Bondage Reality

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2016-2023 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; bond; scifi; chastity; training; straps; blindfold; toys; tease; denial; cons; X

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Chapter Six

A pretty young subbie who's eager for collaring,

Wearing a ball-gag so she'll do no hollering,

In latex stockings that mold as they cling,

These are my favorite kinkiest things.

Kneeling to worship her Mistress in leather,

Locked in steel handcuffs, her wrists held together,

Proudly displaying her gold nipple rings.

These are my favorite kinkiest things.

When the rope breaks

When the key's lost

When her maiden aunt's arrived...

I simply remember those kinkiest things,

And then I feel....


Judith paused at the door. "Indeed?" She commented. "I may have to stay for that."

Kelly was not so calm. "What the....fabulous reason did that happen?" Her fingers felt the collar, wishing she could read what was on there by just touching.

Mistress Anna motioned Kelly back into the room as Judith followed. Before the door had fully closed, it swung open again as a woman pushed a cart through it. "Girls, This is Nurse Natalie." Mistress informed them, "She will be assisting us this afternoon."

Natalie was dressed in a tight white tunic that did not fully cover her matching panties. Garter straps attached to shiny stockings. Her heels were tall and of course, white. But it was the cart that held Kelly's attention.

Five rounded boards were attached to the long cart. Each board had multiple straps attached to it, and Kelly knew they were all for her. Her resolve to not succumb was lost in a haze of lust. She kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She was going to cum, She was going to cum, She was going to CUM!!!!

Her dance of desire was interrupted by Mistress Anna.

"After a few days we all start to smell under our belts. It is Nurse Natalie's job to keep us clean and healthy. She will first take care of our Kelly here, then the rest of you girls will be cleansed,"

Whispers of excitement were exchanged by the rest of the class. Kelly just stared at the restraints and tried not to drool.

"Kelly, would you please remove your...yes, thank you." Anna said to the instantly naked girl. She motioned to the cart, "And would you...yes, like that." Kelly arranged her limbs so that everything was in place between the open straps.

"Donna, Would you please slip this blindfold on?" Kelly waited for the welcome darkness. "No dear, on Kelly, not on you." Kelly wanted to purr as the world darkened.

"Girls, there is one aspect of bondage you have yet to experience," She paused, looking at Kelly, "Well, MOST of you have yet to know. That is the joy of making your partner helpless.

"Up to now you've buckled on a few items at my behest, but haven't really seen what you can do."

Again she paused, then motioned to Kelly. "Here is your subject, SUBDUE her!"

Kelly was overwhelmed. The other five girls quickly restrained her. Kelly had a girl buckling her straps at each arm and leg, while Donna closed the leather around her body.

They kept binding her long after Kelly was sure they had finished. Each finger was laced into a sheath that prevented any movement. Each toe had a ring on it that had small chains (Kelly could hear them chime) that held her feet immobile.

But Donna, her best friend Donna was inspired. She had buckled straps above and below Kelly's breasts. Then she used three small straps to pull those belts towards each other, squeezing her breasts in the leather. Then she pulled (The final?) strap over her blindfold that prevented her from moving her head in any direction.

Kelly couldn't move a muscle and all was right in the world.

Donna's voice was strangely husky and she was out of breath. "Mistress," She panted, "Why aren't there any straps near her belt?"

Kelly could hear the smile in Mistress's voice. "So I can do this!" There was a hum of machinery as the table under Kelly's ass fell away. "And this!" She cried as Kelly's belt split open. Kelly could feel the softest breeze on her exposed flesh. Had she not been so completely bound, she knew both hands would be busy between her legs.

"Now girls, you all have a new toy to play with. Well...a new one other than Kelly. Everyone take one." Kelly could hear her classmates whispering as they grabbed...something.

She heard them giggling as they fell into place around her helpless body.

"Turn them on by twisting the bottom." Mistress commanded.

Kelly heard the room fill with quite that.

"Now, use your vibrators to lightly caress her body."

Kelly wondered what a vibrator was until someone stroked her breast with one. She was already overly-sensitive because of Donna's tight leather and the purring touch made her squeal with joy.

'Yes, yes don't stop' she tried to yell but a new assault on her nipples stole the words before she could speak.

Instead she screeched her need. She wanted more, she needed to feel everything. The vibrators nuzzled her breasts, her armpits, the soles of her feet. Each was both a source of torment and pleasure at the same time.

She felt a soft touch on her legs as they slid further apart. She instinctively tried to move them back, but was unable to affect them in any way.

"Her inner thighs, girls, Show her how you love her inner thighs, but be careful. Her pussy is mine!" Mistress said.

Kelly immediately felt the vibrations stroke each inner thigh. Slowly working up her leg, but always retreating before touching her crotch.

"Closer ladies. Get as close as you can without giving her the release she craves!"

Her so-called friends quickly mastered the art of tease and torment. Time after time the buzzing device would approach her dripping pussy. Her lips could feel the air pushed about by the small toys. But they were always pulled back before Kelly could fully enjoy them.

She tried to shift her clit closer, but the straps prevented any movement.

Kelly could sense Mistress standing over her. "Another piece for pleasure." She said softly. "Open wide." Kelly's mouth shot open, eager to taste the gag.

Savoring the moment, Mistress used the penis gag as yet another torment. Rubbing over the bound girl's lips, making her stretch out her tongue as she struggled to capture it, then she slowly inserted it, allowing her to lick the bulbous head as it pushed down on her tongue.

Kelly was unable to raise her head and allow the gag to be buckled, but this gag was apparently designed to be used with her bondage.

It was secured to the board which held her head, increasing her immobility.

Kelly hoped it would never end. While at the same time, needing/fearing what was to come.

She realized the vibrators at her nipples had been replaced with tongues and lips. Her classmates were working together to give her the ultimate pleasure.

As they also prevented her from feeling it.

"Joy! Tighten her arm! She is pulling it loose! Joy! JOY!!!" Kelly felt the lips gently leave her nipple with a soft pop. She hadn't been aware that she was fighting her bonds, but the way her straps had to be tightened told her otherwise.

As soon as Joy had moved to bind her arm, a new mouth had attacked her nipple. This one licked more than sucked.

It all felt good.

Kelly felt a distant vibration from under her ass.

What the fleece?

"Mistress, what is THAT?" Donna asked.

"It's a butterfly vibrator." Mistress explained patiently. "I control the pivoting rod it is on. I decide how close I want it to poor, suffering Kelly."

"Please!" Was the only thought Kelly was capable of making.

"Watch closely girls. This is your reward for being a good girl. IS Kelly a good girl?" Mistress teased.

Kelly could feel the air move at her crotch. This butterfly must be achingly close. She tried to raise herself against...whatever it was, but she was held fast.

Then she knew the answer...

"Kelly is a good girl, Kelly is a good girl , Kelly..." looped endlessly in Kelly's mind.

She felt the soft silicone press against her and gently ease her open. "...girl, Kelly is a good girl..."

"Now it begins." Mistress said quietly.

"...good girl, Kelly is a good GHHaaaaaaaaaEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Kelly screamed into her gag! It was too much! She tried to pull away but the straps would not yeild. The orgasm didn't slam into her, it WAS her! She twisted and turned for a few small fractions of an inch, but the relentless vibrations could not be escaped.

No, Kelly didn't want to escape, she wanted MORE!

Harder vibrations!

More Straps!

Do whatever you want, only don't stop, PLEASE don't stop! Kelly is a good girl!


Kelly gazed up at the face of her Mistress.

She loved her so.

"Do you want me to free you?"

Kelly's voice came from so far away. "Do you want me to be free?"

"Never. Why don't you sleep now?"

"Yes Mistressssszzzzz........"

Kelly is a good girl!

"Will you wake up! I got news for you girl!!!"

Kelly blinked in confusion. News?

"After you passed out, we were led into a room with the most incredible chair!" Donna gushed. "I was the first to use it! It had all these straps, (Not as many as you had, but enough!) It held me half-way up my back and legs, leaving my belt free!"

Donna took a quick breath before continuing. "When that nurse, I forget her name, took off my belt, I thought I was going to get a butterfly like you. Instead she sprayed something really cold on me and then shoved a tube up my whatever and rinsed it clean!"

Another breath. "Get this. The nurse mentioned that after our third sleep, our bodies would finally be mature and we would get our permanent belts that could wash us without them having to take them off."

She leaned in close to her drowsing friend. "Do you understand? PERMANENT! We will still be locked up even after we leave. What do you have to say to that?"

"Kelly is a good girl." She murmured as sleep claimed her.


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