Bondage Paradise 4: Friday & Saturday

by Doctor Fetish

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Part 4: Friday & Saturday

Friday Morning, Week One.

Mandy awoke to the sound of the alarm from the timer on the cage door. It took her about a minute to figure out where she was, and what situation she was in. She was laying inside the bed cage, naked except for the chastity belt, her ankles locked together and her wrist locked behind her back in the soft lined leather cuffs, ball-gagged and blindfolded. And the keys to the locks were waiting for her on the bathroom floor.

She wriggled around until she felt the cage door with her bound feet and pushed it open. Getting out of the bed-cage while bound and blindfolded took a little longer then she had anticipated, but she was not in any hurry anyway so it didn’t matter. Now came the task of finding her way to the bathroom to get the keys. Making a map of the layout of the room in her mind and using the bed as the reference starting point, she got up onto her knees and started shuffling her way across the floor.

The carpet was of a soft material that must have been specially designed for this type of activities as it offered little resistance against Mandy’s naked legs and knees and did not cause rug-burns, something that she was very thankful for. She had no idea how long it took her to reach the open door to the bathroom, it felt like hours but was probably no more then eight or ten minutes. The feel of the tiled floor told her she had made it to the bathroom, now she just had to remember where she had put the keys. It took her a few minutes of shuffling around but then she felt the keys against her feet. A little wriggling and she had them in her hands.

After unlocking and removing the cuffs, gag and blindfold, Mandy noticed that the box with the key to her chastity belt was open. ‘So it took me at least half an hour to get here and find the keys.’ She thought to herself. ‘I bet I can beat that time.’ After removing the chastity belt she took a quick shower, cleaned the belt and then put it back on. She had her second private playroom booking this afternoon and she definitely didn’t want to ‘jump the gun’. And that also meant she had to figure out what to do until 1:30pm.

Her chastity belt was fairly lightweight and rustproof but she still decided not to go swimming, mostly because she wanted to save all her strength for the planned session. Looking thru the first closet she picked out a bra, a knee length skirt and a snap button blouse, all made from blue PVC. To go with the outfit she picked out a pair of blue PVC shoes with 5 centimeter heels. She also took out a matching blue PVC shoulder strap bag. After some thought she put the key to the chastity belt, her leather-disk blindfold and the panel-gag Miss Lea had bought her into the bag. Those were the only things she needed to bring herself; everything else needed for the session would be waiting for her in the playroom. Flinging the bag over her shoulder Mandy went down to the restaurants for a light breakfast.

As she was enjoying her toasts and tea she saw Maila and her boyfriend come into the restaurant. The couple noticed her and smiled as they waved a hello and Mandy returned the smiles and wave. After having finished her breakfast Mandy headed into the large common room, picked up a newspaper and sat down in a soft armchair. Even though it was still fairly early there were quite a lot of people in the common room. While looking around, Mandy noticed something that made her wonder. She got up and walked to one of the staff that was waiting at the curtain leading to the reception.

“Excuse me.” Mandy said to a woman in her own age, dressed in a female ‘bell-boy’ outfit made from shimmering black silk.

“Yes Miss, how can I help you?” The woman replied with a smile.

“While walking around I have seen people having sex practically everywhere, but never here in the common room.”

“I understand what you mean Miss. Sex is allowed in almost all public areas, even here in the common room, the only area where public sex is not allowed is the non-fetish restaurant. But over the years it has become a kind of unwritten rule among the quests that the common room and both restaurants are ‘sex free’ areas.”

“Ok, I understand.” Mandy said with a smile. “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome Miss.” The woman said and returned the smile.

Mandy went back to the soft armchair and continued reading the newspaper. She read it completely thru, trying to make it last as long as possible. When she was finished with the newspaper she noticed that she still had about two hours to go before her playroom booking started. Just thinking about the session she had planed was making her excited, and also a little scared. The session included some elements that would be completely new to her, but that she had wanted to try for a long time.

To make the remaining time pass, Mandy got another newspaper and started reading again. It was getting difficult for her to concentrate on the reading as her mind kept drifting away to the coming session, and it was like mental torture watching the clock oh so slowly tick away. When it finally was 12:45pm she got up, returned the newspaper and headed to the restaurant for a light salad lunch. Again she tried to make it last as long as possible, but a light salad don’t take that long to finish. At 1:20pm she found herself waiting outside the door to her booked playroom. The second the clock on the door locks display showed 1:30pm she tried to open it, and it opened.

Friday Afternoon, Week One.

The playroom was well lit and Mandy immediately saw the large steel frame placed in the middle of the room. On the outsides of the vertical steel beams were four things that looked like some kind of steel boxes, two on each side. The boxes didn’t show any openings of any kind, but Mandy knew what they were for. It was the boxes that would be providing the elements that she had wanted to try but never dared until now. On the floor, in the middle between the vertical beams, was a fifth small metal box, about the same size as the ones on the vertical beams. A few meters beside the frame was a low table with a wooden box and a laptop on it.

Mandy went straight to the wooden box on the table. The box contained the special items she had rented for the session. She put her own bag beside the box on the table and then stripped off her PVC outfit, shoes and chastity belt. The first items she picked up from the wooden box were a matching set of thick, fur lined leather cuffs for her wrists and ankles. They were thicker and taller then her own cuffs, and the fur lining was thicker as well.

Her excitement was already high enough to make her wet, and putting on the thick leather cuffs only made her even more horny. After locking the cuffs in place Mandy had to stand still and just breathe for a minute to try and calm herself down a bit before continuing. The last items in the box were a pair of earplugs and a set of leather straps with two steel rings in the middle, a bondage bra. After checking the straps to make sure she was putting it on correctly Mandy started pushing her breasts thru the steel rings in the bra.

It was a very tight fit as the rings were quite small, and when she finally got them to the base of her breasts they were bulging out in an almost obscene way. Gently stroking her bulging breasts made her gasp, the tight pressure from the rings made them sensitive, very sensitive. Again she had to stand still and breathe to calm down, and then she turned her attention towards the laptop.

The menu on the laptop screen showed four different selections: Bondage levels, Dildo levels, Front levels and Rear levels. Mandy started with the Bondage levels. Just as it had been in her first session she could select between several variations of how tight and strict the bondage would be. After some thought she decided to go for a rather tight bondage to make sure that she couldn’t move around so much, something she was sure she was going to do anyway. Then she went into the selections for the dildo. This was the easiest for her to select. A medium sized naturally shaped dildo and maximum pleasure, no teasing or change in dildo size during the session this time.

Then it was time for the settings of the new elements, the ones named ‘Front’ and ‘Rear’ in the menu. She took her time browsing thru the settings to see what options she had, which were quite a lot. Finally she went for a program named ‘Total Beginner’ and set it to go from ‘light’ to ‘medium’ on the ‘Rear’, and only ‘light’ on the ‘Front’. Grabbing the earplugs, panel-gag and blindfold Mandy walked up to the steel frame.

Positioning herself between the vertical beams Mandy made sure she was standing in the middle, with her feet on either side of a small steel box on the floor. Bending down she clipped two thin steel wires to her ankle cuffs. Straightening her back again she pushed the earplugs into her ears, put the blindfold over her eyes and then put on the panel-gag harness, strapping it almost painfully tight and pushing the rubber cock-head on the inside deep into her mouth. She was sure that any pain or discomfort from the gag would be the least of her worries during this session. Reaching up with her hands she found the two thin steel wires hanging down and clipped them to her wrist cuffs. She could still back out, until she activated the device she could still just unclip the wires and step away. Taking a deep breath, Mandy yanked down hard with her arms.

Immediately she felt the wires taking up the slack and stretching her out in a standing spread-eagle. The wires kept tightening until she was held tight in an almost perfect X shape. Thanks to the thick fur lining the cuffs didn’t bite into her skin even though the bondage was very strict. Then she heard a faint buzzing sound, first from behind her and then from in front of her. She could not see what caused the sound, but from the manuals she had read she knew what it was. The device had an advanced laser scanner that registered the exact position and contours of her body. As soon as the buzzing stopped she just barely heard the metal boxes on the outside of the vertical beams activate and move into their positions.

Mandy was literally shaking with equal measures of excitement and fear of what was coming. The earplugs made her practically deaf and the blindfold prevented her from seeing anything. Not knowing what or when anything would happen only increased her excitement and fear. Had she not been keeping herself in chastity for the past days she might have chickened out but now she was so aroused the thought of quitting had not even occurred to her, until now. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ she thought to herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by something gently pressing against her pussy. The pressure was gentle but consistent and within a few seconds she felt the dildo push itself inside her wet pussy. She had selected a natural shaped dildo and it really was naturally shaped, she could clearly feel the cock-head and even veins along the shaft. The dildo slowly forced its way fully inside her until it reached the bottom of her pussy, then the pressure stopped. After a few seconds of feeling stuffed by the dildo, Mandy felt it starting to slowly fuck her. It moved out until only the cock-head was left inside and then pushed fully inside again. The dildo fucked her slowly at first and then started going faster and faster, and somewhere along the way it also started vibrating.

As the strokes got faster and harder, the vibrations got stronger and more intense. Before long Mandy was breathing hard, feeling a huge orgasm building up deep inside her. Then she suddenly felt a swat right across her ass. The swat was neither very hard nor painful, but it came as a complete surprise. Mandy had been so focused on her building orgasm that she had forgotten about the new ‘elements’. The spanking machine on the outside of the vertical steel beams kept swatting her ass with the paddle. Just as the dildo the spanking started slow with light swats that slowly became harder and shorter between.

The practically non-existing experience Mandy had with spanking came from some light playful smacks a guy had given her during a bondage play and that was it. But she had often fantasized about being ‘properly’ spanked, and whipped, and caned. The program she had selected for the ‘Rear’ spanking machines would give her just that, a paddle spanking, a whipping with a flogger and a caning. The ‘Front’ machines were going to give her breasts a work over two different floggers.

The surprise from the first swat of the paddle across her ass had taken the edge of Mandy’s building orgasm, but the dildo was still fucking her with hard strokes and strong vibrations and soon the rising pain in her ass from the paddling mixed into the pleasure from her pussy. As the fucking and spanking both got harder and faster Mandy both groaned and moaned into the penis-gag filling her mouth. The pain and pleasure mixed into a boiling pot that was fast pushing her towards the building orgasm. Just as a, to Mandy, very hard swat landed on her ass at the same time as the dildo hit the bottom of her pussy, she was pushed over the edge. The orgasms she had experienced during the first playroom session had been the most intense ones she had ever had, but this one made those pale in comparison. Mandy felt like her whole body was being surged by lightning and her brain felt like it was exploding. Her body shook violently in the bonds as the orgasm rushed thru her, and she passed out for a minute.

When she came back to reality, the strain in her shoulders quickly reminded her where she was and what was happening. It took her a few seconds to catch her breath and steady herself, and as she did she noticed that the dildo was no longer inside her and the spanking had stopped. Her rest was short lived, a mere minute after she had steadied herself she felt the dildo pushing against her pussy again. This time it slid right in without any resistance and immediately started the slow but steady fucking. Mandy was not sure if it was her ass or breasts that were going to get a treatment this time, but she was sure she was going to find out soon enough.

When the vibrations in the dildo started again she knew the spanking machines would soon follow and she brazed herself in anticipation. About a minute later she felt a sting from several wide strands across her bulging breasts. She had read that the wider the strands on a flogger the louder it sounded but they actually hurt less as the force got spread out more. But inexperienced as she was, and her bulging breasts being so sensitive, it still stung quite a bit. The second blow surprised her as it came from the other side, something she had not expected.

The fucking and flogging slowly but steadily got faster and harder, the floggers alternating the strikes from left and right, and soon her breasts felt like they were on fire from the continuous flogging. Even though the hits stung they didn’t actually hurt that bad, but the accumulated affect built up to a kind of burning pain. Again she felt an orgasm building inside her, not as powerful as the first one but still strong. Just as she thought the pain in her breasts was getting too much she tumbled over the edge and the orgasm surged thru her bound body. It was not strong enough to make her pass out but it did make her knees weak. Had she not been bound in a standing spread-eagle she would have fallen to the floor.

As she tried to catch her breath Mandy felt the flogging stop and the dildo slowly pulling completely out of her pussy. She was thankful for the rest, and in a couple of minutes she had got her breath and posture back. The rest period gave her time to think. ‘I still got both flogging and cane on my ass and a second flogging on my breasts left.’ She thought. ‘Holy shit, I might have gotten myself in over my head this time.”

Again her thoughts were interrupted by the dildo pushing itself into her wet pussy. Mandy focused on the dildos slow, steadily fucking to build up as much heat as she could before the vibrations started and warned her about what she expected to be a flogging on her ass. Focused as she was, she didn’t realize that the vibrations never started, and the first strike on her ass by the flogger came as a complete surprise. The hit made her scream into the penis gag filling her mouth, not from pain but from shock and surprise.

‘Bloody, sadistic machine, it never warned me.’ She thought to herself as her ass started getting flogged alternately from left and right. Had she only been blindfolded and not ear plugged as well she might have been able to hear the machine getting ready, but as it was she was both blind and deaf.

Not until the ass flogging had gone on for several minutes did the dildo start vibrating. With her ass still feeling the effects from the paddling it soon felt like it was burning red hot. The flogging got harder and faster with the strands landing all over her butt cheeks, not leaving even a centimeter untouched. Focusing hard on the dildo, trying her best to ignore the burning pain in her ass, she slowly felt an orgasm starting to build. No ways near as strong as the previous two, but an orgasm nonetheless. After what felt like an eternity, when the dildo was working at full speed with maximum vibrations and her ass burned like hell, she finally crossed the edge and the orgasm rushed thru her shaking body. Somewhere in the middle of her orgasm the ass flogging and fucking stopped, and she hang limp in her bonds crying and sobbing into the gag.

She was certain she had bit of more then she could chew. Silently wondering how the hell she would be able to get thru the rest of the session, as she was certain the worst was yet to come. As she hung limp bonds she suddenly felt a flogger hit her breasts, and this flogger had slightly thinner strands then the first one. Again she screamed into the gag, but this time as much from pain as from shock and surprise. ‘Oh crap, not even the dildo this time. This is really going to hurt.’ Her breasts were relentlessly flogged from both sides for what might have been five or six minutes, but to Mandy it felt like a year at least. When it finally stopped she was crying hard. There had been no pleasure at all in the second breast flogging, only pain. She hung limp in the bonds sobbing, wishing the session would end.

Without any warning she felt a sharp pain across her butt. ‘Oh hell, the cane.’ The cane stung and hurt a lot more then she had expected and it was not pleasant at all. She struggled as much as she could in her bonds, trying to get away from the bloody cane that was putting stripes across her ass cheeks. Again it continued for several minutes that felt like years to Mandy, and then it suddenly stopped. Counting in her head, Mandy figured the program was finished now as it had gone thru all the stages. But for some reason the wires keeping her in the tight standing spread-eagle didn’t slack.

As she wondered if something had gone wrong with the computer or program, she felt the dildo press against her pussy again. By now she was not the least aroused, but the dildo apparently had some kind of lubricant on it as it slid into her pussy almost without any resistance. The dildo slowly picked up speed and then it started vibrating again. Fearing there would be more spanking, flogging or caning coming, Mandy tried to focus on the dildo and try get at least a little more pleasure out of this nightmarish session. Slowly the dildo fucked her harder and faster and the vibrations got stronger and more intense, but still no action from the spanking machines. Deep inside her Mandy felt an orgasm slowly starting to build and throwing caution to the wind she focused on the dildo, grinding herself against it as hard as she could.

The first paddle hits on her ass had been so gentle that while so focused on the dildo she had not even noticed them. Slowly but steadily the spanks got harder and faster, but just like the first paddling the pain mixed with her arousal and the pleasure from the dildo, and the orgasm kept rising. After a few minutes she felt something gently striking her breasts, and the shock took some of the edge of her building orgasm. But the flogger strikes on her breasts were much lighter then before, and it was the flogger with the widest strands. The breasts flogging also slowly got harder and faster, but slowly enough for the new pain to mix with her arousal.

Mandy could not believe what was happening. Her sore ass and breasts were again being spanked and flogged, but this time the pain was not killing her building orgasm. In some way it mixed with her pleasure and intensified it. Then the paddling on her ass suddenly stopped, only to immediately be replaced with strikes from the ass floggers.

Her breasts and ass were continuously flogged from both sides, and the strikes kept getting harder and shorter between, and the dildo was now fucking her at almost full speed and heavy vibrations. But despite the pain in her breasts and ass the orgasm kept building up, and it was a strong one. Mandy completely lost any track of time, getting lost in the conflicting feelings of pain and pleasure mixing in her mind. The dildo reached its full speed and strongest vibrations and a simultaneous hit on her breasts and ass by the floggers send her over the edge. The orgasm was enormous and totally mind-blowing, even stronger then the one she had got from the first paddling. Her mind went completely blank and her body shook like it had been surged by electricity, and then she passed out.

When she finally came back, Mandy needed several minutes to catch her breath before she noticed something was different. After the first orgasm she had felt the strain in her wrists and shoulders, but this time she didn’t. Then she realized she was laying on the floor. While she was unconscious the wires must have slacked and lowered her to the ground. With trembling hands she un-clipped the wires, pulled out the earplugs, removed the blindfold and un-strapped the gag harness.

One of the first things she noticed when her eyes had adjusted to the light was her breasts. They were shining red from the flogging, and the heat in her ass told her it was at least as red as her breasts, if not more. On wobbly legs she got up and went over to the table with the laptop. Mandy typed on the laptop and got the summary logs from the session.

“Session Summary:

Bondage Level: Strict and Tight but not Painful.

Dildo Machine Summary:
Dildo Types Used: Medium Size Naturally Shaped.
Maximum Speed Reached: Full.
Maximum Vibration Intensity Reached: Full.

Rear Spanking Machines Summary:
Leather Paddle:
Maximum Hit Strength Reached: 4/10
Maximum Hit Interval Reached: 5/10
Flogger 10/10 Strand Wideness:
Maximum Hit Strength Reached: 4/10
Maximum Hit Interval Reached: 5/10
Wooden Cane 10/10 Thickness:
Maximum Hit Strength Reached: 3/10
Maximum Hit Interval Reached: 4/10

Front Spanking Machine Summary:
Flogger 10/10 Strand Wideness:
Maximum Hit Strength Reached: 3/10
Maximum Hit Interval Reached: 4/10
Flogger 9/10 Strand Wideness:
Maximum Hit Strength Reached: 3/10
Maximum Hit Interval Reached: 4/10

End of Session Summary.”

Mandy’s jaw dropped as she saw the numbers. The second breast flogging had been horrible, but according to the logs the machine had only hit with 30% of its capacity. And the cane on her ass that had felt like it was going to pierce her skin had also only been at 30% capacity. ‘Thank God I didn’t go for any of the harder programs.’ She thought. The last orgasm had been enormous, but she was not sure she ever wanted to try this again. Maybe the paddle spanking as it had been quite enjoyable, but the flogging had been a bit too much, and the caning way too much. The breast flogging was a definitely no, at least by themselves as that had hurt way too much. Mandy concluded that she might enjoy spanking, but was not into floggers and canes.

Looking at the clock she saw it was about ten minutes left on her booking time. She carefully removed the bondage bra; which was a bit painful as she had to pull her sore breasts thru the steel rings. Then she put her PVC outfit back on, leaving the chastity belt off, and put her private stuff back in the small bag. With a look around to make sure she had not forgotten anything she left the playroom and headed back to her own room.

Friday Evening, Week One.

Back in her room Mandy first of all took a long, hot shower. Her breasts and ass were very sore, and after she had dried herself off she picked up the jar with salve that she had got in the pharmacy. The information label informed here that even though it was primarily designed for vaginal use, it would also work on other parts of the body. Winching from pain she gently applied the salve to her breasts and ass.

Back in the main room Mandy looked at the clock, almost 6pm. She was hungry, and even though she did feel a little tired it was still way too early to consider going to bed. Again she put on the PVC outfit and headed down to the restaurant to get some dinner.

An hour later she was back in her room with a full stomach. The large meal made her a little drowsy, but not nearly tired enough to go to sleep. She had to come up with something to do for the next hours. Looking at the general information brochure on the desk, she got an idea. Heading to the wardrobes she picked out the dark-blue latex catsuit and hood Miss Lea had bought her, and also her light-blue, transparent PVC summer dress and shoes.

By now the salve had taken effect and it did not hurt nearly as much as she had feared as she pulled the tight catsuit over her sore ass and breasts. It stung a bit, but it did not hurt and Mandy made a mental note to buy a couple of extra jars of the salve to take home. After she had finished dressing she looked in the mirror. In front of her stood a being completely covered from head to toe in shining dark-blue latex, with a transparent light-blue PVC summer dress and matching light-blue PVC shoes with 5 centimeter heels. The tight latex catsuit pressed against her sore ass and breasts, but she did not want anyone to see her bruised breasts and ass so she pushed the discomfort away and headed towards the door.

When the elevator arrived there were already two persons in it, a man and a woman. The man was dressed in a black PVC business suit and the woman in a dark-purple latex evening gown. As Mandy looked at the button panel she saw that the first basement floor button was already pressed, so she just moved to one side of the elevator and waited for it to close the doors and continue its journey.

The elevator stopped at each floor on its way down, and by the time it reached the first basement floor it was literally packed full. The air in the elevator was filled of the smells of latex, PVC and leather, as every single person in it was dressed in one of the materials. And every single person in it also seemed to be going to the same place, the auction room.

Entering the auction room Mandy looked at one of the clocks on the wall, 7:34pm. It was still 25 minutes before the auctions would start, but the room was quickly filling up. As she had no intention to do any bidding Mandy looked for a seat at the back of the room, leaving the front rows for those who were actually here to buy. She found a free singles table like the one Miss Leas had been sitting at on the Wednesday auction and sat down. Her ass stung as she sat down, but the padding on the chair helped numb the pain. Not even a minute after she had sat down a young man in a PVC waiter’s uniform walked up to her.

“Good evening Miss, Welcome to tonight’s auction.” The young man said with a smile. “I am the waiter for this section, if you desire any drink or snacks please just let me know.”

“Thank you.” Mandy replied, returning the smile. “I would not mind a ginger-ale with ice.”

“I will be right back Miss.” The man said and walked away.

As she waited for her drink, Mandy looked around at the other people sitting around her. Most of the tables near her were singles tables, and they were filling up quickly. Nearest to her right she saw a man wearing a leisure suit that appeared to be made from soft leather. The man was average looking, but what was kneeling on the floor beside him was definitely not average looking. Kneeling on a pillow on the floor was a huge, muscular man, at least 2 meters tall and with those muscles he had to weigh around 105 to 110 kg. The kneeling man was almost completely naked; all he wore was a wide leather collar, a leather harness over his torso with a leather pouch hiding his manhood, a leather armbinder securing his arms behind him, leather cuffs around his ankles and some sort of soft leather shoes on his feet, and a leather head-harness securing a HUGE ball-gag in his mouth.

The average looking man noticed Mandy was looking at his slave, smiled and raised his glass in a toast. She had not noticed it, but while she had been looking at the slave her drink had been delivered, so she raised her own glass and returned the toast.

Mandy turned her attention to the computer built into the table. She knew she was not going to do any bidding, but she still wanted to see what was for sale. Browsing thru the list of slaves up for sale she saw there was a huge variety. There were straight, bi and gay men, women and transgender with all kinds of likes, dislikes and limits. As this was the regular weekly auction, the contract lengths were 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or 168 hours. 48 hours was the most common length, with 24 and 78 on a shared second place, and only 3 of the contracts were for the full week 168 hours. All in all there were 53 lots for sale, 20 more then there had been at the themed pet-play auction on the Wednesday.

Looking at the screen Mandy saw she had been allocated 1,375,000 credits by the system. It was more then Miss Lea had got on the Wednesday auction and for a second she felt a little tempted at actually trying to bid for one or two of the lots, but after some thought she decided against it. First of all she was way too tired from the session she had just had in the private play room, and she had never really dominated anyone before.

The fanfare sounded and the same man and woman as she had seen on the Wednesday auction walked onto the stage. Somehow the two auctioneers managed to keep a fast tempo on the sales, while still making each sale feel interesting and without giving the audience the feeling that things were rushed. Mandy leaned back in her chair and sipped her ginger-ale as she watched the show.

About half way thru the auction it was time for the first of the three lots whose contracts were for a full week. It was a nineteen year old gay man with a nice athletic body, very good looks and for some reason Mandy thought he looked familiar. The bids on the young went up like rockets and in less then two minutes it hit full price, 1.5 million. As the male auctioneer announced ‘SOLD’ the average looking man at the table to Mandy’s right gave up a loud victory yell. The yell resulted in quite a lot of laughs and applause from the others sitting around him. As Mandy looked back at the computer screen and saw a close-up of the young mans face she suddenly realized why he looked familiar. He was a famous model, and just recently he had been the poster boy for a huge male’s underwear commercial campaign.

The auctioneers quickly moved on to the next lot and the show continued. Even though the auctioneers worked as fast as they could while still keeping things interesting and not rushed, it was way passed midnight before the auction was finally over. The other two full week contract lots, one straight and one bi woman, had also been sold for full price. Towards the end Mandy had started feeling a bit too tired to pay any closer attention to the lots details, but she had felt she wanted to stay until the auction was over before leaving.

Leaving the auction room Mandy went straight for the stairs, not even considering the elevators as she knew they would be packed full. As she got back to her room she went directly to the computer built into the desk, typed in a set of commands and then went to the bed. She kicked off her shoes but kept the rest of her outfit on, tossed in a pillow and then crawled inside the bed cage. After making sure the cage door was locked she lay her head on the pillow with a happy sigh, and within a minute she was asleep.

Saturday Morning, Week One.

Many awoke to the sound of the alarm. This time it only took her a few seconds to take in her surroundings and recognize where she was. She pushed the cage door open with her feet, crawled out from the cage under the bed and headed straight to the shower. While showering she realized her breasts and butt were no way near as sore as she had thought they would be considering what she had gone thru the night before, the salve had done miracles. They were still slightly bruised, but only a little.

As she returned to the main room she left the latex catsuit, hood and the PVC dress in a pile on the bathroom floor. The cleaning service was included in the room price, and she intended to take full advantage of the service. She looked at the clock and saw that is was just passed 10:00am. Even though she was a bit hungry she decided to skip breakfast and instead take a larger lunch a little later.

Roaming thru her closet she picked out her green PVC summer dress outfit, complete with the matching underwear and light shoes. Looking at herself in the mirror she could not stop herself from caressing her breasts thru the soft PVC, she just loved how it felt against her skin. It took her quite a bit of self-control to stop herself from going any further and with a sigh she stopped caressing herself. With a smile on her face she left her room and headed to the large common room on the main floor.

The common room was only about a third full of people, so Mandy had no problem finding a place to sit down and read a newspaper. It only took her about a half-hour to finish the paper and then she decided to do some exploring. So far she had seen the pool area, the pet-play area, the ocean beach and the ‘self-bondage forest’, but there were still a couple of paths leading away from the mansion that she had not explored. One of the paths lead towards a second thick forest and Mandy decided to see where it lead.

As she had gotten about 100 meters inside the forest the path split into two separate paths. Just before the path split she saw what looked like a small tool both with one of the mansions staff sitting inside it. This got Mandy curious so she walked up to the booth. The staff was a male in his mid forties, his staff uniform was made from soft leather and he had a laptop on small table in front of him.

“Good Morning Miss.” The staff said as Mandy approached him.

“Good Morning.” Mandy replied with a smile.

“May I ask your name Miss, and what area you are visiting.”

“My name is Mandy Stanton, and I am just exploring a little.”

“Ah, I see.” The staff said. “These paths lead to the RP and bungalows areas. The bungalows area is private and only those who live there and their invited guests are allowed in that area.

“Oh, I didn’t know there were private areas here.”

“Only the bungalows area is private, the RP area is public but one must be aware of the special rules for that area before you can enter.”

“Special rules?” Mandy asked.

“Yes Miss. The RP area allows a few things that are not allowed elsewhere on the island. For example, non-consensual role-playing is allowed there. And it’s also allowed to play quite a bit harder then in the other public areas. In short it’s an area for those into more hardcore games. As this is not for everyone, you must be aware of it before entering the area.”

“But tag colors and marks are still respected there?”

“Of course, they must be respected everywhere, no exceptions. But if you walk around with a green tag you can be quite severely used, so don’t wear a green tag in the RP area unless you really agree to rough play. If you are not wearing any tag at all you are perfectly safe, but you may not interfere in anything you see going on unless directly invited.”

“Thanks for the warning. I think I will save that area for another day.” Mandy said.

“You are welcome back any time Miss.” The staff said with a smile.

Mandy turned around and headed back towards the mansion. She was a bit interested in checking out the RP area, but not today, and definitely not while wearing a tag. As she got back to the mansion she considered heading down the last of the paths she had not yet explored. But it was getting close to noon, and her stomach was starting to make noises, so she headed back inside instead to get some lunch.

The fetish restaurant was almost filled to capacity and it didn’t look like there were any empty single tables left at the moment. Just as she was about to walk out and come back later, Mandy saw someone waving at her. It was Maila and her boyfriend, and they were obviously asking her to join them at their table. Mandy headed towards the table and sat down between them.

"Thank you for letting me share your table." Mandy said with a smile.

"Your welcome." Maila said. "It's quite crowded in here right now."

"I don't think I have ever seen this many people here at the same time before today."

"A large group of new arrivals got in about two hours ago." Maila's boyfriend said. "And my name is Jeff."

"That would explain it." Mandy said. "And its nice to meet you Jeff, I am Mandy."

They shook hands and Mandy turned her attention to the menu. She selected a steak and fries, a bit heavy for a lunch but since she had no breakfast she was quite hungry by now. Their food arrived at the same time and they ate in silence for a while.

"How are you enjoying you vacation so far?" Maila asked as they had finished eating.

"It's better then I had ever imagined." Mandy said with a huge smile.

"You don't happen to plan visiting the forest again any time soon?" Jeff asked with a wink.

"Not that I have planned, but then I had not planed the time when you two found me either." Mandy said with a laugh. "That was a spur of the moment kind of thing."

"We don't complain." Maila said with a warm laugh.

"Initially we were just looking for a nice place to have sex, and then we found you." Jeff said.

"I almost freaked out when I felt your hands on me the first times."

"We noticed that." Maila said. "But you calmed down after I whispered to you."

"I did, and thank you for that."

"Your welcome."

They continued small talking for a while before Maila and Jeff headed of towards the forest and Mandy returned to her room.

Saturday Afternoon, Week One.

Back in her room Mandy first put away her now cleaned gear and then examined the large St.Andrews cross that was bolted to one of the walls. There was one thing in the SB pack she had ordered that she wanted to test before using it 'for real' in one of her planned sessions, but she didn't just want to 'dry run' test it either. After some thought she came up with a plan.

From the closet she picked out the latex hood she had got from Miss Lea, her own soft-lined leather cuffs, her large ball-gag and one of the items from the SB pack. After stripping naked she put on the hood and the cuffs and then sat down on the bed to examine the item from the SB pack.

It was a stainless-steel chastity belt, but with some extras that her own belt did not have. Most noticeable were the two steel dildos on the inside of the belt. They were slightly under medium size, but being made from steel they were solid to say the least. A second extra were two small boxes on each side of the waist belt that had small USB slots in them.

Moving to the desk Mandy started typing on the computer, and soon found what she was looking for. Using a flash memory stick the dildos in the belt could be programmed to vibrate and give off electric shocks, and the dildos could be individually programmed if desired. As she only intended this to be a test she selected a 'Beginners' pre-configured program for them both. Using a small flash stick she moved the program from the computer to the belt. A 'beep' told her when the program was fully downloaded into the boxes on the belt. Then she programmed another setting on the computer and stood up.

Slowly she inserted the steel dildos into her pussy and ass, using lots of lubricant on the one going inside her ass. Anal sex was something she had done only tried three time before, and she had not really enjoyed it at all. The feeling of the hard metal dildo filling her ass was unusual to say the least.

Picking up the ball-gag, Mandy headed to the cross. At each end of the cross there were the same type of thin steel wires that had been on the whipping frame in the play room. She inserted the ball-gag and strapped it in tight, clipped the wires to her ankle cuffs, tightened the waist strap attached to the cross and lastly clipped the wires to her wrist cuffs. A hard yank activated the hidden motors and the slack on the wires was soon gone. She had set the bondage level to 'strict and tight', just as she had done on the whipping frame, and soon she was stretched out with her body pressed against the leather padded cross.

All she could do now was wait. She had programmed the cross to keep her bound for three hours, and the dildos in the belt would not activate for about 30 minutes. She had programmed them to run the 'Beginner' program for two hours, thus leaving her bound for about 30 minutes more afterwards. Anal sex was something she had done before, but electro play was not. Just like the spanking, flogging and caning it was something she had fantasized about but never yet tried.

Before long her mind was getting into sub-space as she playfully struggled in her bonds. Her mind shifted between several of her fantasies and then she felt the dildo in her ass starting to vibrate. The vibrations were soft but the effect was stronger then she had imagined. The only times she tried anal sex before had been with a living partner, never with a dildo. The vibrations felt good, really good, and before long they were making her very aroused.

Then the dildo in her pussy also started vibrating, and the combined effect was starting to build up a strong orgasm. After a few minutes the dildos started vibrating with varying intensities, some times stronger, some times softer, some times both with the same intensity and some times with different.  To Mandy it almost left like she was being fucked in both her pussy and ass, even though the dildos were stationary. As she felt on the edge of a huge orgasm both dildos started vibrating hard at the same time, and it pushed her over the edge.

The orgasm was so strong she screamed into her gag, and had she not been tightly bound to the cross she would have collapsed into a shivering pile on the floor. The dildos kept vibrating and that prolonged the orgasm, and when they finally turned off she was barely conscious and panting hard.

It took her several minutes to come down from the high and get her breath back. During the whole time the dildos were still vibrating on a very soft setting, teasing her as she regained her posture. The teasingly soft vibrations continued for several minutes before they started varying again. Just like the first time the vibrations slowly got stronger and stronger during the variations, but this time something else happened as well.

When the vibrations were again making her pussy soaking wet and she felt another orgasm starting to built, the first shock hit her. It came from the dildo on her pussy and it was a very mild shock, so it didn't hurt but it was a very different feeling and experience. Then the dildo in her ass also started shocking her. As the vibrations started getting stronger and stronger, so did the shocks in both her pussy and ass. Just as with the spanking the pain from the shocks mixed with the pleasure from the vibrations and when the vibrations hit max Mandy's body exploded in a enormous orgasm. Again the dildos kept running and prolonged the orgasm, and this time she passed out.

Mandy came to again some minutes later, feeling the dildos again teasing her with the soft vibrations. It took her several minutes to get her posture back, and then she eagerly waited for the dildos to start vibrating harder again. But after what must have been at least 30 minutes they were still just teasing her, and Mandy started wondering if they had got stuck on that setting. That's when the dildos started shocking her.

The vibrations were still only teasing her, so this time she felt the shocks much more clearly. It was a feeling like nothing she had ever felt before. The shocks were very mild at first but soon started getting stronger, with the vibrations still only teasing her. Slowly the shocks got stronger and stronger, until they were not really painful but definitely unpleasant. And then the vibrations finally started getting stronger.

With the shocks staying at the unpleasant level, it took a while before the vibrations got strong enough for Mandy to feel another orgasm starting to build. But as the vibrations started reaching maximum the discomfort and pain from the shocks again started to mix with the pleasure, and then her body and mind exploded in a huge orgasm. He whole body shook and thrashed in her bonds and she screamed into the gag filling her mouth. Stars flashed before her eyes and then it all went black.

When Mandy returned to consciousness she immediately noticed something was different. The dildos in the belt were not teasing her, they were completely still. 'Has it been two and a half hours already?' she thought to herself. She got the answer about fifteen minutes later when the wires clipped to her cuffs started slacking. With trembling fingers she unclipped the wires from her wrist cuffs, unbuckled the strap around her waist and then unclipped the wires from her ankle cuffs. With wobbly legs she walked to the bed and sat down, unbuckling and removing the gag and then peeling off the hood. That had been intense to say the least.

For a minute Mandy considered checking the logs on the computer, but feeling adventurous she decided not. For some reason she felt she wanted to keep some elements of surprise for her bigger session, but she was glad she had tested the belt first. She had reached three orgasm while bound on the cross and Mandy decided she would not allow herself any more orgasms until her next booked playroom session, which was booked for Monday afternoon.

Saturday Evening, Week One.

After removing the cuffs and the chastity belt, being very careful when she pulled the steel dildos out of her pussy and ass, Mandy headed to the shower. She was still quite drained from the session and had no problems restraining from touching herself. After the shower she picked up her own chastity belt and locked it in place, but she left the key on the desk in the room. Then she put on her blue PVC skirt and blouse, a pair of blue PVC sandals and headed to the restaurant to get some dinner. It was not that long ago since lunch, but the session had made her very hungry.

After the dinner Mandy headed back to her room and sat down at the desk. Looking thru some of the Mansions information pages she tried to decide what to do during the evening. Besides the two restaurants the Mansion also had three bars, one of which also doubled as a disco with live DJs every night. The bar/disco also had a different theme each night, and this night the theme was Latex. After some thought Mandy decided to visit the disco bar. But what to wear?

Looking thru her closet, that now had a bit more to choice from thanks to Miss Lea, she took her time selecting her outfit. First was the dark blue catsuit and the matching hood, then her leather corset and her 12 centimeter heel, knee high leather boots. Stripping off the PVC skirt and blouse, and removing the chastity belt, Mandy started getting dressed.

Still feeling somewhat drained from the session she was still getting quite aroused as she slide the tight latex suit up her body, and as soon as it was up to her waist she put the chastity belt back on. With the catsuit on and ensured there were no wrinkles, she went over to the closet and the corset tightening machine. Feeling a little adventurous she tried tightening the corset a little harder then she had ever done before. It felt like her waist was being crushed, and it was a bit hard to breath but she felt she could take it for a few hours.

Returning to the bed she picked up the boots and pulled them on, tightening the laces as hard as she could. Compared to the ballet-boots, the 12 centimeter heels were easy to walk in and these were her own boots that she had worn many times before. Then she pulled on the latex hood and made sure it was smooth, pulling her hair down inside the catsuit. As a last minute thought she also put on the leather collar Miss Lea had bought her and clipped a red tag to it, just to be on the safe side.

Looking at herself in the mirror she saw a woman completely covered in dark-blue latex, with a leather corset almost crushing her waist, knee high black leather boots with 12 centimeter heels, a black leather collar locked around her neck and a steel chastity belt covering her crotch. In short, what she saw was making her horny and she was glad she had put on the chastity belt. With a big smile she left her room and headed towards the elevators.

The bar/disco was only about a third full when she got there, but then it was still only just past 6pm and the DJ would not start playing for another 3 hours. Mandy sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. As she sipped the wine she looked around at the other people in the bar. She could only spot two obvious couples and concluded the rest were either singles or waiting for their partners to arrive. The latex outfits worn by the other guests was varied to say the least... from tiny jocks and bikinis to full coverage thick rubber outfits, and everything in between.

Taking her time with the wine, she would only allow herself three glasses, Mandy looked on as more and more people started filling the bar/disco. At about 8:30pm she saw a group that she recognized, it was the man and woman she had seen at the beach on Thursday. The woman was dressed in a very elaborate, blue and purple latex evening gown and the man had shining black latex business suit. The three submissive women were walking behind them dressed in transparent latex catsuits and hoods, lead by thin chain leashes clipped to their collars but otherwise unbound. The man and the woman sat down at one of the tables along one of the walls, and the submissive girls kneeled on the floor in front of them. With her hood on Mandy knew they would not recognize her and she decided not to approach them.

Just as the DJ started playing Mandy ordered her second glass of wine. The music played was the currently most popular hit songs from around the world, and Mandy was thinking about hitting the dance floor when she felt a presence behind her. Looking over her shoulder she was surprised to see Miss Lea standing behind her, dressed in a dark red latex dress and black rubber riding boots.

"Hello Mandy." Lea said with a smile. "I thought that might be you."

"Hello Miss Lea." Mandy said and returned the smile. "I thought you would be busy with your ponies."

"Oh I'm giving them a rest tonight." Lea said with a laugh. "They both need and deserve it."

"I bet you been working them hard."

"I have, both on the training course and 'in the hay'." Lea said with a wink.

Mandy waited until Lea had got her drink and then they did a toast. Then Lea nodded towards the dance floor.

"You dance?" Lea asked.

"I'm not a pro, but I do enjoy dancing." Mandy said with a smile.

"Then lets go." Lea said and almost pulled Mandy with her to the dance floor.

They danced for almost two straight hours before going back to the bar, and by then Mandy was sweating heavily inside her latex catsuit. Lea ordered ice water for them both and waited until Mandy had gulped down two whole glasses.

"A full body catsuit might not be the best choice for dancing." Lea said with a wink.

"I have realized that." Mandy said with a laugh. "But originally I have not planned on doing this much dancing."

"I had a great time dancing with you, but I have to get some sleep now as I plan on taking the ponies out for a early morning ride tomorrow."

"It was great seeing you again Miss Lea." Mandy said.

"I have a feeling we will see each other again before you leave." Lea said with a smile as she left.

Starting to feel quite tired Mandy decided to leave as well and headed towards the elevators. When she got back to her room she started thinking. She got an idea and before she could change her mind she walked to the corset lacing machine and used it to loosen the corset a little. Then she picked up her leather wrist and ankle cuffs, the panel-gag, two short lengths of chains and five padlocks.

She buckled the cuffs on, but did not lock them in place, and then crawled inside the bed cage. Using one of the chains and two padlocks she locked her ankle cuffs together and chained them to the bottom end of the cage, then she used two more padlocks to lock the second chain to her collar and the top end of the cage. After putting the key to the padlocks in the lockbox, and setting to open at 9am, she strapped the panel-gag in place and then used the last padlock to lock her wrist cuffs together behind her back.

As her cuffs were not locked on she could remove them if she wanted to but the feeling was good enough, for this night at least. Knowing she had drank two glasses of wine she wanted to play it somewhat safe just in case. With a happy sigh she rested her head on the small pillow and fell asleep within minutes.


To Be Continued...


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