The Chateau

by Budman

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Storycodes: M+F+/f; mpov; outdoors; whip; chain; naked; cons; XX

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 20 – Hard Labor & a Doctor

The weekend was pretty lazy. We locked a grateful but still worn-out slut back in her cell and then fixed a big brunch. Most of the crew just laid around the Chateau or went down to the beach, relaxed, read, or listened to music.

Monday should have been a slut-walk day for Heather, but Mal wanted to find out what was under the grass next to the fire pit. After breakfast he took a wheelbarrow with a mattock and a flat shovel out to the fire pit, then went and brought the slut up in her chains. When they got to the backyard, Mal used a long piece of chain to attach the slut’s ankle to one of the rebar stakes. He then handed her the keys and told her to take off the handcuffs, leg irons and transport chain. She would need her limbs free for the morning’s work. It wasn’t particularly hot, but it was a sunny day. “Here’s the sunscreen, slut, slather up, you’re going to be out here a while.

While Heather rubbed sunscreen over her body, Mal came back into the office. Lucija and I were working on some catalog revisions with Tim sitting on the floor next to her desk reading some science fiction book.

“Lucija, can I borrow that single tail whip you’ve been practicing with, I want to keep the slut working this morning,” he said with a smile.

When I gave him a questioning look, he added, “I’m not going to hurt her Heath, I just want to make sure she feels motivated.”

“Ooo,” Lucija suddenly exclaimed, “can I help! This can wait.” She said, indicating the catalog.

“It could take her all morning, perhaps longer,” Mal pointed out.

“Perfect opportunity to practice," Lucija said.

“Lucija, I don’t want the slut marked up like you marked up Tim a few weeks ago,” I said.

She looked at Tim, sitting on the floor, and smiled a wicked smile. “Oh, I would never treat Heather like that. Let me get a sun hat and my whip. Can you take a kitchen chair out for me Mal?”

Various times during the morning I took a break and wandered out to the backyard. The first time I went out there were no marks on the slut’s ass and Lucija was just sitting in the kitchen chair watching the slut work. The ground was really hard and packed from years of people walking on the grass. Mal had taught Heather to use the mattock (looks and works like a pick but with a flat blade on one side) to break up the soil. After breaking up a few square feet of soil she would switch to the flat shovel and start loading the dirt and grass in the wheelbarrow. When the wheelbarrow was full of the first load of dirt, Heather stopped and looked at Lucija. Lucija picked her whip up from her lap but then looked at the wheelbarrow. Both women looked at the chain attaching the slut to the stake.

“I don’t suppose you have the key to that?” Lucija said with a smile.

“No ma'am,” Heather said and they both chuckled.

“Oh, what the hell," Lucija said and proceeded to push the wheelbarrow to the edge of the woods and dump it while the slut started breaking up more dirt.

When I went back out about an hour later, Lucija was holding the single tail and standing behind the wheelbarrow which Heather had filled about halfway. It looked like about half the dirt was gone from the square that Mal had marked off. There was a bright red stripe across the slut’s right ass cheek and both women were dripping with sweat, although the slut was obviously sweatier, dirtier and getting tired. As I walked over, I could see there were other, faint red marks on the slut’s ass and back, but only the one really red one. I guess Lucija could tell I was looking at Heather’s ass, or perhaps she was just feeling guilty, “That first one was a little hard,” she said, “but if I’m going to help with the wheelbarrow, the least she can do is keep working while my back is turned.”

“I’m sorry sir, don’t be mad at ma'am, I’m a lazy slut and she’s been very kind to help me.” The slut actually smiled and wiggled her butt at me. There was obviously some dynamic going on here I didn’t completely understand so I decided to trust Lucija.

“Are you two drinking enough water?” I asked.

“I made Heather finish the water bottle I brought out, but we could both use more,” Lucija said.

I went back to the kitchen and refilled the water bottle, grabbed another and when I came back out, Heather was off dumping the wheelbarrow and the slut was digging. I told her to stop and handed her the water bottle.

“Are you and Lucija getting along, slut? She doesn’t have a lot of experience in dominating slaves,” I said smiling, but also seriously giving Heather permission to tell me if things were getting out of control.

“Oh, yes sir!” she replied, “I like ma'am. She needs a little more practice with that single tail, but she’s fun to talk to and she didn’t have to help move the dirt.”

“OK, just checking,” I said.

“Perhaps,” the slut said, “she could practice her whip skills on me later? I know she really wants to practice with all the different whips and things.”

I wasn’t sure if Lucija had put the slut in conversation mode or if she was just taking a risk breaking protocol, but I also let it slide.

“We’ll see,” I said.

When Lucija came back with the empty wheelbarrow, I handed her the other water bottle and she and the slut emptied them.

“This is hot work!” Lucija said as she stripped off her t-shirt and mopped her brow with it. She then handed the shirt to the slut who mopped off her face and the whole top half of her body.

OK, one nude and one topless woman, sweat rolling off their bodies, doing hard labor in the sun. Yea, I had an erection. Lucija noticed.

“You want the slut to take care of that boss, she can take a break for a minute.” Lucija said.

“Tempting,” I said, “I always liked dirty, sweaty women. But I’ll take a rain check.”

Lucija looked up, “It doesn’t look like rain?” she said, confused.

“Explain it to her, slut," I said as I walked off.

I saw Mal come in about lunch time, so I followed him to the back yard. It was obvious that Heather was about spent. She barely got the last few shovels of dirt into the wheelbarrow. Lucija looked pretty tired as well. The slut’s ass was a little redder than earlier but there were no more angry red marks.

“Good job!” Mal praised them. “Thanks for helping Lucija but you didn’t have to do that, I intended the slut to move that dirt.”

“Well,” Lucija said sarcastically, “that might have worked out if you had left the key to her chain.”

“Ooops,” Mal said, fishing it out of his pocket. “Well,” he said, tossing the key to Lucija, “let’s all go get some lunch, then we’ll see what’s under this slab later.”

“Did you notice, this part’s metal," Lucija said, hitting a spot with her shovel. It made a clanging sound.

Mal leaned down to examine the top and dusted some dirt away. “Hmmm, it’s bolted down, and these bolts are pretty far gone. I may need to cut them off. I’ll bring some tools out later.”

I helped Lucija put the slut back in her handcuffs, leg irons, and transport chains, we unlocked her from the rebar and all went in to lunch.

“What the hell!” Paula exclaimed when she saw the red mark across the slut’s ass. “I made her a doctor’s appointment for Wednesday.”

“A doctor’s appointment?” both Heather and Lucija said at the same time.

“One demerit,” said Paula pulling out her phone to add the demerit to the slut app.

“Sorry Ma'am!” the slut said.

“I hadn’t told you yet because I wanted to explain it to you, but yes, you’re going to have to get dressed and go into town to the health clinic,” Paula explained. “I know it’s the first time you’ve been out of restraint in months, but you need a checkup, and you need your teeth cleaned. Since, with the exception of Lucija, we’re not citizens, we don’t come under free healthcare. But I found a doctor who sees foreign patients early in the morning, and they even have a dental hygienist at the clinic. I’ve signed you up for a physical, blood tests, mammogram, GYN exam and even dental cleaning all on the same day. The company is paying for it. I went to the health clinic last week for my physical. The doctor doesn’t speak perfect English so Lucija, I was hoping you could take her. That way YOU can explain the red stripe on her ass!”

“Is it Dr. Horvat?” Lucija asked. “I’ve seen her since I was 12 years old, she’s great! If the mark doesn’t fade by then, I’ll just tell her we were fooling around, and I hit her with a belt or something.”

During this conversation I noticed that Heather, who was sitting on the floor on her heels, was looking down and not saying anything.

“Slut,” I said firmly, “You know that we’re going to bring you right back and lock you up. I know you don’t want to leave home, but you need to do this.”

“Hea,” Lucija said, realizing why I was talking to Heather, “It will be fun. I can even handcuff you until we get to the doctor’s and put them right back on as soon as we get back to the car. Although I was thinking that it might be fun to have a girl’s lunch after your exam if that would be OK. You haven’t seen much of my town since you’ve been here. You’ll be fine Heather!”

The slut just nodded and kept looking down.

At lunch, the slut sat on the floor next to Lucija’s chair and was hand fed. After relaxing and letting our lunch settle, Lucija, the slut and I went back to the back yard. Mal showed up a few minutes later with a cordless grinder and started work on the bolts. There appeared to be a metal hatch, about 2 feet square, held down by a bolt on each corner. Once Mal ground all four of the tops off the bolts, he stuck the shovel under one corner of the slab, I stuck the mattock under another, and we managed to pry the hatch off. The slut couldn’t help much since we didn’t bother to take her off her chains.

Mal turned the light on his cell phone and looked down in the opening. “I was right!” he said triumphantly. “It’s an abandoned cistern. I thought that circular depression in the ground over there used to be a fountain, and this was the water supply for it.”

“But it’s dry now?” Lucija said.

“Looks like it is, that drain in the bottom must still work or it would be full of water. The drain must come out somewhere down that hill," Mal said. “It’s made of poured cement, so it’s not ancient, probably dates from right before WWII. Looks like about eight-by-eight feet and perhaps ten feet deep.”

“There’s a bunch of mud and muck in the bottom, I guess it ran in around the lid,” I said.

“Probably,” Mal replied, “I don’t think that lid was supposed to get buried like that. When they took out the fountain, they probably just covered it over rather than dig it out. I’ll ask some of the elders in town if anybody remembers a fountain back here, see if I can find out what the story is.”

“This would make a hell of a punishment pit," I said with a smile.

I heard the slut moan behind me. I couldn’t tell if it was lust or fear. “What was that slut?”

“Yes sir!” was all she said.

“I’m going to have to talk to my friend, the welder,” Mal said to no one in particular.

On Wednesday I went to the warehouse in the morning and came back for lunch. Shortly after lunch Lucija and Heather came back from the doctors. The slut was dressed in a simple sundress, sandals and had her hands cuffed behind her back. It’s the first time I’d seen her dressed since the night I met the group. Lucija was smiling, but the slut looked scared or something.

“Well, that was fun!” Lucija said, still smiling.

“Had a good lunch, did you?” I said, assuming that was what she was talking about.

“OH SIR, I hope we don’t get into trouble because of me?” the slut wailed.

Now I was confused, but first, “Did someone ask you a question, slut?”

“Oh, chill boss, I haven’t taken her off conversation protocol yet.” Lucija said annoyed.

“And no, I’m not talking about lunch, which was quite lovely even if Heather was all nervous. I’m talking about the exam,” Lucija explained.

By now, Paula was standing in the doorway, wanting to hear how the physical went. “Is she alright? Was there a negative test?” Paula asked concerned.

“Don’t know about that, lab results aren’t back yet but the rest of the exam was normal. But I shouldn’t have put the slut in handcuffs on the way over, Dr. Horvat recognized the marks on her wrists. She didn’t say anything about those until she started the GYN exam and put Heather in the stirrups, then she saw the remains of the whip mark and knew exactly what it was.”

“Oh shit," Paula said.

“Oh wait, it gets better!” Lucija was still smiling so I wasn’t panicking yet.

She asked me, in Croatian, to step outside.” Lucija explained. “I thought it was to give Heather some privacy for the exam, which I thought kind of funny given what goes on around here, but I stepped out. Turns out she wanted to ask Heather if she was abused and needed help.”

“I couldn’t understand half of what she was saying, her accent is so strong,” Heather said, “but I did recognize Policija and I started crying.”

“Next thing I know,” Lucija continued the story, “I see a nurse go into the exam room. I recognized her as Mrs. Gruba, the mother of one of my High School friends from English Club, and I knew the whole Gruba family spoke pretty good English.

“When the nurse came in,” Heather continued the story, “she and the doctor talked for a while, but I couldn’t understand them. I could tell they were talking about my wrists and my ass. The nurse was very nice, she switched to English, got me to calm down, told me I wasn’t in trouble, that they both knew Lucija well, but they needed an explanation, or they were going to be required by law to call the police! They wanted to know if there was a man waiting outside and was he armed!”

“Oh shit," Paula said again.

“I panicked,” Heather said, “and I told them everything.”

“And by everything, she means EVERYTHING.” Lucija was near to breaking down laughing again.

“And this is funny?” I asked her, getting annoyed at the prospect of us all getting deported from Croatia, or worse.

“Oh, yea. She told them about the wine cellar, the chains, the slut walk, the sewing station, the Friday trials, and punishments. She even told them about orgies and Timmy and his chastity piercing.”

“Oh shit," said Paula for the third time.

“And?” I said, when Lucija paused. The suspense was killing me.

“They paid for it,” Lucija said.

“They what? Oh, you mean ‘they bought it’,” I corrected.

“Yea, whatever,” Lucija said.

“Turns out Doc had a course in medical school on being LGBTQ and Kink aware.” Lucija explained further, “Who knew in a Christian Orthodox town? And I strongly suspect that Nurse Gruba has been tied up a few times in her life. She asked to see the handcuffs. Wanted to know if they double-locked. Asked how many other pairs we had and where we bought them. She was asking so many questions that didn’t relate to Heather that Dr. Horvat had to tell her to shut up. I did tell her about the company and our products and suggested she go see Madam Corsecu. Wish I’d had a brochure, but I gave her the website address.”

“So,” I asked, “is it all smoothed over?”

“Well,” Lucija smiled, “except that she wants to come visit the Chateau. I invited her to dinner Thursday, but she wanted to come Friday.”

“Oh shit,” Paula said again.

“I’m so sorry if…” the slut started.

“Conversation off!” I said, cutting her off.

“Well,” Paula said, “We’ll just have to cancel the trial.”

“No," I replied, “she specifically asked to come Friday, right? Then she specifically asked to come because that is the slut’s demerits trail. We have absolutely nothing to hide. Everything that happens in the Chateau is consensual. Some people in this town may consider it immoral, but it’s not illegal. If the good doctor was going to call the police, she would have already done so. I propose we do Friday exactly the way we would have done it if she were not coming.”

“It’s your house,” said Paula, “and perhaps your funeral.”

“So, are we going to have an orgy again?” said Lucija hopefully.

“We don’t routinely have orgies on Friday’s although if some nudity happens or casual sex breaks out, let it flow. We’ll talk about it more with the group at dinner. Let’s just try to get everyone to chill, ok?”

“And slut, relax. None of this is your fault even if you did ‘over share’ a bit. We made the decision to take you to the doctor, Lucija hit you too hard and then decided to put you in handcuffs on the way to the doctor,” I said.

“Hea, I was just trying to make the slut more comfortable," Lucija said defensively.

“It’s OK, everybody, it’s OK," I said calmly. “Just take the slut back to her cell, she’s had a big morning. Why don’t you figure out some horrible torture to let her earn some iPad points this afternoon. Take her mind off Friday.”


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