The Chateau

by Budman

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Chapter 16 – Tim in Trouble & Heath into Paula

Lucija and Tim’s relationship was about to take another turn anyway.

A new shipment of fabric had come into the port; Lucija picked it up and brought it by the chateau during a break in classes on Tuesday when Tim wasn’t expecting her. When Lucija walked down to the Cellar, Tim had Heather bent over the cutting table, his pants down around his ankles, and was six inches into her ass and pumping hard. He had pulled her hands behind her back painfully twisting her shoulders almost to dislocation. He was using her arms as handles to yank Heather back into his dick so violently that he was bruising her wrists.

Lucija had been wanting to try anal, she just didn’t have a partner she trusted, so she had been trying all of the companies butt plugs. She had started with the smallest and moved up to the next to the largest one. She inserted them as often as she could but wasn’t brave enough to wear them to class. She didn’t currently have one in. But wearing butt plugs had definitely given Lucija an understanding of why Heather was crying openly.

“Are you ever going to stop crying when I pork you, slut? You’d think I would have stretched you out enough by now, we must have done this a few hundred times,” and Tim spat on Heather’s back.

Oh, Lucija knew Heather took it up the ass frequently, especially since her cunt was rarely used. And she knew that butt sex hurt. She knew Heather got off on being controlled and liked pain, some types of pain. She also knew that Tim frequently used Heather, and god knows, Lucija didn’t want him using her. But she also knew that a dominant had a responsibility to a sub. When someone surrenders control, and you accept that control, you also accept a huge responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the sub. Tim was out of control and not paying any attention to how much he was hurting Heather.

Here was the old Tim, the Tim she thought she subdued. And now she realized all she had done was to focus Tim’s insecurity, misogyny, and violence on Heather. She was horrified. “Well, I’ll fix this,” she thought.

For once Lucija didn’t yell at Tim, she spoke quietly and firmly.

“Timmy, go to my room, clean up and wait for me, I want to speak to you privately.”

Tim froze mid thrust. He knew her voice, and the fact that she was so calm terrified him more than any of the times she had shouted at him. His erection started to soften right then.

“She likes it," Tim started to explain.

Lucija continued calmly, “That may or may not be Timmy, but I don’t.”

Tim pulled out of Heather’s ass and turned around with his condom sticking straight out. It was stained with shit, and with blood.

He started to explain himself again, but Lucija, who was barely holding her temper, just held her finger over her lips in the universal “shush” sign. Lucija was revolted by his appearance, the blood on his dick, and his behavior. She just pointed at the stairs.

Lucija grabbed a scrap piece of fabric off the table and gently wiped Heather’s ass, then helped Heather stand up and gave her a hug.

“You alright?” She asked calmly.

“I’m fine, I’m used to it, he never lasts long," Heather explained.

“He said something about using your ass ‘hundreds of times’?” Lucija asked calmly.

“Oh, not that much, well maybe, three or four times a week, well pretty much any day you’re not around. It’s been worse in the last few months. Once the group started pairing up and moved into bedrooms, Tim is about the only one that uses me regularly. Or at all. It’s been weeks and weeks since Maggie or Reese asked me to give them oral. Paula never asked for head, much, but she and Heath did give me a wonderful afternoon last week but that was the first time in a long time. Heath has fucked my mouth a few times but always with Paula watching.”

“And the other guys?” Lucija asked. Heather just shook her head.

“Three times a week, huh. Is he always that violent?” Lucija asked.

“Usually, he cuffs or ties me to something first, I think he was really horny today. There is never any foreplay, but today he just threw me on the table,” Heather said.

“Do you know your anus is bleeding?” Lucija asked.

“It does that sometimes,” Heather said quietly.

“I’ll have Paula come look at it, if that’s OK,” Lucija said.

“Probably a good idea," Heather replied.

“Oh, and you have a pin stuck in your tit! Did he do that?” Lucija said.

Heather looked down and pulled it out. “I never even felt that, it must have been on the sewing table.” A stupid pin broke the tension and they both laughed for a minute.

“Heather,” Lucija said sincerely, “I know you consent to free use for anyone in the chateau, and I know you like bondage and pain. But that was just uncontrolled violence with no concern for your health or safety. That’s the last time Tim is going to use you, ever. I’ll see to that. I’ll also see if I can fix the, uh, other problem.”

With that Lucija gave Heather another hug then showed her the fabric that had come in.

I didn’t have a security camera in Lucija’s room to see or hear what transpired, but Lucija went up there and spent quite a while, I assume, talking with Tim. When they finished, Tim came down, got on his bicycle, and rode into town.

When Lucija came down, she came right in the office and suggested I watch the video from the Cellar. When I brought it up, there was only one camera, the one inside the cell on the far side, that had a view of the cutting table.

“Did you know,” she snapped, “that this was going on. Going on two or three times a week?”

“I did not,” I stated firmly. “That’s a pretty violent rape, way beyond what Heather consented to. Despite what you might think, I don’t generally watch Heather every minute.”

“Well perhaps you should!” She said, and then she collapsed crying. I can deal with a woman who yells at me, but I hate when they cry.

I scooted my office chair over in front of hers and took her hands.

“It’s mostly my fault,” she said between sobs. “I ordered him to stop taking his misogyny out on the other women, and I sexually frustrated him, and he directed all that male bullshit directly on ‘his slut.’”

“I really don’t think,” I said calmly, “that you can put Tim’s behavior on you. Is that why you’re crying, you think Heather’s abuse is your fault?”

“Maybe. But it’s also just this was a lot to deal with, staying calm, caring for Heather, lecturing Tim. I’m sorry, I cried on you,” she explained.

“You’re amazing for your 18 years, don’t apologize. So where,” I asked, “did Tim go?”

“Oh, he went to get a Prince Albert Piercing. I watched some porn about male chastity and that’s the only way to make it really secure.”

It took my brain a minute to process that statement. “Wait, you talked Tim into getting a PA piercing?”

“I wouldn’t say I talked him into it, I just ordered him to do it, today. We don’t carry cages; do you know where I can order a Chastity Cage with a PA hook that can express ship? Tim’s paying for it,” she said firmly.

“I know a few websites,” I said, “but you realize the piercing is going to have to heal before you can use the PA hook.”

“I figured I would tell Timmy, after he gets the piercing done, that if he sticks that pierced dick in an asshole or mouth before it heals, it will get infected and fall off,” she said laughing.

“Poor Tim.” I smiled.

“Have you realized that Heather, ‘the slut’ isn’t getting nearly as much sex as she did when you started this arrangement,” Lucija asked, changing gears.

“Well, the plan was to keep her frustrated and leverage the fact that she can’t cum without vaginal stimulation,” I pointed out.

“I know,” Lucija said, “but doesn’t that ‘plan’ also involve using her body and keeping her in a constant state of need.”

“Hmm, I guess the excitement of having a caged slut has sort of worn off the group,” I mused.

“That, and Heather thinks this group has gotten a lot more monogamous lately, ever since bedrooms were re-invented,” Lucija said, “I haven’t been around long enough to judge that.”

“Yea, there were a lot more casual hookups and spontaneous orgy’s when everyone slept together in the living room,” I realized.

“So, what are you going to do about it?” Lucija asked pointedly.

“Me?” I asked.

“Because you’re the one that arranged for a wanton, desperate, bondage and pain slut to be locked in a cage in the Cellar. And now the group is sexually abandoning her. It’s cruel to lock a slut up without constant sexual stimulation,” Lucija smiled.

Thankfully, Tim skipped our communal dinner because, Lucija said with a smile, he was in too much pain from his piercing. Once everyone had fixed a plate and sat down, I opened a discussion.

“It has been brought to my attention that we are sexually abandoning our slut.”

“Yea, I guess there is some truth to that. But I thought Tim was taking care of her?” Reese said.

“There is a difference between the abusive, angry, out of control way that Tim was ‘taking care of’ and the free use, bondage and pain she signed up for. I’ve put a stop to Timmy’s abuse of Heather!” Lucija said firmly.

The group was quiet for a while.

“I was afraid he was getting out of control. I’m glad you can handle him, Lucija,” Mal said.

“So now that Tim is out of the equation, and we have all gone monogamous, a major part of Heather’s fantasy CNC captivity has just gone away.” I pointed out.

“So, why exactly did we stop fucking each other?” Cradic asked.

“I blame the move to bedrooms,” I said.

“Exactly,” Paula agreed, “all of a sudden we started acting like married couples.”

“Even married couples have open relationships or swing and swap,” Mal pointed out.

“OK, I don’t want this to digress into a discussion on the merits of Monogamous vs. Polyamorous relationships tonight,” I said, “The fact is, we’ve all, well with the exception of Lucija, we’ve all made commitments to others, just by moving into a room with them. And there is nothing wrong with that. But communications are critical to any relationship or to any group.”

“Here’s what I propose.” I continued. “We all agree to discuss this with our uh, roommate? Discuss what you think we should do about our sexual environment here, about Heather, about your relationship, whatever level of commitment you feel to each other. Then bring your thoughts and ideas to dinner tomorrow night and let’s see if we have any consensus.

After dinner, Paula and I wandered out on the porch to talk but found Cradic and Maggie already sitting on the porch. We wandered further and sat under the large tree in the front yard next to the gate.

After several minutes of just leaning against each other in silence we both said “I’m OK with...“ at the exact same time. Then we broke down laughing.

“Well, I guess that’s settled then,” Paula said, “what else should we talk about.”

After another period of silence, I quietly said, “I’m in love with you.”

Paula looked at my face and said, “Me too.” Then she added, “I mean I’m in love with you too, not that I’m in love with myself, you know.”

It was adorable, my strong, confident woman had, in just one second, become a giggly, embarrassed school-girl whose crush has just said I love you. We both smiled.

“I know," I said seriously.

“But I’m still OK with you fucking whoever. Except Lucija. You’re way too old for her,” Paula said seriously.

“I agree. There is also the power thing, I’m her boss and I have a sense of ethics.” I added. “I’m still uncomfortable just having her around naked. It causes me ‘improper thoughts’” I laughed.

“Well if you didn’t have improper thoughts about that 18-year-old body I’d worry about you. Just don’t ever feel like you have to hide it when you want someone else. I can separate love and affection from recreational sex. And if I can’t, I’ll talk about that too,” she said.

“I believe you, but I couldn’t help noticing that you didn’t sleep around nearly as much as the rest of the group when I first arrived,” I said.

“I was still grieving then, and I’m older, and I have this mother instinct. It just wasn’t comfortable. But a girl does have needs, and Carl seemed to understand and was patient. And Maggie and I went at it one night, although I felt guilty afterwards and actually tried to apologize.” She laughed.

“So how about now?” I asked.

“I don’t see them as much as kids anymore, I’ve seen them thrive here in Croatia, and grow, and I don’t feel that protective anymore," she explained. “But I also don’t have any particular desires for anyone else, except perhaps Mal, have you seen his tanned six-pack since he’s been working construction jobs?” She joked.

“Ahh, so that’s who I have to kill.” I smiled.

“So,” she asked, “The next time we have an orgy are you going to make the rounds?” Paula asked.

“Well, I have always wanted to see what a titty fuck feels like, I’ve never had one of those,” I said smiling.

“Reese, right?” She replied. “That is a nice rack, I’ve thought about sinking my teeth into those babies a few times. Well, you better take advantage while you can, because there isn’t enough room to get your dick between these B-cups’”

“Seriously Paula,” I said looking right into her eyes. “I love you. It took me a few months, but I know now that I love you deeply and I NEVER want to do anything to hurt you. Tell me you’re confident and comfortable in an open relationship.”

“I am completely comfortable and totally confident in our love. I’m fine with an open relationship. Just promise me that you will never hide your lust or love for another from me and I will do the same,” she said firmly.

“I promise," I said just as firmly.

“Good, now that that’s settled, let’s go down to the Cellar and the both of us sexually tease the slut until she’s begging for release. I want her to be super wet for the next few days because tomorrow night we should propose another orgy,” Paula declared.

When we got to the wine cellar, Heather was sitting on her mattress using her iPad. As we walked across the Cellar she scrambled to get into Nadu position.

“Close what you were doing and turn off your iPad, slut. I don’t want you to waste any of your iPad time. You’re going to be occupied for a while,” I said.

“Thank you, sir," Heather replied as she reached for her iPad.

“Slut, we feel horrible,” Paula said with mock sincerity, “that you haven’t been edged and abused enough. We’re going to fix that tonight.”

“Oh goodie, Ma'am," Heather said. I honestly couldn’t tell if she was sincerely excited or being sarcastic or both, but I noticed that Paula was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Paula and I hadn’t exactly discussed what we were going to do but I had an idea I wanted to try and had brought a set of model 53045 Suspension Ankle cuffs down with me. “Paula, would you get the handcuffs and four of the six-foot shanks of rope out of the cabinet?” I said taking the lead.

When Paula came back, I had Heather come over to the bars and I cuffed one hand to the bars down low. Paula went to get the gate padlock key off the nail and we were both inside the cell with a now smiling Heather.

“I wouldn’t smile too quickly, slut. You have no idea what I have planned for you,” I pointed out.

She kept smiling.

I handed Paula one of the cuffs and, each working on an ankle, we soon had them on Heather. There was no winch or even a hard point in the cell, so I knew Paula was wondering what the hell I was up to.

“Help me,” I explained, pointing to a spot about five feet up on the cell bars where there was a horizontal cross bar. “We’ll both grab an ankle and lift it up here, then you hold it while I tie it off.”

One ankle at a time, we soon had Heather’s ankles attached about three feet apart and five feet off the floor. This resulted in Heather, laying partially on her back, face up, with her legs still straight up in the air.

Once I knew she was securely tied, Paula took the gate key back to the nail, brought back the handcuff key and I took the handcuffs off Heather's right wrist. Then using the two remaining hanks of rope, I tied Heather's right and left wrists to the bottom of cell bars. Her arms went straight back with her wrists far enough apart that her arms weren’t under her back.

“Get the slut her Pillow please Paula,” I asked, “She’s going to be here a while.”

After Paula fluffed the pillow and placed it under Hether’s head she asked, “Comfy slut?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

Paula still wasn’t sure what I was up to until I took Model number 03529 butterfly vibrator out of my back pocket. This was our most powerful butterfly with a rechargeable battery and a remote control that used long range Bluetooth. I was pretty sure it would reach upstairs, no problem.

The thing about a butterfly vibrator, It’s very good at applying vibrations directly to the clit, and it’s very good at staying in place, and it can drive a woman like Heather insane. It does nothing, however, to satisfy Heather’s vaginal stimulation needs, and therefore her ability to cum.

Paula helped to tie the elastic straps around her waist and thighs as she asked, “How long do the batteries last?”

“I have no idea, but it doesn’t matter” and I also pulled the small 5v charger out of my pocket.

“Can you go unplug the slut’s sewing machine from that extension cord and bring the end here? Run it through the bars up here behind her back where she can’t reach it.” I instructed.

That was the first time I saw a bit of uncertainty in Heather’s face?

I plugged the charger in and turned on the vibrator. It was obvious from the loud buzzing it made that it was powerful.

“That may run all night, but I’m afraid she’ll go completely numb after a while,” Paula said.

“I got that covered too,” I said, and I pulled the remote control out of my other pocket. “I’m pretty sure this baby will reach from our bedroom. I wish it had a timer, but I don’t mind setting an alarm every hour or so, and turning the butterfly off and back on a while later.”

“Oh, that will make a long night for a certain slut I know," Paula laughed.

“What say, before we turn in, you give her a chance to earn some mercy.” I suggested.

“Oh, I don’t believe in mercy for pain sluts," Paula said with a wink. “But I have an idea.”

Paula went over to Heather’s sewing table and picked up a roll of heavy thread and two-inch-long safety pins. She made sure Heather saw what she had and then she hiked up her skirt, went to her knees and planted her cunt right over the slut’s mouth.

“Come here, stud,” she pointed to Heather’s tummy and licked her lips. It only took me a minute to realize what she was asking. I put my feet on either side of Heather’s waist and faced Paula. He unzipped me and pulled my penis out, which was already rapidly swelling. Kissing the tip, she explained to Heather,

“Here’s the deal slut, If you get me off before I get Heath off, I’ll finish him, swallow his cum and put these pins back with your sewing stuff. But If I get him off before you get me off, I’m going to spit his cum on your face. THEN we’re going to put these pins right through your nipples and tie them to your toes with this thread. And trust me, I WILL pull the thread tight.”

I couldn’t see what was going on under her long skirt, but I saw Paula smile. “That’s it slut, you know how I like it, I’m going to start sucking now, and I’m really good at getting Heath off so if I were you I’d really focus.”

And then she licked the bottom of my penis, spit on the top and then took the whole shaft in her mouth.

Paula actually surprised me, I think she could have beat Heather, no problem, but she kept slowing down when she thought I was getting close. And she was barely using her hands along with her mouth. Paula could be a sadist, but we didn’t have any way to sterilize those safety pins, and I don’t think she ever had any intention of putting them through Heather’s nipples. But the idea had promise for the future when we could be better prepared.

But I certainly wasn’t complaining, Paula’s warm mouth felt great, and she certainly knew how I liked it. After a few minutes however, she stopped, her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth hung open and then her whole body shuddered.

“Oh god, slut, you have a very talented tongue.”

After she took a minute to come down from her orgasm, she asked, “So, the Slut wins. Do you want me to finish you or would you rather stick it down her throat.”

“Are you kidding? You’re twice the cock sucker she is!” I replied with a smile.

“Aww, you sweet talker you,” and she wrapped her hands and her lips around my penis.

She must have also sat on Heather’s face again, cutting off her air, because after a few seconds the slut started to struggle. Paula would let her breathe then sit right down again. Heather’s struggles were definitely turning me on, I came hard, and Paula sucked it all in and, true to her word, swallowed every drop.

I pushed the remote as Paula and I were leaving the cell and the sound of that butterfly filled the small wine cellar. As we were headed back to the stairs, we saw Cradic and Maggie coming down. We all laughed realizing that ‘great minds think alike.’

“I’m afraid we got to her first,” Paula said, still laughing.

“Wow,” Maggie said, looking across the cellar at the slut partially hanging from the bars. “Is that the butterfly vibrator?” I held up the remote. “Wow, I borrowed that thing from the table one night and I almost couldn’t take it. I didn’t dare let Cradic hold the remote. How long do you intend to leave her?”

“All night,” I replied, “but I intend to turn it off and back on every few hours.”

I noticed that Maggie had a double-sided dildo in her hand. It looked like the one that was made to slip into a gag, one in for the mouth was about 3 inches long and the other end was at least six.

“Looks like you have a plan, I hope we didn’t ruin it,” I said.

“I just grabbed this off the table as we headed downstairs,” Maggie said. “I didn’t know if we would use it in her mouth or ass.”

“Not to get too personal but have you ever tried fucking standing up, you know, up against a wall or something?” I asked.

“Um, no,” said Cradic, “but that sounds like a fun challenge.”

“I didn’t bring a condom down; I wasn’t expecting to get laid?” Maggie said quickly, “but I can run get one.”

Paula handed her one from the pocket of her dress, “Maggie! I’m going to have to suspend your slut license,” she said with a smile.

“We’ve been doing most of our fucking in the bedroom lately, I’ve become Vanilla," she replied in fake distress.

“Well, now I know things have changed for the worse around here, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen one of you ladies without a handy condom, “I said,” Cradic, what might work is to put Maggie up against the bars between Heather’s legs and enter her right over the slut’s face. Reach around behind Maggie and put that dildo into Heather’s cunt.”

“Won’t she cum with that dildo in her?” Maggie asked.

“I don’t think so, not if you don’t move it much. Just leave it there, filling her up. If your ass is up against her crotch then as Cradic strokes in and out, it should move the dildo just enough to be really frustrating. Plus, why the dildo is moving should add its own level of stimulation,” I said. “And the butterfly might feel nice on your ass.” I smiled.

Of course, we are having this conversation right outside the cell with the slut listening to every word.

Paula and I left Maggie and Cradic to do their thing. For once I didn’t actually watch the security video, I was OK watching Heather and stuff people did to Heather but watching a couple make love on camera, even in the cell, just felt like an invasion.

Reese and Mal confessed later that they had the same idea to sexually abuse and torment the slut but when they got to the steps, they heard so much going on in the basement they decided the slut was well cared for, for a change.

I set timers on my phone all night. I would set the timer for 45 minutes, leave the vibrator on and go to sleep. When the timer went off, I would turn the vibrator off. Sometimes I’d turn it back on in just a few minutes, sometimes I’d set another timer. It was on and/or off from times ranging from just a few minutes to two hours. I didn’t get much sleep but I’m betting Heather got even less.

Paula let me sleep in while she took the remote and tormented Heather off and on until breakfast was ready. Paula later told me that when she went down to take Heather down, the slut’s hair was a mess, soaked in sweat. Her own juices had run down her tummy and dried; Paula had to splash some water on her crotch to get the butterfly vibrator off because it was stuck to her skin with pussy cream. Maggie or Cradic had apparently dumped a full condom of cum on her tits too. And they left the two-sided dildo in her cunt all night, apparently it was heavy enough that the slut couldn’t push it out, if she even tried. She was, basically, a very frustrated and desperate cunt.

Paula gathered up the cuffs, rope and all the toys for the Slut to clean and roll later. For now, she left her breakfast and let her get some rest.


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