promised. “But I want you to play a convincing role tonight, I want you to edge the hell out of that dick and make him believe that you are trying to decide if you’ll have mercy. And then don’t give him any. Understand!”

“Yes Ma'am.” The slut replied firmly.

“And his piercing may be healed now, but that tongue piercing of yours still isn’t. I don’t want to see your mouth on his dick. And certainly, no ass. I don’t know how you’d do that anyway the way he’s cuffed, but no ass! Use your hands and if you want, tease him with your cunt.”

“You can have anything you need, just ask. I’m already planning to bring you a pillow to sit on, a bottle of lube, a few vibrators, and some wine. What else do you want?” Lucija asked.

Heather thought for a minute then added, “some latex gloves and a roll of paper towels, ma'am.”

“Good, I’ll get them after I get you situated. If you need anything else just wave me or anyone else over during the orgy. Give him hell, slut!”

“I’ll do my best ma'am.”


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