The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 23 – Chastity Orgy

Lucija led the slut by her leash into the living room, letting her take her time in her leg irons. By then, everyone but Maggie and Mal, who were on dish duty, had wandered into the space. Lucija unclipped the leash from Lucija’s neck, wrapped it around Tim’s waist, made a loop of it and clipped it back onto the slut’s collar. This was far more symbolic than secure, but Lucija then removed all of the slut’s chains. Lucija wanted her to be comfortable and to have unencumbered access to Tim’s body.

Everyone was laying out blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and getting supplies like dildos, vibrators, lube, and condoms laid out on the table. When Maggie and Mal finished dishes, Lucija got everyone’s attention.

“Dr. Horvat says Timmy’s Prince Albert piercing is healed enough to start wearing the custom steel chastity cage I ordered for him, so tonight we’re going to end the orgy with a little ceremony.” Lucija announced. “And since the slut got more than her fair share of sex last night, tonight she’s going to have a special role in making sure Timmy enjoys his last night unlocked.”

After a general round of applause from everyone but Tim and Heather, Lucija continued. “The slut has been ordered to make sure Timmy enjoys what may be his last night of a free penis for a very long time. I have not decided how long. But long," Lucija said with a wicked smile. “The slut has permission to give Timmy as many orgasms as she wishes.’ There was a general round of boos. “BUT,” Lucija continued. “she doesn’t have to get him off at all. It’s entirely her decision. I’m sure that Heather’s sense of justice will prevail, but I’ve also given Timmy permission to ask Heather, oh who are we kidding, to BEG Heather to get him off.”

Everyone but Tim laughed.

Orgies can sometimes be a little slow and awkward to start, but this group was comfortable with each other and usually took no time at all.

Mal and Paula were both watching to see what Heather was going to do with Tim. They were standing side by side, each with a hand on the other’s crotch playing gently with genitals while watching Heather start to gently stroke Tim’s already erect cock with just one fingernail. Every time the slut would drag her fingernail from the base of his cock to the tip, the cock would twitch, and she would giggle.

But she was obviously in no hurry and soon the urgency of their mutual masturbation exceeded their voyeurism. Paula asked Mal if he wanted to fuck. He did. Leading her with her hand still on his cock he went by the condom pile, then to an unused blanket by the fire where, last I noticed they were missionary fucking with Mal using very long, slow strokes.

I say, “last I noticed,” because Reese, who at this point was riding Cradic cowgirl style, made eye contact and gave me a ‘come hither’ look. I stripped off and wandered over. “Do you mind if Heath joins us?’ she asked Cradic. Completely lost in the feeling of Reese moving her hips in circles around his dick, Cradic just smiled. Getting off his dick, Reese said, “spit roast me please!” and got into doggy position. I thought Cradic would continue with her cunt but, much to my surprise, he laid down with his penis under her mouth and put his hands behind his head. While Reese went to work on his dick, I rolled on a condom and asked, “Which hole?”

“Both please!” she answered.

During the time I played with Reese and Cradic, I could hear Carl fucking Maggie and I’m pretty sure she came twice before Carl filled his condom with a massive load. Through all of the sounds of passion and lust in the room, you could occasionally hear poor Tim, “Please Heather, just a little faster, I’m so horny. Please let me cum. I always liked you Heather, I just thought I was giving you what you wanted. Please?” Heather never said a word. She made a ring with her finger and thumb and used very short strokes with very light pressure right behind the head of Tim’s penis. It was obviously driving him wild.

I fucked Reese until I was getting very close to cumming, then I pulled out and asked “ready?” Since her mouth was occupied, and her head was already bobbing up and down on Cradic’s dick, she wiggled her ass at me. Laughing I put the tip of my penis on her anus and pushed. I was going slowly, in and out, stretching her when suddenly she pushed back and impaled me. “Well OK then," I said and proceeded to fuck her ass about a dozen times before cumming hard. I pulled out and shortly after Reese sat up, with a huge smile, dripping cum down her chin.

After I relaxed for a minute, I went over and watched Heather and Tim. Somehow the slut was standing on one leg with her other ankle on Tim’s shoulder. It was an impressive display of flexibility and hot as hell. Tim was trying desperately to insert his penis into Heather, who was pretending to encourage him. But without his hands, Tim just couldn’t guide the head of his penis in between the folds of the slut’s labia, and Heather wasn’t going to help him. After letting him try by obscenely thrusting his hips forward, Tim started begging again. “Please Heather, guide it in, I promise I’ll fuck you really good. Please?”

Heather just kept rubbing the tip along her clit and labia and telling Tim how good that felt.

I wondered what Lucija was up to and spotted her over by the toy table strapping that huge dildo on again. She seemed to really have a fixation on that thing. Paula must have finished with Mal because she put her arm around my waist, pressed our naked bodies together and whispered in my ear, “wondering what that would feel like in your ass?”

Paula knew I hadn’t tried anything in my ass in years, and she knew I wasn’t going to play with Lucija. But she laughed at the way my semi-erect penis twitched to life. Did she know that I was fantasizing about her using the harness to ram my ass?

“So,” Paula asked, “what exactly ARE you planning to do with that thing?”

“I want to see what it feels like to fuck a girl!” said Lucija with enthusiasm.

“Thank god!” Mal said from behind me, “I can stop clenching now!” And we all laughed.

“I volunteer to be your fuckee," Maggie said.

Cradic, Reese, Mal, Paula, and I all lay in a circle around Maggie, arms and legs intertwined. Lucija mounted Maggie missionary style. “Am I doing this right, penis owners?” Lucija asked as she inserted the dildo into Maggie’s already sloppy pussy.

“Well,” said Mal, “if you were a guy, you would have a beer in your hand, and you’d be grunting with every thrust.”

“We’re out of beer,” said Paula.

“Completely ignore Maggie, don’t ever ask if she is close to cumming or anything,” Reese added.

“Hea!” Cradic complained, “I resemble that remark!”

“OH, fuck yes, keep going!” Maggie screamed.

We all stopped joking and started paying attention to Maggie and to each other. Nipples, ear lobes, toes and other body parts were sucked and stroked, and not just on Maggie. Everybody was getting hot and bothered by the sounds Maggie was making.

“So full, so huge, so deep, faster, harder, please, fuck me!” She kept repeating with more and more urgency.

Then, to our surprise, both Lucija and Maggie froze, screamed “fuck yesssss!” and came together. I hadn’t realized that Lucija had used the double-sided dildo or that her clit was getting pounded with each thrust. We were paying so much attention to all the noise Maggie was making, we completely missed how close Lucija was.

“The elusive simultaneous orgasm!” Paula yelled. “I haven’t had one of those in years, even with a real man, and here you two pull it off with a strapon?”

We all collapsed in a heap and just made out for a while. I looked over and Heather had both hands covered in lube and was running them up and down Tim’s dick, two or three times then stopping. She would hold still for a while, then stroke him again. At one point I saw her kiss the tip of his penis and slowly lick some precum off the tip. “Oh god Heather, that’s so good. Be a good girl and get me off, please? I’m starting to get numb. My head has been so sensitive and now it’s getting numb. Please Heather, please?” Poor Tim, he sounded so pitiful and had long ago given up any pretense of dignity.

I was thinking about pushing Paula over on her back and going down on her when I realized she was pushing Lucija on her back and starting to mount her. I sat up cross legged next to them to get a good view. I knew Paula was an expert at riding cowgirl and I really wanted to see how she rode Lucija’s fake dick.

Paula started by getting on her knees and alternating rubbing her ass around in a circle and front to back. She started with slow, small movements and watched Lucija’s face. As the heat of both women increased, Paula started with larger and larger movements. When she thought Lucija was getting ahead of her, she would ride to the back, dragging the fake dick along her clit but pulling it away from Lucija’s clit. When she wanted to give Lucija more stimulation, she would do the reverse. Every so often she would pull her feet up under her so she was squatting over the strapon and start bouncing up and down which had a dramatic effect on both women.

I lost track of time. Two? Three? Five minutes? Both women were getting close, but Paula intentionally drove herself over the top first, panting heavily but not saying anything. Lucija, however, was repeating “fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over. Paula took a minute to enjoy her orgasm, then started rocking the dildo again. She worked the angles that she now knew were having the most effect. Lucija may have cooled off just a bit when Paula stopped to enjoy her orgasm, but she went skyrocketing up and over the top in less than a minute.

Paula collapsed beside Lucija with the silicone dick still sticking straight up like a trophy.

The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur. I know Paula sucked me for a while. She was so worn out from that ungiving silicone dick that she didn’t want a round three. I was content to just let her use me as a pacifier. At some point I think Maggie was also sucking on my balls and I know Reese sat on my face until I licked her off at least once. I could hear Tim alternately begging and moaning. I never did hear the slut say a word all night. She let her hands do the talking.

I lost track of what everyone else was doing until Lucija, sensing that everything was winding down, got everyone’s attention again.

Nobody initially moved, from their various positions around the floor, as she announced, “It’s time for the lock up ceremony!” But everybody wanted to see Tim locked up, so slowly, bodies untangled, woke up, stood up and walked over to the column where Tim was handcuffed.

I noticed that Tim was only about half erect at this point. Heather was having to hold the base of his penis with one hand. She was making a tight circle with her finger and thumb to keep him up enough to keep tormenting him. Honestly, Heather must have been exhausted but she had kept up a constant edging for hours.

But if Heather was tired, Tim was a basket case. He had long ago given up pleading with Heather and was just starting off into space. I really thought he might cry when Lucija approached him with the shiny steel chastity cage.

“Anybody know how to use one of these?" she asked in jest. “Just kidding, I asked Google.”

I had not previously seen the model Lucija had ordered for Tim. I couldn’t help but notice that the tube was very short.

She started with the ring around Tim’s testicles, having the slut, who was still leashed to Tim’s waist, to assist. Heather, none too gently I noticed, pulled Tim’s scrotum through the ring as Lucija held it in place. Then Lucija put the hook into his Prince Albert piercing. She had to work at shoving it through as the piercing should probably have been expanded to a higher gauge, but Lucija wasn’t waiting. Once the hook was in, she slid the tube over Tim’s penis and pushed, pulled, wiggled, and forced it closed on his mostly limp penis.

Heather held the tube and ring together while Lucija held up the lock. She had intentionally not purchased the kind of cage with a lock built in. She had bought the type with a large ring on top which a special padlock encircled, giving no real room to get bolt cutters or saws onto the hasp.

“It’s a small lock but it’s hardened steel. I’m told it’s impossible to get a bolt cutter on it without risking cutting something important. And the heat from a grinder will fry important bits of anatomy before cutting through the cage or lock.” She announced. Lucija later told me that she was fully aware she was telling Tim ‘crap from a bull,” as she put it. Lucija making up bullshit about how secure the cage was or not, it looked like Tim was buying it.

“Oh, and the only keys to this lock are already in Father’s safe,” she said right before everyone in the room heard an audible CLICK.

Lucija later told me that was ‘crap from a bull’ too when she told me one of the keys was in her desk and Paula had the other one for safety reasons.

Everybody decided that Tim’s lockup ceremony was a fitting end to the evening and drifted off to sleep either in the living room or up in their bedrooms. Lucija took Heather down to her cell, not bothering to put her in transport chains for that short trip. The slut was so tired of edging Tim that she hardly seemed to notice. Lucija made sure she had a snack and some water, but the slut dropped right off to sleep.

Paula and I woke up, snuggled half in, half out of somebody’s sleeping bag, sometime Sunday morning. No doubt we would have slept till noon except both our bladders woke us. We also decided we were too old to sleep on the hard floor anymore as we limped to the bathroom. I noticed that Tim was no longer handcuffed to the column. I have no memory of who released him or when, but I assume Lucija did since she had the handcuff keys. 

We didn’t see Tim all day Sunday but Monday morning he came out of Lucija’s room, where he had slept at the foot of her bed, and acted like nothing was different. But nobody had to look close to see that steel package pushing out the front of his pants. Paula suggested he invest in some jock straps and forevermore give up wearing his bike shorts in public.

Just as Dr. Horvat promised, Nurse Gruba showed up bright and early Monday morning. In fact, so early that none of us were up. Thank goodness she spoke excellent English because Lucija, our normal translator, had spent the night at her University dorm and wasn’t here yet. Nurse Gruba, who asked me to call her Sara when I offered her a cup of coffee, set up and went right to work, starting with me. Most people had forgotten she was even coming, or perhaps they hadn’t taken Ana seriously. But Sara didn’t seem to be the least bit put off by my housemates wandering downstairs in various states of dress, or undress. When it was Tim’s turn, Nurse Gruba had him pull down his sweatpants so that she could ‘examine’ his piercing. Paula was ready to admit she had the key in case the Nurse felt the need to remove the cage to examine the piercing, but Sara never asked about it. I decided she wasn’t really checking Tim’s piercing as much as satisfying her curiosity. I’m pretty sure Tim realized that as well.

She didn’t have much time as she was due at the clinic, but she wanted a quick tour of the house. It seems that everyone in town was curious about what those English people had done to the old chateau. Perhaps we would have to have an open house, once things were a little more renovated. Of course, we wouldn’t show ‘everything’ on a public tour. But it was ‘everything’ that Sara was most interested in seeing now. I showed her the progress we had made upstairs quickly, then the office, kitchen, living and dining room. We went downstairs so she could say hello to the slut and marvel over how substantial the bars and gate of the wine cellar were. She also spent a few minutes looking over Heather’s sewing station and asking questions about the capabilities of the sewing machine.

But it was in the backyard that Sara surprised me. We walked by the fire pit, checked out the garden, and she pulled on the chain hanging from the slut walk cable in a whirlwind tour. It was only when she came to the recently uncovered cistern with its iron access cover broken off, that she stopped and stood for a long time. I can spot when someone has a fascination bordering on fetish. I didn’t interrupt whatever deep thought she was submersed in.

“Do you know the term oubliette? This reminds me of an oubliette.” She said wistfully.

“But aren’t those usually a deep pit at the lowest levels of a dungeon under a castle?” I asked.

That seemed to snap her out of her daydream. “Not always, do you know what this is?" she asked.

“We think it was a water Cistern for a long-gone fountain.” I replied. And then I spontaneously decided to take a risk,” but it could have been an oubliette where the KGB kept anti-revolutionary nurses.”

Sara turned and started walking back to the house, “I think your theory of a cistern is more accurate.”

“But not nearly as much fun,” I replied. I couldn’t see her face as she walked away.


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