Bondage Reality

by Jya Byrd

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Storycodes: F/f+; bond; scifi; chastity; cuffs; mittens; climax; toys; collar; gag; cons; X

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In which Kelly learns the Lemon Shark grows 24,000 new teeth every year.

Okay, she didn't learn this...but you have!

Chapter Three

Kelly looked at the building from her back seat. "What the fuck? A grammar school!"

"It was a grammar school." Beth corrected. "They found a new use for an empty building. Let's get you registered."

Kelly was used to getting her way, and right now her way was to go home...and somehow make everything the way it was. Instead she found herself alone in a small room filling out forms. She had been met by a girl close to her own age who didn't know anything either. She just gave Kelly a pile of forms and a can of soda and left her to work.

Her new underwear felt weird....nice, but weird. Her new body was just plain odd. Beth and Monica had kept promising answers as they ignored all her questions.

'Where did my sister disappear to?' Kelly wondered as the door swung open silently.

"Mildred, there you are!" Declared a dark-haired girl who strode into the room.

"No one here but us Kellies." Kelly said distractedly, trying to remember what RH Negative was and if it applied to her.

"No back talk young lady." The girl said commandingly, "You are in enough trouble as it is! Now you march right back to your room and maybe, just maybe you won't get the five demerits you deserve!"

"Listen toots," Kelly started to say, "My name is UUULLP!" The rubber coated bit gag Interrupted her reply. Kelly tried to pull it out, but there were girls controlling each of her arms. (Where the fuck had THEY come from?)

"If you keep struggling Mildred, you'll sleep in the clencher!"

The gag didn't prevent Kelly from speaking. She slowly and carefully said, "My name is KELLY!"

"Of course it is." The girl said as she adjusted the padded black circles over Kelly's eyes before buckling the blindfold in place.

Kelly stopped her useless fight as she was escorted out of the room. After a minutes walk, they stopped and Kelly felt her new panties pulled down her legs.

"Now wait just a minute!" she protested. In seconds her shapeless dress was pulled over her head, her bra unhooked and she was placed on her back on a bed.

With practiced ease, the three girls began to apply the hospital restraints to Kelly. Padded cuffs at her upper arms and wrists kept them at her side. A broad band across her body prevented her from rising. Thin wires connected her to monitoring machines.

Her legs were pressed closer and different set of panties were pulled on. These were very tight and they had to struggle to get them over her hips. Once they had them in place, they swiftly cuffed her legs to the bed at ankles and thighs.

Padded mittens were secured over her hands, stopping her from using her fingers on the buckles.

Kelly knew she should be panicking. She was all-but naked and bound by strangers, and yet....she was strangely calm.

She wasn't in any pain, the bed was comfortable, and, she had to admit, it had been a very long day. Bed felt like a good idea.

Oh well, if they hadn't realized their mistake by morning, Kelly would explain who she was and they could call her sister for proof. She was snuggling deeper into the mattress when her panties began to vibrate.

She tried to jump out of bed, but only managed a small bounce. She fought to free herself, but soon saw that it was no use.

After a few seconds, she forgot all about trying to get the vibrations to stop. She arched her back and tried to open her legs wider. She stopped trying to understand what was happening and let the sensations transport her. Her body responded to the pleasure of the vibrations. Her entire body clenched as the tightness radiated from her crotch.

She was grateful for the gag. It gave her something to bite...and she wanted to bite! She tried to grab the mattress, but the mittens would not allow her fingers to bend.

All she could do was ride the crest of sensation and see where it took her.

Her destination was her first orgasm. It smashed into her body, forcing her to fight her restraints. She needed to move, needed to flex, but all she manage were small shifts in position. She had to move, but every limb was held. It was too much. She had to escape.

Escape was denied. Her needs were overruled. Her desires were ignored. The bondage and the panties controlled her.

And so she came.

And she could not stop it.

And so the orgasm grew stronger. Pleasure like she had never felt, beyond what she could have imagined could exist: coursed through her body. She screamed, she cried, she begged, and still the panties vibrated.

When at last the stopped, her muscles turned to water and the blankness of sleep enveloped her.

Only to be shattered an hour later by new vibrations.

Throughout the night she was either cumming or sleeping. At some point her gag had been removed. Her jaw no longer ached, but still she missed it.

Hours later, she felt people freeing her from the bed. She was both sad that her wonderful night had ended and relieved that she had survived the ordeal. Her blindfold wasn't removed until after she had been led to another room and had her arms tied above her head.

She blinked in the harsh light until her vision cleared and she found herself in a shower stall. Soapy water blasted from multiple jets to wash away the night fluids. The warm air dried her, aided by soft fluffy towels that several girls rubbed against her.

She could get used to this!

A girl approached her with a band of white metal which she wrapped around her neck. The soft click of it locking gave her a shiver of pleasure. Kelly noted that everyone in the room wore a similar collar, most of them had green lines on the white.

The girl left her, only to return carrying one of the metal panties that her sister had worn. The thin belt was wrapped around her waist. The crotch panel was pulled into place.

The narrow cable felt good against her butt. She waited for the panty to start vibrating .

Well...maybe later.

Her hands were freed to allow them to pull the white linen shift over her body. Kelly wasn't happy about the clothing choice, they just had to ruin the effect.

Two girls led Kelly down a few hallways and into a cafeteria, only to abandon her there.

There were over a hundred girls, all wearing white shifts and collars.

More importantly, most of them were eating!

There were steaming pans of potatoes and meats, bowls of icy fruits and piles of baked goods.

Kelly was ready to fill a plate with bacon, and a second one with hash browns, when something made her hesitate. The only ones with overloaded plates had the shortest hair. Everyone else had just a little fruit or ...yuck...yogurt.

Deciding to be cautious, Kelly filled a small bowl with mixed fruit put half a waffle on a plate and finished with a glass of some sort of juice. She could always come back for of the steaming pans.

As she ate, she saw that everyone finished what they had taken...excepting the short hairs. Although she hadn't filled her plate, it was still a struggle to eat everything. She could no longer pack it away.

Another thing she saw: Many of the collars had a bit of additional color. A few had bars of green on the white like the girls in the shower, many had bars of red. Some had a lot of red.

When people had finished eating, they put their dishes into a bin and left the room. Soon, only Kelly and five other short hairs were left. Four of them had heaping plates of food in front of them.

"Anybody still hungry?" One of the girls asked, "I got lots."

Wordlessly, Kelly put away her dishes and stood by the door, The others filed behind her. Someone had left their loaded plates on the table.

The door opened. They heard a terse, "Follow me." before it closed.

They followed the only adult Kelly had seen since.... since before.

The classroom was ...a classroom. This one had a lot more closet and drawers than most, but the desks for students and teachers were universal. They got the small ones, she had the large on in front.

Kelly watched the other girls enter the room. Three of them now had a red bar on their collar. One had two red bars.

The teacher was wearing a high-necked dress that reached the floor. She pointed to the smaller desks. "Sit." she commanded.

They sat.

"I have a lot to cover and I don't like to be interrupted. Open your desks. You will find a ball gag inside." She held up a red ball on a thin brown strap. "You put the ball in your mouth and buckle it behind your head."

Kelly popped the ball inside her mouth and fumbled to thread the strap through the buckle. She wondered how they managed to gag a girl with long hair.

"The strap should pull the sides of your mouth back just a little, stretching your lips across the ball. When you're wearing a deep-red lipstick and a white ball the effect is incredible."

Kelly felt moisture warming between her legs. She wondered when the panty would start to vibrate. Now seemed like a good time.

"You'll find a pair of handcuffs in your desk. Snap one around your wrist like so." The teacher locked one cuff on herself. "It should be tight enough that you can't slide it off, but it should not squeeze your flesh. Once you have one hand ready, put both behind your chair and lock the other wrist."

The teacher walked behind them, tightening one pair of cuffs and loosening two others. All cuffs were then attached to the chairs back by a snap hook.

"Good. Now to begin. You may want to take notes."

Kelly was startled.

"Sorry, couldn't resist.

"For the next four weeks you will learn about the world and more importantly, you will learn about yourselves."

All six girls protested a much as their gags allowed.

"Settle down, SETTLE DOWN! Now you understand why I gagged you. You are stuck here for the next month. Your old school knows you won't be returning. Every person has to attend these classes as soon as they turn twenty-one.

"Fussing won't help so sit still and learn.

"Forty-seven years ago Mrs. Trondl was having a very difficult birth. She had a medical condition that prevented the use of pain-killers and she was in agony. The doctors were sure they were going to lose Mrs. Trondl and her baby.

Then at twenty-three minutes and nineteen seconds past two in the afternoon, the pain stopped. Five minutes later she gave birth to a healthy boy.

But it wasn't just Mrs. Trondl. Every delivery in the world became pain-free at the exact same moment. Every religion claimed it was proof of God. Every atheist said it proved just the opposite.

"No one can say which side is correct. We still don't know why it happened. And for a while, we thought that was the only change."

The teacher changed her tone. "Anybody need me to take out their gag?" They all shook their heads. "Feels nice, doesn't it?" They silently agreed. "In the old days, I would have been arrested for tying you. Now, it's a standard method of teaching."

She went back to her lecture: "Bondage used to be shameful. We have no idea how many people practiced it, because few would admit to enjoying it. But after The Change, everyone started doing it. Hardware stores sold out of ropes, locks and chains on the first day. Adult bookstores had their shelves emptied by the third. Even the Boy Scout Manual was in high demand. You couldn't find a roll of tape anywhere.

"Every adult was getting tied up and every person under twenty-one......didn't notice."

She looked at her class. "Have any of you ever noticed adults in bondage?" They all shook their heads. "Scientists placed a box of balls in a room. Mixed in with the normal balls was a ball gag. Kids grabbed the balls to play with, but ignored the gag.

"You ask any kid how many TV channels there are and they will tell you around two hundred."

The wall behind her became a large TV screen. "Here is channel 201." They saw a woman hanging upside down, wrapped in a black-leather strait jacket. "There are another three hundred channels and the kids don't see it. We do our best to hide it from them, but it doesn't seem to matter. They're oblivious. Just as you were until four days ago.

"It got stranger. The instant someone turns twenty-one, their young friends forget about them. You could walk up to the person who was your best friend last week and they won't know you.

"But the strangest thing of all is the chastity belt. It's the metal you're all wearing around your waist. We are an hedonistic society and the thing that we love the most is something that denies us pleasure!

"Last night you had hours of orgasms. It's our way of welcoming you to adulthood. But mainly it taught you what is now being denied. You felt orgasms. You know what it means to cum."

Her smile hardened. "And you'll do almost anything to cum again."

Kelly had never heard the words "Chastity," "Orgasm" or "Cum" before, but she understood what they meant. And she agreed, she wanted more.

"That's where your collars come in. They let others know how close you are to getting an orgasm. Once you have earned three lines of green, you will be rewarded. Red stripes mean you have failed and those lines must be erased before you can get a green line.

"As there aren't any mirrors here, you can't see what your collar is displaying: you have to depend on others to tell you.

"Hopefully, they'll be honest."

"But for right now, it's time to give your jaws a rest." The gags were removed and stowed in their desks. She then held water bottles for them to drink.

"Any questions?"

Kelly was speechless. It was just too much for her to absorb.

"Excuse me...Miss? One girl stammered.

The teacher stopped her. "My name is Mistress Anna. You may address me as "Mistress" or "Mistress Anna." Anything else may earn a red."

"Mistress Anna," The girl corrected, "Won't my parents be worried that I didn't come home?"

"Do you have any younger siblings?"

"No, I'm an only child."

"Your parents spent twenty-one years raising you. Now they get to enjoy a free month-long vacation in bondage. It's our way of thanking them for all the hard work and sacrifice involved in raising a child. "

"My parents enjoy..." She shrugged, indicating her bondage. "This?"

"Of course not," The Mistress said sarcastically, "You are the first generation to enjoy sex." Her glare drove the point home. "You may wish to add "Mistress" to your sentences, unless of course you want another red stripe."

"Another?" The girl said in fear, forgetting to say Mistress.

"You wasted food." She said simply. Kelly watched as a second red stripe appeared on the girls collar. "Now before anymore of you can get in trouble, Let's start our lesson." She unlocked their cuffs, leaving them attached to the snap hooks.

"Gather 'round girls." Mistress went to a cabinet where she removed six items. Holding one up she said, "Last night you chewed on a bit gag. This morning you used a ball gag on yourself. This is called a gag pad. You three," She pointed to Kelly and two others, "Will gag one of your friends.


"Kelly picked up the soft padded leather and went to the girl who had been talking. She dutifully opened her mouth and Kelly put the pad in place. Kelly had her turn around to make it easier to buckle it.

"Is that okay?" she asked the bound girl and got a nod in return.

Mistress then instructed the gagged girls to silence the others.

"Now return to your desks," The Mistress commanded, "It's time for a quiz." Kelly sighed, some things never change.

The desk tops were activated to display a screen and keyboard. The first question read; " (1) Compare and contrast the three gag types you have worn."

Okay, that was new. Kelly wrote that only the ball gag had affected her tongue. The other two were held between her teeth and did not greatly interfere with her ability to talk.

Kelly wrote a paragraph on each gag and continued the quiz. The questions got progressively harder but everything had been covered by the Mistress in her lesson. Obviously, hanging on the Mistress' every word would be important. That or having a great memory.

Kelly had both. When she finished, the desktop changed into a TV screen and Kelly looked at a few of the channels above two hundred. When all the other girls had finished their quizzes, the screen went dark.


"Okay girls," Mistress Anna said, "Remove your gags and put them in your desks. After lunch you will learn how to care for your equipment."

Kelly massaged her jaw, noticing it wasn't as sore as before. Was the gag pad less painful or was she getting used to being gagged?

She had a feeling she'd soon learn which it was.


Next Chapter...Lunch!

Will Kelly dare to eat a peach?

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