Bondage Reality

by Jya Byrd

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Storycodes: F/f+; bond; scifi; chastity; collar; cuffs; training; gag; chain; reluct; X

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The reason people think carrots are good for the eyes is because British pilots in WWII suddenly got very accurate in their night bombing of Germany. They claimed it was because they ate a lot of carrots. The real reason was the US was (illegally) supplying them with a new type of bomb-sight.

Who says you never learn anything by reading porn?

Chapter Four

On their way to the lunch room, the girls made a side trip to the ladies room for some private conversation. After introducing themselves and assuring that they were alone, they were ready to to compare experiences.

But first, nature called.

In her stall, Kelly pulled the shift over her head and examined the belt. It looked fairly simple: a band around her waist and another between her legs. There was a button-like cylinder sticking out a little ways, so she tried pushing it.


Then she attempted to pull.

No effect.

It wouldn't twist or turn, and the waist was too tight to just pull down. As much as she hated it, she was going to have to ask the others how they got their metal panties off.

Kelly was relived to know she wasn't alone in her problem, but the problem still existed. How were they supposed to pee?

"Aw piss on it." Donna said in exasperation.

"What are you going to do?" Kelly asked.

"Piss on it." Donna said. They soon heard water splashing in the bowl accompanied by Donna's contented sigh. Then..."Son of a bitch! We were supposed to piss on it! It's got little holes for the piss to exit. What the fuck?"

Kelly bent to look at the holes, but she focused on the button instead. "Son of a bitch!" She echoed.

"See what I mean?"

"Not that. I'm looking at the push button. It's got a keyhole. These fucking things are locked on!"

"Why would they do that?" Asked one of the girls. "We can just pee through it."

"There's got to be something else we can no longer do." Said another girl.

"Aw shit!" Donna cried.

"Yup." Kelly agreed, "That!"

"These people are seriously fucked up." Donna stated.

"I'm not going to take a dump until this stupid thing is off." One girl said. "But right now...I REALLY have to make water."

Two longer haired girls walked in.

"Hey Blondie," Donna called, "What's the deal with these knickers?"

"Awww, is the newbie having twouble getting it off?" One of them said in a childish voice, "Would you like to learn the secwet?"

"Fuck yeah."

"The secret're stuck. AND, every time you use the F word, you get another demerit."


"So redneck, you are going to want your collar in the green. IF you ever want to pet your pussy!" As she spoke, Kelly noticed one of the girl's green lines disappearing. Her friend must have seen it as well.

"Tracy, shush!" She commanded. "You just lost a green!"

Tracy's face reddened as she fought to control herself. Finally, in a too-precise voice she said. "Oh well, that's what you get for trying to help new girls." Then they left the room without using it.

"What the fuck did that mean?" Donna asked after they left.

"It means you better stop saying....the f word." Kelly advised.

"I don't give a fuck about their fucking demerits. Fuck that!" By now, Donna's collar was all red.

Kelly looked around the room, wondering if it was video as well as audio monitoring. She had no problem with breaking the rules, but she wanted to know what the consequences were beforehand. "For the moment, I suggest we all become the good little girls they want us to be."

"Why the.." Kelly covered Donna's mouth before the inevitable obscenity was uttered."

"They're listening!" She hissed into her ear. "Play along until we know what game they're playing. Remember, they have the keys to these panties!"

Donna scowled for a few seconds, then gave a quick nod. "Let's grab some lunch, I'm....rather... hungry!"

After a brief lunch, they returned to the classroom. At least they thought it was their classroom.

All of the desks had been removed and there were many new things added.

Things with straps and locks!

The screen behind Mistress Anna displayed the metal that was locked around each of their waists.

Okay, it was the right room.

"By now," The Mistress began before they had a chance to comment, "You have visited the ladies room, so it is time you learned about your chastity belt. She picked up a long, thin wooden rod and used it to point at the screen. "This is the front shield, it stops you from, "She paused as if searching for the right word, "Petting your pussy."

Kelly fought the urge to react in some way. 'You were listening, I get it.' she thought.

The large image rotated, showing it from the back. "This is the rod that connected it to the back of your belt."

Kelly was starting to get tired of hearing it referred to as "Your belt."

"When you need to defecate, You simply squat and pull it to the side. If it gets dirty, it is a simple matter to clean." The image changed to different belt. "Instead of a rod, some belts have flat chains or bands that go over your ass cheeks."

The image changed again. This time, the metal formed a large circle around the anus. "If any of you join the Equestrian Club at college, you'll earn this type of belt."

The screen went dark. "There are other types of course, finding which is right for you is half the fun. Now some of you are wondering why demerits are something you need to avoid."

Her smile smile never touched her cold eyes, "That is an easy one to answer. It's because you so desperately want to earn the reward. It is often referred to as The Carrot and the Stick"

She moved to where dozens of manacles were attached to the wall. "Everyone please take off your dresses, shoes and socks." The other girls looked at Kelly before obeying. Kelly wondered how she had become the ringleader.

Keeping with her decision to play along, Kelly stripped off her outer clothing. Besides, those restraints looked enticing. She wanted to feel them locked on her.

"My, what pretty bras!" Mistress cried. Her tone was light, but her eyes were intense. "You three please stand here, here and here. The rest please attach the cuffs to your friends."

Kelly stood before Donna. Her friend seemed a bit less angry than she had. She had already stretched her arms into place, making it easy for Kelly to snap the cuffs closed.

The manacles held Donna's arms and legs in a large X. Kelly was unable to open one, once she had closed it. A fifth cuff had a short chain attached and locked around the neck, above the collar. The final went around the waist and was attached to the wall by chains on either side of it.

"New gags girls!" Mistress called as she handed one to each of the free girls. "It's called a spider gag. The ring goes behind her teeth and the bent metal holds it against her face. Isn't that fun?"

Donna's eyes were glazed as Kelly fitted the new gag.

"Very nice girls," The Mistress complimented, "You're becoming experts at bondage. Now Judith, as you are the only girl with any green on her neck, you get to secure Your classmates!"

This shook Kelly. She didn't have any green? She was sure she had aced the test, and she hadn't left any food. What the fuck?

Oh yeah...the F words.

It was at this point that she found she had become part of the wall. She pulled against the unmoving cuffs.


That odd tingling started between her legs. She felt the urge to rub it, but that wasn't possible.

And that only made the tingling stronger.

She felt a string of saliva splash into her cleavage. When had she been gagged? And why did it make her drool?

Poor design.

Kelly turned her attention to Mistress. Panels had opened in the ceiling allowing cuffs to be lowered on thin chains. Judith stood facing them with her arms stretched widely above her head.

Two small sections of the floor flipped open revealing another set of cuffs. Mistress locked them around Judith's ankles as the chains retracted, spreading her legs.

The spider gag forced her mouth to remain open.

Mistress gestured. "Judith is being rewarded while the rest of you are being punished. Can you tell the difference?"

Kelly mentally shrugged. They seemed pretty much the same to her. But as she watched a third section of the floor between Judith's legs flipp as a pole slowly moved upwards. On the top of the pole was something that looked like a fat pink finger. It stopped moving a little before it touched Judith.

"One last minor detail." Said Mistress as she took a key and unlocked Judith's belt. The three parts sprang apart, leaving Judith wearing only her bra and cuffs.

With a dull hum, the finger vibrated as it inched up, stopping as it barely touched Judith's crotch.

She immediately threw back her head and cried in anguish. wasn't pain. It was ecstasy. Kelly could see her struggle to get more of the finger, but the touch remained tantalizingly light.

As the finger rubbed against her, it began to fling about fat drops of something funky. Kelly's tingling had become an itch that she needed to scratch. She fought to free her hands from the unforgiving cuffs when suddenly the chains at her neck and waist retracted, pressing her against the wall.

The total immobility only made her cravings worse. The room was filled with the frustrated cries of girls topped only by the ecstatic screams of Judith. Small puddles of musk grew beneath each girls as their bodies responded.

It might have been minutes or hours: it could even have been days. Kelly had no idea how long they watched Judith receiving the pleasure they wanted...the SHE had to have! When the finger slowly descended it was both a relief and a disappointment. It had taken forever and yet it was over too soon.

All that was left was one girl supported solely by her cuffs and a wall of girls sobbing mindlessly in their misery.

Mistress Anna stood before her charges. She pointed to Judith and then back to them. "Obey the rules and you cum. Disobey and you don't.

"Your choice."

She moved until she was less than an inch from Kelly.

"THAT is the game we are playing!"


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