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by bentbliss

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Part 19. An Unworthy Turn

Emma was returning to the suite after dinner, some of the other guests greeted her along the way. She was still sore and tired from her earlier activities. Her evening was just beginning so she needed to suck it up. She got what she asked for even with the twists involved. 

Emma could hear a bit of yelling as there must be some commotion nearby in her mind. A few people came around the corner and hurriedly passed her. Emma soon reached the corner and turned down the corridor towards the suite. Further down the corridor and heading in her direction was a man dragging what looked like a woman by her hair.

Emma wasn’t sure what to think. People have many kinks and fantasies. If this was consensual, it is fine. To each their own. Hell, it just may be a bit of roleplay. The guy's demeanor just felt aggressive, violent, and ready to erupt. That left Emma momentarily frozen as she couldn’t figure out the situation. Is it some consensual fun or is it a real problem?

He had been yelling at her as she struggled to walk with the angle he held her head. At one point she even tripped and he marched along forcing her to try to keep up. She had cried out but didn't really resist much.

“Where is the bitch with the key? I'm losing my patience as I should be balls deep using you like the whore you are as well as your maid. Tell me where she is.”

Emma watched the woman's head get yanked, causing her to lose balance again as she cried out, “I don't know.”

Emma figured out who the woman was when she spoke. She growled mostly at the guy as she asked, “Is this supposed to be some form of role-play?”

He looked at Emma and snarled, “Who the fuck are you?”

His beady eyes snapped to Emma when she spoke. Though Emma barely noticed them with his grotesquely twisted nose. His buzzed reddish blonde hair matched his goatee. He wasn't a massive man in size but he was quite stocky.

Emma looked down at Unworthy who was currently on her knees as the thug still had a full grip of hair.

“Is it?”

Tears streaked her face as she answered, “Please, you need to leave now. Trust me, you don't want to get involved.”

“I am talking to you. Who are you besides some ugly fat whore in my way?”

Unworthy whimpered as he pulled on her hair. Emma could see the fear in her face.

Emma looked up towards the man even though he was actually shorter than her and replied, “From what I have gathered, I am the bitch you are looking for.”

“Finally. Give me the key,” he demanded as he tried to drag Unworthy closer to Emma.

Whether by bravery or stubbornness, Emma stood her ground, “No. I wouldn't ever give you the key nor return it with you around. I don't consent to any of this. So why don't you fuck off.”

He growled and Unworthy shouted, “Run!”

Running in her current heels wasn’t really an option but she didn't intend to leave yet.

The man slapped Unworthy across the face hard enough that Emma could instantly see a red mark. As Unworthy cried out in pain, Emma herself was seeing red as she started to feel her own rage. She even managed to take a step forward as he spoke again.

“Looks like I need to teach you both a lesson. Starting with breaking your jaws since neither of you know when to keep quiet. Then I am going to skull fuck both of you until I get the key. Then I will take what is mine from all of you including the maid. 

Consent means nothing except for the weak. You will learn…”

Another voice interrupted as it came from the other end of the corridor, “I suggest you go back to your room and leave my staff and guests alone. If I find out you ignore consent again, I will throw you overboard. There will be no other warnings.”

Emma’s field of vision in the narrow corridor was not as clear but she knew the voice. There was a certain amount of relief that she was here.

The man turned back towards Miss Keys and responded, “I don't answer to you, old hag.”

With him turning, Emma got a clearer picture and Miss Keys wasn’t alone.

“Yuri, you will do as she says,” said the man next to Miss Keys. 

“Boss. I thought…”

“I don't pay you to think. I pay you to do as you're told.”

There was a brief moment that Miss Keys and Unworthy made eye contact and a nod from Unworthy. 

“I think it's time for this to end. What will it take for this to be over?” Miss Keys asked. 

“All of it, including her.”

There was a brief pause before Miss Keys replied, “She and the others she brought are part of my long term plans. We can negotiate in private after we resolve the immediate issue. I want him to let her go and leave anyone who doesn't consent alone. I am serious that I will throw anyone who violates the core rules you were all given overboard.”

“If any of them break the rules again, I will personally throw them overboard after I invite you to witness it. Let’s get this finished. The sooner it's done the sooner we will leave this ship. Once we are gone, so is her protection.”

The man started talking to Yuri in another language. After a brief back and forth, Yuri let go after a growl and walked away.

Unworthy yelped as she lost balance and crumpled to the ground. Emma moved forward to the sobbing woman on the floor. Almost instinctively, Emma covered up Unworthy as if shielding her with her body despite the threat seemingly over. Her adrenaline had kicked in during the confrontation temporarily negating her aches and fatigue.

She was holding what was essentially a naked woman with only a chastity belt as Miss Keys called out to her, “Emma, I know this isn't what you had planned. Can you look after her for a bit while I take care of this. If you need something, send a message and someone will take care of it.”

Emma acknowledged her and received a thank you in response. Soon the corridor was empty but for the two of them. Emma asked Unworthy if she was okay and eventually the two of them made their way to the suite.

The two of them were sitting on one of the couches while Dolly was preparing drinks for them. Unworthy was still naked besides the belt curled up next to Emma. Emma stroked her hair as her other arm was slung around her body in an attempt to console her. They sat in silence for minutes and the sobbing ended at some point.

Emma found herself looking at Dolly who had returned with their untouched drinks a bit ago. She stood there holding a tray with the drinks, waiting for further commands. The towering doll still encased in what sounded like her permanent suit. The towering heels of her boots only added to her imposing height. Her ridiculous globes for breasts and her incredibly narrow waist enhanced her fantasy doll-like features. Her painted face dehumanized her further. 

Emma couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like. She remembered most of what Miss Keys told her but she was curious if there was more. Thoughts of being trapped in a suit with her mind also trapped or potentially erased. An object, no longer human. Something to be used and maybe discarded in time. No hope of regaining her humanity. Emma shuddered in a mixture of emotions. There were many different ways she could end up in a situation like that if she wasn’t careful. A small part of her tingled in anticipation and hope. Becoming a permanent doll wasn’t at the top of her fantasies but Dolly was also constantly electrocuted when touched. That excited Emma more so at the thought, especially since the intensity ramped up when sexually used. There was a small hint of jealousy towards Dolly but Emma didn’t get a chance to dwell on it at the moment. 

“Thank you. Though I am still angry with you.”

Emma was a bit confused by the statement but continued to stroke Unworthy’s hair thinking of how to respond.

“You don’t have to take care of me or continue being nice. I don’t deserve any of that since I put you and others in danger. I had hoped we didn’t run into you. I purposely was vague when I told you to run. I didn’t want anyone involved, especially you. So I am a bit upset that you didn’t listen as I was trying to protect you.”

Emma decided to respond, “When I realized it wasn’t some roleplay, I wasn’t leaving. Though it was confusing when you said trust me though you said before that I should never trust you.”

She pulled away and her face slightly twisted in frustration, “I know but I also told you that while on the cruise, my priority is the safety and welfare of the guests. It's my fault. I should have ended this sooner. Then you and others wouldn't have been in danger. I didn’t expect we would run into you before security arrived. 

In any case, I still may end up going back with them depending on how things work out. Despite the frustration and losing my mind being so horny, I didn’t want it to end. I have been chasing something I had no right to even if the chances were basically zero. I had gotten so used to just taking what I wanted. It was cathartic to give up the control and have my choice limited at least as far as getting the belt off and enjoying my usual pleasure. At the very least it was a sideshow that I couldn't try in the real world without severe repercussions. 

I thank you for this experience and your willingness to allow me a chance to not be me for a bit.”

Emma frowned as she responded, “Are you ending this?”

Unworthy sighed, “Even if I am lucky and somehow worth what it will cost not to be enslaved by them, I am struggling to handle doing my job. I have no idea what my future holds, just like Princess and a few others I brought. In any case I will be indebted to her. I have no idea what that will entail, still assuming I don’t end up with them. As it was these past few days I was given more time to do things likely because it was with you. It is likely for the best to move on and you can focus on the others.”

“Is that what you want?”

“No. But I told you the other day, I am a coward. You put me in a place I deserve while still respecting my limits and pushing them slowly. It was far more enjoyable and entertaining than it had any right to be even if it was also challenging. I'm too horny and desperate to be thinking clearly without the rest of everything happening. If I was at home, things would be much different.”

Emma curiously asked, “What was it like and what did you do to relax?”

She went through many of the things she liked to do. Even added stories about various interactions with Ophelia. None of it was really out there and considerably tame when compared to Emma’s usual standards. It did get Emma thinking.

“While we don’t know what will happen and we likely have time, how about we try a bit of roleplay. We can start with me being one of your maids you use for stress relief. But understand it will end how I decide and with you back in your proper place. It may be your only chance now and no doubt you're curious. You even get the belt off which it seems is an issue,” Emma said while finishing with a sly smile.

“You don’t have to. I'm already taking up your time and messing with your plans.”

The banter went on a little bit more, Emma eventually got Unworthy to agree. They worked out loose plans starting with where it would take place. The suite wasn’t a good option with the potential interruptions, especially from Princess. Emma insisted Unworthy be escorted back to her room for safety. 

While they waited for security to arrive, Unworthy and Dolly helped Emma get dressed in her maid uniform. Really it didn’t take much work except the seamed stockings. Unworthy was a stickler for them being straight as much as Princess. 

They were fluffing Emma’s petticoats when security arrived. Emma handed over the key, “While I can't stop you, I'm hoping you will wait for your maid to perform her duties in pleasuring you instead of yourself. I have an errand to run and that should give you enough time to prepare. Now is there anything else I can do to serve you Mistress before you leave or before I return to your residence?”

“You have an hour to make it to my quarters whether I am ready or not. I also expect you to curtsy me when you enter and exit my presence or when I enter or exit.”

Emma performed her curtsy for her now robe clad mistress. She was still naked but belted underneath. It was kind of unfortunate that she covered up as Emma had no problems admiring her temporary Mistress’s body.

“As you desire, Mistress,” Emma added as her barefoot Mistress turned to head out.

She turned back to Emma before she exited, “Your form is quite lacking and I demand perfection. It takes years of training to get to where you need to be. You have about an hour to figure it out.”

Emma’s eyes widened but she wasn’t sure what the consequences of threat entailed. Her Mistress was still looking at her with a cold, impassive face. Emma didn’t have time to contemplate as she tried to sync into her role. With another curtsy, she responded, “Yes Mistress.”

With her gone now, Emma turned to the only other person or more accurately doll, “Is there anything you need?” She shook her head, leading Emma to ask, “I know it's not ideal again but would you like me to serve you for a few minutes before I head out?”

There was an affirmative response along with Dolly moving faster than Emma believed she could. Large rubber hands grasped the sides of Emma’s head and before she had time to react, her face was smashed into the massive rubber breasts. Moments later she was able to take a breath as her head was shifted. 

Her mouth eventually covered a rubber protrusion. Her head pressed further against the globe-like breast. Emma took the hint and began to suck the rubber nipple of Dolly. She wondered if this was a coincidence or if Dolly knew she wanted to try this.

Emma was lost in her own world even to barely notice that she had physically been manipulated and moved to the other nipple. It wasn't until the rubber hands on her head forced her down to her knees and she was facing Dolly's rubber pussy. She once again wasn’t given much time to react as the strong rubber hands pulled her forward. Expectations were obvious as Emma stuck her tongue out and worked the rubber pussy like it was the real thing.

She found herself so engrossed that she was startled by the voice that came from behind her, “It seems you have figured out your true place in the hierarchy here, my unicorn.”

Dolly hadn't let go of her head so Emma didn’t have much in the way of options but to grunt as she pleasured the doll towering over her.

“If I had my way, Dolly would be mine as well as you. She not only fucked me and my guest thoroughly last night, she slept in my bed cuddling me last night. A doll above the mighty Unicorn. Oh how you have fallen. One might say you are currently on level with Unworthy. You have so much to prove to me. There is only one way you can even move up at this point which means there is no chance at all. But don’t fret, I have no intention of giving up on you despite your lowly status now. Starting tomorrow my new position will likely give me more time with you.

But we will worry about that for tomorrow. I understand you are expected in less than an hour now. You will have a tough time making it on time. Dolly, release her.”

Emma removed her mouth from the rubber pussy, licking her lips to get some moisture as she asked, “I know it would be hard but I should still have time.”

There was a smirk on Princess’ face before she spoke, “Possibly if it was just the one. You have two to auction off this evening. That is why I am here.”

Emma was confused as she was still on her knees looking up at Princess. 

With another smirk, Princess added, “After hearing your plans, I talked to our pet. She agreed to be auctioned as long as we were both her co owners and at least one of us was there to sell her. I decided both of us should be there, that is why I am here. So it will take longer and I am interested to find out what punishment your tardiness garners.”

“Should I be concerned?”

Princess shrugged and said, “Let’s go.”

As the two of them dressed as maids made their way across the ship and down multiple decks, Emma asked, “Not going to tell me what punishments I am likely to receive when I am late?”

“Truthfully I don’t know as the normal ones are irrelevant. Since we are not at the brothel, you won't be forced to take the worst clients. That alone kept most in line. She wasn’t big on physical punishment which doesn't work on you anyway. Plus we needed to be in top shape so there was no value to potentially do physical damage. She might give a light spanking which might be torture for you as it's not likely enough for it to be foreplay for you. So your guess is as good as mine as to what she would do because she no longer has her normal threats available.”

“You're probably just excited to see what she will do to me.”

“Yet I don’t know what you intend to do to her after.”

Emma turned and smiled at her saying nothing.

They eventually arrived at the Auction House as it was called. The place seemed to be broken up into sections. One section was displaying the merchandise, inanimate or otherwise. That was where Brenda and Kit were currently being displayed. There was a stage area, a storage area, some private rooms, and likely others. First though, there was a registration and payment area and that seemed their initial destination.

With things complete, Emma and Princess were brought on stage with Kit, fully naked, following as she was escorted by the house guards. A number of questions were asked before the auction officially began. Terms of length and Kit's limits were reaffirmed. The bidding swiftly began. There were bids from people in the crowd but also through the ships network whether from the private rooms in the auction house or people's regular rooms. There was a channel to watch and participate in the public auctions from a guest's rooms.

“Sold until zero seven hundred hours tomorrow morning. Next auction will be held momentarily.”

With the Kit's auction over and waiting verification and finalization, Princess and Kit were moved off stage. As they left, Emma was bombarded with questions. As everyone was talking over one another. Brenda was brought up and Emma waited as the announcer quieted everyone down.

Emma took a quick moment to respond to a couple things, “I am not here to be auctioned off tonight. It is something I am considering and may do before the end of the cruise. I have a lot of options and choices to make with more opportunities popping up daily. I can only say it is not happening in the next few days if it does. I expect it will be announced once I decide to.

As to why I am dressed and what I am doing is a private affair. If it hasn't been put on the schedule or announced yet, I will be a part of another public demonstration tomorrow afternoon sometime. It will likely be similar to a couple days ago as Janice and I will be putting each other through some of her devices again. I imagine there will be volunteers again but we shall see. Slut here,” Emma pointed to Brenda, “will be available for use as she has agreed to me pimping her out. That is why we are here tonight. I have no doubt there are more questions but there will be time set aside for me to answer plenty in the next few days. So please be patient.”

The auction for Brenda started shortly after. Emma offered details for the auction. Then it went swiftly before Emma and Brenda were escorted to the back and reunited with Princess and Kit. They chatted as they waited for the finalization of payment and pick up. It didn’t take long but still more time than Emma was supposed to have. 

Kit's buyer showed up with a couple others. Apparently they were in one of the private rooms during the auction. 

The platinum blonde that stood before them in her bright mini-dress caught Emma’s attention. Nothing about her beyond her hair and dress initially caught her attention. Her jewelry was throwing off something else besides an excess of wealth but Emma didn’t immediately put together what it meant. 

She held out her hand though not to be shaken as she introduced herself, “I am Lady Christina.”

She continued holding her hand limply out. After a brief pause, she smirked and said, “I thought all the help knew how to treat their superiors.”

Emma frowned but the woman just burst out laughing as she withdrew her hand.

“Sorry, the look on your face was worth it. You can call me Tina. But really this isn’t about me. My baby has been good and I wanted to reward him with a playdate.”

As they were introduced to baby Timmy, Emma remembered. Tina and Timmy were the two she first saw when she arrived in the Uber before the start of the cruise. He was wearing a light green onesie with matching mittens and booties. The bulge of a large diaper was apparent beneath the onesie. A large pacifier was in his mouth with multiple straps around his head holding it in place. 

“Your pet is so cute and perfect, I knew she would fit to be my Little Timmy's playdate. We'll be getting you outfitted when we leave. A lovely onesie to cover your diaper and matching mittens and booties. We also need to get a pacifier harness as babies don't talk and like sucking on things for comfort. It will be so adorable. Don’t you think so, Nanny?”

“Yes Lady Christina. She is quite adorable.”

Tina took to introducing Nanny, “Nanny has been hired to take care of the children tonight so mommy can get some quality adult time without worrying about her baby. She will monitor their playdate and ensure they are snugly secure in their cribs at bedtime. If they have any accidents or get hungry, Nanny will take care of them.”

Tina grabbed one of Nanny’s massive breasts as she added, “She produces more than enough milk for multiple babies. And the baby girl will be fed before she is released in the morning.”

Emma looked at Kit whose eyes looked like a deer in the headlights. Emma asked her if she was okay. After a brief discussion between the two and Princess, everything seemed settled. Emma was soon watching her pet leave to be a baby for the evening.

Emma was still waiting for Brenda's buyer. There was a bit of small talk with Princess before she needed to head back to her final maid duties. Once again her septum ring was used as a handle to pull her into a kiss. The soon to be former maid once again sashayed catching Emma’s attention. Her petticoats and skirt hypnotically swayed drawing Emma’s full attention even as she looked back knowing the effect she had.

Emma found herself heading back to Unworthy’s room. There wasn’t much with Brenda's pickup. A few minor questions and the unexpected choice of the guest not wanting her belt removed. The shy school girl promised to make her clients happy thus pleasing her pimp. Emma inwardly had been smiling as Brenda seemed happy with their arrangement and living out her fantasies. 

Emma eventually found herself in front of a door. A bit of nervous anxiety and excitement coursed through her. She tried straightening out her uniform as she waited. Thoughts raced through her mind.

The door opened and the silk robed woman expressed her displeasure, “You're late.”

Emma went to speak but was interrupted, “I don't accept any excuses, maid. You serve me and the paying clients.” She looked over Emma and added, “You continue to fail in your duties. Curtsy.”

Emma was nearly kicking herself as she forgot about the curtsy. She dutifully grabbed the hem of her skirt and performed a curtsy.

Emma was shocked when her Mistress raised her voice and shouted, “What was that? Do it again and do it correctly.”

Emma blushed at the admonishment and found herself performing another curtsy.

It apparently wasn’t good enough as Emma was required to do it over and over. She hadn't even been let in yet as she stood in the corridor outside of a suite. She received various instructions for improvements and had no idea how many times she had to perform what she had assumed was a simple task. Thankfully it was a corridor with minimal traffic but a few people passed through to witness the scene. It was a bit humiliating to Emma but her tardiness at the very least seemed enough of a justification in her own mind.

“You are gauche and unrefined… utterly inelegant even for the dregs of my establishment. I had expected better even if Princess hadn't taught you yet. You have seen her enough. Her movements. Her touch. Everything about her for nearly her whole life has been conditioned to please others. Everyone goes through extensive training but they don't serve me as long as she did. You unfortunately don't have the same amount of time. If you do not improve your performance to an acceptable level quickly, you will find yourself in the glory hole chained up and pleasing those of your lowly station instead of me. Or maybe I will sell you off at the Auction House tonight. I have little patience for underperforming maids and whores,” she finished with a sneer.

“I'm sorry Mistress,” Emma responded while practicing another curtsy.

She moved out of the doorway for Emma as she commanded, “Get in here. You wasted enough time already and I have waited days to be properly pleasured again.”

Emma performed another curtsy before entering the room. What she saw gave Emma a sense of sophistication and regalness. It fit more of their first meeting when she met her as Queen Victoria. The rich colors throughout, whether it was the furniture, the rugs, or even the tapestries. The suite had a mixed sense of old nobility and modern luxury. Emma nearly snorted at what appeared to be a throne in one section of the room.

“Glad you find it amusing, maid,” she said as she walked over to the throne. 

“Should I be calling you your highness or some other regal title?” Emma quipped.

She stood with her back to Emma as she responded, “Watch your tongue as it will soon be busy but any more insolence and I will find other manners to silence you. You will continue to respect me and call me Mistress. Now remove my robe and proceed to tighten my corset. You are aware how I like it. Your tardiness has robbed me of a proper fit.”

“I once again apologize, Mistress. I am gladly here to serve you in any way,” Emma said as she finished with a smile.

“We shall see as you have much to prove. Now, enough chatter and get to work.”

Emma decided to continue playing along and sink further into her submissive mode.

She removed the silk robe and hung it up as instructed before returning to her real task. 

A small bit of envy crept up again at the amazing body that stood before her. The dark purple corset encased her body from chest to hips. There was a bit of a gap of exposed flesh between the laces. Her tiny waist was about to get even smaller as Emma’s job was to fully close the corset. She got to work starting with the center laces in the middle. Emma quietly worked as she pulled the laces slowly removing the sight of the flesh between the laces while eliciting a few grunts from her Mistress. Eventually her hard work paid off and the corset was fully closed. The laces tied off as Emma took another look at the wasp waist.

Her backside was enhanced by the corset. Though her heels also added to the drool worthy shape of her ass. The black seamed stockings held up by the garters connected to the corset further enhanced her beauty. Emma adjusted her Mistress’ hair so that it now covered the back of her neck and upper back. 

“I am done, Mistress. It is fully closed and looks amazing,” Emma announced. 

“You may have a modicum of value after all. Though far from enough to represent my establishment. It seems like you have much work ahead of you,” she said before turning and facing Emma.

If the sight of her Mistress’ backside wasn’t enough, her front was down right criminal. Her face must have said it all as her Mistress spoke with a smirk, “Once again, your face gives away how captivated you are with my body. It is quite unfortunate my competition was so fierce. You clearly desire it if not for my many shortcomings. I will take this little win where I can get it now that I am out of the running. You look ready to devour me. You will get your chance in moments as I have waited far too long for this.”

She sat down gracefully. The corset conformed to her body enhancing it in various ways. Her breasts seemed ready to pop out. The lower part of the corset helped emphasize the freshly bald pussy that dripped in anticipation after days of denial. 

Emma still had mixed feelings towards her even if she had been warming up as she got to know her better. There was no doubt she was physically beautiful even if much of it was surgically enhanced? Changed? She had no idea what she looked like before. The results were still mouthwatering especially when Emma compared her own body.

Emma had been pausing awaiting further instruction. The smirk on her Mistress’s face never left even as she spoke again, “As much as I love how you desire my body, it needs the attention of your tongue now. Well specifically one area.”

Mistress shook her head likely at Emma’s imperfect curtsy. Emma wasn’t going to get it right to her standards without an insane amount of practice. Something she didn’t have any time to do at that moment. Instead she dropped to her knees and leaned forward. Her tongue flitted against the moist if not wet lips. She elicited a moan from the nearly desperate woman. 

Emma got an idea and stuck her tongue out more. She began lapping the length of the pussy in front of her. Sometimes she went slow and other times in short quick bursts. After the initial gasp, plenty of moans followed.

“You really are unrefined. Barely adept as an animal. It is clearly the proper representation of your level in skill and your station in society. But that is not how you treat someone of my caliber. I will not tolerate any more disrespect. You need…”

Emma was internally giddy in her own thoughts and shoved one of her fingers in her Mistress’s wet hole, interrupting her. The heavy breathing increased as cries of joy escaped as Emma fingered her. Emma even moved up and used her mouth and tongue on her clit not giving any respite as her finger worked furiously. Moments later Emma heard the screams while the vaginal walls tried to squeeze at her finger. Emma didn’t stop or slow down as she tried pushing her further through her orgasmic bliss towards another.

Eventually hands reached down and pushed Emma away from the clit she was latched onto. She momentarily tried to resist but an authoritative voice boomed, “ENOUGH! You will obey or I will take more drastic measures. I won’t hurt you like she would. We all know you desire it. There are plenty of other options. Taking you to Zell's as he has many jobs and unsavory things available is a viable option. I haven’t forgotten how some Goddess had me used as a cumdump receptacle. But that is nothing compared to some of the other options people usually don't want to be a part of. So behave or things will end up not how you planned. 

You need extensive training, starting with the basics of how to pleasure a woman.”

Emma went to speak but was cut off and warned.

“You got away due to my own lack of self control after days of denial. It won’t happen again and I deserve and expect to be properly cared for and pampered by my maids.”

More instructions came as Emma found herself performing the first steps of training to please a woman orally. She was harsh in her training and commanded respect at all times. When necessary she used her hands or her body to guide Emma. While she wasn’t out to hurt Emma, she used a hairbrush to swat Emma’s backside at Emma’s mistakes.

After more training and another orgasm, Emma was commanded to stand up and lay over her Mistress’ lap.

“I'm still unhappy with your disrespect towards me,” she said as she brought the hairbrush down across Emma’s ample ass. 

“Your job is to please me and the clients at all times,” as she spanked Emma with the brush again.

“Your pleasure is irrelevant unless we command otherwise,” as she was hit again.

“Tardiness is…,” as the rant and spanking went on for a while. To Emma it wasn’t much as she endured worse, even desiring it to be more physical. She played along to satisfy her Mistress who clearly was still hurting and needed to vent a bit. There was little doubt her ass would be red but the discomfort would quickly fade.

Emma was ordered to stand up. As she looked down on the beautiful woman in front of her, she noticed the exposed pussy was glistening. Emma knew her Mistress was turned on but so was Emma.

“Your lack of self esteem is an issue. My maids and whores need to exude confidence and sexiness. Make themselves the most desirable in the room. You have seen what it is like. Now it's time you start to.”

Emma found herself standing on the other side of the room and commanded to walk towards her one foot in front of the other.

“When you are in your domme mode you instinctually exude and command everyone to look at you. That is good. But you fail to attract attention properly otherwise. That is good and bad. It's good when there is no reason to notice you. But when you are trying to attract clients, it is horrible. Your biggest issue is in your head.”

Her form and gait were corrected multiple times as she had to practice her walk.

“You are a beautiful woman yourself with assets many would kill for. It is time you used them fully to your advantage. You don’t need to look like someone else. You will be the Goddess you let out at times only more sophisticated with more grace and oozing sexiness.”

The hairbrush came back out to help correct her walk including her posture. She had no problem laying into the critique and correcting Emma of any deficiencies. She's as much of a taskmaster as Princess. It was easy to see where the former maid learned her skills as a maid and an instructor. 

As Emma’s training went on, she was required to repeat her beginning mantra over and over, “I am beautiful. I am sexy. I command the room. My body and mind will draw them in.”

Her mind and body were being conditioned. Emma found the focus on her posture did change how she moved. She wondered if she was getting closer to the other maids in skill. At the very least she took this seriously and worked hard. 

“It's unfortunate I don’t have time to fully train you. You have no idea your potential including how much you would have made me even in your unrefined state. You have more than you give yourself credit for. Maybe Princess will continue your training.

But now I plan to get fucked. I need something inside of me and you worked hard so I will give you an opportunity to please me again.”

Emma ended up with a moderate sized dildo attached to the harness she put on. Her Mistress was lying on her bed waiting. Emma didn’t waste time as she climbed up and spread the waiting legs. Lube definitely wouldn't be an issue with how wet her target was. She slowly pressed the silicone phallus and watched it disappear between the folds. A lovely moan escaped as Emma pushed in further. 

Emma grabbed one of the stocking clad ankles and pulled it to her so the back of her leg rested against Emma and partially hung over her shoulder. She set a slow rhythmic pace as she stared in the blue eyes of the woman below. 

Emma wasn’t sure what the future held for either of them. She wouldn't deny her beauty and be thankful to at least get this experience with her no matter her muddled thoughts about her overall. 

“Oh, I have missed this feeling so much even if it's only been a couple of days.”

Emma didn’t verbally respond. Instead she picked up the pace while also sinking each stroke deeper. 

She kept the pace for a bit before another command was directed at her, “I need to be fucked well. I am looking forward to another orgasm with you deep in me. Give it to me faster, harder.”

Emma thrusted deep, getting a squeal before grabbing the other ankle and pulling her Mistress’ leg up like the other. She then started thrusting deeper and harder. She didn’t bother to slow down as she listened to the heavy breathing and moans with the occasional squeals. Emma waited until she was sure her Mistress was close and pulled out.

Emma heard the shocked comments as she pushed the woman's legs away towards the sides, “What are you doing? I was so close. Stick it back in and finish me.”

Emma had a smirk on her face as she responded, “You sound more like the cheap whore you are than the refined lady you pretend to be.” She gasped at Emma’s comment momentarily interrupting. “Now roll over on to all fours so I can fuck your ass like the bitch you are.”

“No maid gets to treat me like that. You….”

Emma covered her mouth while quickly responding, “As enlightening and interesting as being your maid, you’re being put back in your proper place. You should be thankful for the temporary step up of being a cheap whore.”

Emma removed her hand, as Unworthy responded to Emma, “Please let me cum. I can't through anal and I don’t much like anal.”

“You're here to please me. It's up to you to figure out how to enjoy and cum if I allow it. You have already had more orgasms than me so my sympathy is even lower for the lowest of all beings.”

Emma watched the blue eyes go wide with a bit of fear.

“I will be a kind Goddess and offer you two immediate paths. One you roll over on all fours like I told you to. Then beg me to fuck your ass like a cheap whore. If you satisfy me, we will finish as planned and you will likely have more orgasms. The second option is I lock your belt back on and you permanently take your place as my chaste worshiper no matter where your life goes after.”

“That… that is a terrible choice. Well the second one.”

“Then the choice is obvious. It's not like you haven’t had your ass fucked multiple times these past days. How many times have you had a goddess do it? Also you make it seem like being locked away is a terrible thing. Do you think less of me for it? It is hard as you know but we have barely scratched the surface of it.”

“I… I am sorry Goddess. I don’t…”

“Shush. Just enjoy what we have going. No it isn't easy as I intentionally push you. But that doesn't mean we both don't enjoy it. Let’s make the most of this. Now you will either beg me to take your ass or beg me to lock you away.”

Unworthy decided quickly to roll over and profusely beg for her Goddess to use her whorish ass. Emma had slapped her ass and had her further beg to prove she truly desired it. Reality was that it was the lesser of two evils. She wanted an orgasm but Emma was making Unworthy play her game first.

“If my worshiper so strongly desires to please me as she should, then I will be generous and let you push back onto my cock. I'm only so patient as you will find with most divinity before me, to crudely put it, shove it all the way in.”

Emma had lined up the strapon covered in Unworthy’s juices and waited for her to penetrate herself. Emma tried to calm her and get her to relax as she grunted as she pressed against the intruder. It took longer than Emma would have liked to just get the head to slip past her anal ring. Though progression was a bit faster after that, Emma thrust the final inch to slam it home. She found herself relishing the scream and got to work moving in and out.

At one point Unworthy tried to reach for her crotch and Emma reached to grab her wrist, pulling it over the back of the purple corset.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself,” Emma said as she used her other had to push Unworthy’s head down after plunging into her deeply. 

“I’m sorry Goddess. I am incredibly horny and would be a better whore for you if I can touch myself. It would enhance our experience.”

“You're just hoping to get off but I will allow you to touch yourself for now. But that isn't permission to orgasm.”

Unworthy let out a whimper as Emma held her down with one arm against her back and her ass in the air. She realized Emma wasn’t letting go and eventually moved her free hand between her legs. Emma assumed this was her offhand and would see how she did with it. Releasing her head while still pinning the one arm, Emma went back to taking her worshiper’s backside and hopefully whatever was left of her dignity. 

The panting of Unworthy steadily increased to the point she started begging, “Please Goddess may I cum?”

“I won’t dignify that with a proper answer as you are here to serve me. That doesn't mean you get to stop touching yourself. You begged for this.”

Unworthy cried out in frustration and played with herself as her ass took a pounding now. Emma spent plenty of time encouraging her to edge herself while motivating when she felt she wasn’t giving enough effort. Unworthy begged to orgasm numerous times again but Emma wasn’t giving in.

It reached a point that Unworthy cried out in further frustration, “I don’t think I can hold back anymore, Goddess.”

Emma slammed deep into forcing a screeching scream and grabbed the back of her hair pulling her head slightly up causing a whimper, “If that's all a cheap whore like you can take then stop touching yourself. This is about my pleasure anyway.”

Emma noticed a lack of movement from Unworthy figuring she was done touching. Emma went back to fucking the ass she was deep in.

“This is far more than you deserve. You should be thanking me for this privilege.”

Emma gave her a few more minutes of a sound railing and a couple of smacks to the toned ass before pulling out. She wasn’t about to let the sobbing whore relax much as she dragged her off the bed forcing her to clean Emma’s cock. When that was completed they got a collar and leash and Emma led Unworthy out to finish their evening.

As Emma led Unworthy she commented, “If my ass wasn’t ruined from earlier today, I might have allowed you the privilege to fuck mine. I'm far more desperate than you to orgasm and that would have been my best bet, punishment be damned. So what comes next will be tough for both of us as I would take your place in a heartbeat if I could just from my own frustration.

But also understand, I know things are in flux with you. This isn’t the end. We have another session to do. I plan to make it happen no matter what.”

They found themselves at the main door to Subspace Prison. Emma hit the button as neither of them had access to enter. They waited until a guard came to let them in. Emma used that time to look over her gorgeous first worshiper.

“Why are we here, Goddess?”

Emma chose not to respond and continued to wait.

The door opened with a smiling guard greeting them. She ushered them in, locking the door behind. There was no talking as they walked down the corridor with cells often containing sleeping inmates. The clicking of their heels echoed throughout.

Emma had caught a glimpse of the inmate known as one as they passed her cell. There was enough light to see her form under the covers of her larger than usual prison bed. Emma found herself remembering that she hadn't slept in an actual bed after the first night if she didn’t count her infirmary trips though only one was overnight, mostly.

Looking in other cells as they went by, those with people in them, Emma didn’t recognize. A few were in various states of bondage, most didn’t have anything noticeable.

Emma didn’t have a ton of time to truly inspect as she followed the guard past her cell and beta's box into her usual room. Unworthy followed as Emma still held her leash. 

Once inside the room, Emma got a better look at the guard. She was shorter than both Unworthy and her. Even if she was in heels instead of more appropriate boots for this type of work, she would still be shorter than Unworthy but likely not terribly so. Her dark chestnut colored hair was in a tight ponytail that swayed as she moved and complimented her olive skin. Her uniform covered what was likely a lithe body.

She introduced herself as Officer Hannah.

Emma asked, “Is that your last name?”

She was far less serious than Officer Graves at least in her facial expressions as she seemed to be smiling as she responded, “As you are Special Inmate epsilon or just epsilon in here, you will call me Officer Hannah.”

“As you wish, Officer Hannah. Was my request forwarded here as I had confirmation from earlier that this was allowed?”

Officer Hannah continued her smiling as she responded, “Yes epsilon, though I must request that I secure her for safety reasons. While it was not stated, it is my duty and watch. I therefore feel it necessary to ensure everyone's safety.”

Officer Hannah looked over to Unworthy and asked, “Are you going to resist?”

Emma smiled at herself as she spoke before Unworthy could respond, “I know you don’t like pain but I am not against you resisting and see what she would do to you.”

“Careful epsilon. I was told to let this play out but if you act aggressively towards me or the other guards, I will not hesitate to subdue you.”

Emma was more interested in finishing this scene as weariness from the day and lack of rest were catching up. She took a seat herself and let Officer Hannah do what needed to be done. 

Unworthy had been rather quiet and subdued since Emma took back over. Emma wasn’t sure if she was role-playing the part or if other issues, especially with her fate, were playing a part. Emma knew she struggled with her own issues often so she could understand the inner turmoil. But she knew that Unworthy would be quite busy soon and it wouldn't be at the front of her mind.

Unworthy was bent over the table facing Emma. Her wrists were secured to the table, spread out towards Emma’s side. Her ankles were secured to the legs of the table forcing her legs to be spread out. She was still in the body-conforming purple corset with her stockings connected to the garters. Even though she was still in heels, the backs didn’t touch the ground with the height and way she draped over the table. She only got enough for her toes inside the heels to feel the ground beneath her. Her most private parts were fully on display if anyone came from behind.

Unworthy had been face down but Emma lifted her head using her hair. There was a whine but Emma went forth in asking, “Are you still horny? You still want to orgasm? Well you may be in luck. The guards have been notified you are willing to be used. This includes the off duty ones. I imagine my cheap whore will be busy. Are you glad you got a temporary promotion today? I suggest you relax, enjoy and please your customers. You should know all about it after your years at the brothel. Remember this could very well be your last time to experience anyone inside your cunt again.”

Unworthy looked at Emma in horror followed by a sense of defeat and likely despair but said nothing. 

Emma let her go and Officer Hannah opened the door as the first male guard entered.

Emma watched and let things happen with Unworthy until she decided to change it up slightly. She was still in her maid uniform but removed one of her shoes and kicked her leg up onto the table. She pushed her stocking clad toes towards Unworthy. She was getting fucked by the fourth guard now.

“Suck my toes, whore.”

Unworthy lifted her head in search of said toes and Emma obliged by pushing them into her mouth. This wasn’t comfortable for Emma at all. She was feeling the repercussions from earlier especially from the torture chamber. But the exercise in ballet boots played its part before that as well as her recent maid training. She figured she probably shouldn't be able to walk but she had no clue what was done while she was unconscious in the infirmary. She wasn’t pain free but she was functional. 

It wasn’t just her toes or feet in general. Her legs had been worked in ways she wasn’t used to and muscles she was unsure she still wanted. The reality was her feet hadn't been pain free since she was young. Whether it was ballet, other dance, softball, volleyball, or some other sport or activity, Emma found a way to hurt herself. Broken toes, other bones in her feet were broken, and she even dislocated her ankle once. She once tore her hamstring as a cheerleader. As time has gone on there was discomfort and it has slowly gotten worse and likely will continue. She desired to wear heels as much as possible and to go through torments even more so with the ballet boots she had longed to wear. And she knew she had exposed one of her weaknesses to others who paid attention. It left her excited and fearful, exactly what she likes when she plays, among other emotions.

Emma eventually switched feet as she kept Unworthy’s mouth full while the guards filled her formerly denied hole. It was hard for Emma not to have her own bit of jealousy. Unworthy was incredibly attractive. She was helplessly bound and getting fucked nonstop. She had had multiple orgasms from the guards to go with her earlier ones. Emma would have been happy with one at this point. Being locked away with the devious thing inside of her made that difficult at best. Her biggest hope was to enjoy a severe pain session in hopes to get her over. As it was she was constantly tormenting herself with no hope of relief. It just added to her many aches including her mouth and ass.

“I am unsure whether to be happy or annoyed,” Emma was confused as it was Officer Hannah who had been mostly quiet once things started but she continued, “How do you guys say it, she is stealing my thunder. Usually I am bound and used by both guards and prisoners on my day off. Not this many at once usually.”

Emma had been getting a little bored so this interaction was a nice distraction. She asked Officer Hannah more about what she was talking about. It turned out the guard was quite the submissive and enjoyed taking part in prison scenes where she was forced and used by other guards and prisoners. More often than not she was used like a true prison bitch though she did have some say. 

Emma was trying to figure out what was next and asked Officer Hannah how many were left outside. It turned out to be a couple more as Emma plotted out her next moves. 

Emma looked into Unworthy’s blue eyes. They were a bit glazed over as she had been taken by many men so far. As expected they were of a variety of sizes and Unworthy had to be well used and possibly stretched. She was likely a bit raw down there as she tried begging Emma to quit. Emma only responded that this might be her last chance and they all came for her. She didn’t really fight it. Emma figured she was both mentally and physically exhausted but it would be over for her soon. Even Emma’s own exhaustion was trying to set in.

Emma’s own eyes were glazed over and her mind began to wander. Another fantasy playing in her mind.

Officer Hannah checked if there were anymore guards allowing Emma to stand up and stretch. Officer Hannah eyed her and was at least a little suspicious. 

“I have behaved and been sitting for hours and likely going back to my cramped cell soon. Speaking of cramps, I feel tightness in my leg. Any way I can get you to help?”

Officer Hannah bit her lip as she considered it. Emma knew that the officer was curious about her and just gave her an excuse to touch her.

“No funny games, epsilon. I'm on duty.”

She leaned down with a pause as Emma leaned against the table with her hands on it being non-threatening. She coaxed her into massaging both legs. Even through the stockings she managed to coax Emma to moan a couple times in return.

As Officer Hannah stood up, Emma turned to her. They stared at each other momentarily as Emma looked down into her brown eyes. Emma ducked her head enough as she leaned down and kissed the waiting lips. Officer Hannah froze up allowing Emma to wrap her arms around her in a hug. She pinned the officer's right arm to her side and managed to pull the left arm slightly behind her. She grabbed the left wrist with her left hand as the guard began to struggle. Emma held on as she wasn’t putting up as much of a fight as expected. Using her right hand she found and opened the case to what she was looking for. She nearly fumbled and dropped it but got it under control. Pressing it into the guard's side, she hit the button and the guard went limp. 

Well limp wasn’t totally accurate as her body seized with the electricity coursing through her. Emma helped her to the ground and quickly found and removed her handcuffs where they were stored on her belt. The guard’s wrists were quickly bound around one of the legs of the table on the side Emma was sitting on earlier. 

Emma used her time before the guard was back to a general state of moving. She pulled down the pants of the guard who was laying face down at that point. She removed the belt and used it to bind her ankles. She then removed her own stockings and stuffed one in the guard’s mouth and used the other to tie off as a gag. Not super effective but it was what she had to work with.

Her victim was struggling to free herself. She was yelling through her gag which really didn’t mute much. She was on her knees, yanking on the cuffs as they clicked against the metal table leg. She wasn’t really aware what Emma was doing as she turned back to her.


Officer Hannah screamed as Emma’s hand impacted her ass. The mildly garbled words coming from the officer's mouth were very inappropriate in Emma’s opinion causing her to spank the officer's exposed ass again. Emma was a prisoner who subdued a guard and fully intended to punish and abuse her. She found Officer Hannah's nightstick in hand and grinned.


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