Cindy, Lovedoll

by Gromet

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Chapter Eight: A Series of Unfortunate Events

We had been living at our new home for several months now, settled into our new life and responsibilities, while his new role went well, my job didn’t turn out as I expected, the commuting distance between work and home was much longer than expected from where we now lived, so in the end I stayed away in motels during the week and returned home on the weekends.

The hours involved were also far longer than I was informed or anticipated, the company as it turned out, was far deeper in debt than we first thought and it took me a lot of work to get the financials right and on track so that the company could legally carry on trading, this didn’t go down too well with some both in the new company and back at head office, but my task was to merge the company into our own, that’s what I get paid to do, and stress about.

Of course, this also means that our playtime (and sex) was limited by our short times together when I came home at the weekend, but worse still, was that we no longer had the Cindy, love doll outfit for me to wear, and spend some quality time as his sex doll, the box that he kept me inside of was gone too. It was a great blow to me and my partner, especially me, as I used my time as his doll for stress relief, I suppose he did too but in other ways, but he still benefited from keeping me tightly bound, and available to him, while I wore my latex catsuit, so that made up in some way for the loss of the doll suit.

Oh, I suppose that you want to know what happened, well, if you recall, the mad idea was to transport me as just his sex doll in her box for the journey from his old apartment to the new house, with me dressed again as his bunny girl lovedoll. Bound by the straps to hold me in place and gagged, at my request, inside my doll box, he then sealed that away inside another box to hide the contents and then be transported by the removal men, but it didn’t go as well as he had planned.

The trip took far longer than was first anticipated, there were roadworks and other things that delayed the truck carrying me and his other possessions to the new house, and well, to my dismay, this dolly leaked, badly.

By the time that the removal truck arrived at the new house, it was already late evening, the guys were tired from their long journey and were happy that they had arrived but the plan now was to leave the goods on the truck, the guys would be staying at a local motel for the night and that they would return in the morning.

Even though the idea would be appealing to me in normal circumstances, the fact was I needed to get out of the box, otherwise something bad was about to happen. Remember that last meal? Well my tummy certainly did. Though at this moment I was unaware of the events unfolding outside of the box.

My partner was in two minds when he found out the news from the removal people, but he was concerned more with my well-being and safety than my desires to remain just his sex doll, which was sweet of him, but obviously, he wasn’t aware of my pressing need at that moment.

Thankfully he asked that the guys just dump the stuff in the garage, and he even paid them more money to do so, so they reluctantly took him up on the offer, the extra cash suddenly wiping the tiredness from their bodies. He had given them the excuse that the house had come fully furnished, even down to the cutlery, so there was no need to unpack the boxes, they could just be stored inside the double garage to be sorted out later.

It didn’t take the guys too long to unload the truck, though my box again got buried under several others, and was near the back of the pile and against the wall. As he couldn't get to me at the moment, not without giving me away I guess as he could hardly get his sex doll out of her box with the others around, that wouldn't look strange now would it. So he pitched in and helped the guys move the goods into the garage, with his help and supervision it went much quicker, and once it was all done, he paid them the extra and thanked the guys for being so helpful. They were just pleased to take the money and leave.

Once they were gone, and the garage door was closed, he started going through the pile of boxes inside of the garage, moving many of them out of the way so that he could get to his goal, the larger box that currently contained his sex doll/girlfriend, still bound and hidden away inside her container.

It took him a little while, the phone kept interrupting him in his quest as his family rang to see how the move was going and asking about the new house, he couldn't be rude and hang up on them, so this caused even more delay in my recovery but eventually, he managed to pull my cardboard box clear.


Inside my container I was wondering what was going on, the truck had finally come to a halt and all movement had stopped, but there was no sound of anyone moving the stuff out from the truck, I had visions of the truck being left in some carpark, left there overnight while the removal people went for a meal and possibly sleep somewhere.

The journey had been very long and I guessed that it was very late now, possibly too late for the delivery to happen, though I had no idea of what the exact time it was, stuck inside the two boxes I didn’t even know if it was dark outside, it was inside where I was still strapped in, at least when I had been stored under the bed in my box I still managed to see some daylight.

My drifting thoughts were interrupted when I heard the sound of the truck's rear door opening, then it seemed that things were finally being taken out of the truck, hopefully by the removal people and not some thieves who came across the truck where it was parked, who knows what would happen to me should they open my boxes and find me here. My mind was now lost in the possibilities of what they would do to me, how many would use me and what would they do with me afterwards, well a doll can dream.

Eventually, my current dreams were thwarted when I felt my box being picked up and carried a short distance, and then placed down, the sound of more boxes being placed on top of mine let me know that I might be here for a while longer. The faint sounds of conversation and instructions from my partner let me know that I was safe, for now at least and that I had arrived at our new home.

Unfortunately, the pain in my tummy was getting worse by now, and I didn’t know just how long I could stop the inevitable. Well, as you can guess nature won, and this dolly leaked, it really felt like I was deflating inside of the box. Most of it was contained inside of the doll suit, at first, but of course, it took a while to unpack the truck, and then he had to find my box among the many others piled high, by that time things had spread.

It was a bit of a nasty surprise when he finally opened my box, at first he had thought that maybe I had died on the journey, it certainly smelt that way, but no I was still alive but wishing that I wasn’t, the embarrassment of him finding me like this was just too great. The suit hid my shame. But he was very kind, understanding and considerate. I found out later the food had given him the same reaction as me, but he had the benefit of a nearby toilet, which I unfortunately didn’t.

Once I was out of the suit and standing in a hot shower, the evidence of our last meal in our old home going down the drain, the doll suit we found later was ruined, no amount of cleaning could get the smell out of it, the box too was no longer useable, so it too ended up in the rubbish tip, my last vision of Cindy was the trash bag that contained her body as she sunk under the other trash that we dropped on top of her at the local dump. It was like the death of a very good friend.

So that was the end of that chapter of my life, though we still had the latex catsuit and he kept me bound and used, when we found the time to play, but it just didn’t feel the same, and I guess that he knew this, but tried to please me anyway. The bondage was nice, the gag and the corset felt good, and him taking me for his own pleasure, and mine sometimes did fill in some of the gaps, but nothing could replace Cindy.


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