Bondage Barbie 3

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; kidnap; leather; nc; X

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Bondage Barbie 3 & 4 by Anne Gray
Chapter 3 "The First Day"

Waking just after seven thirty, I showered and had a cup of coffee before getting dressed. The pink leather of my bra matched the short shorts and knee boots. I felt comfortable and ready to face my guest. Quietly entering the playroom I touched her cheek and she jerked against my hand. Sleeping, she had probably hoped this was just a nightmare that would be over when she woke up - she was wrong. Taking off the blindfold and removing her gag, I gave her a long kiss on the lips before holding the glass of water for her. It was over eleven hours since I had started to dress her in the outfit she had on so I knew her limbs would not be working too well.

I began to reverse all my work of the previous evening. First the boot followed by the leg and crotch straps. Then the leggings came off and I moved her into the wheelchair. Across the room I eased her on the toilet seat and tied her ankles to rings on either side of the pedestal base. Pulling on a pair of disposable plastic gloves I lifted her enough to pull down the latex panties and reached in to pull out the butt plug. The gel I had used was excellent and the plug slid out smoothly.  Pushing her backwards with my left arm against her chest, I got hold of the end of the dildo with my right hand and slowly eased it out. Both toys went into a disinfectant solution that would not harm them and I left her, still tightly bound from the waist up, to relieve herself.

She was getting her voice back now and questions followed me around the room as I gathered up the things I needed. She seemed to realize that yelling and screaming would be a waste of time but the questions were getting aggravating, I had still not said a word. While she was finishing I undid the straps from the top of the arm pouch and pulled it off.  With her arms still laced behind her back I wiped her off then untied the cords around her ankles and pulled her over to the especially supported bidet. That done I dried her, pulled up the latex panties and led her back to the table. Sensation had started to come back to her limbs and she could walk the few steps necessary.

Unhooking the clasp between her breasts and peeling off the bra I pushed her face down on the table, tied her ankles together for a moment and then ran the cord through one of the rings at the end. After her arms were unlaced they just hung down on either side of the table and I removed the mitts and gloves without trouble. I strapped on rubber cuffs that had a D ring at the back of the wrists; matching straps went on the ankles. The large shower cubicle had strategically placed snap hooks and she was soon standing in it, naked, with her arms straight out at shoulder height and feet slightly apart. I pulled a shower cap over her hair, put on a light transparent plastic raincoat to protect my leather outfit, and turned on the water.

Using a soft sponge I soaped her all over; she tried to twist away as I got between her legs and begged me to stop. When she was rinsed off I dried her with a huge bath towel. Not taking any chances now she was recovering, I released one arm at a time to get her into the big white terry cloth robe. Wrapped across her front it was held in place by the belt. A slipknot of cord around her elbows held her long enough for me to cross her wrists behind her back and bind them securely with several turns of soft cord.

She was trying to resist me now and after I unhooked her ankles it took some force to get her to walk over and sit in the wheelchair. This chair had a solid, padded leather seat and straight back.  Ignoring what were now demands for me to stop, I pulled her arms over the chair back so the top went across under her armpits and ran a cord from her wrists down to the back rung. She tried to kick out as I came around in front but I just sat in her lap with my back to her and trapped her legs between mine. It was easy then to get cord around her ankles and back to the braces of the footrest. She was banging her head against my back and yelling as I got up and started winding cord around her chest pulling her hard against the chair back.

I straightened the robe over her legs and ran some more cord around them. Smiling down at her I pulled her head back with a handful of her hair and clamped my right hand around her jaw. She was unable to avoid me as I kissed her deeply - but it certainly surprised her into shutting up. Wheeling her through to the kitchen I made breakfast for us. The window blinds were drawn and there was nothing in the room to give her a hint of her whereabouts. All she knew, if she remembered, was the hour-long drive the previous evening. There was no argument as I spooned cereal into us both followed by tea and toast. She never stopped looking at me while we ate but the questions and yelling had finally stopped.

With the food put away I got bowl of warm water, opened a new toothbrush and peeled back her lips to clean her teeth. Wiping her mouth also removed the lipstick smudges I had left. She had been able to talk long enough and moaned as she saw me with the soft leather gag.   Resisting didn't work I just gripped her cheeks until her jaws opened then pushed in the gag. A strap around her head held the gag in place.  I continued her grooming by spending a long time brushing her hair before gathering it in a ponytail with a soft leather ribbon. Pushing the chair into my bedroom her eyes widened at the sight of the king size four-poster covered in glossy black satin sheets and comforter.

Unwinding the cords that held her in the chair, but leaving her wrists and ankles tied, I pulled back the covers and moved her to sit on the edge of the bed. A blindfold gave me more of an advantage as, pulling the robe down off her shoulders and lashing her elbows to her sides, I untied her wrists. Taking the robe off her arms I laced them in a wrist length kid leather single glove with a swivel ring at the point. It locked her hands in a praying position in front of her.  I pulled her arms over her head and attached the glove ring to a hook in the headboard. The robe came off and I pulled her down the bed, joined her ankles with a 12" strap and attached the middle of the strap to the footboard with a short length of cord.  The bed was long enough for her to be fully stretched out.

Removing my boots and undressing, I climbed naked on the bed beside her and dragged the covers over us both. Pulling her over to face me I settled on the smooth pillows and let my hands explore her until she was panting through the gag. My research had given no indication of lesbian leanings but she could not control her body's reaction to my gently probing fingers. Gagged, blindfolded, tied hand and foot she was all mine and after a while I turned her over on her other side then, pulling her closer until we were like a pair of spoons, I slept again.

continues in Chapter Four - The Disappearance

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