Bondage Paradise 2: Tuesday

by Doctor Fetish

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© Copyright 2014 - Doctor Fetish - Used by permission

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Part 2: Tuesday

Tuesday Morning, Week One.

Mandy woke up to the sound of an unfamiliar alarm. It was not the sound of her normal alarm clock. As she tried to move she immediately discovered she was bound, gagged and blindfolded. Then she remembered; she was at the Bondage Paradise. She raised her hands and pushed the blindfold away from her eyes so she could see. The front lid on the small steel box was open and she could see the keys inside it.

It took a little more effort then she had planned to get the keys. The chains securing her ankle cuffs to the footboard and her collar to the headboard were just long enough, but only if she lay in exactly the correct angle. As soon as she picked up the keys, the alarm went quiet. Then it only took a minute to unlock the chains, cuffs, collar and gag, and she headed towards the bathroom.

As she showered, Mandy remembered what she had seen just as she pulled down the blindfold the night before. After the shower, with her hair still wet and only wearing a soft bathrobe, she went back into the room. There it was, in the ceiling above the bed. A second time-locked steel box, with the lid pointing downwards to drop what ever was in it down onto the bed. A quick search of the room revealed no less then eight more of the small steel boxes, making it a total of ten. Two were in the cage under the bed, one at the headboard end and one at the foot board end. There was one each inside the two closets, two discretely hidden away in the bathroom. The last two were in the room, one at floor level and one up in the ceiling.

‘They didn’t joke when they said the room was designed for self-bondage.’ Mandy thought for herself. All those time-locked boxes opened up for more play options, a lot more. A quick look at the clock told her that she had to hurry if she wanted to make it to the restaurant before breakfast was closed. She quickly put on a set of casual clothes and headed out.

As she got back to her room after the breakfast she immediately noticed someone had been there while she was gone. The bed was made but the cuffs, collar, blindfold, belt and gag she had worn during the night were nowhere in sight, and neither was the PVC outfit she had worn the day before. Then she saw a note on the table beside the armchair.

‘Miss Stanton.
Your private cuffs, collar, gag, blindfold, chastity belt and PVC clothes are being washed and cleaned and will be delivered back to your room before noon.
This service is included in the cost of the room. If you do not want this service please just inform the reception desk.’

Mandy let out a sigh of relief. Her private stuff had not been mistaken for the resorts gear. For a moment she though about canceling the service, but then she changed her mind. After all, she was on vacation and it was included. She sat down at the small desk and noticed that there was a small touch-screen computer imbedded into it. Curious, Mandy powered it up.

The screen showed five selectable options:
Room Service
Restaurant Menus/Reservations
Dungeon/Playroom Bookings
Wakeup/Release Service

She clicked on the ‘Dungeon/Playroom Bookings’ and got two more choices, ‘Current Bookings’ and ‘New Bookings’. A click on the ‘Current Bookings’ showed a list of the bookings she had already made, with the one for a self-bondage room at 7pm this night at the top of the list. She clicked that booking and got a new list of all the equipment and gear she had booked. There was also a button named ‘Manual’ beside each of the equipment listings.

Mandy had already read the printed manual she had found in the room yesterday, but the manuals on the computer were more detailed and also had detailed pictures to give clearer instructions. Feeling it was better to be safe then sorry, she started reading thru the expanded manuals for the equipment she would be using in the playroom tonight. She had gotten about halfway thru the last one when there was a knock on the door.

Outside the door was a short, ebony girl dressed in a black and white maid’s uniform made from PVC. Had it not been for her rather large breasts, Mandy would have thought it was an early teenager standing in front of her. The maid held up a large bag made from black plastic with her room number in white letters.

“Your clothes and gear, Miss.” She said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Mandy replied. “No offence, but how old are you?” She asked as she handed the maid a tip.

“No offence taken, Miss. I get that question quite often.” The maid said with a warm laugh. “I’m 22, but my short height does make me look a bit younger.”

“It sure does.” Mandy said with a warm smile. “And ‘Thank you’ again.”

“You are welcome, Miss.”

Mandy put the plastic bag on the bed and opened it. All her stuff was inside, washed and cleaned, and she put them back into the closet before sitting down at the computer again. It took her about five minutes to read thru the rest of the last manual. The equipment she had booked had a lot more functions and options then she had first thought. That made her go back to the main menu on the computer and then into the ‘Manuals’ section. It took a little searching but then she found the manual for the time-locked steel boxes. Just as she had hoped, they also had lots of programming options. This vacation had just got a hell of a lot more interesting and exciting, and it had been extremely exciting to begin with.

As it was not that long since she had breakfast, Mandy decided to skip lunch and instead head to the large common room. She picked out an outfit similar to the one she had worn the day before, but this one was light blue and so thin it was lightly transparent. She had never dared to wear this outfit in public at home, due to the transparency, but here she had no fear about it at all. Not with the outfits, or complete lack of outfits, she had seen the many of other guests wearing.

Tuesday Afternoon, Week One.

As she got down to the large common room, Mandy found a large newspaper stand that had papers from practically all around the world. There was also a stack of what looked like some kind of covers. The leather dressed man manning the stand noticed her looking curiously at the things.

“They are called ‘front covers’, Miss.” The man said. “As we provide newspapers from all around the world, it’s possible to identify where someone is from by what newspaper they are reading. The covers offer privacy.”

“Good point.” Mandy said. “How much are the newspapers?”

“They are free of charge, Miss. We just ask that you bring them back here when you have finished reading them. The covers are also free of charge.”

Mandy was a little stunned. The advert had said that all services were included in the price, but she had not thought they actually meant ALL services. She picked up a paper from her home country, one that was distributed to the whole nation, but did not take a cover. Mandy had no fear of anyone knowing what country she was from, but exactly what part she lived in she wanted to keep private. With the newspaper in hand she started looking for a place to sit down. As it was in the middle of the lunch service time in the restaurants there were quite a lot of free chairs and sofas, but Mandy still wanted to have a chance of a conversation with someone.

Along one of the walls she saw a three seat sofa with a middle aged woman sitting at one end, reading a newspaper without a cover. As she walked closer, Mandy took a closer look at the woman. She looked to be in her late 40’s or early 50’s, and a little taller then herself. The woman was dresses in a shimmering red silk blouse, a black and red leather corset, long wide black leather skirt and what looked like leather riding boots. Her long light brown hair was arranged in a sophisticated look, and her posture clearly signaled she was Dominant.

“Excuse me, Miss. Is this seat taken?” Mandy asked as she reached the sofa, and indicated to the other end of the sofa.

“Not at all, please have a seat.” The woman said as she looked up from her paper.

Mandy sat down and started reading her newspaper. As she read, she glanced over at the paper the woman was reading. She could not tell what country it came from, but it was not printed in English. While flipping thru the pages in her own paper, Mandy was trying to think of ways to try and start a conversation with the woman. As she had gotten about half way thru her paper, the woman beat her to it.

“Is this your first visit here dear?” The woman asked without taking her eyes of her newspaper.

“It is. Am I that obvious, Miss?” Mandy replied after a few seconds.

“Not really. But I have gotten fairly good at spotting ‘first timers’.” The woman said with a friendly smile.

“So you have been here before then?” Mandy asked.

“Many times. This is my second time this year, and twelfth in total.” The woman said.

“That many?” Mandy said a little shocked. “I had to save for several years to afford this visit.”

“Not to brag, but I am fortunate to be rather rich.” The woman said with her friendly smile. “And my mane is Leonora, but everyone calls me Lea.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Lea, my name is Mandy.”

“The pleasure is mine, Mandy.” Lea said as she leaned over and shook hands with Mandy.

Mandy took another look at Lea’s newspaper.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Miss, where are you from?”

Lea looked at her newspaper and laughed a warm laugh.

“I guess you wonder due to the newspaper I am reading.”

“Actually, yes.” Mandy said with a slight blush. “It’s not printed in English but yet your English is prefect with no accent.”

“The newspaper is Scandinavian. I know the language as my father was Scandinavian. My mother was Spanish, but I was born and raised in England.”

“I guess you speak Spanish as well then.” Mandy said.

“Yes, and German, French and Italian as well. My work requires contacts all over Europe and I have always had a thing for learning languages.”

“I am impressed, Miss.” Mandy said, truly impressed.

Lea closely looked Mandy over for a minute before speaking again.

“I mean no offence, Mandy. But your mannerism, and looks, does indicate that you are submissive, is that correct?”

“That is correct, Miss.” Mandy said blushing.

“And I am pretty sure you have identified me as Dominant.” Lea said with a smile.

“Yes, Miss.”

“You don’t need to call me Miss, Lea is just fine. We are both equals here dear.”

“Thank you Lea.”

Lea went silent as she was obviously thinking about something.

“You don’t happen to be here for the Themed Auction tomorrow are you?” Lea asked.

“No I’m not.” Mandy said. “I was not even aware there was a Themed Auction tomorrow.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, are you here alone or with a partner or friend?”

“I am alone.”

“Now I am getting curious. A beautiful and well mannered submissive here alone, how come?” Lea asked.

Mandy could not help but blushing from Lea’s words.

“I love bondage. And I have played with a few guys, and one girl, at home. But I have never found anyone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I got into self-bondage. And this place has opportunities and possibilities that I could never get at home.”

“So you are here on a self-bondage vacation then?”


“Hmmmmmm. Have you ever tried pet-play in any form?” Lea asked.

“No, not yet. I don’t know very much about it at all. But I did see some pony-play on one of the local TV channels last night, and it looked very interesting.”

Mandy noticed the big smile spreading across Lea’s face.

“Pet-play is why I am here. The Themed Auction tomorrow is a pet-play auction, and I am hoping to find one or two ponies or puppies to train and play with.”

“I truly wish you the best of luck Lea.” Mandy said honestly.

“Thank you Mandy.”

They both returned to their newspapers for a few minutes, before Lea turned her head and looked at Mandy again.

“I am about to head to the pet-play area for a session with my rented pony, would you like to come along and watch?”

Mandy was happy about the offer, but one thing had caught her mind.

“You said ‘rented pony’, what does that mean?”

“Ah. I guess you only read about the parts you were directly interested in when you checked this place up.” Lea said with a smile. “You see, you can rent both submissive and Dominants here, but it must be specified when you make the booking. Had you not told me about doing self-bondage I was going to ask if you had rented a Dominant.”

“I didn’t know about that.” Mandy said.

“It can be quite expensive though, depending on what type of submissive or Dominant you want. The pony I have rented is a ‘no-sex’ submissive, and that is cheaper. You see, I only play with subs that are genuinely wholehearted into pet-play. The ones you can rent are not always fully into the scene, although the one I rented is. That’s why I want to try getting one or two at the auction tomorrow, as I know those ARE fully into the scene.”

“I did read a little about the Friday auctions. The subs for sale there are all volunteering guests’ right?” Mandy asked.

“Correct. But they can also be staffs that are on leave, but still volunteering. You see, staff can vacation here for free when not working.”

“I’m a little curious, if you only want those really into the scene, why did you rent a pony?”

“So that I will still have a pet to train in case I don’t buy one tomorrow, and also to get rid of some rust before.” Lea said with a smile.

“Good point.” Mandy said, returning the smile.

“So, do you want to come along and have a look?”

“How long will it take? I have booked a playroom at 7pm tonight and I don’t want to miss it.”

Lea looked at one of the clocks on the walls.

“It’s almost 1pm now, so we should be back around 5-5:30pm, so plenty of time for you.”

“Then I will gladly come with you.” Mandy said excited.

They stood up and went to the stand to return the newspapers. As they were heading across the common room towards one of the exits, Lea turned her head and looked at Mandy.

“Are you open for a little adventure Mandy?”

“What do you mean?” Mandy replied.

“I am thinking of a way to make this a little more interesting for both of us. Why not have you in some form of bondage while I show you around the pet-play area and you watch me train the pony. Not as a session, but just for fun. What do you say?”

Mandy had to stop and think for a minute. The idea did sound very interesting, and it had been quite some time since she had been bound by anyone else then herself.

“I’m in.” Mandy said with a smile. “But I had to go to my room and get some gear first I guess.”

“Not at all, dear.” Lea said with a big smile. “Follow me.”

Lea led Mandy into a large side door, into what could only be described as a small shopping mall. There were lots of stores there, representing practically all of the biggest and most known BDSM and fetish shops in the world, and also several that probably were local and only existed here. Lea led her to a large leather store.

After a quick look at Mandy to judge her size, Lea quickly picked out several items and told the clerk to have the cost billed to her room. The clerk smile at them both as he handed over the large bag and pointed towards a set of changing booths. Mandy and Lea went inside one of the booths. As Lea started pulling the gear out of the bag, Mandy was shocked.

“These things must have cost a fortune Lea. What if you don’t find a sub the same size as me, they will just lay unused after today.”

“Oh, I think they might get used after today.” Lea said with a laugh. “I bought them for you, dear. They will be yours to keep after we get back.”

“Lea, it’s too much. I can’t accept something this expensive.” Mandy said.

“Sure you can, dear. I am rich, remember? And to me it is not expensive at all.”

Mandy looked at the gear. A set of sturdy, but very comfortably looking, ankle-cuffs, a full length soft leather armbinder with shoulder straps, a wide soft leather collar and lastly a panel-gag head harness. When she looked at it, Mandy saw that the panel-gag had a cock shaped plug on the inside.

“As you told me you played with boys before I guess you are not lesbian, so I assumed you might prefer a cock-gag instead of a ball-gag.” Lea said with a wink.

Mandy had actually never tried a cock-gag before, and the thought of if excited her a lot.

Lea started with putting the armbinder on Mandy, making sure the shoulder straps crossed between her breasts. This gave a kind of breast bondage effect, making Mandy’s breasts bulge out a bit between the straps and strain against her plastic dress. Next came the ankle cuffs, and Lea put a chain between them. The chain was long enough to allow fairly unhindered walking, but short enough to prevent any form of running. Last was the collar. When Lea had locked the collar around Mandy’s neck, she picked up a thin chain leash and clipped it to the ring in front of the collar.

“Let’s wait with the gag until I start training the pony. I guess you might have some questions before then, but when I start the training I need you to be quiet.” Lea said with a wink.

“Yes Miss.” Mandy said with a smile and lowered her head submissively.

“You would make a wonderful slave Mandy.” Lea said with a warm, friendly smile.

Lea took the leash and led Mandy out from the store. As they exited the Mansion they headed down a hard packed dirt track leading into a forest. A few minutes later they were surrounded by trees.

“This wood is quite popular among self-bondage guests.” Lea said as they walked.

“It is?” Mandy asked.

“Yes it is. It’s quite large and thick, with trees of all kind of shapes and sizes. I often stroll thru the forest, and lots of times I have run into people doing all forms of more or less advanced self-bondage. At one time I literally stumbled on a guy who was crawling his way towards his release mechanism in a very tight hogtie.”

“I bet that must have been a sight.” Mandy said with a giggle.

“It sure was.” Lea said with a big smile. “Had he not had a red tag on his collar I might have taken advantage of the situation.”

“I remember the information about the tags. If you do self-bondage, in a public area, you need to wear either a red, yellow or green tag.” Mandy said.

“Correct. The red tag means no touching or interfering unless the person appears stuck or in danger, and then always ask first if they want help.”

“The yellow means it’s ok to touch and tease, and the green tag means anyone who finds you can interfere and take advantage of you, depending on the gender marking on the tag.” Mandy finished.

“Correct. I hear you at least studied the details about your own specialty closely. But the tags are also used if a Dominant leaves a sub tied up ‘unattended’ in a public area.”

“That makes sense.”

They continued in silence for almost ten minutes before they finally reached the end of the woods. Before them the huge pet-play area filled their view. There were several buildings spread out, with approximately 50 meters between them.

“That building has the puppy kennels.” Lea said and pointed towards one of the buildings. “It also has a number of small play and breeding rooms. That building has the pony stalls and also a number of small rooms, and that’s where we are heading now.”

Getting closer to the buildings, Mandy saw many groups of people out in the training fields. Ponies seemed to be in a slight majority among the sub’s, with puppy’s as a close second. But she also saw several cat and cow pets too, and a few that she could not actually tell what they were.

As they entered the pony barn, Mandy’s jaw dropped. The place was much bigger inside then it had appeared from the outside, it was HUGE. There were two corridors leading down the length of the building with pony stalls on both sides of them, four rows of stalls in total. As Lea led Mandy down one of the corridors, Mandy counted the stalls. Each row had twenty stalls, so the barn had no less then 80 stalls. And from what Mandy could tell, there were only a few that did not have a sign with the name and picture of a pony on the doors. Each stall had wooden walls about two meters tall and then steel bars went about one more meter up, leaving an open ‘roof’. The stall doors were also made from wood, and had a steel bar ‘window’ in them.

When they reached one of the stalls down the end of the corridor, Lea stopped and hooked Mandy’s leash to a ring beside the door.

“Please wait here dear, I need to go and prepare something.” Lea said with a smile. “It will only take a minute.”

“Yes Miss.” Mandy replied.

Lea continued down the corridor and went thru a large door. Mandy looked at the sign on the stall door. The picture showed the face of a very dark brown girl with brown eyes and long, straight black hair, and the name said “Ebony Star”. Her head was covered with a leather pony head-harness, with a thick rubber bit between her teeth and a large red and black feather plume at the top. Her curiosity rising, Mandy took a peek thru the steel bars in the stall door. Inside the stall she saw the dark brown girl lying on large pile of soft hay, completely naked beside a thick leather collar. A glance around revealed what looked like some kind of toilet in one of the corners, and two feeding bowls about a meter up on one of the side walls. She was just about to take a closer look at the girl when the sounds of steps made her turn her head. Lea was walking back towards the stall with a pile of leather straps in her hands.

“Is she awake?” Lea asked as she arrived.

“I think she is asleep Miss.” Mandy said.

“She is beautiful, isn’t she?” Lea asked with a smile.

“Very beautiful, Miss.” Mandy said with a slight blush.

“Now, let’s wake her up and get her tack on.”

Lea unlocked the stall door and opened it. Either the noise from the door had woken her up, or she had just been resting, because when Mandy looked in thru the door, the girl was already standing up. The girl looked to be in her mid twenties, about the same height as herself with slightly smaller breasts that had small rings thru the nipples. Mandy got a little jealous noticing how well trained the girls body looked, and how firm her breasts were. She considered herself to be in good form, and she was proud of her breasts, but she was a definite second compared to this girl, she looked like she could run a marathon without even breaking a sweat.

The girl stood completely still and silent as Lea began to put on the pony tack. Mandy was fascinated at how fast Lea was putting on the body harness and straps, it was more then obvious she had done this many times before. She also noticed that the girl was smiling, and the more of the tack that was put on the bigger the smile got, she was clearly enjoying it a lot. After the body harness Lea put a pair of pony boots and pony hoof mitts on the girl, and lastly she put on the head-harness bridle with the thick rubber bit, a pair of blinders and the feather plume. The girl shook her body and head, apparently to make sure everything was properly fastened. Lea tightened a few of the straps another notch and the girl did another shake down, this time they both seemed happy with the fit.

Mandy took a closer look at the pony-girl. The body harness was tight and the straps around the breasts made them bulge a bit, and it also had a wide strap that went between the legs, completely hiding the pony’s pussy. There were some kind of cuff straps around the pony’s upper arms and thighs, with d-rings on them. Lastly she looked at the pony boots and mitts. They looked just like real pony hoofs, and she was sure they required quite a lot of practice to get used to walking in, not to mention running.

Lea then took a set of reins from a hook inside the door. She treaded the ends thru d-rings at the shoulders of the pony’s body harness, then thru the rings at the ends of the bit, and lastly down to the pony’s breasts, where she clipped them to the nipple rings. Mandy immediately realized the effect puling on the reins would have; the combination of getting the nipple pulled up and the bit pulled downwards would send a clear signal to the pony. Lea then clipped the pony’s left mitt to the strap on its left upper arm, and then did the same on the right side. The pony’s arms were now folded upwards and completely useless, and the resulting pose made it look very pony like.

Lea played a little with the pony’s tail and then patted its bare butt and looked at Mandy.

“Star is a gorgeous pony, don’t you agree Mandy?”

“She is a very beautiful pony Miss.” Mandy said, actually feeling a little jealous.

She had never tried pet play, or even consider it as she was more into b/d them d/s. But seeing the pony all strapped up in her gear did get her excited.

“Are you perhaps thinking about maybe trying this yourself sometime dear?” Lea asked with a smile.

“Maybe, I’m not sure. The bondage aspect of it excites me, a lot, but I am not sure about the rest.”

“Well, you will get to see how I train a pony today, and maybe that will help you decide.”

“It might, and I am very grateful that you asked me to come along and watch Miss.”

Mandy stepped aside to let Lea led the pony out from the stall. As she exited the stall, Lea took Mandy’s leash from the ring and led them both towards the large door she had gone thru earlier. As they walked, Mandy noticed that ‘Star’ walked with very high knee steps, bringing her up to her waist level with each step. She remembered seeing other ponies walking like that on the local TV-channel last night, so she guessed it was how ponies were supposed to walk. It did look tiring  for the legs, but what impressed her most was the fact that ‘Star’ had no problems at all keeping up with Miss Lea.

As they passed thru the large doors, they entered a large room with rows upon rows of racks with pony tacks of varying types, materials, shapes and sizes. At the end of the room there were also a large number of carts. Most of them looked like they were supposed to be pulled by a single pony, but several of them were clearly intended for groups of ponies. Miss Lea lead Mandy and ‘Star’ towards one of the smaller one pony carts. Although small, the seat was large enough for two people to sit on.

Lea hooked Mandy’s leash to a ring on the side of the cart and positioned ‘Star’ between the pulling shafts. Using snap-hooks, Lea first secured the shafts to the wide waist strap on ‘Stars’ body-harness. Then she un-hooked the hoof-mitts from the pony’s upper arm cuffs and instead locked them to the front ends of the shafts. After again patting the pony on its naked butt, Lea turned towards Mandy.

“I thought a nice cart ride would be a good way to show you around the pet-play area, and also a good training for ‘Star’. Lea said with a warm smile.

“A very good idea Miss.” Mandy said, returning the smile.

“Here, let me help you get on the seat.”

Lea helped Mandy onto the cart seat, and then added a small backrest, making sure it went between Mandy’s back and the armbinder. Using a snap-hook, she secured the end of the armbinder to a ring on the cart floor, and then secured Mandy’s waist to the backrest with a wide leather strap. Lastly she locked Mandy’s ankle cuffs together and locked to another ring on the cart floor, effectively securing Mandy to the seat.

“There we go. The ride can get a little bumpy sometimes, and I don’t want you falling off the cart dear.” Lea said with a smile.

“Thank you Miss.”

“You’re welcome dear.”

Lea sat down to the left of Mandy, taking the reins in her right hand and a very long riding crop in her left. With a klatch of the reins over the pony’s back and a light smack on its left buttock with the crop, Lea got ‘Star’ moving. Using the reins to steer, Lea had ‘Star’ take them out thru the large open doors to the outside.

“We will be going rather slowly at first, to let ‘Star’ get warm.” Lea said as they were slowly trotting down between the buildings.

“I guess it’s just like working out, you need to warm up first or you will most likely sprain a muscle, or worse.” Mandy said.

“Exactly like working out, very good comparison.” Lea said with a big smile.

“There are a lot of buildings here, what are they all used for?” Mandy asked.

“I already pointed out the Puppy Kennels and the Pony Stables.” Lea said, indicating to the building they had just left. “That one over there is the Cat Play building. It looks rather similar to the Puppy Kennels inside, but with gear and equipment more suitable for cats of course.”

“I can see why they have separate Puppy and Cat buildings, as cats and dogs sometimes don’t mix too well.” Mandy said with a giggle.

“You are exactly right. Subs that are fully into their pet-play style are just as diverse as real cats and dogs. Some go well with the other type, some don’t. So as a precaution they are kept separated.”

“That building over there is the Cow and Bull Barn.” Lea continued. “It has every kind of equipment needed for full time Cow Play, including milking machines for both cows and bulls and breeding facilities. The large green pasture area you see beside the Barn is sowed with lemongrass, which a human can actually eat. And the small fenced in area in the pasture area have lemongrass that is spiked with a hormone that will make human females produce milk. Not every Cow-Girl wants that, so that’s why it’s fenced in so no one eats from it by mistake.”

“Are you joking?” Mandy said, literally shocked.

“Not at all dear, many of the subs that are into Pet-Play can be very ‘hardcore’.” Lea said.

“But taking hormones to produce milk? That sounds a bit over the top to me.”

“’Don’t knock it till you try it’, as the saying goes. What seems extreme and over the top to some, is perfectly natural to others. For you bondage is perfectly natural, but to others it might be seen as strange and even perverted. So don’t be so quick to judge others special interests and fetishes.”

“Your right, Miss. Please forgive my shortsightedness.” Mandy said, feeling a bit ashamed by her judging.

“You just learned something about yourself dear, and that is never wrong. Just remember the lesson.”

“Yes Miss, I will remember.”

“Now, that building is the Aquarium.” Lea continued as they approached the last couple of buildings.

“The Aquarium?” Mandy asked.

“Yes. It has water tanks for Mermaids and such, with various forms of systems to let them breath in the water.”


“It’s quite impressive.” Lea said with a smile. “And that last building is a mix. It has facilities for a lot of less common Pet-Play variations, Rat and Mouse Play to mention a few.”

“There is a hell of a lot more to Pet-Play then I ever knew.” Mandy said.

“It’s just as varied as any other form of BDSM and fetish plays, dear.” Lea said with her warm smile.

They continued down the dirt path in silence for a few minutes before Lea urged ‘Star’ to speed up. For the next half hour they passed several fenced in areas and Lea explained their purpose and use as they passed. There were dressage courts and horse-jumping courses for ponies, agility courses for puppies, and also several race tracks for most form of pets. The area was HUGE and had practically anything you could ever think of for Pet-Play.

After they had passed the fenced in areas, the dirt track lead into a small forest. It was much smaller and much more open then the forest they had walked thru to get to the Pet-Play area. Between the trees Mandy could see several clearing of different sizes, most likely man made to suit different needs of the visitors. A little deeper into the forest the track started turning slightly, so it eventually led back towards the fenced in areas and the buildings. As they were almost out of the forest again, Mandy saw some movement to her right and looked. Between the trees she saw a smaller clearing, where a woman was sunbathing naked on a towel. It was too far to tell how old the woman could be, but what had caught Mandy’s eye was what was happening a few meters away from the woman. In the middle of the clearing two subs in full puppy gear were breeding. And they were fucking doggy-style, just like real dogs.

“I’m actually surprised we got this far on the track before we saw that.” Lea said with a laugh. “The clearings in this forest are very popular for outdoor breeding of every imaginable type and combination. There are no rules against breeding anywhere, but many seem to prefer a little bit of privacy.”

“They do look just like a couple of real dogs fucking.” Mandy said with a giggle.

“That’s the point.” Lea said with her warm smile. “They are dogs, so they fuck like dogs. Pet-Play is very much a mental game. It’s about getting into your ‘pet mode’, be it as a pony, puppy or what ever other animal you are. The gear, training and equipment are just tools to help deepen the sensation of really being the animal you want to be.”

“And I guess that’s where the desire to be able to produce milk comes into play for someone who is a Cow, so they can be milked just like a real cow.” Mandy said after some thought.

“Exactly, now you are starting to understand the deeper aspects of Pet-Play.” Lea said with a huge smile.

As they got out of the forest and back among the fenced in areas, Lea made ‘Star’ speed up even more. By the time they were getting close to the Pony Barn ‘Star’ was going full speed, and it was much faster then Mandy had ever imagined possible. Mandy was glad she was strapped to the backrest as she found it quite hard to stay on the seat they was she was bound. Lea had ‘Star’ make a lap around the barn as she slowed down and then guided the cart back into the tack and cart room.

Lea started by un-strapping Mandy and helping her down from the cart, and then she released ‘Star’ from the pulling shafts. Then she led them both back outside and headed towards one of the pony dressage courts. As they got inside the court, Lea tied Mandy’s leash to post beside the marked area in the ground and locked her ankle-cuffs together. Then she held up the head-harness gag.

“Now comes the time when I need you to be quiet, dear.” Lea said with a smile. “I don’t want you to accidentally spook or disturb ‘Star’ while I train her.”

Mandy did not say anything; instead she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accept the gag.

Lea smiled warmly as she gently inserted the rather large penis plug into Mandy’s mouth and began tightening the straps. When she was done she looked Mandy in the eyes.

“Is it too tight, too loose or just right?” Lea asked.

Remembering what ‘Star’ had done Mandy shook her head to see how tight it was, and it turned out to be rather loose. Lea smiled and giggled as she tightened the straps one more notch. This time the gag didn’t wiggle when Mandy shook her head. She had worn her own ball-gag harness a lot tighter then this, but only rather short periods of time and she was not sure how long this would take so was she happy with how it was.

As Lea lowered her hands she ‘accidentally’ brushed her fingers over Mandy’s PVC covered breasts. Mandy was completely unprepared and the touch sent a shiver of excitement thru her spine and caused a soft moan. Lea smiled and gave her a playful pat on her butt, under the dress and directly on the soft PVC panties, before turning away and leading ‘Star’ onto the marked area on the ground.

Mandy looked at them as they walked away. She was dead sure the fingers brushing over her breasts had not been an accident, and the pat on her butt had definitely been deliberate. As she watched Lea starting to lead ‘Star’ thru various dressage routines with the reins and crop as guidance, she started thinking and fantasizing. Maybe Miss Lea was planning on keeping her tied up and use her for her own pleasures. Miss Lea was obviously at least bi-sexual, and the touch on Mandy’s breasts was a rather clear indication that she might be interested in Mandy.

But after some thought Mandy was sure that would not happen, for several reasons. Miss Lea did not seem like the kind of person who would force someone against their will, even though Mandy might not really be unwilling if it happened. And there was the booking she had made for the playroom later. If she did not make use of the room, the staff would start looking for her to find out why. And BP had very strict rules against forcing someone against their will, unless it was part of a Role Play. And any form of non-consensual Role Play could only be done in private or at a few specifically designated areas. And knowing Miss Lea was a regular visitor, Mandy was sure she would never do anything to risk lifetime banishment from the Paradise.

Mandy started paying more attention to what Lea was doing with ‘Star’. It only took a couple of minutes for Mandy to realize that the training ‘Star’ was receiving was advanced, to say the least. The complexity of the maneuvers and movements ‘Star’ was performing must have taken months, if not years, to master, and ‘Star’ performed them flawlessly. The training continued for about an hour with Lea varying the complexity of the routines from easy to extremely hard, but ‘Star’ mastered them all. During the whole training Lea never said anything other than calling out the maneuvers, neither praise nor critics but only the name of the maneuvers.

When the training was finally finished, Lea stood face to face with ‘Star’ and looked the pony-girl straight in the eyes.

“Very, very good, pony.” Lea said with a big warm smile. “You didn’t make a single mistake, I am very proud of you.”

As Lea lead ‘Star’ back towards Mandy, she could see the pony-girls face. It was shining with pride and happiness, and a glance towards the pony’s crotch told Mandy it was more then a little excited as well. Seeing the moisture, which was clearly not sweat, glistering around the wide leather crotch strap caused Mandy to slightly giggle behind her gag. Lea must have heard Mandy’s giggle, and seen where she looked, because she also glanced at the pony crotch and then also let out a soft giggle. Then ‘Star’ made a movement with her head that apparently had a special meaning, because Lea leaned her head and put her ear very close to the pony’s mouth. What ever ‘Star’ said it was too low for Mandy to hear, but it caused a huge smile on Lea’s face.

Without saying anything, and without removing Mandy’s gag, Lea untied Mandy’s leash and started leading her and ‘Star’ back towards the barn. As they entered the tack and cart room Lea again placed ‘Star’ between the pulling shafts of the cart they used before, and then helped Mandy onto the seat. Still without saying anything, Lea strapped Mandy to the backrest and after sitting down herself sent ‘Star’ moving with a slap from the crop. Mandy noticed that the slap had been quite harder then any slap she had given during the previous cart ride.

Lea steered the cart onto the dirt path leading back to the Mansion, and this time the speed was quite fast from the start. Mandy was curious to what was going on, but she had a slight suspicion. It didn’t take long before they reached the Mansion, and as they stopped outside one of the entrances Lea signaled one of the bell-boys standing there. As Lea waited for the bell-boy to get to them, she un-strapped Mandy and helped her down from the cart.

“What is your name?” Lea asked the bell-boy.

“Daniel, Miss.” The bell-boy replied.

“I will need your full name.”

“Daniel Schultz, Miss”

“Good. Can you please take this lovely girl back to her room? When you get to her door you can help her out of the armbinder so she can open it. Later today I will send you a nice big tip for the help, that’s why I needed you name.” Lea said with her big warm smile. “Oh, and to avoid any risk of misunderstanding and confusion, the gear she is wearing is her own.”

Lea then turned her head and looked at Mandy.

“I am sorry for the rather abrupt ending, but there is a reason for it that I will explain later. It has been a real pleasure meeting you Mandy, and I do hope we can meet again.”

As she was gagged Mandy could not answer with words, so instead she curtsied deeply.

Lea let out a warm, friendly laugh and then smacked the crop against ‘Star’s’ butt and headed back towards the Pet-Play area.

Mandy turned and looked at the bell-boy. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties and his uniform was made from shining black PVC. With a smile the bell-boy took her leash and started leading her inside the Mansion. As they reached the elevators Mandy was wondering how she would be able to tell him what floor her room was. That question got answered when they entered the elevator.

“Nod when I point at the right floor button.” Daniel said.

When he pointed at the right button Mandy nodded and he pressed it. As they arrived at Mandy’s floor, Daniel led her into the corridor.

“Just stop when we get to your door.” He said as they walked.

Mandy stopped outside her door and Daniel immediately started removing the armbinder.

“Here you go.” Daniel said as he handed her the armbinder.

Still being gagged, Mandy did another deep curtsy.

Daniel smiled and replied with a deep bow before he turned and walked back towards the elevators.

Mandy put her hand to the plate and her eye to the retina scanner and then headed into her room. Truth be told, she was so horny that she could have jumped the bell-boy right there in the corridor. It took Mandy an enormous amount of self-control not to push her hand inside her panties and masturbate. Not doing it right now would be torture, but saving it for the playroom would make that session so much greater. So she slowly took off the rest of the bondage gear, saving the gag for last, and the PVC outfit, and headed for the shower.

Tuesday Evening, Week One.

The shower helped her calm down a little, but she was still horny as hell as she sat down the armchair in her room. A glance at the clock on the bedside table told her it was 5:15pm, almost two hours left until her playroom was available. She ordered a light meal from room service and started flipping thru the channels, deliberately avoiding the local channels, and ended up with the international news channel. The news where the same as every other day, stock markets going up and down, accidents and murders and so on, but it did help keep her mind occupied until the alarm on the bedside table rang. She had set it so it would ring at 6:40, to give her 20 minutes to get ready and head to the rented play room.

Wearing nothing more then a set of plain, white cotton bra and panties covered by a bathrobe and carrying a small bag, she took the elevator down to the playrooms in the basement. The Mansion had two basement levels, the first was where the public dungeons were located, and the lowest one had the rentable, private playrooms. She quickly found the room she had rented and the door-lock clicked open when she put her hand to the plate and eye to the scanner.

The room was about the same size as the room she was living in, but it was completely empty except for the items and equipment she had requested. In the middle of the room was a double-bed sized, shining red PVC mattress. Thick, fur lined leather cuffs were placed at various strategic points around the mattress, with thin steel wires leading to small boxes screwed into the floor. At one end of the mattress was a large steel box with a pole sticking out from it, with a dildo attached to the end of the pole. It was quite obvious that the box was a fucking-machine. On a small, low table beside the machine was a laptop computer, the thing that would be controlling her planned session.

Mandy put her small bag on the mattress and then stripped off her clothes. She had rented the room for four hours, and she planed to take full advantage of as much time as possible. Although she wanted to start right away she still wanted to play it safe, so she took a couple of minutes to go thru the setting variations on the laptop. The fucking-machine had several random variations with different severity parameters. At first she was tempted to pick either the ‘Brutal’ or ‘Extreme’ variations, but decided it might be too much and settled for the one named ‘Heavy’. Looking at the clock on the laptop told her it was now 7:15, so she set the machine to start somewhere between 7:30 and 7:40, and for the whole scenario to end at 10:40, that would give her a full three hours session.

From the small bag she took out the panel-gag head-harness Miss Lea had bought for her. She had initially planed on using one of her ball-gags for this scenario, but she really liked the panel-gag and this was a perfect time to give it a good test. Sitting down on the mattress, Mandy started putting on the leather cuffs. One set went around her ankles, another around her thighs, a wide belt around her waist, a collar around her neck and the last set around her wrists. With the cuffs in place, she put on a padded leather-disk blindfold and then the panel-gag. This time she tightened the head-harness not one, but two notches tighter then Miss Lea had done. It was almost uncomfortable tight, and if worn for long it would become uncomfortable, but Mandy was confident she could stand it for three hours. And she would have other things to think about during those three hours as well.

Mandy lay down on her back on the mattress and made sure she was lying in the middle of it, and then simultaneously yanked hard on the wrist and ankle cuffs. The simultaneous yank was a signal to the control system that she was ready. A soft whining noise could be heard and almost immediately Mandy could feel the wires connected to the cuffs being pulled tighter by the motors in the small boxes screwed into the floor.

When the motors stopped, Mandy was spread-eagle with her hands and feet’s pulled towards the corners of the mattress and her thighs were pulled outwards to the sides, leaving her completely open and exposed. The belt around her waist and the collar around her neck prevented her from moving much at all, all she could do was wiggle a little, wiggle and wait for what was unavoidably going to happen. As she waited for the machine to start she tested her bonds, but there was no give what so ever. She was stuck, bound and helpless, just what she had wanted. The tightness was just right, tight enough to prevent her from moving, but not uncomfortably tight. Again she was glad she had selected ‘Tight’ and not one of the ‘Brutal’, ‘Painful’ or ‘Extreme’ settings for the bondage.

As she had no idea what time it was she had no clue how long before the machine might start, so she simply relaxed in the bondage and waited. Her mind soon started bringing up one of her favorite masturbation fantasies. In her fantasy she had been captured and bound by an unknown man who was going to use her for his own pleasures. She imagined the man was silently walking around the mattress, looking at her bound, naked body, while taking his clothes off and getting ready to fuck her. Mandy imagined him wearing a ski-mask, stroking his big cock as he slowly walked around the mattress, admiring the bound, gagged helpless woman.

She was so deep into her fantasy she actually yelped as she felt something press against her pussy. Her fantasy had gotten her juices flowing, so the intruder had no problem pushing inside her soaking wet pussy. As the first surprise faded she felt a stint of disappointment at the size of the intruder, if felt like it was about the same size, but softer, as one of her medium dildos at home. It slowly pushed its way to the bottom of her pussy and then kind of ‘roamed around’ inside her for a few seconds before it slowly withdrew completely, leaving Mandy a little disappointed.

But the disappointment only lasted a few seconds. The intruder returned, but this time it was both thicker and firmer. This time it pushed inside her harder, just barely hitting the bottom of her pussy before pulling to where only the head was still inside, then pushing in again. Mandy gasped and moaned as the machine started fucking her fairly slow, but hard. She now felt sure that the first penetration must have been a test to see how deep she was, and the ‘roaming around’ must have been to decide how thick she could take it.

The slow but hard fucking went on for several minutes until the intruder was pulled fully out. Many was sweating and breathing very hard by now, she was horny as hell but the slow fucking had not been enough to bring her over the edge. Then she felt something new, the dildo was being slapped against her pussy, and clit. It was something a real man might do her, and had done at one time actually, and she was amazed at how advanced the machine was. The slapping continued for a whole minute before it suddenly stopped. Mandy was on the verge of a huge orgasm when it stopped and she screamed out her frustration thru the large penis gag filling her mouth.

Suddenly the dildo was forced hard and fast into her pussy, immediately starting to fuck her harder and much faster then the first time. Mandy was not sure but it did feel like the dildo was even thicker this time, but she did not have time to reflect on it. A mere few seconds after the fucking started she was pushed over the edge and her mind exploded in an enormous orgasm. It was among the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced and she literally passed out for a minute.

When she came back to consciousness, it took Mandy a few seconds to realize where she was, and in what situation. The dildo was not inside her anymore, but she was still tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded. ‘That was a nice start’ she thought to herself as she enjoyed the afterglow of the huge orgasm. Her rest was not long lived though, as she after what could not been more then a minute again felt the dildo pressing against her pussy. This time she was sure the dildo was thicker than before.

This time she was fucked rather slow and gently, probably to let her adjust to the thicker size she thought. The fucking went on for some time before Mandy noticed that it was slowly getting harder and faster, a slow but steady increase in speed and intensity. She was again soaking wet and horny as hell and desperately trying to hump herself against the dildo, but the tight bondage ensured she could not move more then an inch. As the fucking got harder and faster Mandy started sweating and breathing hard, getting closer and closer to another huge orgasm.

To Mandy it almost felt like the machine was deliberately going just hard and fast enough to keep her on the edge, but not pushing her over it. And it kept it like that for a long time, almost driving her insane. She thrashed in her bonds and screamed thru her gag, but still she was stuck on the very edge. Then the dildo started literally slamming into her at a furious speed and Mandy was finally pushed over the edge. This time it was like her entire body exploded, stars and lights flashing before her eyes as her body shook and thrashed in the tight bondage. Just as she thought it was over it all started again, and she realized she was experiencing her first ever multiple orgasm. The second orgasm was so strong, and being already drained from the first, she passed out again.

This time it took longer before she came back to consciousness, and it took her well over a minute to again realize where she was. She almost hoped the session would be over because she felt completely drained, and sore. But that was not to be. Not long after she again felt the dildo being slapped against her pussy and clit, but since she was a bit sore it actually hurt a little. But the machine took no notice of that and continued the slapping for several minutes, before it again forced the dildo inside her.

But this time something was different. The dildo was still as thick as before but it felt a little softer, and that helped her sore pussy. And there was another difference too. When the dildo went fully inside something was pressed against her clit, something that was vibrating gently. Again the machine fucked her slow and gently at first, before starting to slowly increase in speed and intensity. And as the fucking got harder and faster, the thing pressing against her clit as the dildo hit bottom started vibrating harder. At first, Mandy did not feel much pleasure, but mostly pain from her sore pussy. The slow built up continued for a long time, and Mandy soon started feeling only pleasure again.

Instead of keeping her on the edge like the last time, this time the machine kept increasing the speed and intensity continuously, and Mandy was again thrashing in her bonds as the orgasm got closer and closer. Then the dildo was slammed fully inside her and kept pressing against the bottom of her pussy, with the vibrating thing pressed hard against her clit. The feeling of the dildo stuffing her full and the heavy vibrations against her clit literally threw Mandy over the edge into THE strongest orgasm she had ever experienced. Her mind felt like it was being ripped apart, and her body shook so violently that had she not been bound she would have flown of the mattress. Her mind was filled with flashing lights before it went completely blank as she passed out for the third time.

When she finally came back, Mandy felt more drained then she had ever done before in her whole life. With a stint of fear, she realized she was still bound. The dildo was not inside her, but she was still tightly bound to the mattress. ‘Oh my God, it’s not over yet’ she thought to herself. She was not sure how much more of this she could take. It was almost with a feel of dread that she waited to feel the dildo starting to press against her now very sore pussy. But it didn’t happen. After what felt like an eternity of waiting for the dildo, but what was probably not more then a minute or to, she felt the tension in her cuffs starting to lessen. She was being released.

When the wires had been slacked enough, Mandy unbuckled the panel-gag and stretched her aching jaw. She had been right; it had become quite uncomfortable in the end. The fucking had kept her mind off it, but during the last wait it had hurt quite a bit. Next she took of the blindfold and then removed all the leather cuffs. Her knees felt too week to stand so she crawled to the laptop and checked the log. The last fucking had been the longest, and it had lasted almost 45 minutes. She thanked God she had been smart enough not to pick the ‘Brutal’ or ‘Extreme’ settings. If the ‘Hard’ was this intense, she was certain any of the others would have been way too much for her.

A look at the clock told her it was now 10:50, and she had to leave the room within ten minutes. She put on her plain, white cotton underwear and the bathrobe, packed the gag and blind fold in the bag and left the room, on rather wobbly legs. She was glad it was not too far to the elevator and before long she was back in her room. Feeling completely exhausted, Mandy simply dropped the bag and the bathrobe on the floor and collapsed in the bed, not even bothering taking a shower. Within a minute she was sleeping deeply.



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