The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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Part 11

‘Hey pretty girl, been awhile.’

In that instant the whole world seemed to freeze for Brianna Wilde as those words hung in the air, simple and to the point so very much like the speaker herself, reverberating in her mind again and again like an echo. Rooted in place, barely aware of her lovers at her side or the cool night air on her heated skin, the blue-haired girl could only stare uncomprehendingly, almost unable to believe her eyes as she took in the smirking form of Kiera Brennan standing right in front of her like some sort of ghost suddenly materializing out of her wildest dreams. Even as her mind raced, hazel eyes greedily drank in the sight, the dusky woman’s lean and muscular form clad in fishnet and leather, so unlike the casual t-shirt and jeans she had worn during their last encounter, the studs on her belt and bracelets glinting in the light of the streetlamp overhead. She was, in short, an absolute vision, accentuated by an almost deliberately provocative posture as she stood with her hand on her hip, amusement dancing clearly in golden brown eyes as she waited for a response, a playful smirk painted onto full and painfully soft lips. Lips that Brianna well remembered, lips that she did not think she would ever be able to forget. A blush spread across her cheeks as the memory of the night they had shared together returned to the fore, ghostly sensations of the wildly passionate woman and her shockingly submissive girlfriend binding her, teasing her, fucking her with an intensity that had seemed almost unworldly at the time. An ironic clue of the deeper truth lurking just beneath the surface, now that she thought about it.

As the initial shock faded, Brianna almost instinctively glanced at her lovers, remembering well that her mistresses had teasingly hinted at one final surprise awaiting her, but Roxanna’s expression was placid and polite, utterly unreadable, and while Sofia was grinning ever so slightly her expression held no clues. In contrast, Claudia, cuddled up against the blonde’s side, was watching the display curiously, the look in her own deep brown eyes conveying confusion and interest. Planned or not, it seemed as if the tattooed girl had played no part in whatever this was. Unless she had fallen asleep and was dreaming in the back seat of the car, Kiera was really here, dressed like the love child of a punk rocker and a dominatrix, a teasing tone in her voice and a playful smile on her lips.

Realizing that the dusky woman was still waiting patiently for a reply, Brianna swallowed as she tried to find her voice, “I’ve been busy.”

As true as that was, the blue-haired girl practically kicked herself for that utterly ridiculous statement, to say nothing of the quaver in her voice, especially when the woman snickered a bit under her breath. Roxanna, thankfully, saved her from any further embarrassment when she wrapped a comforting arm around the poor girl’s waist before offering a soft smile, “A pleasure to see you again, Ms. Brennan.”

Still laughing softly, Kiera shook her head as she stepped out fully, the light voice playfully teasing but with a hint of something else, something painfully sensual, just beneath the surface, “So formal.”

Smile growing just a notch, Roxanna inclined her head ever so slightly in agreement, but did not otherwise comment, “I do hope that you were not waiting long?”

“Not terribly long,” a new voice suddenly announced as Murial du Sange seemed to appear, practically sliding out of the shadows with effortless grace as she molded herself against her girlfriend’s side and flashed a much more playful grin, “But what’s a bit of time among friends? Especially to people like us?”

Sofia chuckled at that even as she pulled Claudia closer and idly ran her hand up and down the tattooed girl’s side, eliciting a soft shudder, “What indeed?”

Although she was quickly coming to believe that there really was no such thing as coincidence anyway, more than anything that casual banter convinced Brianna that this meeting was no mere happenstance. While her mistresses were quite skilled at “rolling with the punches”, as it were, Sofia’s easy smile and Roxanna’s faintly amused expression betrayed not a hint of surprise. No, both Kiera and Murial had been expected and, feeling a smile curl her own lips at that realization, the blue-haired girl refocused her attention on the pair, sparing a moment to take in Murial’s simple and yet surprisingly elegant clothes. A pair of tights that clung to the curves of her legs and a loose tank top that left her elegant shoulders and slender neck exposed, drawing attention to the tight choker around her throat and the necklaces dangling between her breasts, even as a number of strategically placed slits revealed plenty of pale skin and hints of the dark bra underneath. It was a simple outfit and yet it perfectly suited the redhead at the same time, somehow fitting with her girlfriend’s much more… unconventional clothes despite the sharp contrast between them. It really had been a long time since she’d seen the pair hadn’t it? At least six months or so, not counting her little impromptu trip to Delirium last spring, and while she had given the pair little thought since then it was nice to see them again. Although, she could help but wonder what their sudden and unexpected presence heralded. After all, though she would never admit it, there were still nights when the blue-haired girl touched herself to the memory of Murial’s pale body stretched out helplessly beneath her and Kiera’s powerful form taking her from behind.

Noticing her gaze, as well as her steadily deepening blush, the red haired vampire grinned and offered a wink even as she threw back her shoulders to thrust out her breasts tantalizingly. However, despite that, Brianna’s own smile did not waiver as she finally asked the only question that seemed to matter right now, “What are the two of you doing here?”

Kiera actually pouted at her, an expression that looked almost out of place on her face when combined with her deliberately provocative posture and wild outfit, “What’s the matter, pretty girl? Not happy to see us?”

“No!” Brianna insisted, a bit caught off guard, face heating up even more as she knew that the dusky woman was teasing her, “I’m just surprised.”

“Your mistress gave us a call.” Murial provided, nodding faintly in Roxanna’s direction, “Had a few questions about… well, I suppose we can save that for later.”

“But, as fate would have it, neither one of us had plans this evening,” Kiera finished, “So we thought we might join you for dinner.”

“And perhaps dessert,” Murial added with a slim and yet somehow lascivious smile, the sparkle in her brilliant green eyes offering no room for misunderstanding, “If everyone is amenable, of course.”

Brianna quickly looked up at the olive-skinned woman at her side, but Roxanna just offered a tiny smile and a quick wink before answering the unasked question, never once taking her eyes off the blue-haired girl in her arms, “The company of old friends is always welcome, assuming there are no objections.”

Quickly shaking her head, as she certainly had no objections to that, Brianna nonetheless could not help but favor Murial with a curious look as a thought suddenly occurred to her, “I didn’t think you could eat anything?”

The pale woman smiled, showing off a hint of her pearly white teeth, as if pleased that the younger girl had remembered that little detail, “True, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the scenery.” She practically leered at Kiera as she snuggled against her lover’s side, “Besides, I never said it was food that I’d be eating.”

Practically roaring with laughter, Kiera pulled her girlfriend close, “You naughty little thing, am I going to have to punish you again?”

“Oh?” Murial wondered with faux innocence, “Is that a threat, or a promise?”

Rather than words, Kiera instead captured the redhead’s lips in a kiss even as Murial twisted in her grasp to throw her arms over the dusky woman’s shoulders. As their kiss deepened, Brianna felt a hint of her blush return at the sight of the pair making out on the sidewalk without a care in the world, fighting the urge to look away, as if she was intruding on a private moment. At the same time, Sofia suddenly glanced over at her lover and offered Roxanna a grin before turning her attention back to Claudia, still wrapped up in her arms, the slender girl having been strangely silent up until now.

“And you, kotenok?”

“It should be fun, mistress.” Claudia answered, craning her neck enough to look the blonde in the eye before grinning, “But I wonder, if we were on a double date before, is it a three-way now, or a four way?”

“Such a dirty mind, kotenok.” Sofia teased, chuckling at the innuendo, before leaning down to nip the slender girl’s ear, “Be a good girl and maybe you will find out.”

Shivering at that breathy tone, Claudia bit her lip and managed a tiny nod, voice soft and almost strained, “Yes, mistress.”

For a brief heartbeat Brianna just watched the scene unfold before her, Kiera and Murial still lost in each other while Sofia gently peppered Claudia’s neck and cheek with kisses, before finally looking up at Roxanna and asking softly, “Mistress?”

Nodding her understanding, the olive-skinned woman adjusted her grip, planting an almost chaste kiss on the tip of Brianna’s nose, before straightening up slightly to address the others, “If you are all quite finished, I find myself rather famished and would like to get a table before the night is over, yes?”

“An excellent idea, dorogoy.” Sofia agreed, ceasing her ministrations and loosening her grip on Claudia ever so slightly, the slender girl nodding in agreement even as she moaned softly in disappointment.

With a chuckle, Kiera reluctantly broke her own kiss and offered the olive-skinned woman a sidelong glance, practically another leer, even as she absolutely refused to loosen her own grip on Murial's waist, “Sounds good to me. I’m absolutely starving.”

With that last bit of innuendo lingering in the air, Roxanna offered Brianna one last grin, waiting for the blue-haired girl to return it before reaching out with her free hand to Sofia, who took it with a grateful nod before the olive-skinned woman led their group those last few steps across the sidewalk toward the pizzeria. The first thing that Brianna noticed when her mistress finally opened up that door of black metal and smoky glass, the soft chime of a bell ringing faintly in the background, was just how dark the interior was. The restaurant was surprisingly small, almost cozy in its intimacy, with perhaps a dozen tables scattered around the main dining area with a few booths along the front wall lined with more of those smoky windows offering a faint view of the streets beyond. It was mostly empty at this odd hour, only adding to the atmosphere, no more than a handful of groups making quiet conversation over the soft din of music in the background. Dim lighting recessed into the tin-tiled ceiling and candles encased in ornate red glass woven with twine set on each table providing the only real source of illumination beyond the occasional flash of a passing car’s headlights and, for a brief moment, the blue-haired girl had the sensation that she was walking into a void before her eyes managed to adjust and the details like brick walls, dark wooden paneling and intricately patterned red carpet made themselves known. The second thing that stood out to her was just how warm it was inside, air thick with the enticing scents of bread and spices almost tropically hot compared to the cool breeze outside. Indeed, the contrast was so sharp that Brianna’s skin felt almost uncomfortably hot at the sudden shift despite her rather abbreviated attire. An unbidden rumbling of her stomach prompted by those alluring smells, a sharp reminder that she had not eaten anything since breakfast and a very light breakfast at that, brought a very different kind of blush to the blue-haired girl’s face, especially when Roxanna favored her with a tiny, knowing smile. Fighting the urge to look down in embarrassment, Brianna opted instead to snuggle against her mistress’s elegant form, comforted by the steady beat of the older woman’s heart. Tightening her grip, and resting a hand on the smaller girl’s hip, Roxanna said nothing, just glanced back briefly to make sure their companions were still following before skirting the edge of the dining area to step up to the front counter set in the far corner of the restaurant, away from the main line of traffic.

The little nook, dominated by a very modern looking cash register sitting on what looked like a cut and polished granite counter, was better lit than the rest of the building out of necessity, overhead lights casting a soft glow that was paradoxically both bright enough allow the employees to do their work but dim enough not to seem blaring in the shadows. And speaking of employees, Brianna immediately noted a pair of waitresses standing behind that counter, chatting softly with each other. Both were dressed in plain black shirts, name tags pinned to their chests of the left side with a company logo embroidered on the right, their hair done up in fairly utilitarian styles common to service workers across the globe. Even so, despite their uniforms, the pair stood in sharp contrast to each other. The closest figure, standing just behind the register, was leaning back against the wall with one shoulder and was clearly the older of the two by perhaps ten or fifteen years. She sported a matronly figure, faint laugh lines etched into a face only a shade or two lighter than Roxanna’s own olive tones while a wisp or two of gray was visible in inky black hair twisted up into a tight and well maintained bun. Yet she stood easily, gesticulating wildly as she spoke. The girl across from her, grinning as she nodded along, was closer to Claudia’s age in appearance, slender and yet curvy with a pair of wire-framed glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. Her hair, dyed a dark green color save for visible dirty blonde roots, was pulled into a braid and tossed over her shoulder, drawing attention to the fact that it had been undercut slightly on the side as well as displaying a pair of bars running through the shell of her ear. Yes, definitely an odd pair, but they conversed easily as if old friends and that somehow made Brianna smile just a bit. Regardless, the whispered conversation died as the group approached and the older woman instantly straightened up and turned to face them, a placid but friendly smile on her face, one clearly well practiced but with a hint of real warmth in her bright eyes regardless.

Much like her gaze, her voice warm and clear when she spoke, easily carrying over the background noise, “Welcome to Gianinni’s, how may I help you?”

“Good evening, Ms. Carla.” Roxanna greeted after glancing down briefly at the woman’s name tag and offering a small but friendly smile of her own, “Reservation for Kormou.”

“Of course, one moment please.” the woman, Carla, assured as she quickly began to flip through a logbook next to the register even as the other waitress began to pull menus and bundles of silverware from beneath the counter, “Party of six?”

“Indeed.” Roxanna confirmed, before adding, “Though, if it is not too much trouble, might we be seated on the balcony?”

That request caught Brianna's attention and she wondered what exactly her mistress was talking about. Seated on the balcony? The place didn’t have a second story as far as she could tell, but before she could ask, Carla nodded at the request, not missing a beat even as she jotted down a few notes with a pencil, her voice suddenly taking on an apologetic tone, “It’s no trouble, ma’am, but I’m afraid we don’t have any tables up there large enough for your party.”

“No need to apologize." Roxanna assured, waving away those concerns even as the olive-skinned woman glanced back briefly at their guests and raised a questioning brow, inviting them to interject, “Two tables will be fine.”

Despite the invitation, neither Kiera nor Murial objected and Carla nodded as she set her pencil down, offering another warm smile as she gestured to the younger girl standing next to her, “Very good. Lily will take you to your seats, please enjoy your evening.”

“Of that I have no doubt,” Sofia suddenly interjected with a grin of her own

“Thank you for your assistance,” Roxanna added quickly, shooting her lover a playfully admonishing look as she did, “It is most appreciated.”

“You’re very welcome.” Carla assured as Lily gathered up the pile of menus she had collected and stepped around the counter.

As she walked fully into view Brianna glanced at the girl, able to pick out a few more details as she approached such as a slender nose ring through her septum as well as a stud in her right eyebrow, noting with some curiosity that her piercings were all in gold like Kiera’s rather than the silver or stainless steel that she and Claudia favored. However, what truly caught the blue-haired girl’s eye was the way the waitress’s own smile suddenly collapsed into an expression of pure shock, her step faltering as she caught full sight of the group, eyes wide as if she could not believe what she was seeing. A tiny, inquisitive frown forming on her own face at that, Brianna instinctively followed the waitress’s line of sight only for her frown to deepen when she realized that the young woman was openly staring at Kiera and Murial as if she had seen a ghost. In sharp contrast, the dusky woman did not seem phased at all, golden brown eyes twinkling with amusement and the corner of her mouth twitching into a half smile as she regarded the girl with green hair. Next to her Murial grinned madly at the display, green eyes practically flashing in the darkness.

“Hey, you,” Kiera offered, voice a low and husky rumble that caressed Brianna’s spine in a very… pleasant way.

“H… Hi.” Lily managed after a moment, her voice practically cracking.

Curious, but also concerned, Carla leaned slightly over the counter and asked, “Is everything alright?”

“No, no, everything's fine.” Lily insisted, shaking her head quickly and practically making her braid whip off her shoulder, “No problems.”

“We’re old acquaintances.” Murial offered by way of an explanation that explained nothing, even as her expression never changed, “Seeing each other is an unexpected surprise, but a very… pleasant one.”

Kiera gave the girl a sidelong wink, and although she tried to maintain a neutral expression Lily blushed fiercely at the attention and Brianna felt her curiosity grow, wondering what sort of history connected the three. Still, managing to recover some of her composure, even if her pale skin was still tinted pink, Lily cleared her throat, clearly trying to escape this conversation, “If… if you would follow me?”

Roxanna raised a brow ever so slightly, clearly curious as well, and glanced briefly at Sofia out of the corner of her eye, but the blonde just shrugged softly and the olive-skinned woman nodded, offering their blushing waitress what she hoped was a reassuring smile and mercifully ignored the odd tension in the air, “Of course.”

Although it was obvious that Lily was relieved by that, the silence that followed was still rather awkward as the young, green-haired girl led them around the edge of the main dining area and along the back wall just past the swinging door to the kitchen. Following along, but choosing to hold her tongue for now, Brianna was a bit surprised to discover that they were being taken to an open stairwell tucked into the corner of the building, the darkness banished just enough by bulbs set into sconces along the plaster walls to make it safe to climb. Without pause, Lily began to climb and it was only then that Roxanna finally withdrew her arm from around her slave’s waist, freeing the blue-haired girl from her grip, as the stairs were simply too narrow to climb two at a time. Although a bit disappointed by that, Brianna nonetheless dutifully followed, noting that Sofia and Kiera were reluctantly following their example as they trailed behind. As she climbed the steps, enjoying the view of Roxanna’s elegant back and the way her trousers showed off her shapely ass, Brianna was once more made keenly aware of the crotch strap running tightly between her legs, the leather rubbing against her still throbbing sex with each step, the dull thud of heavy boots striking wood echoing almost as loudly as her heart in the confined hall. By the time they finally reached the top the blue-haired girl’s face was once more flushed bright red as she bit her lip to try and keep from moaning at the sensations. However, the growing tide of desire was quickly forgotten when they stepped out of the stairwell through an ornate door and Brianna felt herself gasp at what she saw. To her surprise and delight they were on the roof of the building, the distant light of the streetlamps augmented by lamps and fairy lights strung from iron rods, as well as more of those glass sheathed candles flickered brightly on a handful of tables illuminated the tiny and yet wide open space. Combined with potted ferns, flowers and even dwarf trees arranged in seemingly random patterns the whole place felt almost like some sort of fantastical garden, the height offering a commanding view of the downtown region while taller buildings glowed in the distance, stars twinkling overhead. Better yet, as the chill night air succeeded in cooling her ardor Brianna realized that they were completely alone up here.

Perhaps drawing comfort from the familiarity of routine, perhaps having now had time to process everything, or perhaps simply more comfortable now that they were more or less alone, Lily stopped and turned to address the group, a faint hint of nervousness still present in her tone though she clearly managed to appear much more under control now, “Please, sit wherever you like.”

Unfortunately, it seemed as if the relative isolation and vaguely romantic atmosphere of this little rooftop garden had also emboldened Kiera. Before anyone else could response, the dusky woman leaned forward with an easy smile on her face, and a seductive lilt in her voice, one arm once more wrapped firmly around Murial’s waist as she favored Lily with an almost mischievous look, “I didn’t know you worked here.”

Swallowing softly, Lily managed a small nod and tried to play off the question, “Gotta pay the bills somehow, right?”

“Very true.” Kiera agreed, her deliberately provocative posture almost defying the casual conversation as she drifted just a bit closer to the girl with the green hair, a smile growing with each step, “Still, it’s been what, almost a year? Are you and Victoria still together?”

Clearly fighting the urge to step back away from the taller woman, Lily managed another nod even as a genuine smile seemed to curl her own lips at that last question, “We are.”

“I’m glad.” Kiera answered, honestly, “You two were cute together, a dashing pirate queen and her lovely damsel in distress. Or was it prisoner? The handcuffs kind of said ‘prisoner’ to me.”

Lily unconsciously hunched her shoulder like a rabbit trying to present a smaller target to a predator, her face turning almost as red as Murial’s hair in the process as she blushed deeply, “I, uh… we didn’t really…”

“Now, now,” Murial cut in, shifting in her lover’s grip to favor the dusky woman with an amused smile, “no need to tease the poor girl. Although she is right, you and Victoria were absolutely lovely. Will you be entering the contest again this year?”

Metaphorically caught between the pair Lily practically stuttered, “We… we hadn’t really talked about it.”

“My apologies.” Kiera offered as she straightened up slightly, voice contrite and yet with a hint of something else still lingering in her golden brown eyes, “People tell me I can be a bit… aggressive sometimes.”

“It’s… it’s fine.” the girl offered, even as she nervously toyed with her braid.

Kiera nodded before another smile curled her lips and she closed the last bit of distance between them in one smooth and sudden motion. For the briefest of moments it looked like she might actually kiss the girl with green hair, Lily’s expression torn between disbelief and desire before the dusky woman stopped short and her voice dropped into that low and husky tone that Brianna knew all so well, “Still, I do hope we’ll see you on stage again. It would be an absolute shame to lose that creativity, and I’d love to see what the two of you come up with this year. Or will it be five?”

From her position still curled up at Roxanna’s side, Brianna caught that comment and could only frown once more in confusion. As much as the entire exchange had more or less gone over her head, beyond confirming her suspicion that her mistresses’ old friends had some sort of history with their waitress, that comment in particular certainly left her to wonder just what was going on. Lily, on the other hand, clearly understood and her face flushed so red in response that it made her previous blush absolutely pale in comparison. The girl opened her mouth slightly, as if she wanted to say something, anything, but no sound came out and she simply stood like a deer caught in headlights.

Murial, however, frowned ever so slightly at the question and shifted in Kiera’s grasp, pulling back just enough to look her mistress in the face, “That’s quite enough of that,” she chided, voice still soft and yet stern, with a hint of the command that often seemed to underline her tone, though Brianna could never remember the redhead talking like that to her girlfriend before, “I thought I told you to stop teasing the girl.”

For a fraction of a second a scowl marred Kiera’s beautiful face as she glanced at her lover, but Murial held firm, refusing to flinch beneath that gaze and raising a brow challengingly, as if inviting the dusky woman to protest. She did not and, almost immediately, Kiera’s expression softened as she turned back to Lily, pulling away from the girl to give her some space, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Lily seemed to relax ever so slightly but even so the girl could only offer the smallest of nods as she accepted the apology. The silence that followed was almost awkward as they finally took their seats, Roxanna and Sofia sharing a curious glance before guiding their girls to one of the nearby tables, easily settling into the surprisingly comfortable chairs and clustered together in a way that would have felt crowded in less intimate company. Thankfully, this time Brianna was mindful of the butt plug she was wearing, sitting down carefully though even then she could not keep a tiny blush from her cheeks at the sensation of the toy being pushed in even deeper, biting her lip to stifle a moan. Blushing again at the knowing look that Sofia gave her, the blue-haired girl suddenly shivered in a combination of pleasure and the chilly night air running over her bare shoulders and arms, the breeze a strangely pleasant contrast to her heated skin. Feeling an arm wrap around her shoulder and a lightly calloused palm begin to rub her bicep gently, Brianna smiled and instinctively curled up against Sofia’s side, sighing softly at the pleasant warmth of the statuesque woman’s body and as always amazed by just how warm her mistress was. Watching from that comfortable position as Kiera and Murial claim the table right next to theirs and Lily almost mechanically set bundles of silverware and menus in front of each of them, Brianna began to feel herself relax once more, feeling the exertions of the day settle once more assert themselves.

“May I…” Lily began, voice cracking a bit as she fumbled with a small notepad before clearing her throat and trying again, “May I get you something to drink?”

Picking up the menu and scanning it with deliberate slowness, Roxanna smiled softly as she spotted something that clearly met with her approval before looking up at their waitress, “Some red wine sounds lovely. A glass of Merlot if you please.”

“I think I may join you in that, dorogoy,” Sofia interjected with a grin of her own.

With a nod of acknowledgment to the blonde, Roxanna’s smile grew ever so slightly, “Perhaps we could have the bottle?”

“Certainly.” Lily agreed, seemingly glad to have found her bearings again as she jotted the order down, “And the rest of you?”

Realizing that the girl’s eyes were upon her, Brianna bit the corner of her lip in thought before reaching a decision, “Iced tea, unsweetened, please.”

“Just water for me.” Claudia added, “And lemon, please.”

“Very good.” Lily agreed before finally turning her attention to the other table, taking a deep breath before asking, “And anything for you?”

Despite leaning back in her chair as if she had not a care in the world Kiera was uncharacteristically silent, a tiny, almost pensive frown on her face. Reaching out to place her hand on her lover’s, Murial turned to Lily and offered the girl a faint smile, “Two house beers please. And we’d like a separate check if it's not too much trouble.”

“No trouble.” Lily assured, managing to return the redhead’s smile just a bit as she made note of that last little detail, “I’ll have your drinks right out, unless anyone’s ready to order?”

Murial just shook her head and Sofia briefly glanced around the table before answering, even as she continued to stroke Brianna's arms, “Thank you, but I believe we will need a moment or two.”

With a quick nod Lily tucked the notebook away in her apron and quickly made her way back to the door and down the stairs, as if in a rush to escape back into the heart of the restaurant itself. As she vanished the silence from earlier returned and, for the several long heartbeats no one dared to speak, the faint roar of cars from the street below and the soft clinking of chimes as the lanterns strewn about swayed in the breeze the only sounds to be heard. Eventually, as the moment grew thinner and thinner, Kiera still lost in her own thoughts as Murial gently stroked her hand until, eventually, Roxanna put the menu she had been studying down and let out a sigh.

Glancing over at the other table, she raised a brow questioningly, “If it would not be too much trouble, would someone mind explaining?”

Murial opened her mouth to reply, but Kiera cut her off, voice steady but lacking the boisterous playfulness she had displayed earlier, “The waitress, Lily, I met her briefly about a year ago at the club around Halloween. She and her girlfriend were in a costume contest that I was helping to run. Lovely girls, shame they didn’t win.”

It was Sofia who asked as the dusky woman trailed off, curiosity thick in her own tone, “There must be more to it than that, yes?”

Kiera’s lips twitched into a grin and she let out a chuckle as Murial continued, glancing briefly at Brianna and catching sight of the tattoo in her wrist before asking, “Did your friend Zoe do that for you?”

Although a bit surprised by the change of subject, Brianna nodded, “Yes, she did.”

“Amazing work, as always.” Murial quipped, smiling softly before letting out a sigh of her own, “In any case, on the night in question Zoe also happened to wander by Delirium with her own paramours. A very… interesting trio, quite daring as well. Alexis was practically naked in that outfit of hers and Morgan? Now that woman has the figure for latex, all tall and willowy and toned.” an easy smile curled the pale woman’s lips then, “Zoe herself wears a ball gag beautifully. Shame I couldn’t get them on stage that night.”

For the briefest moment Brianna’s mind flew back to a point, months ago now, when she had been sitting at Zoe’s shop as the brunette etched yet more ink into her skin. She had not given it much thought since, but she remembered seeing a neatly framed picture tucked away amid the various odds and ends decorating the artist’s workspace, a photo of three women embracing and smiling for the camera, of Zoe herself being flanked by a heavily tattooed redhead and a slender woman with short hair and skin the color of mocha. ‘My girlfriends’ the artist had answered, without hesitation, when asked, her lip ring glinting in the shop light as she smiled at the declaration, muddy brown eyes alight with joy at the mere mention of her lovers. It had been an interesting revelation and yet somehow not a surprise either, a catalyst for Brianna to reveal the truth of the relationship she and Claudia shared with their mistresses, as well as her first real hint that Zoe, a woman she was beginning to think of as a friend, was a lot wilder than she’d expected. And apparently a lot kinkier too. That certainly helped to explain a few things and the blue-haired girl’s blush darkened then, her mind almost instantly conjuring up images of the heavily tattooed artist with a gag stuffed between her full, brightly painted lips and her lush body tightly bound while the latex clad form of her tall, androgynous girlfriend fawned over her. Almost unconsciously pressing her thighs together and squirming in her seat, lost in the fantasy as her eyes closed, Brianna bit her lip again to suppress a moan as the motion of her hips pulled the crotch strap deliciously tight.

“To make a long story short,” Kiera continued, drawing Brianna out of her fantasy, the girl having to fight the urge to look down at Sofia’s knowing smile even as a tiny grin curled her own lips, “I don’t know the details, but after the contest the five of them sat together for the rest of the night, and left together afterwards.”

“Damn,” Claudia interjected only to blush softly when she realized that everyone’s attention was now on her, “I just mean that’s pretty impressive. Zoe’s got game.”

Kiera laughed softly at that statement, nodding her head in agreement, “That one’s definitely fearless.”

“Perhaps it’s time we finally meet Ms. Sharpe.” Sofia mused, a sly smile growing on her own face as she spoke.

That made Brianna wonder, and she glanced up at her mistress with a curious expression, “You’ve never met her, mistress?”

“Sadly we have not, korítsi.” Roxanna answered, “Claudia made all of the arrangements for your first tattoo, we simply provided some financial assistance and since neither of us has much interest in tattoos ourselves, and my ears were pierced years ago, we honestly thought little of it.” the olive-skinned woman shrugged, “A shame.”

Taking the opportunity to curl up against Roxanna’s elegant frame, practically molding herself to the older woman’s side, Claudia smiled easily and let out a contented sigh, “I think you’d like her, mistress.”

Taking the slender girl into her arms with a soft smile, Roxanna nodded, “I very much agree, gatáki. I very much agree.”

“Still, you were right.” Kiera said after a moment, glancing at Murial and offering a thin smile, “I shouldn’t have teased the girl so much, I don’t know what got into me.”

“The full moon is coming up.” Murial offered, reaching out to take her lover’s hand again, “That always put you in an odd mood.”

The dusky woman’s eyes, reflecting the flicker of the candles, briefly fell on Brianna, a hint of something in those golden depths before she looked away and offered the pale redhead a wan smile, “Maybe.”

Watching the pair, the blue-haired girl cocked her head slightly, frowning softly in thought as she wondered about that look. It had been too brief to say for certain, and honestly she didn’t know Kiera that well, but for the briefest instant Brianna was certain she had seen regret in that gaze. It made her think of the first time they had talked, standing on the back patio of a little cabin by the sea. She could easily remember Kiera flirting with her playfully, as well as her own breakdown afterwards, wracking with guilt at how much she’d wanted the dusky woman in that moment. Truth be told it had mostly been washed away by all that had followed, but now that she thought about it Brianna could not help but wonder. Kiera was passionate, wild and playful and perhaps a bit carefree at times, but there was an undercurrent of something else, a fierceness that only made her more beautiful, and made it easy to believe that a wolf was sleeping in her skin. Comments about the full moon aside. But for all that her wild passion made her fiercely beautiful, it could make her reckless as well, her actions and words as brazen as her feelings at times. And while that could certainly be endearing, and intensely pleasurable as she well knew from personal experience, that recklessness had also unknowingly poked Brianna right in her insecurities and had apparently pushed Lily to the edge of her comfort zone. She had never really thought about it, but perhaps the woman carried more regrets that she’d realized and in that moment the blue-haired girl resolved to make sure that Kiera knew that there were no hard feelings.

She could hardly complain about how that night had ended, after all.

Picking up the surprisingly slender menu again, Roxanna cleared her throat, “Perhaps we should focus on more pleasant topics for the moment. Any suggestions on what we should order?”

“Nothing too heavy.” Sofia offered before flashing the olive-skinned woman a wicked grin and tilting her head just enough to wink at Brianna, “After all, we need to save room for dessert after all.”

Blushing softly at that not at all subtle innuendo, Brianna found herself keenly aware of the heat between her legs and the strap pressed tightly against her aching sex, made worse by the maddening presence of the plug buried within her. Thoughts drifting to the promises made earlier that she would soon be rewarded for her patience, she shivered softly in anticipation, before managing to suggest, “Mushrooms?”

“How about pineapple?” Claudia added, sinking a little deeper into Roxanna’s embrace at the odd looks that her lovers gave her, almost pouting as she defended, “What? It’s a perfectly valid choice. Ham and pineapple is really good!”

“I admit to a certain curiosity, dorogoy.” Sofia mused as she mulled the idea over in her mind, “It’s something new, after all.”

Roxanna nodded before leaning down to give Claudia a kiss on the cheek, favoring the girl with a gentle smile, “I was going to suggest margherita, but there is indeed a certain… allure about trying something new.”

Grinning in response, Claudia tilted her head to accept a second, much softer, kiss on the lips, “Thank you, mistress.”

Although she smiled at the scene herself, snaking an arm around Sofia’s waist and resting her head on the blonde’s shoulder, Brianna also could not help but frown softly in confusion, “Margarita pizza? How does that even work, mistress? Does it have tequila in the dough?”

The olive-skinned woman regarded her blankly for a moment, as if she did not understand the question, before a light seemed to dawn in her deep brown eyes and the woman’s lips twitched as if she was fighting down the urge to laugh. A bit of self control that Sofia did not share as the athletic woman began to chuckle warmly, an amused smile twisting her lips as she kissed the blue-haired girl on the crown of her head before answering, “Not quite, devushka.”

“It has nothing to do with the drink, korítsi.” Roxanna explained, the ghost of a smile still tugging at her lips, “Just a… a fancy name, I suppose, for mozzarella and basil pizza.”

“A shockingly vanilla suggestion for you.” Kiera interjected, grinning as she scanned her own menu and clearly having begun to recover some of her good cheer, “You should listen to your girl, live a little.”

“I will take it under advisement.” Roxanna returned, wryly, though the tiny curl of her lips betrayed her amusement.

“Then we are decided?” Sofia asked, glancing down briefly at the girl in her arms for confirmation.

With a tiny smile of her own Brianna nodded, honestly curious herself and besides, when it came to culinary exploration with her lovers she had yet to be disappointed, “Yes, mistress.”

By luck or sheer chance, Lily reappeared at that moment, the girl with green hair carefully pushing the stairwell door open with her hip as she backed out onto the balcony, a tray balanced carefully in her arms. Looking a bit more put together now that the shock of this sudden and unexpected meeting had faded, as well as having had time to center herself, the girl slowly made her way to the table where Brianna was sitting, pausing ever so slightly as if noticing for the first time the intimate poses that the four women were in with the blue-haired girl held tightly in Sofia’s embrace and Claudia practically sitting on Roxanna’s lap. Still, though perhaps the tiniest hint of a blush colored her cheekbones, the girl’s smile never once waived as she set a glass of ice water down in front of Claudia with deliberate care, followed quickly by Brianna’s tea, wedges of lemon floating amid the ice. Finally, she placed a bottle of plain green glass wrapped in wicker in the center of the table followed by two long-stemmed wine glasses. That done, the girl then quickly stepped over to the table next to them and unloaded the last of her cargo, depositing a pair of simple brown bottles in front of Kiera and Murial in turn. Blush darkening just a shade at the way the redhead leaned over the table and smiled at her in thanks, Lily quickly tucked the tray under her arm and once more withdrew her notepad and a pen.

“Is everyone ready?” she asked, softly, “Or do we need more time?”

Brown eyes quickly flickering across her lover’s faces, Roxanna nodded, “I believe so, thank you. We would like the twelve inch Hawaiian pizza, please.”

Nodding as she wrote that down, Lily looked up at the olive-skinned woman, “Thick or thin crust?”

“Thin, if you please.” Roxanna answered with a smile.

Still nodding, Lily then turned to the other table, “And you, ma’am?”

“Please, you’re making me feel old.” Kiera groused with a playful smile before favoring the girl with a smile, “The chicken and pepperoni looks interesting, thick crust please.”

“It’s very popular.” Lily agreed as she took the second order, her voice steady now with nary a trace of the nervousness that had previously dominated, “And the size?”

“We’re not that hungry.” Kiera mused, “An eight inch should be fine.”

“Very good.” Lily noted, glancing back over her shoulder briefly before asking, “Anything else?”

“Just one thing.” Murial interjected, “I really must apologize again if we made you uncomfortable. My companion was simply so excited to see a familiar face that she forgot herself. Please forgive us.”

“It’s… it’s alright.” Lily decided after a moment of thought, the barest hint of hesitation in her voice, posture radiating a trace of uncertainty for a brief heartbeat before she deliberately squared her shoulders and drew herself up to look Kiera straight in the eye, “Any this year? This year it might just be five.”

After that statement you could have heard pin drop and, with a tiny satisfied smirk on her lips, Lily turned on heel and crossed back to the stairs, shoulders still held high and an almost deliberate sway to her hips as she walked. That silence stretched on for another moment or two as the girl with green hair once more disappeared from view, the sound of her footsteps retreating slowly into the distance, only to be shattered when Kiera threw back her head and laughed in pure amusement, Murial clearly struggling to keep a straight face as well given the way the corners of her mouth twitched with suppressed mirth. Brianna just rested her head against Sofia’s shoulder as she watched the dusky woman laugh, unable to keep from smiling at the display, glad that whatever tension had seemed to hang in the air was broken. And besides that it seemed as if Lily was made of sterner stuff than they’d thought and part of her very much wanted to get to know the girl, curious now to know the whole story beyond the bits and pieces that Kiera and her girlfriend had deigned to share. Eventually the dusky woman managed to calm down, still chuckling softly as she ran a hand through her dark, faintly red-tinged hair and reached out to pick up her beer.

Taking a long drink, and sighing contentedly, Kiera favored her lover with a wry half smile, “It’s good.”

Gently sliding her own beer toward the woman, Murial returned the grin, “You can have mine, if you like.”

Kiera snorted as she suppressed another laugh, “As if that wasn’t your plan from the start.”

Caught up in the display herself, Roxanna shook her head slightly at the antics of her old friend and carefully poured herself a glass of wine, returning the favor for Sofia before taking a sip of the ruby dark liquid and commenting, “A most interesting girl.”

“Very much so.” Kiera agreed as she leaned back in her chair and took another drink, smiling faintly as she cast her gaze out into the city, “Very much so.”

Smiling softly in thanks, Sofia took her own glass and experimentally sniffed the wine before raising it high, “Might I propose a toast, then?”

From her place in Roxanna’s lap, Claudia reached out and mirrored the gesture with her glass of water, “What are we drinking to, mistress?”

Smile almost morphing into a smirk, the blonde grinned down at Brianna and tightened the arm around the girl’s waist, “To beautiful women.”

“Here, here.” Kiera affirmed, raising her beer almost in salute, “To beautiful women, and all of the joys and pains of having them in our lives.”

Blushing at her mistress’s compliment, and smiling almost shyly at the blonde, Brianna nodded as she took her tea and lifted it to join in. As they drank, Murial, who had abstained for obvious reasons, tilted her head ever so slightly and regarded the blue-haired girl with eyes that seemed to sparkle like emeralds in the flickering light of the candles. A smile curling her own lips, the redhead waited for a moment before speaking, voice pitched low but just loud enough to be heard over the faint sounds of the city beyond.

“Brianna, dear?” she asked, immediately catching the younger girl’s attention, “In all the excitement I forgot, but that is a lovely dress.”

A bit caught off guard by the compliment, Brianna blushed ever so slightly but even so managed a tiny smile of her own, “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” Murial insisted, “The color really compliments your skin, and makes your eyes stand out. With those boots you really do look incredible.” the woman’s smile suddenly sharpened, growing impish as she allowed her tone to grow almost… suggestive, “Honestly, you should bare your shoulders more often. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, you always did look good in leather.”

Blush deepening at that not so subtle reference to the bondage harness she was wearing, clearly visible thanks to her sun dress’s low cut and halter top, a shiver ran up the blue-haired girl’s spine and Brianna had to bit her lip to suppress a moan as she felt her nipples grow hard, the studs pierced through them standing out proudly through the thin material covering her chest. Voice soft even as she smiled at the praise, the girl managed a tiny nod even as she fought the urge to burrow her face into the crook of Sofia’s neck, “Thank you again. You look… you look good too.”

Murial chuckled, vaguely gesturing at the torn tank top and tights she was wearing, “This old thing? You flatter me.”

“If we’re going to talk about clothes,” Kiera added as she nodded in Claudia's direction, a tiny smirk on her lips, “I love that shirt.”

Briefly glancing down at the simple black t-shirt she was wearing, particularly the almost stylized pattern of a wolf painted onto the material in shades of white and gray, Claudia shifted slightly in her mistress’s lap and favored Kiera with a grin as she arched her back ever so slightly to thrust out her rather modest chest, “Oh? I’ve never worn it before, glad you like it.”

Chuckling, the dusky woman raised her beer acknowledgment and took another drink, clearly amused by the entire affair, “It suits you.”

Swirling the wine in her glass, regarding the ruby liquid as if it somehow held all the secrets of the universe, Roxanna slowly took another drink, a look of pure pleasure on her face as she relished the taste before addressing their guests, “And what of yourselves? It has been so long since we were last able to speak.”

“And who’s fault is that?” Kiera playfully teased with no real heat in her voice.

“Ours certainly.” Roxanna admitted, a tiny but pleased smile curling her lips as she continued, “It has been a most… eventful summer.”

“Oh?” Murial wondered, “Do tell.”

“Brianna asked to move in with us.” Sofia answered with a broad grin as she leaned down to kiss the girl on the cheek and wrap her up in a much more firm embrace, the girl in question blushing softly at the affection.

“We accepted, of course.” Roxanna added with a smile of his own, as if there had ever been any doubt, “It has been a most enjoyable experience.”

“Congratulations.” Murial offered before planting her elbows on the table and pillowing her chin on her folded hands, “But you can’t just leave it at that, I need details.”

For the briefest of instances, memories of summer flashed through Brianna’s mind and her blush deepened as she remembered all the things that had happened in such a short period of time. Lazy days spent laying about the house, her head in Roxanna’s lap as they read together, or sprawling naked on the patio with Sofia by the poolside after a swim contrasting with mundane chores like cooking and cleaning and laundry, as often as not wrapped up in bondage or dressed up in a costume or both. Those games in turn bled into far more… sensual games under the cover of dark. Languid nights in bed with her mistresses, bound and gagged and teased as she was pushed to the edges of her endurance and beyond, body and soul singing in joy as they made love. Smiling softly, the blue-haired girl reached up to touch the familiar weight of the collar around her throat, as if to remind herself that the thin band of stainless steel, this ultimate symbol of her submission, was still there. Shaking herself out of those pleasant recollections, Brianna almost started in Sofia’s arms, glancing up briefly at her mistress before meeting Murial’s emerald gaze. The eagerness on the pale woman’s face, and the way her grin showed off just the barest hint of sharpened canine teeth, was almost charming and yet some part of her hesitated, not wanting to share these most intimate details of her life, even as the rest of her wanted to sing it from the rooftops for the whole world to hear. Still, it would be rude not to offer something.

“I’ve mostly been studying.” the blue-haired girl demurred, feeling her cheek grow hotter as she spoke.

“Studying?” Kiera asked, that wolfish grin from earlier returning, even though she knew full well what Brianna had meant, “Is that what we’re calling it now?”

Sofia chuckled at that, her chest rumbling against the blue-haired girl’s back while Brianna blushed again and looked away, “One has to admit that you have been most eager to learn all that we have to teach, devushka.”

Smiling warmly at the girl, Roxanna added, “She is a most adept student and a quick study. In every sense of the word.”

“Mistress!” Brianna protested only half seriously as the olive-skinned woman only added fuel to the fire, much to Claudia’s obvious amusement.

A tiny, half smirk on her lips Roxanna paused long enough to take another sip of wine, deliberately drawing out the moment before continuing, “But in truth, I could not ask for a finer apprentice, or a more wonderful lover.”

At this point Brianna was convinced that if her face got any hotter it was bound to catch fire. Even so she managed to look up at her mistress, favoring the olive-skinned woman with a tiny smile, “Thank you, mistress.”

Sofia suddenly looked up, an absolutely devious expression on her face, “Speaking of, Brianna has been kind enough to keep me company on my morning jogs as well and I have recently been inspired to start a new exercise program. One better suited to her… interests. Although,” a positively wicked smile curled the woman’s lips then as she reached down to trail fingers along the sensitive skin of the blue-haired girl's inner thigh, voice dropping to a familiar, husky whisper, “we will need to acquire some very specific… equipment first.”

Shivering at that touch and shifting her hips unconsciously as her eyes slid closed, Brianna bit the corner of her lip to try and stay silent, a new flush of excited embarrassment filling her at the thought of those infamous morning jogs, of being led through the woods on a leash with her arms bound tightly behind her back and her breasts bare, usually teased by a vibrator even as a gag jammed into her mouth kept her silent. Or even better, kneeling in the dirt by the cool waters of a hidden stream, worshiping her mistress only to come undone beneath clever, cruel fingers as she sat perched in the blonde’s lap beneath an endless canopy of purest emerald. A moan did escape her then as Sofia’s hand shifted higher, fingers brushing against the thin leather strap covering her wet and aching sex with a maddeningly soft touch, the faint pressure nearly driving her crazy after the day she’d had. Moreover, it drove home exactly what her mistress meant by that comment and fixed in the blue-haired girl’s mind that there was soon to be more ponygirl training in her future. Thinking back now to their little run in the park earlier she honestly couldn’t wait.

“We are also considering getting a cat.” Roxanna added all of a sudden, emphasizing the non sequitur by running her hand down Claudia’s side and over her hip before idly stroking the silken soft length of the toy tail the girl was still wearing.

Grinning at that, even as a tiny shiver of pleasure seemed to wrack her slender frame, Claudia twisted in her mistress’s grasp to cradle her head beneath the olive-skinned woman’s chin, purring faintly only to then moan as Roxanna caressed the hem of the girl’s shirt with her other hand, pushing back the cloth just enough to graze sensitive skin with the tips of her fingers as they passed. Watching the display with a curious frown, clearly caught off guard by the sudden change in topic as well as the obviously affectionate play between mistress and slave, Kiera cocked her head slightly before understanding suddenly dawned in her golden brown eyes as she finally noticed the tail trailing from under Claudia’s skirt and realized what it was, and realizing just what Roxanna had actually meany by her earlier announcement. An almost sly grin slowly curling her lips, the woman nodded slightly at her old friend, who acknowledged the gesture with a faint smile of her own, before taking another long drink and chuckling under her breath. Across from her, however, it seemed as if Murial had not quite put the pieces together herself. Reaching across the table to clasp one of the redhead’s hands, Kiera favored her girlfriend with a teasing smile before tossing her head to send a few stray strands of hair back over her shoulder and glancing over her outstretched arm to lock eyes with Roxanna, who hands were still occupied teasing the girl in her lap.

“Are you certain?” the wolfish woman asked, a grin on her lips and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, “I hear that pets can be a lot of work.”

“True.” Roxanna acknowledged, a tiny smile on her own lips as she leaned to the side just enough to plant a kiss behind Claudia's ear, “Cats can be most… willful creatures.”

“I do believe we will be up to the challenge.” Sofia added as she offered Brianna a kiss of her own, “You will help us, won’t you devushka?”

Moaning softly, both at the kiss and the way the blonde’s fingers were still drawing lazy circles between her legs, Brianna managed a nod, “Yes, mistress.”

That proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back and Kiera burst out laughing again, clearly both amused and delighted by the conversation. That laughter was infectious, Sofia joining in almost immediately while Murial’s lips twitched as the redhead struggled to contain her own reaction. Even Roxanna chuckled softly under her breath and, from her perch in the woman’s lap, Claudia blushed ever so softly even if her smile betrayed her true feelings as she continued to snuggle against the olive-skinned woman holding her. Smiling softly herself, Brianna tried to shoot the slender girl a comforting look but still lost in the sensation of the hands gently stroking her body it was doubtful that Claudia even noticed. The laughter lasted for another minute, perhaps two, trailing off slowly as the mirth of the moment began to fade but no one felt the need to begin the conversation again, the gathered women simply basking in the pleasant silence of each other’s company, backlit by the almost otherworldly atmosphere of the little rooftop garden. And that was how Lily found them upon her return, the girl with green hair once again carefully emerging from the stairwell with a large tray perched in her arms, this time piled high with food with a stack of small ceramic plates at the side.

Glancing over at the group and offering an almost shy smile, in sharp contrast to the obvious spring in her step as she crossed the roof, the girl approached Brianna and her lovers first, quickly unloading her burden and setting a modestly sized pizza in the center of the table. The alluring scent of tomatoes and spices assaulting her nose, Brianna felt her stomach rumble again, once more reminded of just how hungry she was and painting a tiny blush of embarrassment across her cheeks though, thankfully, no one seemed to notice. Despite that she could not take her eyes off the sight, watching as wisps of steam swirled into the cool night air and eyes roaming across the bits of caramelized pineapple and tiny chunks of ham amid an expanse of expertly browned cheese. Squirming a bit in her seat, and fighting the urge to lick her lips, the blue-haired girl watched as Lily set a stack of plates next to the pizza before delivering Kiera and Murial’s smaller pie along with a pair of identical plates.

Bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet, nervous energy clear in her expression, Lily quickly glanced between the six women before tucking the now empty tray under her arm in a smoothly practiced gesture and cleared her throat before speaking, “If anyone needs anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

For a brief moment it looked like Kiera wanted to say something but Murial gave her a look, a tiny smile on her face, and the dusky woman just shook her head before grinning in turn and addressing the girl, “There is one thing.”

“Oh?” Lily wondered, looking more intrigued than anything else.

Propping herself up on her arms and lifting herself partially out of her chair to lean in closer, Kiera whispered something to the girl with green hair, voice too faint to be heard above the background noise, but Lily reacted almost instantly. Eyes going a little wide, the girl pulled away sharply, an almost stunned expression on her face. And yet, just as quickly, she leaned back in, naked interest clearly visible in her expression and a tiny, eager grin on her lips as she listened to whatever the dusky woman was saying.

“Really?” Lily asked, finally, the tableaux shattering like glass beneath her soft voice

With a wide grin and an even firmer nod, Kiera answered, “Really.”

Worrying her lip, Lily eventually nodded, “I’ll… I’ll think about it.” and with that, remembering that they were not alone, the girl quickly turned to glance briefly at the others and offered one final smile, “Please enjoy your meal.”

Lowing herself back into her chair as she watched the waitress beat an almost hasty retreat, Kiera smiled and practically whispered as she sat, “See that you do.”

Curiosity burning in her veins like fire, part of Brianna was dying to know what that had been about. What had Kiera said? What had she offered that had so clearly captivated Lily’s attention even as it had equally clearly caught her off guard? Even though she knew it was really none of her business, the blue-haired girl still opened her mouth to ask only to stop herself when she caught sight of Roxanna shaking her head ever so slightly, the olive-skinned woman still wearing the gentle smile she often favored her slaves with.

“Later, korítsi.” the woman admonished, just loud enough to be heard without carrying further than the table, “For now, let us eat.”

“A wonderful idea, dorogoy.” Sofia agreed before favoring Claudia with a playful grin of her own, “It smells heavenly, and I find myself curious if Claudia’s recommendation is as good as she claims.”

Shifting a bit to slide out of Roxanna’s lap despite her clear reluctance, Claudia returned the blonde’s smile with an impish grin of her own, “You can always punish me later if not, mistress.”

Chuckling as her grin morphed into something a bit more… predatory, Sofia allowed her eyes to roam over the slender girl’s form with a very different but no less intense hunger, “I will hold you to that, kotenok."

Shivering beneath that gaze, the blush on her cheeks very much not one of embarrassment, Claudia nodded faintly, “Of course, mistress.”

Watching with a mildly amused smile herself, Brianna felt a touch of disappointment when her mistress’s arms withdrew from around her waist but even so she could barely contain her excitement when Roxanna began to distribute the plates and Sofia carefully separated the pizza slices and served them up one at a time. There was no signal, no per-determined agreement, but as soon as the food was served the four of them began to eat and as she carefully picked up her slice, the remarkably crispy crust making the task a bit easier, Brianna could not help but grin again at the strange contrast between her lovers. Claudia simply started eating, taking a bite of the pizza with obvious relish on her face though that was no real surprise. She had suggested this particular combination after all. In contrast, Sofia seemed almost thoughtful, softly sniffing at her food as if she could divine some secret from the smell alone, though the blue-haired girl agreed that it smelled fantastic, before taking a small bite followed by a much larger bite after her face lit up in approval. Amusingly enough, Roxanna was the only one to bother with a knife and fork, cutting off a small piece and carefully popping it into her mouth, likely worried about smudging her lipstick again. Honestly, it rather fit with the way the woman carried herself with an almost prim and proper bearing most of the time though, despite her rather restrained manners at the table, it was equally clear that she approved. Musings interrupted by another growl from her very empty stomach and, feeling a faint blush return at the way Claudia smirked at her ever so slightly, Brianna quickly looked away to focus on her own food and finally took a bite.

Truth be told, the blue-haired girl could not actually remember the last time she’d had pizza. Months at least and certainly before school had ended for the year, probably a quick meal after class or some late night order after a club meeting or study session, but the details of it escaped her. Honestly, even before moving in with her mistresses her eating habits had begun to change as Roxanna’s culinary talents had expanded her palate and Sofia’s commitment to physical fitness had motivated her to be more health conscious. Not to say that she hadn’t indulged from time to time, of course, but still some part of her found it a little strange that she now considered something as mundane as pizza, something that she’d eaten fairly regularly for most of her life, an indulgence. A sign she supposed, if a minor one, of just how far her lovers had managed to expand her horizons in more ways than one. Although at the same time she also found it more than a little amusing that, as exotic as they were, her mistresses would consider something as simple as pineapple on pizza to be a strange and avante-garde experience. Then again, Brianna realized as she took that first bite, she’d never actually tried it before either and now deeply regretted that fact.

The first thing she noted was the texture, the crust in particular. Far thinner than she’d ever had before and extremely crisp, almost like a particularly flavorful cracker but not dry in the slightest. Second was the cheese, a richer blend than she’d come to expect on a pizza, and melted to perfection without being hot enough to burn her tongue, something her tongue was most grateful for. Then there was the sauce, perfectly spiced and almost sweet without being too salty but more than that it blended perfectly with the toppings, the smoky tang of the ham and the mild sweetness of the pineapple somehow both complementing and contrasting each other perfectly. She could understand why the combination was not to everyone’s tastes, but to her? To her it was absolutely perfect.

Chewing slowly to savor the taste before swallowing, Brianna took a sip of tea to clear her throat before glancing across the table at Claudia and offering the other girl a smile, “This is really good.”

The slender, tattooed girl grinned back at her, a touch of smugness in her voice as she replied, “Told you.”

Rolling her eyes just a bit, Brianna’s smile did not fade as she shot back, a playfully teasing tone in her own voice, “I’ll try to remember never to doubt you again.”

Drawing herself up ever so slightly, Claudia tilted her head in an almost regal gesture while putting on an air of faux seriousness, “See that you don’t.”

Brianna’s self control lasted another second, perhaps two, before her lips twitched and she began to snicker under her breath at Claudia’s playfully imperious behavior. For her part, the tattooed girl’s own composure cracked a heartbeat later when her own lips curled into a grin and both of them broke out into a giggling fit. As they laughed, Sofia smiled warmly at their antics and once more wrapped an arm around Brianna’s waist, holding the blue-haired girl close and nuzzling her cheek. Watching the display with a twinkle of amusement in her deep brown eyes, Roxanna spared a moment to kiss Claudia softly behind the ear, smiling faintly at the way the smaller girl jumped slightly in surprise at the sudden contact before going back to her food as if nothing had happened. Still blushing from her mistress’s affections, Brianna briefly glanced over her shoulder to where their guests for the evening were sitting. Kiera seemed far too engrossed in her own meal to pay much attention to their antics as the dusky woman enthusiastically tore into a slice of pizza, clearly relishing the taste as she wolfed it down. Across from her Murial just watched her lover with a tiny smile, posture radiating a strangely adorable mix of amusement and fondness as she picked up a napkin and reached across the table to clean a stray speck of sauce from the corner of the other woman’s mouth. Caught by surprise, and blinking almost owlishly, Kiera looked up at her girlfriend and paused before her features softened perceptively and a smile curled her full lips. Reaching out, she took Murial’s hand in her own, stroking the pale woman’s knuckles softly with her thumb before kissing the back of her hand. Smile widening ever so slightly at that unexpectedly romantic gesture, made especially incongruous by the rather outre look of Kiera’s choice of clothing, Murial leaned forward enough to brush their lips together in an almost chaste kiss. A kiss that grew decidedly unchaste the longer it lasted. Realizing that she was staring, Brianna looked away with a blush but Murial must have noticed out of the corner of her eye because the pale redhead almost immediately pulled back from the kiss and offered the blue-haired girl a wink and a sly smile.

“Like what you see, pretty girl?” the vampire asked, voice low and deliberately husky, just loud enough to be heard over the background noise.

Shivering in a way that had nothing to do with the cold as the pale woman’s voice caressed her ear, Brianna swallowed hard and managed a tiny nod.

Grinning now, Murial arched her back sensuously to thrust out her breasts as she folded her arms on the edge of the table and leaned over, an almost devious gleam in her brilliant green eyes, “You know, pizza isn’t the only thing she eats enthusiastically.”

Color rushing to her cheeks, Brianna gaped at the other woman, not exactly surprised by the innuendo, but certainly caught off guard.

If anything Murial’s grin grew playful, the flickering light of the candles lending her features a sharply seductive cast, “And if you’re a good girl? Maybe she’ll show you.”

If anything, Kiera looked amused by the exchange, a ghost of a smile dancing over her lips for the briefest of instances before she deliberately put on a frown, the laughter in her eyes betraying her true feelings, “That loose tongue is going to get you into trouble, pet.”

“But, mistress,” Murial protested, her faux innocent tone contrasting sharply with the positively wicked grin on her face, “I thought you knew by now that I have excellent control over my tongue.” As if to emphasize the point, the redhead parted her lips ever so slightly and ran her tongue along the back of her teeth in a deliberately sensuous gesture.

Kiera just chuckled, belying the tiny ember of lust glistening in her eyes, before asking, almost rhetorically, “Whatever will I do with you?”

Murial seemed to take that as a challenge, leaning over a bit more to make the front of her shirt fall open and expose a generous amount of cleavage, “I have a few suggestions, if you’d like.”

As the pair continued to flirt shamelessly Brianna looked away, a faint blush still painted across her cheekbones, and turned her attention back to her food. An attitude that her lovers seemed to share, all of them content to eat quietly and enjoy the silence. Even the normally enthusiastic Sofia seemed all too happy to savor the experience as she held the blue-haired girl at her side close. Luxuriating in the blonde’s touch as she ate, deliberately forcing herself to chew slowly to both relish the taste and keep from making herself sick, Brianna found her mind begin to wander as it often did in moments like this. She could not help but think back over the day and marvel at everything that had happened. From waking up with Claudia’s helplessly bound body wrapped up in her arms, to worshiping Sofia’s perfect form while bound helplessly herself to finally, finally having her chastity belt removed only to be denied release again and again until she feared she might burst. Not that she really minded, complain though she might. And then there was the date itself that they were still on, the blue-haired girl’s blush returning full force at the memory of their little impromptu shopping trip earlier to say nothing of all that had followed. Especially the image in her mind’s eye of Roxanna in a truly, incredibly revealing swimsuit as they swam together. It really had been a wonderful day, the burning need in her loins that the harness she was still wearing only seemed to amplify aside. Although, as she let hazel eyes wander over the forms of her lovers, all of her lovers, Brianna could not help but hope that the best was yet to come.

Or at least that she would have a chance to cum.

Although, as she idly finished her pizza while daydreaming, Brianna could not help but wonder about something else. Specifically, about Murial’s idle hint earlier that the entire reason that she and her girlfriend were here was because of something that Roxanna had contacted them about, something that her mistress had wanted to know but for all of her curiosity the redhead had refused to elaborate further and neither Sofia nor Roxanna had seen fit to share. But, now that she thought about it, Brianna could not help but wonder. Practically burning with curiosity the blue-haired girl glanced across the table at her mistress, hesitating for only the briefest of instances before calling out softly to the olive-skinned woman.


“Yes, korítsi?” Roxanna returned, meeting the blue-haired girl’s gaze with a curious expression.

“I was wondering,” Brianna began, “if I could ask you a question?”

Setting down her fork, Roxanna offered a gentle, encouraging smile, “Always, korítsi.”

Drawing a breath, Brianna debated with herself for a brief moment about how to ask what she wanted to ask before deciding to plunge ahead, “It’s just that earlier Murial said you’d called her wanting to know something? I was just wondering what that was?”

“A fair question, devushka.” Sofia interjected as she twisted slightly in her seat to hold Brianna even closer, “I suppose it is no great secret.”

“Indeed.” Roxanna agreed with a tiny nod before mulling over her words, “You see, we were curious about Delirium’s schedule.”

That admission drew Claudia attention and, with a curious expression on her face, the slender girl twisted to look up at the older woman, “Schedule? Why’s that, mistress?”

Smiling at the girl, Roxanna slowly wrapped her up in an embrace, “Well you see, gatáki, do you recall what we said the other day? That a night at Delirium is more of an event than a date?”

Letting out a soft sigh and she molded her body against the olive-skinned woman, Claudia nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

A smile curling her own lips, Sofia cut back in, “But there is no reason that we cannot do both, no?”

Eyes widening ever so slightly, Brianna’s face lit up as she whipped her head around to look up at Sofia’s face, “Really?”

“Not tonight, unfortunately.” Roxanna cautioned with a slight shake of the head, “We had wanted to see if anything of interest was going on, but it seems to be a quiet night.”

“It happens sometimes.” Murial interjected, finished flirting with her girlfriend and overheard the conversation, “Some weeks it seems like the theater is packed every night and on others it's empty for days at a time.”

“Oh.” Brianna said, quietly, a bit disappointed by that and honestly surprised at how much visiting the club again excited her, “I understand.”

“You know, pretty girl,” Kiera suddenly called out, her voice drawing the blue-haired girl out of her thoughts, “we have amateur nights every once in a while. You might enjoy it.” the dusky woman suddenly smiled, teasing grin only amplified by the mischievous flash in her golden brown eyes, “Or perhaps, you’d like to participate?”

Shivering unconsciously at the deliberately husky tone that the wild woman employed, and feeling her face heat up as a flush of arousal washed over her body, Brianna’s imagination began to run wild. She could keenly remember that night, so long ago now, when Claudia had introduced her to Murial’s club. The potent mix of embarrassment and arousal of being paraded about in bondage and led on a leash as they stepped into Delirium’s cavernous interior. But of that night the one thing that stood out the most, other than the joyous shock of seeing Sofia and Roxanna there waiting for them, was the theater. Of sitting in Sofia’s lap, the blonde’s hands teasing her scantily clad body as she watched the performers on stage put on a vividly arousing display of burlesque performance and bondage demonstration. A combination that had been as alluring as it had been intriguing, a mix of sensual and playful, erotic and intense, that still frequented her dreams. But an amateur night? What had Kiera even meant by that? Would volunteers from the audience be called up to submit to the ropes, to dance the poles, to demonstrate their skills in binding? All of the above? It was impossible to say, but the possibilities seemed endless and as mortifying as a part of her found the thought of standing up there on stage for all the world to see, bound and helpless and who knew what else, the rest of her was positively exhilarated, an exhibitionist thrill sending a shiver down her spine and only adding to the intense arousal that had been tormenting her for weeks.

“What an interesting idea.” Sofia practically purred all of a sudden, face alight with possibilities as she arched her back to rest her chin on Briana’s shoulder, voice caressing the blue-haired girl’s ear and sending another shiver down her spine, “Wouldn’t you agree, devushka.”

Unable to keep herself from moaning, Brianna managed a tiny nod as she squirmed within the blonde’s grip, “Yes, mistress.”

For her part Roxanna did not look completely convinced, an expression somewhere between curiosity and concern on her face. And yet she nodded slowly, a tiny smile curling her lips and a slight sparkle in her deep brown eyes betraying her interest, “Certainly an interesting indeed, yes.”

Claudia took the opportunity to twist just enough in Roxanna’s arms to wrap the olive-skinned woman in an embrace, resting her hands on her mistress’s shoulders before shooting Brianna a sidelong smile, “It does sound like a lot of fun, mistress.”

Brianna blushed a little deeper and fought the urge to look away even as a tiny smile twisted her lips. She couldn’t exactly disagree, after all.

“Something to keep in mind, at least.” Murial offered after a moment, leaning back in her chair ever so slightly while idly tracing nonsense patterns on the table’s surface with her fingernails, an easy smile on her pale face, “Just let us know.”

After that, dinner continued without much comment, Brianna quietly leaning against Sofia’s athletic frame, the heat of the older woman’s body a welcome relief from the unexpected chill in the air as she savored the last of her pizza, washing it down with sips of pleasantly bitter iced tea. And yet, despite the pleasant distraction of her mistress’s presence, to say nothing of the wonderful food, she could not keep her mind from wandering, a faint echo of pleasure drawing her thoughts back to Kiera’s suggestion again and again. Intellectually she knew that it was probably just the lingering excitement of having been paraded about the park as a ponygirl earlier combined with the steady pulse of arousal that had been tormenting her for what felt like years, exacerbated as it was by the toys she was still wearing, but the idea of being up on stage, of truly baring her kinks to the world just would not leave her alone. The entire prospect was as exhilarating as it was frightening, like nothing she’d ever done before. Oh, to be sure, Brianna had brushed up against the edges of her exhibitionism at times but she had never truly gone over that edge either. Even her most daring exploits; swimming in the nude, topless jogs, and that infamous first trip to Delirium had not quite managed to cross the final line. She’d either been alone, or hidden from view, or simply managed to blend in with the crowd and not stand out. But to be quite literally in the spotlight? It was such a daunting prospect, mildly terrifying actually, and yet… And yet it felt so right at the same time, so much so that a sensual thrill seemed to fill her entire being just imagining it. Biting her lip to suppress a moan, and fighting the urge to rock her hips, Brianna briefly glanced up to see Claudia wink playfully at her, the slender girl easily reading her fellow submissive’s mood, and the blue-haired girl looked away quickly with a blush. In so doing she just so happened to catch sight of Murial watching her with those brilliant green eyes of hers, the redhead perched on the edge of her chair with her legs crossed in an oddly formal posture that stood in stark contrast to her casual clothes and wild hair. Elbow on the table with her chin resting on her palm, the pale woman smiled as she noticed the younger girl’s attention, idly twirling a fiery curl around her finger as she did.

Though her blush darkened ever so slightly at the trace of hunger she could see in those eyes, a spark only enhanced by the way the curve of the redhead’s lips exposed a hint of ivory teeth, the sight of the pale woman did spark a question in the back of Brianna’s mind. Tilting her head ever so slightly, the blue-haired girl called out softly, “Excuse me?”

Murial seemed to instantly recognize that she was the one being addressed, “Yes, pretty girl?”

For the most part Brianna was used to the affections, both physical and not, of her mistresses and no longer reacted with the instinctive embarrassment she once had, but even so hearing the woman with porcelain perfect skin, voice pitched just so, compliment her still sent blood rushing to her cheeks. Fighting down that reaction, especially when Murials’s grin flickered briefly into a smirk, she continued, “I was just wondered what you actually have planned then?”

“Oh?” Murial asked, amusement clear in her voice, “Not enjoying the company?”

Briefly glancing at Roxanna, who clearly knew what she was getting at and flashed a brief smile of encouragement, Brianna forced herself to look the redhead in the eyes, “The company is wonderful, but I don’t think you'd come all this way just for some pizza.”

“The pizza is excellent.” Kiera answered as she tossed the last bit of crust back onto her plate, having torn through the entire pie with a respectable amount of gusto, “But you’re right. We did have a little… suggestion, if you’re interested.”

Even if a part of her was absolutely certain that the woman’s rather sly tone meant that this was the setup for another joke, or at the very least more innuendo, Brianna could not help but be curious as well. It was interesting in a way. After their discussion, and the little game they had played together in her club’s back room, the blue-haired girl thought she understood Murial at least a little bit, but the same could not be said for the redhead’s mistress. Despite the passion that they had shared on that wonderfully terrifying night, passion that still left her breathless when she thought about it, she didn’t really know Kiera all that well and as intriguing as her offer was, it was equally impossible to know what she truly meant. Almost instinctively Brianna glanced up, eyes flickering across the table to see how Roxanna reacted, watching closely as the olive-skinned woman raised a brow curiously and offered a tiny and yet incredibly comforting smile before she nodded ever so slightly. Brianna returned that look and, taking up the gauntlet, Roxanna’s eyes flickered to Sofia ever so briefly before she turned her head just enough to address her old friend.

“Consider us intrigued.”

Idly cleaning her hands with a napkin, the wolf woman shrugged before elaborating in a deliberately casual tone, “Not too far from here is a garden, an old one. City grew up around it, or so they say. I’m not sure about that, but it’s beautiful at night and I just so happen to have a key to the gate.”

That certainly seemed to pique Roxanna’s curiosity further. Sofia’s as well as the blonde cocked her head curiously, “And why might that be?”

“Let’s just say it’s a very special place.” Kiera offered, casual tone betrayed by the mischievous grin she wore, “It’s where I became the woman I am today.”

It did not take a genius to figure out what she meant by that and Brianna felt her eyes widen just a bit in surprise. She could still clearly remember the aftermath of learning the true nature of her mistresses and the reality of the world she called home, the shock and fear that had coursed through her veins like icy fire and prompted her to run naked into the woods in some desperate instinct to get away. As embarrassing as it was to think of now. Yet, she could also remember huddling against a tree in those same woods when Sofia and Claudia came to her, comforting her and gently answering her questions. However, while she had not given it much thought at the time, she could also clearly remember in the midst of that conversation not only the revelation that Kiera was a werewolf, but the explanation Claudia offered on exactly how she had come to be that way. How lycanthropes were born as much as made, and how those with the potential to undergo the change went through some sort of secretive ritual involving drugs and the moon and submitting to the bite of another wolf. No, it did not take a genius to figure out what Kiera was hinting at, that this garden was where she had been transformed and Brianna found herself a little surprised by that. She didn’t know of course, but it felt like such an incredibly intimate gesture on the dusky woman’s part, a quiet offer to share a part of herself that was normally kept close to her chest. And, if the faint look of surprise on Roxanna’s face was anything to go by, the olive-skinned woman clearly understood the significance of what was being offered as well.

With almost solemn care, Roxanna nodded, “We would be honored.”

Kiera scoffed, though the honest smile on her face and the look reflected in her golden brown eyes betrayed how much she appreciated the sentiment, “Think nothing of it. Besides, it’s the perfect place to go a little… wild.”

Blushing again and looking down, both at Kiera'’s deliberately seductive tone and the wink the other woman shot her, Brianna also could not help but smile at the promise hidden in those words, mind once again drawn to the almost painful ache between her legs. Indeed, as she idly daydreamed about all the things they might do in a quiet and out of the way place in the dark of night her blush almost seemed to become a permanent part of her features. It was Sofia’s gentle touch on her bare shoulder that finally drew the blue-haired girl out of her fantasies. Blinking once or twice and looking around, she was surprised to find that the rest of dinner had passed without her realizing it and that she had even managed to finish her food. Across from her Claudia climbed out of their mistress’s lap and then helped Roxanna to her feet while across from them Kiera and Murial shared a brief kiss before the dusky woman left a generous tip on their table. Once again drawn out of her musing by Sofia’s gentle touch, Brianna climbed out of her chair at the blonde’s urging and rolled her shoulders, stretching almost instinctively and wincing a bit then at the way the motion pulled the strap between her legs taut. Blushing again at her reaction, though she also smiled just a bit at Claudia’s knowing look, she looked away to see that Lily had returned at some point, the girl with green hair busily loading used plates and utensils onto a tray. As her lovers gathered around her and she felt Sofia arm snake around her waist, silently prompting her to follow as they prepared to leave, Brianna bit her lip and remained rooted in place.

Surprised by her resistance, Sofia shot the younger girl a curious look but Brianna just took a breath and ventured, “Mistress?”

“Yes, devushka?” the blonde answered, curiosity thick in her pleasantly accented voice.

“Mistress, I…” Brianna began, trailing off almost as quickly as she struggled to put into words exactly what she wanted to do, further complicated by the fact that she honestly wasn’t certain what she was about to do either, “I just, I just need a moment.”

The blonde regarded her curiously for a moment, cocking her head to the side just slightly as she mulled over the request and allowed her brilliant azure eyes to study the smaller girl’s face. Slowly but surely an amused smile curled Sofia’s lips as understanding dawned and she looked past the blue-haired girl to where Lily was still bent over one of the table collecting dishes, “I see. Don’t take too long, devushka.”

Although she could not keep the faintest hint of a blush from her cheeks, Brianna still returned that smile, “Thank you, mistress.”

“You are most welcome.” the blonde practically whispered before leaning down to capture the girl’s lips in a kiss.

While it was not a particularly deep or passionate kiss, Brianna still leaned into it eagerly, moaning softly as she felt the blonde’s arms snake around her in a firm and yet soft embrace before a hand slid down her hip and up under her dress to squeeze her ass playfully. Shivering at that touch, and moaning again as she felt strong fingers knead her flesh, the blue-haired girl parted her lips ever so slightly in silent invitation but was surprised when her mistress did not take advantage. Rather than deepening the kiss, Sofia pulled away and offered another encouraging smile, allowing her hands to linger on the smaller girl’s body for just a few more moments before finally letting go. With a final wink, and a playful squeeze, the athletic blonde at last released her and moved to join the others as they headed for the stairs, stepping close to Roxanna and whispering something in the olive-skinned woman's ear. Glancing over her shoulder at Brianna, the graceful woman wore a curious expression that quickly seemed to fade into understanding. With a tiny half smile of her own, Roxanna nodded once, leaving Brianna with the impression that her mistress was offering her blessing, before looking away and holding Claudia close, the tattooed girl blissfully unaware of what was happening.

Taking a deep breath, Brianna waited a heartbeat, then two, as her lovers disappeared into the stairwell and she was certain that she was alone before finally turning to face Lily. The girl with green hair was still working silently and for the briefest of moments Brianna thought that she hadn’t noticed or hadn’t been paying attention to that little display. However, upon closer inspection she could see just the faintest hint of a blush along the curve of the girl’s pale cheek, disguised though it was by the flickering light of the candles.

Swallowing hard, Brianna mustered her resolve and took a step forward before clearing her throat, “Excuse me?”

Clearly caught off guard, Lily jerked upright, eyes wide for the briefest of moments before she caught sight of the blue-haired girl standing a few paces away and managed to compose herself before responding, “Yes?”

“Sorry.” Brianna offered, having not wanted to surprise the other girl, “My name’s Brianna, and I was just wondering…”

“Can I ask you a question?” Lily suddenly blurted out, interrupting the blue-haired girl mid sentence and blushing again when she realized what she’d done, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Brianna assured, suddenly finding herself smiling at how strangely cute the girl with green hair looked when flustered, “What do you want to know?”

Worrying the edge of her lip for a moment, Lily seemed to debate with herself for a moment before steeling her resolve, “That woman you were with, the blonde, it she…” she paused again, voice dropping to nearly a whisper, “Is she your lover?”

It was Brianna’s turn to blush, but she could also feel her smile widen as a pleasant warmth settled into her chest, “She… she is, but, well, so are the others. Roxanna and Claudia I mean.” she clarified, realizing that the other girl probably didn’t know their names, “But it’s more than there, they’re more than that.” Almost instinctively reaching up to touch her collar, idly playing with the ring dangling at her throat that had held a leash not more than a few hours ago, Brianna realized that she didn’t actually know how to put it into words.

Despite that Lily seemed to understand, returning the girl’s smile as she nodded slowly, “I think I get it.”

“And, I mean, it’s not formal or anything,” Brianna added, not certain why but also not able to stop herself, “but I’ve had sex with Kiera and Murial too.”

Lily’s eyes went wide at that revelation, the girl with green hair momentarily stunned, before she stumbled for a reply, “Oh! I, uh, I… wow.”

Despite herself Brianna could not help but grin at that reaction, seeing an opening, “So, could I ask you a question then?”

At that Lily only nodded ever so slightly, still a bit dazed.

Brianna weighed her words carefully before finally deciding that the direct approach was probably best, “Did you and Zoe really hook up?”

Lily was once again caught off guard, practically doing a double take as the question registered, “Zoe Sharpe?”

Brianna nodded but otherwise said nothing.

“How do you know Zoe?” Lily asked, curious now.

“She did my tattoos.” Brianna explained, holding out her right arm and turning it enough to show off the ink etched into her wrist, “And we’re sort of friends, I guess.”

“Oh.” Lily returned, the expression on her face suggesting that she hadn’t considered that possibility, “I guess that makes sense.”

“She’s very talented.” Brianna added before pausing briefly to assure the other girl, “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want.”

“No, no it’s fine.” Lily insisted, even as her face began to heat up again, “It’s just… Victoria and I ran into Zoe and her girlfriends one night and they were just so… so bold, so uninhibited that we couldn’t help but want to talk and maybe get a picture or two and, well, one thing led to another and…”

Smiling as the girl with green hair trailed off, Brianna nodded, “I think I understand. She really is something.”

“Yeah.” Lily agreed, voice quiet and yet warm, as if she were reliving a pleasant memory, a tiny smile curling her lips, “She really is.”

“So is it serious?” Brianna wondered.

“I… I don’t know about that.” Lily admitted, hugging herself as her blush deepened, “It was only a couple of times, I mean I wouldn’t mind, but…” the green-haired girl suddenly looked up with a curious expression, “Are you also…?”

“No, nothing like that.” Brianna assured as she shook her head, “I was just curious. Sorry if I went too far.”

Lily just shook her head again, then suddenly bit her lip in a rather familiar gesture before looking up, “Could I have your phone number?”

It was Brianna’s turn to be surprised, shooting the girl a curious look, not certain she’d heard correctly, “What?”

Blushing again, but not looking away, Lily tried to explain, “It’s just, you seem nice and I don’t really have a lot of people to talk about this kind of stuff with…”

Brianna smiled at that and nodded, definitely understanding what the other girl was saying, “You have a pen? I don’t have my phone with me at the moment.”

Without a word Lily fished a pen and her notebook out of the short apron she was wearing and held them out. Taking the proffered items with a nod, Brianna quickly jotted down her phone number and, after pausing for a moment, printed her name next to them just in case. Capping the pen and tucking it back into the notebook’s spine, she handed the booklet back with a smile, “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” Lily said softly as she practically hugged the pad of paper to her chest before slipping it back into a pocket.

“No problem.” Brianna assured with what she hoped was a comforting smile, “Text me later so I can get your number too.”

Lily nodded and, realizing that she honestly wasn’t certain what to say next, Brianna just offered one last smile before turning to catch up with Claudia and their mistresses, only realizing when she was halfway down the stairs that she’d neglected to say goodbye to the other girl. For a split second she contemplated heading back but ultimately decided against it. She could apologize later. Honestly, part of her still wasn’t certain what she’d been thinking or what she’d hoped might happen by lingering a moment to speak with Lily but she could not help but smile regardless. Whatever it might have been, whatever she had been hoping, making a new friend was always welcome. Especially a new friend that shared at least some of her predilections. She honestly sympathized with Lily when the girl with green hair had confessed to not having many people to talk to about ‘this kind of stuff’, she’d been in a rather similar situation herself growing up, though thankfully it seemed as if things had worked out for the best in both their cases. Still, she was more than happy to lend a sympathetic ear, though part of her could not help but smirk at the thought. It was just a guess but Brianna had a feeling that Lily was a few years older than herself and, as such, it was an odd feeling to think that she might be the more knowledgeable one for once. Odd, but nice. Shaking her head slightly, the blue-haired girl quickly descended the last few stairs, mindful this time of the tight crotch strap pressing into her most delicate flesh and the presence of the butt plug shifting within her with each step, and made her way back into the main dining area, the warm scented air and darkening atmosphere just like she remembered. Without pausing to admire the scenery, Brianna followed the edge of the outer wall back to the front door, mindful to stay out of the way.

Bursting back outside, and ignoring both the bell ringing behind her and the sudden rush of cool air, the blue-haired girl quickly scanned the street, looking for her mistresses and frowning slightly when she could not find them. She did not have long to dwell on that when a pair of strong arms suddenly wrapped around her waist in an inescapably tight embrace, a firm and well curved body molding itself against her back while warm breath tickled her ear and a silky smooth voice caressed her ear.

“Welcome back, pretty girl.” Kiera drawled as she rested her chin on the shorter girl’s shoulder before tilting her head just enough to nip playfully at her ear, “Miss us?”

Brianna gasped at the feeling of powerful hands cupping the curves of her hips before gliding up her body, strong fingers tracing the straps of her harness through the thin material of her dress as they went. That gasp became a moan when those same hands cupped her breasts, clever fingers kneading the delicate mounds and pinching her aching nipples with almost painful force while a rumble of amusement seemed to reverberate in Kiera’s chest as she confirmed that the blue-haired girl in her arms was not wearing a bra. Trembling and feeling her pussy clench when the dusky woman began to nuzzle her neck, Brianna was further lost when Murial joined the fray, slinking up against her side and planting a series of feather-light kisses along her jaw even as the pale woman’s own long, clever fingers teased the sensitive skin of her bare thighs. When those fingers began to drift upward, nearly grazing the edges of her heated and aching sex, Brianna feared she might lose it then and there.

“It would be most appreciated if you did not have sex right here on the street.” a new voice cut in, gently chiding and yet amused at the same time.

With almost inhuman force of will, Brianna managed to focus on that voice, turning her head just enough despite the continued assault of fingers and lips upon her body to see her lovers standing a few paces away on the sidewalk, having now appeared from wherever they had been hiding. It was Roxanna who had spoken, a smile on the olive-skinned woman’s lips despite the gentle admonishment in her tone, the glint in her deep brown eyes betraying a spark of excitement even if her expression remained placid.

In sharp contrast Sofia was practically leering at the display, a grin on her face and eyes twinkling with amusement, “Now, now dorogoy, let us not be hasty.”

Claudia, sandwiched between the forms of the two older women, clearly agreed with that sentiment but a shiver wracked her body before she could say anything as Sofia’s hand began to roam up her side, stroking the sensitive skin over her ribs before cupping her left breast. Biting her lip against the sensation, the tattooed girl just nodded.

At first it did not seem as if Kiera had paid the conversation any mind as she pressed a hot, hard kiss behind the blue-haired girl’s ear and nipped at her throat, almost hard enough to leave a mark eliciting another quiet moan. However, the dusky woman pulled back then, withdrawing her hands as she turned to address the others, “Apologies, but she makes such cute noises it’s impossible to resist.”

Roxanna’s lips twitched in a faint smile at that and the olive-skinned woman bowed her head just slightly to acknowledge the point, “That is true enough, I suppose.”

“I feel like enjoying the night air.” Murial announced all of a sudden as she slowly uncoiled her body from where she had practically glued herself to Brianna’s side, much to the blue-haired girl’s frustration, “Anyone else fancy joining us for a little walk?”

Sofia seemed to consider the question for a moment, leaning forward slightly to look Roxanna in the eye and the two seemed to share a silent conversation for a moment before the olive-skinned woman nodded ever so slightly. The blonde still shot her lover a look of slight concern, no doubt worried about her injured hip, but Roxanna just smiled reassuringly before snaking an arm around Claudia’s back and reaching up to place a comforting hand on Sofia’s shoulder. With that decided the blonde returned the other woman’s smile and turned her attention back to Murial where the redhead was waiting patiently.

“We would be delighted.”

Still holding Brianna in a loose embrace, the blue-haired girl practically stunned by all that had happened, Kiera smiled, “Mind if we borrow your girl for a bit?”

Roxanna chuckled under her breath, a tiny and almost impish smile on her face, “As long as you promise to return her in one piece I suppose we can allow it.”

Kiera’s answering smile was positively wicked as she bent down to kiss Brianna on the cheek, practically whispering into the blue-haired girl’s ear, “I’ll try to restrain myself.”

“Then do lead on.” Roxanna returned.

With that apparently decided, Brianna found herself guided along the sidewalk toward their unknown destination, Kiera still molded against her back while Murial took the opportunity to slot her slender form against the blue-haired girl’s side once again. Shivering as a jolt of pleasure ran down her spine, Brianna bit her lip to suppress a moan when she felt strong hands caress her hips and a pair of searing hot lips press against the delicate skin behind her ear. She lost all control a moment later, eyes fluttering shut and a moan echoing deep in her throat when soft fingers began to draw nonsense patterns on her bare thigh and teeth nipped playful at her earlobe. Indeed, for a brief moment the blue-haired girl felt her knees buckle and feared she might actually collapse, but Kiera’s arms tightened around her waist to steady her, never once breaking stride. She could not say how long the trip lasted, the world fading into a blur beneath the pleasurable assault on her body, the contrasting sensations of fingers and lips and teeth driving virtually everything else from her mind. She was vaguely aware of Claudia, similarly sandwiched between Roxanna and Sofia, following along behind and flashes of scenery stood out amid the haze of pleasure as they crossed streets and rounded corners, buildings flashing in the darkness as light poured out of their windows onto the street. At times a car sped past, headlights illuminating them brightly, or another group of pedestrians happened by but neither Kiera nor Murial seemed troubled by that fact. Brianna could hardly imagine what those passers by must think, watching as she was groped and manhandled by these achingly beautiful women, the flush on her face betraying just how much she enjoyed the experience.

In truth the thought only made it better, and Brianna felt a new pulse of heat settle between her legs, pussy clenching as the presence of the crotch strap between her legs went from pleasant to overwhelming. Kiera certainly seemed to appreciate her reaction, grinning as she pressed a series of kisses along the blue-haired girl’s jaw and allowed one of her hands to drift down just enough to cup her ass, making Brianna jump in surprise when she squeezed ever so slightly. Despite those distractions, or perhaps because of them, they soon enough reached their destination, turning down a small side street running alongside a large field, a seemingly impenetrable layer of bushes and towering trees blocking off all sight of what lay beyond though the occasional glimpse of a light twinkling from between the thick green canopy certainly hinted at something deeper hidden within.

It was only then that Kiera and Murial eased up on their teasing, to Brianna’s relief and disappointment, as they continued down the walk flanked by an ornate wrought iron fence blocking access to the garden beyond with great rows of black metal rods strung between red brick pillars and capped with ornate leaf tips like rows of spears in the darkness. It was a strangely intimidating sight, especially when paired with how utterly devoid of people this place seemed and the way the lack of street lamps cast the world in gloom. Neither of her companions seemed to mind, however, walking with ease and utter confidence though, when she thought about it, Brianna supposed it made sense. Kiera had claimed that this place had special significance for her and, well, Murial was a creature of the night, after all. Soon enough they came to what was clearly an entryway, announced by a large arch of brick set with a pair of wrought iron gates, a thick chain and a heavy padlock holding them closed. Pausing right in front of the portal, giving Roxanna and Sofia time to catch up, the faint blush on Claudia’s cheeks suggesting that their mistresses had taken the opportunity to play with their slave as well on the trip, Kiera finally separated herself from the blue-haired girl she had been holding this entire time and stepped up to the gate. Withdrawing a key from a hidden pocket in her vest, the dusky woman opened the lock with a loud click, carefully unwinding the chain before pushing the bars open to reveal a small path beyond snaking into this strange, urban wilderness.

Taking a few steps inside, the woman turned to face her audience and spread her arms wide with a dramatic flourish, “Ladies, welcome to Shangri-La.”

It was a joke, the smile on the other woman’s face and the tone in her voice betrayed that easily enough, but as she slowly disentangled herself from Murial’s grasp and stepped inside, Brianna could almost believe it. The path made of well worn paver’s brick meandered into the distance, shrouded on all sides by towering trees, while the ground itself was covered in a wild snarl of brush and bushes interspersed with flowers that were blooming in the darkness. Tiny lights in soft oranges and yellows were set along the edges of the walk, pools of illumination amid the darkness, casting just enough of a glow to let her see where she was going but doing nothing to banish the gloom. For all that she knew they were surrounded on all sides by buildings, that the road was no more than a few paces behind her, to Brianna this garden seemed almost primordial, the faint rustle of wind through leaves and the soft chirping of insects combined with the strange interplay of light and darkness almost brought to mind something out of a fairy tale.

Perhaps it was.

Something of that wonder must have shown on her face because a moment later Roxanna stepped up to her side and enveloped the blue-haired girl in a loose embrace, “Beautiful, is it not, korítsi?”

A bit startled, Brianna quickly looked to the olive-skinned woman and could not help but smile, “It is, mistress.”

The creak of rusty hinges momentarily distracted them both, Brianna instinctively looking over her shoulder to see Kiera close and lock the gate again, sealing away the outside world. However, at that moment Roxanna chose to take advantage of her distraction, pouncing quickly and slipping a familiar pair of handcuffs around the blue-haired girl’s wrists, trapping her arms behind her back. Gasping at the familiar feeling of cool steel against heated skin, both surprised and yet not by being bound again, Brianna tested the restrains as her mistress slowly stepped back into view, resting one hand on the younger girl’s hip while the other reached up to cup her chin and force their eyes to meet. Lost in the olive-skinned woman’s deep brown gaze, and the tiny smile on her face, Brianna could do nothing but open her mouth ever so slightly as she saw Roxanna lean down for a kiss. Heart hammering in her chest, practically trembling in anticipation, the blue-haired girl closed her eyes the moment their lips touched and moaned in delight. The sensation was practically electric, a caress of velvet as the kiss slowly deepened and a tongue snaked its way into her mouth, brushing against her teeth and prompting her to open her mouth even wider to allow her mistress entry. Another moan filled her chest as that tongue began to probe deeper and a pair of hands circled her waist, one slowly gliding up her back to rub the sensitive skin between her shoulder blades while the other slid down to massage her ass with gentle but insistent pleasure.

Eyes still closed, the blue-haired girl whined ever so slightly, body practically on fire when she felt Roxanna pull back just enough to break the kiss. Leaning forward ever so slightly, practically begging for the older woman’s lips once more, Brianna’s eyes snapped open in surprise when instead of the hoped for kiss a bit was shoved between her teeth. A tiny smirk on her lips as she fastened the straps of the bridle around the bound girl’s head, Roxanna’s expression softened ever so slightly as she finished and the olive-skinned woman gently caressed the younger girl’s cheek before leaning in to kiss the tip of her nose.

“There we are korítsi, much better.” with a tiny smile curling her lips, the woman glanced over her shoulder, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Following her mistress’s gaze, Brianna was surprised to see Sofia standing right there with Claudia at her side, the pair having apparently snuck up on them while she had been… distracted. Smiling broadly, the blonde let her arctic blue eyes roam over the bound girl’s form, drinking in the sight for several long moments before reaching out to run a finger along the blue-haired girl’s spine, tracing the edges of the bridle and eliciting a faint shiver of pleasure. Pleased by that reaction, Sofia then draped both her hands over the bound girl’s bare shoulders, gently massaging pale skin for a heartbeat or two before looping her fingers behind Brianna’s neck and playing with the bow holding the halter top of her dress in place, a mischievous spark dancing in the taller woman’s eyes.

“A lovely sight indeed, dorogoy.” Sofia eventually announced, pursing her lip in thought before “But I think it needs a little something… extra.”

Brianna gasped softly when she felt a bit of pressure on her skin as Sofia began to loosen the knot holding her top in place, realizing immediately what her mistress had planned and feeling her face heat up in a potent mixture of embarrassment and anticipation. However, to her surprise Sofia paused and looked her in the eye just before the knot released, a silent question in those brilliant sapphire depths. There had been times, especially early in their relationship, when Brianna had been almost jealous of the way that Roxanna and Sofia seemed to be able to communicate silently, how whole conversations seemed to pass between the older women at a glance. It had thus been a shock, if a pleasant one, when she’d come to realize that she too was learning that unspoken language of gentle looks and soft expressions. She was nowhere near as skilled as her mistresses were, of course, though she knew that would come in time, but by now she was more than able to read the look in Sofia’s eyes, nodding her head ever so slightly at the unasked question hanging between them. Smile morphing briefly into something warm before that familiar mischievous spark reasserted itself, Sofia gave the bow one final tug and with that the front of Brianna’s sundress fell away, the garment pooling around her waist to expose her bare breasts and stiff aching nipples, the tiny stainless steel studs pierced through them glinting in the shadowy light. With a touch of hunger tinting her smile now, the blonde allowed her hands to roam back down the blue-haired girl’s shoulders, tracing the straps of the harness circling her body and teasing the edges of her breasts, Brianna once again shivering and moaning softly into her gag as calloused fingers trailed along delicate skin. Smirking now, Sofia continued to explore the contours of the girl’s bondage harness, tickling her ribs and stomach, eliciting more muffled laughter, before looping her fingers into the waistband of the girl’s dress and slipping it over her hips. In one smooth motion the garment slid down her legs and pooled on the ground at her feet, leaving Brianna to squirm almost awkwardly as she was left practically naked, a full body blush painted on her pale skin pink.

“Perfect.” Sofia practically purred in a low and husky voice, a satisfied expression painted on her face as she glanced at Claudia, “Wouldn’t you say, kotenok?”

Smiling at the display, practically leering in fact and making Brianna look away with an even deeper blush on her cheeks, Claudia nodded, “Yes, mistress. Very much so.”

“Indeed, gatáki.” Roxanna whispered, slipping behind the tattooed girl and embracing her gently around the waist, “But now I think that you should join her, yes?”

Without waiting for a reply, the olive-skinned woman took hold of the hem of Claudia’s t-shirt and began to slowly pull it up, exposing the girl’s flat stomach, the faint ridges of muscle beneath pale skin barely visible in the shadows. Biting the corner of her lip and closing her eyes, the slender girl said nothing, she simply lifted her arms obediently and allowed the garment to be pulled over her head. A sudden breeze raising goosebumps on her tattooed skin, Claudia instinctively tried to hug herself but Roxanna was faster, taking the girl by the wrists and gently but insistently forcing them behind her back before cuffing her as well. At the same time Sofia approached, cupping the brunette’s cheek with one hand while resting the other on her hip before closing the distance between them and capturing the smaller girl’s thin lips in a kiss. Moaning as she leaned into that kiss, Claudia was caught completely off guard when Sofia used her free hand to unzip the girl’s skirt, letting it fall to the ground and leaving her completely naked save for the studded belt hanging casually from her hips, the toy tail she was still wearing now fully visible. Eyes snapping open, gasp silenced by her mistress’s probing tongue, Claudia squirmed against her bondage, straining against the cuffs, but could offer no real resistance when Sofia broke the kiss and Roxanna took the opportunity to gag her, slipping the massive ring gag they had acquired earlier into the tattooed girl’s open mouth, stretching her jaws painfully wide before pulling the strap tight against her cheeks and buckling it in place. Rendered utterly helpless now, Sofia smirked broadly and reached up to run her hands through the slender girl’s messy brown hair, expression softening at the way her captive seemed to purr beneath the attention, lifting herself up on her tiptoes to rub against the blonde's hand.

Leaning over her shoulder to give her a kiss on the cheek, Roxanna whispered softly into the tattooed girl’s ear, “Much better.”

Moaning softly as that softly accented voice washed over her, the olive-skinned woman’s warm breath tickling her skin, Claudia managed a tiny nod and tried to answer around her gag, “Yeh, nhihghuehh.”

“Something is still missing, I think.” Sofia mused, stroking her chin as if in thought before an impish grin curled her lips. Reaching behind her back, the blonde suddenly produced the cat ears that Claudia had been wearing earlier and stuck them on the girl’s head in one smooth motion, “There we are, kotenok.”

Claudia pretended to struggle, twisting her body and shaking her head back and forth as if trying to dislodge the headband, and unintentionally making the tail she was wearing sway back and forth in a rather cute display, but the way the corners of her mouth curled up ever so slightly around her gag betrayed her true feelings on the matter. Rather pleased herself, Sofia leaned in to give the tattooed girl a kiss on the cleft of her chin, nibbling at her lower lip playfully while Roxanna tightened her arms around their captive’s waist.

“I thought that’s what you meant about getting a cat.” Kiera suddenly interjected, having wandered back over to the group with Murial in tow, the redhead tucked against her side as if she belonged there. The dusky woman looked Claudia up a down, actually making the slender girl blush beneath those attentions, and a smile grew on her face, “A fine pet indeed, but I think you’re going to have some trouble with this one.”

“Perhaps,” Roxanna allowed with a tiny smile of her own, taking the opportunity to caress Claudia’s stomach, the slender girl shivering and moaning softly beneath the touch of those gentle fingers, “but I believe we will manage.”

Kiera smirked, but said nothing and it was then Brianna’s turn to blush beneath that intense, golden brown gaze as the dusky woman drank in the sight of the blue-haired girl’s bound and naked body barely covered by the web of dark leather straps criss-crossing her pale skin, “And what have we here?”

“A lovely young mare ready for a race?” Murial suggested, a thin but amused smile decorating her own pale face as she rested her cheek against her lover’s breast.

“I can see it.” Kiera agreed, this time gracing Brianna with a teasing smile, “But we’ll need to get her a tail and maybe a plume to complete the look first.”

Despite the blush on her cheeks the blue-haired girl could not help but straighten up ever so slightly, throwing her shoulders back like she had been taught and turning her body ever so slightly to pose, preening just a bit beneath that praise even as she tried to mumble out a response around the bit in her mouth, “Phhnnh mnn.”

Taking a step closer, Kiera reached out and looped her finger through the ring in Brianna’s collar, tugging slightly and forcing the bound girl to crane her neck to maintain her posture, “You are very welcome, pretty girl.” the dusky woman drawled in a low, husky voice, “But we really should be going, there’s something I want to show you.” Briefly glancing over her shoulder she grinned at the others, “All of you.”

Gently releasing Claudia from her grip, taking the opportunity to trail her fingers along the small of the girl’s back, eliciting another shivering moan, while Sofia clipped a leash to their bound companion’s collar, Roxanna nodded ever so slightly and gestured deeper into the brush, “Sounds interesting. Please, lead on.”

With that invitation hanging in the air, Brianna felt a tug on her collar as Kiera set off down the path, practically pulling the blue-haired girl along behind her and forcing her to scramble to keep up. Despite that, however, Brianna found herself entranced by the garden as they walked, that feeling of stepping into a primordial world only reinforced by the way the towering trees and thick brush seemed to swallow them whole, transporting them into a whole new reality a thousand miles away from the mundane. The twinkling lights and night blooming flowers lining the path only seemed to add to the experience, especially given the way the trail cut a meandering route through the greenery to the point where Brianna was not sure which way they were going. It was almost like something out of a story, a fantasy made all too real. Not that such wonder held her focus for long as each step, especially as she struggled with the urge to lift her knees high and trot just like her mistresses had taught her, along with the shifting plug in her ass and the tight strap between her legs only seemed to drive her wild. Even worse Murial walked casually at her side, a teasing smile practically carved into the redhead’s face as she took every opportunity to tease the bound girl, letting pale fingers trail over sensitive skin, up her spine then down her sides and over her hips. That was bad enough, making her shiver and moan with each gentle caress, but when the woman allowed her hands to drop lower, massaging the blue-haired girl’s ass or dipping between her slick thighs, Brianna honestly feared she might lose it. Whether it was a testament to her self control, or Murial’s cruelty, she managed to hold back but it was a near thing. Through that haze of distracting pleasure she could see that Claudia was faring no better. Following a few paces behind, the slender girl was once again sandwiched between their mistresses. Sofia stood to her right holding the leash tightly in one hand with her other roamed up and down the bound girl’s back, tracing the tattoos that ran the length of her spine before occasionally slipping lower to pinch or squeeze or smack Claudia’s wonderfully tight ass, or to tug playfully on her tail. In contrast, Roxanna limped on her left, one arm draped over the bound and naked girl’s shoulders to hold her close while the olive-skinned woman’s other hand rested on her stomach. Right over the flowers tattooed above her glistening sex, fingers roaming in lazy circles and making Claudia squirm and writhe and moan every time Roxanna’s touch drifted low enough to tease her aching clit, the massive ring wrenching her jaws open doing absolutely nothing to silence her.

Feeling her own blush darken in response to that incredible arousing display, and almost lost between Murial’s electrifying touch and the incredible sight of Kiera’s leather-clad form in front of her, Brianna was almost caught by surprise when the group emerged from out of the canopy and into a small clearing after what seemed like hours of walking. Eyes widening at the sight before her, the blue-haired girl very nearly froze in place, lost in wonder, but the insistent tug on her collar forced her to keep walking. Even so she could not help but glance in every direction at once, awe plainly written on her face. If the woods they had passed through had seemed magical they were absolutely nothing compared to this. Rimmed with trees the clearing was open, but the thick brush became an absolute tangle of hedges and blooms and flowering vines surrounding a large pond, it’s glassy smooth surface thick with clusters of lily pads reflecting the twinkling light of the stars as well as the nearly full moon just revealing its face from behind a wisp of clouds. The faint buzz of insects and the croak of frogs filled the air while fireflies danced like glistening embers in the dark. In the exact center of the pond, connected to the winding brick path by a simple bridge of wooden planks arching over the water, was an island dominated by a gazebo of purest white marble that glowed in the moonlight. A circle of fluted columns holding aloft a series of flying arches that in turn supported a dome made of overlapping copper panels, the metal long ago tarnished to a bright green color, the building looked like it belonged to another century and who was to say it didn’t? If a unicorn had wandered by, Brianna would not have been surprised, but it seemed that she and her lovers were the only visitors this night.

As she marveled in wonder at the sight, the blue-haired girl was drawn into the glade and down the twisting brick path that skirted the edge of the pond, so close that Brianna could practically feel the leaves of the cattails brush against her bare legs as they passed. Quickly enough they reached that tiny bridge in the distance and began to cross the water, the sound of their boots against the wooden planks almost deafening compared to the tranquil quiet of the woods themselves. In less than a dozen steps they were across the water and climbed the pair of stone steps into the gazebo itself. Glancing around the structure, Brianna took note of a few details that her casual inspection earlier had missed, most notably a hole in the exact center of the dome through which the moon could be seen. Following the gossamer threads of moonlight where they poured in through that aperture, the blue-haired girl noticed the polished slabs of granite that made up the building’s floor were not smooth. Rather, an intricate series of lines were engraved into the surface forming a loose grid covered with a bewildering tangle of lines and arcs like some sort of bizarre stone spiderweb while Roman numerals set with brass lined the edges along with symbols that she recognized as signs of the zodiac. It was, quite frankly, like nothing she had ever seen before and Brianna could not help but stare.

“It’s a moon dial.” Murial said, softly, as if reading the girl’s mind.

That voice drawing her out of her introspection, Brianna glanced at the redhead, questions clearly brimming in her hazel eyes, “Mnphh?”

“A moon dial.” Kiera repeated, joining the conversation as she released Brianna's collar and allowed her finger to trail up the underside of the blue-haired girl's chin, a grin curling her lips at the tiny shiver of pleasure her touch elicited, “Like a sundial, but not nearly as useful. Only really works on the night of the full moon and you need to be a damned mathematician to use it, but I think it’s here more for the symbolism than anything else.”

Despite the rather… pleasant distraction of the dusky woman’s fingers, Brianna hung on her every word, curious and fascinated and sadly not in any position to ask any of the questions that popped into her mind. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that Roxanna and Sofia were listening with equal care and, if the look of intense interest in Roxanna’s eyes was anything to go by, it would seem as if Kiera was sharing something that she had never shared before. Shaking her head ever so slightly, that softly amused grin never leaving her face, Kiera withdrew her hand and took a step back, turning to face the moon dial and for what felt like a long moment seemed to contemplate its intricate engravings and arcane symbols. Eventually the dusky woman looked up, casting her gaze toward the moon glowing softly overhead and let out a long breath as a wry smile curled her lips.

“You know, I can still remember the first time I came here.” Kiera announced as she turned to face her audience once more, hand on her hip, “Feels like forever ago. I was standing right on this spot, naked as the day I was born. They’d given me some sort of foul concoction to drink that made everything all… hazy and swirly.” the woman paused to laugh softly, running a hand through the close-cropped hair on the left side of her head, “I swear I could hear the moon, taste its light, but most of all? Most of all I felt horny.”

Sofia chuckled in the background, but still no one spoke and despite feeling Murial’s slender body curled up against her side, the redhead embracing her softly, Brianna stood stock still barely daring to breathe lest she interrupt. She’d heard stories, rumors really, about how werewolves awakened to their power and while Kiera had hinted earlier that she was taking them to the place where it had happened to her, never in a million years would the blue-haired girl have thought that the woman would share her story so freely. A gesture of trust? A manifestation of the regret that had crossed Kiera’s face earlier in the night? Or was it something else entirely? Brianna honestly could not say and yet, despite the lighthearted tone, she focused on every word, every gesture, understanding on some level just how important this moment, this story, was.

“In the midst of all that Julia my… my maker I suppose you might say, took me by the arms and bit me, right here.” Kiera continued, lifting a hand to the now unblemished skin over the juncture of her neck and shoulder, voice growing far away as she lost herself in memory, “It was agonizing, the feeling of her teeth ripping into me, but more than that there was this heat that seemed to fill my entire body, pulsing in time with my heart, faster and faster and faster until I… until I changed.”

Upon that quiet admission, the dusky woman trailed off and this time Murial slipped away from Brianna’s side to approach her lover, embracing the taller woman gently and offering a soft, reassuring smile. It was an oddly sweet gesture, almost out of place given the vivacious personalities and outer styles that both women cultivated but, at the same time, Brianna could not help but think it fit. If anyone could appreciate what it meant to be remade, to be reborn from the ashes of your human self into something so utterly different and yet so achingly similar it was Murial. Perhaps that, more than any other mutual interest, was the thread that tied them together, that always brought them back to each other in the end.

Kiera certainly seemed to appreciate the gesture, returning that embrace and smiling down at the pale woman before kissing her softly, “Things get fuzzy then. I could feel my body shifting, muscles stretching and bones breaking, it should have been torture but it wasn’t, it felt good. After that? It was like I was a wild animal, unrestrained for the first time, totally out of control.” She nodded briefly toward the reflecting pool, specifically to a spot where the gazebo’s handrail was missing, “Julia tackled me into the pond and held me down. We ended up fucking right there in the water.” a smirk curled her lips at that, her voice growing playful and just a touch amused, “She always said that sex was the best way to exhaust the beast, especially after a First Change. Don’t know about that, but I definitely had a good time.”

Feeling her face heat up once more, Brianna had to fight the urge to look away, especially when Kiera turned her head just enough to meet her gaze. That was not where she had expected the story to go, but at the same time she couldn’t say it really surprised her. She also couldn’t say that it hadn’t turned her on. Knowing well just how strong Kiera was, and how wild she was in bed, Brianna could scarcely begin to imagine what it would take to actually hold her down, much less dominate her, and with those images swirling in her mind’s eye the blue-haired girl squirmed in her bonds, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together and rolling her hips just enough to grind against the crotch strap. Actions which the dusky woman certainly seemed to notice if the way her lips quirked into a positively wicked grin, to say nothing of the spark of hunger in her golden brown eyes, was any indication.

Straightening up, and thrusting out her chest just a bit, Kiera pitched her voice into a low and familiar tone, never once breaking eye contact with the bound girl across from her, “So what do you say, pretty girl? Your mistresses tell me you’ve been very good lately. Want to see if any of the old magic is still in the air?”

A desperate moan caught in her throat, Brianna felt another wave of arousal wash over her already heated body at that husky tone, the hint of promise buried within driving her absolutely wild. Even so, the blue-haired girl instinctively looked to her left where her mistresses were still watching the display, Claudia’s naked and blushing form trapped between them. Sofia seemed more amused than anything, smiling warmly but otherwise offering nothing. Roxanna, however, wore a very different expression. Still warm and comforting, the faintest hint of a smile curling her lips, but the look in her dark brown eyes was deeper than that. Gentle and supporting, but one which also clearly spelled out her mistress’s feelings, a reiteration of the conversation they'd had months ago that plainly told Brianna that it was her decision, that her lovers would support her no matter what she wanted. Swallowing hard, once more overwhelmed and yet so happy by that unflagging trust, the blue-haired girl gave a brief nod of acknowledgment before turning her attention back to Kiera, the dusky woman waiting patiently with one hand on her hip and the other wrapped around Murial’s slender waist.

Nodding again, Brianna answered as best she could, “Mmph, pmmnphm!”

There was no warning as to what happened next. One moment Murial had been standing at Kiera’s side, casually leaning against the taller woman’s powerful body with a teasing smile on her face, then the next she was gone. Brianna had no time to register shock as, in the blink of an eye, she felt a pair of arms circle her waist and pull her back against one of the gazebo’s pillars, a grip as strong as iron holding her in place even as hands as soft as velvet began to fondle her breasts. Moaning around her gag at that sensation, especially when Murial began to gently roll her hard and aching nipples between thumb and forefingers, the blue-haired was forced to lean back ever so slightly, any questions she’d had long since lost as she watched through a haze of pleasure as Kiera stalked toward them, the sway of her hips emphasizing her almost predator grace while the hungry look on her face gave absolutely no doubt as to what she had in mind. Even so, it seemed to take forever, the dusky woman walking almost painful slowness before she finally loomed over Brianna’s helpless form, the blue-haired girl biting down on the bit between her teeth to try and control herself as a new flush of heat seemed to set her skin ablaze. Reaching out, Kiera took the bound girl’s hips in hand before leaning forward until they were practically touching.

“Normally I like to take my time,” the dusky woman announced, voice little more than a low growl that sent a trill of pleasure up Brianna’s spine, “But I think you’ve been kept waiting long enough, pretty girl. So just this once, I’m going to do you a favor.”

Without further comment Kiera kissed the blue-haired girl softly around her gag, gently rolling her lower lip between her teeth before tugging softly, almost like a dog at play. Grinning at the soft gasp and shuddering moan she managed to draw forth, the dusk woman began to move, planting a series of kisses along Brianna’s jaw and down her throat before latching onto her neck just above the collar. Teasing the sensitive skin over the bound girl’s pulse with her tongue, Kiera nipped gently before sucking hard enough to leave a bruise. Tossing her head back to provide better access, Brianna moaned sharply as she was claimed, straining against her cuffs as in that moment she wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around the dusky woman and feel that warm skin beneath her hands, the pleasure and pain of being marked enough to make her shudder in Murial’s arms as she silently begged for more. Pleased with the response, Kiera began to work lower, trailing hot kisses down the bound girl’s shoulder and chest, between her modest breasts and then along her stomach. Practically panting now and shivering with pleasure, Brianna could do nothing but whine deep in her throat as she bit down hard on the gag, the throbbing need between her legs almost unbearable as she felt that fiery trail of kisses skirt the edges of her navel and across her pelvis until Kiera placed one last, searing kiss just above her aching pussy, once again sucking the sensitive skin hard enough to leave a mark. Finished with that task, Kiera dropped to her knees and glanced up the expanse of Brianna’s bound and trembling body, taking in the blush that seemed to cover every inch of her pale skin with a satisfied grin. Only then did the dusky woman allow her hands to trail down from the girl’s hips, once again tracing the web of leather straps that provided her only real cover before loosening some of the buckles. Drawing a sharp breath when she felt those clever, cruel fingers begin to caress her skin, Brianna could not help but gasp when the strap between her legs fell away to expose her cleanly shaven sex, the lips of her labia red and swollen with desire, the triangle piercing through her most delicate flesh glinting in the gentle moonlight and drawing the eyes straight to her hard and eager clit. Combined with the almost shocking feeling of cool air over slick and heated skin, Brianna had to fight the urge to close her legs when Kiera suddenly grabbed her thighs and forced them further apart.

At once the dusky woman leaned in and ran the length of her long and agile tongue across the bound girl’s most delicate flesh making her cry out in surprise and jerk hard against the arms circling her body and the hands holding her legs. Biting down on her gag to try and stifle a moan, and failing utterly, Brianna was lost in an instant as Kiera began to lap at her almost eagerly, that hot wet tongue exploring her curves and folds with wild and insistent strokes. As much as she adored giving pleasure with her mouth, Brianna absolutely loved receiving it, especially as oral sex was a rare treat her mistresses saved for special occasions, though, thankfully, Claudia had been willing to indulge her from time to time. A favor that the blue-haired girl was more than happy to return. But this? This was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Kiera’s technique was familiar in some ways, an agile and eager tongue tracing the lips of her labia and swirling about her aching clit before lapping at the heat within, but it was different as well. The dusky woman lacked Roxanna’s delicate care and deliberate motions, the olive-skinned woman leveraging her knowledge of Brianna’s body to push her over the edge again and again, nor did she have Sofia or Claudia’s eager enthusiasm, this was wild and unrestrained, almost rough in some strange way as the powerful woman used her lips and tongue and even teeth to stimulate the blue-haired girl in ways she had never even imagined. It would have been overwhelming in the best of times, but after nearly a month locked away in chastity, of the throbbing need within her stoked again and again by each touch, each kiss, each and every bondage game she had played with her mistresses? Even if Brianna had wanted to hold back it would have been impossible and, when she felt Kiera gently take her clit between her teeth and flick at the stud piercing it with her tongue? In that moment the blue-haired girl jerked and twisted and fought against the hands holding her legs, each and every muscle in her body spun tight and trembling as she threw back her head and screamed, howling her pleasure to the night sky as she came.

As her pussy clenched, the rush of release was so intense that for a moment the blue-haired girl was certain that she could see stars before her body seemed to come undone and she collapsed in a heap, held up only by Murial’s strong arms as the redhead continued to fondle and massage her sensitive breasts. Not that Kiera was finished with her, not by a long shot. Grinning into the bound girl’s flesh, the dusky woman shifted focus and plunged her tongue into Brianna’s quaking form, reveling in the silken heat that instinctively clenched around her and probing as deep as she could, memorizing each and every time the bound girl twitched or gasped beneath her. Moaning loudly and thrusting her hips forward even as she arched her back to press her breasts into the hands teasing them, Brianna felt her body begin to clench again when Murial suddenly pinched her nipples, hard. The unexpected stab of pain combined with the sensation of Kiera’s swirling tongue gliding over frazzled nerves pushed her over the again as a second orgasm was ripped from her body and she shrieked, uncaring if anyone could hear. She was not alone. Standing across from her on the other side of the moon dial near a low marble bench, her tight leather pants open just enough to reveal that she was not wearing anything beneath them, Sofia’s own cry of pleasure joined hers as the blonde rode Claudia’s face, one hand tangled in the tattooed girl’s messy brown hair while the other tore open her blouse to fondle an ample breast. Not that Claudia much seemed to mind as she sat perched in Roxanna’s lap, the olive-skinned woman thrusting a pair of fingers into the slender body she was holding tight while peppering the bound girl’s neck and shoulders with light and teasing kisses. Despite the tears filling her eyes, and the streaks of mascara running down her cheeks, Brianna watched as her fellow submissive squirmed and fought and twisted in Roxanna’s grasp as she came, cries muffled by Sofia’s flesh even as she continued to pleasure her mistress.

Not that the blue-haired girl had much time to appreciate that beautifully arousing tableaux. Still not satisfied, Kiera shifted tactics yet again, withdrawing her tongue from within Brianna’s body and latching her lips onto the bound girl’s clit instead. Sucking hard, the dusky woman alternated between caressing that delicate nub with her tongue while flicking her piercing and nibbling gently with her teeth, back and forth in a maddeningly pleasurable dance. Hyper-sensitive now from the two orgasms that had already washed over her, the blue-haired girl quickly began to squirm and pant and moan, shaking her head back and forth and jerking her hips hard against the hands still holding her thighs in an unbreakable grip, torn between the raging fire within her that had still not been quenched and her exhausted body still being assaulted by aftershocks. Kiera did not seem to care, however, as the dusky woman continued to lick and suck relentlessly, pushing her captive to the edge once more no matter how much Brianna tried to hold back, clenching her muscles tight and biting on the bit again so hard that she was certain that its rubber lining would be full of teeth marks when she was finished. However, it seemed as if her tormentors had one more trick up their sleeves. Teetering on the edge of what she knew to be a truly monstrous orgasm, Murial suddenly stopped fondling the blue-haired girl’s breasts. Tightening her grip and twisting her body, the redhead practically leaned over Brianna’s shoulder, long curly hair tickling pale skin as she sank her teeth into one of those delicate mounds with the swiftness of a viper.

Gasping at the sudden pressure, the blue-haired girl’s eyes went wide at the momentary jolt of pain she felt as a pair of fangs pierced her flesh. It was a familiar sensation though and that gasp quickly dissolved into a moan as an absolute tidal wave of pleasure followed, rushing through her veins like liquid fire as Murial began to drink her blood. Combined with the sensation of Kiera’s tongue practically hammering against her throbbing sex what little self control Brianna had managed to maintain was obliterated like a sand castle facing a typhoon. Arching her back almost painfully, the bound girl screamed, howling like a banshee as she came and came and came, the shocks following one after another like waves hammering the beach, so hard that it made her vision go blurry, so hard that it actually hurt. Worse, or perhaps better, neither of her captors let up despite her increasingly desperate struggles. Even as she screamed herself hoarse, Murial continued to suckle on her breast while Kiera lapped at her quaking pussy as if the pair would not be satisfied until she passed out. They very nearly got their wish. After the fifth orgasm Brianna felt utterly spent, her entire body trembling, but even so the dusky woman between her thighs managed to lap one final climax from her exhausted flesh, a strangled cry escaping the blue-haired girl’s throat as Murial finally drew back and licked her wounds closed. Collapsing utterly then, every muscle going limp at once, the bound girl only managed to stay on her feet thanks to Kiera quickly taking hold of her waist and standing to pull her close. Blinking away tears, Brianna eagerly leaned in to that embrace, the heat of the dusky woman’s body chasing away the chills even as goosebumps rose all across her damp skin and her exhausted body shivered uncontrollably, Murial whispering comforting nonsense into her ear and stroking her hair while Kiera’s strong hands rubbed her back. It felt… It felt nice, comfortable and safe despite knowing that both of these women were orders of magnitude stronger than she was, that she was utterly helpless before them even if she hadn’t been handcuffed. Then again, she supposed, was that not the very essence of submission itself? To trust someone to have power over you?

Smiling softly around her gag, Brianna snuggled against Kiera’s firm and inviting body, resting her chin on the dusky woman’s shoulder and watching a similar scene play out not but a few feet away where Roxanna embraced Claudia’s spent body tightly while Sofia kissed the slender girl on her helplessly gagged mouth. Closing her eyes, slowly drifting off into bliss as the afterglow of that rather intense bout of lovemaking washed over her, a thought seemed to crystallize in the blue-haired girl’s mind. That this had certainly been one hell of a weekend and that her mistresses definitely knew how to plan a date.


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