Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Part 18. Torture Room Tour and Experience

“Did I cum while or after I passed out?” Emma asked as she was being walked to her next destination after being cleaned up.

She had little time to recover from her kinky near death experience as she saw it. Being choked out was something she wasn’t against. Drowned by someone else's piss was not on her list. It just came to show Emma’s vulnerability inside Subspace Prison and her status as epsilon. She was definitely nervous but also curious and excited about what the guards and the warden would do to her. They were pushing her limits further than she expected at times but she both dreaded and desired more. While she had a bit of a scare, she knows that her health and life in general were important especially with some of the extra precautions she has been forced to take.

“No, you did not. Very few unfortunately do and even less the first time they experience it. I didn’t for many attempts. As I said, I was conditioned. You could be too if you desire. Though there are infinite possibilities as to how you would be conditioned. I do love to see the face of first timers as it happens. It is my hope that their looks matched mine the first time long ago. But if you want another try at it epsilon, you only have to act out while I am on duty.”

Emma grimaced.

“You don't appreciate my gift. How unfortunate. It is the only gift an inmate of your standing is deserving of. I bet you would gladly drink hers if offered. Maybe even be willing to drown in it as you try to get your last breath.”

Emma stared a hole into the back of her head before she turned around grinning at Emma.

“Oh, so you would. I do envy you though. I have rarely gotten a few words in over the fewer conversations over the years than you have had with her. Seems like I should hang out with you more. As much as I want to push your buttons and figure out your secrets, we will meet up with the others soon. I was generous to answer your first and will allow one more question as a token of goodwill. Maybe effi will allow you some payback if you are interested in my off time.”

Even though Emma was cleaned up by Officer Graves, her predicament hadn't changed much. She was still in the underbust corset and ballet boots. The monoglove still pinned her arms mostly together behind her. A chain connected to the ring at the end of the monoglove to the restraints around her ankles limiting the length of her steps still.

The main changes were the leash attached to her septum ring. It seemed to be normal lately whether she had a collar on or not. The other noticeable change was the removal of the nipple clamps with the weights. Emma wasn’t against nipple clamps as she usually enjoyed them tremendously. The weights, specifically the amount she had at the end, were less than pleasant. Officer Graves offered no mercy and did her best to torment Emma during their removal. She even managed to get a few squeaks and squeals from Emma.

Emma at a brief contemplation asked, “What is it you want from her?”

“To experience what it's like to be trained by the best. Despite what she said earlier, I'm even more sure I want it. To have her mold me into whatever she wants. She can condition me however she sees fit. Whether she ruins me completely or leaves me to continue her vision of training. I want to experience the full sadistic cruelty and wrath that she has inflicted on others without giving her a reason to do so besides my desire. I want to experience the full passion of her kiss. To be broken, trained, conditioned and revere her as the others do whether conditioned that way or not.

“What really gets me wet is the idea of her reconditioning my orgasms so I don't know how they are triggered. It could be something simple that I have to figure out some trigger or have very specific conditions like I currently have. She could be truly diabolical and it would only work once, possibly ensuring my last breath,” Officer Graves finished breathing heavily.

“You want to die?”

“Of course not. But there are worse ways to go then with an explosive orgasm. Depending on how it's set up, I could very well never orgasm again. Another cruel thought is there being no way for me to have one while trying out so many different options. The options are truly limitless. I most definitely don't want to die but it will happen eventually.

“Now back to our intended roles, inmate. Please give me more reasons to punish a high risk, high threat prisoner such as yourself.”

Emma wasn’t ready to push her luck so soon and followed the guard quietly, shuffling with her short steps. Their steps echoed through the hall. Emma would have contemplated more if she wasn’t focused on her steps and trying to keep up from getting her nose pulled.

Soon she found herself outside a familiar door with a group of people standing there. She knew all of them as they had all been at the fashion show together the night before except Officer Graves. Penny, Harumi, and Harumi's boyfriend chatted amongst themselves as Warden Keys waited.

Her demeanor changed as Officer Graves and Emma approached. She was back in more formal attire instead of the spandex she wore earlier. Her current outfit didn’t show as many curves as the spandex but it still wasn't hard to appreciate what she could see. After the show she got earlier, she didn’t have to imagine as much as before.

“Pretty. Big…” Harumi reached up and pushed up while gently shaking her smaller breasts, “melons. Fans love big melons.”

Emma blushed as pretty much everyone was staring at her thrust out breasts. Harumi's boyfriend's mouth had dropped as he hypnotically stared at Emma. Silence permeated over the awkward moment. Thankfully the silence was quickly broken.

“Take picture of her?” Harumi confusingly asked.

Emma went to speak but the authoritative voice of Warden Keys drowned out any potential response.

“You are permitted to take photos of epsilon as long as her face isn't in any of them.”

Emma wasn’t thrilled about it but she wasn’t willing to contradict the warden.

“Who epsilon?” asked Harumi.

Warden Keys smirked as she gave her response, “I guess you call her Unicorn Goddess, but inside here Emma is a prisoner of Subspace Prison. She signed a contract and when she is here, there is no Emma or Unicorn Goddess. She is Special Inmate epsilon or epsilon for short. Most people who contract with the prison are usually taken care of by the guards. Special Inmates are exemptions as they are not a part of the normal prison nor residing in normal cells. They are under my direct care and any and all actions from others including the guards require my permission. There are currently only three at the moment including epsilon. We will meet another through the door.”

Harumi was all over Emma as her boyfriend took pictures. Even if Emma’s arms were free, she couldn't have stopped this without serious repercussions. Thankfully it was Harumi and not her boyfriend who fondled and kissed her breasts, played with her chastity belt, and generally touched and groped as she was photographed.

Emma tried looking over to her warden for help but there was only an expressionless look returned. Though Officer Graves seemed to take pleasure in Emma’s discomfort. At least Penny seemed to show a little bit of sympathy.

Eventually the warden broke up the shenanigans announcing it was time to start the tour. Emma wasn’t privy to what the plans were but they had been standing outside the entrance to the torture room all this time. A tour of it had been something she looked forward to. While she would have preferred a more private tour, she hoped for some quality time inside there again in the future.

“Remember the same rules apply during the tour. You are to follow and obey all instructions. You will not touch anything without my permission…” The warden announced.

The group followed the warden through the door shortly after. Emma’s leash had unfortunately been handed over to an overly excited Harumi. She didn’t seem to understand that Emma was limited in her steps and moved too quickly. Emma’s head and neck, especially her nose to the brunt of intermittent leash tugs. She was amazed she still remained on her feet despite the ballet boots and her restricted movement.

They were greeted on the other side by Glut. She had been inspecting her latest work of art when they entered. It had only been a couple days since Emma last saw her so not much changed. The radioactive shoulder length green hair on half her head. The rest of her head and visible body were covered in tattoos and piercings. Her extra weight was partially redistributed by her corset and bright, tight miniskirt. Excess was her theme and Glut was a more than appropriate name.

The warden took a moment to discuss something with Glut allowing Emma to inspect Glut's most recent canvas.

NG, formerly Angela Mason or Angie, was bound in the chair just as Emma had been days before. She was still naked besides the chastity belt which was the same as when Emma left her cell with NG still inside earlier. Unlike Emma she didn’t have a new septum piercing. Instead her piercing was around her navel considering the jewelry that came from it. The tattoo was also different in design and location. On her left inner thigh in block letters about an inch and a half tall, the top roughly two inches below the bottom of her pubic region covered by the chastity belt were the letters NG outlined in black and filled in with pink. Two lines of words displayed below. The first line said, “Property of” and the second said, “Subspace Prison.”

Emma could see the tears in her eyes as she begged the warden to stop after Glut left. Though the warden wasn’t offering her any mercy.

“Unless you give me a valid reason, I see no reason to stop. You begged for this experience. You signed a contract similar to her original one. I am not required to let you go and this was the foreplay compared to what she endured after. You are not getting to experience that even if I thought you could take it.

“But you will all get to see an edited viewing in a few minutes of what she went through. It's mostly highlights as she endured hours and we don't have time to go through all of it as some of it was personal for both of us not to share. Not even she has had a chance to relive the highlights of the night.

“We have the rest of the tour to do. Though it will be different than normal as you will all be participating for the other tours today. NG and epsilon will be put in devices of my choice. The rest have the option to choose or allow me to decide. Your identities will be kept a secret unless you wish otherwise. If any of you are not interested, then now is the time to ask out and maybe join the regular tours. They are far less interactive and thorough as they don’t have access to everything.”

NG went to speak and the warden quickly touched NG's breast eliciting a guttural scream.

“The effects of the cream will wear off relatively soon. The intensity is already less if you calm down a bit. You and epsilon don't get to back out. You both belong to me now inside here. Your lovely new tattoo is verification of what you are and your place. Only the others have that choice.”

The warden began unbinding NG allowing the others to make their choice.

Officer Graves spoke to Warden Keys, “I would be more than willing to let you put me in any or all the devices when I am off duty.”

“Not the time,” the warden responded.

Emma herself couldn't do much but watch as she teetered a bit in her ballet boots. She had been looking forward to the tour of this place and trying out the different forms of torture and various devices. She wasn’t sure how she felt about others seeing her even though she should be getting used to it. One thing was clear, she didn’t have an option.

NG was shackled as she had been before. The metal encircled her neck, wrists, and ankles with chains linking them together. Other than her chastity belt, her body was bare.

The group moved to another subset of the room. This was one Emma had not been in or seen before. There was a chair bolted to the ground with numerous restraints attached. A small table with various instruments and a cabinet seemed to be the only other objects except the television or monitor facing the front of the chair.

“This portion of the room is most often used when visualization is needed. I'm sure most of you can imagine some things. Maybe some of you end up in here at some point. But for today this is your private viewing of the highlights of epsilon’s first visit here.”

The video started with Miss Keys and Emma entering the room. Everyone got to see what initially happened from the cream on her breasts to her septum piercing to the tattoo. The initial Glut interaction and Emma’s asking about what happened to her were removed. It showed much of the piercing process and showed the beginning and end of the tattoo.

Emma was a bit shocked at the process of how her piercing was done. It definitely wasn’t a pretty sight with how her nose was manipulated. Hearing the words of the warden on the video, reaffirmed its permanency.

It moved quickly to Emma being hung by her breasts. Then they all got to see the warden test her flexibility and strength of her legs. The splits while hanging by her breasts was tougher than the pain threshold test of her legs. She realized how out of shape she was when seeing that she couldn’t do the splits fully any longer.

Watching herself hung by her wrists and the high pressure water pelting her body brought back a number of memories. The water was too cold. The contrast of the heat of the welts over her body. Finding her subspace and being surprised when she came out of it.

All the parts with Princess there were not included but Emma definitely hadn't forgotten. The removal of her belt, the testing inside and out of her pubic region, her clit getting bit, being edged by Princess’ mouth, and the infernal object inserted before the belt was replaced. She most definitely had not forgotten that part.

The more fascinating part was her time with her three lovers. Due to the various states she was mentally, she didn’t recall most of it. Plus she never saw much of it. She just felt it. From the first crack of the whip to the first strike, even the viewers cringed. They soon saw that it got more intense as the different whips came out. Harumi squealed in shock when Emma’s back split open on the first strike of the second whip. She really didn’t stop through the rest of it.

It was hard to watch even for Emma the damage her back took. And when the third whip came out with liquid dripping from it, Emma couldn’t help but shudder at her own screams. Thankfully it stopped before she was shown trying to cry out her safeword. Though Emma noticed all of the warden's orgasms were also removed. The last image was of Emma unconscious and limply hanging there.

There were a plethora of questions for her and the warden. It was the look on her new therapist face that concerned Emma the most. Warden Keys remained more stoic as is her norm to not express much emotion.

Some of the questions were tough to answer especially when Emma admitted she quit at the end. Even if she got the words out though she didn’t know for sure, she knew in her mind she did. It was still a moment of shame in Emma’s mind. A failure to be what she thought she was. A failure to properly impress Miss Keys.

“Failure,” slipped Emma’s lips.

Lost in her own mind of self pity, Emma didn’t notice the hand cup her chin. It lifted her head until she met the gray eyes.

“No more pity parties. This is why I have been hesitant to show you and why I won't do it again on this trip. I want you to enjoy yourself, not beat yourself up over preconceived failures. I will not tolerate this sort of behavior epsilon. Do you understand me?”

Emma gulped and did her best to nod her head.

The warden turned Emma’s head and whispered into her ear, “What you should focus on was how pleased I was and the orgasms I had. Haven’t had anything near the intensity of the last one for many years, possibly decades.”

Emma felt herself blush. She turned back to look into the eyes and stoic face of the warden. She tried to suppress a grin as she leaned forward aiming for a set of lips she desired to taste.

Unfortunately for Emma, Warden Keys figured out her ploy and moved away. Enough distance was between them when the impact on the right side of her face sent her head turning to the side. The slap was the least of her concern as she saw Officer Graves moving towards her as her head spun. Electricity coursed through her right breast before spreading through her body. Emma lost all control of her body as she dropped. Thankfully multiple hands grabbed her before her head hit the ground.

Regaining her faculties, Emma felt the sole of the warden’s heel on the side of her face, covering much of the handprint likely there. Moments later, she felt the pressure of the sole increase as the right side if her face dug into the ground.

“Stick your tongue out.”

Emma considered resisting for a moment but decided to follow her instructions.

The pressure on her face shifted and she felt the tip of the heel touch her tongue.

“Keep it out.”

Emma tried her best and soon found her tongue pinned to the floor underneath the warden’s heel.

“You know better and I can’t allow this transgression to go unpunished. But we also need to move on with the tour and prepare you for your individual torments. Are you going to behave for the time being, epsilon?”

“Eth Or-en,” Emma responded as best she could with her tongue still pinned to the ground.

“We will take care of this later then. Any further transgressions will result in your removal of this group and much harsher penalties.”

Emma still lay there on her side as the warden had not let up on her.

Harumi asked, “Why you do to her?”

“Because epsilon is currently our most dangerous and highly volatile prisoner. She is known to be violent and a danger to everyone, including me. So she is subdued with extreme force if necessary for everyone's safety. Considering she just attempted to assault me as the warden of the prison, you can see why it is necessary. She often tries to indulge her masochistic tendencies but she doesn't have my permission. That's why she is often bound and isolated here.”

“Emma not bad person.”

“She is not Emma inside here, she is epsilon. As I said, a highly volatile, violent, and dangerous prisoner.”

Once all of that was sorted out and Emma helped back to her feet, they moved on. It was the first time for most of them including Emma to see the other rooms and what they had to offer. There were the traditional ones as expected and variants of some. There were also some unique ones including ones Emma wasn’t exactly sure what they did. Many of those in the future/ experimental area.

Since that area was essentially the end of the tour. They had seen everything that was planned, Harumi excitedly called out and pointed, “That one!”

It reminded Emma of an octopus or a squid in some ways. There were a number of dark colored tentacles and she wasn't sure exactly what they would do. It was definitely something she had never seen before.

Harumi had stripped off everything and stood in the middle of the platform. Her boyfriend snapped photos of her as the machine started up. The machine took a few moments as nothing visible happened.

Two of the tentacles shot towards Harumi's wrists. She screamed as they bound her wrists and pulled her arms up and out. She kept screaming as two more grabbed her ankles. Soon she was vertically suspended and spread eagle about a foot off the ground by the tentacles. Another tentacle slithered its way and took aim for her waiting crotch. Another scream from Harumi as it seemingly entered her. The tentacle rippled as if something was moving through the inside of it. The horror and Harumi's screams to be let out indicated something was happening.

The distraction kept Harumi from noticing the tentacle that invaded her rear hole until it was too late. Emma listened as she screamed out in Japanese. The terror on Harumi's face grew. That soon disappeared as another tentacle covered her face. As everyone watched on, it was clear something was being pumped down her throat. If that was the case, Emma wondered if it was doing the same in her other holes. At the very least the screams stopped.

It seemed two final tentacles attached to her breasts. It was tough to tell if they were sucking, massaging, both, or something more devious.

“The only active and functioning mode for this is breeding mode. The tentacle mask will regulate her breathing as tentacle cum is pumped down her throat and into her other two holes. The breasts tentacles are set to random and can do numerous functions that pleasure or torment the breeding stock. The longer it goes on the more her midsection will distend as her baby forms and grows.”

“She pregnant?” the boyfriend asked.

“Not in a traditional sense.”

He didn’t seem to understand so Warden Keys spoke to him in Japanese. Whatever was said, it seemed to calm him down.

Warden Keys looked over to Penny, “I assume you would like to try something you haven’t before. Anything caught your attention?”

“I think the obvious one was just taken. Maybe I will try a more traditional one if it won’t cause any damage.”

After a brief discussion between Warden Keys and Penny which Emma didn’t get to fully hear, they made their way to another area.

When they stopped, they stood in front of a metal chair. The back, the seat, the armrests, even the areas for the legs and feet were covered in spikes. A fair number of metal restraints attached to the chair to hold the victim firmly in place. There were extra features compared to its historical counterpart. The iron chair was frightening and looking at it, unpleasant at best in Emma’s mind.

Penny stripped down and gingerly took a seat. Shifting or trying to reposition without getting entirely back up seemed a recipe for disaster. Emma could only watch as Penny's small, pale frame tried to relax as her flesh pressed up again hundreds of sharp spikes. Much like with the previous one and probably the future ones people will be in, she felt a certain sense of jealousy at not experiencing them… yet hopefully. Truth was she had no idea what the warden had in store for her.

There was a clink of metal that brought Emma out of her straying thoughts. She looked on and another clink as both ankles were now secured. Pins were pushed through holes ensuring the metal cuffs held the flesh within from escaping. The process continued over the knees, wrists, and elbows.

“You won’t be needing these,” the warden said as she took off Penny's glasses.

A metal helmet of sorts was soon covering her head. The back was solid and the sides were open except for the two metal strips on the sides and the thicker one on top of the head to hold the front and back together. A triangular style shape covered her nose but the bottom was open allowing her to breathe. Her mouth and jaw were covered by a metal plate with a three to four inch cylinder with a rounded end buried in her mouth. Her eyes also were covered with metal plates, making them look like a metal blindfold.

Straps were placed under her breasts and around the helmet to secure her further to the iron chair. Her back now flush against the spikes. She was doing her best to hold still as it didn’t look like she had any means to escape. That was soon verified by the warden.

“This isn't a shoot for a movie or any other things you may be used to. Your predicament is very real and very precarious. There are no breaks. There is no stopping. You are here as long as I want you to be and that will be for a while.

It is in your best interest to stay still. As time goes on that will get harder as you get stiff, tired, bored, or just uncomfortable. You don't want to ruin your precious body. Those spikes are unforgiving and looking to pierce and shred your supple skin.

You will get the full experience of the iron chair despite the modifications. You may not know but usually a fire is lit under the chair to heat it up. Since it is unwise and foolish to have a fire like that on a ship especially in an enclosed area, we have alternatives. A portable floor heater can work wonders.”

There was noise coming from behind the mask but the warden spoke more, “Shoosh or don't. I would say conserve your energy but it doesn't matter as this is your experience and there is no going back. Now for your surprise.”

The warden produced a vibrating egg and slowly inserted carefully into the exposed pussy just above the spikes.

Emma watched as the front of the woman's torso was free to look at except under the one strap which was partially covered by her breasts. But said pussy was also free for viewing. She wondered if Penny was comfortable with people seeing her like this. She was an attractive and petite woman and understood why many would want to see her but Emma had a hard time picturing herself as a pornstar or even an exhibitionist. She thankfully didn’t have time to go down that rabbit hole of thought as the warden spoke again.

The warden was looking at Harumi's boyfriend, “Have you decided which one you wish to endure?”

“I take pictures.”

“I said all of you would participate if you stayed. That very much included you.”

“Pictures,” he held up his camera.

“Oh, we will get plenty of you as well. Officer Graves, subdue him and confiscate his camera. Remove his clothes and bring him to the rack,” the warden ordered.

Officer Graves had dropped the leashes for Emma and Angie but the warden had decided to collect them. They found themselves on another stroll through areas of the torture chamber until they reached the rack. It was a daunting and old school in look and design. This one wasn’t meant for comfort or sexy games. The full body weight will be suspended in mid air from the stretched out limbs. Emma shuddered at the idea of having various joints dislocated. It isn't that she imagined it would be fun and take a long time to heal if there were no complications. She didn’t think they would go that far and wondered if there was more to what they would do if they weren't trying to rip off limbs.

He was definitely subdued when Officer Graves carried him over like a sack of potatoes. His body was twitching and Emma knew from experience what that felt like. The evil grin on Officer Graves face told the story of her enjoyment.

Little time was wasted getting the smaller man strung up. Emma watched as the crank tightened and his body was pulled off the wooden planks below him. Eventually his body was pulled taut about a foot and a half off the ground. He was facing the floor and screaming out something when something like a gas mask was fitted on his head.

Officer Graves commented, “The little shit bit me as I subdued him. The tiny pencil dick fucker deserves worse.”

She flicked the tip of the said penis, causing him to try to squirm and make noise to minimal effect.

The warden commanded her to get the milking pumps.

These particular milking pumps consisted of a penis pump and two smaller breast pumps only large enough to cover smaller nipples. Officer Graves had no mercy in toying with him as she installed each suction tube. His penis took a few swats and his nipples were thoroughly twisted. The muted screams barely escaped the mask.

With him securely bound and the pump actions functioning properly, she was given a chance to warm his backside. Much to her chagrin based on her complaints, she wasn’t even allowed to leave welts. Emma felt for her as it was like foreplay with no payoff. Emma would have wanted it much harder.

They left behind the latest victim and the two inmates were getting closer to their own fates.

It was a shorter walk to the next area than the others as the warden commented, “This will be your chance to do something epsilon will likely never have the opportunity to experience, at least in a traditional way. This will give you an opportunity to tell her about the amazing torment she missed out on due to her choices. And NG, I hope this is everything you wanted and that you offer to come back. Remember this experience is still less than what epsilon first endured. Her upcoming torment will likely be more demanding of her than yours even if you disagree.”

It was obvious what NG faced when they got closer. The wooden horse was another classic. Once NG’s restraints and belt were removed, her wrists were placed in the manacles hanging from the ceiling. With some help from a box-like stool and the warden, NG swung her leg over to mount the horse. The wood at the top of the horse steeples along the length to a point. The warden had lined her up so the horse was mildly impaling itself into her lower slit.

The angle seemed odd in that the manacles were not so much overhead as they were about eye level, a foot or so in front of her. When the warden grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up, locking her ankle to the side of the horse, it became obvious the intent. NG’s body shifted forward and pretty much all of her slit was pressed against the horse. Her weight was splitting her cunt in half as she cried out.

“No more. Please let me go. It is too much,” NG pleaded.

The warden continued to bind NG's other ankle to the other side as she responded, “I like it more when you and the others cry out. It actually turns me on, inmate. So I am less inclined to consider releasing you or making it easier. There is no hope for sympathy or escape. You are free to scream.”

With her second leg pulled up behind her she shifted forward more. The screaming intensified as Emma guessed her clit may now be against the horse though she was trying to hold herself up as best she could with the manacles. She was also trying to readjust her body on the horse.

The warden spoke up again, “You should be careful trying to reposition your body. I intentionally left this one with unfinished wood. You could get splinters or some other nasty but highly entertaining surprises. I'm not against you getting extra fun but it is my responsibility to forewarn you of the possibility.”

“You are killing me.”

“That does happen in a torture chamber and in many of the devices. Some mostly maim or inflict physical and psychological damage. As someone in your profession, this is a unique experiment of potential understanding. Just think of all the psychological things this can cause. How long do you think it would take to cause Stockholm Syndrome? Would you care to find out?”

“You're insane.”

“Maybe. What does that say of you? You begged for the experience. What of epsilon and others? This is your area of expertise. But yes I am likely insane. You didn’t see all the orgasms I had from doing what I did to epsilon. I removed those from the video. You have no idea how close I am to getting off on your predicament. I could make you scream more and send me over the edge. Or I can offer you a temporary distraction from all the pressure your pussy is enduring. I'm sure you have no idea how long it takes before permanent damage sets in.”

NG's eyes went wide and she pleaded, “Please?”

“Please what? I'm not letting you out. We have more to set up. I offered a distraction. Is that what you want?”

NG's arms seemed to tire as she slumped forward further and screamed. She nodded profusely and choked out, “Please distract me. Anything.”

Emma was watching everything unfold and listening to the sobbing screams when the warden’s voice called out, “epsilon, suck on her nipple.”

That was harder than it appeared. Her arms in the monoglove might have been the least of her issues. That is when you factor her need to balance. Her ballet boots were still linked together by a small chain and it ran up to the end of the monoglove. Her corset was tight and heavily boned making it rather unyielding. NG's breasts were well below her standing height, meaning she needed to squat. It was no picnic for Emma to get in position, much less hold it.


Emma smiled at Angie's surprise as her tongue flicked her nipple. She still needed to adjust to get closer. Once she shuffled her boots, her mouth latched on to the target. She vigorously swirled her tongue over and around the nipple and areola. She played with flesh in her mouth adding in light bites and creating ample amounts of suction akin to breastfeeding.

Emma was so focused on pleasuring Angie, she was jolted back to reality by the warden’s voice, “Switch sides.”

Getting into position was tough enough. The strain on her legs made standing back up after a bit of maneuvering even tougher. Her legs had been tired and sore from her earlier exercise. She knew better than to say anything as she wanted off her feet.

Emma worked her way around the horse and Angie's body. She worked herself back into position on her other nipple and gave it similar treatment. It wasn't as easy for her this time and not just because of the burning muscles of her legs. The warden was doing something causing much moving and shifting as well as more screams.

Emma was standing once again watching the commotion that continued. The warden was extending a spring that was attached to the side of the wooden horse. A clamp at the end of the spring reached for the breast cupped in the warden’s hand. The warden squeezed the clamp open as it closed in on the erect nipple Emma helped create. The screams got louder as the clamp closed and was released. The nipple extended as the spring shrunk attempting to reach its default state. The more NG leaned forward, the less stress on her nipples but more of her slit was against the horse.

NG kept crying as the warden stroked her hair.

“I would say it gets easier but that likely isn't true. Parts of it might. I bet epsilon would gladly switch places with you if she could. Bet she would want to stay longer. A day. Two days. A week. Months. Maybe until she is split into two as gravity works its slow magic. Isn't that right, epsilon?” the warden teased.

Emma looked at NG's wide eyes before moving on to the warden. She did want to try it and fully experience it.

“Yes, Warden. Though probably not until I split into two. There are more things to try and I am sure you want to see how I react and possibly get off on making me scream and beg again.”

The warden smiled back at Emma before turning to NG, “Would you like to torment epsilon a bit? Make her more jealous by getting what she can't have?”

NG took a few moments to respond with a nod as her tears flowed.

Emma was a bit surprised when the warden got up on the box-like stool. She shimmied as she hiked up her skirt. Emma was entranced at her movements as she watched the lovely backside dance for her about a foot or two away. The skirt seemingly got high enough for Emma to catch a glimpse of the black panties.

The warden grabbed the bottom of a large metal ring hanging from another chain from the ceiling with one hand. Her other hand was on the wooden horse as a brace as she swung her leg over. After a brief adjustment, she straddled the horse with the pointed edge digging between her legs. Holding on to the ring, she leaned forward, lowering herself until she was face to face with NG. Her nylon covered legs slid back and up so they were in a similar position as NG but not restrained.

Emma watched as the teary eyed therapist stared as the warden got closer. The smirk on the warden’s face left everyone confused. She kept inching closer slowly. It couldn't be any more comfortable for the warden in this position than NG but she showed no effects.

The lips of the warden and NG met, causing changes in everyone's expressions as even Officer Graves slipped a light moan. Emma didn’t know how everyone else felt but multiple emotions battered her. Jealousy, desire, and disappointment were the strongest. This was about her. Another torment the warden said. One that dug deeper than any physical pain.

After the kiss broke, the warden spoke again, “You have a lovely mouth, NG. I have no doubts epsilon and likely Officer Graves would like to have been in your position. I have yet to give epsilon or Emma a chance to taste my lips and mouth. She most definitely wants to but she has been denied. After all she has been denying herself in other ways since before she graced us with presence here. I even kissed her main rival for my attention last night in front of her. Now you have another experience she hasn't had and most definitely has not earned. I am debating on stepping up the cruelty of her torment. Would you like to taste my other lips as well?”

NG wasn’t the only one looking at the warden in shock. If it wasn’t for the muted cries and the hum of the ship, it would have been dead silent.

The pause carried on another moment before the warden broke it, “Come to think of it, it is too much of a reward for epsilon to see that at this time. Plus I need to finish getting you ready and get her set up for her physical torment before the tours start.”

Officer Graves handed over the hood and eventually the gag harness as the warden proceeded to hide NG's identity while riding the horse.

With the latex hood and ball harness in place, the warden gave her parting words to NG, “The distraction is over and with your sight removed, your own mind will become your worst enemy. I am curious as to how someone like you handles this. I would say it gets easier but it won’t. I look forward to more screams. They are a turn on for me and likely some of the tourists. Do give them a show.”

Emma found herself trailing Officer Graves who kept blocking her view from seeing the warden. Anytime Emma tried something to see around her, her leash was pulled until her eyes were on another target, namely Officer Graves' backside.

Thankfully the slow plodding trip, thanks to Emma’s restraints, didn’t go far as Emma was brought to the door of a circular room with multiple large windows. The lights were initially off so Emma couldn’t see what awaited her inside.

As Officer Graves removed her restraints, the warden asked, “Do you prefer the hard way as usual or hoping for an easier time?”

Emma was most definitely a glutton for punishment and wanted the hard way. She made sure they knew it. It also ended up with everything removed including her ballet boots, but not her corset.

“Don't try to get comfortable walking flat footed. You will find this a pleasant combination of multiple ideas. I am not sure if it is actually harder to do barefoot instead of in your boots but it opens up more enjoyable options.”

Emma was led inside and saw what she heard at the ranch was called a hot walker. It was similar to the one they used for horses and sometimes other animals to train them or have them walk in circles. This one was different in a number of ways in that it was smaller and the horizontal bar was much lower. It was only about as tall as her breast height as she stood.

“I see you are getting the gist of one aspect of your torture this afternoon. It is far more complex but your workout shall continue after your poor effort earlier. But you will be incentivized as the true basis of your torment will focus around the Pear of Anguish.”

The warden held up a metal pear shaped object for Emma to see. It was the size of a normal pear if not larger than what Emma was used to. The smaller end appeared to have a ring-like opening at the end. The warden manipulated the object causing the larger end to open as if a four flower petals blossomed.

“Supposedly these devices were inserted into an orifice and expanded, causing significant pain and oftentimes damage in order to get confessions at some of those pleasant times in history. The lucky ones endured them in multiple orifices. That is where we start with you. Unfortunately, I don't have access to one so the other two will suffice.”

Emma grimaced and they hadn't been inserted yet.

“Officer Graves, help epsilon bend over as I will be starting back there,” the warden announced.

Emma not only found herself bent over but her head was pinned between the guard’s thighs. Her wrists were pinned a little closer to the guard’s waist.

Moments later she felt the cool metal touch the crevice of her exposed cheeks. Pressure pushed it further against Emma until it reached her sphincter. The metal in contact with her skin started warming up and the pressure on her sphincter increased. There was no lube or stretching beforehand making the insertion a slow and unpleasant process. When the petals as she thought of them began to expand, she grunted as her face twisted between the guard’s thighs. It didn't take long for Emma to cry out from the pressure in her colon. The warden stopped opening the pear at that signal.

The trickier one was her mouth as it would be easier to cause damage just to her teeth or the soft tissue of her mouth. Emma stared into the gray eyes of the warden as the insertion and expansion took place. It was definitely frightening for her and even if she wanted to, she couldn’t back out. Soon enough she was grunting and blinking to signal enough. She couldn’t talk if she wanted to with her mouth held wide open and the insides stretched. Her tongue was also pinned down negating any chance at intelligible words.

“I would be of mind to open both a bit more and further the pain but they are both anchored in quite well. They will definitely do for what I have planned,” the warden said as she gave the pear a little tug.

Not that Emma could respond much other than some grunts. Nor was she given much time as the setup continued.

She was quickly positioned under the horizontal bar in a squat that left her thighs roughly parallel to the ground but on her toes. The Pear in her mouth connected to a snap hook carabiner. Her face was looking straight up towards the ceiling. Extra tension was created on her straining neck.

Her squatting legs were shifted outward until they were nearly in line straight with her hips. A spreader bar was placed just below her knees. She was made to take a few steps and found herself waddling. If she didn’t stay on her toes, a heavy cable with plenty of resistance pulled down with her, causing extra pressure and pain in her mouth. It didn’t matter that staying on her toes was hard and more painful especially without the boots on. The burning in her thighs and calves to hold the position helped even less.

She was commanded to put her hands on her hips with her elbows behind her. A bar slid through behind her back and through the hole each arm made. Chains attached the end of the bar to the horizontal bar above Emma. Something Emma couldn't see bound the bar to the inner crook of her elbows. With that accomplished, both of Emma’s wrists were locked into metal cuffs and four links of a chain were attached to each cuff. Then they were attached to clamps and connected to Emma’s nipples. This forced Emma to hold her hands up if he didn't want to pull on her nipples.

Emma was unsure how much more there was to go and the pressure and pain in certain parts of her body steadily increased.

“I have another fine addition to add right now. Your other Pear needs something extra. Something fun and punishing.”

Emma couldn’t see specifically what was added, but she sure felt the weight as the pressure built up in her ass. She shifted a bit to relieve a bit of pressure on her toes and regain balance and felt whatever started to swing below her. Her balance was tenuous at best in her current position and the extra weight between her legs swinging didn’t help matters.

“Now you have the extra dilemma. You see that essentially is a modified ball and chain. The chain is shortened allowing it to stay off the ground when you are at or above a certain height. But you will find you can’t straighten to stand up past your initial squat. You can go down to try to relieve the pressure on your bottom Pear but you felt the pressure it puts on your mouth. It’s a delicate balance. One in which you will be further punished and helping yourself at the same point in some cases.

You will find that the resistance dragging the ball on the ground will add its own fun. I plan to make it even more fun. You see once we leave and you start, there will be items that litter the floor. Some metallic, others not so much. As the ball has been polarized to help its magnetic disposition, it will collect the metal bits if it is close enough. The ball is only five pounds now. Depending on how much you collect, you could very well double or triple its weight I imagine.

As I said there will be other stuff. It is designed to hinder you. This is where I think being barefoot is harder though I could be wrong. Your boots may not get good balance but your toes and potentially the bottoms of your feet will feel it more. You can't see what's below you and this is designed so you can't drag your feet or kick things out of the way.

We have yet to fully test the sensitivity of the bottom of your feet. I have seen the hints of it but we will see just how well you handle this. This isn’t me making art and your exercise is not over. Your earlier performance was inadequate at best. Maybe you will show better at this. Clearly you have been slacking and need more in general. I won’t be able to get you in shape before the cruise is over but I intend to make you work while you are inside my prison.”

The warden and guard started to head out, “Little motivators will be following you. If you do not keep a good pace, don't be surprised to feel a shocking surprise. The lights will go out when no one is outside. Seeing isn't helping you much though I imagine it will still be disorienting. When the tour passes by to watch you, the lights will turn back on. That is also your cue to pick up your pace as the motivators will come faster. Don’t disappoint me, epsilon.”

With that, Emma was left alone in this awkward predicament. Noise emanated from around her leaving Emma to believe she should get moving. The way it was set up, each leg she picked up was helped raised to a certain height. Her body tilted slightly to counterbalance before swinging her leg forward. She focused on trying to build a rhythm.

She had started feeling good about herself when she tried to cry out as she stepped on multiple things. She tried to lift her foot off and found it would not go up. She fought against it and her foot flattened out some as she sagged. She felt the ball hit the ground long with more area on the surface of her foot pressed against odd shaped pieces on the ground causing discomfort and pain.

In her moment of panic, she had stopped moving forward and the motivators caught up. She squealed as she received shocks on her left butt cheek and her right calf. The Pear kept her mouth wide open and the room amplified her noises. She had no idea if anyone could hear her but she knew she needed to get moving.

She finally tried her other leg which worked. Though that foot also landed on more stuff, causing her to howl. She worked to keep moving and learned it forced her to alternate and she couldn’t go backwards. She kept working her circular circuits. It went dark not long after she stepped on the objects.

She had initially been disappointed in this being what she was put in. Now she knew the true deviousness as there was no fun and no chance at entering her subspace at this point. This was torture in the form it was supposed to be. She wondered if she now looked like the others when they felt the pain and no hope of getting out for the time being.

Tears formed as the pain increased not just on her feet but her legs overall along with her mouth and ass. She periodically took more shocks. She also found the weight of the ball constantly increasing as she failed to keep it up enough. Even her nipples were suffering whether she dropped her arms in fatigue or when flinching to catch herself when she lost balance.

She knew she had collected plenty of the metal and maybe shifted some of the rest as there were small pockets with little to none, offering minor relief.

She was kind of zoned out when the lights came back on. It interrupted her rhythm as well as her eyes as she blinked to clear them. She was soon shocked multiple times and tried to get back to her waddling. She had forgotten she was supposed to pick up the pace. Her howls and squeals must have amused those watching.

It felt like an eternity but the lights went back out giving Emma a little reprieve by allowing her to slow her pace. The cycle repeated a few more times. Emma suffered more each time. Her body ached. Her muscles screamed. Her mouth and ass were being ripped apart as the Pears were constantly trying to be pulled out of her.

Physically she was spent and mostly on remote now as her mind was mush. She had found moments to enter her subspace only to be brought back out, usually by the shocks. Her lack of sleep and her earlier exercise were catching up to her. She was just as spent emotionally and mentally as she continued to endure this never-ending torment. She didn’t even have any tears left.

She had been nearly sleep waddling with her eyes closed, when a voice scared her out of her stupor, “My, my. I could keep you like this forever if you continue to give me more orgasms. I've had a couple just watching you from outside. This is far less effort for me though not quite as rewarding as flaying you. You will give me another orgasm before I consider releasing you. While the other's screams were very invigorating, I do like to savor and enjoy yours much more. Plus we need to end your latest workout on a higher note. I suggest you move faster as the motivators have been adjusted.”

Emma hadn't fully picked up on the need for urgency until the next shock hit her. It's intensity had gone up as a guttural scream escaped. Emma tried moving faster but her body was too exhausted. She screamed after each shock, wanting nothing more than this to

end. She couldn’t even say her safeword if it would have made a difference.

She tried standing as much as possible to hopefully increase her speed. She wasn’t able to get to earlier levels of her squat as the pain in her muscles, especially her quads, along with being stretched and pulled by the heavy ball hanging from the anchored Pear in her ass. That just meant more shocks and screams.

Emma had no idea how long it lasted. Eventually the shocks stopped as she sobbed as slowed down. She just wanted to curl up in a ball now and sleep for days. Yet she was still stuck and made to walk.

Emma wasn’t aware of what was going on around her but the warden’s husky voice entered her frazzled brain, “You can stop now.”

And she did, shutting down completely.

She woke up later. She found herself in a bed covered up. It didn’t take long from the sterile looking environment that she was back in the infirmary. She looked to one side and found no one before turning to the other side where she was greeted by the smiling face of the caramel colored maid.

“Welcome back. I've heard you had an eventful day already.”

“How long?” Emma croaked through her sore jaw and irritated throat.

Princess stroked Emma’s face as she responded, “Not sure exactly but not that long. After all, I am here to get you ready for dinner even if you should sleep more.”

Princess held up Emma’s collar, “You have guests to entertain and your day isn't over unless you have come to your senses and want to get some proper rest here in your new room. I can have them bring more restraints and put you on lock down. They most definitely want to keep you.”

Emma groaned and asked, “Is this really my new room?”

Princess shrugged, “You will find out eventually. Now what will it be?”

Emma sighed and started to sit up, “I don't want to be in here.”

She was still aching all over but wasn’t about to lay around in the infirmary.

“You're so stubborn.”

“Pretty sure I am not the only one.”

Emma was struggling to get out of bed and soon found the maid in front of her. Emma was naked except for her chastity belt. She had kicked off what had been covering her. Princess Ophelia stopped her from getting up and placed the collar around her neck.

With a click, Emma was pushed back down on the bed. Princess followed her and quickly mounted her while saying, “Kit will be here soon with your outfit for dinner. Since you are in a dessert giving mood and have been neglecting me, you will serve me now.”

“Yes, your highness. There is something about serving you in this uniform. I hope it continues.”

“I will keep that in mind. Though you will be undergoing your handmaiden training so you will likely be wearing yours more often. Now open up and get your reward.”

Emma opened her mouth despite its soreness from earlier as the dark pussy covered it. She didn’t expect the salty taste followed by the saltier glob that plopped into her mouth. It's not that Emma hadn't tasted cum before, she has had it every night for dinner. She just hadn't expected a cream pie.

“One of your many duties as my handmaiden will be my personal cleaner and disposal bin. While your tongue will be required to pleasure me on demand, others will give me what you can't. And since a handmaiden’s focus is to serve, you don’t get to worry about your own pleasures. So you will likely stay in your chastity permanently unless I remove it for my own entertainment.”

More cum entered Emma’s mouth as she cleaned her princess.

“So you will not likely ever get penetrated by a man there again. But it's not all doom and gloom. When you're available and done with your duties, I will allow you to watch. You will get to see your amazing princess get the pleasure that you no longer will.”

She ground her pussy into Emma’s face, rocking back and forth. She didn't give Emma much chance to say anything but she did grunt. The grimace of discomfort went unnoticed.

“I have no intention of ever giving up on you. You will be mine in some manner for the rest of your life… Fuck,” she screamed as she came in Emma’s mouth.

Emma let her ride out her orgasm. She waited patiently before Princess slid down her and kissed her mouth.

When the kiss broke, Princess said, “I know I am being pushy. I told you before that my time is limited to win you over with all the competition. Now I have more opportunities to do that. I plan to take full advantage of it. We will discuss it more over time. But tell me, does the potential to be my personal handmaiden hold any interest?”

Emma lay there looking into the brown eyes above her. She thought about it a bit. The fantasy of it was exciting. But there was so much to consider. She acknowledged to her that it sounds great as a fantasy but there is much to work out before considering it a reality. They both knew where that started.


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