Bondage Reality

by Jya Byrd

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Storycodes: F/f+; bond; scifi; chastity; training; corset; collar; spank; ponygirl; hood; gag; buttplug; conditioning; cons; reluct; X

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Chapter Eight

Kelly knew she was trapped. She couldn't refuse the offer, not that she really want to, but she had to remain in control.

She asked herself, "What would Periwinkle do?" and immediately came up with the answer.

Be Periwinkle.

"So," She said imitating Periwinkle's accent, "Aincha got no more o' dat horsey shit?"

Mistress frowned briefly, then a smile spread across her face as she caught the reference.. "I've often thought you were too clever for your own good. It is nice to see that I was correct."

Kelly did not like the sound of that. Mistress was actually giggling as she typed something into her pad. "While we wait for Kelly's gear to arrive, who would like to be next?" Every hand had shot up. "Donna? What would you like?"

"That and more!" Donna squeaked, pointing to Judith's outfit.

"What do you mean by more dear?" Mistress asked far too nicely.

"Tighter, higher and...." Donna squirmed in her seat, pressing her hands to the front of her chastity. "I don't know....MORE!"

"As you wish." Mistress walked to a different section of drawers, rejecting any suggestion her helpers made. "There!" she finally declared as she displayed a heavy leather corset, "Will this suffice?"

Donna was beyond words as she pulled off the little clothing she wore.

Despite Mistress telling her to keep still,' Donna was unable to stop fidgeting as her new bra captured her breasts. Flat chains flowed over her shoulders to where the shining metal cups joined at her cleavage. Donna breathed a deep moan as the lock snapped shut.

She squirmed so badly as she was fitted into the corset, Mistress was forced to spank her.

Which honestly only made things worse.

Kelly noticed a slight change in the coloring of Donna's collar. A thin gold band was shining between two red stripes. Trying not to be obvious, Kelly looked at the rest of her class.

They all had the extra golden stripe.

Kelly had a suspicion of what that meant. If only she could see her own collar.

"Tighter! Much tighter!" Donna pleaded, pulling Kelly's attention back to her friend.

"Am I going to wear one of those?" The hated voice had slipped into her head. "it looks incredible!"

Kelly fought to maintain control, but felt herself being shoved into darkness. Her last thought was wishing she could confirm that the new color was being added to her collar.

"Hey, NO! Don't!" Was echoing in Kelly's mind as she regained control.

She saw a collar dropped on a desk and realized it was her collar. More importantly, it rested next to a chastity belt.

HER belt!

Kelly's hands shot to her crotch. She had never felt her pussy before, at least, not since it got interesting!

And she was denied that yet again. Her hand were

Not exactly a turn-on, but she was rarely in any position to argue. Her hands had been forced into fists and laced tightly into a boot that squeezed her arm up to the elbow.

"Stop squirming!" A strange voice commanded.

Kelly took a deep breath and tried to understand what she had missed. A downward glance confirmed that she wore matching boots on her feet. They had a high arc, making her balance on the ball of her feet..

Without a heel for support.

Her head was encased in a tight hood that had flaps at the side that severely restricted her vision.

A strange girl approached with a posture collar. Kelly did not wait to be told to raise her chin. She felt the laces being pulled tightly as the leather molded to her neck. After the cords had been knotted, Kelly was unable to look down, or even straight forward.

A corset was placed around her middle and severely tightened. Rubbing her upper arms against it told Kelly that it was probably leather.

Her arms were folded behind her forearms were trapped by a sheath. A strap connected the arm sheath to her collar, forcing her head further back.

Kelly realized Mistress had been right. This was more than she could handle.

"Excuse me..." She said politely.

A line of pain crossed her ass. "Ponies don't talk!" The strange voice said again.

"I only wanted to.." Kelly tried again.

"Gag Her!"

Kelly had always been able to stop when things got too intense. She didn't like being treated like a mannikin. She hoped to hear Mistress Anna telling them to stop

A tormentor approached with a gag that was new to Kelly. It looked like a large H with straps and a flat plate added to the middle bar.

Before she had a chance to voluntarily open her mouth, she felt another stripe of pain across her ass. With practiced ease, the gag was shoved into place.

Kelly had always felt a sense of comfort from being bound. Although helpless, she had been protected.

Now she was just being used.

The flat plate pressed on the back for tongue. She bit on the rod and tried to push the plate out.

No effect. Because of the new collar, she couldn't even shake her head, not that it would have accomplished anything.

"Don't." The woman who had been directing her bondage moved in front and looked down at her. She lightly pulled the bottom of the H. "Talk."

Kelly had been biting down on the rod as hard as she could, but it had absolutely no effect on the plate.

It pressed down an the back of her tongue, causing Kelly to choke. Through watering eyes, Kelly saw the cruel grin grow on her face.

Kelly felt her stubborn side rise. "Bring it on bitch!!" she yelled.

The gag worked too well, and her words were garbled.

Humming tonelessly, the woman clipped a pair of reins to the bottoms of the H, and them gave them a sharp yank.

Kelly stumbled forward, unable to fight the commanding gag.

While Kelly had been distracted with the gagging, someone had finished tightening her corset and pulled a strap roughly between her legs.

As bad as that was, the buttplug that was forced into her was far worse. Kelly could not even go on her tip toes to lessen its effect; the boots she wore had already made her stand tall.

Suddenly, the bondage and all her discomfort did not matter. She heard Mistress Anna address The rest of her class...But she was talking to their alternate personalities.

"On the screen you'll see the five questions that must NEVER occur to your host. If you sense her thoughts heading in the direction of any of these, immediately distract her by making her horny.....Hornier."

Kelly desperately tried to see what these questions were. The blinders on her hood combined with the posture collar kept her from seeing the board.

"Out!" The strange woman commanded, pulling the reins. Kelly had to move as she was led from her classroom.

"Get those knees up!" the woman hissed in the hallway. "Higher!" she snarled, applying her quirt to the back of Kelly's legs.

"She's too stupid to be led. Give me a second here.." She mumbled as she took the reins off the bottom of the H and attached them to the top. "Now she will obey....PRANCE!" The woman commanded from behind. Kelly took her next step. "Higher, faster, higher! Get that leg up you useless cow!" Every word was accompanied by a slash from the quirt. Kelly mindlessly obeyed, doing anything to avoid further torment.

Soon, Kelly was allowed to stop. The whip no longer really hurt, the last few blows had just been dull thuds.

The bitch snarled at her assistants, "Strap a high-walker on her and set the timer for an hour."

The reins were attached to the front of the H and Kelly was led into a long room that had a few chains hanging from the ceiling. One of the silent girls attached a spreader bar to her ankles.

Kelly had worn far longer bars, this one was about a foot long. It didn't hold her legs apart to the side, but forced one boot to be a foot in front of the other.

One girl lightly pulled on the reins while the other balanced Kelly as she attempted a step. That was when Kelly understood the design of her newest restraint. The bar forced her knees up with every step. It took less than a minute until Kelly had mastered the gait she was required to use.

Then the girls snapped the chains to her H and left her. With a soft rattle the chains swung forward and Kelly dutifully followed.

The chains led her in a long oval. Before she had completed her first circuit, Kelly was...well...bored.

Fortunately, she had a lot to think on. This inner voice, "kiki," was getting instructions?

Fucking mind control?

Did she have any privacy? Were her inner most thoughts and dreams on display?

And what were the five forbidden questions? Kelly adjusted her stride into another turn, making her inner thighs lightly rub together. The worst part of it all was that damned buttplug. It had a long tail attached to it, and each step caused the tail to swish back and forth. Kelly realized she had been shifting her ass to increase the sway.

She was unable to stop. Her bondage forced her into wriggling her ass, inviting attention.

Not what she wanted!

At least her usual belt didn't force her to shake her ass like Periwinkle did when she seduced the anal-bandit.

They had taken her belt and collar and she really wasn't sure how she felt about it.

She didn't care about her collar, but this was the longest she had been belt-free since....forever!

Her hands might have been laced into those weird hoof sheaths, but Kelly was sure she would still be able to rub where she needed to be rubbed.

So...all she had to do was get her arms free.

Mistress Anna had never taught her anything on escapes, but Kelly had another source that was much more informative.


The tightening gag told her to turn again. How long was this going to last?

Oh yeah, an hour.

What had she been thinking about.....Periwinkle!

In The Last Scajaquada Dungeon episode, Periwinkle had explained to Ginger Dawn how she had escaped.

"You have to escape before they start to bind you." She had said.

Well fuck. Not very helpful.

Kelly had never wanted to escape before this. Who would? Bondage was fun, it made her feel good...protected!

This was just enforced bullying. Her ass and thighs had a deep ache that was probably going to worsen overnight.

But if they were going to bind her and then leave her, she would be time.

Kelly continued to replay everything that had happened that day. Deep in thought she didn't notice when the chains stopped urging her forward until she walked into them.

Her silent attendants entered and removed the spreader bar. As they led her from the room. Kelly continued to walk with her knees high.

In a slightly smaller room, they removed her gag, leather cap, corset and the stupid buttplug. The room contained long, deep trays filled with a veggie mash and others contained cold water. The back half was covered in hay at least two foot deep.

There was a hole in one corner with an unpleasant odor. After more than an hour of her ass being violated, she desperately needed to visit it!

It wasn't easy to squat in her strange heels and with her arms still bound, but she managed.

And the less said about that, the better.

Kelly shifted her feet a bit and was shocked when a jet of water was blasted between her legs! She knew all-too-well what a bidet was; every belted girl welcomed the aid in keeping clean, she just hadn't been expecting it.

Nor had she anticipated how a stream of water felt against the part of her body that had always been covered by a metal shield.

It felt very nice.

Very VERY nice!

Kelly rocked a bit, allowing the water to lightly batter her clit.


The door opened and two girls entered, both of them high-stepping. Kelly stepped away from her new best friend, acting as if she had just been cleaning up.

"Hi! I'm Kelll......." Kelly stated to introduce herself. The other two shied and ran to a far wall, cowering as they stared at her.

Kelly was reminded of the asshole with the whip and her "Ponies don't talk" bullshit. Apparently, some others believed it.

Kelly tried nodding and stamping as a horse would, trying NOT to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. The other 'girls' calmed a little, but they still kept their distance.

More girls entered until the room held more than a dozen bound girls.

Some ate, some drank, some washed while some took to the straw and ate pussy.

Kelly's eyes widened. This place had possibilities!

She saw an opening....then shook her head at her unplanned pun.

She saw an opportunity as a girl lay on her back, her legs splayed widely apart while her mouth was busy pleasuring another girl...who was licking another...who was...

Kelly stopped trying to analyze it and knelt before the glistening pussy.

Her first lick tasted just like...straw.

Using her chin to clear a path, Kelly was far happier with subsequent licks. As she explored her new friend's pussy, she felt a stranger's tongue licking her.

With a happy little squeak, Kelly began to explore the moistness before her.

Hours later, she nuzzled whatever part of a girl was handy. For the first time in her life, she was sated. Her body had enjoyed countless orgasms and she had licked pussy until her jaw ached.

Kelly noticed that some of the girls had small scars on the back of their ankles. She was the only one wearing the pony boots.

No, not some, most of them were scarred.

No....ALL of them had a straight, SURGICAL scar where the Achilles tendon was.

She sat up and stared at the naked bodies sleeping around her. She was relieved that no other scars were visible.Those scars meant they had all had a tendon shrtened. They walked on the balls of their feet beause they HAD to. They were unable to lower their heels to the ground.

Then she spotted a small scar on a neck.

Where the voice box was. Where it had been!

The scar was small, but they all seemed to have one.

Kelly did not get any sleep that night.

The next morning, the two assistants removed the rest of Kelly's restraints and brought her to a small office. Kelly watched for any opportunity to escape.

The head bitch sat behind a desk. There were a few forms and a pen in front of her.

"Well Kelly, I hope you had a pleasant night. It looks like you were too busy to get much sleep!"

Kelly didn't trust herself to respond.

After a few seconds of silence, the bitch continued, "Excellent, you understand that ponies never talk! Now, As soon as you sign these consent forms, we can begin your training as a REAL pony!"

"What if I don't wish to be a pony?" Kelly asked, keeping her voice soft and polite.

"Didn't you enjoy your evening?"

"It was very nice." Kelly replied, trying to mask the horror she felt. "But I'm afraid a steady diet of that might..." She paused as if searching for the proper word, "Spoil me."

The bitch frowned. Obviously, she was not used to being denied. "There are many other delights waiting for you, AFTER you sign!"

"You are most kind, but I must decline your offer." There, the die had been cast. Kelly prepared herself for the inevitable fight.

The bitch stared at Kelly, trying to force her to submit. Kelly did not react.

Finally, "Fine! Send her back!" As she turned her back, Kelly knew it would not be that easy. "Gag her first."

The girls on either side reached for arms that were no longer there. Kelly had dropped to the floor and was scampering on hands and knees to the door. She would have made it if there had only been two girls with her.

There were three.

A hard body landed on Kelly's back. Her arms were wretched behind her back as the hated gag was forced into her mouth. Her hands were bound palm-to-palm as the straps of the gag were buckled closed.

A rope from her bound wrists was tied to the top of the H, making the gag press down on her tongue. Coughing and choking, Kelly was pushed out of the office.

Sprawled in the hallway, Kelly could see that she was alone. That was when she relaxed and released the loop of rope she had hidden between her palms.

Relaxing also made her wrists smaller. In seconds, her hands were free and the gag was removed.

Periwinkle had been right. you had to escape before you were tied.

She was tempted to throw the gag at the door in contempt, but she decided to keep it. A piece of metal tied to a rope made an excellent weapon.

She looked at the featureless hallway. Which way lead back to her classroom? She remembered passing the cafeteria, Soooo....

Kelly inhaled and detected the faint odor of onions. She chuckled as she followed the scent. Didn't even need Periwinkle for that one!

In short order, Kelly opened the door of her homeroom. There were no students inside, Just Mistress Anna sitting near a wooded contraption.

Mistress looked at her pad and then laughed in delight. "She's back in under five minutes CARRYING the gag. Doubled and re-doubled!"

The person she had been talking with, cursed and loudly ended the connection. Smiling broadly, Mistress put down her pad and motioned Kelly forward. "For weeks that bitch has been telling me what she would do if she was your Mistress." Mistress Anna swirled a red liquid around in a tall stemmed glass before drinking a small portion of it. "With all the gags we have laying about, you would hope she would know when to keep quiet!"

She pointed to the wooden device and motioned Kelly to sit on it. "She just lost her O-Time for the next..." Mistress paused, doing math in her head, "Next four and a half months!" Laughing, she downed the rest of her drink, only to refill it from a large bottle Kelly hadn't noticed.

Kelly sat on the chair, her legs dangling a few inches above the floor. "O-Time?" She asked, suspecting she knew the answer.

"Orgasm Time!" Mistress answered with a laugh, her glass already empty. "Ever hear the expression, 'Love makes the world go 'round?' Well dearie, It ain't love, it's orgasms! People will do just about anything to have one."

Kelly heard Mistress slightly slurring her words and realized it might be her only opportunity to get her questions answered. "Even you?" She started with.

"Of course even me!" Companies can only pay you with money, it's the government that distributes O-Time!"

"What?" Kelly asked, totally confused.

"People who break the law don't cum! And as we are always horny, it is safer to not piss off the Mayor!"

"Why are you always..." Kelly managed to say before being interrupted.

"Let me give you an example. You see that sweet, little chastity belt over there?"

Kelly nodded.

"It's the newest model, just packed full of new features!"

"Such as?" Kelly asked.

"It easily locks on, just press it together and like magic it locks in place! It has cameras and microphones and even a GPS so the government will always know where you are and what you are doing."

"Like my collar does." Kelly mused.

"All that and more! It can even punish you if you get naughty! Now here is the best part, you don't have to wear it if you don't want to! Ain't that nice?"

Kelly waited for the 'But.'

"But, if you yourself put it on, then you agree to being locked in it. Sound fair?"

"I imagine you plan on forcing me to wear it."

"Oh no!" Mistress claimed, acting innocent. "All I'm going to do is count backwards from ten. And if you are not belted by the time I reach zero, you are free! You'll never have your sweet little pussy locked up again!"

"No tricks?"

"Of course there are tricks." Mistress Anna laughed again, "The trick is; you will get hornier with every number, but you can't cum until you hear 'Zero!'"

"What is going to stop me?"


Kelly was very confused. How was a simple countdown supposed to make her want the belt?


It was nice being naked. As a kid she hadn't cared and as an adult she had always been locked up. Now she was finally able to look at her pussy. Those silly numbers had no effect on her.


She felt a pleasant warmth surrounding her, relaxing her. She was content to just sit here and wait for Mistress to be finished with her numbers. Hopefully she could convince her into some bondage games afterwords.


Kelly didn't know where to put her arms, nothing seemed right. Finally, she just let them rest in her lap. Unconsciously, her fingers began to rub and pull her labia apart.

She was very wet.


Two fingers pressed against her slit, causing her nether lips to spread and allowing the moisture to dampen her hand. She rubbed the side of her clit without effect. She could neither hasten nor stop her growing passion. Determined to not give Mistress a show, she sat back, her hands folded in her lap, silently insisting that she was unaffected.


Her fingers slid inside her and brought more of her wetness out to coat her clit. She arched her back, luxuriating in the warmth that was spreading throughout her body. She cupped her breast with one hand as her thighs squeezed the other. It all felt good but nothing felt good enough!


Frantically, she rubbed her clit, desperately seeking release. But her frustration was growing as quickly as her need. She might just as well have been bound for all she was able to do. That thought triggered memories from the night. having a girl on top of her, grinding her pussy into Kelly's mouth as another licked her own pussy.


Mistress's voice stayed calm, ignoring the hurricane of lust that consumed Kelly away. Unable to trust her balance, Kelly slid to the floor. Make it stop, make it STOP!


Kelly began to sob. It was too much. She had lost. She was helpless. Maybe if she was tied down it would have been slightly more bearable. But her body was free.

It was her mind that was trapped!

"One." Here it came. it felt like a lifetime had passed since the ordeal had started. Her pussy was on fire, creating a steady stream of sticky fluid that puddled on the floor.Her body pulsed in time with her heartbeat. Each second pushed her closer to a release that was always just a bit beyond her reach. Kelly took a deep breath, preparing for the last number.

That didn't come.

Kelly turned to her Mistress, ready to beg for that one word.

Mistress silently motioned to the table.

And to the chastity belt on the table.

Kelly couldn't walk, she couldn't even crawl. So she pulled her body to the table and managed to force herself onto her knees. Her arms were badly shaking, but she was able to grab the belt and close the waistband into place.

She grabbed the crotch piece and tried to press it against the waistbelt, but she couldn't stop shaking long enough to properly position it.

She sank to the floor several times before pure chance allowed her to click it home.



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