Cindy, Lovedoll

by Gromet

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Chapter Ten: Wicked Cindy

During the next two weeks, I spent most of my time inside the new doll skin, the adhesive worked really well in sticking the silicon to my own skin, the more rigid outer skin limiting my movements, but most of the time I was just content to either sit, lay down or even stand around being the doll. He would find me in various places, when not stashed away in my new box, and admire me in my new skin or take me and use me, which is what all good love dolls are for.

It did a while to soak in the hot bath to get the glue to become liquid enough for me to slide out of the suit without taking part of me with it, I did imagine that my own skin would stick to the silicon and that it would be painful to remove, like when I visit the beauty parlour and had them perform a Brazilian wax job on my pussy, which if you didn’t know stings like heck, but the results afterwards are worth it.

It took me about two months to get over my last job and find another, I found out when I started there that some of the guys who had transferred from the old factory had put in a good word for me, kindness pays after all. But before then I had plenty of time to explore my new doll skin and my relationship with my new husband, slash owner and master of all my desires.


The new house that his company supplied also came with contractors who cleaned the house once a week, which was usually scheduled for Wednesdays, so if I was still in my doll skin I would just get myself put away inside my box for the day while they were here, and then get released when my owner returned and wanted to make use of my special features, which he did.

I was very happy to spend some much-needed quality time stashed away as his sex doll, strapped down in my box and stored away under the amazing bed that he had designed and had made. You would never have known from looking at the bed that it had a secret panel, behind which there lay a large container, inside of which was a very contented sex doll, happy to be stored away and await further use.

After a weekend of blissful delight at returning to my new doll skin, I had been wearing it since Friday evening, the glue had now dried sticking the silicon to my own skin, making me and the doll as one, plus again making my movements harder on my part, not that dollies should move themselves, that’s the job of their owner. But the sex had been great, I felt well used by the time Monday morning rolled around and lay there on the bed recalling what we had done the past few days, my fingers gently playing with the soft outer folds of my pussy, not in any rush to bring myself off, but just relaxing and enjoying the feelings.

But my fantasies were interrupted when I heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner outside of the bedroom in the corridor, the cleaning people were here, then I remembered that the contract had been changed by his company, these were the new contractors and they would be coming every Monday and Friday. And here I was still stuck inside my doll skin, it would take a while for me to get myself out of it, and by the sounds of things they would soon be in the bedroom.

In my panic I could only see two options, one was to lay here and pretend that I was just really a silicone sex doll, which when I thought about it would embarrass not only me but my husband too. The other option was to enclose myself inside the box. I had managed to find a way to activate the mechanism to put myself away, though I couldn’t use the straps as machinery only allowed me enough time to climb inside and close the lid.

Jumping from the bed, I knew that I had very little time left, and this seemed to be the only option for me at this moment. So I moved over to the box and tapped on the control knob twice, this would give a little delay before the box slid back under the bed, but just enough time for me to get inside. Getting myself in the box and closing the lid down, I had just managed this, before I felt the box moving, taking me back under the bed again. The final sound as the footboard closed behind the box, sealing me away and hiding me from view.

Just in time as it turned out, as the cleaners entered the room just as the last part of the footboard closed, hopefully they didn’t catch a glimpse of that happening. Listening from where I lay I heard the cleaners vacuum the floors, then they changed the bed, removing the sheets that I had just been lying on and had been taken several times by my husband/owner that weekend. I hoped that they didn’t notice the stains of our sexual juices on the sheets, I would have been very embarrassed if I wasn’t stored away below them.

I wondered what they would think if my box accidentally slipped back out from its hiding spot, would they make use of the sex doll that it contained or would they be horrified at finding me. My mind again drifted off to many visions of my body being taken and used by several people, including women, which surprised me, what had I become, I certainly had changed since that first day at discovering his inflatable love doll, my sexuality had blossomed and grown into a new form, the petals bright and free, open to all sorts of new ideas.

Eventually, the sounds of the cleaners faded, they had finished cleaning the bedroom and adjoining bathroom and had now moved elsewhere. All was quiet now in my little part of the world, sealed away and contented to continue lying here in my box, one advantage I did find in not being strapped down was that I was able to use my fingers to great effect, seeking out my little nub and gently playing with it, building myself up slowly until reaching the culmination of my efforts and reaching the high point, my orgasm lasting for several minutes until overwhelmed I passed out.


When I came too, I had no idea what the time was, or even if the contractors had finished cleaning. It was lovely and warm inside my new box, the packing foam holding me in an all-encompassing hug of my body, limiting what little movement I had inside of the box. It felt nice and safe to be contained inside here waiting for my owner to come and play with me, he’d release me and…

Then I suddenly realised that my owner/husband was away this week, he had left early this morning to catch his flight, and he was now several hours away from me. The problem with putting myself away inside the box was that I couldn’t get myself out, I would usually be content to lay here and wait for him to come home and find me, and then take me for whatever he wanted to use me for, much to my delight.

But he wouldn’t be home until at least the weekend, and I was stuck here by my own hand, sealed away inside of my box and hidden from view, the only two people in the world who knew about this were him and me, and maybe whoever built the bed, but even then they wouldn’t be aware that I was currently stuck here, with no way to free myself.

My emotions went from cursing my stupidity at putting myself here, to despair that I would never be free again, and sorrow that my husband would find the body of his wife, dressed as his sex doll, locked away in my box when he returned. How could he explain that to the authorities, he’d probably be blamed as no one would believe that he kept his wife as a sex doll, locked away in a box; and he would spend time in jail. In the end, I ran out of tears, and just lay there stunned, waiting for whatever fate had in store for me.

Usually, we talk to each other every day, especially when one of us is away somewhere on business, he said that he loves to hear the sound of my voice, but in reality, I found out from him later, that it was after his sister had stored me away downstairs in the basement of his old apartment, that he was worried about something like that happening again. So when he didn’t hear from me on Monday night, he tried again during the day on Tuesday when he could, but he got no reply, just my voicemail.

Now worried that I had done something to myself or had an accident, but with him being stuck where he was for the week, he had contacted his sister, Jane, she had moved to the same city where we now lived, and she and her partner Louise were both nurses at the city hospital.

Rescue, of sorts

As I lay there resigned to my own stupid fate, unknown to me things were happening out in the real world, after not hearing from me he had just assumed the worst and asked his sister to check up on me. Lying there inside my box a strange calm had come over me, even though it had been stupid of me to panic and basically throw myself into the box, I had come to accept that this was where I would remain, just a doll waiting.

My thoughts were broken when I found the box starting to move again, I hadn’t noticed the footboard part or heard the sounds of footsteps from outside of where I lay, so I assumed that the mechanism had decided to set me free, or that my husband had returned after his week away, was I still alive, surely I couldn’t be after spending the week in here.

When the box opened I looked up at the face above me, it was his sister, Jane, how did she know that I was here? And then she spoke.

“Thank god that you’re still with us, I don’t know what he’d do without you.” She said, and continued, “He was worried that something like this had happened to you.”

Breathing a sigh of relief that someone had found me, I would live after all it seemed, and I asked her, with my voice slightly hoarse, “How did you know where to find me?”

“He told me that you may be stuck in here and told me about the release button, I must say this is a big step up from your old box,” Jane replied. “And you still play at being his sex doll I see.” She looked down at my silicone body.

“Mmm, yes…” slightly embarrassed at revealing this to her.

“Well, we best get you out of that suit then,” she told me, “I don’t have much time as Louise is downstairs looking through the kitchen cupboards to make some lunch, we just finished our shifts before we headed over.”

“I can’t…” I replied.

“Why, is it because he’s not here, don’t worry I’m used to seeing naked females, after all, I am living with one,” she laughed. “But seriously, we need to get you free before Lou finds out.”

“Doesn’t she know about me? After the basement thing,” I asked.

“No, that’s between you and my big brother, and a little secret between us, I’m not sure what she’d think seeing you like this,” Jane said to me. “So let me get you out, quick before she comes looking for me.”

“I can’t!” I replied.

“Why? You just need to remove the suit and you can join us for our late lunch, which was put on hold to rescue you.” Jane asked.

“I’m stuck,” I answered.

“Stuck, stuck how?” Jane queried, “Stuck as in locked on, like the last one.”

“No, I’m glued inside the suit,” I told her, slightly embarrassed at revealing this to her.

“Wow, you two have really stepped things up a notch or two, so the suit is glued to your own skin?” she asked.

“Yes, I need to soak in the bath for an hour or more to get myself free,” I responded.

“So, my brother glues you inside the suit, and you allow this?” Jane asked, “But then why would that surprise me any more than finding you again as his sex doll.”

“Sorry that you had to find me like this, it’s really humiliating to be discovered like this, I’m really sorry that you had to find out.” I cried, with small tears running down my silicone skin.

“Now, none of that, what you two get up to in the privacy of your own home is between you both, so dry those eyes,” Jane said. “Now we have a problem, as we’re staying the next few days until my big brother returns, mainly for me to keep an eye on you, but Louise doesn’t need to find out about your secret.”

“Thank you, and it would be good to have some company around the house.” I returned, “But as I said I need a couple of hours to get free, and I doubt that I could suddenly appear after you two have been here for that long.”

“I know, I’ll take her shopping or for a meal to her favourite place, that’ll give you some time to get free, but she’s currently cooking by the smell of things, so we won’t be going anywhere for a while.” Jane responded, “So what do we do in the meantime.”

“This seems to be my only option,” I said, looking back at the box.

“Surely not, but I guess another hour or so wouldn’t hurt, and I can hear Louise starting to look for me,” Jane replied, the sound of her partner's voice downstairs echoed through the house saying that lunch was ready.

As I lay back down inside of the box, I asked Jane, “Could you strap me in place?”

“You’re weird, you know that don’t you?” she laughed, and then fastened me down. Closing the lid, she said, “See you soon.”

Once closed she pressed the button for the mechanism to start and I watched through the clear part above me as her face disappeared to be replaced by the underside of the bed, the final sound again as the footboard slid down into place, hiding me away again. Just in time, it turned out as the sound of Louise’s voice entered the bedroom.

“I was wondering where you were…” her voice broke off when she saw the new bed, “Wow, that looks very expensive, your brother and his wife must make a lot of dough to have something like this.”

“Well, the house isn’t theirs.” Jane said, “So I guess that they spend their money on other things.” And then she thought, ‘Other things that are currently hidden away.’

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Louise’s voice, “What are these for, I wonder?” She had found the wooden knobs, and had the same ideas that I had when I first saw them, “Are your brother and his wife into kinky stuff? These look like bondage points to me.”

“I wouldn’t know, he doesn’t share his sex life with me,” Jane responded, “And anyway you mentioned lunch was ready.”

“Yeah, but now my appetite has changed and I want to devour something else, seeing these has given me an idea, and with your brother away…” Louise said suggestively, looking at the bed.

“Yes, okay maybe later…” Jane started to say but was stopped by her partner.

“No buts, Missy, strip, NOW!” Louise told her in a firm manner.

Lying under the bed listening to their conversation, I began to realise that it seemed that Jane and I share similar interests, we are both submissive to our partners, me to my husband and her to Louise, her Mistress it turned out. As she was commanded to strip, I felt the inner pangs and stirrings of my own submissive side begin to stir, I wondered what it would be like to be dominated by her.

Jane started to say something, but I heard a slap and then all went quiet. Shortly afterwards the sound of someone climbing onto the bed above me, and then the movement stopped.

“Right bitch, lay there while I find something to bind those beautiful limbs of yours, and make you my helpless slave again,” Louise said.

She found the drawer where we keep the bondage gear, luckily though the latex stuff was locked away on the other side of the bed in the bigger drawer. The base of the bed had built-in drawers, handy to keep stuff like our bondage toys, latex-wear and even sex dolls out of sight and stored away.

The footsteps around the bed let me know that she was binding the limbs of her submissive plaything, Jane, down to the bed, spreading her to the four corners of the bed, the ropes tied off and holding her in place, just like I had been many times myself, so I knew what Jane was going through, bondage wise that is, not the woman to woman stuff, though pleasant memories of my time on the massage table came back to me.

I could only lay there inside my box as I heard them above me, they seemed to be enjoying each other, though reluctantly on Jane’s part, it seemed, I think that she was embarrassed that I was just a few inches away from what was going on, and she guessed that I could hear what was happening on the bed above. Hopefully, I wasn’t cramping her enjoyment, but it seemed that after a while I was forgotten about, as the cries of joy echoed through the bedroom.

It wasn’t until the following day that Jane was free and able to release me from where I lay in my box. She told me that she and Louise were off out for some retail therapy, but would be back later. This would allow me the time to get myself free, and put things away she told me, just text when I was ready for them to return.

I smiled and thanked her, and I said, “Sounded like you two get along really well!” and hugged her, my doll skin against her own now-clothed body. “And we share something in common too.”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” she laughed, “Yes it does, now go and get free, we’ll talk shop later, just us two subs together.”

Later when they came back, I think Louise wasn’t too happy to see me there, I think that she wanted some more playtime in our bed, and I sensed that Jane did too, they had bags of stuff with them, some of which I knew contained more bondage goodies, as I had bought some stuff from there too.

“Hello, ladies, great to see you,” I said as I hugged them both, Louise lingered slightly longer in holding me, but I was happy to be accepted by her.

“Good to see you as well,” Jane replied, “I was wondering where you were?” Giving me a knowing look as she said that.

“Oh, you know, tied up with things, couldn’t get away,” I replied, a smile forming on my face.

“Yes, things have a way of doing that,” Louise responded, not sure of what was happening between me and Jane.

Breaking the spell, I asked, “Have you two eaten? I was just about to.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say no,” Louise replied, and Jane just nodded.

After lunch was over, I spoke with Jane while Louise made use of the bathroom, “Looks like you two have some more stuff to explore each other with?” I said looking at the bags of shopping. Jane’s face went red and I said, “Don’t worry I won’t tell, your secret is safe. And to make it easier for you to play in our bed, I’m off to surprise my own Master, my bag is packed, well a few items of sexy underwear, that’s all I’ll need the next couple of days, so the bed is yours.”

“Thank you, Louise was so looking forward to some more playtime,” Jane responded and hugged me. “It’ll mean a lot to her, and me.”

Just as Louise walked back into the kitchen, “Seems like I can’t leave you two alone…” she laughed.

“Don’t worry, she’s all yours,” I said, “Now you two play nicely while I’m away.”

“You’re leaving, already…” Louise asked, though happy that I wouldn’t need my bed later.

“She’s off to surprise my brother, and give him a gift,” Jane responded.

“Gift?” Louise looked confused.

“Myself wrapped up in sexy lingerie,” I proudly replied, picking up the small case and heading towards the front door, I turned and said, “Have fun you two, I know I will.”

Arriving at the hotel where my husband was staying, I thought that I would surprise him in the hotel bar. I knew that he liked to end the business day there. I could see him there but wanted to surprise him with something that I’d thought of on the way over here from the airport. So slipping into the nearby ladies' room, I changed into the new outfit that I’d bought. First came the stockings, lacy underwear and hold-up bra, my twins looked stunning under the firm grasp of the underwire bra.

The sexy black dress seemed to reveal more than it hid, it clung to every curve of my body, and I knew that I would need to keep my modesty by pulling the hem down as it was short down there and the slightest wrong move could reveal the stockings and suspenders underneath, and other delights higher up. Fixing my make-up and making myself look good, and feel even better inside, I knew that I’d fuck this chick that I saw in the mirror, with a few final adjustments, I was ready.

Stepping out of the ladies' bathroom, I didn’t see the person catching me walking from where I had just transformed myself from wife to female escort, but they had seen me and walked behind me as I made my way to the bar, their eyes watching my every move. It was a bit hard to walk in the new shoes that I’d bought, my time in heels had been limited lately so I hoped that I could muster this and not fall flat on my face.

As I got closer to my husband I could see the faces of the other males that were there with him, I had attracted their attention as I walked into the bar, along with the other males sitting at the tables with their own partners, who also looked at me, some in disgust at the way that I was dressed, other seemed to wonder what it was like to be dressed like that.

When I reached my husband, the guys around him looked astonished as I touched his shoulder, and asked if he’d like to buy me a drink. As he turned and looked at the woman who had just touched him, he didn’t seem to recognise me at first, maybe my makeover was that good, and just as he was about to say something, I was grabbed from behind and I was spun around away from him.

“Okay, lady, that’s enough from you,” I heard the guy say, then felt my hands pulled behind me and the cold snap of metal handcuffs encircling them, it was very quick.

I turned to face the man who it appeared had followed me into the bar, and had grabbed me and put the handcuffs on me. “I saw you leaving the ladies, and followed you here, I expected that you’d be hitting on some of our customers, we get girls like you all of the time.” He told me as he showed me his badge, “Hotel Security.”

“Now come quietly and don’t make a scene.” he said to me, and spoke into his radio, “I’ve got a hooker here, could you contact Vice and get them to pick her up.”

“Wait! There’s been a mistake…” I pleaded.

“The only mistake you made was coming into this hotel to ply your business,” he responded and started to pull me away.

It was then I heard the sound of my husband’s voice, he had gotten over the initial shock of seeing me, especially dressed the way that I was. “Stop!” he shouted.

The hotel guy turned and said, “Look pal, I don’t want any fuss, she’s caught red-handed trying to get you to pay for her.”

“That's my wife,” he responded.

“Your wife, sure, pull the other one, I’ve heard them all,” the security guy argued, “Don’t feel sorry for her, she’s just a whore plying her trade.”

I shook my head desperately at him and signalled for him to stop what he was trying to do, he was after all with his clients entertaining them, and me showing up like this was a really bad idea, I felt humiliated and embarrassed that I had caused a scene in front of his guests, and thought that maybe I could downplay this and talk with the security guy quietly on our own

I turned to the security guy and said, “Please, just get me out of here.”

“Sure, walk this way,” And he guided me from the room, turning my head. I looked back at my husband, who seemed clueless about what to do in this situation, and he went back to talking to his clients.

I was taken out through a door to the back part of the hotel, and down to where the security team had their office. I remained quiet as he took me there, not sure of what I was going to do to get myself out of this situation.

“Okay, sit here while we wait for the vice squad to turn up,” the guy told me.

“Look, there’s been a mistake here, can I explain…” I tried to say, wriggling in my handcuffs.

“Listen, I don’t care, you were caught red-handed, so now just don’t give me any pathetic excuses, and no I don’t want any special favours from you, you’ve come to the wrong hotel,” he replied.

The police showed up not long after, and the guy was just about to hand me over to them when my husband and the hotel manager came into the room.

“Release her!” The manager told his security guy, “She’s his wife.”

After a lot of explaining to both the police and security, I was reluctantly let go, but with a firm warning not to play my silly games inside the hotel again. I was really happy to see his face again, even though I had embarrassed him in front of his guests and the other people in the hotel bar.

He told me as we travelled up to his room that he had told his guests that he seemed to attract dubious women in his life, which they all laughed about and went back to their drinks, thinking that indeed I was just some prostitute looking for business, eventually, he made his excuses and came to find me, hoping that I wasn’t on my way to some holding cell before appearing in court.

When we got into his room, well, let’s just say that he got his money’s worth after I told him to “get comfortable”, and that he was very pleased with what I did that night and the services that I provided him with so much so that he “booked” me again for the next night.

I laughed and said, “I may be busy, I’ll have to check my schedule.”


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