The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2023 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; bond; cuffs; outdoors; naked; harness; gag; ponygirl; clamps; crop; toys; buttplug; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 10

If there had been a palatable air of excitement in the car before, it was nothing compared to the sheer swell of emotions that Brianna Wilde felt well up inside of her now. As if she might burst at any moment from sheer anticipation. What was worse, no matter how much she had asked and pleaded and very nearly begged as they made their way back to the car at what felt like a painfully slow pace, neither Roxanna and Sofia had deigned to explain themselves beyond the playful promise made back in the shop. That they were going someplace quiet to play with their toys. Indeed, they’d gone so far as to threaten to gag her if she kept it up and, as playfully as they may have said it, Brianna was still fairy certain that they weren’t joking and had dutifully closed her mouth. Still, the questions roiling within her mind simply would not let her be and as she sat quietly in the back seat of the car, watching the world go by while also having no idea where in the world they were going, her imagination took flight. Of course, the blue-haired girl was fairly confident that she and Claudia were the ‘toys’ being referred to and that their recent purchases would certainly play a role in whatever games were planned but it hardly took a leap of logic to realize that. No, what she was left wondering was just how much of all this was planned in advance and how much was spontaneous? After all, it had been less than a day since she’d idly suggested they go out for the evening, how much preparation could really have been done in that time? Then again, they’d certainly surprised her before. Were the odds and ends they’d picked up central to some larger scheme, or were they just wild impulses? It was impossible to say and, again and again, it led her back to the same thought. That she had no idea what either of the achingly beautiful and deviously clever women she’d given herself to were about to do to her and while that was not an unpleasant thought in and of itself, it was somehow very frustrating at the same time. For all she knew there could be an entire trunk full of devious devices ready and waiting.

That thought almost made her moan.

And so, left to squirm in her seat, unsure of what to do with her hands and deeply disappointed that she hadn’t been cuffed again before they’d taken off, Brianna glanced to her side and could not help but smile as she caught sight of Claudia. The slender, tattooed girl seemed to be just as excited as she was, bouncing her leg with nervous energy as she idly played with the hem of her t-shirt and smoothed out her skirt over and over. All things considered she was reasonably certain that her companion was equally clueless about what the night held in store for them both, and that? That excited her all the more. Finally noticing the attention, Claudia turned her head ever so slightly and regarded the blue-haired girl with warm brown eyes for a brief moment before a tiny smile curled her thin lips and she reached out. Taking the offered hand, Brianna’s smile widened as well as she grasped the slightly shorter girl’s thin fingers, marveling at how delicate they felt despite how strong she knew Claudia was (in more ways than one) and admiring the tattoos that ran down both of her arms, before squeezing softly. She’d always felt a connection to Claudia. Their shared submissive nature, despite differing personalities, and the mutual experience of loving and being loved by the same wonderfully dominant women only deepening that bond. And yet, a part of Brianna had always felt as if the girl stood apart as well. As if she intersected their orbit but never fully fell into it either. She had assumed it was by choice, and in a way she supposed that was true, but it was so easy to be taken in by Claudia’s cheerful demeanor and playful antics that the blue-haired girl felt almost ashamed of herself for not realizing the truth of the matter. As she stroked the back of the other girl’s hand with her thumb, Brianna swore that she would never again be so blind and, as resolve hardened within her, she tightened her grip ever so slightly in silent promise. She would need to talk with Sofia and Roxanna of course, but if she had anything to say about it Claudia would never feel left behind ever again.

In the midst of all that, the car began to slow as they neared their destination, turning off from the main road onto a small path that snaked through a rapidly thickening patch of oaks, maples and pines. Drawn out of her contemplation by the crunch of gravel beneath tires, though never releasing her grip, Brianna glanced out the window with a curious frown as she watched the woods shoot by. For a moment she assumed that they must have gone back out into the country, but somehow that didn’t feel right. She was no expert, but it didn’t seem as if they had been driving nearly long enough for that to happen, especially given the direction they’d been headed. She was given a partial answer to that question a moment later when the car emerged from the tree line to reveal a small, shaded parking lot that could accommodate perhaps half a dozen vehicles, though it was completely abandoned at the moment. Beyond that was a field ringed by trees, grass long but not overgrown, with a large pond, or perhaps more accurately a small lake, right in the center, the water shimmering softly in the sun as wind sent ripples along its surface. As beautiful as the scene was, though, what truly caught Brianna’s eye was the small but well kept beach right there on the lake’s shore. The complete lack of people only seemed to add to the utterly serene atmosphere and, as she took in other details like picnic tables and what looked like paths jutting into the forest, for a moment the blue-haired girl wondered if she had misunderstood her mistresses’ intentions.

When they finally rolled to a stop, Sofia throwing the shifter into neutral and pulling the parking brake, Roxanna turned to smile at the girls in the back seat, “What do you say, my dears, ready for some fun?”

With a soft, almost knowing smile, Claudia nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Giving the other girl a look, and now more curious than ever, Brianna nodded as well, “Yes, mistress.”

“Then follow me.” the older woman instructed.

And with that both she and Sofia climbed out of the car, the blonde circling around to the trunk to retrieve a familiar brown paper bag while the olive-skinned woman set off for the other end of the parking lot, silently commanding the girls to follow. Glancing at Claudia, who just shrugged, and offering one last squeeze of the hand before letting go, hoping that her smile would convey everything she wanted to say, Brianna practically scrambled out of the car. Thankfully, her mistress set a slow pace and so it was a relatively easy matter to collect Claudia, holding the slender girl’s hand again, and catch up with the older woman. Without looking back, Roxanna continued walking in a straight line, right for the trio of picnic tables sitting in the distance around an empty fire pit, just under the growing shade, rough cut wood covered in thick green paint. Running her finger over one of the tables as she walked up to it, the olive-skinned woman suddenly turned and smiled at her lovers before reaching out to snake both of her arms around Brianna and Claudia’s waists and hold them close.

“I trust you know where we are, gatáki?” the woman asked, glancing at Claudia before turning her gaze out toward the lake.

If the tattooed brunette was surprised by the question she didn’t show it, just nodding as she instinctively snuggled against the woman’s body, “Yes, mistress.”

“If you would be willing to share?” Roxanna prompted, smiling ever so faintly.

“Some kind of park, not sure what it’s called.” Claudia answered, “I’ve been once or twice, but it always seems to be abandoned.”

Roxanna hummed as Sofia joined them, setting her burden on the table, “The perfect place for a little... adventure then, yes?”

Smile twitching her own lips, Claudia nodded, “Absolutely, mistress.”

“Thank you, gatáki.” Roxanna murmured before kissing the girl on the cheek and turning her attention to Briana, “What do you say, korítsi?”

Feeling a smile tugging at her own lips, and a blush color her cheeks, the blue-haired girl nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

“Then if you would be so kind as to strip, devushka?” Sofia asked all of a sudden as she caught up with the trio, “Then we can get started.”

Although it wasn’t exactly unexpected, as soon as she registered those words Brianna still felt herself blush all the way down to the roots of her hair. Despite jogging topless with Sofia in the mornings, despite swimming in various states of undress and even despite having had sex on their back porch this marked the first time that the girl had well and truly been naked in public. No one was around, of course, she knew that, could see it with her own eyes, but that did not stop the flush of embarrassment that seemed to fill her entire body only to be swallowed up a moment later by an almost incredibly intense rush of arousal.

Swallowing slightly, nipples poking out proudly through the thin material of her dress and pussy growing damp, Brianna nodded faintly, voice quavering, “Yes, mistress.”

Roxanna withdrew her arms then and, taking a step back, the blue-haired girl nodded her understanding and reached up for the bow tied at the back of her neck. Hesitating for the briefest of instances, she took a breath and pulled the cord, letting the top of her sundress fall away to expose her breasts to the world, the coolness of the shade and the soft breeze from the water making goosebumps rise across her pale skin. Shivering a bit for all that it wasn’t cold, Brianna slowly worked the garment down her chest and to her waist, exposing the blue flowers tattooed there before finally pushing the cloth past her hips and stepping out of the dress, careful to keep it from hitting the ground. Instinctively folding the blue cloth before setting it aside, the blue-haired girl felt goosebumps prickle across her whole body now and, almost reflexively, crossed an arm over her chest and covered her smoothly shaved sex with a hand. Normally she managed to fight down that old urge to shield herself, but right now, standing in the open, the instinct was just too strong.

Silently directing Claudia to sit down at the table, the tattooed girl obeying with a nod and watching the display with an amused grin, Roxanna stepped closer and took the blue-haired girl by the arms before gently forcing her hands to her sides, “Beautiful.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna practically breathed, blushing now for a very different reason as her lips twitched into a tiny smile, “Shall I take my boots off too?”

The olive-skinned woman shook her head, “No, korítsi. Not just yet.”

The sound of rustling paper broke the moment and Brianna quickly looked to the right to see Sofia pulling a familiar harness of black leather out of the bag on the table, its chrome fittings glistening even in the shade, “I trust we are ready for this, dorogoy?”

“Thank you, stríngla." Roxanna said, softly, as she stepped back to accept the garment and held it up for inspection, “Now, let us get you properly attired, korítsi.”

Brianna said nothing, just nodded in silent understanding as she closed her eyes, bit her lip and allowed her mistress to dress her. Moaning as familiar hands caressed the sensitive skin of her hips and lingered along the edges of her breasts, the cool leather and metal of the harness almost shocking in contrast, the girl could not help but shiver again. A gasp escaped her throat then as the straps were tightened one by one around her torso, the leather strips circling her breasts before passing over her shoulders and down her back to be pulled taut between her legs. Moaning again, deeper this time, as the straps settled around her hips and between the cheeks of her ass, the leather pressing against her sex in a way that felt truly wonderful as the last buckles were fastened, Brianna risked opening her eyes only to gasp again as Sofia’s calloused hands drew her arms behind her back without warning. She offered no resistance, but before she could even think to respond the familiar click of handcuffs circling her wrists reached her ears and Roxanna took the opportunity to press the metal bit of the bridle between her teeth before fastening it snugly.

The whole process couldn’t have taken more than a minute, perhaps two, before Brianna found herself helplessly bound, gagged and strapped up in leather, the dark black harness standing out sharply against her pale skin and highlighting her nude form, the perfectly adjusted web fitting her every curve like a glove. As her mistresses stepped back to admire their work, the blue-haired girl twisted and turned as best she could, trying to take in the fetish gear in its entirety as a new wave of heat settled between her legs at just how incredibly turned on she felt. Looking up at her lovers, but unable to say anything despite how much she wanted to thank them for this, the edges of Brianna’s lips quirked up into a smile and her eyes seemed to sparkle in the shade as she tried to convey everything she was feeling with a look.

Smiling as she drank in the sight, lust clearly visible in her deep brown eyes, Roxanna offered a tiny nod of understanding before turning to her lover and leaning against Sofia’s powerful body, “And what do you think, stríngla?”

A lascivious grin curling her own full lips, Sofia wrapped her arm around Roxanna’s waist and let her arctic gaze roam freely over Brianna’s mostly naked body, “You were right, dorogoy. She makes a most fetching pony.”

The bound girl started at that, only to moan again as the motion caused the strap between her legs to shift in an… interesting way. Still, the thought stuck in her mind. Embarrassing as it was she hadn’t really made the connection until just now, but between the bridle and the harness and even her heavy boots she was basically dressed up like a ponygirl, or at least a reasonable approximation of one. She’d been so caught up in the exhibitionist thrill of being bound outdoors, and distracted by how utterly sexy she felt in the bondage harness that she hadn’t realized. And with the understanding that her mistresses had once again helped her to realize another fantasy, a fantasy that she’d barely begun to grasp herself, a pleasant and familiar warmth began to grow in her chest and for a brief moment Brianna thought that she might actually cry.

Thankfully for her mascara, Roxanna interrupted that chain of thought, “Still, I cannot help but feel there is something missing.”

“Oh?” Sofia asked, “And what might that be, dorogoy?”

With a tiny, almost teasing, smile on her lips, Roxanna stepped forward out of Sofia’s embrace to approach the blue-haired girl, reaching a hand into a pocket as she did so, “Just a bit of decoration, stríngla.”

As if to emphasize her point, the olive-skinned woman held up a pair of nipple clamps with small silver bells attached. Hazel eyes glanced down almost nervously at the accessories, Brianna watched her mistress approach, breath growing heavy, more in anticipation than fear as Roxanna reached out and cupped a breast. Massaging the soft mound gently, Brianna’s eyes sliding shut as she sighed at the touch, the blue-haired girl gasped sharply as the first clamp bit down on a hard and eager nipple followed quickly by the second. It was more shocking than painful, a pleasant pinch not all that much harder than Sofia’s own enthusiastic explorations, but she knew from previous experiences that she would not be able to work them loose no matter how hard she tried and that the longer they stayed on the more the dull ache would grow. Still, she could not say that a bit of pain didn’t add spice to the experience and, opening her eyes again, Brianna nodded ever so slightly to her mistress to let her know it was fine. Smiling back, Roxanna gently stroked the curve of her jaw just behind the strap running under her chin, the blue-haired girl gratefully leaning into that touch before the older woman batted the clamps playfully to test them, the bells ringing softly as they swayed back and forth.

“Perfect.” Roxanna said with a soft smile before running her hands along the bound girl’s arms, “I do hope you like it, korítsi.”

Nodding ever so slightly, careful to control her breathing as the clamps finally stilled, Brianna answered as best she could around the bit, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“I’m glad.” Roxanna returned, smile widening ever so slightly as she allowed her hands to drift back to the blue-haired girl's chest before taking the clamps between her fingers and twisting them ever so slightly, “But, ponies do not talk.”

Yelping, more in shock than pain, Brianna nodded almost frantically while biting down on the bit to keep herself quiet.

Leaning forward to plant a kiss on the bound girl’s lower lip, Roxanna stepped back and began to drift toward the table, "Very good, korítsi. If you enjoy the rest of your... first time we can see about getting you a tail and perhaps some proper boots.”

Eyes lighting up Brianna nodded again, barely even noticing the innuendo as she squirmed in place, very much enjoying the feeling of the crotch strap rubbing against her as she wondered what that might be like. Trying to walk or even run in the strange hoof boots that she had only ever seen pictures of, a plug in her ass and a long tail streaming behind her. It was... a strangely alluring image.

“And if not?” Roxanna continued as she glanced over her shoulder, a tiny but absolutely wicked smile on her face, “Well, another gag is always fun and you do look absolutely incredible in that harness.”

Convinced at this point that her blush was about to become a permanent part of her features, Brianna looked down even as the corners of her mouth quirked up into a smile. While such praise wasn’t exactly rare, it was always nice to know that her lovers found her attractive and that she really was as sexy as the harness made her feel. As if sensing her thoughts, Roxanna’s smile softened ever so slightly before she produced a riding crop of all things from out of the bag sitting on the table and experimentally whacked it against her hand once or twice to test the weight, the soft crack of leather striking flesh making Brianna jump.

Smile once more turning wicked, Roxanna began to walk back toward the bound girl with slow and deliberate steps, “And now, korítsi, I think it is time for your training.”

Swallowing hard around her gag, Brianna had to fight the urge to step back even as her body quivered with eager anticipation. Biting down on her bit, and nodding faintly in agreement, the blue-haired girl forced herself to stay still and wait, even though the riot of sensations running through her body made it so hard.

Voice hardening ever so slightly into what Brianna liked to think of as her ‘dominatrix tone’ Roxanna barked out a series of commands, emphasizing each order by tapping the crop against the bound girl’s skin “Back straight, shoulders square.”

Stiffening ever so slightly, Brianna instinctively obeyed, straightening her posture and again biting down on the gag to force herself to remain silent.

“Good girl,” the olive-skinned woman practically cooed before placing the tip of the crop under Brianna's chin and forcing her to look up, “Eyes forward, korítsi.”

Unable to even nod now, Brianna just made a tiny noise of agreement in her throat, unsure of what she was supposed to do and hoping that would be acceptable. Thankfully, it did not seem as if her mistress minded as the woman circled her slowly, eyes drinking in the sight of her helplessly bound and utterly obedient slave, more than a little turned on herself by the experience.

“Now, for the difficult part, korítsi.” the woman announced, taking up a position behind the bound girl, “We will need to teach you how to walk properly. Or should I say trot?”

Brianna moaned softly in acknowledgment, muscles trembling ever so slightly as she struggled to maintain her posture and look straight ahead no matter how much she wanted to turn to face the older woman.

“The trick, as I understand it, is to lift your knees high.” Roxanna explained, “To bring your thighs parallel to the ground as you do. Each step must be deliberate, one after the other, and you must keep your posture the whole time. It can be tricky, but do not worry, korítsi.” the olive-skinned woman assured, her voice dropping low as she leaned in close to whisper, “We will start slowly.”

That was all the warning Brianna got before she felt the short, sharp blow of the riding crop against her ass. It stung a bit but didn’t really hurt, in fact Sofia’s playful smacks were usually harder, but it still caught her by surprise. Jumping slightly only to feel the crop land again on the other cheek, the blue-haired girl dutifully lifted her leg, bending her knee sharply until her thigh was roughly parallel to the ground, or at least as close as she could manage without looking. Leaning forward, bending back at the waist just enough to keep her back and shoulders straight, the bound girl allowed her foot to fall, the sole of her boot striking the ground with a loud thump, before lifting her other leg in turn to begin the whole process again. It felt so awkward, almost outrageously so, as she lurched forward step by step, her balance shaky, part of her fearing that she might topple to the ground at any moment. Worse still, she could feel a dull burn already beginning in her legs with each heavy, over-exaggerated step, her muscles unused to such unnatural movements. Even so, she managed it. Slowly, one step at a time, the blue-haired girl grew a little more steady, her movements more fluid, more confident even if her pace remained sedate and she had to think carefully about each and every motion.

Watching the display with a smile of her own as Brianna was slowly led across the picnic area and around the fire pit before being led back towards the parking lot in a wide circle, Sofia could not help but admit that the blue-haired girl looked deliciously sexy like this. As self-conscious as Brianna could be at times about her small bust it could never be denied that the girl had an amazing ass and beautifully long legs, features shown off perfectly by the gear she was wearing. Besides, although still shaky it was obvious that the girl was a natural and, if the look on her face and the growing dampness between her thighs was any indication, it was equally clear that she was enjoying the experience immensely. As Roxanna barked out commands and encouragement in equal measure while applying liberal, if relatively gentle, blows of the crop to the bound girl’s behind whenever she let her shoulders drop or did not lift her knees high enough, the blonde felt her smile widen. She had never really considered this sort of play before but she thought she could certainly get used to it. Already the possibilities were dancing in her mind’s eye as she raked her gaze one last time over the girl’s beautifully bound body, smirking just a bit at the soft pink marks the crop had left behind on pale flesh. Oh yes, she could definitely get used to this.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Sofia glanced down at the slender, tattooed girl sitting beside her and grinned at Claudia, whose own eyes were equally glued to the show, “Quite the sight, eh kotenok?”

“Yes, mistress.” Claudia answered almost absently, clearly distracted and a million miles away, “She looks amazing.”

Chuckling softly, the blonde reached down and turned the slender girl’s face away from the, admittedly alluring, scene before them and looked her in the eye, “That she does, kotenok. That she does. But, it is a shame that they are having all the fun, no? I have a surprise of my own for you.”

A slow smile spreading across her own face, Claudia nodded, “Thank you, mistress!”

“No need to thank me yet, kotenok.” Sofia cautioned, though her smile never faded, “Now strip while I get everything ready, won’t you?”

Claudia nodded as she stood, still grinning, and stripped off her t-shirt without hesitation. Wadding up the cloth and tossing it carelessly onto the picnic table in a heap, the girl quickly unzipped her skirt next and tossed it aside as well, leaving herself dressed in nothing but her tattooed skin and a pair of red tennis shoes.

“Shoes as well.” Sofia added, not even looking in the girl’s direction as she dug through the last few items in the bag.

“Yes, mistress.” Claudia called as she kicked off her sneakers and idly curled her toes in the cool grass, wondering what this surprise could be if she needed to be barefoot as well and having a few wild ideas.

Finding her prize, Sofia held up the large, 3 inch ball gag they had just purchased with a triumphant grin, a grin that morphed into a smirk as she looked Claudia in the eye and handed it over, “You seemed most confident earlier, kotenok. Put this on, nice and tight.”

Swallowing hard, realizing that she was very much being called to put her money where her mouth was, Claudia took the gag, only now realizing just how big it was when she held it in her hand but nodded nevertheless, “Yes, mistress.”

Claudia was, of course, more than passingly familiar with gags. In fact it would be more accurate to say that she was intimately familiar with gags of nearly any shape or size you could imagine. Ball gags, ring gags, panel gags, plug gags, bit gags, inflatable gags, jaw spreaders and a few more that she didn’t even know the names of really. More than that, she enjoyed being gagged, finding that no matter how tight or how restrictive her bondage was that it just didn’t feel complete if her mouth wasn’t stuffed. And, truth be told, as far as she was concerned when it came to gags the bigger the better. After all, if she was going to wear one she damn well wanted to know she was wearing one and she expected it to keep her quiet. Still, as she turned this nearly baseball sized gag over in her hands she had her doubts for perhaps the first time. Although, the challenge of it was appealing. Catching sight of Sofia’s impatient gaze, and realizing that she was wasting time, Claudia took a deep breath to center herself and, holding the straps in either hand, opened her mouth and tried to shove the thing inside. Unsurprisingly it didn’t fit on the first try, but the slender girl was not one to give up so easily. Opening her mouth even wider, she tried again and again and again until, after feeling as if she must have unhinged her jaw, the ball slipped behind her teeth with a sudden and audible pop. Lips stretched into an almost painful 'O' of surprise, and eyes a little wide at having actually done it, Claudia quickly pulled the straps over her cheeks and tightening them behind her head, adjusting the buckle several times until she got it tight enough that she was certain the gag wasn’t going anywhere.

Smiling softly, Sofia approached and gently caressed the tattooed girl’s face, brushing the tips of calloused fingers against those thin lips and across the surface of the enormous gag, “I must admit I had my doubts, kotenok. Once again you have proven yourself to be most determined,” her smile morphed into a smirk, “and most flexible.”

Blushing ever so slightly, but pleased to hear that, Claudia shivered a bit under the blonde’s touch before trying to answer, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“You are most welcome, kotenok.” Sofia assured, darting in to give the girl a kiss on the top of the nose, “But, we should get you properly dressed as well, no?”

Without waiting for a response, the blonde leaned back and picked up the shopping bag to dump out the last of its contents out on the table. The plug she had purchased for Brianna, the ears that Claudia had picked out as well as the matching tail, and a box of plain brown cardboard. With deliberately slowness she put most of the items aside, but pulled the box closer and broke the tape sealing it shut with her thumbnail. Opening the lid slowly, one flap at a time, out of the corner of her eye she could see Claudia practically hovering over her shoulder, eager to see what was inside and clearly growing annoyed with the blonde’s slow pace. Lips twitching into a tiny smirk, Sofia pretended to ignore the girl and simply took her time, pulling away the crumpled sheets of packing paper one by one until, at last, a tightly folded bundle of black leather was revealed. At a glance there was no telling what it actually was with nothing but a few exposed buckles and fasteners to betray a deeper purpose but as Sofia pulled it free a moment later and unfolded the leather out on the tabletop for inspection, the blonde glanced over at the gagged girl and her smiled widened. To the uninitiated, even spread out like this, the item seemed like nothing more than a messy pile of straps and belts attached to what resembled large pockets, but Claudia recognized it instantly, her eyes widening ever so slightly almost as if she could not believe what she was seeing.

Laughing in delight, Sofia reached out to wrap her arm around the slender, tattooed girl’s bare shoulders and pulled her close, “Surprise, kotenok.”

For a moment Claudia’s eyes remained fixed on the splayed out form of the bitchsuit before she finally turned to look her mistress in the face, expression asking the question that her mouth could not.

Pausing to give the girl a kiss on the cheek in lieu of a direct answer, Sofia eventually relented, “After that little performance of yours, how could I resist the opportunity?”

Claudia said nothing, just looked down with a slight blush on her cheeks before nodding ever so slightly.

Grinning again, Sofia tightened her grip in a one-armed hug before releasing her captive to pick up the suit, “What do you say then, kotenok? Ready to be our pet for real?”

Glancing down at the suit again, and then up at her mistress, Claudia nodded firmly, practically shouting to be heard through the gag, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph!”

Chuckling softly, Sofia leaned down to give the brunette one last kiss on the cheek, “Good girl.”

Of course, actually putting Claudia in the suit proved to be a remarkably complicated task, not at all helped by the fact that Sofia had never put anyone in a bitchsuit before and these were not the most ideal conditions. Still, if nothing else, the blonde was very adept at putting pretty, willing girls in bondage and with this tattooed girl’s enthusiastic cooperation she managed it after perhaps fifteen minutes of fumbling and experimentation. Tightening the last few straps and locking the fasteners with a deft hand, Sofia stepped back, hands on her hips to admire her work. While the sight of a bound and gagged girl had turned her on for as long as she could remember, it was nothing compared to the rush she felt at the utterly submissive pose that Claudia was now locked in. The slender girl’s arms were folded against themselves, sheathed in leather and held tight in position with a series of thin straps while the built in mittens encasing her hands were locked together behind her neck to ensure that the tight, confining sleeves could not slip free. Her legs were similarly bound, bent sharply at the knees and imprisoned in leather, though her bare feet were left exposed, while a complex harness of straps that encircled her waist and ran between her thighs, careful to leave her sex uncovered, ensured that her leg bondage was similarly inescapable.

It was odd in a way, but as she felt her nipples harden, clearly visible through her blouse as she was not wearing a bra, Sofia was not sure she had ever been more turned on before. True, she had seen Claudia in any number of utterly helpless positions, had in fact bound the girl into most of them, there was just something about seeing her like this that felt different. Watching that slender, tattooed form crawl across the ground like an animal, thick rubber pads protecting her knees and elbows, nudity not at all hidden by the dark leather crisscrossing pale skin while an enormous gag stuffed her mouth to the limit... Well, both she and Roxanna had always insisted that self-discovery was one of the most important things in life and it was nice to know that she could still discover things about herself.

Smirking ever so slightly as Claudia moaned softly under her inspection, shifting a bit as she explored her range of movement, Sofia shook her head and gathered up the last few items she would need to complete this perfect picture. Crouching down next to the bound girl, the blonde reached out and ran a hand through Claudia's messy brown hair, gently combing the wild waves into some semblance of order and stroking her scalp as if petting a cat. Playing along, the tattooed girl arched her back ever so slightly and pressed against her mistress’s palm, making a noise of pleasure deep in her throat that, when muffled by the gag, sounded remarkably like a purr. Smile growing warmer at that, Sofia withdrew her hand, much to the girl’s displeasure, and slipped the toy ears onto her head before arranging her hair to hide the headband somewhat. Shifting her position then to run her fingers down Claudia’s spine, tracing the tattoo that ran all the way to her tailbone in the process and pleased by the faint shivers that wracked the bound girl’s body at her touch, Sofia spent several long moments stroking that wonderfully firm and beautifully exposed ass, chuckling softly under her breath at the way Claudia rocked her hips from side to side in silent encouragement. After kneading those taut muscles just a bit more, admiring the tone of the tattooed girl’s body, the blonde decided to finish things up. Taking the tail she idly held in her free hand, and lubricating the attached plug carefully, she slowly inserted it into Claudia’s helpless and trembling body.

Moaning, and forcing herself to relax as she felt the thick plug fill her utterly, Claudia’s eyes slid closed as she practically mewled into her gag. She was no stranger to plugs, of course, and while this was far from the largest she had ever endured, in that brief moment before the device fully seated itself and her body tightened around the intruder it felt absolutely enormous. Thankfully, with one final shove the plug popped into place and the tattooed girl shuddered, crying out into her gag in a potent mixture of discomfort and pleasure that she found absolutely intoxicating. Panting softly, even as she let out a tiny, appreciative mewl when Sofia patted her backside playfully and gave the tail a little tug to make sure it could not come loose, Claudia took stock of her body. She honestly loved bondage, had never found a form of it she disliked, really, but pet play was something new and all the more exciting because of it. Straitjackets, arm binders, mummification, full hogties and even tight spread eagles; she had certainly been rendered just as helpless before, if not more so, but as she again shook her hips experimentally, blushing faintly as she felt the fur of the tail she was wearing brush against bare skin, this felt different somehow. Opening her eyes again when a hand reached around her throat to attach a leash to her collar, Claudia looked up just in time to meet her mistress’s eyes as Sofia smiled down warmly at her.

“I know one does not normally walk a cat.” the blonde teased, “But it seemed appropriate. Now kotenok, let us see how your sister slave is fairing, yes?”

Attention brought back to Brianna, and well remembering the alluring figure the blue-haired girl had cut, Claudia nodded enthusiastically, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

With a smile, and a soft tug on the leash, Sofia began to lead her pet around the table. It was slow and more than a bit awkward at first, almost like walking on hands and knees with the added complication of using one’s elbows instead, but Claudia adapted with remarkable speed, managing to coordinate her limbs after a few shaky steps, finding the correct rhythm and setting a steady pace. Not concerned with pushing her pet’s limits just yet, Sofia walked slowly, smiling as she watched Claudia struggle in her bonds but equally pleased to see the slender girl’s determination. To say nothing of how cute she looked in those ears, tail involuntarily wagging behind her with each step. Thankfully, at the pace they were moving it did not take long to circle the edge of the picnic area to catch sight of where Brianna was still dutifully training beneath Roxanna’s gentle encouragement.

Walking along the edges of the parking lot, her back to them, the blue-haired girl was still moving fairly slowly, as if she still had to think about every step, but her posture was far steadier than it had been, her motions smooth and no longer nearly as awkward. Moreover, with almost every step she lifted her knees cleanly, with Roxanna only rarely applying the crop to correct a mistake, although the bright pink patches on her bare ass suggested that it had been a lesson hard learned. What’s more, between the rigid posture she had been forced to maintain and the blinders she was wearing cutting off her peripheral vision, Brianna remained completely unaware of Sofia’s own plans unfolding. However, when the blue-haired girl came to a halt at Roxanna’s command before dutifully lifting a leg and turning sharply to walk back the other direction, she froze in place, eyes wide in shock when she finally caught sight of Claudia crawling along on a leash, strapped up helplessly in her bitchsuit.

Smiling at the display herself, Roxanna chose not to punish that particular loss of concentration. Rather, the olive-skinned woman stepped close, just out of Brianna’s line of sight to practically whisper in her ear, “Ah, I see that Claudia is enjoying her own surprise. Lovely, wouldn’t you agree?”

Caught completely off guard, Brianna actually jumped in surprise, breaking her posture to glance at her mistress, unsure if she should speak or not before finally deciding to nod ever so slightly, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Chin up, korítsi.” Roxanna playfully admonished, though her teasing tone suggested that she wasn’t completely serious.

Even so, Brianna’s head immediately whipped forward again as she lifted her chin and threw back her shoulders, making a noise of agreement in her throat but biting down on the bit between her teeth and very carefully remaining quiet otherwise.

Roxanna actually chuckled, “Good girl. Still, it would be rude not to say hello.” with that she tapped the crop playfully against the bound girl’s thigh with scarcely enough force to even register, “March, knees up.”

Lips almost involuntarily twitching into a grin around her gag Brianna dutifully did as she was told, lifting a leg, knees up, to continue her trot down the edge of the parking lot, loose gravel crunching beneath her boots with each step. Even at the slow pace both she and Claudia were setting it didn’t take long to meet in the middle. Eyes darting between Sofia’s own gaze raking across her body with undisguised lust, lascivious grin on her face, and Claudia’s helplessly bound form, the girl actually dropping to sit on her haunches and revealing the huge gag stretching her lips, Brianna felt her face heat up again as a blush raced across her pale skin and down her chest. Swallowing hard, and fighting back the flush of arousal clouding her thoughts, even if she was sure that the way her crotch strap had worked her with each step had as much to do with that as the alluring sight before her, the blue-haired girl struggled to stay still, honestly not certain what she was supposed to be doing.

Ignoring her for the moment, though, Roxanna slipped up against Sofia’s side, practically curled up against the athletic woman’s body with a pleasant sigh and cast her own deep brown gaze at Claudia, “You were right, stríngla. It suits her perfectly.”

Sofia chuckled and stroked her lover’s hip with a free hand, “One day you will learn to trust my judgment, dorogoy. Has it ever led us wrong?”

Rolling her eyes a little and choosing not to respond to that, Roxanna instead turned her attention to Claudia’s bound form, “And I must compliment you on your resolve, gatáki. The gag also suits you well.”

The faintest of blushes on her own pale cheeks now, Claudia bowed her head and mumbled out a reply, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“What do you say we switch for a bit, dorogoy?” Sofia asked all of a sudden as she pulled the olive-skinned woman close and planted a kiss on the corner of her mouth before holding up the leash in silent invitation.

“I think that sounds lovely, stríngla.” Roxanna returned with a smile, taking the offered leash and handing over the crop in turn, “But do be gentle.”

Although that left her with a slightly ominous feeling, Brianna simply watched as the olive-skinned woman took Claudia’s leash and with a gentle, but insistent, tug led the girl back out into the grass and toward the fire pit in a leisurely, but nevertheless slightly faster walk, clearly intent on putting the girl through her paces. The pleasant sight of that tight butt, and cute tail, crawling away from her was cut short when Sofia stepped into her line of sight, a wide grin on the blonde’s face as she swung the crop a few times with obvious relish. Brianna felt herself swallow again, remembering well that Sofia was by far the more physical of her two mistresses and feeling a new thread of arousal, tinged with just a touch of worry, spread throughout her utterly helpless body.

“Turn around, devushka.” Sofia suddenly ordered, her voice still warm but with the underlying thread of command that the blue-haired girl had come to recognize.

Obeying instantly, Brianna spun in place and threw her shoulders back in one smooth motion before lifting her chin to look straight again, almost instinctively adopting the rigid posture that Roxanna had insisted she maintain. She was equally proud of herself for not reacting a moment later when she felt the crop brush along the curve of her ass, lingering on the faintly tender marks decorating her skin before drifting between her legs.

Pleased at the blue-haired girl’s discipline, Sofia spent another few seconds simply exploring her body, running the crop down her inner thigh and then up the back of her leg again before caressing her hip and announcing, “I think we need a change of scenery, devushka.”

Shivering a bit at that breathy tone, and still achingly aware of the soft leather of the crop running against her body, Brianna said nothing, waiting for the order she knew was coming even as she wondered exactly what her mistress meant by that.

Rather than give a direct response, Sofia just smiled, almost wickedly even though the blue-haired girl could not see, and drew the crop up before bringing it down across both the girl’s ass cheeks with noticeable, if not exactly painful, force, “March, devushka.”

Once more unable to keep herself from jumping a little at the sudden blow, and moaning as the motion pulled the strap between her legs deliciously tight, Brianna nevertheless managed to keep her head straight and immediately lifted a foot to begin walking forward with familiar, exaggerated steps. She trotted back down the edge of the parking lot for perhaps a dozen steps in utter silence, save for the sound of her boots striking the ground and the soft ringing of the bells dangling from her nipples, when Sofia suddenly her struck her tender backside on the right cheek with a firm blow.

“Turn just a bit, devushka.” the blonde ordered.

Even as she moaned under the impact, Brianna found herself more than a bit curious about the nature of that order. Roxanna had generally commanded her to turn either completely around, or sharply to either side. She honestly wasn’t sure how much turning ‘just a bit’ even meant, and her mistress had also neglected to mention a direction. Debating with herself for half a heartbeat, the blue-haired girl gambled that a strike on the right signaled a right hand turn and angled her steps just a bit to begin moving in that direction.

The crop landed again, in the same spot, if slightly more delicately this time, “A bit more.”

Glad that she at least had the direction correct, Brianna groaned softly and angled her movement just a bit more as commanded. That seemed to satisfy her mistress and they continued on, pushing out into the grassy field and toward the treeline. Thankfully as they walked it seemed as if Sofia was less concerned than Roxanna had been with making sure her posture remained perfect, though the blue-haired girl still focused on keeping her steps uniform, her shoulders back and, most importantly, her knees up. After all, if they found themselves doing this again, as she very much hoped they would, it wouldn’t do to develop bad habits. What was more concerning was the fact that Sofia clearly liked to emphasize her verbal commands with physical commands. Again and again, perhaps half a dozen times, the blonde smacked her ass with the crop, left then right then left once more as the bound girl was commanded to turn ‘just a bit’ in one direction or the other. It was still playful, if perhaps a touch more forceful than Roxanna's own ministrations had been, but enough to leave her backside tingling. Although, as much as it made her blush once more to admit, between the short, sharp swats and the relentless tension of the crotch strap Brianna very quickly found herself growing almost unbearably horny.

Not that Sofia seemed to take any note of that, either ignoring or not noticing the tiny whimpers the bound girl made with each step nor the way her thighs were slowly becoming slick with the proof of her arousal. Rather, the blonde simply directed her charge all the way to the trees, toward one of the nature trails that Brianna had spotted earlier, and past a scratched and faded sigh without pause. Even so the text was still legible to the blue-haired girl as she passed, ‘Scenic Path: 1.2km.’ That gave Brianna pause. Despite the jogs that she and Sofia took together most mornings she had never actually thought to measure the distance of the trail they ran and while 1.2 kilometers didn’t seem like a long way to walk or run, she had a feeling it would be an exceptionally long way to trot. Not that she was given much of a choice. As soon as they crossed the treeline to hit the trail itself the crop landed once more, striking her across the entirety of her now quite pink ass, just a bit harder than before.

“Faster, devushka.” Sofia commanded, “We have a long way to go.”

Crying out as the force of the blow made her whole body jerk, pulling the crotch strap almost unbearably tight against her aching clit, for a brief moment Brianna actually thought she might cum. Sadly it was not to be and, whimpering a bit around her gag, the blue-haired girl dutifully picked up her pace as best she could, the burn in her calves and thighs feeling so much more intense now. They continued in silence after that, the only sound besides the rustling of leaves and the distant call of birds being the faint creak of leather, the thud of boots striking earth and the soft jingling of bells all undercut by Brianna’s increasingly heavy breathing. Under different circumstances the blue-haired girl might have taken in the sights, the brilliant emerald canopy above their heads or the dappled patterns of shadows shifting across the ground where beams of sunlight pierced the foliage. She might have even taken note of the initials and other stranger shapes carved into the trunks of trees, the flowering vines tangled up in the underbrush or even the piles of stacked stone that served as path markers, but in her current state all of that was lost on her. Eyes locked firmly forward, keenly aware of every step she was taking for fear of tripping on some unseen obstacle, most of Brianna’s attention was on her movement as sweat beaded on her skin, her muscles aching and her pussy throbbing as each stride seemed to push her just a bit closer to the orgasm building within her but never quite enough. Panting now and drooling just a bit around her gag Brianna nonetheless pushed herself forward and managed to keep her composure with what seemed like a superhuman act of will.

And through it all Sofia remained silent, not even commenting when the path branched here or there, simply using the crop to direct the bound girl to turn this way and that with soundless commands. Eventually, after what felt like hours of winding through the woods in a seemingly directionless path, the pair burst out of the trees and back out into the field not all that far from where they had started. However, just before leaving the shade and heading out into that brilliantly sunlit grass Sofia suddenly stopped and reached out to place a hand on Brianna’s shoulders, instantly signaling the girl to stop before the woman stepped close and enveloped her in a hug.

“Good girl.” the blonde soothed softly, voice warm and full of pride in her slave’s accomplishment as she spoke, “Such a good girl.”

Moaning softly, both at that praise and at the feeling of a hand stroking her hair and rubbing her neck, Brianna went slack as tension fled her. Her entire body seemed to radiate heat and it honestly shocked the girl just how stiff her neck and shoulders felt from forcing her head to remain still, or how much her legs ached from the exaggerated steps and the weight of her heavy boots. Still, as her mistress stroked her head gently and wiped the drool from her chin with a handkerchief, the blue-haired girl could honestly say that she didn’t really mind all that much. New things were always difficult, but the pulse of arousal filling her body, and the warm thread of accomplishment nestled in her heart as Sofia continued to whisper soft and soothing words, made it all worthwhile. 

Risking a glance at the blonde, Brianna smiled as best she could around the bit and murmured, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“It is no trouble, devushka.” Sofia assured, voice soft and still very warm, “You have done so very well. I know you need to rest, but we just have a bit further to go. Can you do that for me?”

Despite everything Brianna managed a nod and, with her mistress’s arm around her waist and gentle encouragement in her ear, the pair slowly began to make their way across the field and back to the circle of picnic tables. Thankfully they moved much more slowly this time, but the blue-haired girl was still rather proud of the way that she stayed in character, her steps high and her back straight despite sore muscles. Soon enough they reached their destination and Roxanna, who had been watching their approach with a smile, quickly limped over to join them. Finally dropping back into a normal walk, Brianna let out a sigh as her mistresses took her by the arms and gently guided her to sit down on one of the benches, a moan of sheer relief escaping her lips as her legs finally got the chance to rest. Breath slowly evening out, the blue-haired girl could not help but smile a little as Roxanna began to slowly and carefully remove her bridle and Claudia, still thoroughly bound and gagged, crawled over to nuzzle her thigh in an adorably affectionate gesture while Sofia massaged her shoulders. Honestly, part of her felt as if she could very comfortably fall asleep like this while being pampered, but when the bit was finally out of her mouth, Brianna wet her lips and worked her jaw a few times before smiling softly at her lovers. At that, Sofia sat down next to her and pressed a bottle of water to her lips. Drinking deeply, relishing the cool sensation that spread throughout her chest as she did, the blue-haired girl let out a much deeper sigh of relief.

“Thank you, mistress.” she ventured, with a shy smile.

“You are very welcome, devushka.” Sofia assured with a smile of her own, “What did you think?”

Glancing down to where Claudia was still nestled against her leg, then back up at Sofia again, Brianna’s smile brightened, “It was a lot of fun, mistress. Harder work than I expected,” she shifted in her seat ever so slightly with a slight wince, voice dropping just a bit as she blushed, “and my butt’s kind of sore.”

“Too much?” Roxanna asked, a trace of concern that they might have pushed things too far in her voice.

Brianna just shook her head, “No, mistress, it was fine.” the slight blush coloring her cheeks darkened just a bit, “I liked it.”

“I am glad to hear that, korítsi.” Roxanna said with a smile, “I trust you that would be willing to do it again sometime?”

Brianna nodded with much more enthusiasm, smile widening at the thought, “Absolutely mistress.”

Leaning in to wrap the blue-haired girl in a hug, Sofia chuckled, “I am very glad to hear that, devushka. Very glad indeed. Now, what say you we take those clamps off?”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna answered with a grateful smile.

“It is no trouble, devushka.” the blonde assured as she allowed her hands to slide down off of the blue-haired girl’s shoulders to release both clamps at once.

Brianna was not exactly a stranger to nipple clamps, though she had worn them only rarely and never for this long, but much like the crop they had added something to the experience, something only amplified by the bounding weight of the attached bells tugging on her nipples and jingling with every step. Not that she wasn’t glad to be rid of them, of course, but the blue-haired girl still could also not help but wince just a bit as the pressure suddenly released and the slight, stinging numbness that clamps always seemed to induce disappeared with it, feeling returning full force with a dull stab of pain. And those, she knew, had been fairly ‘soft’ clamps as such things were measured. Brianna's mind momentarily flashed back to the rather extreme clamps that Claudia had been inspecting back in the fetish shop, part of her wondering what something like that must feel like to wear, much less remove, and shivered unconsciously. Glancing down at the slender, tattooed girl on the ground next to her she also wondered if Claudia actually enjoyed things like that. As her thoughts wandered, and the pain began to fade, Brianna felt strong hands take her by the shoulders again and urge her to turn ever so slightly. With another smile Sofia then began to massage the blue-haired girl’s aching nipples, eliciting another moan and making her squirm in delight as Roxanna unlocked her handcuffs and began to loosen the straps criss-crossing her back.

Brianna just allowed herself to drift in those pleasant sensations until she was prompted to stand several moments later, obeying quietly and holding her arms out while her mistresses deftly stripped the harness from her body. Completely naked now, and blushing for very different reasons, the blue-haired girl squeezed her thighs together, standing almost awkwardly as she tried to hide just how turned on she was. Thankfully her mistresses did not comment, but the amused half-smile that curled Roxanna’s lips as she laid the harness out on the table certainly betrayed her thoughts. However, much to Brianna’s surprise, the olive-skinned woman then stepped away from the group and reached behind her own neck to remove her choker. Curious now, the blue-haired girl could do nothing but stare as she watched the woman set her cameo down almost reverently before removing her rings and bracelets one by one with the same care. Finished with her jewelry, she then began to unbutton her vest and Brianna felt a new ember of heat ignite between her legs, biting her lip to stay quiet as Roxanna began to disrobe. Her belt and shoes followed the vest and just when the blue-haired girl was certain she was about to burst with anticipation, visions of being bent over the table dancing through her mind, the olive-skinned woman finally began to remove her blouse. However, when her mistress opened her shirt it was not lingerie that was revealed underneath, but a swimsuit. Although that in and of itself might have been a matter of some opinion as only the most daring would have worn a swimsuit like that in public. It was a one piece, though it somehow seemed far more revealing than any bikini Brianna had ever seen with its plunging neckline, high cut hips and thong back that clung to the olive-skinned woman’s elegant curves like a second skin. Two strips of black cloth ran from between Roxanna’s legs, up her torso and over her breasts to cover the bare essentials while the rest of the suit was made of some kind of fine, translucent mesh that left the rest of the woman’s stomach, chest and back almost completely exposed, as if she were wearing only the most scandalous of sling bikinis. Drinking in the sight of that perfect body, warm olive skin and the pale scars slashing through it almost completely exposed, Brianna felt herself swallow, hard, and realized that she now had an answer to the question of just how immodest a one piece swimsuit could get.

Ignoring that not so subtle inspection, Roxanna placed a hand on her hip and smiled faintly as she addressed Sofia, pointedly ignoring the other two girls, “I am going for a swim, stríngla. Care to join me?”

The blonde returned that smile, but shook her head as she practically threw herself down on the bench that Brianna had just vacated and suddenly picked up a very surprised Claudia, the girl practically shrieking into her gag as she was lain out across the athletic woman’s lap, “I am afraid I shall have to pass, dorogoy. But do not let me stop you.”

“A pity.” Roxanna commented before turning her gaze to Brianna, smile morphing into something far more inviting, “And you, korítsi? You look as if you need to... cool off.”

Blush intensifying, Brianna fought the urge to look down, protesting more on reflex than anything else, “I... I don’t have a suit, mistress.”

If anything Roxanna’s smile grew positively seductive and a trace of amusement flashed through her eyes, “I fail to see the problem, korítsi.”

Swallowing again, Brianna smiled ever so slightly as she nodded, “I would love to, mistress. But,” she scraped her boot against the dirt for emphasis, “I just need a minute.”

Reaching up to twist her long hair into a loose bun, Roxanna offered a coy smile as she turned and began to limp toward the beach, offering a truly stunning view of her sleek back and shapely ass, “Do not keep me waiting.”

In what must have been record time Brianna stripped off her boots and, glancing briefly at Sofia, who was running a hand through Claudia’s hair and down her back as if she was petting an oversize cat, the tattooed girl stretched out comfortably on the older woman’s lap and trembling at her affections, the blonde offered a smile of encouragement and made a ‘get going’ gesture with her free hand. Returning that smile with a nod, the blue-haired girl turned and practically raced across the grass to catch up to Roxanna who had nearly crossed the beach by that point. Barely noticing the wind on her skin, the bounce of her breasts or the warm sand beneath her feet as she ran Brianna urged her tired legs to move faster and, in her haste, very nearly plowed into her mistress at the water’s edge, but managed to veer to the side and to skid to a stop right at the last moment.

Smiling softly at the girl’s antics, but holding her tongue, Roxanna instead linked hands with the blue-haired girl, “Just in time, korítsi. I had worried you would be late.”

Smiling back at that gentle teasing, Brianna tightened her grip ever so slightly as she matched pace with the olive-skinned woman, “Sorry, mistress.”

“No need for that.” Roxanna assured as she turned to kiss the shorter girl gently on the cheek, “But we should move quickly, I would hate for you to get burned.”

Although the afternoon sun was rapidly dipping behind the trees it was still fairly bright out and Brianna nodded in agreement, very much not wanting a sunburn either and grateful for the trees that had shaded their games, “Yes, mistress.”

With a final smile, hand in hand, they stepped into the water. It was cold but not unbearably so and, honestly, Brianna found it refreshing after her earlier exertions, not to mention soothing on her still tender behind. Unable to resist the urge to curl her toes into the wet sand as they walked, the blue-haired girl followed her mistress until they were nearly chest deep. Or rather, until Roxanna was nearly chest deep while the shorter girl felt the water lap at her shoulders as a soft breeze kicked up gentle waves. At that point the olive-skinned woman let go of her companion’s hand with one final squeeze and offered a wink before practically diving under the water, disappearing beneath its murky surface for a moment before bursting free into an almost casual breaststroke as she meandered in a slow and lazy circle. For her part Brianna just watched the woman swim, a smile on her face as she took in that graceful motion. For all that the woman tended to downplay them, the blue-haired girl always felt her heart go out to Roxanna when she considered the woman’s injuries, the aches and pains that chased her every waking moment as well as the limp she would never be rid of. And yet, in the water, she transformed into a different person. Graceful and lithe and free in a way that, paradoxically, reminded Brianna of when she allowed herself to be bound by her lovers. A release of mind and body that was truly impossible to explain to someone who had not experienced it for themselves. The blue-haired girl liked to swim for the company it allowed her, and Sofia enjoyed the water as a way to escape the heat, but for Roxanna? Swimming almost seemed like a return home for the olive-skinned woman, a sublime and deeply fulfilling experience that touched something within her on an intensely personal level.

Those musings were cut short, however, when Roxanna suddenly spun in the water to playfully splash the blue-haired girl in the face, “What is the matter, korítsi? I thought you were going to swim with me?”

Shrieking in surprise, and trying in vain to shield her eyes, Brianna’s lips twitched with the beginnings of a smile even as she tried to glare before diving after the woman. Laughing out loud, her mistress danced away from her attempts and the chase was on. In truth, the blue-haired girl never stood much of a chance. Even if she was in better shape than she had been a year ago, Roxanna was like a mermaid in the water, practically swimming circles around the younger girl as they splashed and dived and chased each other for what felt like hours. Eventually, though, the game reached its end when Brianna lunged to try and catch her mistress off guard only for the woman to slip around her effortlessly. Having over-extended herself in the process, the blue-haired girl tried to spin around when a pair of arms circled her her waist and pulled her tight, pinning her body against Roxana’s graceful frame, the olive-skinned woman’s gentle kicking keeping them both afloat as her hands and the silky soft material of her swimsuit teased the blue-haired girl’s delicate skin.

“A valiant attempt, korítsi.” she whispered before placing a kiss behind the girl’s ear, “but the game is mine.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna agreed quietly with a tiny smile, “I’m at your mercy.”

“Indeed you are, korítsi.” Roxanna agreed as she shifted a hand to cup one of the girl’s breasts while the other drifted between her legs, “Completely at my mercy.”

Brianna bit her lip and moaned, arching her back against Roxanna’s body as she felt the woman’s long, delicate fingers trace the edges of her pussy, the water having done absolutely nothing to cool the her ardor, voice reduced to little more than a hoarse whisper, “Please. Please let me cum, mistress.”

Soft lips pressed a series of delicate kisses along her neck before teeth nipped playfully at her ear and Roxanna’s free hand began to fondle the girl’s sensitive breasts, “And I thought I had exhausted you earlier.”

Moaning again, Brianna clenched her eyes shut as she felt a finger very nearly slide into her before teasing her aching clit in a maddeningly slow circle and flicking her piercing, “Please mistress! Please! I’ll do anything!”

“Anything, you say?” Roxanna mused as she pinched a hard and eager nipple, rolling it between thumb and forefinger and idly playing with the stud pierced through it as she did, “Then I want you to contain yourself for just a bit longer, korítsi.”

Whimpering, both at that command and at the feeling of the hand between her legs retreating, Brianna whimpered, “But, mistress...”

“Do not fret, korítsi.” Roxanna assured as she hugged the girl and planted a kiss in her damp hair, “Your patience will be rewarded soon enough, I promise.”

Shivering now, half from the coolness of the water and half from frustrated need, Brianna managed to turn just enough to wrap her arms around Roxanna's body, sighing ever so slightly in relief at the warmth of the other woman and allowing her hands to roam down that shapely back, the faint ridges of her scars standing in sharp contrast to her silky skin through the thin material of her swimsuit. For a moment they just stayed like that, the blue-haired girl resting her head against the older woman’s chest and reveling in the feeling of elegant curves pressed against her own more modest ones as delicate hands roaming over her back in nonsense patterns. Closing her eyes and enjoying the contrast of the cool water lapping against her body in gentle waves and the warm embrace enveloping her entire being, Brianna did not notice as they began to slowly drift back toward shore until her feet unexpectedly brushed against the lake’s sandy bottom. Blinking a few times in surprise, and squinting against the rapidly reddening rays of the sun as it began to dip below the trees, the blue-haired girl looked up into her mistress’s softly smiling face.

“Thank you for swimming with me, korítsi.” Roxanna murmured, the woman’s tone thick with emotions that betrayed just how much it had meant to her, before pressing a feather-soft kiss to the girl’s lips.

Smiling herself, Brianna adjusted her grip to get her legs back under her, “You’re welcome, mistress. It was a lot of fun.”

Bending down to offered another, slightly deeper, kiss, Roxanna idly brushed a few strands of damp hair out of the younger girl’s face, “I’m glad, but as much as I would like to stay with you like this forever, we should probably get some towels, yes?”

Suddenly aware of the chill breeze caressing her wet skin, Brianna shivered gain and nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Gently disentangling herself from the blue-haired girl’s limpet-like grip, Roxanna took her hand once more and slowly began to lead her slave onto the beach. Limp reasserting itself once she was out of the water, the olive-skinned woman still endeavored to move as quickly as possible, cutting across the warm sand in a few quick paces before carefully trudging through the grass and back toward the collection of picnic tables in the distance. As they approached it was obvious that Claudia was still thoroughly bound and gagged, but was no longer resting in Sofia’s lap. Instead, the girl was meandering about, clearly testing her limits and far more comfortable in her bonds than she had been, moving with a sort of grace that her earlier fumbling attempts had almost completely lacked. Sofia, by contrast, was carrying a small suitcase back from the car. Depositing her burden down on one of the tables, the blonde retrieved a pair of towels and casually walked forward to meet the pair halfway.

Taking one of the proffered towels with a grateful smile, Brianna immediately wrapped it around her shoulders like a cloak, “Thank you, mistress.”

“You are most welcome, devushka.” Sofia returned with a smile of her own before turning her attention to Roxanna, “I trust you enjoyed your swim, dorogoy?”

Roxanna nodded as she wound the other towel around her body, under her arms, sadly cutting off the view of that scandalously wonderful swimsuit, “It was most invigorating, stríngla.”

With a chuckle, Sofia slipped between the pair and snaked her arms around their waists, holding the two close as she joined them, “Wonderful. Now come along, we will need to make you both presentable again for dinner.”

Roxanna flashed a tiny, amused smile and Brianna felt herself laugh softly even as she leaned against Sofia’s body for those last few steps. Giving both of her lovers a kiss on the cheek when they arrived, the blonde broke away from the group to sit down again and guide Claudia back into her lap. The tattooed girl seemed to appreciate the gesture this time, nuzzling against the woman’s stomach as she stretched out and moaned softly as strong fingers began to stroke down her spine. Distracted by that sight, it was only a moment later when she realized that Roxanna had let her hair down and was drying it off that Brianna realized that she had just been standing there the whole time. Blushing a bit, she quickly toweled the last of the water from her body, rubbing her feet against the grass to knock off the majority of the sand, before taking her own hair down from the ponytail it was in and trying to get the water out. She hadn’t really thought about it before, but between the gag and that swim and the sweat she had worked up earlier she was definitely going to need another shower before the end of the day. Sadly there didn’t seem to be any such facilities handy here.

Watching her work, Sofia suddenly patted the spot next to her, “Why don’t you have a seat, devushka. I can fix your hair, if you like.”

Smiling, slightly amused by the fact that everyone seemed to want to play with her hair today, Brianna nonetheless nodded and folded her towel down on the bench to provide some cushioning before sitting, “Thank you, mistress.”

“You have such beautiful hair, devushka. How can I resist?” Sofia asked as she began to work, “And such a striking color.”

“It’s not real, mistress.” Brianna noted, somewhat sardonically.

“And what does that matter?” Sofia mused as she gently teased a tangle loose, “You choose it devushka, therefore it is yours.”

Rather liking that sentiment as she turned it over in her mind, Brianna just hummed vaguely in agreement even as she sighed in pleasure at the feeling of that soft brush stroking her scalp and teasing her hair back into some semblance of order. Watching as Roxanna tamed her own mane of richest mahogany while standing at the end of the table, the blue-haired girl could not help but smile. It would have seemed bizarre at best to an outside observer but, sitting here completely naked in a park with her girlfriend strapped up like a bondage pet and her mistress fixing her hair felt so wonderfully, surreally normal that Brianna almost had to laugh. She certainly lived an interesting life but, stealing another glance as Roxanna finished with her hair and set her own towel down, once more offering a glorious view of that perfect body, and peering at Sofia’s smiling face out of the corner of her eye, she knew that she wouldn’t trade it for anything. In the midst of that musing, Roxanna suddenly bent over in a way that had to be deliberate and opened the suitcase to pull a makeup bag free before sitting down herself and fishing out a hand mirror to inspect her face. Frowning softly at what she saw, the olive-skinned woman sighed and began to strip off her makeup to start from scratch. Something that Brianna realized she was probably going to have to do herself.

“Problems, dorogoy?” Sofia asked as she finished brushing Brianna’s bright blue hair into a silky, azure wave.

“I knew that swimming was a mistake with our plans for later.” Roxanna answered as she re-applied her foundation, “But the temptation was just too much.”

Remembering their lesson earlier this morning, Brianna suddenly interjected, “Could you maybe enhance the makeup somehow, so it doesn’t run or smear, mistress?”

Roxanna instantly paused, pursing her lips in thought before letting out a self-deprecating chuckle and flashing the girl a smile, “I had never even considered such a thing. An excellent idea, korítsi.”

“Who’s to say an old dog cannot learn new tricks, eh dorogoy?” Sofia asked with a chuckle of her own.

“I am not a dog, stríngla.” Roxanna commented, almost dryly.

“I do not know, dorogoy.” Sofia added with a sly smile, “Sometimes you can be a bitc...”

Hand whipping out to cover the blonde’s mouth, Roxanna shot her a glare though there was no real heat in it, “No more of that, stríngla.”

Holding up her hands in mock surrender, Sofia turned her attention back to Brianna, “Would you like me to put your hair back up, devushka?”

Brianna shook her head as she ran her fingers through her blue locks experimentally, somewhat stunned by how much the other woman had achieved with nothing but a brush, “No thank you, mistress. I think I’d like to leave it down.”

Reaching out to give the girl a brief hug, Sofia smiled, “I have always liked your hair down, devushka.

By that point Roxanna was just applying the last few touches to her face before she glanced at Brianna with a small smile, “I can fix your makeup as well, if you like korítsi.”

“Do you have anything to match my skin, mistress?” Brianna asked curiously, well aware of just how much lighter her tone was compared to the Mediterranean beauty sitting next to her.

Roxanna nodded with a tiny, almost sly smile, “It pays to be prepared for such things, korítsi.”

To that Brianna just nodded, well remembering all the times her mistresses seemed ready for just about anything, “Thank you, mistress. I would like that.”

“Then close your eyes.” Roxanna instructed, “And stay still.”

Dutifully closing her eyes, Brianna had to fight down giggles when she felt a soft bristled brush tickle her face and it was something of a struggle not to flinch when her mistress re-applied her eyeliner but she managed it regardless. Thankfully, given her relatively simple makeup, the process did not take that long and before she knew it the blue-haired girl felt her chin being lifted ever so slightly as her mistress applied a bit of lip gloss as a final touch.

“There we are.” Roxanna announced as she withdrew her hands, “Perfect.”

Eyes fluttering open, Brianna glanced up at her mistress’s smiling face before taking the offered hand mirror to check her expression, at once shocked at the fact that not a trace of her earlier exertions or her swim was visible on her face. Handing the mirror back almost mechanically, the blue-haired girl was nearly speechless, “That’s amazing, mistress.”

“Just practice, korítsi.” the older woman demurred as she began to pack her things away, “We really should get dressed though, it is getting late.”

Only now realizing that it was starting to get dark, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

At that, Sofia eased Claudia out of her lap and back to the ground, much to the tattooed girl’s displeasure, before standing herself and smiling down at the blue-haired girl, “Put your boots on, devushka. I will help you get dressed.”

Shooting the blonde a curious glance as she doubted she’d need any help to put on a sundress, Brianna nevertheless slowly nodded, “Thank you, mistress.”

Giving her feet one final inspection to ensure that she had knocked all the sand off now that her skin was dry, the blue-haired girl carefully slipped her boots on one at a time before adjusting and readjusting the numerous buckles. The entire process took perhaps ten minutes or so, but by the time Brianna at last climbed to her feet Roxanna had mostly finished dressing, the woman buttoning up her vest and putting her jewelry back on. As she was about to let Sofia know that she was ready, a hand suddenly fell on her shoulder and the blue-haired girl gasped when something hard and cold slid between her legs.

Leaning close to whisper in the trembling girl’s ear, voice breathy and oh so sensual, Sofia noted, “You said you would wear this for me if I asked, devushka.”

Realizing now that the object between her legs must have been the heart-based plug they had purchased earlier, Brianna moaned softly, “Yes, mistress. I did.”

Flashing a grin, for all that the blue-haired girl could not see it, Sofia slowly inserted the plug, encountering just a bit of resistance before Brianna forced herself to relax. Biting her lip to suppress another moan the blue-haired girl could not help but tremble, letting out a gasp as the plug finally seated itself deep within her body, the strangely shaped base not nearly as much of a problem as she had feared. It was big, but not unbearably so, and the pressure only seemed to make the dull heat throbbing in her pussy flare to life once again.

“Good girl.” Sofia practically breathed, her softly accented voice making the girl shiver, “But I think we need something else.”

Glancing back at the blonde, Brianna was both surprised and not to see the woman hold up the harness once again. Smiling ever so softly, the blue-haired girl just nodded her head in acquiescence and held out her arms as she allowed herself to be strapped in again. Having been adjusted to fit her once already, it proved to be a relatively simple task though Brianna still shivered with delight as she felt that familiar web encase her body once more and could not stop herself from moaning when the crotch strap was pulled tight, shoving the plug even deeper into her body and pressing snugly against her throbbing sex. It was only then, after being given a moment to recover, that Roxanna approached with an appreciative smile and handed the girl a folded up bundle of blue cloth. Nodding as she quickly slipped the sundress into place, as Brianna tied the halter top behind her neck she could not help but note that the combination made the leather straps circling her breasts and running over her shoulders look like she was wearing some sort of high fashion bra rather than a bondage harness.

Running her strong, calloused hands up the girl's arms before taking her by the shoulders, Sofia smiled, “You look truly striking, devushka.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna returned with a smile and a faint blush.

“Indeed, korítsi.” Roxanna agreed, stepping around them, “Perhaps you should wear it more often.”

Honestly rather liking the look herself and wondering what other outfits the harness might go with, Brianna nodded, “I will, mistress.”

Patting her on the shoulder one last time, Sofia placed her hands on her hips and finally turned her attention to Claudia's bound form, “I suppose it is time we let you go as well, kotenok.”

“I don’t know, mistress.” Brianna interjected as she leaned around the blonde to smile at Claudia, “Maybe we can leave her like this?”

While the bound girl protested that vigorously though her gag Sofia’s eyes lit up, “An interesting idea, devushka. Very interesting.”

"Careful, stríngla.” Roxanna cautioned, crossing her arms over her chest with a hint of a smile on her face, “I somehow doubt they would let her in to the restaurant.”

“I’m sure we could get a doggy bag.” Brianna suggested, with faux innocence, a coy smile on her face and fighting down a laugh at Claudia’s glare.

Sofia laughed as a look of concern mixed with intense arousal suddenly flashed through the bound girl’s eyes as she clearly wondered if her lovers were serious before the blonde crouched down to carefully pull the massive gag from her mouth. Gasping as the ball came free, and letting out a shuddering moan as she was finally able to rest her jaw, Sofia softly stroked the girl’s hair as she recovered her composure.

“Are you alright, kotenok?” the blonde asked.

Claudia swallowed but managed a slight nod, “I could have sworn that thing was growing, mistress.”

“Too intense?” Sofia hazarded.

At that Claudia somewhat unexpectedly shook her head, “No, mistress. I just… I just need some practice.”

“So stubborn.” Sofia chuckled in honest amusement as she ruffled the girl’s hair playfully, “You truly are amazing, kotenok. Truly.”

Claudia smiled at the compliment but did not answer, instead she tentatively looked up at the woman and asked in a soft voice, tone suggesting that she didn’t know which answer she would prefer, “Are you... are you really going to leave me like this, mistress?”

“Sadly no, gatáki.” Roxanna answered as she crouched down on the girl’s other side, “As alluring as the possibility is, it would not be practical. Although…”

Noting that the olive-skinned woman's gaze had drifted to the tail still trailing behind Claudia’s prone form, Sofia grinned, “Ah, I believe I understand, dorogoy.”

Although the tattooed girl frowned in confusion at that, Sofia did not comment further, instead helping the girl sit back on her haunches again to begin unfastening the various buckles and belts that trapped her arms in place. Roxanna joined her a moment later, the two quickly freed Claudia’s upper body and the girl sighed gratefully, rolling her shoulders as she popped her neck and stretching to work out the cramps that were beginning to form. Her lower body proved to be a bit trickier, but it still took no more than perhaps five minutes before the tattooed girl was at last on her feet, legs a bit wobbly as she adjusted but smoothing out quickly when she took a few tentative steps. Instinctively stepping up to help steady the slightly shorter girl, Brianna smiled faintly in encouragement as Sofia plucked the toy ears from her head and began to pack away her bitchsuit. In the midst of that Roxanna stood and picked up a bundle of folded clothes from the table to hand them over.

“Thank you, mistress.” Claudia whispered as she took the bundle, the look in her eyes conveying that it was not the only thing she was thankful for.

“You are most certainly welcome, gatáki.” Roxanna returned with a soft smile before reaching out to caress her hip, “Though there is one more thing.”

“What’s that, mistress?” Claudia asked, curiously, as she looked up at the woman.

“When you get dressed?” Roxanna began before a teasing half smile curled her lips, “Leave the tail.”

Although a soft blush colored Claudia’s features as she realized that, in a skirt, the tail would be clearly visible to all, a smile slowly curled her lips as she bowed her head in agreement, “Yes, mistress.”

With a nod Roxanna pressed a kiss to the tattooed girl’s brow, “Good girl. When you are finished, please get in the car. We will join you shortly.”

“Yes, mistress.” Claudia acknowledged with a smile at that kiss.

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna mirrored with a smile of her own as Roxanna kissed her cheek in acknowledgment.

Brianna watched for a moment as her mistress stepped back to help Sofia pack before turning to Claudia who had already pulled on her t-shirt and was zipping up her skirt. Realizing that the girl didn’t need any help, the blue-haired girl instead walked over to where her companion had tossed her shoes and scooped them up. Handing them over just as Claudia finished tightening her belt, that tattooed girl nodded in thanks before slipping them on and bending over to tie the laces in an overly provocative pose that definitely had to be deliberate. Brianna could not help but smile as she watched the tattooed girl’s short skirt ride up to expose her tight but still well curved ass, the tail she was still wearing dangling between her legs. Blushing at the sight, even as she smiled at the display, this time Brianna could not help herself and she crept up behind the other girl to squeeze that alluring butt with both hands. Clearly having expected this, Claudia did not immediately react. Instead, still bent over, she rocked her hips ever so slightly and glanced over her shoulder with a coy smile.

“Having fun back there?” she teased.

Playing along, Brianna just smiled and squeezed a little more, “Yep.”

“You gonna stop?” the tattooed girl asked, smile never fading.

To that Brianna just shook her head, “Nope.”

They both broke out into giggles then and after a few more heartbeats of caressing the silky soft and pleasant pale skin beneath her palms, Brianna reluctantly withdrew her hands and helped the other girl up before risking a glance back at their mistresses. The two older women were watching them with varying degrees of amusement as Sofia put the last of their new toys away while Roxanna folded the towels, but neither chose to comment. In contrast, Claudia turned and waved at the women, which prompted Sofia to laugh and wave back as Roxanna shook her head in fond amusement. Smiling a little even as she blushed, the blue-haired girl wrapped an arm around her companion’s waist and began to guide her back to the car. It was honestly a short walk, shorter than she had noticed earlier in fact, and after opening the door and helping Claudia inside, laughing at the way the tattooed girl mock curtsied in thanks before climbing into the seat, Brianna circled the vehicle to climb in herself, practically throwing herself down as the day’s exertions finally began to catch up with her. A decision she immediately regretted as the sudden motion shoved the plug deep into her body and pulled the crotch strap almost painfully tight.

Head swiveling to the left when she heard the blue-haired girl cry out, Claudia was immediately at her side, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” Brianna managed, voice tight as she adjusted her position with a wince, “I just forgot you have to be careful sitting with a butt plug in.”

Claudia blinked once, then twice before breaking out in a giggling fit.

“It’s not funny.” Brianna insisted with a huff.

“It’s a little funny.” Claudia insisted, leaning over to hug the blue-haired girl while still struggling not to laugh, “Want me to kiss it and make it better?”

Although she was very much tempted to invite the tattooed girl to kiss her ass since she had offered, Brianna just sighed, calming down as the discomfort faded and leaned into the other girl’s touch, “I swear this crotch strap is going to drive me crazy.”

“You like it.” Claudia teased.

“I do.” Brianna admitted, just a hint of her blush returning, “What was it like? The suit, I mean.”

“Tight,” Claudia answered immediately, “confining, utterly humiliating.” a smile curled her thin lips as she thought about it, “Absolutely perfect.”

Blush deepening, Brianna nodded absently, “Yeah.”

“And you?” Claudia asked.

“It was... different.” Brianna decided at last, “But fuck do I want to do it again.”

It was Claudia’s turn to chuckle, understanding the sentiment perfectly, “Yeah.”

Relaxing into the slender girl’s embrace, Brianna let out another sigh and closed her eyes, only to jump in surprise when the trunk was suddenly slammed shut behind her. Looking at Claudia, who just grinned at her, the blue-haired girl sat up, carefully this time, just as Roxanna climbed into the front seat, with Sofia following a moment later. While the blonde was buckling herself in and getting her keys, the olive-skinned woman turned and smiled warmly at the two girls sitting in the back, Claudia’s arms still draped loosely over Brianna’s shoulders while the blue-haired girl blinked almost owlishly at her mistress.

“Well, now that we have all worked up an appetite I find myself feeling rather famished.” Roxanna began without prompting, “Does anyone else fancy some dinner?”

Realizing that she had not actually eaten since their late, and rather light, breakfast, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress. I would like that.”

“Sounds good, mistress.” Claudia agreed before asking, “Where are we going?”

“Come now, kotenok.” Sofia cut in as she started the car and glanced briefly over her shoulder to grin at the girl, “It was your idea.”

“Oh.” Claudia said, looking a bit abashed as realization suddenly dawned on her face, “I forgot about that.”

Sofia chuckled, but Roxanna offered a more sympathetic look, “No worries, gatáki. A great deal has happened since yesterday, after all.”

Claudia smiled at the woman, “Thank you, mistress.”

Racking her brain for a moment, casting her mind back to yesterday and trying to remember everything that had been said as the four of them had lain, sprawled out together on the couch and basking in the afterglow of being together again for the first time in weeks, Brianna suddenly looked up, “Pizza, right?”

“Indeed, devushka.” Sofia congratulated her, “Now, buckle in everyone, this should not take long.”

Nodding in agreement, and quickly fastening her seat belt, Brianna settled in as the car began to move, Sofia carefully backing out and turning around before throwing the vehicle in gear and taking off down the road once more. Glancing out the window and leaning back in her seat, the blue-haired girl watched the trees rush by, the scene looking remarkably different now that the sun was setting with vibrant colors quickly fading into drab greens and dark shadows as the last sliver of the sun disappeared over the horizon. By the time they finally emerged from the side roads back into the main city routes, night had fallen completely, casting the world in darkness save for the bright splashes of streetlights and the passing lamps of other vehicles. She could not say for certain how long they drove, the passing sights and almost soothing purr of the engine practically hypnotic as Brianna felt the fatigue of the day finally settle on her, slowly spreading now that she had the chance to rest. Just when she felt her eyelids begin to grow heavy, however, Claudia poked her gently in the arm. Snapping awake, and blinking rapidly to clear her eyes, Brianna sat up straight in her seat and glanced at the tattooed girl who shot her a concerned look. Glancing out the window against briefly, noting that the trees and scattered houses had given way to rows of restaurants, bars and cafes catering to the nightlight downtown, their bright lights and garish neon signs painting the world in impossible shades of light and shadow.

Reaching out to take the slender girl’s hand with a smile, Brianna shook her head slightly and squeezed, “I’m fine.”

“You sure?” Claudia asked softly, voice low, not wanting to alert their mistresses just yet.

“I’m sure.” Brianna confirmed, “Just not used to that much excess so late in the day. I’ll be sore in the morning, but that’s all.”

Claudia’s expression suddenly morphed, a teasing smile curling her thin lips, “Well, at least it’s not the first time that’s happened.”

Blinking once as she realized what the other girl meant, Brianna quickly covered her mouth with her free hand as she snickered, “You are the worst.”

Grinning now, Claudia enveloped the blue-haired girl in another hug, “That’s me alright.”

Their antics were enough to catch Roxanna’s attention, who leaned around the passenger seat to see what was going on, “Trouble, my dears?”

“No, mistress.” Brianna assured, “Just passing the time.”

Roxanna raised a single brow, before a tiny, impish grin curled the corner of her mouth, “Well, I am glad to see you still have so much energy then. We have another little surprise planned for the evening.”

That got Briana’s attention, “What sort of surprise, mistress?”

“It would not be much of a surprise then, would it, devushka?” Sofia interjected, turning her head just enough to flash a smile without taking her eyes off the road, “But do not fret, we seem to have arrived.”

Still enveloped in Claudia’s embrace, the blue-haired girl ducked down just enough to look out the front windshield as Sofia maneuvered the car into a parking spot near a modest looking brick building with a simple red neon sign over the front door that clearly read, ‘Gianinni’s Pizzeria Napoli.’ Grinning, curiosity reignited by the mention of a surprise waiting for them and wondering what it could possibly be, Brianna found that all traces of her previous exhaustion faded in an instant. Clearly taken in by her enthusiasm, Claudia tightened her embrace ever so slightly and kissed the blue-haired girl on the cheek before pulling back and unbuckling herself. Brianna quickly followed suit as Sofia finished parking the car, practically quivering in her seat as she waited for their mistresses to climb out. A moment later when Sofia opened the back door for her and offered a hand with a grin, the blue-haired girl smiled broadly at her and gratefully accepted. As soon as she stepped out into the night air, the sounds of the city washing over her, Brianna’s smile only widened as Roxanna and Claudia joined them, the four briefly indulging in a group hug before they took off, arm in arm, down the sidewalk. As they ducked across the street to approach the building, heels clicking loudly on the concrete, they passed a few people here and there, traveling alone or in groups but this late the crowds were thin, most night owls having moved on to more… interesting entertainments. Despite a few curious looks, and appreciative glances, the blue-haired girl paid them no mind as they finally reached their destination, the pizzeria’s door of smoky glass and black steel looming before them, revealing not a hint of what lay inside. However, as they neared their goal Brianna suddenly noticed a figure leaning against the brick just beyond the entrance. Of course, that would hardly have been noteworthy either until the figure pushed away from the wall and stepped out of the shadows.

Breath freezing in her throat, almost unable to believe what she was seeing, Brianna’s eyes were instantly drawn to the figure’s dusky tanned skin and strange, reddish brown hair shaved close on the left side and combed into a wild wave on the right, a braid running down the part. Clad in a tight leather vest and matching shorts, fishnet tights underneath and studded bracers around her wrists the woman offered a wolfish smile, showing off prominent canine teeth, her golden brown eyes flashing almost amber in the neon light.

“Hey, pretty girl.” Kiera Brennan drawled, her voice rich but almost incongruously ordinary compared to her appearance, “Been awhile.”


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