Bondage Reality

by Jya Byrd

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Storycodes: F/f+; bond; scifi; chastity; collar; cuffs; electro; training; cons; X

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Chapter Five

The loud SPANG! echoed around the room as all the restraints banged open. Kelly fell to her knees, desperately trying to pull the belt apart. The cool, reasoning girl had been replaced by a lustful creature who screamed in frustration. Get it off, Get It Off! GET IT OFF!

GET IT OFF!!!!!!!

She couldn't spare a hand to unbuckle her gag; They were both needed to pry that fucking metal OFF!!!! She twisted and pulled at the unforgiving metal, cutting and bruising her hands, but that didn't matter, NOTHING mattered except getting rid of the belt.

She pounded it as hard as she could, but the vibrations she created felt nothing like the pleasurable ones she had enjoyed only the night before.

She tried to slip a finger under the front shield, but there wasn't enough room! Nothing worked and being prevented from touching herself only made her want it more.

She cried, cursed, panted and was a fraction of an inch and a million miles away.

She had to get that belt off!

A soft thump of a box landing beside her made Kelly look around. Mistress Anna was leaving tissues for each girl. But it was the look on Mistress's face that froze time for Kelly.

The smirk of satisfaction changed everything in an instant. She was enjoying watching everyone suffer. She had this all planned. Their cries of anguish must have been sweet music to her.

That fucking bitch!

Kelly felt an icy clam settle over her. She still wailed in torment and tried to squeeze a finger in: but now she was acting.

For the most part.

As much as she needed relief from her desires, she needed to defeat that smug bitch even more. She finally knew the rules of the game. Be a good girl and get pleasure. Obey their rules, stop playing the rebel.

Pretend to be broken until she could get out of this damned place and be finished with these belts..

The bitch...She would not call her that out loud, but in her thoughts, no other name would be used...The bitch calmly ordered. "Calm down and clean up girls, we have more lessons to cover."

Kelly removed her gag and blotted the drool off her face. She started to wipe her inner thighs when she was interrupted by a cry of pleasure. Magda had pushed her bra up and was squeezing her breasts as she rocked her hips. Kelly watched the bitch's face darken in anger.

Kelly felt her own nipples harden as new moisture trickled down her legs. Other girls had begun to caress their breasts as well. Could you really get pleasure by just rubbing your chest? Kelly eased two fingers under a bra cup and played with a nipple. It felt nice, but not nice enough.

It just made her cravings increase.

It was like smelling the popcorn without being allowed to eat any. She knew it wouldn't be enough and would only make her crazy again.

Kelly's hand drifted to her side.

Magda continued to caress her nipples until she gave a small cry of pleasure and settled against the wall. The rest of the class slowed, and soon stopped their rubbing.

"If you are all quite finished, you have papers to write."

'You have got to be kidding.' Kelly thought. 'On what?'

"Shall we say five hundred words on what you just experienced?" She said.

'I can handle that.' Kelly thought.

"And five thousand more on what you will do to avoid further punishment. Because this was your first day, I have removed all the red from your collars." Kelly looked around, even Donna's collar was all white. "From this point forward, a punishment session will only remove a single stripe." She stopped in front of Donna. "Just sayin'"

Kelly had collected all the tissues she had used and was looking for a place to dump them. "There's a trash can in the hall." Mistress pointed out. "The rest of you clean up your messes and follow me. You may leave your clothes in here." Kelly wondered if Judith was going to remain in her bondage. She didn't look in any shape to do much else. Kelly moved closer to her and heard a soft snore.

You can sleep like that?

The rest of them went to another classroom across the hall. This one was set up exactly like their earlier room. Donna whispered to Kelly, "Hey, you got a green!" Kelly touched her collar. When had that happened, and why?

Kelly guessed that asking the bitch would be the quickest way to lose it, instead she sat at her desk and began to type. She tried to sound like they had won, but not TOO broken to get them suspicious.

She must have succeeded for after an hour of writing, her screen went dark.

"Okay class, listen up."

'Now what?' Kelly wondered. She noticed neither Magda nor Judith had joined them.

"What you all experienced earlier was punishment. We have many ways for you to erase reds and even earn extra greens. They are unpleasant but never painful. But some people enjoy pain. You may be one and, frankly, there is only one way to find out."

A door in the back of the classroom swung open. "Let me stress this point. This is not punishment. The reason we are doing this today is because you are still changing. Today is the best time for this experiment."

Experiment? Kelly didn't know where this was leading and she really didn't want to find out.

"When you are in your fourth week here you will have to do this again....but you'll be giving the paddling, not getting one."

'A paddling?' Kelly thought. 'That's nothing. I used to get spanked all the time when I was a kid. I thought it was going to be something bad.'

"Any volunteers?"

Kelly thought it would be a good way to make them think she had learned her lesson. "I'll go." She said. The bitch handed her a blindfold and had her put it on before she walked through the door. The door closed behind her with a hiss.

A soundproof door....well okay then.

Kelly felt people on either side of her take her arms and guide her forward. She stopped when her hips bumped a cushion. Soft cuffs were wrapped around her wrists and ankles. They pulled her over the cushion and secured her hands near the floor, leaving her almost-naked ass the highest part of her body.

Kelly had expected to lay across someones lap, but the bondage was a nice touch and this way...


'Oh,' Kelly thought, 'They're actually using a paddle. Odd, I thought it would...' And then her pain hit.


WHAP!! Now she felt the pain as the paddle hit her ass.

"Arrrgh, Stop!" This was nothing like her punishment for stealing candy.


"Will you fucking stop????"

WHAP!! Every hit made the pain spread to a larger area. Her ass, her legs, her belly where it rubbed against the cushion...everything was on fire and there was no way for Kelly to stop it.


"Stop stop stop, please stop I can't...


"I'm sorry, 'm sorry, 'm sorry, 'm sorry, 'm sorry, " She had no idea what she was apologizing for.


Kelly could no longer speak, she could only suffer. The paddle kept hitting her, punishing her, tormenting her. Until finally she heard...

"That was ten. If you beg, we might stop." Someone suggested.

"PLEASE Please stop, It hurts so badly, Please!"


What the hell did THAT mean?

"Ssssggg-ggg-ggg-ggg KAH!"

Kelly turned over and in the dim light she could just make out the sleeping (And SNORING!) form of Donna.


How had she gone from being bent over and whacked to lying in bed? Where had everyone gone? Why was she almost naked?

Kelly took a deep breath and decided it was just another (Successful) attempt on their part to disorient her. Looking at her friend she noticed something attached at both ends of her bed. Her bed had them too....short chains ending in wide metal cuffs.

Kelly bit her lip. The longing was back, just as strong as ever. She felt her resolve evaporate. Picking up the manacle she fitted it to her wrist. She froze the instant before she would have snapped it shut.

'No, hell no, fuck no, eat shit you lousy bitch NO!' She screamed in her head. 'I am in control of my life. I am not your fucking plaything.' She quietly put the cuff down.

She wanted to feel the sweet restriction, the weight on her wrist, limited movement...the freedom of no responsibilities. She was never as content as she was in her few times in bondage.

It would be so easy to trap her wrist.

Easy was usually the wrong way.

The room echoed with another of Donna's snores. 'Well that should have destroyed any listening devices,' Kelly thought.

Actually, this might be the perfect time to compare notes with Donna. They might be listening...if only there were some way to test.

Working on that problem, Kelly silently went to Donna's bedside. "Donna, wake up," She whispered, touching her hand.

"What the fuck?" Donna yelled. Kelly watched as the red stripe appeared, so they were always listening.

"What the..." Donna started to say again. Kelly had to stop her from getting another red. Her hands were not an option; one was touching Donna's hand and the other was...well...playing with the manacle.

So she kissed her.

And everything changed.

Donna pulled back for a split second, then wrapped her arms around Kelly, The fire between her legs was back, burning as strongly as ever. This is what she had wanted, what she needed.

She grabbed her friends wrists and held them down. Then she reached for one of the cuffs and snapped it around Donna's willing arm.

Oh that felt great! Her fire increased, but in a pleasurable way.

It became a dance, a graceful movement of restraint. Kelly flowed from one corner to the next, stretching her arms, trapping them in metal and proceeding to her legs. Then, wrapping herself around her prisoner savoring her captivity.

Donna arched her back, a silent begging for touch. Kelly was willing...but...she had no idea what to do!

She had been tied a few times, but never touched, She knew she wanted...something, but wasn't really sure what it was.

Other than getting this freaking belt off!

What could she do with Donna when the most interesting body parts were not available? Kelly knelt with her knees on either side of her friend. Donna's eyes were closed, her lips parted and her tongue kept darting out to moisten her lips.

She tentatively ran her fingers over the offered breasts. They both moaned at the sensation. She traced the soft mounds, savoring the tingling that started in her fingers and led straight to her groin.

Donna's nipples had hardened, puckering the skin that surrounded them. Kelly bent and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Donna arched her back even more, trying to get her nipple deeper into Kelly's mouth.

"Fuck, fuck, oh fuck that is perfect!" She moaned.

Kelly used her hand to cover her mouth and hissed in her ear, "You have GOT to stop swearing! I'm sure they'll let us both out of these frigging belts when you learn to control your mouth! Do I have to gag you?"

"Oh yes, please?" Donna begged

'Oookay.' Kelly thought, 'I should have seen that one coming.' Although the light was dim, she was able to look around the room, hoping to find something she could use as a gag. Other than pillows....shoving a pillow over Donna's face did not seem to be a .....what the hell?

There was a rack next to the door...a rack with over a dozen gags hanging from it.

Chains on the bed, gags at the door...this is Higher Ed?

Kelly padded to the door and admired the array of gags and blindfolds that hung there. She thought the bitch had already shown them all possible variations of gags.

Wrong. So delightfully wrong!

She chose a silencer with another of those odd fingers on it. This one was shorter and obviously meant to fit in a girl's mouth. She also grabbed an interesting looking blindfold and crept back to bed.

She bent over her captive and slipped the soft rubber into the waiting mouth. Donna's moans became garbled as she lifted her head to aid in the buckling. The blindfold followed.

Donna squirmed in pleasure.

Kelly lightly brushed her fingers across Donna's nipples, watching her friend's reactions. It was more than she could have hoped for. Donna twisted in her bondage, a muffled moan escaped from her gag as the air became perfumed by the musk that seeped from beneath her belt.

When she kissed the rock-hard nipples Donna's whole body began to tremble. She ran her tongue around the nipple...never quite touching it. Donna started to make an odd noise. Concerned, Kelly unbuckled the gag.


'Hey,' Kelly thought. 'I may be new at this but it wasn't THAT bad!' That was when the exhaustion hit. Kelly's eyes fluttered shut and she lay on her friend, using a breasts as a pillow.

"Well, you two certainly had fun!' Said a far too chipper voice.

Kelly blearily opened one eye and wondered why she was bothering them.

"Time to get free!" Miss Sunshine continued, flipping a switch beside the gag board. Instead of turning on lights, it opened all the restraints at once.

'Good to know.' Kelly thought.

"Okay girls. You've both had the Second Sleep." The girl who had woken them now started on a well-rehearsed speech. "It happens the second day after your awakening. All your butt bruises are gone and your hair grew about a foot overnight. There are a few other changes that you'll see in the coming days"

She lowered her voice, "Now there are going to be three new girls in the cafeteria this morn. Please don't tell them what they'll experience today." She giggled. "Unless you want a red." She glanced at the stripe on Donna's collar. "But you just woke up. How?"

"No fucking clue." Donna answered defiantly as a second red appeared.

"Oh, you're one of THOSE." She turned to Kelly, "We had one in my group. So proud of having a solid red collar until one day..." She snapped her fingers... "She broke."

"What happened?" Kelly asked.

"She broke, she........just broke. It wasn't good. Strait jackets aren't just for fun." She gave Donna a concerned look. "You can't win." She turned back to Kelly. "Stop her before...before..." The girl moved towards the door, "I have to wake your friends." she said her voice cracking.

"What is it with you?" Kelly hissed at Donna. "Do you like being punished? Do you want to give them reasons to hurt you? .......wait." Kelly looked at her friend. It all added up.

"Did you enjoy the paddling?

Donna didn't answer immediately, but finally, in a very small voice, "yes."

Kelly was at a loss. How could anyone have enjoyed that torture? She didn't understand it, but she didn't have to. She just had to accept it as part of Donna.

And she suddenly knew how to use it. She walked around their room, examining some of the restraints that were attached to the walls.

"If you enjoy being denied pleasure so much, you're gonna love this." She lifted the top bar on a set of stocks. "I'm not going to use any of this on you until you have a white collar!" She released the wooden piece and it crashed down with a satisfying bang!

"Any questions.....Oh My God...You have HAIR!" Kelly shrieked.

"Well yeah," Donna commented sourly, "That bimbo kinda mentioned it. You do too you know."

"I do? I DO! It's red. I have red hair! Why do I have red hair? It is red isn't it?"

Donna heaved a discouraged sigh. "Times like this deserve an obscenity or two."

"WHAT THE FUCK?" echoed in their small room.

"Thank you." Said Donna quietly as they hurried to see what was wrong.

In the hallway between their rooms, Magda was struggling to remove her bra. It wasn't the soft black one she had worn the day before. This one was polished metal with small brass padlocks on it.

It was not coming off.

"Who's the fucking wiseass locking on this fucking shit?" Fumed Magda.

Donna elbowed Kelly in the ribs, "Go on, tell her no more nom-noms."

"Hush!" Kelly commanded. She stared at the strange bra locked on her classmate. She rebelled at the freedoms it removed while she was entranced by the bondage. She hated the concept while loving the reality of it.

Mostly she just wanted to lock one on Donna!

"Girls, Girls!," Called out the perky visitor. "This is your dorm for the next few weeks. Here is your common room where you can study, watch TV or just chill. Your rooms have your beds and a few toys..." She winked at Kelly, "As some of you have found out."

Kelly and Donna did not react.

"That other door leads to your playroom. As long as at least one of you has a green collar, you all can enjoy the fun inside. Your group will be called Blue Fox. If you get lost, just tap any screen and say 'Blue Fox.' They will help you."

She smiled at some hidden joke, "I'm a Yellow Trout, so I just know we'll get along!"

They were hustled off to breakfast where they got to watch the three new girls pile on the food. Magda was still grousing about her new bra, and adding red stripes at an alarming rate.

After eating they put the dirty dishes into a bin and confidently left the cafeteria.

Only to come to an abrupt halt outside the room.

"Now what?" Judith asked.

"Now this!" Kelly said, touching a screen. "Blue Fox!"

"Your collar will guide you." Said an unseen voice.

Kelly took a step towards the door, "What did that...YEEOW! This f....freaking collar shocked me!"

"Take another step, see if it does it again." Judith suggested.

"No! Once is enough!" Kelly cried. "We're going that way!" Kelly's collar quickly guided them to their classroom. It only shocked her when they made a wrong turn.

"Welcome back girls!" said Mistress Anna, "I hope you have all healed from your paddling and got a good sleep.: She looked at Kelly, "No one awakes in the Second Sleep, why did you?"

Kelly jerked a thumb at Donna. "Snores!" When she saw the scowl, she quickly amended: "Mistress, my roommate snores, loudly!"

After a pause, Mistress Anna said, "Right, okay, Time for a safety lesson." The next ten minutes was spent learning when you should not gag your partner. Then they spent the rest of the morning on their computers learning about human anatomy.

Kelly remembered skinny dipping with the Smithfeild twins when she was younger. She had seen them naked, but the differences didn't seem important at the time.

NOW cocks were interesting!

Not that she could do anything about it, even if a guy were here.

At the end of that lesson came the inevitable quiz. The last question was, "How many stripes do you think are on your collar? What color?"

An obvious trap question, but how could she avoid it? She hesitated for only a moment, aware that she was probably being watched when she typed her answer.

Two green stripes.

With the test over, her screen returned to TV mode and she browsed a few channels until she found a bondage cartoon.

It was one of her favorites.

She sat back. Had she not noticed the bondage when she was a teen or had the ropes been added later? She tried to remember watching it, but was unable to find the answer in her memory.

"Something wrong?"

Kelly looked up. "Mistress Anna, I used to watch this as a kid....didn't I?" Kelly asked in a soft voice.

"You saw the censored version. These are the full original episodes." Mistress responded kindly. She pressed a few buttons and the first episode started. "Watch it again, You'll appreciate it even more." She leaned closer, "You thought Periwinkle was trouble before, wait until you see her with a whip!"

Kelly watched as the three friends were summoned by the Hargrove Sphere. The pilot episode was nearly completed when her screen darkened.


She had wanted to see how Jemima escaped from the passion flower.

Mistress was right, these stories were a LOT more fun to watch now.

That Periwinkle!

"Okay girls, you have a decision to make." Mistress said. "Those who wish to lose a red or gain a green may stay for a punishment session, the rest of you may return to your dorm until called for lunch.

Kelly and Judith were the only ones headed towards the door when Mistress Anna stopped them. "Kelly, you can't leave."

That was unfair! "Why not Mistress?" Kelly asked, keeping her voice level.

"Watching you cum is their punishment."


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