The Chateau

by Budman

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Storycodes: M+F+/f; bond; clothespins; objectify; sex; tickle; mast; orgy; rope; toys; pain; irritant; insects; strapon; cons; XXX

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 19 – Fucked Up Slut

“Was that begging for more clothespins, slut?” I asked, pointing out the slut’s failure of protocol in shouting out her pain from the clothespins. “Because if not, I think…”

But before I could finish my sentence, Mal was at her feet. “Didn’t sound like begging to me.” And he immediately attacked the sole of her feet with his fingernails.

“OH god that tickles! Oh.” And when the slut realized that Mal wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, she did start begging. “More clothespins please. Please put more clothespins on me.”

“That’s better!” said Mal, stopping finally. “Is there anything else you’d like slut?”

After being blown by Maggie while watching and listening to the slut being tormented, Mal’s penis was at full attention.

“Would you fuck me with that, please sir?” she asked.

Mal looked at the juices flowing out of the slut’s crack and decided no lube would be needed. Paula threw him a condom from the stack she had prepared on the table. While Mal was getting ready, Lucija and Maggie were starting to put clothespins on the slut. They would put one on some tender area, like under her armpits, then play with it, twisting it or flicking it.

Mal got into a pushup position over the slut and started to enter her. Lucija reached under him, stroked him a few times then guided him into Heather. Because his shaft was dry, he started with just the head, fucking her a little bit deeper each stroke as her juices coated his condom.

Heather floated into it. She felt every clothes pin, every thrust. She moaned. She thrust her hips back. She pulled at her bindings. After a surprisingly short time, she came with a loud “OHHHH YEEESSSS!”

I thought Mal would have finished, but once he realized the slut had come, he pulled out and rolled off the condom. “Next!” he shouted.

Lucija, realizing that Mal had not cum, stopped playing with clothespins and started slowly stroking his cock, looking in his eyes but saying nothing, keeping him hard.

Paula had taken over playing with Heather’s clothespins, taking them off, putting them back on in different places, twisting them. Carl decided that he was next up. It had been a while since Carl was laid since he didn’t have a regular bedroom partner. He was already hard just watching Mal work. He didn’t hold back, entering the slut with one thrust and pumping furiously. After just a few minutes he grunted, froze, and pumped his load into his condom. He stood up and took off his condom, I could tell he was thinking about dumping it on the slut somewhere but when he glanced at me, I just shook my head. That wasn’t the vibe I wanted tonight.

Paula stopped playing with clothespins and, realizing that the slut hadn’t come when Carl fucked her, had Maggie throw her a penis vibe and the cordless Hitachi knockoff. She moved between the slut’s legs, inserted the penis vibe in her cunt and started working on her clit with her lips and tongue.

“Oh, YES. Oh, thank you ma’am. Oh yea, fuck my pussy with that thing. Please stick it in farther, harder. Oh, god that’s good! Suck that clit please. Oh, thank you ma’am!” the slut begged between moans.

Paula drove the slut to her third, or was it forth, orgasm.

The group was all standing around Heather now, Lucija was between Mal and I, with one hand on each of our dicks, stroking slowly, keeping us hard. Not that we needed much help staying hard with the show in front of us.

Carl and Maggie were making out, kissing, and rolling around on a sleeping bag. Reese was on knees, just worshiping Cradic, kissing his head, sucking his balls, licking his shaft, keeping him hard without sucking him. I was frankly amazed at everyone’s restraint in light of how much raw sexual energy there was in the yard.

Cradic decided it was his turn as soon as Reese finished with the slut’s latest orgasm, but I called an intermission. “Time for roasted marshmallows! And we can also bend the slut back for better access.”

Carl stirred up the fire and put some more wood on, Paula got out the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars. Mal pulled out the branches he had cut and sharpened earlier. The more gallant gentlemen offered to roast marshmallows for the ladies. Some of the ladies complained about burnt offerings and decided to roast their own. Then, after everyone had done at least one s’more, the expected happened. It occurred to Mal to feed a marshmallow to the slut. Then it occurred to Maggie to eat one off her tits.

It was when Cradic approached the slut with a flaming marshmallow that Paula challenged him. She wasn’t sure if Cradic was just planning a mind fuck or was actually planning to put a flaming puff of sugar on her body. “Cradic, a dom never does anything to a sub they haven’t tried themselves. You have no idea how much that’s going to burn. If you want to do that, try it on your own tit first.” Paula said.

Paula wasn’t serious about Cradic actually trying it on his chest, but much to everyone’s complete surprise, Cradic did just that. He brought the flaming black glob up against his chest and proceeded to set his chest hair on fire.

“Oh SHIT!” he said, dancing around like a wild man. Not only was his chest hair on fire but very hot cream marshmallow had splashed on his chest several places and was forming second degree burns. Paula, ever Mother Paula, knocked Cradic to the ground and rolled him over face down so quickly that nobody else had time to react.

Then the laughter broke out.

Cradic wasn’t seriously injured. The burning chest hair just smelled bad. He had a few small blisters where he peeled off melted marshmallow and he basically ignored those the rest of the night.

“Well, I guess that wasn’t a great idea?” Cradic said with considerable sarcasm.

“Ya think!” Paula said. “Now you see why I stopped you? We want to torment the slut, not scar her for life.”

“Yea, my bad, sorry Heather. I didn’t realize they were that hot.”

The slut had been just lying there on the ground, watching this whole fire scene play out with wide eyes, not that she could go anywhere.

“OK, now that the drama is out of the way, it’s time to bend the slut back so we can get serious about fucking her,” I said.

While Paula and Maggie cooked and fed the slut a s’more, Mal and I repositioned her. We had left her belly chain around her waist. I first took a length of rope and ran it thought one of the links of her belly chain in the small or her back. I took one end of this rope and tied it to the rebar near her left foot. I pulled the other end to the rebar at her right foot. This formed a ‘V’ and held her waist pulled towards her feet. Then we unlocked her ankles from the rebar and bent her legs up over her head and attached them to the same rebar as her wrists. Now the slut’s cunt was nicely displayed and spread open. She was also in an optimum position to be pounded.

Maggie was laying on her belly with her mouth on the slut’s cunt before we completely finished locking her ankles. Reese helped her by moving clothespins around the slut’s body, pinching nipples, stroking her with fingernails and French kissing her. The rest of the group gathered around to watch, Paula was acting as fluffer, keeping Mal and me hard.

I looked over to the edge of the field and, although the light from the fire barely carried that far, I could see Tim’s outline against the trees. Despite the weight of the leash clipped to the end of his penis, his erection was firm and sticking straight out. I could imagine the poor guy was dripping precum. I wondered if he tried rubbing his dick against the rough bark of the tree, but I didn’t feel a lot of sympathy for him. Besides, he seemed to enjoy being dominated by an 18-year-old.

Everyone took their turn with the slut. The guys pounded Heather, frequently with one of the women holding a vibrator to her clit while she was getting fucked. The women used tongues, lips, fingers, silicon dildos, and vibrators. As the night went on and the slut’s orgasm total rose, the vibrator became increasingly important to getting her off. She couldn’t cum without something pounding her g-spot but as she became more and more worn out, she also needed those direct vibrations to her clit.

We had been tormenting the rest of the slut’s body all along, pinching, twisting, tickling, using clothespins. But now just being fucked and forced to have yet another orgasm was becoming a torment. Now that everyone had at least one turn with the slut’s cunt, it was time to take the torment to another level and finish her atonement for the demerits.

Bringing out the jar of recaptured caterpillars and the tube of icy-hot she had purchased, Paula showed them both for the slut and explained, “You have a choice slut, isn’t that nice of me?”

“What choice ma'am?” Heather asked with dread.

“Twenty-five demerits. Well, that requires a lot of atonement. Just the clothespin zipper wasn’t near enough. And well, I don’t really want these nasty, furry, crawly things to get back in my garden, so we need to kill them, and it’s supposed to be your job to crush them anyway isn’t it slut?” Paula asked.

“Yes ma'am.”

“Ok, then I think I have a very efficient way to dispatch them all at once and help you atone for your failure. I’ll stuff them, alive, into your cunt here, one by one," Paula said smiling and pointing to the slut’s exposed hole.

“Oh god!” Heather moaned.

“Then,” Paula continued, “after they’ve had a while to crawl around and get comfortable, I’ll get Lucija to crush them all dead with her magic strapon by fucking you with it while they are inside.”

“COOL!” Lucija exclaimed. “I’ll start strapping it on!”

“Of course,” Paula continued, “I haven’t figured out how you will get all the crushed up bodies out of your cunt, but I’m not worried... because that will be your problem.”

“Oh god please no, don’t put those things inside me!” the slut wailed.

Carl, who was expecting a negative response from the slut, was ready. He had positioned himself near her feet and when she begged something not be done he said, “Wrong kind of begging slut!” and attacked the sole of her right foot with his finger nails. It didn’t take long for Maggie, who was standing on the other side of the slut to join in and attack the left foot.

The slut screamed, then squirmed, she laughed until she couldn’t breathe. This went on for a good minute before Paula said. “OK, that’s enough tickling for now. Heather, if you don’t want to help me kill the caterpillars then there IS an alternative.”

“OH, anything ma'am, please, put a hundred clothespins on me, fuck me till I can’t walk, even tickle my feet, but please don’t put those things in me!” Heather begged in the most pitiful voice.

“We’ve done enough clothespins, and you would enjoy being fucked that much. No, Heath and I have another alternative in mind.”

I grabbed the heat ointment from the table and showed it to Heather.

“Oh, that’s right, you don’t read Croatian. Lucija, would you be so kind as to read this label to the slut?”

“Certainly, let me see here.” Lucija said as she started to read.

Lucija was reading the label of a jar of ‘Maximum Strength Hot Cream’. It was designed for relieving deep muscle pain in humans. I had tried it on the tip of my penis, and I would only do that once! Damn that stuff was hot. I had tried to get Paula to try it on her labia before we used it on Heather but when she saw the way I danced around, she declined. She pointed out that it didn’t cause any blisters on my head, so we didn’t need any additional testing. But Lucija and I had also discussed a little mind-fuck earlier in the day, so Lucija was improvising with her reading.

“Maximum Strength Hot Cream,” she read, “Relieves muscle cramps and tension in horses, mules, cattle, and other large animals. Not for use on domestic animals or humans. Strong enough to soak through the thickest animal hides and provide twenty minutes of deep penetrating heat. Ingredients, vegetable oils, cayenne and habanero pepper seeds, preservatives. Wear gloves to apply. If skin is accidentally exposed to cream, do not attempt to wash, or use other agents on the area as this will reactivate the ingredients and prolong the effects.”

I really wanted to applaud, that was a wonderful bit of improv and bore absolutely no resemblance to the actual contents of the label. I looked down at Heather and said, “Breathe slut, you can’t get out of this by holding your breath till you pass out.”

I guess you’ve figured out, from the terror on your face, where this is going slut. You choose, hairy bugs crawling and round and crushed in your cunt or deep heating cream all over your cunt, and I mean all over!

The terror was real on the slut’s face. She was terrified of the deep heating cream, but she had a genuine, deep seated phobia of caterpillars. Even though she KNEW these weren’t the stinging kind, I think most women have an instinctual terror of having things crawl into their most intimate places. Sweat broke out on the slut’s forehead.
“Well slut?” Paula asked, “if you don’t choose soon, we’re going to do both. Can you imagine squirming from that hot sauce with those hairy worms crawling around inside you.”

“Remember to beg FOR something, slut,” I added.

It was still over a minute during which I was seriously worried Heather might pass out. Finally, she said, in a quiet, sad voice, “Please sir, put hot cream on my pussy.”

I looked at Paula who was smiling. She had predicted that the slut would choose to be burned alive rather than have caterpillars put in her pussy, and she was right.

Everyone was standing in a circle, intently watching as I removed the lid from the jar. I hadn’t thought to pick up some latex gloves, but we had the oven mitt. What the hell, Paula wasn’t going to cook with it after she handled caterpillars, so I might as well get hot cream on it.

I scooped a big dollop of cream onto the end of the mitt and held it up where Heather could see it. “You know, slut, this is going to be cold when it first hits your cunt, then the heat is going to build up over several minutes. Once it’s hot there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to help you. Trying to wash it off will only make it burn more as the water reactivates it. Some say milk helps. Do we have any milk, Paula?”

“Nope, nobody drinks it," Paula replied coldly.

“No milk. Even blowing on it just makes the skin tingle and lets the pepper oil work its way into the pores more. You are going to have to suffer for, oh, about 20 minutes before it even starts to fade. Then another 20 minutes while it slowly fades away.”

I slowly and dramatically moved my hand to the slut’s cunt. Heather closed her eyes and held her breath, even though I had told her the pain would not be instant.

The cream was white, so it showed up nicely against the slut’s skin. I put most of the dollop right on top of her clit, then started rubbing it from there down each side of her labia, making sure to coat both the inner and outer labia and rubbing as much as the bulky mitt would allow into the opening of her vagina. I made sure to rub some onto her perineum but was kind and didn’t go as far as her anus. I was also tempted to rub some on her nipples, but they already looked somewhat raw from the constant on and off of clothespins all night.

I took the mitt off, closed the jar and, with everyone else standing around the slut, waited.

We didn’t have to wait long.

“Tell us how it feels slut!” I asked.

“Oh, it’s starting to burn. It feels like someone is branding my pussy. It’s so hot. It burns. Oh god it burns. Oh, sir, it hurts so much.”

Paula and Maggie sat down on either side of Heather’s head and stroked her forehead.

“Keep breathing, focus on the pain, feel it.”

Every part of Heather was moving as much as her bondage would allow. She was still bent in half, but her knees were bending as much as they could, back and forth. Her toes were curled. Her hands clenched and unclenched. She kept opening her mouth to speak, then closing it again.

“You got that strapon ready?” I asked Lucija, who had been dying to use it all night.”

“Now?’ she said, surprised I would suggest fucking the slut while her entire cunt was on fire.

“Yes now. Do you know how high her endorphins are?’ I answered.

“OK, cool!” Lucija replied as she started to strap the harness back on. When she had come out wearing it at the start of the evening, and then when she had taken it off to eat dinner, I hadn’t really paid attention to which dildo she had inserted into the harness. But as she inserted one half of the dildo into her own cunt, I realized she had the double sided one. The really good one that angled part of the shaft into the wearer’s vagina so that it curved up the g-spot. The really good one that had a small protrusion that hit the wearer’s clit so that each time she thrust it rubbed the clit and the g-spot. It also had a fat, ribbed, external part that curved upwards for a good six inches. No wonder Lucija had been looking forward to ‘testing’ this product all night.

By the time Lucija and her strapon were ready, Heather had been deep in burning pain for about 10 minutes. She had to be in agony but had stopped vocalizing and was just suffering. All eyes were on the dildo as Lucija silently approached Heather’s cunt. I thought about coating the dildo with hot cream, but I figured that quite a bit of cream would rub off her labia onto the dildo and get spread inside.

“Beg for it, Heather.” Lucija said, using her real name, “Beg me to take your mind off your pain.”

Heather stared at Lucija for a while with a pain filled stare until the words sank through the haze of pain.
“Please, ma'am!” we heard the most pitiful voice ever ask, “Please fuck me!”

I don’t think anyone in the group thought Heather would have another orgasm. Nobody had a good count of how many she had achieved but it had to be north of ten. Everyone figured she was spent.

Lucija inserted the dildo with no ceremony or hesitation. She started stroking in and out, in and out, in and out, with a smooth stroke. Lucija’s face broke out into a smile as the sensations of her own body started to build. The pace of her fucking started steadily speeding up. Nobody could tell what Heather was feeling, her face was blank, her eyes closed, her mouth open, breathing ragged.

Lucija was obviously building towards her 3rd or 4th orgasm of the night when Heather growled. A growl is the only way I can describe it. It was primal, loud, and seemed to go on forever. Her hips came several inches off the ground and then she just collapsed. Everything about her body relaxed.

Lucija came a few strokes later. She screamed something in Croatian that nobody understood, pumped slowly in and out of Heather’s near lifeless body a few more times, then fell backwards onto the ground, the dildo making a plop sound as it came out of Heather.

I’m sure that Heather was feeling pain for several minutes after that, but you couldn’t tell. She was so limp that Paula checked her pulse at her neck just to be sure she was ok.

Leaving both Heather and Lucija to cool down, most of the group started cleaning up the sex toys, the leftover food and the sleeping bags and blankets. If anyone was still horny, they saved it for tomorrow night when we planned to do another orgy focused on Lucija.

Once everything else was cleaned up, Lucija staggered over to Tim, unclipped his penis leash from the tree and uncuffed him so he could help her up to her room.

Paula and I freed Heather. According to protocol we should have put her back in her transport chains, but I didn’t think she was going anywhere. We had to wake her up to move her. We half carried her up to the shared bath and put her in a tub of warm water. Paula washed the dirt and filth that had been caked on her all day. She also washed and combed her hair. Heather was largely comatose through this whole process, only animating when Paula gently washed her cunt. “Oh, please ma'am, that’s so tender.”

We laid Heather in the middle of our bed, chaining her ankle to the footboard and then snuggled her between us. All three of us slept till after 10 the next morning without moving.


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