The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 21 – Another Demerit Trial

When I checked the security camera’s later that afternoon, Lucija and Paula had tied the slut’s left ankle to her left thigh, holding her left foot up to her ass. They had her standing on just her right foot. Her wrists were in suspension cuffs, I guess Lucija didn’t want any more handcuff marks. Her arms were pulled back in a strappado and tied high up on the bars. If they had tied her in this position right after I sent them downstairs, she would have been in this stressful position for about 20 minutes. I was about to get worried when I checked another camera angle and saw Paula, sitting just out of the cell, watching the slut carefully. Well, I wanted them to take the slut’s mind off her troubles. I was quite sure she wasn’t thinking about anything except when Paula was going to let her down.

I kept the camera window open in the corner of my screen while I worked and a few minutes later I noticed Lucija come back into the cell. Working together, Lucija and Paula took the slut down, put suspension cuffs on her ankles, propped her shoulders on a chair then lifted and attached her ankles to the top of the cell bars. I’d seen the slut in this position before. She was hanging upside down, her back to the bars, her hands still cuffed behind her, and her head just about perfect height to give oral to someone sitting in the chair and slouched down with their legs through the bars. While Lucija got into the chair and got comfortable, Paula attached Japanese sewing clamps to each of the slut’s nipples, and handed the chain attached to those clamps to Lucija.

“OK slut. You’ve earned 20 points for 20 minutes in that stress position. How about 15 points for each orgasm you give Lucija and me. Of course, you’re going to have to work for it. Lucija, take your blue jeans off and slide back in that chair until your clit is about six inches from the slut’s tongue. Slut, use those stomach muscles, put your face in her snatch.” Paula explained.

“Of course,” she continued, “If your stomach muscles give out before Lucija comes, you’ll have to beg her to pull you closer with those nipples of yours. And Lucija, if she’s not being enthusiastic enough for you, just yank on those nipple chains to remind her. Get licking slut.”

Yeah, I stopped working and pulled the security cam window full screen. I didn’t have a great angle, but I could see enough of Lucija’s face to know Heather was getting the job done. And I could certainly hear the most delightful moans. I suddenly couldn’t remember if I had ever seen Lucija getting oral from another woman. She was certainly getting it now. Paula had told me that Heather gave the best head of anyone, male or female, she’d ever had. I had told her at the time ‘challenge accepted.’

Currently, my girlfriend was looking on with an expression of what looked like pride, or love, or perhaps it was just lust.

The slut got Lucija off fairly quickly and without having her nipples pulled. Paula announced. “That’s one, now it’s my turn.” And she and Lucija switched positions. Paula pulled her sun dress up around her waist and sat down. I could swear that Paula sat with her cunt at least two inches further from the slut’s head, forcing Heather to use her stomach muscles to bend even further to get her tongue to Paula’s clit.

“Suck it slut.” Paula growled, “faster, stroke it with that tongue, lick faster.” Paula must have pulled her chains because the slut emitted a whimper. “You need some help slut? I don’t feel much pressure on my clit.”

Lucija is on her knees, her face inches from the action, watching the slut’s technique intently. At one point I heard her say “so that’s what I was feeling.”

Paula growls sometimes when she’s getting close to cumming and she was definitely growling now. But it took a while. I wondered if Paula was intentionally holding back.

“Do you need help slut? I think you need help.” Paula growled and I watched Heather’s nipples move several inches towards Paula, stretching her breast into perfect cones. The slut moaned and I could see her abs flexing as she tried to move herself to relieve her painfully stretched nipples. By now her stomach muscles had to be shot.

Mercifully for the slut, Paula came, nearly knocking the chair over backwards as she did so. Paula no sooner got up from the chair than Lucija was back in it again.

“Want another 15 points, slut.” Lucija asked, picking up the nipple clamp chains in her hands again.

“Oh, ma'am, I don’t think I can, my stomach is so tired.” Heather said.

“Well, then ask her to help you slut. You wouldn't want us to feel like you didn’t appreciate our giving you this opportunity to earn points would you?" Paula asked.

“Ma'am, please help me give you another orgasm. Please?” Heather said, not very convincingly.

Lucija pulled. Heather winced and clamped her teeth closed in pain. Then slowly relaxed into the pain and started licking. It took longer this time. The slut’s nipples must have been in agony. It was only the nipple clamps and Lucija’s pulling that was keeping her tongue in position.

Finally, Lucija started repeating, “oh yea, oh yea, oh yea, just like that, oh yea,” and then let go of the nipple chains.

“OK, your turn again,” Lucija said, looking at Paula.

“Naw, I think I’ve had enough for now.” Reaching down and taking the nipple clamps off. The slut grimaced as each clamp came off but didn’t emit a sound. “Well, that’s 65 points, that ought to keep you on the iPad for a while. I think we’ll just leave you here for a while in case I decide to change my mind on that second orgasm. I’ll just leave these right here.” And Paula dropped the nipple clamps in the chair right in front of Heather.

When the women came back up to the office Paula noticed my monitor. “You could come down and play instead of being such a voyeur,” she said.

“True,” I replied, “but when Lucija is involved, I prefer to keep a little distance. At least you saved an orgasm for me.”

“Who says I was saving it for you,” she smiled.

“Just don’t leave her hanging too long," I said, making a pun.

Thursday was a fairly uneventful day. Most people were out and about their business. The slut spent most of her day in her cell exercising, sewing, and playing with her iPad.

Friday at lunch I could tell everybody wanted to talk about the elephant in the room. The full details of Heather’s doctor’s appointment had spread through the group and been retold dozens of times already.

“I know you want to talk about tonight and our guest,” I said.

“Look,”, I continued, “It could be she wants to trap us or trick us into revealing abuse of heather. But Lucija doesn’t think so, and I trust her judgment, she’s known this Doctor for years. I think we are either dealing with a professional who just wants to make sure her assessment of the situation here is valid, OR, we’re dealing with a woman who is intensely curious. Either way, we play it straight. We have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of.”

I may have said “play it cool,” but Paula was still pulling out the stops at dinner since we had a guest coming. She fixed pot roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and a lime pie for dessert. Dr. Horvat arrived right at 6 pm. I sent Lucija and Carl out to greet her and take her to the living room. When she came in, she had a couple of bottles of local wine as a dinner contribution, a nice touch.

After introductions, I suggested, “Would you like a tour of the house and grounds? Restoring it is a constant and ongoing process but most of the chateau is livable.”

“I would.” Dr. Horvat replied, “and my name is Ana.” She added in broken but understandable English. “I don’t see Heather?” she asked. “I have news for her.”

“She’s in her cell,” Paula said, “Carl, why don’t you end the tour in the cellar and then you and Lucija can bring the slut up for dinner. We should be ready in about 30 minutes.”

I watched Ana carefully as Paula, probably intentionally, referred to Heather as ‘the slut’. I didn’t see a reaction. Perhaps she didn’t understand the English.

I had picked Carl because a) he was closer to the doctor’s age, b) he had originally brought the group here, and c) he was levelheaded. Lucija went along to make sure language wasn’t a problem. I had confidence in both Carl and Lucija, but when I saw them head down the stairs after touring the rest of the house, I couldn’t resist bringing up the security cameras on my office monitor.

“We believe this was originally a wine cellar.” I heard Carl explain. “It must have held valuable wine because it has very sturdy bars and gate.”

“Owner’s no trust helpers,” Ana said.

Lucija, who decided to make a point of helping Ana with her English said “Ah, Owners didn’t trust their servants.”

“Only manager had key,” Ana explained.

Heather had, according to her protocol, assumed the Nadu position when she heard people coming down the stairs. She was sitting in the middle of the cell, naked, head bowed when Ana walked up to the bars and spoke to her, “How are you this evening, slut?”

I thought Carl’s jaw was going to hit the floor. Did she really understand the English for ‘slut’ or was she just parroting what she thought was a cute nickname?

Lucija, however, didn’t miss a beat. When the slut replied, “I’m well thank you ma'am,” Lucija said “conversation mode on. You can stand up.”

“What is ‘conversation mode?’” Ana asked. And Lucija patiently waited for Carl to explain the slut’s protocol’s for speaking and the Nadu position, before translating. Obviously, Lucija could have simply explained, but she had learned when her role was to be a translator. She apparently decided this was one of those times.

“Thank you, Carl, I need to talk to Heather. Leave now.” Ana said.

Carl looked confused. Ana laughed at his expression, then talked to Lucija in Croatian.

“She wants to go over Heather’s lab results.” Lucija explained. “It’s nothing personal, it’s just medical privacy. I can stay since I’m her translator and I was at the exam anyway.”

“OK,” Carl replied, “I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”

Ana pulled several folded pieces of paper out of her slacks pocket and for the next 10 minutes went over Heather’s results in detail. The last thing I heard Lucija translate was “Since everything was normal, I decided to tell you tonight instead of having the nurse call.”

“It’s time for dinner and Paula doesn’t like it when food gets cold, time to chain the slut up and head upstairs.” Lucija explained.

“Can I help?” Ana asked.

A part of me wanted to scream ‘NO.’ But I knew easy-going Lucija would just roll with it.

“Sure, go get the handcuffs, leg irons and those two other chains from the middle shelf of that cabinet over there.” Lucija explained, “oh, and we need a couple of padlocks too.”

“So many chains!” Ana declared.

“We treat the slut like a maximum-security prisoner.” Lucija explained.

“She could escape anytime in my office?” Ana asked.

“Up against the bars, slut, you know the drill.” Lucija said, “And while we chain you up, answer Dr. Horvat’s question.”

“Yes ma'am," Heather replied as she put her hands in front and pressed them to the bars.

Lucija started applying the handcuffs while Heather talked.

“I can’t explain why, ma'am,” Heather explained earnestly, “but I’ve come to realize that there are two parts of captivity that I need. It makes me extremely wet to be a helpless prisoner, totally controlled. But it also makes me feel secure, safe, and loved when I’m locked up and cared for. The combination: safe, secure, helpless, and controlled is what I crave. It’s not enough to know that I don’t want to leave. I have to KNOW that I can’t. Pain and discomfort are proof of that control and that care. Heath once explained it to the group this way: he said, the setting of rules, protocols, and tasks for me, then punishing me if I fail is similar to the way a parent raises children. By giving a child structure and discipline, you show them you love them. These chains and all the care everyone takes to keep me in them helps me know that I’m loved, ma'am.”

Lucija had finished locking the belly chain around the slut’s waist and locking her handcuffs to the chain. While she went to put the handcuff keys away and get the gate key, she handed the leg irons to Ana and said with a smile, “want to apply some love? Hold these. Now that we have her cuffed, I can get the key and unlock the gate.”

After Lucija opened the gate, Ana went in and locked each ankle. Lucija showed her how to double lock the cuffs then, together, they ran the transport chain from the leg irons to the slut’s collar.

“You look good naked and in chain’s slut!” Ana said sincerely.

“Dr. Horvat, do you know the word ‘slut?’” Lucija asked.

Ana startled Heather by suddenly reaching out and running a finger through Heather’s slit and stuffing it into her vagina. When she pulled the finger out, Ana smelled it then held the shiny wet finger up and said, “This is slut!”

Yep, Ana knew what a slut was. “How you get sewing done?” Ana asked, “you finger yourself all day?”

The slut just looked at the floor and shrugged her shoulders, but Lucija laughed. “Explain it to her slut. I’ll translate if she doesn’t understand.”

“When I was in high school, I didn’t know what an orgasm was.” Heather explained.

“Not unusual, I have adult patients that have never figured it out.” Ana interrupted.

“Yes,” Heather continued, “but I made out with several boys who did know what a girl’s orgasm was and would get very frustrated because I wouldn’t cum. They all said it was because I was frigid. Of course, they also called me frigid because I wouldn’t let them fuck me. When I did have intercourse my 1st year of University, I discovered what an orgasm was. Naturally, I tried to do it myself, and I couldn’t. With a lot of experimentation, I discovered that I can’t come unless I have something big in my vagina and it really needs to be hitting my vulva and g-spot. No amount of clit stimulation, even really good vibrators, will get me off without something stuffing me.”

“All my years as doctor, I never meet woman like you," said Ana in amazement.

“I know, right?” Lucija added. “But it sure makes it easy to keep her horny! You’ll notice there is nothing in this cell she can stick in there.”

“Fingers?” Ana asked.

“Not long enough,” the slut explained, “and the knuckles are big enough, but I can’t quite fist myself and the ends of my fingers aren’t fat enough. I can come close, and it’s just very frustrating. Trust me, I’ve spent hours and hours trying.”

“Fascinating!” was all Ana had to add.

Lucija had the slut start upstairs while she and Ana followed. “You very graceful in chains.” Ana commented watching the slut walk across the basement and up the stairs in her full transport chains.

When they got to the kitchen Paula was waiting, “about time, dinners getting cold.”

“See I told you we’d get a scolding from Mother Paula.” Lucija whispered to Ana in Croatian.

“Our guest of honor sits here.” Carl held Ana’s chair. He had put Ana at one end of the table with Lucija and himself on either side. Since Carl was Dominant In Charge (or DIC for short) he was responsible for feeding the slut. He directed Heather to kneel at the side of his chair, which put her at the corner of the table between Carl and Ana. I don’t know if Carl planned this, or if it just happened.

The wine Ana had brought was an excellent local red and of course Paula’s dinner was delicious. Conversation mostly centered around where everyone was from, the bicycling trip, how the group had become stranded here and then settled here. Then we moved on to the Chateau, my inheriting it, and our efforts at renovation. Carl, as DIC, was feeding Heather from his plate. He would take a few bites, then put something for the slut on his fork and offer it to her. The slut would open her mouth like a little bird, take it in and then quietly thank him for every bite and every sip of wine. We didn’t always feed Heather this way. She usually ate in her cell from a bowl on the floor. And even when we allowed her upstairs for meals, she would frequently eat from a bowl in the corner of the kitchen floor.

But feeding the slut was a particularly erotic scene tonight. The conversation was lively and completely ignored Heather. She was neither the subject of conversation, nor included. She was below the tabletop, kneeling on the floor, forgotten except for when Carl offered her a morsel.

About halfway through the main course, Ana put a small piece of meat on her fork and held it out towards, but not in reach of the slut, then looked at Carl for approval.

“Sure, you can feed her, we just don’t give her too much before her demerit’s punishment. We don’t want her to throw up.”

‘Damn Carl, we said we were going to be ourselves but let’s not overshare,’ I thought. But Ana didn’t react, and she did seem to relish gently putting the fork in the slut’s mouth and listening to her gratitude.

After dinner we all adjourned to the living room and the group gathered around in our usual semi-circle with Carl and the Slut at the focal point. I noticed that Ana moved to the back wall, out of the way. Lucija joined her there, I guess in case she had any questions or needed a translation. Tim went back and Lucija pointed at the floor. Tim promptly sat down.

“Obedient pet.” Ana commented to Lucija. Tim had been introduced to her when she first arrived, but I don’t think she had put Heather’s comments about him during her exam with the person until now.

Speaking to Tim she asked, “You have hole in dick?”

Tim turned red but answered simply “Yes.”

“I examine after,” the doctor said in a tone that left no room for argument. “Don’t want dick to rot off.”

Those in the room that overheard this conversation, including Lucija, were having a hard time not laughing out loud.

Carl started off the weekly demerit trial as always. Examining the app on his phone he announced. “The slut has only two demerits this week. Quite an improvement after the 25 from last week. What do you have to say for yourself slut.”

Following the established ritual, Heather, naked in her chains, confessed. “I’m sorry. Both demerits were failures to show proper respect. I forgot to address Cradic as sir and I forgot to address Reese as ma'am. These are unacceptable and I have no excuse.”

“Slut, you only have two demerits, but those demerits are for failures that you have had almost every week since you’ve been kept at the Chateau. We are getting tired of your failures.” Carl intoned seriously. “What suggestions does the group have for how the slut can atone for the failures.”

Throughout the trial, as we called it, Ana did not move or speak. I don’t know how much of Carl’s English she was getting but she didn’t ask Lucija any questions.

“I think two cane strokes across the breast would be appropriate,” Mal suggested, he seemed to always suggest impact punishments.

“How about two days with a gag,” Reese suggested.

“Not practical, her jaw wouldn’t take it," Paula said.

“Two hours with a soap bar in her mouth might help her remember to show respect,” Maggie offered.

When I looked back, I saw Ana and Lucija whispering. I’m sure Lucija was explaining the suggestions to Ana. I knew the Croatian word for ‘soap’ as I bought enough of it in town. So, I knew when Lucija explained the last suggestion and that’s when Ana stopped whispering. Lucija listened, then said, “Um, Dr. Ana has a suggestion.”

“Oh, this is interesting,” I thought to myself.

“What if, with the slut’s consent of course, Dr. Ana pierces her tongue and puts a ring in it.”

The room became very quiet.

“Well, that would help her remember,” I said.

“Heather,” Paula said using her real name, “conversation mode. Would you allow the doctor to pierce your tongue? It’s your body, tell us what you really want.”

“Well, ma'am,” Heather said slowly, “I was wondering if Dr. Ana would also pierce my nipples? I’ve always fantasized about having ringed nipples and being tied to stuff with them. I guess it’s too much to ask about a septum piercing, you know, like they do to bulls?”

Ana laughed. “I like this slut!” she declared. “I go to office, back in less than hour. Perhaps use soap in mouth till then? Strong disinfectant soap would be good!”

“Do you know how to do piercing?” Paula asked pointedly.

“Had to do dermatology rotation. More common request of dermatologist than you think. I pierced nurse just last week.”

“Mrs. Gruba has nipple rings?” Lucija exclaimed, imagining her friend’s mother with pierced nipples.

“Other nurse, Gruba has had them for years,” Ana said. I couldn’t help but wonder how she knew that.


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