Bondage Reality

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2016-2023 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; bond; scifi; chastity; straitjacket; straps; gag; toys; oral; blindfold; spank; rope; training; conditioning; cons; reluct; X

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Chapter Seven

Kelly was having trouble concentrating. She wasn't sleeping well and there was a mild buzzing in her head. It was like having a song stuck there, but one you couldn't completely hear.

Of course Mistress Anna decided to give a pop quiz.

There was only one question on her screen: "What is this restraint called?"

Everyone in class knew it was a Strait Jacket, but only three of them knew not to spell it as "Straight." Those lucky three would be bound in jackets and have their belts removed for ten minutes.

When the results had been announced, Kelly had been watching Donna. Her friend had covered her mouth and whispered something so quietly that Kelly could not hear it.

Yet a green had disappeared from her collar.

Kelly planned to determine what that had meant...after a few orgasms.

As Kelly had expected, Judith got the question correct, but the classroom had been happily surprised when quiet, little Eva was the third winner.

The three waited near Mistress Anna's desk as the losers approached them with the restraints.

Donna would bind Kelly.

The smooth, white-leather garment was held so Kelly could slide her arms into the sleeves. As much as she would have preferred trapping Donna in its soft embrace, No one said no to an orgasm!

Kelly let out a soft purr as the leather was tightened about her body. Her tits were flattened down as Donna snugged each strap to its limit.

Kelly could only flap her arms impatiently, waiting for her bondage to be completed so her belt could be opened. She pushed her arms through the front loop, desperate to get a few seconds closer to cumming.

Finally, she felt Donna feed the straps on her sleeves through the side loops and pull them behind her back. Donna fought with the leather until all slack had been removed and Kelly's arms were wrapped tightly around her own waist.

The other two girl's bondage had been completed minutes before and they squirmed with their own internal demons, waiting for Donna to finish.

Their mouths were held open by Spider Gags. Kelly opened her mouth, wishing Donna would hurry.

That was when Kelly sussed Donna's plan. She was purposely working as slowly as possible. With drool collecting on her lower lip, Kelly glared at Donna who laughed as she finished tightening the gag. With a final smack on her ass from Donna, Kelly and the others were prepared to enjoy their reward.

Mistress lifted the key on a chain that was deep in her cleavage. As she opened each belt, she handed it to the friend that had bound who had bound her. Soon, the three lined up in front of their teacher, already fighting the soft leather that held their arms.

Mistress took a small vibrator from a desk drawer. "You have ten minutes." she said as she dropped the buzzing toy to the floor.

Kelly took a single step towards the toy and stopped. There was no way that all three would be able to use the toy in the few minutes they were allowed. If they fought for the toy, none of them would be able to cum.

Just as Mistress planned.

Kelly stared at Judith and gave a sharp nod. "Trust me on this" she said. The gag made her use Ds instead of Ts, but Judith was easily able to understand. She stepped to Eva and said. "On your back." and pressed down on the smaller girl. Eva obediently rolled to her back.

Working together, Kelly and Judith managed to get the vibrator in position, letting Eva lock her thighs around the buzzing toy and enjoy the vibrations.

Judith raised an eyebrow as Kelly told her to get on her back as well. Then, with a knee on either side of her friend's head, Kelly fell across her body. After a little squirming, each girl had a dripping pussy within the range of their tongues.

Kelly had tasted some of the creme that had leaked from Donna's belt. (And to be honest, she had also tasted herself) but she was unprepared for the amount coming from Judith. The more she lapped up, there more there was. Neither girl had ever licked a pussy but they both caught on quickly.

Kelly felt her body both tense and loosen as her first orgasm approached. The spider gag prevented her tongue from deeply exploring her friend's slit, but her enthusiastic licking on the outside was enough to drive Judith over the edge.

As Kelly lost herself in orgasmic bliss, the small voice in her head was amplified. "kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl..." echoed repeatedly.

Kelly was only able to wonder what a "Kiki" was before she was distracted by her next orgasm and her mind went blank..

A bit of her skin caught under Judith's gag and was pulled as Kelly was lifted off her friend. "That will be quite enough of that!" Mistress said sharply. "Girls, to your desks!" Kelly was confused. It could not have been more than three minutes....yet her face was covered in sex and her tongue was exhausted.

What had happened to the seven minutes?

"kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl..." Faded into the background.

Kelly promised herself to solve this mystery, but it would have to wait. Mistress was not kind to her girls who did not pay attention.

Still bound and gagged, The three dutifully sank into their seats with soft squishes.

"Every session," Mistress continued, "I build one days lesson around a battle for a vibrator. I usually see something like this..." The large screen behind her desk flashed on. Three girls in strait jackets were bumping into each other while the vibrator buzzed uselessly on the floor. "Or this." This time it was only two girls rolling on the floor. Then a new scene with three girls crying as a fourth humped the floor. More scenes flashed behind her desk.

"That last one was a rarity. A girl actually was able to use the vibrator. Most of the time, all ten minutes are wasted by either physical fight or girls trying to argue while wearing gags."

Mistress walked slowly until she stood in front of Kelly. "That was until you came along. No fuss, no fight and all three of you wind up with goofy smiles plastered across your faces."

Mistress's face loomed before Kelly. "Did your sister warn you about today?"

Kelly shook her head, "No."

"Then how?" Mistress shouted!

Kelly answered as best as she could.

"Harry Hinkle?" Mistress said, moving back a bit. Kelly slowly repeated her answer.

"Periwinkle?" Mistress said in surprise, "When does.....wait..." She snapped her fingers as she finally understood. "The orgy when Periwinkle seduced the Warrior-Queen of Cheektowaga!"

Kelly nodded as a new thought blossomed in her head. The Warrior-Queen had taken over Periwinkle's personality. Was another personality lying in wait in her mind? Was She kiki?

It would explain the blackouts. She could not remember anything she/kiki had done, but Kelly felt kiki's personality. An airhead who happily obeyed every request and questioned nothing.

Would this repellent personality arise every time she had an orgasm?

Kelly realized that Mistress was still talking. "...since that isn't going to happen, you might as well get cleansed and enjoy the rest of your day."

Still bound and gagged, the three winners and their friends walked to Nurse Natalie's office where all belts were removed and all-too-soon, locked anew.

Kelly treasured the few moments when they had walked the halls without wearing a belt.

She made another promise. She would to find a way to keep the belt off permanently.

Exactly how she would manage this was a problem for another time.

Freed from everything except her belt, Kelly quietly ate her lunch as her classmates discussed the morning.

"kiki" had not been the only revelation. Kelly now knew they were being filmed in class and probably everywhere else. In addition, there was Donna's whisper that lost the green. There was only one thing that was always close enough to hear the softest word.

Her collar. There had to be a microphone hidden in her collar.

Hidden in everyone's collars. They were obviously always under surveillance.

Kelly was going to have to devise a way to communicate that couldn't be heard or seen.

"You coming?" Donna asked.

"Already have, thank you." Kelly answered absently.

Donna grimaced. "To our playroom! We have an afternoon to discover what is in there, and everyone is in the green! Let's go!" She commanded as she pulled Kelly out of her chair and towards their rooms.

The girls crowded into the doorway. Impatient to enter, and yet hesitant.

The large room was scary. It smelled of leather, sweat and....frustration. The others stepped aside so Kelly could be the first to enter. "Are they deferring to me or offering me up as a sacrifice?" Kelly wondered. In either case, she boldly walked into their playroom.

Kelly was surprised that everything was so...familiar. Periwinkle had worn that harness...She had been bound to that bench and had secured the Blue Maiden using that frame.

The room was filled with old friends that she would finally be able to smell, touch...

And use on Donna!

Beckoning her friend to follow, Kelly made a beeline to a wooden table. She commanded Donna to strip as she tugged on the restraints.

They were as solid as she hoped they would be.

Leather cuffs were slowly wrapped around her roomie's ankles. Then they were adjusted and readjusted as Kelly duplicated the maddening pace Donna had used earlier in the day.

Donna was bent over the padded end of the table where her wrists were captured in padded cuffs. Each cuff was attached by a thin chain to a wheel that could be cranked, pulling the arm forward.

A wide belt across the small of her back forced her to offer her ass to Kelly.

Again, Kelly made sure that Donna was stretched across the table, unable to move in any way.

Then she re-adjusted everything, making Donna feel the frustration she had endured.

Of course, Kelly's bondage had resulted in several orgasms.

Donna would not be as fortunate.

Kelly quickly found the perfect gag hanging on a nearby hook. She slid the black-rubber cock between Donna's willing lips, buckling it under her hair.

The furry blindfold was added to keep Donna in the so many ways.

Then, with her friend helpless and unable to protect her cute ass, Kelly brought her hand down on a firm pink ass cheek with a very satisfying SWACK!

A garbled shriek made it past the rubber dam. Kelly's hand came down on the other cheek...another cry of pain.

By the fifth SWACK, Donna's cries became moans of pleasure and Donna leaned back as much as she could, her ass demanding more attention.

By the twenty-fifth spank, Donna's ass was a soft, glowing pink.

Kelly's hand, however, was a throbbing cherry-red. "How do they do this so easily in the movies?" Kelly asked rhetorically.

Desperately needing a break, Kelly looked around the room to see how the rest of the class was faring.

Magda had used multiple ropes to bind Joy. Her arms behind were held behind her and her legs were held together. Magda was then attempting to tie herself to her bound friend.

Kelly came to her rescue, tightly tying Magda's arms in a box tie to the chastity bra she always wore. Then Kelly used the last of the rope pieces to bind the two face-to-face.

She remembered a gag she had seen and offered it to her captives. Their mouths dutifully popped open.

First Kelly put the oblong ball in Joy's waiting mouth, buckling it snugly over her short hair. The other end of the gag filled Magda's mouth, with another strap forcing the gag into her mouth and her lips against Eva.

With the gag in place, they were made to kiss each other, mouths open, but filled. The moans of desire and frustration coupled with the grunts as they attempted to find release.

Feeling that she was on a roll, Kelly turned to the last two of her friends.

Judith had strapped Eva to a Saint Andrew's Cross. Kelly remembered Periwinkle had been locked onto one by the Dragon of the Bells. Judith looked a bit confused; not knowing what to do once her captive was secured.

Kelly had a solution.

More Bondage!

She chose a Shrew's Fiddle from a display and trapped Judith's hands away from her body. Then, using a number of well-placed straps, she fixed Judith's back to Eva's front. Eva was able to nuzzle her friend's neck, dispute the ballgag harness.

Kelly hurried to the gag wall and found a nasty little dental gag for Judith's sweet mouth. She was positioning it when she realized what her friend was softly chanting. "Judy is a good girl Judy is a good girl Judy is a good girl..."

On the first day they had met, Judith had told them that she despised being called "Judy." Her name was Judith, please use it."

Yet now she mindlessly chanting the hated name....and saying she was a good girl!

Kelly leaned closer to Eva and was able to understand what she was mumbling through her gag. "Evie is a good girl!"

Panicking, Kelly ran to Donna and unbuckled her gag. "Dee-Dee is a good girl Dee-Dee is a good girl Dee-Dee is a good girl.." Kelly put the gag back in place, quieting, but not eliminating the chant.

They were being, BRAINWASHED! Whatever the trigger was, it released an air-headed version of themselves; promising to be good, delighting in their servitude.

Well, kiki might be a good girl, but Kelly was a fucking BITCH! She would not become one of them.

But until she could escape, she had to LOOK like she had succumbed. Kelly put the dental gag in her own mouth and ratcheted it as wide as she could. She hobbled herself with ankle cuffs and trapped her wrists in cuffs that hung from the ceiling.

Then she calmly waiting to be freed for dinner.

After a few minutes, the buzzing in her head got louder. "kiki is a good girl" Was now easily understood. Kelly smiled ruefully. "You want my body? Let's see if you can take it. I'm not coming, so you lost your power." Kelly steeled herself to remain in control, but the cuffs felt so nice and he gag was such a comfort...

kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a good girl kiki is a goo...

"Up until now, you have enjoyed far too much freedom." Mistress Anna said from behind her desk.

"Fuck!" Kelly thought realizing that she had bangied her knee. "That bitch won." She looked around the classroom, hoping kiki had not been in power too long.

It wasn't her classroom. Instead of walls, there were a series of closets and drawers, with eager students standing by each one.

"Magda has been the only girl wearing a chastity bra, but that will no longer be the case." Her Mistress continued. "But unlike Magda, you are going to want to wear the bra...and so much more!"

"BullSHIT" Thought Kelly, striving to keep her blank but interested.

"You will earn greens for each piece of gear you add. A bra like Magda's will give you one green for every four days it is worn."

"That's not much incentive." Kelly thought.

"A corset will earn a green every four to six days, depending on the type you chose. Shoes earn greens between every one and ten days, again, determined by which style you want."

Kelly wondered how wearing shoes could earn a green that fast.

"Judith, would you like to make the first selection?"

Kelly's friend rose from her seat. The calm, intelligent persona was again in control. "Mistress, What is the difference between a six and a four day corset?"

"The severity of the boning and the tightness. I suggest you start with a six day."

"Yes please, Mistress." The new students busied themselves wrapping a corset around Judith. Its flared bottom rested on top of her belt.

As they tightened it, Mistress continued, "Would you like to try a chastity bra as well? Wearing the right combination of accessories may result in an orgasm every day."

"Oh yes! Please!"

Kelly fought her reaction. That had not been Judith's strong, confident voice. Those were the simpering tones she heard from kiki!

"Not too much on your first day."

"Awwwww" Judith pouted.

"Judy. be a good girl."

"Judy IS a good girl!"

Kelly knew her faced betrayed the horror she was feeling. The promise of orgasms and a few pieces of gear had transformed her brilliant friend into a giggling fool.

Kelly glanced at Donna, then her gaze swept the rest of the room. They all had the wide beaming smiles and empty eyes of Judy.

A snap made Kelly look to the front of the class. Judy was delightedly modeling the addition of latex stockings and shoes with three-inch heels.

Mistress's smile drained all warmth from Kelly.

"So Kelly, Would you like to be next?"


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