The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 14 – Demerits Trial

Since we put the demerit system in place, Friday nights were ‘trial’ nights. After dinner Heather was brought upstairs in full chains and required to atone for her demerits earned in the previous week. Sometimes she was allowed upstairs to eat dinner with us. Of course, she ate on the floor next to us. Other Fridays she wasn’t fed at all. The first time Paula didn’t feed her, Heather was told she had so many demerits that her punishment would be severe, and Paula didn’t want her to throw up. Gotta love a good mind-fuck.

This Friday, Heather only had three demerits, so she was fed dinner in her cell then brought up in chains. The trials started with everyone sitting in a semi-circle in front of Heather while Carl read the number of demerits. Then Heather was required to confess each demerit individually. Usually it was something like:

“I’m so sorry I failed this week. The first demerit was on Monday when this slut failed to show Reese proper gratitude by thanking her for unchaining my hands after lunch. The second demerit was on Thursday when I failed to lick my food bowl clean enough, thank you Maggie ma'am for correcting me. The third demerit was on Saturday when Mal had to remind me to do my upper body routine. All of these infractions were inexcusable, and I deserve to be punished in any way the group decides.”

Twice, since we started the trials, Heather forgot when or why she had been assigned a specific demerit. In both cases it was a bad week when she had earned almost a dozen demerits. The rule was that if the slut couldn’t confess to a specific demerit, that demerit was doubled. That made a bad week even worse.

After her confession, the group held a discussion that usually contained a considerable amount of mind-fuckery. The group was becoming more and more sadistic towards our slut, especially in a group setting. But tonight, I decided to use LandLORD privileges and control the punishment.

I started the discussion, “A few weeks ago, I asked Heather to grab her ankles and I spanked her ass with my leather belt. She failed miserably to keep position. I warned her she was going to have to learn to control herself better than that. Tonight, I’d like to propose I punish her with my belt.”

There were more than a few nods.

“And I’d like the group to be the judge,” I continued. “Heather will bend over and grab her ankles and I will deliver three strikes to her ass with my belt, one at a time. She will be required to hold her ankles, keep her knees straight and her mouth closed. If she fails, if she moves her hands, bends her knees, or utters a sound, the stroke doesn’t count, and we try again. After each strike, the group will vote on if she succeeded or failed. Two or more negative votes is a failure, and the stroke doesn’t count. What do you think?”

“Do I get a vote?” Lucija asked.

I looked around the room to see if there was an obvious consensus, and it appeared there was from the smiling or nodding faces. “Yes, I think you’re a full participant now.”

Heather, remembering my belt from a few days ago, was clearly nervous.

I unlocked her handcuffs from the belly chain and took them off her wrists. She was still in leg irons with the transport chain running from her collar, under the belly chain and down to her hobble chain.

“Face the wall and assume the position my dear,” I instructed.

“Have her turn sideways so we can see if her knees bend," Tim said.

“Good idea, turn 90 degrees to the right slut.”

The classic sound as I pulled my leather belt out of my jeans sent an obvious shiver through Heather, even her chains jangled, making me smile. I doubled the belt keeping the buckle and the end in my hand.

“When you’re calm and in control, ask me, Slut,” I said somewhat kindly.

I saw Heather take several deep breaths then she said, “Please strike my ass, sir.”

I didn’t waste any time, taking a full swing I brought the inch and a half wide heavy leather belt around. I didn’t hit exactly where I was aiming, striking at the very bottom of Heather’s ass, right above the crease, I got good contact with both cheeks.

She dropped to her knees and screamed.

“I don’t think we need to vote on that one. Slut, you’re going to have to do a lot better than that or we’re going to be here all night,” I said.

Paula stood up and came over to stand beside me. She whispered, “Heath, that’s a lot for three demerits, don’t you think?”

“Yea, I should have had you test the belt on me, it must hurt more than I expected. Why don’t you do the next one?” I replied.

Paula took the belt while I helped Heather get back into position.

“Beg for it slut,” Paula said, getting into character.

“Please strike my ass Ma'am,” Heather said in a shaky, scared voice.

Paula was not only much more accurate but a much more appropriate strike. Heather buckled a bit, exhaled with a loud “ooof,” but she didn’t drop.

“All those that think that was unacceptable raise your hands!” I asked.

Tim raised his hand, everyone else probably felt that after that first strike, Heather needed a break.

“I expect they are giving you mercy after that first strike, but I wouldn’t count on it for the rest of them, slut. I’d try to keep those legs straighter, and that mouth closed the next time,” I said.

Now that she knew the strikes from Paula were not going to be as bad as she calmed down and got control of herself. Paula’s next strike was near the top of her ass, making three very nice wide red marks. Heather hardly moved, not even breathing for several seconds.

“All those that think that was unacceptable raise your hands,” I said. Nobody moved, not even Tim.

I took the belt back from Paula, who raised an eyebrow at me but handed it back without comment. Heather, however, visibly shuddered.

“Now that Paula has taught you how to take the belt, this should be easy,” I said, swishing the belt loudly through the air. Normally, at this point I would have expected some inappropriate remark from Tim, but since he was sitting right next to Lucija, he didn’t make a peep.

I hit Heather harder than Paula’s two strikes, but not nearly as hard as my first strike. And I missed completely, hitting her upper thighs right below her ass. I was going to have to practice more. Heather stiffened, moaned and her head and neck flew back, but her knees did not buckle.

“All those that think that moan was unacceptable, raise your hand?" I asked.

I saw Tim start to raise his, but Lucija elbowed him in the side, and he lowered it. Much to my surprise Maggie raised her hand, but she was the only one.

I declared Heather atoned for her demerits and before she could rub her bottom, I put the handcuffs on her and reattached them to the front of her belly chain.

Maggie, who was the DIC, started leading Heather back home. I noticed that my first stroke was starting to form some blood blisters and that the edge of the belt had drawn blood in a few other spots.

“Can you put some disinfectant on that, please, Maggie?” I asked.

“Way ahead of you," she responded. I couldn’t decide if the look she gave me was reproach or lust. Paula, on the other hand, was not being subtle about her feelings.

“My turn for a mercy fuck!” she whispered as she grabbed my arm and headed up to our room.

When I tried to put my belt back on, she took it out of my hand, so I had to hold my pants up as I walked. She had her sundress off by the time she was halfway across the bedroom. She almost leapt onto the bed and rolled over face up, spreading her legs. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough.

As I lay beside her, I started stroking her face with the back of my hand and moved in to kiss her.

She slapped me, hard, damnit. “I said I wanted you to fuck me, not make love to me.”

As my anger flared and I got to my knees on the bed, I noticed that her other hand was still holding my belt. I grabbed her by the waist and threw her over on her knees, spanking her ass hard. I grabbed the belt out of her hand and, making a loop, put it around her neck. I could swear I heard her purr. With one hand holding the end of the belt and the other guiding my dick into her cunt, I slammed into her. I was getting hard when we came upstairs, but now I was throbbing. And Paula was dripping wet. We made a splat sound as her ass and my crotch collided.

Fuck her I did, hard, fast, and violently, using the belt around her neck to pull her back onto my dick again and again. I wasn’t paying attention to how much air she was getting; I wasn’t conscious of Paula the person at all, just the hole I was slamming into. I usually come first, especially with this hot of a scene, but I believe Paula came twice before I did.

We collapsed on our side, me spooning Paula, the now loose belt still around her neck. Both of us fell asleep for a few hours, then nature called, and I had to pee. When I stirred, she woke, and we both went down the hall to clean the dried cum and juices off our bodies and pee.

“I need a drink, is there any of that red left?” she asked, and we both went down to the kitchen, not bothering to get dressed. Cradic, Maggie, Tim and Lucija were playing poker at the kitchen table for 1 cent Euro coins. I realized this was probably the first time Lucija had seen me naked, but she barely looked up. I really didn’t give a damn anyway; she was family now.

Paula and I took our wine out on the front porch where it was cooler and sat in a swing that Mal had recently hung.

“So, that was hot," I said with an obvious question in my voice.

“I notice you didn’t have any problems choking me out,” she replied.

“Did you pass out?” I said in alarm.

“No silly, but I did get a bit lightheaded.” Then after a bit more time, “it was great, wasn’t it!”

“Yea, but... where did that come from?” I asked.

“I told you I started as a submissive. Whipping the slut just triggered something. I guess I just really needed that. Thanks for getting into it,” she said.

“Yea, I even scared myself. I realized after I came that I wasn’t aware if you were breathing at all,” I said.

“Oh, you would have noticed if I passed out on you, and I have faith that somewhere in the back of your brain, your subconscious was keeping track. I trust you,” she said.

“Obviously. I just wish I trusted me. I really hit Heather too hard, you need to go check on her ass tomorrow and see if it needs more care,” I replied. “And let her know, without apologizing, that I realize that was too much and it won’t happen again.”


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