Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Continues from

Part 10. Uni-cows

Emma walked slowly behind Ophelia, who held three leashes, Emma’s being the middle one that came from the group. Kit/'it' and Victoria/Unworthy on either side crawling and on fours as they made their way to the ranch. The three of them were all dressed similarly. A collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs locked together by heavy chains. Each also wore chastity belts, corsets, and ballet boots. That was the base attire worn for those who worship the Unicorn Goddess.

It was the extras that made them different and special. The large bell on their collars. The headbands with furry cow print ears. The belt with the tail. These all gave the impression they were hucows when one noticed each of them had leaky lactating breasts. It was the head harness with the horn-like dildo that made them different. Uni-cows as their Princess referred to them.

Though one last accessory was added before they had headed out. That was the ring gag in each of their mouths. This left Ophelia to mostly carry on the conversation herself. Emma tried talking through the gag when she felt the need to respond. They were currently listening to Ophelia recount Kit's reaction after the lactation drug started taking effect.

"… She's rubbing her cute tiny nubs, moaning in pleasure. She eventually grabs her pierced nipples and screams out, 'I think I am finally going through puberty!' Then proceeded to thrust her mildly swollen nubs forward as she continued to play with them and moan. It was so cute. She was and probably still is proud of her growth. I wouldn't be surprised if she sneaks more injections in hopes to increase her size."

Ophelia looked back at Kit with a smile knowing she was blushing.

"It's okay, my pet. I know you love being humiliated. You can try to get big girl boobies but you will likely lose some of the appeal that quite a few see in you. Your small stature and frame with your relatively flat chest and baby face is a huge turn on for some. And whether you have bigger boobs or not, will not change how we feel about you. We just want you to be happy."

They were close enough for Emma to see the entrance to the permanent part of the ranch reserved on the ship. It had been a slow trip between the crawling uni-cows and people stopping them to talk and ask questions. Mostly it was Ophelia who interacted with them. Many of the questions focused on the three being led but there were more than a few questions and offers for the maid herself.

As they continued at a slow pace forward, Ophelia commented, "It is interesting to be on this side of things. I want to say that I am bringing my three whores to the brothel to work but that isn't accurate. More like I am bringing my pets to be bred. Though that actually makes me feel even better in a sense. I will finally make money off of Unworthy getting fucked rather than the other way around. And she isn't even considered human, much less than a whore. She's just mere livestock."

Ophelia laughed as Victoria whimpered next to Emma.

"I have no idea if you knew about what will happen, my unicorn. You let Miss Keys make the arrangements. You allowed her to make those choices for you. The only thing I changed was your lovely horn so people had a third option since you are all rather inept and handicapped down there. I have no idea what you get from this, only what these two get as I set up theirs. 'it' will keep half her profits as the ranch will keep the rest. I will get the fifty percent Unworthy earns. That only counts for the income earned outside of your milk. Those earnings go fully to the ranch for today."

Ophelia chattered about things until they were inside the ranch. Emma looked around briefly on the way in. The metal frames from the hallways changed and covered by wooden walls and structures giving in a more realistic look you would expect from a ranch. In many ways the entrance seemed like the front of a barn. The initial hallway was open and offered previews and services.

She saw kennels containing human dogs, cats, and some other kinds of animals that were apparently available to rent or play with. There were a couple of stalls with a pony girl and pony boy on display. Off to the side a male trainer was putting his pony girl through various steps of her training for those watching to see. Emma didn't really get a chance to watch.

There was another area with a couple of stalls. A lovely hucow getting milked for everyone to see in one. Another had what appeared to be a male who was getting his cock milked. He also had pumps attached to his nipples with a chest no bigger than Kit pumping out milk.

In another area was a wooden fence area. Based on the squealing coming from there she assumed it was a pig pen but there was not much spacing to see much from where she was walking.

There seemed to be a number of exits from the main hall. Many leading to other areas of the ranch which included stalls, pens, kennels, medical facilities, grooming and feed areas. There was also sun coming from one large open doorway. The sign over it was labeled 'Pasture.' Emma only caught a glimpse of green that looked like grass and some movement as she had to focus walking in her ballet boots.

Their group was soon intercepted by a man, who was shirtless in overalls, boots, and a hat. He was a ranch hand who worked there and helped guests. Ophelia explained who they were and he guided them to the VIP area. He explained various things about the VIP area like the private rooms and booths people could rent to watch the action while having their own fun. He explained the access guests had and what they could do depending on the livestock on display. He also explained the room was customizable for the different livestock and what services each were providing as needed.

They had finally reached where Nathan was currently at. The ranch hand bid them farewell and left. Nathan was busy helping set up a pony girl in her stall. That gave Ophelia a moment to check on them to ensure they were okay.

Emma took the opportunity to look at the ponygirl. At that moment the pony girl's back was to them. Her mane, as Emma imagined it, was jet black as it squeezed out of the top of the hood she wore and slightly splayed down her back. It was loosely tied at multiple points until it ended just below her knees where it was tied off in a mini braid with what appeared to be a leather thong with multiple bells woven in. It looked like she had a posture collar and a head harness or possibly a bridle from the back. Her arms were pulled tightly together by tight straps holding her elbows and wrists together. Her hands were encased to look like hooves. A leather harness encircled her body leaving her lower area exposed so that she had a long bushy tail. Her feet to her calves were encased in boots to also give her hooves. Emma could clearly tell she was either standing en pointe or close to it.

As Emma continued her inspection, the pony was turned and faced towards her. She was able to verify the body harness and posture collar. The hood was open faced. A bit gag dug in the sides of her mouth. The rings on the sides of the gag had three straps to help displace some of the pressure and secure it more. She didn't show any distress and was pretty sure she couldn't force it out on her own. Blinders were attached over the bridle forcing the pony to only look forward which meant just at the four of them. Her eyes widened briefly but Emma was unsure why.

What Emma hadn't expected was the metal contraption over her breasts. It seemed like a metal band wrapped around the base of each breasts with thin metal rods arcing over her breasts to a ring that circled her areolas. They seemed to surround and constrict her breasts like they were in a cage even as bits of flesh squeezed through the openings. There also seemed to be a smaller cage over the ring but it only had four rods that fold about an inch above the ring. The vertical bar, if she could call it that, was just slightly lower than the horizontal bar. The pony's nipples were both pierced and elongated through the bars to accommodate the stretching she was enduring while wearing this. The ring was small enough her breast couldn't pull through.

It looked painful and downright sexy to Emma. The pony girl was quite attractive but it was the whole vision of the pony girl bound and controlled that had had Emma turned on. The ache and discomfort in her abdomen being a constant reminder of her own situation. What Emma didn't see was another member of the group equally if not more aroused by the pony girl in front of them. Emma couldn't wait for her own experience as a pony girl later in the trip.

Emma was still a bit entranced when Nathan's voice permeated her hazy thoughts, "She is a beauty, isn't she? This is Primadonna. The most prized mare of the ranch. She'll be on display much of the trip as her ten year contract is coming to an end and this virgin mare is to be bred. So the rights to be the sperm donor are up for auction."

Ophelia was the only one not gagged and able to speak clearly, "How does that work?"

Primadonna neighed and Nathan patted her as he looked at her. Nathan smiled as he tied off the pony girl's reins to the stall before stepping out, "Sorry we are still working on the technology for the sounds each animal makes. Mostly we have to read body language to understand anyways. I don't know if she is saying actual words or being feisty and making noise. We find pets and livestock shouldn't talk so we have been developing a collar for years for proper communication for each type of animal we have. But she has not had an actual human word bypass the translation collar in her time with us. Though some of you will be getting that experience soon for your…what did you call it?"

Ophelia responded, "Uni-cows."

"Yes, your uni-cow experience. Though I am afraid we only have normal cow collars for you.

Back to your question, it's different for every contract. Primadonna is very much a virgin. She signed her contract on her eighteenth birthday. After her medical exam and other evaluations, she was put in a secure chastity device much smaller than the ones you wear. But she has had no penetration and her clit is also sealed, taking away any chance of orgasms or pleasure from it since she got here.

Her total focus has been training and performing at shows up till now. Despite having to learn to live with the side effect of heightened arousal from her diet. Some have even suggested she has been in heat for nearly ten years. It is also how her breasts were sealed away for now. She kept using them to try and get off. After repeated warnings she kept doing it more, making me think she wanted this done.

Among the circles of human pony competitions, she has been in the top five every year but her first. The top ten is ridiculously hard to get to and makes each one in it highly prestigious. Add in that she was number one for six of those years."

Nathan paused for a moment looking at the four of them, "Uh hmm. Sorry for bragging a bit. She has done so much to build up the respect and prestige of the ranch. That doesn't count how she has financially helped through those actions. But to try and finish, her contract states she was to be bred at the end of it. Not by a human though. She was willing to be a surrogate if the insemination was done through an artificial horse cock."

There were gasps from the four of them. Though they had questions, Nathan suggested they moved on to what they were there for. He started talking as they walked further along the room.

"I am really glad you could make it Miss Emma. There were lots of rumors swirling around this morning and the buzz for your visit has been crazy since I was able to first announce it yesterday. While there are people here in the VIP section, there is a line specifically for you three waiting to get their chance. You will see part of it in a moment as we get to your bay. And I never thought I would get the lovely Victoria in here once, much less three days in a row at least for milking."

Victoria grunted through her gag but Ophelia quickly hushed her.

Ophelia did decide to comment, "I am sure in her own way she is happy to help a fellow owner."

"It is Kit, correct?"

A muffled "Ehth," came in response through the ring gag.

Nathan looked back at Kit as they slowly moved through the hall, "Don't think I don't value you as much as the other two here. I am pleased Princess O brought you as well. You are an untapped market that has been in demand but we haven't found anyone quite like you to help fill it, even temporarily. The small to flat chested milk debate has gone on for years. We tested on males more so than females with a lack of volunteers. And my guess is by the way you and Miss Emma were looking at Primadonna, you were either interested in her or being a pony girl. Maybe both. Just know you are welcome to visit and try out my ranch at no cost including you, Princess O, if you have time and the desire."

The noise had been picking up a bit as they moved along. There were guests walking around and taking part in some of the other attractions around. They eventually rounded the corner and Emma could see what he meant by the line. When someone noticed them and shouted, there was a loud cheer. Emma, herself, was a bit embarrassed.

It felt a little overwhelming as her emotions were frayed a bit from this morning still. She was glad she had the gag as it gave her an excuse not to talk as she tried to just focus on walking. Subconsciously her body was trying to betray her as she felt herself getting turned on at the thought of being milked and bred. On top of that were the images of the pony girl and her desire to experience being one. She sucked in a deep breath and told herself, "Enjoy the experience."

There was extra help to get the three of them set up and mounted into place. Since the horns on their heads were being used, they were being put on the knees with a low bench to support their weight. Extra precaution was used to stabilize and secure their necks. Their wrists and ankles were shackled to the corners of the frame along the floor, leaving them basically on all fours.

Each of their breasts were left exposed by the opening in the bench below them. The milking machines were set up. Nathan had asked and they had agreed and given something to extend their lactation as they would be there hours. This increased and extended their milk production hopefully through the entire time they were there. The whirling of the machines followed by the opening and closing of the pumps caught Emma’s attention. She also picked up the whimpers followed by moans from the stalls on each side of her.

She soon felt the suction of the first pump attached. With the sensitivity of her nipple and her breasts overall, the initial sensation was odd to Emma. First off her breasts were heavy and full already creating different feelings and sensations. It was the main reason beside the ballet boots themselves, which she was still learning to fully walk comfortably in, that forced her to focus more on her walking. Her heavier breasts were unnatural to her and threw off her usual balance on the slow trip here.

The other part that created the odd sensation was what the pump was doing to her nipple. As it tried to create the seal during the first suction, there was a pull and stretching of the areola and the flesh caught inside the base connecting to her. It caused Emma a bit of irritation and slight burning and she understood why there were some whimpers. This was the cleaning and sterilization portion as well as the stimulus to get their breasts to begin fully releasing the milk. With the seal seemingly fixed in place, the pump released the pressure and the sensation changed, reverberating throughout her breast.

After a few seconds, the pump started again and the vacuum sucked, pulled, and stretched making the flesh inside the vacuum expand and elongate slightly. She could feel some of her milk leak. Then the release came for a few seconds as the process started repeating. Her body was in a frenzy as moans started coming out of her mouth. She barely noticed the second pump put on her other breast until she realized the rhythm. One breast, no udder, she thought. One udder would be milked for a few seconds while the other received a few seconds rest. Then the pressure immediately switched at the same time oscillating back and forth for both udders.

Emma was in heaven and hell at the same time. Like the others, her moaning was getting louder. She was so turned on. Her udders felt amazing. Her vaginal walls and abdomen were fighting against the evil device inside of her. She knew she could orgasm if she wanted to but it would come at a price. She remembered her talk about the spirit of her chastity. It was the denial she wanted when she put the belt on over a month ago, to spend her trip denied and heavily teased by just about everything. The last two days taught her she didn't need stimulation at least with how excited she had been on the cruise so far. Despite the extreme pleasure, she kept reminding herself, she wasn't permitted to cum and denial was her reward.

The cleaning and prep cycle ended, dropping Emma from her reverie. As Emma's mind cleared, her last instructions were given. They explained the cycles would change to help her prolonged stay be more enjoyable and not cause damage. They removed Emma’s ring gag letting her know that guests can add or remove it so they will leave it off to let her ask any last second questions. She was far too worked up and unable to think clearly to come up with any. They gave her a panic button to push if she was suffering any type of distress. And that all of them would be monitored and physically checked quite often between guests visits for hygiene purposes.

Soon the collar was active around her neck preventing her from talking. After enough sounds when words, moans, or noises in general, the collar would give one of a couple variations of a "moo" at random. The pumps were reactivated and her milking officially started. Emma’s eyes glazed over as she was lost in her own ecstasy nearing her subspace.

After likely a few minutes, Emma came mostly back to reality. She noticed about twenty feet from the stall in front of her was what looked like a TV recording camera. There seemed to be a small crowd behind and off to the sides of it. She then picked up a voice going through the speakers and realized Ophelia was talking.

"… to work out at a later date if necessary. I do want to give an introduction to each lovely uni-cow."

Emma couldn't move her head so she had to use her eyes and her periphery along with her hearing to help locate Ophelia. It definitely seemed she was to Emma's left. Though if she had been paying attention she would have noticed the camera facing that way. There was a gasp from the crowd followed by a grunt from Ophelia before she spoke again.

"Sorry, I have a strong desire to break in these lovely horns as I introduce them. We will start with this lovely heifer. Some of you know her and she is here in support of her Goddess. As her Goddess decreed though, she is the lowest of the low but still her initial worshiper. That earned her the well deserved name of Unworthy. At least for today, it hopefully makes her just worthy enough for your attention. "

A short time later the maid walked past Emma to the stall on the other side. She turned towards Emma and gave her a wink on her way by. Emma was doing her best to focus on Ophelia while she was semi-present, mentally. Another grunt was followed by the next introduction.

"This lovely animal has her own uniqueness. One that a certain group has been waiting for. A cow with minuscule udders is pretty rare from what I understand but in demand. She's an exhibitionist who enjoys humiliation, objectification, and pet play among other things. But this second worshiper of the Unicorn Goddess was given the name Kit after their first foray in the cat pit together opening night."

Ophelia eventually made it into Emma's stall. She walked towards Emma with her exaggerated sashay. Bending down in front of Emma at the waist so they were face to face, Ophelia lifted her hand and traced Emma’s lips. Her fingers were damp if not slightly sticky.

She quietly whispered, "Enjoy your taste of me."

There was plenty of noise from the crowd and Emma had little doubts Ophelia gave them a peek at what was under her uniform. She didn't mind as she smiled at Emma before standing up. She turned to face the crowd and shifted as she mounted Emma’s horn. With another grunt, Emma felt her reach the base and a wiggle her butt a bit. She proceeded to slowly fuck herself on the horn as she started her last introduction.

"Does this one truly need an introduction?"

There was a roar with a mixture of responses.

"I introduced her to the ship less than two days ago. This beautiful, sexy, majestic creature is what many of you are here for. She is taking time in her adventure, much like the other two on either side of her, to allow a different form of interaction with her. So if I must, I introduce to you my lovely Unicorn or as those who desire to worship her, the Unicorn Goddess… Now I must head back to my maid duties and you guys can enjoy the lovely uni-cows while they are here."

Emma felt Ophelia pick up the pace as she slid up and down her horn. She heard a little squeal as she felt Ophelia shudder in her own orgasm. She stayed there mounted and shaking a bit before finally unmounting. She turned towards Emma again and Emma felt the pressure on her horn again. Ophelia then bent at the knees this time and kissed Emma. Her tongue forced its way into Emma's mouth as she realized she was trying to feed her some of her juices from the horn. Soft moans came from Ophelia before she broke away.

"Enjoy the experience, I'll be back for you later," were her parting words as she flipped up the back of her skirt and petticoat to show Emma she wasn't wearing panties or anything else underneath.

It didn't take long for people to come by and take photos or touch her. There were issues being resolved over how many and what order those who wanted to use them sexually. It's not like Emma had any say right then. Other than the panic button, she didn't have much way to potentially communicate until it was over. Instead she decided to focus on the pleasure she was receiving due to being milked. Her groin ached and caused her pain and frustration. She worked her mind to the rhythm of the pain and pleasure she felt lost focus on what was around her.

She was broken from her world of bliss and brought back to reality. She had felt something touch her lips. As her eyes focused, she saw the pelvic region of someone with the tip of their penis prodding her lips. Still in a daze and being exceptionally horny, she instinctively opened her mouth and took the length. As she couldn't move, she was face-fucked, though it was slow and caring to start.

As she adjusted to the cadence when she felt the tail attached to her belt tickle her as it slid over her exposed ass and off to the side. A calloused hand grabbed one of her ass cheeks and she felt the cold sensation of lube touch her rear hole. What she assumed was a finger enter followed by a second finger shortly. The lube still cool around the warm digits as her sphincter was slowly stretched.

Despite her moaning, it was all unheard except the occasional 'moo.' She was definitely turned on by the various sensations including the pain in her groin and abdomen area. But she also felt the erotic feeling of being an animal, only able to make sounds like them no matter what human noises she made. It actually helped her relax and kept her from thinking as much. As long as the sexual acts weren't too intense, she felt she might be able to recuperate, at least mentally, like others suggested. Being livestock, immobile, and nonvocal limited her but simplified everything. She could just exist and not care.

That didn't stop interruptions especially once the fingers were removed from her rectum and replaced by a penis. This one was flesh as she felt its warmth and the twitching. Soon the person behind her gathered their own rhythm and Emma was turning into a horny mess. It was the best and worst. She wanted to cum but also knew she shouldn't. She didn't know how much the drugs injected in her affected her libido and her mental or emotional state, not just the lactation.

She vaguely remembered the guy in her mouth slam home once last time. It should have forced her to gag reflex but didn't as she couldn't move as the hot streaming spurts of cum into the back of her mouth and throat. She swallowed as best she could as he pulled out slightly and finally took a breath again. He instructed her to clean it and she immediately got to work with her tongue as he started deflating in her mouth.

Not to be outdone, she was still taking it in the rear. As things finished in her mouth, the pace behind her picked up. The calloused hand slapped her outer thigh while the other held on to her hip. The grunts were growing louder even as he stopped, filling her with his seed. The cock in her ass throbbed and expanded slightly each time more came out. The sensitivity she was feeling was unreal.

The two left not long after. She was checked and cleaned up. This went on for hours. One or two people at a time came and used her mouth, ass, and horn as the cycle continued. Most everything seemed to blend together in a haze. The ring gag was added and removed by various people.

Her problems from this morning seemed so far and distant. She just reveled in the pleasure of being milked while enjoying being used and treated like livestock. Emma felt like if she was spanked or whipped, she would have exploded with her next orgasm. Despite the device inside of her to prevent it, she was heavily worked up. She desperately wanted to cum even if some part of her was telling her no. It wasn't like she had a choice in the matter right now.

Maybe it was the vague familiarity of one of the voices, possibly whatever chemicals in her were wearing off, both or whatever, Emma gained enough focus and clarity to pick up some of the conversation of the two people in front of her.

"… the one?" coming from a male voice.

The vaguely familiar female voice responded, "Yes Honey. She is the Unicorn from the first night and the one from yesterday afternoon who passed judgment on your favorite. She was heavily bound when I first saw her yesterday much like today. Then again she was bound and fucked as the Unicorn. Though it looks like she is enjoying herself as usual today if the other times were an indicator."

"And you are okay with this, today? You have been against me doing anything with other women."

"Yes Honey. I suggested it. She got me thinking after yesterday. She is still locked in chastity, permanently if I understand. So my pussy is still the only one I will ever let you touch much less fuck. But we can talk about it later. Let's give her a taste of us."

The woman squatted down in front of Emma, allowing Emma to see her. It took a moment but she recognized the woman from yesterday, Madame Zee. She subconsciously said her name out loud and only received a 'moo' for her efforts. She had her ring gag back in her mouth, not that it mattered in talking. Zee just smiled at Emma as she caressed her cheek and even wiped a bit of drool from Emma’s mouth.

"Your expression suggests you remember me. It is good to see you again. Though we made sure to be the last two for you today, at least sexually, so we didn't ruin it for others. By the way I did go back to my room after the demonstration and totally got railed to the point my cunt raw and sore as fuck. But you are about to get a taste of what it feels like. Even though it is sore, we will start with you licking me. This is kind of like an interview so do your best with your limitations."

Emma wasn't sure what she was interviewing for. She had to make her choice, but truly when she was in her submissive mode she always tried her best, except when she wanted to play a feisty, rebellious submissive. That was more foreplay when she knew she would be feeding her inner painslut. That didn't really match the mellow uni-cow that was in heat while her udders were drained of their life sustaining nectar.

Zee repositioned herself until her pussy was in front of Emma’s mouth and commanded, "LICK!"

Emma stuck her tongue out through the ring gag and gave a long wet lick along the Zee's labia. She was determined to properly pleasure as best she could. Zee even adjusted her height to allow Emma to lick and flick her pearl. Moans were increasing and heavy breathing started above her.

Emma could sense movement behind her and a hand touched her ass giving it a light slap. Her tongue flick Zee's clit a little harder causing a slight shriek. She once again felt the coolness of the lube coat her behind. Although she had been fucked plenty so far and was even a bit sore, her sensitive breasts betrayed as she couldn't wait to see if she came this time as she work the pussy in front of her with more fervor.

"Be gentle, Honey. There is a good chance we will want to keep her or get her to play again. Some more of our sissies need rewards and she gives them excellent chastity sentences," said in a deep husky voice. Her focus changed to Emma when she said, "I hope you're a bit of a size queen who likes them long and thick."

Emma didn't have much time to think about it as she felt the pressure on her slightly gaping rectal sphincter. Maybe it was good others had used her first to stretch her some. The size of what was filling her was larger than anything she had ever taken. Her senses started to overload as she was slowly fucked from behind. Her tongue worked Zee to multiple orgasms. Her breasts and their sensitivity were driving mad to the additional lust they added. At times she was so full when he was in her she struggled to breath with the added tightness of her corset.

It hurt. It felt amazing. She wanted an orgasm. She needed to cum. And a thought popped into her head, "How the hell does that woman and their sissies take it all the time? No wonder she is sore."

Her thoughts were interrupted as Zee spoke again as her knees shook, "Would you like to try this end before our time is up, honey?"

They quickly switched things up as Zee removed the condom from him. He removed her gag as she felt pressure on her back as Zee straddled her like she was riding her back. As he settled into position, she realized why he removed the gag. He was so thick it wouldn't fit it in the ring. She was hesitant to think her mouth was big enough. Maybe her mouth would get stretched like her rear end just did.

He had slid into her mouth as Madame Zee spoke, "I really think we need another female to help balance all the testosterone in the house. We may even be able to expand the sissy harem if we get her or someone like her."

He had thrust deep when she mentioned expanding their harem. She was still amazed that her gag reflex was numb or whatever was happening to it. It prevented her from feeling like she needed to vomit but it didn't help her breathe as he covered her air passages. Thankfully he pulled out enough to allow her to get some air.

But Zee wasn't finished, "Imagine two women training, punishing, and maybe double teaming those pathetic sissy cucks. Then when you decide to take them while I am horny, I will just have her lick and pleasure me so I don't interrupt your time with them as much. Or I can treat her like one of the sissies and Dee-rail her."

He slammed home a little too hard as Emma's throat was not able to handle the size. She really did need it to stretch if she wanted to take it all. Instead it just hurt and she was again without air. He gave her a bit of reprieve again and pulled mostly out.

"Mmm. Yeah. We should definitely ask her if she wants to join us. Maybe kidnap if she doesn't."

Emma didn't like that idea and fought her bounds as Zee's husband pulled out.

"Aw she didn't like the idea of being kidnapped. She isn't one of those even if I was only joking. But our time is running out and I wonder what it feels like to be impaled by her horn."

"I thought only my meat stick gets to enter your cunt?"

Zee had been playing with her horn awhile. Emma didn't know that she was using lube as she stroked it.

"Yes Honey, only your meat stick goes in there. But I have another hole. I may not be into anal, I am willing to experiment today. I am sore from you and tired from the orgasms she gave me. Yet I still want to try, Honey. Fill me with your meat stick and her horn. Make me stuffed."

He quickly went around the side of Emma. She felt the weight lift off her back as Zee let out a squeal followed by giggles. When they came around the front her legs were wrapped around his waist and his cock buried in her. She guided him until she was over the horn and the pressure of it was just against her sphincter.

"Don't you dare drop…"

Emma felt the pressure on her head followed by the guttural scream from Zee.

As she calmed down, she yelled, "You asshole!"

He laughed a bit as responded, "You asked for your ass to be impaled. I gave you your wish. And we don't have time for you to slowly get there anyways. And now you are about to finish getting stuffed and I will not be denied a third time."

With that, he re-entered her forcefully. Both grunted as she called him a "brute."

"I am your brute and you love it when my meat stick brutalizes you."

He thrust deeper into her as she squeaked out a "yes." They paid no mind to Emma as she felt them bounce up and down on her head. There was nothing quiet about the two of them. Zee screamed with moans in between. The panting and grunts increased with a massive grunt from him as she screamed one final time.

Emma couldn't help but respect and lust for that crazy passion she vaguely was a part of. Her issue was she still desired to cum and had no outlet to do so at the moment. She ached physically and mentally. She really hoped the rest of the day was calming and didn't leave her so worked up. Not that her time was over as a uni-cow.

The two of them finished cleaning themselves up and had a short conversation when Zee came back to Emma.

She squatted down as she talked to Emma, "I hope you had a good time and we didn't hurt you too much. I also hope I didn't scare you with the kidnapping joke. I wanted to have fun and hopefully give you reason to maybe play with us some more. You made me realize at least temporarily that having another woman around can be fun and beneficial. I hope we get to spend more time together."

She stood up and walked away to jump into the arms of her husband. It wasn't like she could respond and now had more things to think about. As they walked away, workers came and cleaned her up. She had another half hour to an hour of more visiting. No more sex though. She was starting to think her milking was like sex in of itself.

She did have one last guest she had briefly met before. Mistress Cal showed up with her small army of naked collared men. She was in a dark leather dress today with her black thigh high boots. Emma remembered she was slightly taller than her. In her current state it was irrelevant as she towered over her. Her long legs were seemingly endless.

"Nice to see you again Emma. I was hoping you would have let me know about this event but you are probably incredibly busy. But don't fret, I made sure Unworthy, such an appropriate name, was well taken care of and fully used. You are a bit of an enigma though. In your short time here you have attracted plenty of attention. You even have her submitting to you and playing your games.

She has turned me down more than I care to admit. I should thank you for giving me these opportunities. But it leads me to be more curious about you. Though I am aware I am not the only one. I am still open to a private session or if necessary a public session with you. You can even bring along Unworthy as I definitely wouldn't mind. I know you don't know me or what I want but the same holds true for me. So at minimum getting to know each other a bit could be fun as well. Anyway feel free to contact me. That's Mistress Cal in case you forgot."

What little time was left had more people coming and going. As usual she saw a wide variety of people, outfits, and kinky things. They were there to see the three of them though. Even as she was released a few stragglers hung around. Even Ophelia made it back and attracted a crowd.

As Emma was helped up on her shaky legs, more movement came into her stall. Kit and Victoria had walked over with help and Ophelia left the crowd behind with her bag over her shoulder. She asked the ranch hands who were helping to close the stall so they could have some privacy. As the makeshift doors on the stall only closed to chest height on Emma, Ophelia was searching her bag. She pulled out the clothes Victoria wore when she retrieved Emma and took her to the suite.

Victoria was the first to speak when Ophelia handed over her clothes and heels, "Thank you." She looked over to Emma, "I am really horny. This denial stuff, especially after that, is just cruel. Any chance I get my belt off? Please? I think I would let you do just about anything to me including hurting me if I can just have an orgasm or ten right now."

Emma had a bit of a smirk as she responded, "You are not the only one desperate to get a belt off and get some relief. You at least have an out if you choose but you know the cost."

Victoria whimpered but Emma commented, "Now that I experienced that, I do feel bad putting you through that frustration three days in a row. Well only a little bad. It was definitely surreal. Are you sure you don't want to do this everyday and get those sagging tits you were clamoring about earlier to me?"

Victoria's face was one of shock followed by a scowl as Emma laughed. The other two were snickering as well.

"How are you doing, Kit?"

"I am fine, Goddess. Just adjusting. The experience was quite intense… in a good way."

Victoria finally responded, "The other times were not like this. The sensitive breasts and a certain amount of pleasure while getting pumped was normal. My guess is what they gave us to extend it caused, at least for me, my mind to be hazy and to be so horny. I was like a sex fiend. I wanted any and every touch in hopes to just cum. It was pretty much all I could think about. Yet despite all the effort I put in getting others off, I was denied. And looks like you plan to keep me that way."

"More like a bitch in heat," Ophelia chimed in with the snarky retort.

Victoria gave a little huff, "A bitch in heat is a good metaphor for it.

Maybe you should try it out. While we consented to it, I had never been drugged to that degree. Just make sure you are belted as well to know exactly how we felt."

Victoria sighed, "I don't want to create hostility so I will leave and get dressed elsewhere. I have to get back to my own ship duties. Let me take off these boots first so I can at least walk."

"No!" Ophelia exclaimed and grabbed Victoria's arm and called Kit over to help. "I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I know you are trying and you could stop this at any point. I still have lots of anger towards you and my feelings are confused."

The two of them helped Victoria to the bench Emma had been mounted to most the afternoon.

As they helped her sit, Victoria responded, "It's okay, garotinha. I understand and my hope is to talk with you some more tomorrow at lunch. I love you more than you know which is why I have let this go on for now. But this isn't the place nor the time to talk about it."

Ophelia stopped as she went to unlace Victoria's boot when she heard what she was called. What Emma didn't know was that it had been years since Victoria had called Ophelia that. A tear formed before letting loose down the side of Ophelia's face. Emma could see the turmoil of the different emotions on both women's faces.

There ended up being some minor chatting as they helped get Victoria into her catsuit and fully dressed. She thanked Kit for her help and whispered into Ophelia's ear as she gave her a hug. She eventually cocked her hip with her hand on it and looked at Emma. Emma gave her a slight smile causing her to turn her back to her and bend over.

"You never did answer my question from this morning," Victoria was running a hand over her latex clad ass.

Emma walked forward and smacked the firm ass and asked Ophelia, "Do you have a buttplug in your bag?"

Victoria tried to stand up but Emma pushed down on her back. She didn't fight it too hard but grumbled plenty. Ophelia rifled through her bag and pulled out a medium sized plug while grinning at Emma. Emma unzipped the crotch zipper portion until she had access back there.

"I don't have any lube," Ophelia announced.

"Should we go lubeless?" Emma asked rhetorically.

"No please, Goddess. At least let me use my mouth to give it something," Victoria cried out.

Emma was smiling at her response but it was Kit who asked, "May I get a plug as well? I will gladly use my mouth to lube both of them."

Ophelia pulled out a second plug and Kit got to work lubing them up. Ophelia wasn't idle as she pulled out a third one. After Victoria and Kit were fitted with theirs, Ophelia ensured Emma got hers. Emma finished zipping Victoria back up soon after the plug was in and gave her another slap on her ass.

Allowing Victoria to stand again, Emma turned her until they were face to face again. She reached up and fondled Victoria's latex compressed breasts. Eventually she made it to her nipples and pinched them in a light squeeze causing Victoria to moan. Emma leaned in but stopped a couple inches away from their lips meeting.

"Yes. That is the answer to your question. And thank you for being there for me this morning. I have plenty of my own issues to deal with and I shouldn't have needed yours or anyone else's help."

Victoria went to say something but Emma twisted Victoria's nipples causing her to yelp.

"Hush. While I shouldn't have, it was good that I did. It went a long way towards me reevaluating you and starting to consider you earning some trust. Though I haven't forgotten what you said which is why you will remain Unworthy no matter what you do. But if you want to serve me truly as your Goddess, then you should suffer with me and not expect your chastity to be removed for the remainder of the trip. Remember you still have your out and maybe during role-play depending on what it is I will let you out. But beware of that cost.

I would also like you to wear your plug the rest of the day and tomorrow through lunch at least. This could be the start of training to see if you can learn to orgasm from me fucking your sexy ass. Only with permission of course. Also starting training in your ballet boots. Try to prove you move up at least one level, though the curve is quite steep.

Which also reminds me, lunch at my suite tomorrow. I want you to dress to impress not just me but the future worshipers tomorrow. I'm given you a chance to choose your own outfit as one of my top worshipers for our official key drive. Corset, heels, and belt required minimum but I like how you look dressed up. Make it special for me and show the others why you were first. Can you do that?"

Victoria's eyes were wide at this point but nodded in reply.

"Good. Now part of me wants to kiss you but you are far too unworthy of that… You are worthy of your Goddess giving you this."

Emma twisted Victoria's nipples again promptly causing her to shriek and drop to her knees. She squirmed around trying to get away before begging and pleading for Emma to stop. Emma did let go as she looked down at Victoria with a smirk on her face. Emma helped her stand back up even when it caused her to teeter in her own boots.

"I know you need to go, any last words?"

Victoria's head was dropped submissively as she thought a moment before answering, "As Unworthy, thank you for letting me serve you. I may not like the pain or frustration, but I realize you have no intention of making this easy on me."

She looked up at Emma as she spoke her next words, "As Victoria, I was more than happy to help you this morning. Also remember, we all need help at some point. Don't be too stubborn to take it. And lastly, I know it won't be easy but I hope to at least become your friend one day no matter how everything turns out. I know I am a terrible person thus friendship is difficult to earn and receive. Even harder to maintain."

The three of them once again said their goodbyes as Victoria left. Ophelia was digging through her bag pulling out the chains they wore here. As Ophelia put on the chains, Kit asked Emma a surprising question, "Goddess, would you one day be my trainer for at least one session while I am trained to be a pony girl?"

"I'm sure we can work something out," Emma replied while patting the short woman on the head while her chains were being attached.

"Did I hear interest in coming back to the ranch?" as Nathan's voice came from behind them as he entered the stall.

Ophelia continued locking on their chains while they turned their heads at their latest visitor. Nathan made his way over and Emma responded, "The plan for me was to always come back and try out some of the other options. I just don't know the days yet."

"I don't know if anyone mentioned yet, there were too many people wanting the special uni-cows attention today. We had to turn some down with the promise of priority should you come back again. You don't have to but it would be much appreciated. That is for all three of you as there were extras for all of you. If we can get at least two more hours, we can fit those in who missed out today. I am always happy if you want more time.

Also the milk sales for you three were off the charts for us. We can negotiate a cut on those sales as well. If you wish to make extra money we can set up a pump in your rooms with the lactation injections so you don't need to come in. Ideally you can set up the lactation for overnight and pump less than an hour in the morning. Most often less than twenty minutes. We will even pick it up from the rooms."

Emma said she would think about both things then asked about how she felt during her time getting milked.

"We have had issues of people being distressed through panic or other feelings. Boredom was also an issue the longer it went. The extra sexual acts could help or worsen things. So besides adding an extra dose of the lactation formula, there was a small cocktail as they like to tell me, of drugs to help keep you calm among other things as well as an aphrodisiac. It's not addictive unless you use it consistently. And it is unnecessary for personal pumping. We only offer it when people are here for more than an hour and usually won't give it to them more than once every few days at most."

There were a few more questions asked and answered. Ophelia attached leashes to Emma's and Kit's collar as they were getting ready to leave. As they started walking through the halls, Emma asked another question, "You run the ranch but you act and talk far more, I don't know how to put it… normal? I kind of expected something like your ranch hands here, overalls, boots, cowboy hats maybe."

Nathan laughed at that before responding, "I am basically the business man of the place. Marshall runs the main ranch on the mainland. He is more of what you are likely expecting. He started with just regular animals before we expanded to add human pet play and other fetishes.

So I take care of the finances, research and development, running things on this ship, and playing corporate kiss ass to sponsors and potential backers. I doubt we would be as successful if I looked and acted like a farm boy, a cowboy, or a ranch hand. Certain stereotypes just don't help much in certain cases and are extremely useful in others.

It's not that I don't slum it down and get country especially when I get back with Marshall. I just play my part to succeed when I am not there."

The conversation took to some more mundane things until Nathan left and eventually they were out of the ranch heading towards the suite. Kit was giving it her best to walk the whole way in her ballet boots this time like Emma but she needed to help her periodically. Emma’s toes were also sore and she looked forward to getting out of them.

Ophelia finally asked, "Have you given any thought on letting me have your suite or at least letting me use it?"

"I don't know why I have it in the first place."

"You gave away your room to us the other day so you needed a new one."

"That was what the cell was for."

"You couldn't have guests in your cell when you had them. Remember you invited Nix over later in the week and it's doubtful she wanted to be in there if they even let her so you needed a place for when you had company. Plus it gives us a place to hang out with you when we are available that has plenty of room."

"So I can get my cell back and you take my room then what?"

"It's not that simple, my unicorn. You are currently barred from the prison for now. I figure you will be allowed back at some point and will spend time there. But if you give me the room, you can serve me along with the harem which I will likely try to expand and I want Dolly as well. If you need privacy, we can work out whether you use the suite or your old room. If you don't want to serve in my harem, then we should discuss our potential relationship sooner than later. At the very least I would appreciate access to the suite and Dolly when you are not using it. I even have a little surprise for you after your date tonight if I get to stay."

Emma was not happy she was barred from going back to her cell. She did it to herself though so she needed to suck it up. She was going to let Ophelia use the room anyway. After how she reacted to Dolly she knew she couldn't keep her away.

"You will have access to the suite and Dolly. I will serve your harem at least for the next day or two while I get things sorted. I just want to try out those extra places for slaves to be kept as well as some of the other things in there."

"That isn't a problem, my unicorn. This Princess plans to be pampered like the royalty she is. Only special guests get to share my bed. Definitely not a wannabe goddess. As far as trying out the other stuff, I had hoped we could when we are both around but I know we won't be there together that often except maybe in the early mornings and late evenings. As I said, I have a surprise for you tonight which will let you experience some of it if you are not too tired after your date."

"Have you heard anything about that tonight?"

"Yes we are heading to the suite to get you ready. You will get to have some fun. The lucky winner was a submissive couple. They have listed what they hope you are wearing and seeing as Miss Keys and her apprentice, namely me, still control your possessions. I will make sure you are dressed appropriately.

They have a list of limits and desires you will get to look at among other things. They want to serve as your pets at dinner tonight. 'it' was already with me tonight for dinner anyways before she explores on her own this evening. So they will meet us at the suite just before dinner and you will get a chance to meet and talk with them as it will just be the three of you heading to dinner. I have maid duties and 'it' will be with me. I have just enough time hopefully to get you prepared."

They walked in silence for a bit, getting closer to their destination.

"How are you doing, Kit?"

"I'm fine, Goddess. Just thinking about everything. What happened today. What my future holds. Part of me wants my ability to choose or to even think for myself to be taken away. It's scary and I am not used to it. I like to be controlled and be told what to do even if I hate what I am made to do."

"Is there something I can help with?"

"Just be my Goddess, and with my Princess tell me what to do. I know I need to make some of my own choices but I can only handle so much at once. Like you want me in clothes tomorrow but I don't really like wearing clothes other than maybe the maid uniform and my boots. So I don't know what to wear unless I can come as a maid."

"You don't need to fully dress up. Just something more than your usual. You liked the leather harness Primadonna wore didn't you?"

Kit looked over at Emma with her wide eyes while mouthing 'pony girl' before answering, "Yes Goddess. I would love to wear a harness like that."

"It seems you are a bit infatuated about being a pony girl so I will accept a harness with your boots."

"Do I get restraints too?"

"You will need to be functional so your normal ones will do."

"Thank you Goddess. I will look for a harness while I am out tonight. Gives me focus and makes me happy."

Emma could see her smile as they walked and it made her smile in return. She needed the good vibes after the day she was having. She also realized she needed to switch modes soon. She had spent most of yesterday and today being submissive. Soon she was going to need to lead two submissives through the evening. It will hopefully be interesting. The show was supposed to be at the very least. Who knows what dinner will bring either, Emma thought.


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