Bondage Reality

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2016-2023 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; scifi; chastity; conditioning; chair; collar; straps; oral; spank; sleepsack; cuffs; reluct; X

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Chapter Nine

The floor was sticky.

It took Kelly a while to notice as her mind had taken a short vacation.

Apparently there is a limit to how pleasure a body can take. At first the orgasm had been amazing and Kelly had wished they would never end.

Her feelings turned to terror as it didn't end. She was trapped in an endless cycle where her body spasmed as she came and came and....leaked.

She looked up at Mistress Anna, smugly watching her this whole time.

“Mmmmpph?” Kelly said. She had tried to say “Mistress,” but that was blocked by a gag.

When the hell had THAT happened?

Mistress threw her a towel. “Clean up your mess,” she said dryly.

Kelly dried the floor as best as she could, but it really needed a good scrubbing. Kelly smiled ruefully, she needed one as well. Without awaiting permission, Kelly unbuckled her gag.

“Now who is going to disobey any authority who holds that kind of power?” Mistress asked. “Face it, You would have done anything to cum!”

“True,” Kelly admitted, “But now that I know about it, I should be able to find a way around it.”

“You'll soon forget all about it.”

“No I won't!” Kelly insisted.

“Kiki, have her forget the number six.” Mistress said calmly.

Kelly was confused. Had Mistress just said something?

“How many fingers do you have? Mistress asked.

“Ten.” Kelly answered. What kind of question was that?

“Count them.”

Kelly mentally shrugged and held her hands up, bending each finger as it was counted. “One, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, nine, ten...” One finger had not been counted! She must have made a mistake! She tried again, “One, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven!”

She stared at her hands. She KNEW there were ten fingers, but she kept counting eleven!

“Kiki, restore memory.”

Again she heard Mistress mumble something, but the words made no sense. “Count again!” She was commanded.

This time they added up to ten. How had she forgotten the number six?

“Didn't you wonder why your sister brought you to this school as quickly as she could?” Mistress asked. “She had been programmed to do it during her time here. She believes it so you could learn about the world and adjust to the changes, but that is not quite the truth. We need you here before you have a chance to explore your body on your own.

“Every orgasm you have ever had, happened while you were bound.” Mistress continued, “You are incapable of cumming without being bondage. It is one reason why I gagged you. The other reason was because I can. were too fucking loud.

“Okay. Three reasons. Thanks to your month of training, we can make you forget whatever we please.” Mistress smiled unpleasantly, “We also will make you remember things that never happened.”

Kelly interrupted her finger count, relaxing a little, every time she said six. “But what's the point?”

Mistress's voice got louder. “The POINT is, you do as you are told without considering any alternatives. When you left the pony area, did you look for an exit? You weren't wearing your belt or collar; there was nothing keeping you here.”

“No,” Kelly admitted. She almost added, 'Why would I?' but realized that would only prove Mistress was right. “I WAS naked, you know.” As Mistress seemed to be in a chatty mood, Kelly wanted to get a few more answers. “What does the collar do? Other than record everything I say.”

“Your collar helped us create a new personality in you. I had many an interesting conversations with kiki. You might be able to hide your thoughts from me, but kiki heard them all and was eager to share! She was only able to take over when you were collared.”

“Does she leave when I take off the collar?” Kelly hoped.

Mistress laughed. “Of course not! She will always be a part of you.”

“We will see about that.” Kelly thought.

“I have to admit that you were my favorite, so spunky! It's a shame they won't allow your rebellious spirit to remain. But that is not my decision to make.

'Enough of this!” Mistress said, interrupting Kelly's thoughts, “There is just time for a quickie before they come for you. Go to the chair!”

Kelly's mind was in a whirl. There was too much information, too quickly. As she attempted to make sense of it all, she obediently climbed into the chair again.

“Not on it, in front of it!” Mistress corrected. “C'mon, hurry, I don't want to be interrupted!”

Kelly saw that the wood on the tall chairs legs was curved to hold someone. She dutifully pressed her body into place. Her chin rested on the seat. A curved piece of wood went behind her neck, completing the collar and trapping her.

Her hands fitted into individual stocks on the sides. More wood forced her tightly against the chairs legs. Her legs rested on the floor. Unbound but useless.

Out of the corner of her eye, Kelly was just able to see Mistress remove her dress, revealing a fancy bra, garter belt and chastity belt. She then opened a small door in the side of a cabinet. The number 96:37 glowed on a green screen above a keyboard. Mistress punched in a few numbers and a small hatch opened.

The glowing numbers began counting down; 36, 35, 34...

She swiftly unlocked her belt and hurried to Kelly's bound form. She climber the chair and maneuvered herself into position with her pussy an inch in front of Kelly's bound head.

“I know you'll do your best,” Mistress said, “But have a little inspiration! Tennineeightsevensixfivefourthreetwo” She said rapidly.

Kelly gasped as her body exploded with need. Her cries were blocked by the pussy shoved against her mouth. Kelly attacked the already dripping lips with her own, hoping it might somehow ease her all-consuming lust.

Frantically, she licked and sucked. Using the scant freedom of her bondage to worm deeper into her Mistress's pussy.

She was quickly rewarded by a gush of fluid that coated her face. Instead of being satisfied, The orgasm made Mistress shove herself against Kelly's face even harder.

Again and again, Mistress exploded in pleasure as Kelly was trapped on the edge of release!

Kelly's tongue was numb and her jaw was cramping, yet she continued her assault on the insatiable pussy. She cried in torment when it finally was pulled out of reach. She saw her Mistress stumble to the cabinet and shakily pull her chastity up her trembling legs.

Locking it on, she slammed the key into the hatch, stopping the green countdown.

Mistress used a new towel to dry herself and put on her dress. As she brushed her hair back, she finally noticed Kelly's anguished cries of frustration.

“Awww, do you need relief?” Mistress asked in mock concern. Kelly nodded almost imperceptibly. “I can fix that! Threefourfivesixseveneightnineten!”

Kelly's body shook as her need abruptly vanished. The echoes of her desperation could still be felt, but her body was no longer spasming.

Kelly heard the door open, but her position prevented her from seeing who entered. “Come right in, ladies!” Mistress said merrily, “She's all yours!” Multiple hands opened Kelly's restraints that then helped her up on a rolling gurney. She was secured to the rolling table by a dozen leather straps.. Periwinkle had taught her to plan her escapes before she was bound, but how do you escape from your own mind?

Before they blindfolded her, Kelly saw a green 87:14. All that took less than ten minutes? Kelly mused. It seemed so much longer.

“I'm going to miss you Kelly!” Mistress yelled as Kelly was rolled out of the room.

“Periwinkle!” Kelly thought. “The next time I hear her name, I'll remember all this!”

They snapped on her collar and she felt kiki force herself to the surface. As Kelly lost control and began to sink into the welcoming darkness, she kept repeating “Periwinkle,” In an attempt to make it impossible for anyone to erase from her memory.

Kelly fidgeted, waiting for the morning bell to release the shackles around her ankles. She still couldn't fully believe that it was finally Graduation Day! The previous week had kept her very busy as she and her classmates had helped all the Mistresses with the newbies.

She had experimented with most of the classes, but quickly found the area that gave her the most pleasure.

Introduction to spanking!

As much as she had hated being spanked, she loved being the one doing the smacking. Although she had discovered it did not take long for her own hand to swell.

Kelly flexed it a few times. It was back to normal and ready to redden any willing ass. And especially any unwilling ones!

Finally, her manacles snapped open as the bell rang. She moved to the other bed where Donna remained snoring. Kelly had yet to find a gag that could silence those nightly roars. She smiled wickedly, “I'll just have to keep trying!”

Donna's family ran a bakery and Kelly was invited to work there until she started school in the fall. It was going to be a great summer!

Had Donna been awakened by the bell, having her manacles open would not have freed her. Kelly would bind her to her bed each night. As graduation drew nearer, the bondage grew increasingly severe.

On this final night, Donna had been encased by a black-leather sleep-sack. It had been tightly laced down her front until it molded to her every curve. There were a dozen inch-wide straps wrapped around her body, each one secured by a small, brass padlock. There were twenty-eight D rings on each side of the bag that Kelly had roped them all to the edge of her bed.

The matching helmet with built-in gag was also locked on.

Donna had been denied the ability to wiggle...anything! She was blind, deafened and silenced. Kelly felt her juices flow beneath her belt, She needed to grind her pussy into Donna's face and cum!

Of course, as both her pussy and Donna's mouth were covered, that was not going to happen.

Kelly realized she had been wasting time admiring her handiwork when she should have been removing it. All night toys had to be neatly stowed before the second bell or demerits would quick;y accrue.

As this was her last day here, she had no idea what that meant and she was not eager to find out.

She had only gotten as far as unlocking the straps when Judith and Joy hurried into the bedroom. “I TOLD you she would need help!” Joy said.

“Did I argue?” Judith answered as she began untying the many small ropes that stretched the sleep-sack.

Donna didn't wake until they were pulling her out of her leather nightie. The four girls were just able to put all the restraints away before the second bell sounded.

Then they all headed for their morning shower, naked except for their collars and belts.

After a short wait in line, they washed everything that they could reach. Then each one dutifully spread their legs and snapped thick cuffs to each ankle, holding their legs nicely spread. They raised their arms over their heads and pressed their wrists into cuffs that automatically locked.

The water shut off as the nurse swayed in on her stilettos. Kelly always wondered why she didn't want to get wet, Her nurses uniform was all latex, wasn't that the point?

The nurse unlocked each belt and examined both the girl and the belt for any signs of wear.

Kelly sighed blissfully as her pussy was blasted with warm water. It felt so good, just not quite good enough. She had hoped someone would have been on punishment detail and would have been “Forced” to clean her by tongue.

No such luck.

Her eyes widened when she realized that might have been her punishment had her friends not arrived to help her free Donna. Kelly was strictly a 'Better to get than give' girl.

Warm air attempted to dry her, but it was a lost cause. Kelly lived in a state of perpetual wetness. The rare orgasms she earned only made her hungry for more.

She was surprised when her belt was taken out of the shower room and a trolley was rolled in front of each of them with a new chastity belt on it.

Kelly wriggled in happiness as the new belt was placed on her. The waist band fit perfectly over her hips. The front shield was tight without pressing against her. Kelly pouted, she could use some pressing.

Once each girl was properly belted, their shackles popped open and they were free.

As free as they ever were.

They ran their hands over the belts, admiring the fit and seeing how much movement they were allowed. The secondary shield was as impenetrable as ever. Oh well, She really hadn't expected anything else, but there was always hope.

They all stared at the nurse as she spoke. She had never said a word to them before.

”Group of four. Punishment level one. Two seconds.”

The girls twisted in pain as electricity violated their most sensitive flesh. The brief pain was unbearable.

”Group of four. Punishment level two. One second.”

They were all on the floor. Kelly and Judith were openly sobbing. What had they done wrong?

”Group of four. Punishment level ten.........Cancel.” The nurse smirked, knowing the panic her little joke had caused.

Kelly could not breathe. If level two had been that bad, ten was.....unimaginable.

She was still trying to understand what was happening when the nurse said,

”Group of four; pleasure level one. On. Pilots, forget last command.” Then, she left. The girls weren't able to understand the last command.

Their belts vibrated softly, understandably. They would never realize they were receiving constant pleasure. All they would know was it felt good to be belted.

Knowing they were on a strict schedule, the girls hurried back to their rooms to dress. The outfits they had chosen hung in the otherwise empty closet. The rest of their lingerie, which was all they ever wore, had already been shipped to their homes.

Kelly wore her favorite corset with garters that stretched under her belt. Stockings and stilettos.

Donna always needed more. She had on her chastity bra, as irremovable as her belt, a waist cincher and ballet boots. Kelly marveled at the ease which Donna was able to walk in them. It seemed a shame that they now had to cover their lingerie with a plain white smock that almost reached to their knees.

But that was what adults wore.

As they walked towards their classroom for the last time, Kelly couldn't believe it was all almost over. It seemed like a few hours and a lifetime ago that she had first been bound.

Mistress Anna waited for them wearing a blue dress.

“That's a very nice color Mistress,” Magda commented, “What is it called?”

Mistress smiled. “Periwinkle.”

Kelly considered the name...periwinkle. How pretty. I wonder what we are having for lunch?



Kelly was frustrated. She had only been working in the bakery for a month and things could not be worse.

It turned out that eating cookies and doughnuts all day will quickly add-on the pounds.

And her belt did NOT expand.

Donna claimed it happened to everyone who worked at the bakery and there was an easy diet.

Donna stood behind Kelly and commanded her to open her mouth. Kelly opened wide, curious to see what happened when Donna was in charge. She saw the two-inch ball just before it was pushed into her mouth. The strap was pulled tight and the click of a lock told Kelly that she would have no input on its removal.

The chin strap was buckled and locked, forcing her to close her mouth around the gag. She could push with her tongue all she wanted. She was gagged.

The strap going over her head was really not necessary, Kelly thought. Besides, she always felt cross eyed while wearing it.

Kelly was only ungagged a few times a day, and it was never enough time to tell Donna about the strange dream she kept having.

There was a girl named kiki and all she did was complain about how bored she was.


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