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by bentbliss

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Part 11. Titclits And Footsie

Kit had just finished licking and kissing Emma’s new boots. When Emma offered to reward Kit for her help getting dressed, she begged to serve her more and be able to worship her Goddess' boots. Kit jumped at her chances to serve Emma every chance she could even though Emma turned her down at least full time. Emma couldn't blame her as she did much the same with Miss Keys. At least Ophelia seemed to be doing a good job of keeping her busy and pleased as well, so Emma felt better about the situation.

Emma barely knew what her own future held beyond going back home and to work in her normal life. She couldn't really predict what Kit was facing as she had nothing once the trip was over. She could see how it was terrifying for someone who wanted to be controlled and told what to do. It was likely just as terrifying for anyone in Emma’s estimation. Kit would likely have opportunities but hopefully she could find one better than she was in before the trip.

Ophelia pulled Emma down to her level by her septum ring and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Her boldness towards staking her claim on Emma was growing. The talk on the way back to the suite and while getting dressed opened up wants, desires, and expectations if they ended up in a relationship. Nothing was set as they both agreed to continue to develop things as they got to know each other more. Ophelia wasn't planning to keep Emma to herself as much as she was willing to share and have a more open relationship. For the time being though, she was unwilling to share one thing, access to what was hidden underneath Emma's chastity belt.

Ophelia let go of Emma’s piercing and looked into her eyes as she spoke, "Enjoy the experience."

That had been the mantra Ophelia started earlier in the day to help Emma with the negative emotions she had been feeling. It helped frame her mind once again as Ophelia stepped back. She pulled Emma's collar out of her bag causing Emma to groan. She quickly buckled it around Emma’s neck which was followed by a click.

"Can't let you not offer free dessert to your lovely guests. I may make you wear it for maid duty tomorrow after that reaction. But you will wear it the rest of the night at least as I doubt I will see you until you are back from your date. By the way, you look gorgeous and sexy. I might even consider temporarily submitting to you if you wore that and asked… on another day."

Ophelia ordered Kit to stand and put a leash on her. Soon the two maids were out the door. Emma couldn't help but watch them leave. She had been getting to know them better and Ophelia definitely liked to charge up Emma’s desires and frustration. The swaying of those hips with the petticoat under the uniform, left Emma wanting to wear hers but that was tomorrow.

It turned out that her choice for what she was wearing was made before they got there. Two boxes awaited upon their arrival. One contained the black thigh high boots with five inch heels. Another box contained a matte black catsuit with a zipper from her crotch to the front of her collar. The only other addition was a tight waist cincher underneath that didn't disturb or distract from the catsuit that the corsets she owned would have.

She sighed as she needed to finish getting ready. She decided to keep her brunette hair down this evening so it took less time to just brush it out. She then went to work on her makeup. A bit of black eyeliner to go with the deep purple eyeshadow allowed Emma's hazel eyes pop. She didn't have time nor really wanted to go crazy with much else, so she finished up with her purple lipstick.

She had a few moments to release Dolly from her current predicament and gather a few items for later. She passed a full length mirror and got another look at herself. The catsuit seemed to be doing wonders as she not only thought she was beautiful for a change but her confidence was rising. Her inner domme was starting to leak out.

Minutes later, the chime from the door sounded and Emma answered the door.

"You must be Greg and Macy," she said as she opened the door to find the two submissives standing outside.

Emma watched as the two stared at her in awe for a bit before reflexively dropping their eyes. Emma couldn't help but smirk. They sank to their knees before Emma had them stand back up. She invited them into the suite.

As was the case for her the first time she entered, the two of them wanted to inspect everything but the giant rubber doll stole their attention when they noticed her. Emma quickly introduced them to Dolly then gave them a brief tour of the suite. Once again they were in awe whether it was Dolly or the suite itself. Emma could understand as she was much the same later after her pity party meltdown. Soon they were sitting at the table and being served drinks by Dolly while discussing the plans for this evening.

At one point Macy asked, "Miss Emma, what is it like to be a beautiful, amazing sex goddess?"

It stunned Emma for a moment but she found herself replying, "I guess it's more I don't personally view myself as one. I understand you and others do. But outside of the last two days on the cruise, I am a boring, average, single nobody. Which includes a mundane job of being a personal assistant and secretary of the head partner of a law firm. I have a small studio apartment, no pets, and lately minimal social activity.

So you may view me as glamorous, that is me playing the part and attempting to enjoy my experience here as I saved up for years for this. As I can only speak for myself, I do enjoy the feeling of being wanted and looked at fondly versus my normal life of blending in as another average member of society. I don't know if I could do this all the time as I am not used to all of the attention. So if I am one, I am likely to believe you are one too. So how does it feel?"

Macy stuttered a bit as she blushed, "But-but I am not a sex goddess. Between you and Dolly, I am not even close. Hell, my husband looks better in a dress than me so…"


The two of them froze before looking at her.

"Stand up and strip."

"What?" Macy replied.

"Do I need to repeat myself?"

Macy's eyes went wide as she shot up from her chair nearly yelling, "No Miss Emma."

As Macy started stripping, Emma commanded Dolly to get the suspension bar set up.

Emma looked at Greg, who watched his lovely wife strip off her clothes, and asked, "Do you look better than her in a dress?"

Greg's face grimaced as he answered, "I don't know. It's a matter of opinion I guess but I am not a cross-dresser by choice. So that isn't the aspect I enjoy as much as the submission and humiliation that allow me to cope and enjoy it enough. I have no desire to wear women's clothing of my own volition."

"And if I made you wear women's clothing tonight?"

Greg had a bit of shock in his face as he responded, "I would guess I would have no choice as I am here to serve you tonight."

Macy was still taking off her clothes but both were paying attention to her as Emma voice came more conviction than she had been giving overall so far, "So just so we are all clear you both have agreed to submit to me through tonight. And you want me to pit you against each other for a favor of my choice with the winner and double the punishment for the loser."

Both nodded to her, so she continued, "First I will establish some base rules. You will call me Miss Emma or if your plan is to become one of my worshipers and looking for extended chastity then you may call me Goddess. Second, you will not orgasm without my permission but are encouraged to edge yourselves as much as possible while you can. Third, you will not touch each other without my permission. We will start with those for now as I may add more as necessary.

As you wish to be pitted against each other, I hope you remember you two are married and supposedly love each other. Don't let this drive some wedge between you. I am just temporary and plan to make this difficult. Rewards and punishments will be earned using something like merits and demerits. Rewards are harder to earn and may be used to remove a punishment or be redeemed for various offerings that may come.

Merits and demerits will be accrued on a tiered basis. Failure to do, respond, or use of your safeword to kinks and fetishes on your acceptable list without a valid reason will earn five demerits. There are no merits for doing the things on the accepted list beyond pleasing me and enjoying the experience. You may earn one merit or one demerit based on accepting or refusing off of your soft limits list. You may earn between two to four merits should you perform something on your hard limits list with no penalty for refusing. I can adjust the amount of merits and demerits based on your performance, difficulty, or just my whim. My judgment and scoring is for me personally and my decisions are indisputable. Am I clear?"

Both were wide eyed staring back with their mouths partially open but they nodded in compliance. Emma ordered Macy over to Dolly and had her locked into the cuffs. She had also ordered Dolly to lift Macy until she was on her toes.

Emma took the time to start picking out Macy's outfit for the show. She had already picked out their dinner outfits and they had been delivered before Ophelia left. She had been told to get them appropriate outfits and that they were covered. She already was forming ideas for Greg's and would get things ordered before she left so they would be delivered by the time they were back from dinner.

"Turn slowly for me," Emma commanded Macy as she sat there finishing picking out Macy's outfit.

Emma looked up from her tablet she was using as she watched Macy slowly turn. When she completed the rotation she stopped leading Emma to scold her, "I didn't give you permission to stop. Keep going," Macy hesitated leading to Emma’s firm, "NOW!"

That got Macy turning again as Emma took in the sight. The pink haired woman was quite attractive in Emma’s opinion. She had a little extra weight to her but Emma didn't mind that at all. Her ass wasn't spectacular but the extra weight made it more noticeable. Her height as well as her husband was on par with Victoria or slightly shorter. Emma had noticed the pronounced dimples on her to go with her brown eyes. But nothing was as pronounced as the women's chest. Not her breast size as such which was quite modest at a large B to low C in her estimates, but her massive nipples. They look like bullets or little dicks, Emma thought as she watched them grow as they hardened with excitement.

"Tell me Greg, what part of her stands out to you about her?"

He didn't hesitate as he responded while watching from the table with Emma, "Her perfect feet."

Not the answer Emma expected as she smiled, "Take it you have quite a foot fetish then."

She didn't need an answer or to look at him to know it was accurate.

Emma stood up and walked over to Macy to take a closer look. Having Macy stop turning, Emma started her own circling. Tracing her fingers along Macy's body, Emma watched her shiver as moans slowly escaped her trembling lips. Though Emma enjoyed the sounds and feeling her body, she had been purposely avoiding the area that intrigued her the most.

Emma was behind her as she spoke softly into her ear, "I wonder how sensitive these beauties are?"

Macy shrieked and moaned as Emma played with Macy's nipples.

"Hmm, I wonder what they feel like in my mouth."

Emma found herself quickly in front of Macy in no time with her mouth covering the super elongated nipples. Moans and heavy breathing picked up from Macy, turning Emma on even more. Despite the intense arousal Emma suffered hours earlier, she still wished she could touch herself down there as she created more discomfort as her vaginal walls contracted and spasmed around the rubber spiked ball. It didn't slow Emma one bit. With fervor she sucked and worked the clit-like nipple. Her tongue swirled and flicked. She listened intently to Macy's breathing and lightly bit down sending Macy screaming into an orgasm.

Macy coming down from her peak started mumbling, "More."

"You realize you just earned ten demerits for orgasming without permission. That doesn't count the others you have been accruing since you entered my domain. Are you sure you want more?"

Macy had frozen as Emma talked and after a few whimpers she squeaked out a "No."

"Too bad titclits, you are mine tonight and I plan to use these plenty tonight. More so after I proved they are like clits that I can make you cum from."

With that, Emma attacked like a bird on the nipple she neglected earlier as if it were a worm sticking its head out of the ground. Emma was encouraged as Macy howled, moaned, and screamed out. Emma used both hands to torment and pleasure Macy's breasts as she worked over her sensitive nipple. Soon Macy was begging to cum while Emma ignored her, edging her closer to another orgasm. Emma finally reached down between Macy's quivering legs to find she had a normal love button compared to her nipples. She sucked on the nipple for a few more seconds as she rubbed Macy's clit vigorously before pulling away moments before Macy peaked.

"Nooooo! Please finish me? I need to cum. Please? I… I'll do anything please let me cum again?"

Emma smirked as she responded while cupping the chin of the desperate slut, "You said you didn't want any more demerits. And truthfully you aren't deserving of another unless you win."

Macy just continued whimpering in frustration but Emma looked over to Greg, "You're next, strip."

After releasing Macy from the suspension bar, Emma sat back down at the table. Macy was soon in her lap while Greg was being placed restrained by Dolly to the suspension bar.

"You lied to me," Emma whispered in Macy's ear.

"What do you mean?"

"You said you weren't a sex goddess but between your perfect feet and your tit clits, we both know you can have any number of suitors. Your issue seems similar to mine and probably many others in that we lack confidence in ourselves by focusing on our flaws and ignoring our positive features. In any case, that is an additional demerit on top of the one for hesitating and questioning my order to strip."

Emma hushed her response by inserting fingers into Macy's soaking pussy which elicited ample moans. She squirmed in Emma’s lap turning Emma on even more, which tormented Emma further. But Emma was more than up to the challenge as she pulled her fingers out of Macy's pussy and stuffed them into Macy's mouth forcing her to taste herself. Macy hesitated a moment before sucking Emma’s long fingers. Emma couldn't help but wrap her other arm around Macy and play with her breast and nipple causing such wonderful sounds to Emma's ears.

"What is your favorite part of him?"

Unlike Greg who had an instant answer, Macy took a moment, "It probably is cliché-ish but his cock is my favorite part. When it is inside me, it just feels right."

After a brief pause Macy added, "I think despite being a submissive, I am learning to enjoy dominating him and exploiting his submissiveness. He will do anything for me so I dress him up as a street walker and force him to serve men and occasionally women.

Instead of walking a mile in my shoes, I made him walk five miles in them the first time. Despite us being similar sizes back then, his feet were bigger and it was a tight squeeze. I felt bad for the blisters but now I also buy heels for both of us. I even made him bring his old punishment heels in case you wanted to make him wear them."

"Did he enjoy it?" Emma asked.

"Enjoyed the submission and humiliation of serving me. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't enjoy the rest of it. If he actually enjoyed every aspect, it wouldn't really be humiliation. It also reinforces his place especially after he does his time making me submit to him if we have no one else to play with us. And deep down I find it sexy to dress him up. I kind of want him to dress up when he is in charge at least once."

Emma thoughtfully took in what she had been saying and asked, "What are his punishment heels?"

Emma couldn't see the grin on Macy's face from behind her as she responded, "Oh they are so gaudy and ugly. When we first started he struggled in three inch heels. When he complained about them or did something I didn't like, I would put him in those shoes. They were four inch heels with lockable straps. What made them bad was the pink faux leather was covered in those bejeweled rhinestone decorations, including the straps. It was like some of those phone cases I had seen some girls have, had decided to vomit on the shoes and they were like parasites that leeched on to them."

"I see. Do you have a pair?"

"Thankfully no. After those shoes, we had an agreement of getting similar shoes in each of our sizes. His new ones are now black six inch pumps with lockable straps but I have a pair as well, so no ugly shoes. He is still getting used to them and I am hesitant to go higher because I would have to get some as well and eventually wear them. I have worn six inch heels for him before we started this so I can handle them better for now. They just hurt my feet much more quickly and I make him massage and worship my feet even more. Probably why he makes me wear them when given an option."

"Did you bring any heels yourself?"

"Yes. I came wearing a black suede four inch pumps and I brought a pair of white six inch heels with a thin ankle strap."

"Since you are quite a bit behind, I am going to let you touch your husband with the sole purpose of making him cum in your mouth. Your pussy is off limits in touching him and you have five minutes… Oh and Greg if you intentionally fail, it will be twenty demerits instead. Now get up and get to work."

As Macy got up, Emma smacked her ass. Macy let out a shriek, followed by giggles as she rubbed her butt cheek as she made her way to her husband. Emma watched as she dropped to her knees and ravenously engulfed him in her mouth.

Emma wanted to try something and grabbed a rubber glove and lube. She soon found herself on her knees behind Greg lubing his back door. Macy was still desperately working his cock when Emma finally slid a finger into the tight hole. Greg bucked a bit as various noises left his throat but only encouraged Emma.

She felt around as her finger slowly fucked his ass. It was the way his sphincter tightened around her finger followed by his moan that Emma found what she was looking for. She then worked at kneading that spot which only seemed to create more grunts and moans. Greg gave a louder grunt than before as his body locked up with his hips thrusting forward. Emma gave him a similar slap on his ass as she did to Macy earlier causing his hips to thrust forward further. Emma heard Macy gagging followed up by coughing.

Emma smirked at that as she removed her finger from Greg and took off the glove and discarded it. As she reached the front of Greg with Macy still on her knees with her head hanging down, Emma grabbed Macy by the hair and pulled her head back so she was looking up at her. Emma saw multiple streams of cum across Macy's face including in one eye and some of it even making it into her hair. She kept a straight face while internally smirking as she stared Macy's one wide-eyed face.

"That is another demerit for failing to be a proper submissive cocksucking slut and not swallowing all of his load."

"But… but I rarely ever swallow."

"Seriously," Emma thought while trying not to show her true feelings or roll her eyes.

"Stick out your tongue."

Slower than Emma would have liked, Macy eventually did. Emma worked on scooping up what cum she could from Macy's face and chest. She fed and scraped most of it onto the waiting tongue. Emma got as much of it as she was willing to at this point.

"Keep your tongue out and don't swallow yet. Now you will stand up and kiss your husband and properly share what you failed to take initially. I suggest you savor it, both of you, as I doubt you will be touching each other much until the date is over."

Emma let go of Macy's hair and looked at the grimace on Greg's face. It was clear he didn't like this idea but she knew he would do it without complaint. Macy slowly stood up staring at her husband with her tongue still out before leaning forward. As the kiss started, Emma got to work on releasing Greg from the cuffs of the suspension bar after she lowered it so he was solidly on his feet.

"Now we are likely going to be late for the start of dinner, my pets. So you have five minutes to get dressed. There are accessories that are laid out. All are optional but will reward merits for wearing them. There are some that take up similar spots or be the same but different variants. From left to right, you get more merits from the items further to the right. Only I know the exact amounts.

Remember this is a competition and only one of you will be rewarded later and the other to receive double the punishment. Part of the competition right now is for you to edge yourselves as much as possible without orgasms. So keep that in mind. You may need and are encouraged to make it difficult on yourself and force yourself to be creative in meeting that goal. You can gain merits and demerits based on your efforts and ingenuity or lack thereof.

You will also eat what is served to you. Failure to finish will result in demerits based on the amount left. It will be the same as my dinner which means there is a good chance it won't taste pleasant. On top of that, as pets you won't be allowed to use your hands to eat if you have access to them.

And starting now my pets don't talk except when I give you permission, or when you are thanking someone including me for using you, or to answer a direct question from another human that requires your response. It should be obvious by now what happens when you fail the rules."

Emma grabbed the tag attached to her collar as she spoke more, "The last few things before I send you off to get dressed is that you both be my fluffers this evening. There are others who thought it would be fun to ensure I orally pleasure my dinner guests for dessert each night."

Emma wriggled the tag, "That is what this is. Pets are not included so don't expect any from me at dinner. But there should be seven guests and I don't know anything about them even if they are male, female, or anything else. That means I have seven people to satisfy if they take the offer. You two can help by getting them prepared for me so we may get back here more quickly so you can get changed and maybe do more before the show.

I want both of you doing the best you can to draw interest in them wanting to play with you. There will be gag options should you not want to risk talking as well as avoid not orally pleasuring the guest. There is also a ring gag option for talking reduction but will mean free use of your mouth. You both have different assets to use and should choose your accessories to enhance them while gaining merits and extra time to get ready.

Each accessory picked will earn you a minimum of an extra minute of time to get dressed. The further right the accessory is the more time that is added. Save those that you need help with until the end. When you finish I will score the amount of time it took compared to the time you were allowed based on the accessories and the initial five minutes. Each of you will gain merits or demerits based on the time difference. Don't dally too long. Dolly or I will help you if you need it.

Oh, last thing. Shoes. Punishment shoes for Greg will earn merits and the six inch heels for Macy will if you wish to earn extra rather than wear your initial shoes. Other than your shoes which you both should grab on your way in to get dressed, Greg, your items of dress are in the bathroom. Macy, yours are in the bedroom.

Do you both understand?"

They both acknowledged they did and Emma stated, "Time starts now."

Emma started the timer and then watched some as the two dashed off. After they entered the different rooms to get ready, Emma went back to picking out their outfits for tonight. She grinned as she finalized their outfits and purchased them. They should be delivered by the time they get back from dinner.

It was well past five minutes and Emma was expecting them to start coming out soon unless they went insane with the accessories. That would require help for some and soon Greg called out for help. Dolly made her way to him allowing Emma to wait and see if Macy would need any or would show up soon. Not quite two minutes later Macy walked out.

She was dressed in white chiffon, at least the parts that were covered. The top part was not a bra as much as a really tight band about three inches in width. Macy had tried to stretch the sheer fabric out more but it only seemed to make it more transparent and her protruding nipples more pronounced. The top and bottom of her compressed breasts spilled out. A pair of pink vibrating nipple clamps squeezed around the fabric to force her enlarged clit-like nipples to be bigger than usual from the pressure and stimulation. Emma herself was drooling at the tightness of Macy's breasts and wondered what it would feel like to slide something between her breasts.

The skirt for a lack of a better term was similar to the top but slightly more fabric stretching about five inches in width. She clearly was trying to cover her nether regions leaving the top of the banded skirt very low on her hips. Despite trying to cover herself, the sheer fabric still allowed more than an ample view of what was underneath anyway. And while she walked or moved, the skirt rode up and fully exposed her wet, glistening labia. There was no denying Macy was aroused.

With as much as Macy failed to cover her front, her ass was even more exposed. Some of her extra weight helped fill out her cheeks causing more tension as the fabric dug into her delicate skin. What it did cover was just as see through as every other part. Her cheeks smashed together forming a crevice that even the tight skirt couldn't penetrate. It was also clear she opted out of wearing one of the butt plugs but that didn't surprise Emma.

She had worn her white six inch heels which she had locked on as Emma had hoped. She still had less accessories than Emma had expected. The nipple clamps made Emma excited and happy. Macy opted out of a gag, though that meant her mouth should be available.

All the collar choices fascinated Emma but the one Macy wore was not one Emma thought either would choose. It had two inch long spikes encircling the inch thick black leather collar with a ring in front. In general it looked pretty normal except that instead of the normal flat grommet ends on the inside, each spike went through the leather and ended in a half inch blunted spike. This would mean the more Macy moved her neck or the collar shifted, the more it would rub and cause her irritation. It was a bit more masochistic than what Emma thought either would handle.

Her ankles were covered by leather cuffs and an eight inch chain in between. But the final accessory was the padded mittens she had her hands in but weren't fully on yet. She had asked for help with them as she exited. Emma graciously finished strapping them on and asked her if she wanted them bound in front or back. She let Emma choose, which left the mitten covered hands behind her back, slightly forcing her chest out more.

Emma took a moment to finish looking her over and turned up the vibrating nipple clamps with the remote she had for it. Emma smirked as Macy gasped at the increased intensity of pleasure. Emma wasn't in the mood to let her off easy as one had slipped down to Macy's crotch. The wetness Emma felt told her everything she wanted to know as she slowly started rubbing Macy's nether regions but avoiding her clit. Emma lowered herself just enough while stroking Macy to flick her tongue at the erect nipples sticking out from Macy's chest. The loud, exaggerated moan from Macy only encouraged Emma more as her hand found Macy's love button while her tongue and mouth worked the phallic-like nipples. Macy moaned and panted while struggling to use her partially bound body. When Emma thought Macy was about to orgasm, she quickly stopped touching her and moved away.

"Nooo! Please finish me. Please, I was so close. I'm so horny, Miss Emma. I'll…"

Emma interrupted her, "You will be desperate and horny the rest of the night and get to show me and others who and what you truly are. You had better hope you win if you want any chance at relief tonight."

Macy whimpered as she responded, "Yes Miss Emma."

"It only gets harder as the night goes," Emma said before turning her head to the new arrival, "for both of you."

Now that Greg exited the bathroom and Dolly moved off to the side as she exited, Emma decided to inspect her other pet. Emma couldn't hide her smile as she looked at him. He definitely went more all in compared to his wife on much of it. A little less in areas she knew he wasn't as comfortable but still at least explored a bit.

Emma wasn't sure if he was trying to hide his identity or wanted a hood that fully covered his head. His eyes were temporarily exposed as the hood had a built in mask but she needed him to see when they walked to and from dinner at least. His mouth was also exposed but he had chosen the second largest ring gag she had laid out. Everything else was covered though there were enough small holes around his ears to allow a bit of sound in.

Whether his hood was locked on was irrelevant with a posture collar around his neck. It pushed up against his chin adding extra pressure to the ring holding his mouth wide open. Neck and head movement would be minimal at best. He even had the black bow tie that was part of his outfit around the collar.

His upper body was partially covered in straps that led to his arms secured behind his back in a tight box tie. His hands were also encased by metal balls locked at his wrists. Greg wasn't much for pain, neither was his wife really, so Emma was surprised he wore nipple clamps. They were probably the weakest in terms of pain and unpleasantness of the assortment she had given them to choose from. The tweezer-like clamps, with rubber tips, pinched his small nipples but no extra weight besides a small chain between the two hung there.

Greg's waist and groin were covered by the rest of his costume with a bonus accessory. The costume started with black boxer brief made of spandex with a hole with a rubber ring in the front which his cock and balls were pulled through. There was a cutout in the back that left his anus exposed. Over the spandex boxer briefs came a latex thong with a sheath for his erect penis. Emma wanted to snicker as the sheath had a little meter on it, like a measuring device on it which read some interesting states based on where his erection or lack of had ended. It reminded her of a condom though a bit thicker. Currently it reads in small letters, "Fill my rear for growth."

The bonus accessory was a combination cock ring and buttplug. This meant he was wearing two cock rings with the second being made of metal that went over the latex sheath. A steel bar was attached to the bottom as it wrapped under and slid past the pulled aside latex thong before burying its other end into Greg's anus. Emma knew the plug wasn't very large at all but it had a remote control to stimulate him with various vibrations that would reverberate not just in his ass but down to the cockring as well.

His legs were actually smooth as Emma wondered if he chose or was forced to shave his legs. Either way it would go well for his outfit for the show.

As Emma looked down at his feet, she understood Macy's comments. The shoes were truly hideous and had to be quite embarrassing to be seen in them. Still Emma was quite glad he chose to wear them. She didn't fully see the straps to the shoes as they were covered by a pair of ankle cuffs with an eight inch chain just like his wife. It was the smallest she set out as she didn't want to take all day walking and this would slow them down and make things difficult enough already.

Emma lightly caressed the sheathed penis as she spoke in a sultry tone, "Your erection meter says your ass needs to be filled more. If your a good little boy, I may give your ass a proper fucking until I milk you dry, probably with your cage on. If you decide to not win, well, I may just violate in ways you never dreamed of. Maybe I would use my fist before double fisting you."

Emma shivered in erotic pleasure that coursed through her body as Greg made noises in response.

"Shh! No need to answer. I want you to think about it and the many things I can do to you when you win or lose, footsie. That is who you two are tonight, footsie and titclits, my pets."

Emma grabbed a second remote and hit a button. She watched Greg squirm as the cockring plug came to life. She noticed a bit of life as soft spasms in the latex sheath. She didn't mind torturing him a bit more as she wrapped her hand around his member and stroked him to near orgasm before she let go.

Emma smiled at her two pets as she said, "You both gave me something to play with during dinner but we are late and should head out."

Emma grabbed a few items including a crop along with leashes.

As they both slowly followed Emma pulled by their leashes, Emma took the time to ask Macy a question since Greg was gagged.

"You two have had others take charge, how has that gone?"

Macy's face kind of twisted in a jumble of different feelings as she thought about the question.

"We live in a small community. The nearest big enough city takes more than an hour to get to and from each way. We occasionally tried seeking out a professional or two in the city but the time we spent there was an hour or two. Add in the drive and cost of things, it left it underwhelming.

That left us mostly with friends. Most of them tried once but they were not into it. That left two people who have done it multiple times.

First is Greg's best friend. It usually meant him tied up and forced to watch and me tied up and fucked when his friend was around. He even found out I like dressing Greg up. So Greg is now always dressed for him and locked away while periodically sucking his best friend's cock while I am tied to the bed, usually, waiting my turn.

He even locked him in chastity for about six months and would come use me when he wanted and would allow me to let Greg out once a week to cum on my feet before licking it all up. Then again, Greg would probably lick or eat just about anything off my feet. My feet and pussy are about the only parts of me he pays any real attention to. Well except my ass which is a firm no."

Macy paused whether reflecting or just lost in some thought.

She didn't continue or speak up after a bit so Emma asked, "And the other person?"

Emma’s question brought Macy back to the present with facial expressions that contained both a sneer and a frown within them.

Macy eventually let out a long drawn out sigh before she answered, "The other was my best… former best friend. I don't know. In the beginning, she was the best we had so far. She made us both serve her. She would take over our house and treat us like servants and use us in a variety of ways. She was attentive to us both. She was definitely into all of it so we had lots of fun."

Macy once again stopped with a deep frown and said no more.

Emma decided to ask anyway despite this likely being an upsetting memory, "Sounds like something happened that turned south. Would you care to share?"

"She abused the situation once. She had broken up with her boyfriend and stayed with us over a month. She locked me in chastity and used my husband as her personal fucktoy. There was much more but it just makes me angry."

Emma apologized for bringing up a sore subject. She wanted to move on to more pleasant things but they were interrupted by others heading to dinner. By the time they made it to the dining hall, she gave them their final instructions. This included what she expected and wanted from them as well as signals to increase or decrease the vibrators each were wearing.

Emma made her way to the table with her two pets and apologized for her tardiness. With her pets settled on each side of her, she took her own seat. Dinner had already been served including hers and her pets. She realized there was no way Greg could eat with the gag on so she temporarily removed it when they got there so her pets could try to drink it from a straw. The pink smoothie-like drink in front of her actually smelled pleasant, thankfully. She would have felt bad if others had to smell her lunch again.

Emma took her time inspecting the guests at the table while sipping her dinner which was definitely more pleasant than lunch. Around the table she found six men and a woman. Five of the men seemed to have come together and after introduction it was verified as they were co-workers. One of them also had a bound and fully hooded pet that was thoroughly gagged and looked none too comfortable. The other two guests were there individually at least for dinner.

Emma didn't want to forget about her own pets as she turned the vibrators up slightly to ensure some extra stimulation as they worked towards finishing their food. The sounds from both of them let her know it worked but also drew the attention of some of the others at the table. It led to questions about Emma’s pets which led her to explain that they won the drawing for a date with her at a show tonight. She also gave a brief run down of their little competition and the expectations which piqued the interest of at least a few of them.

Emma finished her dinner quickly along with her pets which lined up well with the others who had started eating before she arrived. She excused herself from the conversation to fix Greg's gag and put his blindfold on. Upon sitting down, she turned up both vibrators and listened as footsie and titclits started moaning. She had no doubt the noises and likely their actions were on display when the rest of the attention at the table switched to her pets. She couldn't help but smirk.

There was plenty of discussion from four of the five co-workers about their wives and the lack of respect and even disdain some had of them. The fifth one was apparently single and newer but no less slimy in Emma’s opinion. They didn't value women and treated them expendable. Emma had no idea why they were at her table besides the leering and inappropriate comments such as to whether she was worth gangbanging as she wasn't all that impressive. Emma felt bad for their wives but more so the hooded pet who hopefully couldn't hear the conversation.

Eventually they started playing with her pets and surprisingly Greg got more attention from them then she expected. Their comments towards him weren't pleasant but nothing they said that she heard had been. But she figured Greg thrived off of stuff like this based on his list of fetishes as well as what Macy had done to him. Both of her pets already had cocks in their mouth meaning she will have to finish off these guests soon.

Emma took a moment to look at the pet on the other side of the table. Her body was toned and in pretty good shape, she clearly took care of it. Her face was hidden underneath a hood that blinded and gagged her. She didn't eat with the rest of them. The only other thing partially covering her naked body were the leather cuffs around her wrists. Emma knew she didn't know the woman but she still felt bad for her as she couldn't imagine having a husband who looked down on her and other women. Then again maybe the woman got off on that sort of treatment. Emma didn't really know.

Instead, Emma moved on to her last two guests who had been slightly overshadowed by the other group. Soreena was a Romanian woman who at times seemed a bit curt. Emma wasn't sure if it was normal demeanor as she was clearly used to being in charge or her lack of comfort speaking English as it definitely wasn't her main language. Her accent was sexy with sultry undertones at times in the conversation. Her dress and posture looked stiff but at the same time fit in with her personality and the image she seemed to want to portray.

The other guest, Javier, was practically drooling but not because of Emma. His eyes were clearly on Soreena since she got there. He may have originally come to meet Emma but he had a new infatuation. The two had talked amongst themselves separate from the others so it wasn't surprising that they were building something, maybe. Emma didn't mind, she had more than enough attention from others.

Emma still engaged in a brief conversation with them until the others were ready for their dessert.

She found herself on her knees giving multiple blowjobs. Their disparaging comments continued as she ignored them and focused on getting this over with. Her pets entertained those waiting who hadn't finished while Soreena and Javier stayed seated while waiting.

As she finished the last of the five in her mouth, he spoke through a sneer, "I thought you were supposed to be a goddess or something. You are barely better than my useless wife. How pathetic."

Emma wasn't in the mood to continue being treated like this. She had done her voluntary duty. His flaccid cock was still in her face and she smirked as her anger welled up. He started talking again but Emma’s hand reached up and snatched his balls. She barely squeezed but he squealed like a pig. It was quite an appropriate sound in Emma’s opinion.

"Alright Mister Piggy, I am willing to give a public demonstration right now. Are you up to the challenge of seeing what this lowly woman who is barely better than your wife can do to you?"

"Fuck you cunt. I'll…"

He squealed more as Emma gave his testicles another light squeeze. She saw some of his friends move forward as she stood up and released him.

"I'll take that as a no to a demonstration then."

"You'll pay for that. You…"

Emma felt a hand on her shoulder as a familiar masculine voice asked, "Is there a problem, gentlemen?"

"That cunt assaulted me and needs to be punished. And who the fuck are you?"

Emma looked over at the man next to her as he asked, "Did you?"

She shrugged her shoulders and responded, "If I assaulted him, he wouldn't be standing right now. Though the five piggies have been verbally assaulting me and every female, including his wife," she pointed at the hooded pet on the other side of the table, "all through dinner. Though apparently he was upset that he blew his load faster than his fellow swine. I just gave his testicles a bit of a massage to help him feel better about his performance issues."

The man snarled and looked like he was about to explode as his face reddened to the point it started turning purple. Before he could speak, the man next to her chimed in, "I am Master Zell and I run the main club plus a few others on this ship. I am also an invested owner of this cruise. Now I am sure this is a misunderstanding and I can offer to take you to where you can find what you are looking for as far as entertainment."

Zell had already stepped forward and worked on diffusing the situation. At one point he looked at Emma and winked. She went back to the table as some of the tension drained out of her. This wasn't her day. She tuned out Zell and the guys and now turned her attention to her last two guests.

"Can I offer you two any dessert?"

While Javier looked her way, he didn't respond. Soreena on the other hand spoke up, "I will partake in dessert before I give Javier a chance to impress me beyond offering me his dessert as well. The Unicorn should get over here and give me double dessert as we both will be busy after."

Emma soon found herself on her knees between the Romanian dommes legs. Soreena sent Javier over to Emma's pets to keep them stimulated. With Soreena's skirt pulled up, Emma saw the thick, moist bush as the smell of heavy arousal invaded her nostrils. She wasn't sure what caused the arousal but never had time to contemplate as Soreena grabbed her by the hair and forced her face first into the earthy musk-like scented beaver.

Emma started getting to work immediately as Soreena was not letting up on her grip of Emma’s hair. What Emma hadn't realized was Soreena had also gotten ahold of her crop until Emma felt the mild sting on her backside. That only encouraged Emma to increase her effort as each successive hit turned her on more.

The Romanian domme did not let Emma have a moment of respite until both orgasms were finished. As she finally stopped her cropping of Emma and released her hair, Emma’s lower face was dripping with Soreena's love juices as they continued to cascade down the front of her catsuit. Emma was trying to catch her breath as Soreena palmed her chin and forced her to meet her eyes.

"Your oral needs improvement but your enthusiasm was perfect. If only my submissives and slaves kept the focus and motivation you did as I whipped you."

Soreena had managed to collect some of her juices from Emma’s chin into her hand and slowly fed them to Emma. She slid two fingers into Emma's mouth as she continued talking, "When you are ready to improve your oral abilities or look to serve me fully, seek me out. My discipline will be harsh but you supposedly thrive on it and I plan to test your resolve."

Emma stared wide-eyed back at Soreena as she continued to suck on the dommes fingers in her mouth. The aching in Emma’s groin flared up as her arousal continued to skyrocket. The serious faced domme pulled her fingers out of Emma’s mouth and stood up. Her soaking muff in Emma’s face and tickling her nose before her skirt dropped causing Emma to flinch enough to break contact. Emma was still on her knees as she watched Soreena straighten her skirt and the rest of her clothing.

With a light tap on her cheek by the crop, Soreena spoke more, "No need to thank me or speak at all. Enjoy your evening and your pets, Miss Unicorn. Now open up."

Emma opened her mouth and her crop was set between her teeth.

As she closed her mouth to hold it Soreena added, "Until we meet again."

Emma stayed on her knees with the crop in her mouth as Soreena gathered Javier and made her exit. Emma’s eyes followed her out as did most everyone who was still there. Soreena didn't wear a corset or have much in the way of curves. What she did have was an aura of authority that allowed her hips, ass, and legs to be the focus of her gait as she exited.

Dammit, she thought to herself. More options and not enough time. Worse is she slipped so easily again into her submissive mode and now needed to quickly refocus. At least dinner ended on a higher note than where it was going minutes before.

With a sigh Emma finally got to her feet and removed the crop from her mouth. She gathered footsie and titclits as they needed to get dressed for the show. There was plenty more to go this evening and Emma was trying to suppress the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and doom. This day had been far too emotional for her. She took a deep breath and tried to clear her thoughts to one.

Enjoy the experience.


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