The Chateau

by Budman

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Storycodes: M/f+; F/m; bond; cell; cuffs; chain; naked; cons; X

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 13 – Lucija Takes Charge of Tim

It was almost dinnertime so when I finished my 47th e-mail of the day I stopped work and went to find Maggie again.”
“Are you going to take Lucija her clothes back, it’s almost dinner time?" I asked.

“Wasn’t planning on it,” she said, handing me the handcuff keys from her pocket.

“What are these for?" I asked.

“I wasn’t planning to go back downstairs. Why don’t you go down and release her.” She said with a smile.

“What are you playing at, Maggie?” I looked at her questioningly.

“She desperately wants to be accepted, by the WHOLE group. She needs to get comfortable, even with you. Go bring her upstairs, naked and in handcuffs and don’t make any bigger deal about it than when you see any of us naked. Oh, and Heather’s been a really good slut today, in spite of my punishing her with the clips she was a big help to Lucija. You might consider bringing her up for dinner as well, as a reward,” Maggie suggested.

When I walked towards the wine cellar both women were sitting on the floor cross legged. Heather scrambled to get into the Nadu position and Lucija, when she saw it was me, scrambled to turn her back.

“So, have you two solved all the world’s problems down here, not to mention sharing blow job tips. Ready for dinner?” I asked.

“Yes sir,” Heather replied promptly.

Lucija looked back over her shoulder to see if I had her clothes. When she saw my hands were empty, she said, “Maggie still has my clothes,” as if it wasn’t obvious that she was naked and needed to point that out to me.

I ignored her implied question. “Heather, would you like to join us for dinner upstairs? I think Paula has cooked lamb and root vegetables?”

“Oh, yes sir, thank you sir!” she replied.

I retrieved the shackles and transport chains and threw them into the cell. Heather had gotten rather good at getting most of her chains on herself.

Lucija didn’t move as Heather started sorting out the chains and locking the cuffs on her wrist.

“I’m sorry Maggie was a little harsh today, I was worried when the shock collar made you curl up on the floor, that thing can be harsh when you’re not used to it,” I said conversationally.

Lucija’s eyes went wide, “you were watching?”

“Oh,” I said in mock surprise, “Maggie or Heather didn’t tell you we have three 4K color cameras in the cell, two up there,” I said pointing,” and one over there.”

“Shit, I thought you knew, Lucija?” Heather apologized.

Lucija stood up, faced me, and had a look on her face like my grandma used to when she was going to read me the riot act. Her face was a mixture of rage and embarrassment. Before she could unload, I said, “No need to be embarrassed or concerned. I told you I would maintain professional boundaries because I’m your boss. I won’t touch you, ever. But you want to be a part of this group, and nudity and open sex is an ever-present part of this dynamic. And I’m not going to go hide every time you want to test one of our products, or go skinny dipping down at the beach, or get some sun in the back garden.”

Lucija seemed to calm down a bit but spat out, “Somebody could have told me.”

“Perhaps, but would you have been quite so enthusiastic in your deep throat practice if you knew? Besides, you’re welcome to watch the video, you might learn something.”

“You, you’re not, you wouldn’t,” she stammered.

“What,” I replied, “post it on the internet? It was streamed live on OnlyFans. You can have half the revenue. Promise.”

Her face went through shock, fear and then abject horror before Heather broke the tension, “Oh quit teasing her sir, she’s been through a lot today. Lucija, can you help me lock this belly chain in back? I can’t reach it.”

I smiled. Lucija melted. “You may not be able to trust me not to kid you, or make you walk upstairs naked, but you can absolutely trust me not to violate your privacy, or Heather’s,” I said.

Lucija looked at Heather who was holding a padlock. She had slipped the links of the belly chain together but couldn’t get the lock in with her hands cuffed.

“Slut, are you still in conversation mode?” I asked.

Panic showed on Heather’s face for a minute, realizing she had told me to quit teasing without my asking her to speak. Then she remembered that I hadn’t canceled Maggie’s permission to converse.
“Maggie, Sir," she said simply, not sure how much to say.

Under Heather’s direction, Lucija, who was still handcuffed behind, turned around and felt her way to lock the padlock connecting Heather’s handcuff chain, the belly chain, and the transport chain. Once that was done, I went and retrieved the key to the gate and unlocked the cell.

“You’re really going to make me walk upstairs to dinner like this?” Lucija asked.

“Yes, and eat dinner too,” I added. “But look, I heard your conversation about consent. Heather’s right, you are always in control,” I said pausing to look at her. I intentionally and slowly scanned her body from top to bottom waiting for her to object.

“She thinks,” Heather said helpfully, “that one of her tits hangs lower than the other.”

“I heard,” reminding them I had been listening, “It does," I said matter-of-factly.

Lucija walked through the gate and towards the steps without comment.

“Be careful going up the steps, you aren’t used to walking with your hands cuffed behind you,” I said helpfully.

Lucija reached the kitchen and just strode right in before I could help Heather, in her leg irons, to make the same trip. Everybody looked at Heather, who wouldn’t, she had an 18-year-old tight body and nobody, but Maggie had seen it before. But most people went back to what they were doing before Lucija walked in. But right before Heather and I rounded the corner from the hall, I heard Mal say, “Damn Lucija, you’ve got some really impressive nipples there!”

The first thing I saw as we rounded the corner was Tim, launching himself out of his chair, slamming his body into Mal like an ice hockey player. “Shut your damn mouth!” Tim was screaming.

For a few seconds nobody moved as Tim and Mal tumbled to the kitchen floor. Paula was about to kick them both when I heard Lucija, in a loud clear voice say, “Tim STOP. Standup. Behave yourself. Mal was just giving me a compliment. Don’t YOU like my nipples?”

I think I was in shock. I’m pretty sure the whole room was in shock. I know Tim was. He suddenly realized that the woman he worshiped, had been following around like a puppy dog for weeks, was standing over him, completely naked, hands behind her back, and she was MAD. His first reaction, forgetting Mal altogether, was to try and cover her nudity. Tim started taking his shirt off.

“What are you doing Tim?” Lucija said calmly, still looking down at him.

“You’re naked!” Tim said as if that explained everything.

Mal, meanwhile, had recovered his wits and was getting to his knees to go after Tim. I looked at him and held up a single finger to say ‘wait.’

Lucija continued talking sternly to Tim, “You don’t think I know I’m naked, Tim. You don’t like the way I look? Why are you acting like an ass?”

Tim looked mortified, “He insulted you! He insulted your body!”

“No, Tim,” she explained as if talking to a child, “he complimented my nipples. I never realized until today how special my nipples are. You, however, obviously don’t like them.”

Tim stammered, “I, I’ve, you know, I’ve never seen them before. You are so beautiful.” And Tim just slumped down.

Everyone in the kitchen, me included, was looking at Lucija with awe. I knew she was an incredibly competent businesswoman, way more capable than her years. But she was also sexually naive. And here she was, nude, in handcuffs, in the middle of a room full of clothed people, breaking up a fight and dominating Tim like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Let’s everybody relax and have lunch.” I suggested trying to break the mood.

“First, Tim needs to apologize to Mal, and Tim, if you EVER expect me to talk to you again, I better believe that you’re sincere,” Lucija said firmly.

Mal was trying very hard not to break out laughing at this point. He looked at Tim with a ‘well?’ expression.

“I’m sorry Mal, I misinterpreted your compliment and over reacted. I apologize mate.” Tim said sincerely.

“Apology accepted.” Mal said and they helped each other up.

I was standing beside Lucija, and she turned to me and said, “May I have a moment with Tim, Sir?”

Well, I guess I was the one leading her into the kitchen naked with her handcuff keys in my pocket, but it still caught me off guard that she could take such a submissive posture with me at the same time she was dominating Tim so effectively. I was also extremely interested in why she wanted to talk to Tim, she had already made him apologize to Mal. I guess she wanted him to apologize to her as well.

“Sure,” was all I said.

“I want to talk to you in the hall Tim," Lucija said as she turned and walked back into the hall. Tim followed like a whipped puppy dog. Everyone else started dishing up bowls of Lentil soup with the most amazing aroma. I hung back near the door where I could just barely hear.

Lucija laid into him, “Timmy, I don’t understand how you can be such a misogynistic prick to all the other women in the group yet attack Mal when you thought he was speaking the same way to me.”

Tim HATED to be called Timmy, it made him feel like a child. Lucija didn’t know that but just instinctively started calling him that when they were alone.

Tim started to speak, “It’s just that…“

Lucija cut him off, “Shut up. I’ve heard you make all manner of crude jokes, innuendo and comments to every woman in this group. It’s one thing when you talk that way to Heather, she likes it, but not your fellow group members. And we won’t even talk about the totally inappropriate comments I’ve heard you make about women in town, some of whom are my Friends.”

Tim started again, “I didn’t know they...”

Lucija cut him off again, “SHUT UP Timmy. I don’t want to hear your lame excuses. This behavior ends NOW. You just act this way because you’re an insecure 12-year-old. Grow up!”

“When we go back in the kitchen,” she continued, “You are going to go up to Paula, Maggie, and Reese and sincerely apologize to each of them individually for all the times you’ve disrespected them. I don’t care if they didn’t mind. I don’t care if they have gotten used to your behavior. You will apologize before lunch.”

“And” she continued, “If I think you’re really sincere, I’ll let you feed me lunch, since I don’t think Heath is going to take the handcuffs off any time soon.”

I wish I could have seen Tim’s face when she said that. That girl instinctively knew how to manipulate him.

As Lucija walked back into the kitchen, I heard Tim, still trying to be her knight protector, whisper, “I could make him take the handcuffs off.”

Lucija whipped around, “And what makes you think I didn’t ASK him to put them on me Timmy?”

Tim sagged and looked at the floor, or perhaps he was looking at Lucija’s perfectly trimmed pussy, I couldn’t tell.

Lucija sat at the table, and I helped push her chair in. Several people offered to fix her lunch, but she shook her head and waited. Tim, meanwhile, approached each of the women in the room separately and apologized. I didn’t completely hear what he said, but he approached Reese first and her utter shock was apparent. Paula heard his apology to Reese, so she knew what was coming and she accepted it graciously. Both women looked at Lucija and smiled. Only Maggie gave Tim any grief, “an apology isn’t enough,” she spat back at him, “I should knee you in the balls, but apparently that’s Lucija’s job now.”

Tim looked at Lucija when he had finished and she nodded at him, “I would like a bowl of soup and a water, Timmy.” The whole room noticed Tim’s new name.

Tim ladled up a bowl, and, since he didn’t know where Lucija’s water bottle was, filled his own. Then he sat next to Lucija and spoon fed her the soup while she chatted with the table like nothing unusual had just happened. She largely ignored Tim.

It was a new day at the chateau for Tim. Nothing was ever the same for him again. If Lucija was at the chateau, he followed her around even closer than before. If she was busy, she would frequently direct him to kneel at her feet. If she wasn’t there, she would often leave him a list of chores, including doing her laundry, editing school papers, or scrubbing the communal bathrooms. The bathrooms had been a rotating task, but apparently Lucija talked to Paula, and they became Tim’s permanent assignment. And Tim became a perfect gentleman, offering to carry things for the women, opening doors, taking their chores on, and more. He still talked to Heather like the slut she was, but to everyone else, he became a choir boy.

I took Lucija’s handcuffs off after lunch. As I did so I whispered, “I hope you know what you’re doing. Puppy dogs are hard to get rid of once you adopt them!” She just laughed, “One call from my Father to Immigration and I can have his visa canceled. Besides, I grew up with two younger brothers who were always giving me and my girlfriend’s grief. I know how the adolescent male mind works and Tim has never grown out of that age. He still thinks with his Penis, and I know how to handle that.”

“Damn,” I thought, “So that’s how this sweet young University freshman learned to be such a bitch dom.”

I also noted that Lucija didn’t bother asking Maggie for her clothes back until after dinner. About halfway through the afternoon, working in the office with a naked 18-year-old, I had to go beg a mercy fuck from Paula, who had a good laugh at my desperation.

Lucia made several day trips around Croatia, meeting with shop owners and setting up distribution. She also continued to work on improving our catalog and web presence. But much of her time, especially when she was around the chateau, seemed to focus on our product line. I let her do her thing, because frankly, her work on our website and social media had at least doubled our sales and she had come up with product designs that promised to improve revenue even more.


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