The Chateau

by Budman

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Chapter 15 – New Products and Testing

The next day it was business as usual around the chateau. Paula did put off Heather’s Saturday exercise walk to let her ass heal but did bring her up and let her lay in the sun all morning.

Most of the group went on a half-day bike ride then spent the afternoon at the beach. More than a few times Reese, Maggie or Paula had spotted local boys watching them from the rocks as most of them didn’t have swimsuits and they tended to sunbathe nude. Being nude on beaches wasn’t that unusual around the Adriatic but it didn’t surprise me that these three bodies drew teenage boys like moths to flame. The women just waved and kept sunbathing. I wished we could take Heather to the beach, but locals would hang out there on weekends and sometime in the week. I doubt the locals would have maintained their high opinion of us if we had taken Heather, in full chains, to the beach.

Since Saturday was one of the days Lucija didn’t have school and could work all day, I stayed in our office with her and kept working.

“Can we go over a few product ideas?” she asked.


“OK, you know that damn Blow Job Trainer nearly killed me right?” she asked.

“Well, that’s being a bit dramatic,” I said smiling, “But I know you found it challenging.”

“Challenging my ass,” she shot back. “It needs a training mode. As it is, it’s really only useful for people who can already deep throat a cock and want to improve their gag reflex and control. Having Heather coach me was the only way I got through that. What if we had the computer do that kind of coaching, perhaps even build in AI?”

“Sounds expensive," I replied.

“OK, the AI may be an overreach right now, but the capability to coach is already in the hardware, we might have to add some memory, but the computer voice is all we really need. Then a sub could train without the shocks, or with very mild shocks until she or he starts to master it.”

“Sounds interesting, you and Carl work up an estimate with the manufacturer. You might even use Heather’s voice. What else you got?”

“The nipple clips and weights. Have you ever played with Mexican jumping beans, and I assume you know how Ben Wah balls work," she asked.

“Yes, I know how Ben Wah balls work, I’m surprised you do,” I said.

“Of course, I have a set in now,” she grinned.

“I really didn’t need to know that, ‘um Paula, are you busy?’” I joked. “And I’m dying to know what all this has to do with nipple weights.”

“So, have you ever worn them?” She asked.

“No, don’t think I have," I replied.

“You really should try them,” she continued enthusiastically, “They hurt like a mother when they go on, but after a while the pain dulls. Until you take them off that is.”

“So, I’ve heard, mostly from screaming subs,” I said.

So, we put weights on the chains and when the weights swing, they make the clips hurt. Except a sub can stay still, unless you’re whipping them, or making them run or something,” she explained.

“OK,” I said.

“So, what if the weights jiggled all by themselves. Not vibrated, I know we have vibrating nipple clips. I’m talking about really jiggling, like Ben Wah balls do but powered by a motor. I can see a heavy weight inside the outer weight that is moved by a motor. We could also include a timer or a remote control in more expensive models. With these clips and weights, even if the sub stays totally immobile the clips would still hurt constantly because they would be in constant motion.”

“Devious. Let’s work up an estimate of those too,” I said. “Look, Lucija, I’m just going to give you blanket permission to investigate any product ideas you have including using Carl’s time and our manufacturers time. Just don’t order a production run until we’ve gone over your research including cost and sales estimates. Of course, you can pick my brain any time you want my opinion, same with Paula and the others, but I’m learning to trust your judgment.”

“I don’t know if you should," she said looking down. That typo I made on that invoice to our Polish distributor last week nearly cost us a bundle.”

“Yea, but you stood up to them and fixed the situation,” I pointed out. He didn’t want to pay the real price and you told him you would honor the mistaken price, but we would never do business with him again.”

“But I still had to give him a price break on those Dragon’s Tails and Prison Straps to seal the deal.” She pointed out.

“If you feel so guilty about it, I guess I could spank you with one of those Prison Straps,” I joked.

“Yes, please,” she replied seriously.

“I was kidding, Lucija. Boundaries, remember?” I replied quickly.

“I wasn’t," she said seriously. “I want to test all of our products, remember.”

“Well not with me,” I said. Go talk to Paula, she knows how to properly use impact tools, that should be obvious after last night. I’m surprised you want me anywhere near you with an impact toy after what I did to Heather.”

“That was a mistake, everybody knew that it was a mistake,” she said.

“It was, but I don’t like making mistakes like that with someone who’s trusting me to take control.” I explained.

Lucija didn’t argue further, she left the office, I assumed to go find Paula.

Neither Lucija nor Paula said anything to me about product testing but the following Friday, when Lucija was off class all day, I noticed her coming in with a large box from the warehouse. Tim rushed out to carry it for her, which she let him do while barely acknowledging his existence.

It was about 30 minutes later that I heard the scream from the backyard. I didn’t rush out there because I had a very good idea what was going on. But my curiosity did lead me out there as soon as I finished the email I was working on.

The scene that greeted me caused an immediate erection. There was Lucija, naked, wearing our leather suspension cuffs, model 104389, with the wood dowels that the wearer can grip, and strung up to the slut walk cable with a short piece of chain. She wasn’t locked to the chain, but there would have been no way for her to let herself down without using the step ladder that was now propped against the tree. She was up on her tiptoes, for another her ankles were tied together. She was facing the house and, being strung up like that, her 18-year-old tits and overall figure looked amazing.

Paula was standing behind her, swinging a flogger, model 00754, in a smooth rhythm making a delightful thuddy sound on Lucija’s back whose eyes were closed and who seemed to be absorbed in just breathing and feeling. Tim was standing nearby, watching the flogging, and looking extremely distressed; he was almost bouncing like someone who really had to pee bad.

Following the protocol used at BDSM parties, summer camps and clubs, I didn’t want to intrude on a scene without permission. “Paula, Lucija, may I join you?”

Paula stopped swinging and waved me over. Lucija took a minute to return to reality and look at me.

“You guys could have warned me there would be screaming in the backyard today.” I smiled.

“Paula hurt her, that’s why she screamed," Tim said emphatically.

“She didn’t hurt me, Tim. Well, not much anyway, I was just startled. But I expect she will hurt me and you need to stay over there and not interfere. Do you hear me, Timmy,” Lucija said firmly.

Tim said, “Yes Lucija. But I just don’t like seeing you hurt.”

Total mental disconnect. Here’s an 18-year-old woman, girl really, hanging naked in the backyard to be whipped, and she’s ordering Tim around.

“She insisted I start with the Dragon’s Tail. I told her we needed to warm her up first, but she insisted. One strike and she decided that Mother Paula was right. Imagine that.” Paula was smiling but she was also clearly frustrated.

“Well Paula, it doesn’t look like she’s in any position to argue with you. I assume she gave you permission to whip her, so I would say that you’re in charge and you should do it exactly as you think best. Make sure she really feels the full impact of each of our products," I said while winking at Paula behind Lucija’s back.

Meanwhile I could see Tim, out of the corner of my eye, pacing back and forth next to the big tree. “Tim, Lucija wants this, you know she does, even if she screams and cries. Why don’t you go help Mal at the Warehouse, I think he’s building some new shelving units today. You’re just going to make Lucija mad if you stay here.”

Tim was clearly conflicted, he desperately wanted to protect Lucija. But he knew I was right, and he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

“GO Timmy!” Lucija told him firmly. Tim walked off, constantly looking back over his shoulder until he entered the chateau.

“Puppy dog!” I said to no one in particular.

“What?” Paula said.

“What do you call it in English? Indoor Joke?” Lucija said.

“Inside Joke,” I corrected her.

“So, when you get to the screaming part can you use a good ball or panel gag? I need to get some work done,” I said to Paula.

“I asked her not to,” Lucija said, “I want to be able to ask questions.”

“Why don’t you take your laptop down to the Cellar, I don’t think you can hear her down there. It also,” Paula said looking at my crotch,” looks like you need the slut to blow you before you’re going to get any work done.”

Lucija giggled like she was proud that she was causing me an erection.

I did exactly what Paula suggested and even after she swallowed a load, I kept the slut on her knees under my laptop to keep my mind off what was going on behind the house.

It was hours later that Paula sent Cradic downstairs with Heather’s lunch and word that it was safe to come back upstairs. Cradic looked serious and told me to brace myself before going upstairs.

I found Lucija, still naked, lying on a sleeping bag that had been spread across the kitchen table. She was currently face down and Paula was carefully cleaning, inspecting, and applying disinfectant to her back, ass and the back of her thighs. She had all types of marks, her skin had that rosy glow from a flogger, there were a few areas of deep bruising from heavier instruments, and there were stripes from various canes of different materials. The angriest marks seemed to be from the sjambok and dragon’s tail whips.

“Before you start yelling, she insisted! She had a chance to stop dozens of times. She just kept asking me to try the next tool and to hit in different places and to hit harder. I only hit her a few times with each tool. Even so, I’ve never seen someone take so much. Some of these tools are nasty,” Paula said defensively.

“That may be, but shit Paula, you’re the dom. And after the look you gave me when I hit Heather with my belt!” I said.

“Don’t be mad at Paula. I tried everything just like I wanted.” A weak voice on the table said.

“Here, help me turn her over, gently," Paula asked.

“Wait,” Lucija said, “Where’s my phone? Take pictures of my back before I turn over.”

“Seriously?” Paula said.

“This was research, remember. I want to document it.”

After a dozen photos were taken, I took the feet since I really didn’t want my hands on my employees naked shoulders, and we helped Lucija turn over. When we turned her over, she looked exhausted, but she had a huge smile on her face. Her front didn’t look as marked up as her back, except for her breasts.

“She wanted to try almost everything on her tits AND her back or ass,” Paula said, still in defensive mode.

“Yea, the pain is very different on your breast," Lucija said so quietly I could barely hear her. “Pictures please?”

Most of the group came home for lunch, since eating at the chateau was cheaper than any place in town. As each person wandered in, they looked at Lucija, still being doctored by Paula, and whistled or exclaimed, “damn!” But it was obvious that, although there wasn’t much BDSM experience in the group, everyone was impressed at what Lucija had endured. All except Tim. When Tim came in behind Mal, he took one look at Lucija’s breast and set his feet to launch at Paula the way he had tackled Mal after the nipple comment incident.

“TIMMY!” was all Lucija had to say and Tim froze.

“Why don’t you help me to your room so I can rest, I don’t feel like eating lunch right now. Oh, and after we get upstairs, go get my laptop from the office, I want to dictate some notes on this experience while they are still fresh,” Lucija directed.

Tim immediately pushed Paula away from Lucija, helped her off the table and supported her arm, like a gentleman, and up the stairs to his room they went. He must have been giddy at the idea of taking care of Lucija, not to mention having her in his room, on his bed. Although he must have known that she would not let him touch her even if she hadn’t been in pain. When Tim ran back downstairs to get her laptop, Paula handed him her clothes, shoes, two Tylenol tablets and a water bottle. Tim just glared at her.

During lunch, Paula explained that Lucija had wanted to start with the whips and insisted Paula start with the Dragon’s Tail.

“Lucija’s thought was that she wanted to get the most painful instruments out of the way first," Paula explained to us. “One stripe on her ass with the Dragon’s Tail and she screamed so loud Heath heard it in the office. After she calmed down,” Paula continued, “I explained about using floggers to warm up the skin and get the body used to pain. She agreed to let me choose the instruments as long as I eventually used them all.” 

Paula continued, “So then I worked her over, front and back for about 10 minutes, starting with that really light flogger.”

“The one that’s basically felt?” I asked.

“Yea,” she replied, “then I moved on to the thuddy leather one and finally the stingy one. I got her moving with that one by giving her several strokes, back and front, with just the tips. I tried to explain about relaxing into subspace, but she just kept asking questions.”

“What kind of questions?” I was curious.

“Like how I picked the pace of strokes and what each flogger was made of and if her skin was getting red. I swear, if we do this again, I’m getting the girl a full-length mirror," Paula laughed.

“Then I switched to the paddle. I let her feel repeated medium strikes on her belly and tits, and then I really laid into her ass. Some of those bruises that were starting to darken her ass were from the paddle. That got her crying a bit, but she never asked me to stop or slow down. Instead, she asked why lots of small strikes seemed to hurt more than when I really whacked her,” Paula said.

“Did she ever even get close to subspace?” I asked.

“Patience Heath, I’ll get there,” Paula said, “So next I used the riding crop, starting with tapping the head of the crop against various parts of her body. She kept asking me to try it on different places and wanting to count how many hits it took before it really stung.”

“Like where?” I asked.

“I started on her ass and the top of her tits, she wanted to feel it on her side boob, her armpits, her belly, her thighs. She kept telling me it didn’t hurt enough yet, to keep going, and she kept counting the number of taps. Then we switched to really hitting her. That’s when she started swearing, but never asked me to stop or go easier.”

“Are those where the welts came from?” I asked.

“No,” Paula said, “Those came from the Lexan cane. We went through the bamboo cane and then the Lexan cane. I gave her two good hits on her tits and then two really hard hits on her ass with each. That’s when she started screaming with each hit again. Then I swear, she would calm down and ask a question or demand I do it again.”

“Tough bitch!” I commented.

“She wanted me to hit her with the cane in more places, like her underboob, but I was getting worried that she was taking more damage than she realized, I was also getting tired. So, I reminded her we still had two whips and the prison strap to go.”

“Poor overworked Paula,” I said sarcastically.

“So, we switched to the dragon’s tail. I was going to stop with a few well-placed stripes across her ass and back, but she insisted she feel it on tender skin. By then I was getting worried about the damage to her tits, so I laid a couple on her belly,” she explained.

“I could clearly see those,” I said.

“I’ve only used a bull whip once at a club, so I didn’t try to strike with the tip, I just wrapped it around her body and let the tip strike her back. By then, she wasn’t asking for more, she had pretty much stopped talking or screaming and was just grunting. I wanted to stop but she just said ‘strap.’ I hit her once on the ass, not very hard, with the Prison strap. But that thing is heavy. It sounded like all the air left her lungs and she slumped down in her cuffs for the first time. I don’t think she passed out, but I was worried until I looked in her face and got a weak smile. I hugged her for several minutes then took her down. She was able to walk into the kitchen thank goodness.”

“She’s going to be sitting down carefully for a week,” I said.

“And wearing long sleeves and slacks for a couple of weeks," Paula added.

Tim didn’t leave Lucija until Monday morning when she insisted she had to go to class. Tim borrowed my Land Rover so he could drive her to her dorm, wait for her to dress in a long sleeve turtleneck blouse and loose slacks, then drove her to class, even though it was only two blocks away. When she got out of class, he was waiting and drove her back to the dorm where she finally ran him off.

On Sunday, I decided to give the slut a treat and after lunch let her take a long, hot shower with Paula and me. She wore her full chains of course, but Paula and I both washed her hair and her body. Then we did a three-way on the bed where the slut serviced us both orally before having to watch while we fucked till both of us came. We played with the slut’s pussy and breasts for a while, never letting her cum of course, and then all three of us fell asleep for a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap.

We were bringing the slut upstairs more and more. She was becoming more of a slave and less of just a prisoner.

Sometimes Paula used her for unpopular jobs, like scrubbing the kitchen floor, cleaning toilets and bathrooms. Sometimes I put the slut under my desk while I worked. Even though she couldn’t see under my desk from where her desk was in our office, the constant slurping sounds seemed to distract Lucija and she would find somewhere else she had to be.

Mal would also use Heather for hard labor in the yard. When he spread mulch on the back flower beds, the slut spent all day chained to a wheelbarrow pushing it back and forth around the side of the house. The squeals when Mal hosed her off at the end of the day echoed through the chateau.

Mal had picked up a truckload of used bricks. They were old and most likely made in the same brickyard, from the same clay, as the bricks of the chateau. Since there were several areas where Mal and a local brick mason wanted to make repairs, Mal took several hundred bricks. Of course, he had the slut move then from the pile where the truck dumped them. He had her take them, wheelbarrow at a time, around back and stack them neatly out of the way.

I guess watching the slut struggle with stacking the bricks with her hands shackled gave him an idea, and after talking with Paula and I, he had the slut stack 100 of the bricks next to one of the trees that formed her slut walk. Now, three days a week, when Heather did her slut walk exercise, she had to carry bricks from one end of the cable to the other end and restack them neatly. If she was unsupervised, she simply knew that she had to move the bricks before she would be released. Whoever released her would inspect her pile and if it wasn’t perfectly aligned and neat, would kick it over and make her re-stack it.

Picking up and restacking bricks with hands cuffed to a belly chain is challenging. But if he wasn’t particularly busy, Mal seemed to delight in supervising the slut. He would uncuff her hands and require her to hold the bricks at arm’s length out to the side as she walked the cable. If he didn’t think she kept the bricks in a proper position, with elbows straight and arms parallel to the ground, he would make her take those two bricks back and start again. It really built the sluts upper body strength.

Heather was only spending about half her daytime hours just sitting in her cell anymore. The good news is that she was earning more and more iPad points, so she usually read or surfed for a few hours a day. And during her cell time, she had to go through the exercise routine Reese had designed for her, including using free weights, three times a week. And she was getting used for sex by Tim. Despite his devotion to Lucija, when she was away at College Tim would use the slut every day, usually in her ass but occasionally in the mouth, never in her cunt. He usually took her in her cell, but if he was horny, he’d just find her. He stopped and bent her over during her slut walks, he took her in the kitchen when she was doing dishes, he even forced her head in the toilet and took her ass in the bathroom when she was cleaning. Heather was getting lots of sex, just all of it from Tim and unfulfilling, frustrating, and painful.

When I saw a market demand for Femdom sissy costumes I also contributed to the slut’s tasks. She had mentioned sewing as a hobby some weeks ago. Lucija helped me search local garage and estate sale ads until we found one that included ‘sewing equipment.’ Sure enough, after several minutes of tense and sometimes loud negotiations in Croatian, we drove away with a very fancy Japanese sewing machine, a sewing table, cutting table, tools, and about a thousand rolls of all colors and weights of tread.

With Heather’s help we set up a sewing studio in the cellar near the wine cellar. Mal had to set up some strong lights and a heavy chain to keep the slut locked in place. Heather started by repairing lots of clothing that had gone unamended for months. She also used some of the material that came from the Estate Sale to experiment with making ‘O’ dresses and other various slutty dresses, tops, and costumes. The women of the group would have been well dressed at a slutty Ren Fair, if Croatia had such events.

While Heather was learning the new sewing machine and playing with costumes, Lucija ordered yards and yards of lace, pink stretchy fabric and other materials for some patterns Heather had found on the internet. When Heather had made the first of thousands of slutty French maid costumes, Lucija insisted that Tim model it. He was, at first, a good sport about it but when Lucija pulled out her Nikon to take catalog pictures, he freaked out. The problem was solved by putting Tim in the full leather hood that Heather had worn for her gang bang.

Lucija later told me that she thought she would kid Tim by suggesting that he wear the costume to serve her dinner. I think, for the first time, that Tim’s behavior towards her scared her a bit when he quickly agreed. Lucija told him she was just kidding, but she started to wonder if I wasn’t right about my “puppy dog” observations.

Lucija continued to use and experiment with products from our catalog. And her improved marketing text definitely had an effect on sales. Her descriptions of what a sub felt when various implements were used also caused a spike in our web catalog traffic. On one Friday I heard the crack of a bull whip and went out back to see what was going on. Lucija had hung an old sheet between two smaller trees, then taped sheets of tissue paper to the sheet. She was swinging the bull whip again and again, trying to tear the paper without cutting the sheet. She rarely succeeded but she was determined and practiced for hours. Later that day I found she had taped white construction paper on a tree trunk, smeared lipstick from one of her tubes on the end of a dragon’s tail and was practicing making perfect lipstick marks on the paper. It wasn’t too many days before she became one of the most accomplished whip mistresses I’ve ever seen in person or on the internet.

I guess it shouldn’t have been any surprise when I went into the kitchen to get a beer and heard a scream coming from the back yard.

“Timmy, don’t be such a wuss,” I heard Lucija say. I wondered where she had heard the term ‘wuss.’

As I took my beer to the back yard, I heard Tim say, “That hurt Lucija! Am I bleeding?”

“You barely have a red mark," she replied.

Tim was strung up, using the suspension cuffs, the same way Lucija had been strung up by Paula. At least he wasn’t naked, he just had his shirt off. He was facing away from the house so both he and Lucija had their back to me. I didn’t want to intrude on Lucija’s scene, so I just stayed in the kitchen door and observed.

From the looks of Tim’s back, Lucija had already warmed him up with the floggers, and he must not have complained too much during his flogging because no protests reached me in my office. But now she was swinging the riding crop, and it had left a bright red stripe across Tim’s rather small, muscular ass.

“You said you wanted to help me learn to use impact toys," Lucija said emphatically.

“Remember, Paula gave me twice what I’m going to give you today and I took mine like a girl,” she said sarcastically. “The least you can do is take it like a man.”

That seemed to shut Tim up, at least he just grunted when she hit him with the crop again.

“Just remember,” she continued, "Paula hit me on the ass, the back, the chest and the thighs.”

Tim stiffened, expecting Lucija to hit him with the crop again, but she put it down.

“Let’s try the paddle now,” she said cheerfully, and the ‘smack’ sound reverberated across the back yard.

“Shit!” Tim exclaimed but didn’t protest further.

Over the next hour, Lucija tried every implement on Tim that Paula had used on her. He squirmed, he howled, he cussed, and near the end, when Lucija used her newly practiced bull whip skills on him, he cried. But Tim never begged or complained after the “take it like a man” comment.

After she took Tim down, he ran off to find a mirror, sure that he was disfigured for life. Lucija saw me standing at the door and walked over.

“You’re getting really good with those whips,” I said, “remind me never to fire you.”

“Thanks.” She seemed to miss my joke. “I just wish Paula had more confidence with the bull whip, I really want to feel a real whipping.”

“I thought she used the bull whip on you?” I asked.

“Just to wrap around the body, I barely felt that after the Dragon’s tail,” she replied.

“Be careful what you wish for,” I told her, “the reason a whip cracks is because the tip is going faster than the speed of sound. They can make deep cuts, even into muscle.”

“I know, that’s why I practiced so much and why Paula won’t even try flicking the tip on me.”

“Perhaps you should make Tim practice until you think he has the skill and then get him to whip you,” I joked. But again, Lucija didn’t get the joke.

“Oh, Tim could never bring himself to hurt me, even if I ordered him to,” she said seriously.

“I bet he would if you offered to fuck him afterwards,” I smiled.

“YUCK!” was all Lucija said as she walked back to retrieve the box of impact toys.


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