Bondage Paradise 3: Wednesday & Thursday

by Doctor Fetish

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Part 3: Wednesday & Thursday Week 1

Wednesday Morning/Afternoon, Week One.

Mandy slowly woke up. Glancing over at the clock on the bedside table told her it was 11:20am. ‘Holy crap, I have slept for twelve hours straight’ she thought to herself. Then she remembered the session she had had with the fucking-machine in the playroom the night before, and how intense it had been. With a big smile on her face she got up from the bed and headed towards the bathroom and the shower, stripping off her plain, white cotton underwear on the way.

Feeling refreshed after the shower, she picked out a bright yellow PVC bikini and headed towards the restaurants to get some lunch. As she walked towards the fetish restaurant she thought about what to do today. She had nothing special planed and no playroom booked. She had been wise enough to spread out the playroom bookings with ‘days-off’ between them to recover if needed, and that was exactly what she needed today. Her pussy still felt sore from the fucking-machine last night, but what a session it had been.

The restaurant was about half-full when she entered and the waitress showed her to a small single table. She was quite hungry and ordered a fairly large meal from the huge menu. While waiting for the food she looked around, kind of hoping to see Miss Lea somewhere. Mandy had really enjoyed the time with the older woman yesterday and wanted to thank her, but she could not see her anywhere.

After eating her lunch, Mandy headed out to the pool area behind the Mansion. Pool ‘Area’ was the only way to describe it, as there was more then one pool. First there was the full Olympic size swimming pool, then two pools with trampolines and dive towers, and no less then three shallower pools for ‘playing’. In one of the ‘play’ pools she noticed an Asian woman about her own age that was lying naked, collared, gagged, blindfolded and strapped down to an inflated mattress of some kind. A closer look revealed what could only be a breathing tube sticking out from the mattress just above the woman’s head. Slightly chocked Mandy realized there was a person inside the inflatable mattress. Giggling to herself she headed towards the largest pool. The water was the perfect temperature and Mandy swam 600 meters before getting up. She had loved swimming since she was a child, and for her it was the perfect workout.

She found an unoccupied sun chair close to the ‘play pools’ and lay down to relax and try get some tan. The area was starting to fill up with people who were swimming, diving, sunbathing and just playing around in the pools. And some couples were being very intimate as well. Mandy knew that having sex in public was a very strong fetish for some people, just as watching people have sex in public was a fetish for other people. The resort strived to provide for as many fetishes and sexual desires as possible so public sex was completely ok, and you didn’t have to watch it if you didn’t want to. Mandy closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the feel of her PVC bikini and the warm sun on her body.

Some time later she heard something sounding like a person trying to lift something heavy. Looking around she saw a man pulling the inflatable mattress with the Asian woman strapped to it out of the pool and up to a sun chair. The man then promptly lay down on top of the woman and started fucking her hard and fast. The fucking went on for quite a while before they both came. Then the man simply got off and lay down in the sun chair, leaving the woman still gagged, blindfolded and strapped down on the mattress.

“It’s the woman’s husband who is sealed inside the mattress.”

The familiar voice startled Mandy. Looking up she saw Miss Lea standing beside her sun chair smiling at her. Lea was wearing a crimson red latex bikini and a pair of red plastic flip-flops and was carrying a large towel.

“You know them?” Mandy asked.

“Not personally, but one of my friends does.” Lea replied.

Lea pulled an empty sun chair close to Mandy’s, spread the towel over it and lay down.

“They are a submissive cuckold couple, and the husband gets off on seeing, and feeling, other men dominate and fuck his wife.” Lea continued. “And I am pretty sure he came at least once inside that mattress when he felt his wife getting fucked on top of it.”

“I bet he did.” Mandy said with a smile.

They both lay in silence for a while, enjoying the sun.

“Thank you for yesterday.” Mandy said about ten minutes later. “I enjoyed it very much.”

“Your welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Lea said. “And I did promise to tell you why I had to end it so abruptly.”

“I have my suspicions.” Mandy said with a smile.

“And you are probably right.” Lea said, also smiling. “As I told you yesterday, ‘Star’ is a ‘no-sex’ pony. But yesterday she told me that she wanted to make an exception, and that I could have sex with her if I wanted to.”

“And you wanted to.” Mandy said, smiling even wider.

“You bet I did.” Lea said with a laugh. “And we did, a lot. I didn’t get back to my room until midnight.”

“Just a little later then I got back to my room then.” Mandy said with a slight blush.

“You had rented a self-bondage playroom last night right? How did it go?”

Mandy spent the next half hour telling Lea all about her self-bondage session in the playroom, in great detail.

“I bet you still feel a bit sore after that session.” Lea said with a warm smile after Mandy had finished.

“I do.” Mandy said, returning the smile.

“And unless you're stupid, and I don’t think you are, you have nothing special planed for tonight.”


“Then would you mind accompany me to the Themed Auction tonight?” Lea asked.

“I would be glad to.” Mandy said happily

“Great. And would you maybe want to make into an ‘adventure’ similar to yesterday?”

“Honestly, I was hoping you would ask that.” Mandy said with a big smile. “And I would love to.”

“Perfect.” Lea said with a huge smile. “What is your favorite color?”

“I like all colors except pink.” Mandy said. “But Blue, Green and Yellow are my favorites.”

“Not pink?” Lea asked.

“No. For some reason I never liked pink, not even as a child.”

“Ok. What bondage gear do you have, besides the things I bought you yesterday?”

Mandy went thru the things you had brought with her.

“Good. You will need your leather corset and chastity belt plus the armbinder, collar, cuffs and panel-gag I bought you yesterday, the rest of the things I will have sent to your room later today.”

“Don’t tell me that you are going to buy me even more stuff.” Mandy said.

“It’s nothing big, just a couple of small things.” Lea said with a smile. “The auto-lacer I know you have in your room works with armbinders as well as corsets, but I will come to your room around 7pm to help you get into the things. But I do need to know your room number”

“It’s C315.”

“Great. I got to head back inside now as I have a few things to do, but I will see you later tonight then.”

“See you later.” Mandy said with a big smile.

She watched Lea walk back into the Mansion before she lay back in the sun chair to catch some more sun. About an hour later she got up and headed back towards the mansion. She noticed that the Asian woman on the inflatable mattress was getting fucked again, for the forth or maybe even fifth time.

As she got back inside, she decided to head to the mall area for some window shopping. Her budget didn’t leave room for any large purchases, but looking was free. The mall area was even larger then she had thought when she was there with Miss Lea the day before. It was three stories tall, with literally hundreds of stores, and took up a whole wing of the Mansion. Several of them were heavily specialized towards certain fetishes or activities. On the ground floor were stores with gear, clothes and equipment for ‘general’ BDSM, the second floor had mostly pet play stores and the top floor had stores aimed at practically any fetish anyone could think of. But there was one store that looked a little out of place, it was a pharmacy.

Curious, Mandy walked into the pharmacy and looked around. A middle aged man in a white lab coat, made from PVC, was standing behind the counter.

“Can I help you?” The man asked.

“I was a little surprised to see a pharmacy here.” Mandy said.

“We try to accommodate for every need, and that includes prescription medicines for those who need them.” The man said. “But we are also very thorough on checking that any prescription is valid.”

“So this is a fully functional pharmacy then?” Mandy asked.

“Yes it is. And we also carry lots of non-prescription, legal, drugs.”

“You don’t happen to have any salve that helps against a sore pussy?”

“Several actually, depending on the reason of the soreness.”

Mandy gave him a quick version of what she had done the night before.

“That is a very common soreness reason here.” The man said with a smile as he picked down a small jar from one of the shelves. “I would recommend this one. Just apply it and leave it on over the night and you will feel much better.”

“Thank you very much.” Mandy said and paid for the salve, which was a lot cheaper then she had expected.

It was getting close to 5pm so Mandy headed straight for the restaurants. She had eaten a fairly large lunch, and not done much besides the swimming in the afternoon so she settled for a salad. After she had finished the meal she headed back to her room. Just as she had expected it had been cleaned while she was gone, as were the clothes and gear she had used the night before. But there was a second, rather large, packet on her bed as well.

The second package had a note attached to it.

‘Here are the things I said I would have sent to your room. Just as with the things I bought you yesterday, these are yours to keep after tonight. Lea.”

Mandy opened the package and was stunned by what she found. First was a dark-blue, almost black, catsuit with attached gloves and socks, made from top quality latex. Second was a full-head hood with eye, nostril and mouth opening, same color and quality latex as the catsuit. Lastly there was a pair of black, knee high ballet boots, again the same quality latex as the catsuit and hood. There was a second note attached to the boots.

“I am not sure if you are experienced with using ballet boots. If not, I highly recommend that you practice in them for a while. Remember to tighten the laces as tight as you can, that will make them a little easier to walk in. Lea.”

Mandy had boots with very high heels, but not as extreme as ballet boots. She went to the closet and picked out a pair of green, thigh-high PVC stocking and pulled them on. Then she sat down on the bed and pulled on the ballet boots. Just to test she laced the right boot as hard as she could, and the left a little looser. Then she stood up and tried to walk, but had to grab hold of one of the bed posts to stop herself from falling over. Using the post as support she took a few steps, and then sat down to tighten the laces on the left boot.

Tightening the laces as hard as she could did help, but the boots were still very hard to walk in. Mandy was thankful Miss Lea had advised her to practice. After about an hour she started getting the hang of walking in the boots, and it was then that she noticed what time it was. She sat back down on the bed and removed the boots, stockings and bikini.

Grabbing the jar from the pharmacy she headed to the shower. After showering she applied some of the salve to her still somewhat sore pussy, almost moaning from the cool, soft feeling it gave her. Then she headed back into the room, it was time to start getting dressed.

Wednesday Evening, Week One.

Mandy started with the catsuit. The suit had a zipper running from the small of the back up to the neck and it was a perfect fit, hugging her body really nice and tight. She took her time to make sure she got all the air out and making it perfectly smooth against her skin. Once she got it on she looked in the full length mirror and really liked what she saw. The catsuit was so dark-blue it was almost black, and it had been coated in some way to make it very shiny. She decided to wait with the hood and instead went to the closet and got her leather corset.

The corset went up to just under her breasts, with a small support at the top that lifted the breasts slightly. The effect was that her breasts stood straight out, and combined with the tight latex catsuit the result was stunning. She pulled the auto-lacer from the second closet and hooked the corset laces to it. After three cycles the corset was just tight enough that she knew she could wear it for a whole evening. She had worn it quite a bit tighter sometimes, but she knew that she would not be able to stand it for more then an hour or two at that level.

After the corset she put on her chastity belt. For a moment she thought about using the special belt she had rented and was still laying unused in the second closet, but the catsuit didn’t have any openings in the crotch and she also wanted to save it for her original plans. Then she sat down on the bed again and started lacing up the ballet boots. The corset made it a bit harder to get the boots on, but with a bit of effort she got them on and laced up tight. Getting the cuffs on around her ankles took less effort than she had first thought. As the boots only went up to under her knees, she could lift and bend her leg and let it rest on the knee of the other leg.

She glanced at the clock and saw it was getting close to 7pm, so Miss Lea could show up any minute now. Mandy carefully walked over to the mirror and started pulling on the hood. It did not have a zipper, but the flexibility of the latex made it quite easy to pull on. After a little fiddling she had got her hair and the end of the hood tucked in under the neck of the suit, and then put on the collar. The effect made it look like the suit was a single seamless piece and Mandy felt herself getting wet just looking at the latex covered being looking back at her in the mirror. Only the panel-gag and armbinder left, and Mandy started walking back towards the bed. But she only got a few steps before there was a loud knock on the door.

Walking carefully, it took her almost a minute to get to the door. Outside the door was Miss Lea, dressed in a shimmering red silk blouse, black latex riding pants and black leather riding boots.

“WOW.” Lea said when Mandy opened the door. “You look absolutely awesome.”

“Thank you.” Mandy said with a big smile.

“Did you practice walking in the boots?”

“Yes I did, and thank you for the advice. I’m still a little wobbly in them but I’m starting to get the hang of it.”

“I’m impressed. You must have some experience from very high heels since before then. For someone who is not used to extreme heels at all, it usually takes a week, or more, to learn to walk in ballet boots.”

Mandy stepped aside and let Lea into her room. Lea went straight to the bed and picked up the panel-gag.

“I think its best if you put this on yourself, so you get it just as tight as you know you can handle for a long evening.” Lea said.

Mandy just smiled and took the gag. After walking back to the mirror she put it on and made sure it was positioned perfectly, then she tightened it the same as it had been when Lea showed her the pet play area yesterday.

When she was finished with the gag, Lea came up to her with the armbinder. No words were needed, and Mandy simply held out her arms behind her. The shoulder straps of the armbinder caused her breasts to bulge out even more, giving a very erotic effect. Lea slowly walked around Mandy a few times, obviously liking what she saw.

“You look awesome and sexy as hell dear.” Lea said with a big, warm smile.

Mandy carefully did a small curtsey as she smiled behind the gag.

Lea then picked up a set of thin chains with three ends. Two of the ends she clipped to Mandy’s ankle cuffs, creating a hobble that would allow her to walk but not run. ‘Like I would be able to run in these boots anyway’ Mandy thought to herself with a giggle. The third end of the chain Lea clipped to the end of the armbinder. Lastly Lea picked out the same thin chain leash she had used the day before and clipped it to Mandy’s collar.

“There we go.” Lea said with her big, warm smile. “All dressed up and ready to watch a slave auction. And I must admit that I am tempted, very tempted, to fondle those lovely breasts and marvelous ass of yours dear. But I never asked you if it would be ok, so I won’t.”

Mandy felt a little disappointed as she would not have minded at all being touched by Miss Lea. Lea noticed the look in Mandy’s eyes.

“Maybe some other day dear, but not tonight.” Lea said with a wink.

Lea took the leash and started leading Mandy towards the door. Miss Lea took it slow and easy to get an idea of how well Mandy could walk in the ballet boots. Mandy shot a glance at the clock as the passed the bed, it was 7:28 pm. She was getting the hang of the boots and they made it to the elevator faster then she had thought.

The auction room was in the first basement floor, located between the two large public dungeons. As they made it to the auction room Mandy noticed there were already lots of people there, both Dominant and submissive. Lea led them to a single table and signaled a staff with a gesture towards Mandy. The staff, a man in his early thirties dressed in leather pants and a chest harness, quickly came over with a pillow that he placed on the floor in front of Mandy.

“The pillow is for you to kneel on so you don’t hurt your knees dear.” Lea explained. “Let me help you kneel.”

Gently Lea helped Mandy to kneel down on the pillow and when she was settled, Lea patted her on the head with a warm smile.

“Damn you look so sexy dear.”

Mandy blushed a little under the hood and she also felt herself starting to get very wet, that she was getting excited by all this was an understatement.

Lea pushed some kind of button on the table and a computer screen flipped up, then she typed something on the keyboard that had been hidden beneath the screen.

“Look here and I will show you how this works.” Lea said as she turned the table and tilted the screen so Mandy could see it.

“Here you see how many credits I have been given for today’s auction.” She said and pointed. “Today I was given 1 250 000 credits. For each auction you are randomly assigned between one and one and a half million credits. The randomization is to ensure everyone gets a fair chance but still leaving a bit of mystery to it all.”

Lea typed something else on the keyboard and the screen then showed a list with thumbnail pictures of all the lots up for sale at the auction. Quickly scanning the pictures Lea clicked on one of them. The screen now showed lots of information about the lot, its limits, likes and dislikes, and also several more pictures. Mandy looked at the information and felt a little confused, and Lea again noticed the look in her eyes.

“You’re a little confused about what the difference between ‘Limits’ and ‘Dislikes’, right?” Lea asked.

Mandy nodded, that was exactly what she had been confused about.

“It’s quite simple actually when you know about it.” Lea said with a smile. “Limits are just that, limits that may not be broken. Things the submissive does not agree to do at all. Dislikes are things the submissive don’t really like, or enjoy, but still agrees to do as it might please a Dominant. And Likes I think is quite self explaining.”

Mandy nodded to show she understood. It did make sense now that she knew the difference in the definitions. Had it been her list, anal sex would have been a dislike. She hadn’t enjoyed it the few times she tried it, but she would agree to it.

“If you look here, you see the submissive ‘lot ID’.” Lea continued. “This ones ID is ‘MB 89471’. The numbers are just randomly chosen, but the letters have a meaning. ‘MB’ stands for ‘Male’ and ‘Bi-sexual’. There are three letters for gender, ‘M’, ‘F’ and ‘T’ for ‘Transgender’. And there are three letters for sexual orientation as well, ‘B’, ‘S’ for ‘Straight’ and ‘H’ for ‘Homosexual’. When the sale starts I will show you each lots info page as they come onto the stage. But right now I need to see if I can find anything interesting to buy.”

Lea spent the next ten minutes scanning thru the list of submissive lots up for sale before finally selecting two potential buys. During the whole time she had deliberately kept the screen so that Mandy could not see it. Mandy had been looking around to the room to see if she recognized anyone that she had seen in the common area or restaurants earlier, but the room was kept rather dark so it was impossible to recognize anyone more then a few meters away.

Then a kind of fanfare sounded thru the room and every one went silent. The large stage at the end of the room was lit up and Mandy could see a man and a woman standing on the stage. The man was dressed in a black tuxedo and the woman in a black governess dress. They were too far away for her to see what material the clothes were made of, but she was sure they were not made from cotton.

“Welcome to tonight’s Pet-Play Themed Auction Lades and Gentlemen.” The man said, his voice spread across the room by hidden speakers.

“We have a large selection of pets up for sale tonight.” The woman continued.  “As per our standard rules regarding Themed auctions all are on full week contracts, with one exception. The exception is a fox-pet who is on a two week contract.”

“That one will probably get maximum bids directly.” Lea whispered to Mandy.

“Let’s get the auction started.” The man on the stage said. “Please go thru the first lots information on your computers while I go fetch it.”

The man went behind a curtain but returned just a few seconds later, leading a rubber puppy-boy on a leash. Lea pointed at her computer screen and Mandy looked. She saw the lots ID was ‘MH 38716’, one of its Limits was ‘Females’, two of the Likes were ‘Anal Sex’ and ‘Rubber/Latex’ and one of the Dislikes was ‘Watersports’. Mandy was impressed by the system; it gave fast, accurate info about the submissive and saved time by not forcing the auctioneers having to go thru everything on the stage. And Mandy also realized why there were two auctioneers on the stage, one man and one woman so that no lot would have to be handled by a gender it had as a Limit.

“This rubber puppy is well trained and very obedient, and more suited as a house and sex pet then an agility puppy.” The man said to the room. “And it is quite well equipped as well.”

The male auctioneer had the puppy-boy sit up and show off its rubber covered cock, which was quite large. Mandy noticed that there was a large TV screen behind the stage showing a live feed from the stage, and the same feed was also shown on the table computers. The feed was currently zoomed in to show the puppy’s cock more clearly.

“The bidding on this rubber puppy-boy starts at 50K, so Gentlemen…..Start Bidding!”

The TV screen on the stage showed the current bid at the top of the screen, and the numbers were rising quickly. In the end the puppy-boy was sold for 975 000 credits. The male auctioneer took the puppy back behind the curtain and soon returned with the next lot, a pony-girl in full tack and a shining black latex catsuit.

The auction went on without Miss Lea seeming to bid at all until the 9th lot came on the stage. It was a HUGE, over two meters tall, very muscular black man in full pony-boy tack. Besides the tack and what looked like a leather pouch covering his crotch, the man was butt naked. As the live feed zoomed around the pony-boy Mandy noticed the angle of the tail, it was obvious that it was a butt-plug. A quick look at Miss Lea made Mandy giggle. This was without a doubt one of the lots Lea was interested in, the woman was literally licking her lips as she looked at the stage.

The bidding started for the pony-boy, and just as with all the other lots the numbers started rising quickly. But around 500K it slowed down, and in the end Miss Lea got him for 720K. The smile on Miss Lea’s face showed that she was very happy about the price.

“I got that one a hell of a lot cheaper then I had thought.” Miss Lea said with a huge smile. “And that leaves me with over 500K for the second lot I’m interested in, and I suspect that one might be cheap.”

Mandy wanted to ask why Lea thought that, but as she was gagged all she could do was to try giving a questioning look. A look that Lea apparently noticed, and understood.

“If you wonder why I think the second one might be cheap, you will just have to wait and see.” Lea said with a wink and a smile.

Mandy just giggled and continued watching the auction. There were pets of all types and genders going up on the stage, ponies, cats, puppies, some cows, some mice and even two foxes. All in all there were over thirty lots up for sale. Males and females were about evenly spread, with bi-sexual being the dominant sexual orientation, but there were eight transgender pets as well, including one of the foxes that also was the lot on a two weeks contract. And just as Miss Lea had predicted, that lot went for a full 1.5 million.

The second lot Miss Lea was interested in was the second to last lot up for sale. It was a bi-sexual puppy-girl in her early thirties. As she glanced at the computer screen, Mandy realized why Lea thought it might be cheap. She was a beginner who had never done pet-play before, but wanted to learn. The bidding quickly went up to 400K and then slowed down. When the bid was at 445K Lea did a bold move and bid all her remaining 530K credits directly, and that was enough to win the puppy-girl.

“I got them both.” Lea said with a huge smile. “I had only hoped to get one of them, but this is just perfect.”

Mandy wanted to say ‘Congratulations’ but since she could not speak she settled for a big smile behind her gag.

“But this also means you will most likely not see very much of me for the coming week.” Lea said with a smile at Mandy.

That comment made Mandy giggle.

“Let’s get you back to your room dear.” Lea said and stood up.

Lea gently helped Mandy stand up and then led her by the thin chain leash back towards the elevators. There were lots of people waiting at the elevators and Mandy noticed that several of them, both men and woman, were looking at her with lust in their eyes. That made Mandy blush quite hard and she was glad the latex hood and panel gag was hiding her face. As they finally reached Mandy’s door, Lea removed the chains and the armbinder.

“I really enjoyed have you kneeling beside my table at the auction dear.” Lea said with a big warm smile. “I got lots of jealous looks from the people around and I loved that.”

Before Mandy could get the gag off, Lea kissed her on the forehead and quickly walked away. Mandy opened her door and went inside. She headed straight for the bed, sat down and started removing the ankle cuffs and ballet boots. It was her first time wearing such extreme boots and her feet were starting to hurt quite a bit. She sighed with relief as the boots came off, and then quickly removed the panel gag. But as she reached behind her to start undoing the corset she stopped.

She was horny as hell, but she wanted to at least try and save herself until Friday, when she had her next playroom booking. And this was also a perfect opportunity to try something else that she wanted to try as well. For a while she considered putting the boots and gag back on, but after some thought she decided against it. Maybe later, but not tonight.

The auction had gone on for a long time and it was close to midnight now, and she was getting tired so she decided to go to bed. From one of the closets she picked up a thin but strong chain and two small padlocks. Then she checked the computer built into the desk and quickly found what she had hoped to find. After typing in a few commands she headed back to the bed.

But instead of getting into the bed she opened the side of the cage under the bed, tossed in a pillow and crawled inside. When she was inside the cage she closed the side again and checked, yes it was now locked and would not be able to be opened again until 9am in the morning. She placed the pillow up at the head end and lay down. Then she locked one end of the small chain to her collar and the other end to one of the rings in the wall. Lastly she put the keys to the padlocks in the steel box at the head end and closed the lid. The box was also set to open at 9am.

There she was, completely covered in latex, with a corset and chastity belt locked on, her collar chained to the wall and locked inside the cage under the bed. With a happy sigh she put her head on the pillow and within minutes she was asleep.

Thursday Morning, Week One.

Mandy awoke to the sound of the alarm. It took her a minute to realize where she was, but once she did she smiled. Reaching up she took the keys from the steel box just above her head and unlocked the chain to her collar. With a push of her feet the side to the cage opened and she crawled outside and turned off the alarm. A distinctive scent told her that she definitely needed a shower. She had been wearing the latex catsuit and hood for over twelve hours straight by now. First she unlocked and removed the chastity belt, corset and collar, and then she headed to the shower. She knew from experience it would be best to strip off the latex outfit while in the shower.

About half an hour later she came back into the room, wearing one of the Mansions soft bathrobes. She sat down at the desk and started looking thru the computer. While showering she had thought about what to do during the day and she had gotten an idea on how to spend her afternoon. When she booked the room she had also order a few extra things to be included, and one of them was a package called ‘Standard SB Pack’. She had not yet taken the time to look thru it properly to see exactly what was in it. As she went thru the full content list on the computer she started smiling. The pack had everything she needed, and then some.

She was not really hungry so Mandy decided to skip breakfast and instead head down to the ocean beach. After a few minutes of thought she decided on her second yellow PVC bikini, this one so thin it was practically transparent. Just as with her thin blue outfit, she had never dared wear the bikini in public before. She put on the bikini, a pair of grey plastic flip-flops and grabbed two of the large bath towels from the bathroom and headed out.

It took her almost fifteen minutes to walk to the ocean beach, but when she got there it was more then worth it. The beach was huge, almost a kilometer long, with lovely soft sand. There had to be about a hundred other people there as well, but as the beach was so big it was not even close to feeling crowded. As Mandy looked for a nice spot she looked around at the other people on the beach. To her right she saw a middle-aged woman wearing an old school full swimsuit sitting in a sun chair. In the sand in front of the woman were two other women and one man, all appearing to be in their mid to late twenties. But their age was a bit hard to tell as all of them, even the man, were dressed in little girl clothes and thick diapers, playing in the sand like children with toys, buckets and spades. Mandy had read, and seen some pictures, about age-play before. It was not her cup-of-tea, but everyone has their own likes and desires, and she was not judging anyone.

To her left Mandy saw a couple, a man and a woman, resting nude in sun chairs, with three female subs bound in the sand in front of them. The subs were bound spread-eagle on their backs and had what looked like leather hoods covering their heads and faces, but besides the hoods and leather wrist and ankle cuffs they were butt naked. That was more to her own desires and the sight of the three subs bound and hooded did get her somewhat excited. She soon found a nice spot and put down her towels, spreading one out as a blanket.

Leaving her other towel by the first one Mandy headed towards the water. The water was warmer then she had expected and there were practically no waves or currents to speak of. This was her first time ever swimming in an ocean, but she knew that currents and waves could change quickly so she made sure to stay rather close to the beach as she swam. She swam for quite a while before getting up and returning to her towels. It was then that she noticed she had forgot to bring a watch, and she had no idea what time it was.

She looked around to see if there might be anyone close by that she could ask what time it was. The middle-aged woman to her right was apparently busy as the two ‘baby-girls’ were currently nursing from her breasts and the ‘baby-boy’ had his head tight against her crotch. The couple to her left was still relaxing in their sun chairs, so they seemed the safest option. Mandy got up and walked towards the couple and the three spread-eagled subs. As she got closer Mandy saw that the subs hoods had snapped on blindfolds and gags and built in collars, with green tags hanging from all of them.

“I’m sorry to disturb Sir and Miss.” Mandy said as she reached the couple, that looked to be in their early forties. “But I forgot to bring my watch and I wonder if you could tell me what time it is.”

“No problem.” The woman said and picked up a watch from a bag beside her sun chair. “Its 11:15am.”

“Thank you very much Miss.” Mandy said with a smile.

“Would you like us to let you know when it gets to any specific time?” The man asked.

“If it would not be too much trouble I would be happy if you let me know when its 12:30pm” Mandy said.

 “No trouble at all, that’s when we plan on getting back ourselves.” The woman said with a smile.

Mandy returned the smile and headed back to her towels to catch some sun. As her bikini was practically transparent anyway, Mandy decided to sunbathe nude and took it off. The breeze was just right to relive some of the heat and make it perfect for sunbathing, and Mandy soon felt herself dozing off into half-sleep. Even though she was only half conscious she remembered to turn around now and then to give both her front and back the same amount of sun. As she was tanning her back for the second time she felt a presence beside her and saw some movement in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw one of the subs who had been bound spread-eagle in front of the couple.

The woman, looking to be in her own age, was still naked, hooded and cuffed, but the blindfold and gag had been removed. The green tag attached to the hoods collar showed all three gender marks, male, female and transgender, marking her as available to anyone. Silently the sub was kneeling beside Mandy, patiently waiting for her presence to be noticed.

“Hello.” Mandy said with a smile.

“Greetings Miss.” The woman replied. “Master and Mistress wish to inform you that it is now 12:30pm, Miss.”

“Thank you very much.” Mandy said with a warm smile.

“Master and Mistress also told me to offer to please and pleasure you in anyway you might desire, Miss.”

Mandy was a little stunned by the offer, and needed a few seconds to come up with a good reply.

“Nothing personal against you, I am bi-sexual and I do find you very attractive, but I am currently trying to save myself for a special occasion later.”

“No offence taken, Miss.” The sub said with a smile. “And I hope the special occasion becomes even better then you ever dreamed.”

“Thank you very much.” Mandy said with a huge smile. “I am sure it will.”

The sub got up on her feet and went back to her Master and Mistress. When she got there Mandy saw the Mistress pick up a leash and attach it to the subs collar. The Master already had the other two subs leashed and together the group headed back towards the Mansion. Mandy took her time getting her bikini back on, then picked up her towels and headed towards the mansion herself.

As she got back to the Mansions, Mandy headed straight to the fetish restaurant for a light lunch. When she was waiting for her food she saw the couple from the beach sitting a few tables away. The three subs were all kneeling on the floor with food bowls in front of them. The Mistress noticed Mandy and said something to the Master, and they both waved at her. Mandy returned the wave with a smile. As she already had plans for the afternoon she was glad they did not invite her to join them.

Thursday Afternoon, Week One.

After she had finished her lunch Mandy headed back to her room. Just as the previous days there was a large plastic bag on the bed. Quickly Mandy picked out the contents and put them back in the closet. With all the things Miss Lea had bought her she would probably need a second suitcase for the trip back home. After making a note to buy a new suitcase later, Mandy picked up a small duffel bag and packed it with the things she would need for her afternoon adventure. Keeping her transparent bikini on, Mandy left her room and headed towards the forest she and Miss Lea had walked thru two days ago.

As she had gotten about halfway into the forest, Mandy left the dirt road and headed in among the trees. It took her almost half an hour to find the perfect spot, a small clearing with a lonely tree in the middle with a trunk just thick enough. She put the duffel bag down and looked around. No other person in sight and she could not hear anything but the breeze in the trees. Feeling comfortable that she was alone, for the moment at least, she quickly stripped off the bikini and placed it and the flip-flops inside the bag.

The first thing she picked up from the bag was her chastity belt and she quickly put it on and locked it. Next out of the bag was the latex hood Miss Lea had bought her yesterday. Mandy put it on and secured it in place by locking on the leather collar Miss Lea had also bought her. Then it was her own soft padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs. She had thought about using the panel-gag from Miss Lea but decided to instead use one of her own ball-gags, the largest one she had. Having bought it only a few months ago she was still not fully used to it and this would be the longest she had ever worn it, but she felt sure she would be able to stand it for this session. She tightened the gag as strict as she dared and locked it in place with a small padlock.

‘That was stage one’ she thought to herself. She had well passed the point-of-no-return by now, as the keys for everything currently locked on were on the desk in her room. Next she picked up her leather-disk blindfold and tucked one of the straps under the collar to have it within reach later. Then she picked out the last things from the bag and hid the bag under one of the roots of the lonely tree.

Positioning herself standing on her knees with her back against the tree, Mandy put her legs on each side of the tree trunk. It took a bit of fiddling but soon she had got the adjustable spreader bar connected to her ankle cuffs. Her legs were now secured on the backside of the tree by the spreader bar. Then she took a special lock and clipped it to her left wrist cuff, checking and making sure the timer on it was set correct.

Mandy then took the first of the soft leather straps and wrapped it around the tree and her waist, making sure the buckle was on the side so it would not press against her skin and also be out of reach from her hands once she finished the bondage. Next were two more of the soft leather straps, one just below and one just above her breasts. The straps caused her breasts to bulge out nicely and inviting. She was almost done now, only a few things left to do.

First she took the yellow tag, with all three gender markings, and clipped it to the front of her collar. As she was trying to save herself a green tag had been out of question, but the yellow meant people could touch, fondle and tease her, and that would just make her even more horny and frustrated. Then she secured the blindfold over her eyes, plunging her into complete darkness. Second to last she used the last of the soft leather straps and strapped it across her forehead and around the tree, securing her head in place. Finally she reached her hands behind the tree and clipped the special lock to her right wrist cuff, and gave a hard tug. The tug activated the lock and Mandy heard the beep that announced that it was now active.

She was standing on her knees, naked except for the chastity belt and latex hood, gagged and blindfolded, tightly strapped to the tree from head to waist, her hands and feet secured behind the tree, and she was stuck like this for the next three hours. Three hours during which anyone who found her could touch, fondle, caress and tease her all they wanted. Mandy had many times fantasized about tying herself up in public but never dared to do it, mostly because of the risk of being raped, or maybe even kidnapped, if anyone found her. Mandy had read about a few instances when limits, tag colors or gender marks had not been respected, but all perpetrators had been caught and given very severe sentences. And for the past six years not a single incident had been reported, so she felt secure enough to finally fulfill one of her long time fantasies as she knew anyone who found her would respect the color of her tag.

Being robbed of her sight by the blindfold Mandy’s hearing tried to pick up the slack, but the latex hood muffled all sounds a bit so her hearing was not that much more sensitive then normal. Not having much other choice, Mandy tried to relax and wait out the time. After a few minutes her mind started getting into sub-mode, as it did every time she tied herself up. She fantasized about having been tied to a tree in a private garden as a display item during a party for a large group of Dominants. Her mind painted the images of men and woman walking around with drinks in their hands, dropping occasional comments about the naked woman tied to the tree.

In her fantasy one of the men walked up to her and brushed his hand against her bulging breasts. Her fantasy was so strong she thought she could actually feel the touch, and that immediately snapped her back to reality. ‘Was that only my imagination, or did someone actually touch me?’ she wondered to herself. She held as still as she could and tried to listen if she could hear if there was anyone else in the clearing, but all she could hear was a muffled sound of the breeze in the trees. After a minute she calmed down, feeling sure there was no one else there. And again her mind went back into her sub-mode.

This time she had been kidnapped and was tied to a post in a basement. The kidnapper had told her that in a few hours she would be sold to some rich pervert that was going to keep her as his sex slave for the rest of her life. She didn’t want to be sold, so she started struggling as hard as she could to try and get free. But the bounds were far too strong and all she managed to do was getting herself sweaty and out of breath. In her imagination the kidnaper was laughing at her, and that caused her to try again even harder. In the middle of the struggle the kidnapper stroked his hand over her breasts.

The touch against her breast had been far too noticeable to be just imagination, someone had touched her for real, and that snapped her back to reality again. ‘Oh shit, someone has found me.’ her mind screamed. Again she froze and tried to listen, and this time she could hear very faint noises of someone moving close to her. She had been discovered that was for sure, but the question was… what was that person going to do? Then she more felt than heard someone leaning close to her head.

“Don’t worry, sexy thing, we will respect your tag.” A voice whispered into her ear.

‘We?’ she thought to herself. ‘Holy shit, its not just one person.’

Her realization was quickly confirmed as she felt not one, but two sets of hands slowly caressing her body. The caressing went on for several minutes and the hands touched practically every centimeter of her naked skin, except for her breasts and the areas covered by her chastity belt. The teasing was getting her more then a little horny and excited, and she felt her self getting very wet.

“I see you're enjoying this.” The voice whispered in her ear. “But I assume that chastity belt is locked on you for a reason, and we will respect that.”

The voice was in a tone that prevented Mandy from identifying if it was a man or a woman speaking.

“If you feel we are going too far, just ‘huumpf’ twice and we will slow down.” The voice continued. “Please ’huumpf’ twice now to show that you have understood, sexy thing.”

Mandy was more then a little relieved and ‘huumpf’ed twice.

The hands now moved to her breasts, one pair on each, and started softly caressing them. After a few minutes they started squeezing a little harder and also gently pinching her nipples. By now Mandy was soaking wet, the owners of the hands definitely knew what they were doing and they were driving her crazy. Then suddenly the touching stopped abruptly and Mandy groaned in protest. She tried to wiggle her breasts to get the hands to come back, but they didn’t.

After a few minutes of nothing, Mandy heard something else. It took about a minute for her to figure out what it was, but as she concentrated she could hear moans and kisses. The two persons who had been touching her was making out with each other, right in front of her. The kissing and moaning went on for quite a while, and got more and more intense. It was almost like in her first fantasy, she was a mere display item to the other persons, and that got her even more wet and excited.

Some time later the sounds changed, and this time it was not so hard for Mandy to figure out what was happening. They had moved on from making out to outright fucking, still right in front of her. Mandy had no idea how much time passed as she listened to them fucking, changing positions several times, but it went on for a long time. And then it suddenly went completely quiet again. ‘That’s strange’ she thought ‘I didn’t hear any one of them cum.’

Then suddenly the hands were back on her breasts and she gasped from both surprise and desire. Just as the first time they started slow with soft caressing and worked their way up to harder squeezing and pinching of her nipples. By now Mandy was so horny she thought she was going to loose her mind.

“We are about to leave now.” The voice suddenly whispered in her ear again. “But before we leave we would like to cum and shoot our loads on your wonderful breasts. If that’s ok with you, ‘huumpf’ twice.”

Without even thinking Mandy ‘huumpf’ed twice as fast as she could.

The hands left her breasts and she could sense the two persons standing up on each side of her. She heard loud moans from both of them and suddenly she felt something warm and wet splash onto her breasts. Feeling the hot cum land on her breasts was almost enough to push Mandy over the edge into an orgasm, but only almost. She could hear them moving around some more and then she sensed on of them leaning close to her again.

“I put a small note with a code on it in your bag, sexy thing.” The voice said. “You can type it into the computer in your room and you will see a picture of me and my friend, if you want to know who we are. If not, just destroy the note. We really enjoyed having sex while watching you bound to the tree. We are leaving now so enjoy the rest of your bondage, sexy thing.”

She heard and felt the person move away and soon she could again only hear the breeze in the trees. ‘Holy shit, that was intense’ she thought to herself. Then she giggled as she thought about how she would look when she got free. Her cuffs, chastity belt, collar, hood and gag was staying on until she got back to her room, and she had no intention to wipe the sticky cum of her breasts until then either.

Again her mind went into sub-mode. She was back at the big party in the private garden. Two of the Masters had just shot their loads onto her breasts and were now commenting on how sluttish she looked. Normally Mandy was not really into humiliation but this fantasy, in combination with what had just actually happened, was making her soaking wet. The comments in her mind continued for some time, and then she suddenly heard a ‘beep’.

The beep was the special lock telling her it was unlocking, and it brought her back to reality. With a little bit of fiddling she got her wrist cuffs unclipped from the lock. Then she started removing the leather strap around her forehead. Whit that strap off she then removed the blindfold. She had to blink for a while to get used to the light, but when she could see normally again she looked down at her breasts. ‘Wow, they must have shot a lot bigger loads than I thought’’ she thought as she saw her breasts practically covered in drying cum.

She continued with removing the rest of the leather straps and then managed to unclip the spreader bar from her ankle cuffs. Her legs and knees hurt a bit after having been in the same position for over three hours, but after a bit of stretching the ache went away. She looked thru her bag and saw the small note, still not sure what to do with it she left it in the bag and put the straps, bar and blindfold back into the bag. At first she had thought about putting the bikini top back on for the walk back to her room, but after what had happened she left it in the bag and only took out the flip-flops. Just as she was about to start walking back she remembered something, reaching up she removed the tag from her collar and put it in the bag. No need for a tag now, and she didn’t want to be stopped by anyone who wanted to feel her up on the way back.

She only met a few persons as she walked along the dirt road in the forest and most of them only gave her a quick look, but that changed as she got back into the mansion. A practically naked, hooded and gagged woman was nothing special, but one with her breasts practically plastered in dried cum was not as common. She turned quite a few heads as she walked thru the large common area. Instead of using the elevator she took the broad stairs up to her floor.

As she got back into her room she picked up the keys and removed the remaining bondage gear, except the chastity belt. The time in bondage combined with the walk back was definitely the current limit for how long she could stand the large ball-gag. Her jaw ached quite a bit and she had to stretch if for a couple of minutes after she got it out. She definitely needed a shower, but there was one thing she wanted to do first.

Sitting down at the desk she picked up the small note from the duffel bag. With slightly trembling fingers she typed in the code. The picture that came up on the screen made her jaw drop. Two persons were standing side by side in the picture. The left looked like a Brazilian super model with huge boobs sticking out from an opening in her evening dress, and a quite large cock sticking out from another opening. The person on the right was a little shorter, obviously wearing a wig, and was wearing a very girlish top and a cheerleader skirt that was lifted up in the front, revealing a large cock. The picture was named ‘Maila, the Brazilian She-Male and her sissy boyfriend’.

‘So, it was a she-male and a crossdresseing sissy that played with me.’ Mandy thought. They had called her ‘sexy thing’, and that made Mandy feel warm inside. Turning off the computer she looked at the clock, it was almost 6pm, stood up and headed to the shower.

Thursday Evening, Week One.

Again Mandy had to use all her willpower to stop herself from masturbating while she showered, and just to be on the safe side she put the chastity belt back on as soon as she had dried herself. After a minute of thought she put the key to the belt in one of the steel boxes in the bathroom and set the timer for 9am the next morning. Now she just had to figure out how to spend the evening, but first of all she needed some dinner.

After putting on the same green PVC outfit she had used on the first day she headed down to the restaurants. She was quite hungry and ordered a large steak with baked potato and barbeque sauce. As she waited for the food she looked around at the other people in the restaurant. A few tables away she spotted the couple she had seen on the picture, the two persons who had played with her in the forest.

The She-Male was apparently the more Dominant of the two, but they did not seem to be a Mistress and slave couple. Maila was dressed in a gorgeous satin evening dress and the sissy boyfriend was dressed in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform, which looked to be made from latex. As she looked at them she got an idea. She knew what they looked like, but they had not seen her face as it had been hidden under the hood while she was bound to the tree. When the waiter came with her food she whispered a request to him, and they both smiled as he walked away.

A few minutes later, as Mandy was enjoying her meal, she saw the waiter walk up to Maila and her boyfriend carrying a tray with two drinks on it. They seemed a little surprised but then the waiter said something to them as he placed the drinks on the table. The couple started smiling and looking around and Maila apparently asked the waiter something, but he just shook his head and left. Mandy focused on her meal, she did not want them to figure out it was her by seeing her looking at them. She planed to reveal herself to them later, but for now she enjoyed the feeling of having them wonder.

After having finished her meal Mandy got up and headed towards an exit that would take her past Maila and her boyfriends table. As she passed behind the sissy boyfriend she slowed down and whispered… “You are also ‘sexy things’, thank you for the time in the forest.” As she kept walking towards the exit, she looked over her shoulder and saw them both looking at her and smiling, and Maila blew her a kiss.

It was still way too early to try and sleep, so Mandy spent some time window shopping in the mall. The day before she had mostly just walked around and quickly glanced at the stores but today she took her time, starting on the top floor. One very large store was specialized in female fetish clothing of every imaginable variation and material, all in men’s sizes. The store also sold fake breasts from a-cup up to enormous sizes, as well as high heels and accessories like handbags and such. The name of the store was quite accurate, ‘Sissy’s Heaven’. Beside the crossdresser store was one specialized in AB/DL. It not only sold adult sized diapers for both males and females in a huge variety, but also clothes in as many color, type and material variations as the sissy store.

After having spent over an hour checking out the stores, Mandy felt she had to do something else before she lost control and started buying stuff she really could not afford. Leaving the mall she headed towards the elevators to go back to her room. But as she reached the elevators she changed her mind and took the large stairs, going down. She had not really checked out the public dungeons yet, and now did seem like a good chance to do that.

As she entered on of the large public dungeons she was a little surprised at the amount of people. Finding a vacant seat in a comfortable leather sofa she sat down and started looking around. There were lots of couples and groups with varying mixes of genders and Dom/sub orientations. At one of the walls she saw three poles, about a meter high, sticking up from the floor, and a large sign on the wall… “Slave/sub parking.” Just as she read the sign she saw a Mistress leading two naked and collared subs, one male and one female, towards the poles.

The subs knelt down on each side of one of the poles and the Mistress attached their leashes to the pole, then she blindfolded them and clipped green tags on their collars. The Mistress walked away and sat down in the same sofa as Mandy was sitting in. It did not take long before several people walked up to the kneeling slaves and checked the gender markings on the tags. A large, muscular woman took the male subs leash and started leading him crawling on all four towards some kind of equipment that Mandy was not sure what it was. A group of three men took the female subs leash and led her towards another part of the dungeon. As both of the subs were being led away, the Mistress who had placed them at the pole had a wide grin on her face.

A few minutes later Mandy saw a man coming into the dungeon, butt naked except for a collar with a leash hanging from it, wrist and ankle cuffs and a tight leather hood with a built in open mouth gag. The man walked straight to one of the poles at the parking, knelt down and clipped the leash to the pole, then put a green tag on his collar and snapped a blindfold over his eyes. Not even 30 seconds later a woman was checking his tag, but the disappointed look on her face as she walked away gave Mandy an indication that the man was probably gay. Her suspicion was confirmed a minute later when a group of two men walked up to the man, checked his tag and then took his leash.

There was action going on everywhere in the dungeon, spankings, whipping, flogging, hot wax play, practically every BDSM action one could think of, and fucking, LOTS of fucking. But none of the action was on the extreme side; the Paradise’s rules stated that in the public dungeons things should be kept at a moderate level.

Just as she was about to leave, Mandy saw the woman who had picked up the first male from the poles. She walked to a large bag beside one of the sofas. From the bag she picked up a strap-on harness that she put on, and then she picked up four dildos of varying size and thickness. With the dildos in her hand she looked at the Mistress who had left the male sub at the pole, holding each up one at the time. Mandy saw the Mistress nod to every dildo the woman held up, even the biggest one that was HUGE. The woman grinned widely as she secured the enormous dildo in the harness, grabbed a large bottle of lubricant and headed back towards the male sub. The grin on the Mistress face was even wider then the woman’s had been.

Mandy decided it was time to get back to her room and left the dungeon. As she walked towards the elevators she met a group of three women, all looking to be in their early twenties, heading towards the dungeon. All of them were naked except for collars and leather hoods, with green tags already hanging from the collars. Seeing those girls did get Mandy thinking. Maybe she could do something like that herself one evening, just to see what would happen. But not before she had finished all her private playroom bookings.

Back in her room Mandy stripped off the PVC outfit and started thinking about how to spend the night. The bed cage was a definite yes. Dressed or naked? Naked for sure. Bound or un-bound? Definitely bound, with gag and blindfold. Mandy picked out her favorite ball-gag, the one she could wear for days if needed, the leather disk blindfold and her soft lined leather wrist and ankle cuffs. She placed the keys to the gag and cuffs on the bathroom floor and then set the timer on the bed cage door. Then she tossed a pillow inside the cage and crawled inside, shutting the door and making sure it was now locked.

Even if she didn’t go any further, she was now trapped inside the bed cage until 8:30am the next morning. She fluffed up the pillow, locked her ankle cuffs together, strapped and locked the ball-gag tightly in her mouth,  pulled the blindfold down over her eyes and rested her head on the pillow. With a happy moan she pulled her arms behind her and locked the wrist cuffs together. No chain to the collar this time, but she would have to wriggle her way out of the cage in the morning, still bound, and then crawl to the bathroom to get the keys. ‘That will be an interesting morning challenge’ she giggled to herself as she tried to find a comfortable position. As she was not very tired yet it took almost a whole hour before she finally fell asleep. By then her mind was deep into sub-mode and her pussy was soaking wet.


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