Bondage Barbie 4

by Anne Gray

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; kidnap; leather; nc; X

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Bondage Barbie 7 by Anne Gray
Chapter 4 – The Disappearance

She woke me with her struggles after a few hours but I needed to get up anyway and finalize my plans to cash in those travelers checks. Taking her through to sit on the pot I ran a strap around her elbows and across the back. This pulled her single gloved hands tightly against her stomach; her ankles got tied to the floor rings. Since she was still gagged and blindfolded I left her there and went to get dressed. Pulling on Dawn's boots and trench coat, I locked up and drove towards her house. Twice I drove passed her home and all was quiet. Being winter it was nearly dark even though it was just after seven. I took the chance and pulled into the driveway, opened the garage door and closed it behind my car.

I checked her answering machine and heard nothing but a couple of people telling her to enjoy her trip and they would see her when she got back.  Going through the closets I removed all the things that took my fancy and loaded them in the car. In the basement I found a large suitcase that was moved to the front hall.

Back home, after stopping at another bank machine, I tied Dawn in the wheelchair again and moved her to the kitchen for another meal. I had to work out the best way to leave her for at least twelve hours and possibly longer. She was not showing any lasting effects from spending almost that long in what I thought of as her initiation outfit, so that was the best possibility. She spent the night beside me with her hands still held by the double glove and her feet tied to the footboard. Very early the next morning the alarm got me up and I started what proved to be a busy day.

She ate breakfast, with lots of liquid and just over an hour later I had her back on the playroom table laced tightly into the original outfit. Arms folded up behind her and legs held in the single boot.   An adult diaper, plus latex panties covered the inserts, before the crotch strap had been tightened. The earplugs were in and blindfold pads in place. She was gagged with her head fully encased in the helmet that I tied down to the end of the table after settling the leather cushion under her neck. In this condition I hoped she would not even know how long it was before I released her.

Now I really had to move. I dressed in her green suede suit, boots, gloves and then the trench coat. With a designer backpack of the things I needed, I looked in on Dawn, saw her chest moving easily, blew her a kiss and got going. Parking the car in a shopping mall nearby I hurried to her house and went inside. Before seven on a winter morning no one was around to see me. First, I called a taxi then, after fitting my backpack inside her suitcase, spent a few minutes in front of the mirror pulling up the hood of the coat. Adjusting a pair of dark glasses as the taxi pulled into the driveway, I made a fuss about pulling out the suitcase and locking the front door. 

The driver carried the case to the car and I kept my head lowered against the rain as I got in. At the airport I paid him cash with a good tip. Two hours later I was in another taxi in Atlantic City pulling up to the hotel her agent had pre- booked for her. I was lucky, since it was the off-season, and got straight into my room without the usual 3 p.m. check in.  Once in the room I removed my pack from her suitcase and after laying out the contents changed my gloves to a dress pair of green kid that matched the suit.

At all times I had worn gloves. Even on the first night when packing her case I had not touched anything with my bare hands. In the next hour I moved from one casino to another cashing the traveler's checks. Her signature was easy, almost childish with big looping letters and I had plenty of ID in her name plus the room card showing I was booked in. I used an ATM to make final withdrawals from her bank accounts and then hit her credit cards for the maximum cash advances.

Back in my hotel room I changed into the clothes I had packed. Tailored black leather slacks over medium heeled boots and a wool turtleneck sweater. A black wig changed my looks completely and I took the time to redo my makeup to suit it. I changed the small gold earrings she wore to a pair of large hoops and pulled on my black leather, belted, wrap around coat. In my backpack went the suede outfit, boots, coat and her purse. I left her empty suitcase on the bed and the return airline ticket on the dresser; she was booked in for three days.

I waited until the hallway was clear before going to the elevator and was soon back on the crowded casino level heading for the entrance. A taxi back to the airport and a seat on the computer plane using my own name meant that just over two hours later I was at the shopping mall getting into my car. I had made good time and Dawn soon knew I was back; what she didn't know was that I was almost $10,000 richer with her money.  I took all the leather gear off her head and got some liquid into her; personally I had a stiff drink to relax. After supper she was showing no ill effects from her long day laced and strapped to the table so I pushed her through to the bedroom, stretched her out on the bed and tied her down.  She didn't disturb me all night.

Nearly two weeks later there was a piece in the local paper that Dawn had disappeared in Atlantic City.  The police had no leads but foul play was suspected.  Anyone with any information was requested to call etc.  Needless to say I gloated that my scheme had worked and they were looking for her hundreds of miles away.

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