Cindy, Lovedoll

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; bedtie; doll; F2doll; latex; catsuit; hood; climax; oral; packaged; objectify; straps; rom; cons; XX

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Thanks to Lannifir for giving me the idea for doll storage, check out their images

Chapter Nine: New Beginnings

As I previously said, work seemed to keep me away from home more, spending several days during the week in a motel after work as the commute to our new home was just too tiring for me. The weekends were our only time together, and even then, other things got in the way of our play sessions, so I had to be content sometimes with a quick fuck before heading back to my stressful job.

The job was very demanding, when our company took over this smaller one, the idea was to use their production capacity and knowledge to enhance one of our own, which shared similar engineering manufacturing, making the merger more productive and beneficial for everyone concerned. It was hard to let a few workers go, but the finances for this company didn’t stack up, and some changes had to be made. I tried to make this as painless as possible and spoke with several of the workers, but while they agreed that the company needed help, some didn’t appreciate it when I made those changes.

Still, that was what I was sent here for, but unknown to me others back at our head office had other plans, so for all of the long hours that I had put in and sacrificed my own time to be with my new husband, it didn’t matter to them. I was called back for a meeting with the top bosses, who informed me of their change of plans, well it seemed that they had wanted this anyway, the plant was to close and the work was to be taken overseas to one of our factories over there, which meant cheaper.

This didn’t go down too well with me, after all of the time that I had spent there and getting to know the workers, I basically flipped out and told them where they could go, and it wasn’t put in polite terms either. I spent the next two weeks away from home winding things up with my job and my old apartment. I wanted nothing more to do with this place and sold everything I had.

I had spoken to my husband after my rant, and he agreed with me and then told me that while I had quit my job, that he had been promoted again, so there was no need for me to work unless I wanted to for now, which was a relief.

Finished up, I headed out of my old town for the last time and drove to our new home. The worry and the stress of the past few weeks had taken its toll on me and I guess that he could hear that in my voice when we spoke on the phone.

I didn’t want him to see me like I was, and on my way, I managed to find a parlour that would help me relax, if only for a little, and they say a change is as good as a rest, so I left the shop with a new hairstyle and colour, dusky blonde she had called it, but all I saw was the same colour as Cindy wore, that’ll do I thought.

Not too sure what he thought of my new much shorter pixie-style hair, though the colour change was more of a surprise when he eventually saw me. But he was just pleased to see me, though he did see through my disguise, and knew that I had put my body and soul into my work, only to have it taken away with a click of a pen. He noticed the haggard look behind my mask, and seemed concerned that I was okay.

“I’m just pleased to be home, with you, my darling husband and keeper of my soul, and desires…” I told him as we hugged, which seemed to last forever, but eventually, all good things end.

He told me that he had a special surprise for me, he’d been working on it while I had been away and now it was ready. This perked me up hearing this, I wondered what he’d been doing while I was away, my thoughts were him with other women from his office, after all, who could resist that smile, his charm and the feelings of power that he seemed to exude over me, I wonder if they felt that too.

Grabbing my hand he guided me upstairs and towards our bedroom, I half expected to see another doll box decorated like the last one, but when he uncovered my eyes to reveal the surprise I found a rather ornate large bed had replaced our old one, this one made from dark timber, with headboard and footboard, there were wooden knobs on each corner, my thoughts turned immediately to my bound body stretched by by them, tied spread-eagle over the bed to the four corners.

He looked at me as I took in the surprise, there was a slight look of disappointment at there being no replacement doll box, but he could see me looking at the bondage points on the bed. But there’s more to the bed than it first seems, he told me, though I guess you can see some advantages to this bed over the old one, he laughed.

Walking closer, my hands began caressing the wooden knob closest to me, my thoughts of being bound taking hold of me. But I must have pressed something as the bed started moving, the footboard part of the bed started to rise up, much to my surprise and looked back at him for answers.

“Watch,” Was all he said.

Turning back I saw that the footboard had finished moving, and then a large oblong box started rolling out from underneath the bed. The black finish reflected in the light showed the high-gloss finish, though I still had no clue what was going on. When the black box stopped moving, my husband walked over and released some clips on the side, he then opened up the top part, which then revealed the contents within.

“Oh my…” Was all I said as I looked inside.

Inside the box was solid packing foam, which had the shape of a body cut out of it, the size roughly the same as my own body. But when I looked further inside I could see the body of a silicone sex doll; why would he buy one of those, I wondered. The rest of what had just happened was forgotten for the moment.

“You’ve bought a sex doll!” I exclaimed, “Why?”

“Feel it,” he told me, which felt more like a command to me.

My hand reached down to touch the new doll where it lay enclosed within the packing foam, a feeling of jealousy running over that she was in my place, the doll looked solid from my point of view, just like the ones that I had seen online. The silicone of the doll seemed to be very high quality, so I guessed that she had cost a fair bit to buy, judging again from what I’d seen in my internet searches. The skin felt cold when my hand made contact, but what else did I expect, she was just a doll after all.

“Yes, I can see that it’s a sex doll,” I said, my hand now touching the doll, “but what does that have to do with me?”

“Have a closer look,” he replied.

My hand began exploring the silicone skin of the doll, I began to wonder if we would be having a three-way session with him, me and the doll, maybe this is why he had bought the doll. Again, to me, this just felt like a silicone doll would feel like I guess, not having much experience of touching them, my last doll experience was more latex than this type of material. Looking back up at him, I still wanted some answer from him about the surprise.

“Oh, here, just pick it up,” he said, bending down to help me.

I expected the thing to be heavier than it was, but this took me by surprise, this doll seemed to weigh very little, in fact, it was so light that I dropped it and fell over, only to be caught by his hands and lowered to the floor as we all tumbled over. Now that the new doll was out of the box and lying on the floor beside me I could see that it was in fact hollow inside, the way that it had lay inside the box fooled me into thinking that this was solid.

“It’s just a skin,” I said to him.

“Not just a skin, it’s your new skin,” he replied.

Rolling the thing over I could see an opening up the back of the doll, the zipper went from the lower back up towards the head, here I could see another zip fastener, and I looked at him puzzled.

“When you’re inside, the top runs down to the neck, to meet the other, closing together behind your neck rather than your head like previously,” he told me.

My mind was awash with thoughts of me becoming his sex doll again, I had missed this so much, and I never had expected to see something like this ever again, especially something this so well put together, the last one was just an inflatable that we had converted, well one that I had butchered and he had fixed up afterwards, but this looked well made and had one purpose, to seal me away inside.

“Well…” he asked.

I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him over on top of me, my face tight against his own, my lips thanking him, with many kisses and squeals of delight. But he eventually pulled himself free of my clutches, before things got too heated, he said.

“Time for dolly to be put away,” he then told me.

My heart pounded in my chest at the thought of becoming his doll again, a certain area between my legs letting me know that it was becoming even more aroused at the thought, and not just from our passionate embrace, my mind awash with visions of me dressed as a sex doll. With a slap of his hand on my rear, I was told to use the bathroom before anything else happened.

Quickly I did my business and then grabbed a rushed shower, my desire building at the prospect of becoming a doll, not just a doll but his sex doll again. I was about to start applying some talcum powder to help put the new suit on, but was stopped by him, he had been watching me in my excitement at what was about to happen.

He then handed me a bottle of liquid and told me to rub it over my body, while he did the harder to reach parts, though I’m sure that I could quite easily reach some of the spots that his hand ventured to, but I was so turned on by now that I didn’t care, my body was his after all and he had explored every inch of it.

New Skin

He helped me start putting on the new suit, it was much tighter than the last one, I guessed that was because it was new, not that he had deliberately made it slightly smaller, which I found out later. But I didn’t mind, the tighter the better, that was my motto, especially when it came to bondage, or being encased inside of a doll skin, like I was now doing. The liquid helped ease my limbs into place, and soon my legs were encased inside of the new suit.

When it got to touch my crotch, my sex burst like a dam, and I had to hold onto him for support as the waves of pleasure ran through me, my body shaking as I rode out the wonderful sensations. I looked slightly sheepish up at him as I started to recover, but he just smiled and told me that he was happy that I was getting to enjoy my new doll, as he would be soon.

Now that the suit was up and over my hips the danger of another climax passed, it was safe to continue with the rest of the reskinning of my body, I would soon be a doll again I thought. My arms were next, and then my head, as he continued to help me put on the new skin, and as we progressed he smoothed over the parts that needed it, plus it gave him a chance to molest his new doll.

Once everything was finally in place, he walked behind me and started to pull the lower zipper closed, the suit tightening around my body as he did so, squeezing me in a very delightful way, every inch of my skin felt alive as the skin enclosed me in its grasp. With the zipper pulled up my back, he then switched to the other and pulled down, sealing my head inside, it was only when the two zippers met that I heard the familiar sound of a lock closing, I was now secured inside of the doll.

He ran his hands down my back, and over my encased body, smoothing any missed parts, but also unknown to me closing a small flap over the zipper to hide it from view, so when I eventually did get to see where the closing was supposed to be it was no longer there, I was now just a silicone doll, there was no seam in my back, I had been transformed from woman to sex doll, anyone seeing me would only see the doll, not the person inside.

“Well, how does it feel?” he asked, looking at my transformation.

“Wonderful!”, I replied while I continued to look at myself in the mirror, amazed at the feel and look of the new skin as it covered my own, even I could only see a silicone sex doll looking back at me in the mirror, if I hadn’t experienced putting the suit on I would have thought that this was just another sex doll, it was just so realistic.

The suit seemed to contract some more as the heat of my own body, it felt as though the skin was merging with my own, tightening and restricting my movements, the silicone skin was becoming my own, or so it seemed to me inside of the suit, it was becoming a bit harder to move, I was more rigid than when I had been Cindy, and looked at him for more answers.

“Well, the liquid that you put on was actually adhesive, not lube, the skin will be sticking to your own by now, making the suit a tighter, smoother finish,” he told me.

“What, I’m stuck inside here?” I managed to say, my mouth now harder to form words. “Forever?”

“You wish!” he laughed, “No only while you’re inside the suit for a short while, after that it’ll start to degrade, then you just need to soak in the bath for a while and the glue becomes liquid again, and we can get you out,” he informed me.

“Really, literally, I’m stuck in the doll until you release me?” I replied.

He was a bit unsure of my reaction to this part of the process, he had wondered how I would feel being stuck like this, I would either be angry with him or…

“Wow!, Thank you, my precious owner, this dolly wishes to thank you for being so clever to think of something like this.” And I threw myself at him, gradually falling to my knees seeking out what I needed at this moment.

Finding the object of my desire I held his semi-erect member in my hands and started to kiss the end as best that I could, but all too soon I couldn’t resist my urges and he was fully engulfed in my warm, wet mouth, with my tongue playing with the underside of his manhood, my teeth gently teasing the upper ridge of him. My mouth working on the top part of his penis soon moved lower and I was a happy contented dolly when I had his full length inside of my mouth.

His hands came around to hold my head and he pushed himself deeper in my mouth, further towards my willing throat, I relaxed myself there wanting to take him as deep as possible, but he was already fully engulfed in my mouth by this point, and I knew that when I did this to him that he wouldn’t be able to last too long, try as he might to hold off the inevitable, he would soon be cumming.

Cleaning him up afterwards, I was reluctant to let him go, but he was spent for now, and I was a very happy dolly for pleasing my owner. I wondered what we’d do now. However, I didn’t have long to wait as he picked me up in his arms and carried me back to the bed, thinking that maybe he’d be using one of my other features very soon.

Stored away again…

But as he got closer I could see the wicked smile on his face, and he moved me towards the base of the bed and the waiting open cabinet that I had found the dolly inside of. He lowered me down, the soft foam below me easily taking the weight of this new doll, and providing some comfort to it when the time came to put the dolly away. The sides of the foam now coming into my peripheral vision, the perfectly cut-out holding the doll in place inside of the box.

Once he had lowered me so that I lay on my back inside the box, he started to adjust how I was laying there, also he started to fasten some straps that I hadn’t noticed when I looked at the doll the first time, it seemed that not only would I be stored away inside the box but I would be strapped down to prevent any chance that this doll could escape, not that there was any will on my part for that to happen, I was content to lay there and watch my owner as he put me away. He had used me and was now finished with me until he needed me again.

Once the last strap was done up, he checked them all again, I felt his hands on my ankles, below and above my knees, across my thighs close to where my sexual centre lay below, just a mere inch or so from his fingers were at that moment. But I was to be denied any touches there for now at least, his hand moved over my waist and then below my breasts, and above, judging by the number I was well secured. The final one around my neck prevented any movement of my head.

“There we are dolly, all ready to be stored away,” he said to me.

He watched as a shiver of delight ran through me, he certainly knew what buttons to push on me to get the right reactions, and his hands drifting over my new silicone body only enhanced the feelings that I was getting. It would have been nice for him to continue to play with me, but my owner had other ideas.

“Well, dolly, you're just too distracting and I need to get on with other things, so it’s time to put you away, for a while at least.” he smiled as he said that.

I just lay there not wanting to move or to speak, I was contented in my new place, this was something that I had missed now for a while and something that we both seemed to know that I needed at the moment, any negative thoughts now long gone, I was back in my world, where her doll serves her owner and doesn’t care about anything else.

“Enjoy!” Was the last thing that he said to me as he closed the lid of the box. At first it was dark inside with the top closed, but once the latches had been fastened on the side, the panel in front of me became clearer, though still dark, but I could see his face as he looked in on me.

The next vision of him was of him standing up and reaching over to the bed, it was then that I realised what he had just done, the motor that had brought the box out from under the bed was now taking the box back under the bed, and me along with it.

I was now truly just a sex doll again, being put away by my owner. I looked up and saw him one last time before the box slipped under the bed, when it finally came to a stop I heard the final sound of the footboard part closing back into place and I was now hidden away, under the bed, just a doll in her box again, and loving every part of it.


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