Bondage Barbie 2

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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Bondage Barbie 3 & 4 by Anne Gray
Chapter 2 - Settling In.

The bra came off and released her breasts from their prison; they would soon have another. I unzipped the skirt and let it fall down her legs then gently slid my hands inside her panty hose and moved them down to the top of her boots. There was no need for me to resist the obvious temptation, so I didn't. My finger caressed the inside of her thighs and gradually moved to her groin.

She was moaning now with sobs causing her breathing to quicken through the hollow inserts. Her nipples grew rigid as my fingers kept wandering over her body. I stopped long enough to untie her legs one at a time and remove the boots, skirt and hose then retied them to the bar 2' apart.

I pulled on a pair of my own kid gloves and let them slide all over her. The breasts were firm and I squeezed one with my left hand and suddenly forced my gloved right forefinger inside her vagina. She squirmed and tried to move away but the bonds held her in place and there was no escape from my ministrations.

Playtime over for the moment, I removed my gloves and loosened the velcro clamp holding her right wrist. Pulling her arm through the clamp I tightened it again just below her elbow. With her hand now available I worked on a tight kid leather glove that laced from the base of her palm to the edge of the clamp holding her. At first she would not co-operate and kept curling her fingers and clenching her fist as I tried to get the glove on. She soon got the message though when I tapped her on the cheek and held my fingers over the end of the nostril inserts for a few moments.

The glove in place I squeezed her fingers together with the thumb up the center of the palm and added an equally tight pointed hand cover that strapped closed around the wrist. It had a D ring and short strap at the point formed by the fingers. Clamping that arm by the wrist again I did the same thing to her left one.

From the closet I fetched a rather special short, black leather jacket. It laced down the back to the waist, had a high neck, openings in front slightly smaller than her breasts and, while the right sleeve stopped just below the elbow, the left was wider and overly long.

Each clamp opened just long enough for me to slip the jacket on her arms and pull it together at the back. Lacing it from the high neck down took some time because I wanted it wrinkle free.

The wide belt at the waist of the jacket buckled tightly in the small of her back. I laced the short right sleeve down to meet the glove then undid the clamp holding the wrist.

Bending her arm behind her and lifting the left sleeve clear I held the point of the finger cover against the inside of her left elbow. The strap at the end went around her left bicep. Unclamping the left wrist I forced that arm around until I could settle the finger cover in the bend of her right elbow and strap it in place.

Now the left sleeve pulled across over both her forearms and wrists. I took my time lacing it tightly in place. I had effectively folded her arms behind her back. This position caused her chest to arch forward and pushed her breasts through the front openings of the jacket.

She was still held in place by the ceiling rope and her ankles tied to the bar. I took a leather arm pouch and worked it up over the points of her elbows until it was almost to the top of her arms. Straps passed under her armpits and back across the shoulders to be buckled in the center at the nape of her neck. Except for those lovely breasts she was completely, and very tightly, encased from the waist up in gleaming black kid leather.

Untying her ankles I steadied her as the ceiling cord was unhooked and, supporting her around the waist, forced her to walk over the few steps to the doctor's examining table that was covered in padded black leather.  I had spent a lot of time adapting this piece of furniture and would now find out if it had been worth the effort.

I pulled her backwards on the table and fastened a strap across her waist. Another went across her upper chest and then I tied a piece of cord to the helmet ring and pulled the other end down to a waiting bracket at the table's end. With her arms locked behind her back this position stretched her neck and forced those breasts upwards. I easily caught her legs and one at a time settled the heels in the stirrups at the end of hinged metal arms. Straps at the ankle and upper calf held the legs immobile.

Turning a crank moved the metal arms up and away from the edges of the table bending her knees and forcing her legs wide apart; a very vulnerable position.

She must have guessed what was coming because her moaning became louder and I could see her straining against the straps. It was a useless effort on her part and I spent a few minutes gently stroking her leather-covered face.

 Some of the tension went out of her upper body and I immediately took up the final bit of slack in the table straps.  As they presented themselves bulging through the jacket openings I could not resist some more fun playing with her breasts.

They easily filled my palms as I squeezed each one, rolling the hardening nipples between thumb and forefinger; groans came from deep in her throat.

Of course, she could not see as I reached for the butt plug and dipped it in an open jar of gel. Moving to stand between her legs but still working on a breast, I started to insert the 2" diameter plug into her anus. With steady even pressure from my right hand, and a slight twisting motion, I forced the rigid sex toy in for most of its length.  Just for fun I slowly pulled it almost out again then slid it back in - hard. The gel helped and I did not stop until it was completely buried.

There was only one other cavity that was just begging to be filled and I hastened to oblige. Resting the bulging head of a thick dildo between her lower lips I very slowly worked it in. My left hand moved down to roll her clitoris between thumb and finger. Despite all that had happened to her in the last three hours, the initial shock, the complete helplessness of her current position, the tightness of all the leather, lacings and straps holding her body, it responded to these latest sensations by amply lubricating the orifice as the dildo slid in.

I pumped it slowly in and out several times before working it all the way in. Breathing hard myself, I loosened the locks on the stirrup arms and adjusted them until her legs were almost straight and much closer together. A pair of tight latex panties went on as I released the legs one at a time. Working them up her legs and under the buttocks, they clung like a second skin.

A skintight pair of waist length kid leather leggings went on her using the same process. Once they were on I released the table straps and flipped her onto her stomach. Table straps again in place I worked on the leggings’ laces that went from just above the back of her knees to below the ankles.

Loops around her big toes and under the foot held the leggings taunt.  Again releasing the table straps I pulled her from the table and positioned her standing facing it while I spread her legs and tied them to a bar between the table legs. The waistband of the leggings now needed to be attached to the jacket.

This was accomplished by removing the belt and closing the matching snap fasteners around the two hems then replacing the belt very tightly around her waist. One end of a leather crotch strap attached to the front of the waist belt. 

Standing beside her I smoothed it back through her legs and pulled the other end through a buckle at the back of the belt. I yanked it as tight as it would go and knew that the inserts would be held deeply inside her while the latex panties would stop any moisture getting out to the leather.

Lowering her to the floor I took several straps and bound her legs together above and below the knee and at the ankle. The single leg boot required a lot of effort to get on. I knelt over her legs and worked her toes into the shoe but the boot heel was so high it took a lot of strength to settle her feet fully into the shoe. Lengthwise the boot reached to her upper thighs. It took me fifteen minutes to lace it closed.

The cups of the front closing leather bra went over those perfect mounds and as I closed the clasp I stood back to admire my handiwork. From the strained arch of her instep to the top of her head, she lay encased in beautiful black leather.

 I managed to lift her off the floor by her shoulders and lean her against the table. Because of the restraints her body was almost rigid and I was able to swing her booted legs up and get her back on the padded surface. Naturally I strapped her down at several points along the table and then turned a wheel at the head end that raised that section of the table to about 45 degrees.  As I left the room she was breathing heavily through the inserts; I needed a well-earned shower and to change before working on her again.  My plan was to remove the helmet and get some liquid into her to see her through the night.

After my shower, as she would be seeing me for the first time, I decided to give her something else to think about. The brown satin blouse and green suede suit fitted me almost perfectly. My bust was a little smaller than hers but not enough to be noticeable in the expensive outfit. I did not like the low heels on the suede boots but pulled them on anyway. I arranged my hair and makeup close to her usual style and returned to the playroom. This part of my sprawling bungalow was actually a large, heavily soundproofed extension hidden off the hallway behind the three-car garage. It was designed not to be noticeable so there were no windows.

The inside entrance was through an equally soundproof, hinged, bookcase. A switch behind one of the books activated the latch and another turned on the phone extension.

Methodically I removed the bondage gear from her head. First the gag strap followed by the helmet.  Then I eased the inserts from her nostrils and working a fingernail under the end of the surgical tape I peeled it off. This type of tape was gentle on the skin although the marks across her face showed how tight it had been.

The rubber swim cap came off revealing her blonde hair. When the blindfold came away she opened her eyes just for an instant, then closed them against the light. I left the gag in place for a little longer while the earplugs came out.

Standing where she could see me I watched as her eyes opened again then I hooked my fingers around the gag and pulled it out and she worked her jaw muscles in relief. Holding a glass of water near her mouth I put the straw between her lips and waited as she drank most of it. Her eyes looked around the room then back to me, the recognition of what I was wearing prompted her to look down at her leather own encased body – the questions started.

Although I had studied her and her habits for nearly six months I don't think she had ever seen me. Her pleas therefore, were to a stranger in her late twenties, dressed in her clothes, to loosen the bonds or let her go or tell her why she was here. I did not answer.

After offering her some more water I put a stop to the questions by forcibly shoving in a new gag. This one was hard rubber but it had grooves top and bottom that fitted over her teeth. Her lips could not quite meet over the gag but a short piece of tape sealed them nicely.

I made a few trips to the garage collecting the suitcases, her packages and other things that went into the closet. Dumping the contents of her purse on a table I poured myself a drink and started to sort through the stuff.  Suddenly I found something unbelievable, I knew she was independent, and a professional consultant working from her home and that meant she was intelligent but, behind a couple of photographs, I found a slip of paper with a list of her credit cards and, beside each one, a PIN number!

I was independent thanks to an inheritance from my parents but was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth; I remembered the Atlantic City tickets and started to think how I could complete Dawn's "disappearance". Returning to the playroom she watched as I put on her beautiful leather trench coat. The fit was good and I soon had it properly buttoned, belted and the storm flap in place. Just for show I raised the hood and fastened the storm collar under my chin.

Posing in front of a full-length mirror I saw a picture of sleek brown leather. Sliding her wallet into my own purse I pulled on some kid gloves then put the blindfold back on Dawn and left her in the embrace of her bondage.

I threw back the hood of the coat for driving and headed for a bank machine close to her home. It wasn't far since, to keep her confused, I had driven around for most of the hour she was in the car and our houses were actually only ten minutes apart.

There was a light, sleety cold rain falling as I parked around the corner from the machine. The hood of the coat went up again and I added a pair of dark glasses against the possibility of the machine having a security camera.

Less than five minutes later I was back in the car substantially better off; her three bank accounts had coughed up the daily maximums with no trouble. Back at the house I stood beside the table and slowly studied every inch of my new guest, from her booted feet to the gagged mouth and blindfold. I lowered the table flat and then slid a small, round, leather cushion under her neck to relieve the strain and left her for the night.

It was well after midnight as I undressed, pulled on my nightgown and slid between the satin sheets of my huge bed. A few moments of action with my fingers brought me to shuddering spasms of relief. Turning on my side, I slept.

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