Ripe for the Picking

by MasterKGray

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© Copyright 2021 - MasterKGray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; kidnap; drug; dungeon; spreadeagle; naked; collar; cuffs; flogger; shave; sex; gag; cell; nc; reluct; XX

Chapter 1

Dori was a twenty five year old administrative assistant at a mid-sized company. Her given name was Doris, after her grandmother but from a young age, she had insisted on Dori. Who names their child Doris in this day and age? Her name sounded like she was a seventy year old grandmother. Though not unattractive, Dori was not a popular girl, nor did she make herself up or wear clothes that drew attention to her womanly curves. Though her light brown hair was lovely, her well-formed hips and full C cup breasts were nearly hidden under her conservative clothing. Her soft curls framed a lovely face with pink lips and expressive brown eyes. Her makeup was understated and she always kept her head down and barely looked at anyone around her unless they were directly in her path or she was talking to them as required for her job. She was shy and didn’t go out of her way to talk to anyone, though she did have friends, they were few, and not part of the popular crowd.

Dori had graduated college just a couple years back, she got her degree in business with emphasis on secretarial. She knew how a business was supposed to be run and could not only fulfill her duties as a secretary, but also give advice on how things should be done, not that she was ever asked. Dori kept to herself and did her job very well. She knew she wouldn’t be moving up, she had already been promoted from secretary to the Director of Operations to the Administrative Assistant of the CEO of the company. Her former boss was livid when the CEO stole her away from him, but Dori was happy to get away from the abusive, overbearing lout. He ran the warehouse with great efficiency due to Dori’s expert assistance, keeping his schedule, ordering him lunch, giving him advice when he was stumped, etc. She loved performing all the little details and keeping things perfect. This is what caught the CEO’s eye. Though the DO was good at commanding the warehouse, his presentation and slovenly demeanor had hurt the company on more than one occasion. Since Dori had become his assistant he was more polished, professional and helped the company gain new contracts.

Dori enjoyed working for the CEO, being in on all the details of running a mid-size company and the daily stress. She liked helping to relieve the CEO’s stress by keeping him abreast of everything. She even helped him with his health as he would often neglect himself for the company. Dori made sure he had lunch and ate a balanced diet while at work, bringing him something to drink or food that was appropriate that he could eat while working. The CEO had rewarded her with not only a larger salary but also rather expensive gifts as well. Dori accepted them gratefully but shied away from his sexual advances, after all he was a married man and at least twice her age. Mr. Peterson was tall and handsome with graying hair that just gave him a more distinguished and authoritative look. Dori was flattered that such a man would want her, but she cleverly avoided any possible improprieties, including the day he had tried to pull her onto his lap and she pretended to fall awkwardly, landing on her rump on the floor. It had produced a nasty bruise when her arm hit the edge of the desk, but she wore long sleeves to cover it up until the bruise went away.

Dori had only dated one young man in high school and though he was nice, they never had sex, it seemed that they paired up just because they were both shy and didn’t want to be alone without a date so they went to things together. Billy even took her to senior prom. Dori’s mother bought her an elegant but conservative dress. Dori was surprised by all the attention she garnered, not used to having men look at her that way. Soon it was off to college so she and Billy broke it off as he was starting his apprenticeship as an electrician after high school. There had never really been any spark and with Dori away at college they barely even texted or called. She did bump into him after her sophomore year during the summer and Billy was dating a perky blonde cheerleader type, just out of high school and they seemed happy together. Dori was happy for him but her own love life was non-existent.

During her junior year Dori had a roommate who was a party girl. Tiffany was a bubbly redhead with a body similar to Dori’s but Tiffany unashamedly showed it off with tight and low cut tops, tight jeans or shorts that showed off her hips, rear and legs. She talked Dori into going out with her one night, helped dress Dori in one of her outfits and did her makeup. Dori had never had so much attention from men and a handsome young man got her drunk enough to agree to go off into another room with him and have sex. He was shocked that Dori was twenty years old and still a virgin. He bragged about taking her virginity all over campus and Dori cried and missed classes on Monday because she couldn’t bear to face her classmates. Dori withdrew within herself barely speaking to Tiffany after that and requested a room transfer at the semester break.

Dori’s request for a new roommate was accepted and she moved into her new room in January with Cindy. Cindy was a business major like Dori and they got along very well. It was during this semester that she met Mark, who became her boyfriend during the rest of the year. She met him in one of her business classes and he asked her out. He was tall and handsome, with dark hair and blue eyes that made Dori just melt. He was also a very sweet guy who didn’t rush her and they only made love twice toward the end of the semester. The second time Dori had her first orgasm and she fell in love. Unfortunately, Mark was a senior and graduated in May, going off to start his full time job in Philadelphia, over a thousand miles away from the Midwest campus and Dori’s home. She never heard from him again and assumed he had found a new woman, after several attempts to text and call him resulted in no response.

Dori’s senior year was uneventful. She graduated with honors but had not found a new man. She dated occasionally but there just wasn’t any connection. She thought perhaps it was because she had been so in love with Mark and was trying hard to find someone like him. She had dated some handsome men but they either just wanted to get in her pants or grew bored with her and stopped asking her out. She even asked out a guy in one of her classes that she had studied with. He said that while he enjoyed her company, he wasn’t interested because he was gay. Dori had thought that he was just being a gentleman, but later saw him with his new boyfriend and she ran back to her dorm room and cried.

Now, over two years later and her professional career fully realized, she missed dating. No one at the office seemed interested in her and she didn’t go out to parties or clubs, she was too shy and didn’t really have any friends. She started searching the internet and found dating apps and tried that, but it seemed to be one bad date after another. She started reading porn stories, and looking at some pictures, but never really got into that either. She actually bought a vibrator but rarely used it, she just didn’t seem to need sex, though it was a great stress reliever when she had an exceptionally crazy day.

One mid-November Friday night after work she was walking out to her car when a strange man approached her. She was frozen in terror! There was no one around in the dark parking lot this late, only her boss and one other car remained in the lot besides hers. She didn’t know what to do as the man approached and she tried to get into her car and drive away before he reached her. Unfortunately in her haste as she pulled out her keys she dropped them and by the time she picked them up, the man was beside her. He was tall and muscular, with dark hair, a well-trimmed beard and piercing blue eyes. Dori shrank away from him.

“Hi Dori,” the man said softly and Dori turned to look at him, surprised that he knew her name.

“Do I know you?” Dori asked with fear in her voice.

“Oh, you probably don’t recognize me with my beard, I was clean-shaven in college,” the man said but she still didn’t recognize him.

“I don’t remember you,” Dori admitted, unable to place his face with the beard.

“I’m Brett, we went out a few times during my senior year, I believe you were a sophomore,” he said and the light dawned in Dori’s eyes. She remembered him now, quiet and soft spoken, they dated a few times just before he graduated.

“Oh, right, how have you been? Do you live around here?” Dori asked, her curiosity piqued.

“No, I’m in town on business, I just sold my company and I heard you worked here. I just finished up there and came over here to see if I could catch you, I guess I got lucky, huh?” Brett said somewhat nervously.

“I’m surprised you remembered me, we barely dated and I’m nothing special,” Dori self-effacingly said.

“I disagree, I think you are very special, I never forgot you Dori. I poured myself into my company the last few years and just sold it off for half a billion dollars. I tried to forget you and every time I thought of you I worked all the harder. I came up with a new product that’s going to revolutionize the computer industry. I won’t bore you with the details but I was wondering if I could take you out to dinner tonight?” Brett asked cautiously. Dori could barely move, and just nodded. This handsome, rich young man had remembered her after all this time and now wanted her to go to dinner with him.

“Do you have a car or a taxi?” Dori queried, finally finding her voice.

“No, I caught an Uber here and if I didn’t catch you I would just call for another,” Brett replied.

“Well, hop in and I’ll take you wherever you want to go,” Dori offered.

“Great, thanks,” Brett said almost triumphantly, slinging his backpack off his shoulder as Dori unlocked her car and climbed into the driver’s seat, dropping her purse on the back seat. She started the car as Brett climbed in the front seat but before he even closed the door Brett clamped a cloth over her face and held it tight. Dori could smell the chemical in the cloth and knew it was something that would cause her to fall unconscious. She held her breath and fought like a tiger, scratching and clawing at Brett’s leather jacket and gloves. Unfortunately, he was too strong and eventually she succumbed to the sickly chemical as it seared her lungs and caused her to pass out.

Brett moved quickly, stripping off her coat and duct taping her wrists together behind her back. He wrapped more tape around her elbows, bringing them together behind her as well, forcing her ample breasts forward against her modest top. He wrapped her ankles together and then her knees before stuffing a wad of cloth into her mouth and taping it inside. Next he wrapped her hands in tape, encasing them so she would not be able to pick at the tape bonds. Looking to see that no one was around he popped open the trunk and dumped her limp body inside, copping a quick feel of her lovely globes hidden underneath her top and bra. He tossed her coat over top of her and closed the trunk. He drove her car out of the lot and down the road a few miles out of town before stopping at a gas station and filling the tank. He pulled around behind the station and injected Dori with a strong tranquilizer that would keep her asleep for the five hour drive ahead of them. He turned off her cell phone and smashed it before throwing it in the backseat with her purse.

Brett gently eased into traffic on the interstate and drove with the rest of the cars on the road, just following along, not drawing any attention as he drove out of state toward his home. He had a hard time keeping his nerves and excitement under control. He sorely wanted to pull her out of the trunk and rape her, his cock was so hard, but he settled for stopping at a rest area and masturbating into the toilet. The relief helped and he was able to drive the rest of the way home, stopping at a fast food place to eat before setting out on the end of his journey, his basement; complete with soundproofing, a cell, a locking six inch thick steel door and all the devices, floggers, straps, clamps, cuffs and gags a well-equipped dungeon needed. He would break Dori and turn her into the slave he wanted and knew she could be. She lived alone and no one would miss her until Monday when she didn’t show up for work. By then she would officially be dead. Her parents lived in the opposite direction, about the same distance away from her job and apartment.

Dori awoke with a start, her arms were stretched above her head and attached to the corners of a queen sized bed. Her legs were also attached to the bottom corners of the bed, keeping her spread eagle. She looked down and suddenly realized she was naked and screamed into the ball gag. Brett appeared from another room and she screamed again, this man had kidnapped her, stripped her naked and could do whatever he wanted with her. She struggled but to no avail, she was well and truly trapped in the thick leather cuffs and the chains that held them firmly to the corners of the metal bed. Brett came over and she shied away from him as much as her bonds would allow but he just reached behind her head and unbuckled the gag, pulling it out with a pop and some drool.

“Let me go you creep!” Dori cried.

“Never, you are mine now, slave,” Brett grinned evilly down at her.

“I am not your slave, I do not belong to you. I am my own person, my name is Dori Roberts and I demand you let me go at once!”

“I know who you were and who you think you are, but Dori Roberts just died, what remains is my slave.”

“I will never be your slave!”

“You will, you just don’t realize it yet,” he said as he picked up a remote control and turned on a large television screen against the wall. He pressed play and there on the screen she saw a picture of her car on the news, the vehicle burned badly and the wreckage twisted. The newscaster said that the police found the car after the crash and the purse they found about halfway down the hill belonged to one Dori Roberts, her charred remains found inside the car.

Dori started to hyperventilate. How long had she been asleep? How long since he crashed her car? Could she escape and return to her former life and let her parents know she was still alive? Whose body was in the car? Did he kill the poor woman before he sent it over the steep hill?

“Nothing to say?” Brett asked, bringing her out of her reverie.

“H – How long have you kept me drugged?” Dori asked.

“A day and a half, it’s only Sunday afternoon, your car crashed on Saturday night near your former town.”

“Who is the woman in the car? Did you kill her?”

“A homeless woman in your city, she was already dead and I dumped her body in the car and added gasoline so she would be burned beyond any hope of realizing it wasn’t you. She was about the same size as you.”

“So you didn’t murder anyone?”

“No, not technically, though everyone will think you are dead and no one will be looking for you.”

“W – Why? Why did you pick me and why not just date me like you offered?” Dori asked as tears streamed down her face, distraught with fear at what lay ahead for her.

“Because I don’t want a girlfriend or a wife, I want a slave, and now I have one,” Brett responded with a smug smile.

“Why didn’t you pick some beautiful woman with big boobs and blonde hair?”

“Because I don’t want a woman like that, I want you, I want a natural woman with perfect curves, unenhanced, practically untouched and beautiful.”

“I – I’m not a virgin.”

“I know, but how many times have you had sex?”

“T – Three.”

“See, only slightly used and certainly not ready for the storm I’m about to unleash,” Brett said menacingly and Dori cringed and tried to sink further into the mattress underneath her.

“S – Storm?”

“Yes, I will whip you, punish you and force you to obey me, but I will also reward you with orgasms you can’t even imagine, if you behave and obey. I will open your body to a whole new world of sensations that will drive you wild with desire and need. You will beg me to allow you to cum.”

“Never!” Dori exclaimed defiantly but his statement shook her to the core. She had very little experience with sex and had no idea what Brett was about to unleash on her helpless body, nor what it might do to her psyche. She only hoped she could resist and find a way to escape before he started to change her into what he wanted. She hated pain and knew if he punished her she would crack under the strain. He opened a bottle of water and brought it to her lips. Dori was very thirsty and drank the precious liquid, draining the bottle.

“Good girl,” Brett said soothingly.

“I’m not a girl,” Dori pronounced defiantly.

“No, you are definitely all woman, but you are my girl and you will never escape,” Brett said evenly as he lazily stroked a hand over her naked breast. Dori gasped at the sensation and jerked against her bonds. She realized that escape was quite improbable. Brett was a couple inches over six foot tall, muscular, probably a little over two hundred pounds and handsome. She even liked the beard, it made him more – wait what was she thinking?! She on the other hand was barely five foot three and weighed a measly one hundred and fifteen pounds. She was no match for him physically or mentally. She had never prepared herself for a situation like this one.

“Your training begins now,” Brett announced abruptly, snapping Dori’s out of her thoughts.

“T – Training?” Dori asked fearfully.

“Yes, first, I am your Master, you will address me as Master or Master Brett. Second, you are a slave, you have no rights, you are owned by me, you are my property, you will do as I say, when I say, or you will be punished. Is this clear, slave?” Brett asked and Dori hesitantly nodded her head. “Answer the question, slave.”

“Yes,” Dori said and Brett slapped her right cheek causing her to cry out.

“How do you address me?”

“M – Master.”

“Better, next time don’t make me remind you. I’m not a true sadist, but I will give you painful reminders if you fail to obey. Now I am going to ask you some questions and I expect a truthful response, in fact you are never allowed to lie to me. If I catch you in a lie, you will be punished. Keep that in mind as I ask the questions, and remember, I’ve been watching you for months, my pretty slave. Is this clear?”

“Yes M – Master.”

“Good girl, I know you are very sharp and a quick learner, so this shouldn’t be that difficult for you. How often do you call or text your boss?”

“I will text or call him many times during the week but almost never over the weekend,” Dori replied and was promptly slapped on her left cheek for failing to call him Master.

“Having trouble with calling me Master, aren’t you? Don’t worry, soon it will become second nature.”

“Sorry Master.”

“Do you masturbate?” Brett asked and Dori’s mouth fell open in shock. How could he ask such a personal question? This was none of his business, but the rise and fall of her naked breasts as she breathed reminded her of her helpless position.

“Yes Master,” Dori replied timidly.

“How often?”

“Not very often, maybe once or twice a month – Master.”

“Almost forgot again, hmm. Do you have a vibrator or dildo?”

“Yes, it is a vibrating dildo, Master.”

“Don’t you like sex?”

“I don’t really know, I’ve only had sex three times and I didn’t orgasm until the last time – Master.”

“Wow, a beauty like you and you’ve only had sex three times?”

“I’m not pretty, I’m rather plain, Master.”

“No, you dress plain, you barely use any makeup, and you are shy, that doesn’t make you plain, it makes you nearly invisible to most men. But I saw beyond all that even back in college. You are a beautiful woman who hides her body behind less than form fitting clothing, you wear little or no makeup, you are shy and quiet, but you enjoy pleasing men.”

“No I don’t!” Dori snapped and Brett grabbed her nipples harshly, pulling and twisting them cruelly.

“Forgetting so quickly, that’s not like you, slave.”

“Sorry Master.”

“Do you like your job?”

“Yes Master.”

“And what is your job, exactly?”

“I’m an Administrative Assistant, Master.”

“Yes, and what does an administrative assistant do?”

“Whatever my boss needs, I get for him, Master.”

“And you like doing this?”

“Yes – Master.”

“Is it fulfilling and rewarding or is it just about the money and the gifts?”

“It is very fulfilling, the money is nice but I don’t care about that, I enjoy my job, um, Master.”

“Uh huh, so you really like making your boss happy,” Brett said like a pondering statement, but Dori thought he meant it as a question.

“Yes Master. Please, I really need to use the toilet.”

“Very well, you need to eat also,” Brett said as he unlocked her wrist cuffs from the chains at the corner of the bed. He helped her sit up and then locked the cuffs behind her back, adding a leather strap around her elbows, pulling them together so they touched. Dori moaned at the strain but was surprised by how easily she adapted by rolling her shoulders back. This caused her to prominently display her still naked breasts and she noticed Brett looking at them. He unlocked her left ankle from its chain and quickly pulled her legs close enough together to lock a short 15 inch chain between them before releasing her right ankle from the bed. He added a leather collar around her neck and clipped a leash to the ring at the front of the collar. ‘What the hell, am I a dog now?’ Dori thought to herself as she stumbled along behind him into the bathroom.

Brett lifted the lid and motioned for Dori to sit down. She plopped down unceremoniously and sat with her knees together. Brett went to one knee and unlocked the chain between her legs then stood up. Dori thought about kicking him but she was naked and her arms were helplessly bound behind her, not in ropes, but locking leather cuffs that she would be unable to escape without help. Besides, that would surely anger him and bring her punishment.

“Spread your legs, slave,” Brett ordered. Dori just stared up at him in shock. Brett grabbed a multi bladed flogger and brought it down hard across her defenseless breasts. Dori cried out in shock, pain and something else. Why did that send a little shock straight to her clit? “Are you deaf? I said spread your legs, slave. Another lesson, slaves have no privacy, every intimate detail about them is revealed to their Master so that it may be used against them, or to pleasure them when they deserve it.”

Dori parted her legs slightly but not far enough and Brett slashed across her breasts again. Dori again cried out in pain but after a moment a small moan escaped her lips, the shock in her clit was there again and spreading. She threw her legs wide open and pondered why the pain to her breasts and nipples had caused her body to respond in such a way. She shuddered in fear and revulsion, what in the world was wrong with her?

“I thought you had to pee,” Brett said looking down at her.

“Yes Master,” Dori said meekly and concentrated on releasing her urine, not an easy task when you’ve just discovered something strangely erotic about being whipped on your tits. She let out another moan as she released her urine stream into the toilet, discovering that humiliation also fueled her arousal. She hoped he hadn’t noticed because she was sure he would use that against her in the future. She moaned again when he wiped her with the toilet paper to dry her off, because he brushed her clit. She didn’t think it was accidental.

Brett washed his hands and then removed Dori’s collar, laying it off to the side on a small table. Next he removed the leather strap around her elbows and Dori sighed with relief as she was able to move her elbows again without any strain on them. Finally he not only unlocked but removed the cuffs on Dori’s wrists. She was free but naked in her kidnapper’s bathroom. Unfortunately he was between her and the only door, she didn’t see a window. Brett quickly pulled her hands in front and zip tied them together, and then pulled her into the large open shower and used another zip tie to affix her wrists to the short chain hanging overhead. She could stand flat on her feet comfortably, but her arms were held high over her head. Brett stepped out and stripped off his clothes stepping back in sporting a huge erection. Dori eyed it warily.

Brett turned on the water in the shower and sprayed the warm water all over Dori’s body. He took a shower mitt and soaped it well with body wash before he began to wash her body gently and lovingly. In another place and time it might have been erotic, but Dori was still terrified and now concerned about that huge penis she was certain he would want to stuff into her. Having only had sex with two other men, neither one of them especially large, she knew it was the biggest penis she had ever seen. It seemed to rival the few she’d seen in porn. Brett washed her thoroughly, taking extra time with her breasts and vulva, making sure all of her folds were clean. He pulled a handheld from the wall and turned it on Dori’s helpless body, rinsing her clean. Brett then wet her hair and proceeded to wash it, massaging her scalp just right before rinsing and adding conditioner.

Leaving the conditioner in her hair, Brett zip tied each ankle and then spread them apart, zipping them to rings in the floor Dori hadn’t noticed before. Now she was naked and spread before her kidnapper, would he stuff that huge penis in her? Was he going to rape her? She was sure that was inevitable. But he grabbed a can of her favorite shaving gel and began to rub it onto her pubic hair. ‘Oh no, what is he doing?’ Dori wondered as Brett produced a safety razor and began shaving off her pubic hair. He took his time and cleaned it all without so much as a small nick, Dori standing perfectly still, not wanting to be cut in so sensitive an area. Brett rinsed and then dried the area with a small towel before rubbing some lotion into the skin, this time being sure to rub her pussy lips and clit, forcing a small moan from Dori.

“Mmm, sexy as hell, damn slave, you are even more beautiful than I imagined,” Brett said as he watched Dori writhe in her bonds and she opened her eyes to see that he was staring at her undulating body and stopped immediately. ‘Oh god, now he thinks I’m getting into this,’ Dori thought to herself. She froze in terror, she did enjoy what he just did. Her vagina felt more alive than ever before! Was this the storm he was referring to earlier? She heard him chuckle and looked up at him. He rinsed out the conditioner then looked at her salaciously.

“You have the prettiest pussy lips I have ever seen, and your body is so erotically proportioned, just perfect! I have a name picked out for you. You’re not gonna like it, but I’m positive it will be your new name.”

“But I already have a name, Master.”

“Yeah, I know Dori, short for Doris, right?”

“Yes Master.”

“Who names their kid Doris anymore? Damn, it sounds like you’re some shriveled up old spinster. But you’re not, you’re a sexy, curvy and beautiful woman,” Brett said and Dori blushed. No one other than her parents had told her she was beautiful.

“So what are you going to name me, Master?” Dori asked, her curiosity once again piqued. Brett laughed loudly now and Dori was worried.

“Alright slave, since you asked for it, your name is pussylips.”

“p – pussylips?” Dori questioned and Brett smacked her on the ass with his open palm. “Sorry Master.”

“Say it aloud, slave, say ‘My name is pussylips, I am a slave to my Master, Brett.’” Brett ordered. Dori paused so Brett smacked her other ass cheek with his hand and Dori cried out.

“M – My name is p – pussylips, I – I am a s – slave to my Master, Brett.”

“Good girl, I knew you could do it. From now on, you are no longer Dori Roberts, she died in that car accident, you are now just slave pussylips, start thinking of yourself in that way, it will make your training go much easier.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips responded, looking down ashamed but between her swelling breasts she could see her shaved vagina and it did look rather pretty, all shaven and clean. Why pussylips? Did it have to be so vulgar? The petals of her sex were beautiful.

Brett dried her body gently and twisted her hair in the towel to squeeze the water out of her over the shoulder length hair. He quickly snipped the zip ties on her wrists and then returned them to their leather prisons, locking them together and adding the leather strap around her elbows, again pulling them together until they touched. He cut the zips around her ankles and added the leather ankle cuffs, again with the fifteen inch hobble chain. Last was the collar, the leash still attached. The symbolism was not lost on pussylips, she could tell he wasn’t going to give her any chance to escape.

Brett brought her out of the shower and sat her down at a dressing table. She didn’t think there would be any clothing added to her ensemble. He picked up the blow dryer and expertly brushed and dried pussylips’ hair. It looked even more beautiful than when she did it. Next he slid the chair back and sat on a stool between her and the mirror as he did pussylips makeup. Brett had practiced on a dummy and could now put on a woman’s makeup with practiced ease. He made up her eyes dark and smoky, her lids in a complimentary shade of beige and her lips with deep crimson. He finished and slid off the stool, looking at pussylips’ face for a reaction. She gasped in surprise at the beauty before her. She hardly recognized herself. The woman before her looked like a model out of the pages of Vogue. Even more disconcerting was the way her breasts were thrust up like they were being proffered to someone, as if aching to be touched. She suddenly realized that her nipples were hard.

She bowed her head and looked away, shocked at the way her body was responding. Why was it betraying her? She didn’t want this, never asked for it, so why was she excited? The collar made her look so sexual and her beauty was shocking. She had never seen herself this way, but she couldn’t help stealing another look at the image in the mirror. She saw Brett grinning from ear to ear when he realized she had been mesmerized by her own reflection.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” Brett asked.

“Yes Master,” pussylips said shyly looking away from the mirror, then glancing back to see his smiling face, Brett was thrilled by the result, especially pussylips’ fascination with herself. “I never thought I could look like this,” she said and actually smiled coquettishly.

“This is how I saw you even back then. I knew you were a diamond in the rough, just waiting for your time to shine.”

“Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for, slave?” Brent asked, surprised by her demeanor.

“For saying that I am a diamond, Master, they are the most beautiful stones.”

“Yes they are, but I’m surprised to hear you thanking me already.”

“I am too, Master, but no one has ever seen me as a prize, just as boring invisible Dori.”

“What did I tell you about thinking of your former self?”

“Yes Master, I mean no Master, I wasn’t thinking of myself as her anymore, it’s just that I used to be so plain and boring. But now look at me, I could be a movie star or a model.”

“Yes, you could be, but you aren’t and you never will be because you don’t have the temperament for that. You have the perfect disposition to be a slave.”

“Yes Master.”

“I was going to feed you first, but I need to fuck you now slave,” Brett said as he lifted her out of the chair and forced her forward onto the makeup table and mirror, rubbing the head of his cock against pussylips’ already moistened petals and her pussy opened like flower, as he pushed forward. She had only had sex three times and each time it was missionary. This was different, it was animalistic, raw, sexual and oh so arousing as his cock head hit her g-spot. Brett grabbed her hair and pulled up, forcing her to watch her own face and body as he thrust into her.

“Oh god, Oh no, Master, not like this,” pussylips moaned as her need began to overwhelm her. She had never felt so aroused in her life and he was bringing her to climax very quickly. This was primal sexual need she had never felt before and she came like a freight train, staring at her own screaming visage in the mirror as her juices dripped onto the floor. Brett joined her as her pussy clamped down on his surging cock and he spewed his seed deep inside her. As he let go of her hair, pussylips rested her head on the table and moaned softly, coming down from the most incredible feeling she had ever felt.

“Wow! That was the best sex of my life, slave! We are going to get along great.”

“Yes Master, for me too, although I’ve only had sex three times before you,” pussylips cooed and Brett wondered how long it would take her to realize she had just been raped. If she did, she gave no indication as he pulled his softening member from her velvet tunnel and their combined excretions dripped onto the floor. He cleaned himself and then her before wiping up the floor and throwing the towel in the hamper.

“Come on slave, let’s go feed you now,” Brett said as he tugged at her leash. As she lifted herself off of the table, pussylips stared at her reflection, seeing her still erect nipples and the blush on her cheeks, and surprisingly, a trickle of moisture in her pussy.

“Mmm, Master, do you really think I’m so hot?”

“Yes, slave, now come on, you need to eat.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips said as she followed docilely along on her leash, still bound and learning to walk in the hobble chain. Brett led her to a table and sat her down in a chair, strapping her waist to the chair with a leather strap then left the room. He was gone for a while and pussylips sat and pondered what had just happened earlier. Brett had kidnapped her, stripped her naked, given her a shower, shaved her pubic hair and then bound her again before doing her hair and makeup, turning her into a sexy, beautiful woman. He complimented her and told her she was beautiful and then had amazing sex with her. No – no, that wasn’t right, she was bound and he raped her, didn’t he? But why did it feel so incredible? Was she really meant for this like he said? No, that couldn’t be right.

Brett returned with a plate of pasta that smelled amazing and pussylips looked at it longingly. Brett grinned as he started to eat the food. Suddenly her stomach growled loudly and Brett stopped and smiled at her.

“It sounds like someone is hungry. Why didn’t you ask for food?” Brett asked.

“I didn’t know if I was allowed, Master.”

“Oh, you are coming along nicely, I’m surprised at how quickly you’re adapting.”

“May I have some food, Master? I am very hungry.”

“Certainly,” Brett responded and scooped up a forkful and fed it to pussylips.

“Master, may I feed myself?”

“No,” he replied and kept feeding her bites of food. The symbolism was not lost on pussylips, she was dependent on her Master for everything, including food and survival. Her life was in his hands. But why was she acting this way, was it survival? Did she really enjoy this? Her ‘pussy’ as he called it sure did, but no, ‘I can’t enjoy this, I’m just waiting for the right time to escape’, she told herself. But as she ate she remembered when she and Brett had dated and how much she had liked him. She had wondered why he never contacted her after she returned to school in the fall. Now she knew why, he had graduated and gone off to work for himself. He never told her that he was a senior about to graduate. She finished the last bite of pasta so Brett wiped her mouth, gave her a drink of water and picked up the plate to leave.

“Master, may I have some more please?” pussylips asked.

“Good girl, of course you may have more,” Brett said soothingly, his baritone voice making the praise seem even more wonderful. “Would you like more pasta or some desert?”

“Ooo, could I have some desert Master, I love sweets.”

“Yes,” Brett said and left the room. She heard him open a large door, closing it with a resounding locking sound. Even if pussylips were to free herself from her bonds, the large locked door would surely be impenetrable. She hated herself for it, but pussylips couldn’t help but think about her Master’s huge cock and how wonderful it felt inside her. Suddenly she realized that he had ejaculated while buried deep within her. Would she become pregnant? Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the large door being opened.

“Hope you like ice cream,” Brett announced and pussylips smiled for the second time since she had woken, bound naked to the bed.

“I love ice cream, Master!”

“Very good, my pretty little slave,” Brett glowed as he fed pussylips tiny bites of the delicious ice cream. She savored it, obviously enjoying it very much. They traded bites and emptied the pint container of Haagen-Dazs. Brett sighed contentedly as he sat back in his chair and voraciously surveyed his captive slave. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. When they had dated he could tell that she was a submissive who would enjoy being owned, but he certainly didn’t expect to see the lust in her eyes as she glanced at his bulging crotch.

“Want some more?” Brett asked, gesturing toward his obvious erection.

“Y – Yes Master,” she replied hesitantly and Brett thought she was thinking of it being rape, even though she clearly enjoyed it and her face remained clouded.

“Is something bothering you, slave?”

“Um, yes Master. Earlier when you, er, when we had sex, you didn’t wear a condom and um, well, you know, you ejaculated inside me. What if I get pregnant?”

“You won’t.”

“Why not, Master?”

“I’m sterile, I can never have children. I didn’t get chicken pox as a child. Then when I was seventeen I got them from my nephew. I had such a severe case that it made me sterile, I almost died.”

“That’s terrible, Master.”

“Yes, but when Jenny Mason tried to claim she was carrying my child, all I had to do was have my doctor send a letter to her lawyer explaining why that couldn’t be, even though I had fucked her many times.”

“Why do you say things in such a vulgar way, Master?”

“What? Oh, you mean because I said ‘fuck’.”

“Yes Master.”

“I am not a gentleman. I talk however I please, I don’t mince words or try to sugar coat anything. I swear and I don’t intend to adjust for my slave. My slave will have to adjust to me, understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, because I believe that one day you will beg me to fuck you.”

“I – I don’t think so, Master.”

“I’m sure of it,” Brett laughed. “A slave must adapt to her Master, his word is her law. I will make you say the word, because that is how you will have to ask for sex,” he added and pussylips looked at him with fear and dread. Would he really make her do that? He said he would, and she already desired his huge penis again. ‘You’re losing it Dori, no wait, Dori is dead, only pussylips remains, that’s what he said. (sigh) What choice do I have?’ pussylips battled within herself. Brett undid the strap that held her to the chair and pulled on the leash, indicating pussylips should get up and follow. He led her back into the bedroom.

Brett brought pussylips into the bedroom and started unlocking her, but once her wrists were unlocked, he immediately locked her right wrist to the chain in the corner of the bed then made short work of her left wrist in the other corner. She did not resist, pussylips couldn’t have run away with the hobble chain restricting her steps. He released her ankle chain now that she was fastened by her wrists to the bed and proceeded to lock her ankles to the bed as before, she was spread eagle again. She hoped he would not leave her to sleep like this, it was not comfortable and she couldn’t cover over with a blanket unless her Master did it for her. ‘No wait, stop it, you’ve got to stop thinking like that,’ pussylips argued within her mind, but the truth was that he truly had her as at least his prisoner for the foreseeable future. She was sure he would force her to become whatever he wanted, he had said as much.

Brett brought her back to reality when he stripped down again and lay next to her on the bed, toying with her breasts and nipples. She let out a soft moan of arousal as he expertly kneaded her breasts and pinched and pulled at her nipples. He induced just enough pain to shoot that feeling straight to her clit, and pussylips moaned and shuddered as her excitement rose. Next he kissed her tenderly and pussylips enjoyed it so much she returned in kind. Oh, why was he so good at this? Even if he hadn’t kidnapped her, pussylips could have fallen in love with this man who knew how to push all the right buttons and bring out the passion in her. Soon he straddled her and pushed his huge cock against her now dripping slit.

“Oh Master, please, take me from behind like before, that was amazing!” pussylips begged.

“No, I want to fuck you face to face, slave, you are not in charge. You are for my pleasure, not the other way around. I will not prevent you from pleasure, far from it. I want to turn up the furnace to the point where you burn with need constantly. I see the flame has already started to consume you,” Brett said.

“Yes Master,” she said as he entered her. The sensation was similar to before, his huge cock spreading her vaginal walls, but rubbing in all the right places. His cock head still rubbed against her g-spot, though not as much as earlier. Brett compensated for that by biting and sucking at her nipples, bringing pussylips to the precipice more quickly than she imagined and soon they were fucking like animals, pussylips helping as much as she could, thrusting her hips to meet Brett’s pounding of her now puffy pussy. She climaxed before he did, but her pussy walls clamping down on him during the throes of her orgasm triggered his own and Brett fairly roared when he dumped his semen into her for the second time.

“Thank you Master,” pussylips breathed gratefully as Brett laid on top of her. She had never climaxed like this before, even when she was pleasuring herself with her vibrating dildo, which is why she hadn’t used it that much. But this – this was amazing and she could see why people wanted to have sex, this was incredible! She’d overheard conversations from other women who boasted about their sexual exploits, now she understood. She moaned as an aftershock hit and her body shuddered beneath him.

Brett smiled down at her as he extricated himself from her opening. She was even more than he could have ever hoped for. He had expected resistance and perhaps even having to use lube because she was angry and upset at being raped, but even the first time she had been wet and ready for him. She wasn’t angry at all. The first time she seemed in awe of her own body’s reaction and this time she had thanked him. He was right about her all along, she was made for slavery.

Brett slipped off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean his slimy cock. He returned with a warm wet cloth and wiped pussylips’ vulva, cleaning off their combined fluids. She moaned at his touch and twitched a bit when he grazed her clit. She was so sensitive, a treasure just waiting to be unlocked. Brett took the towel and wet cloth and dropped them in the hamper for washing, then returned to pussylips’ side.

“So you enjoyed that?” Brett asked.

“Yes Master, very much.”

“Good girl.”

“Unngghh,” pussylips moaned, she was surprised how much those two words affected her. She wasn’t a girl, she was a woman, a lady, but when he spoke those words of approval her spirit and body soared with joy. Was he right, was she truly a slave at heart? She didn’t know, but pussylips surely knew that she loved the orgasms, they were beyond description!

“Do you like when I call you my good girl?”

“Yes Master.”

“Excellent, I knew I was right. Do you enjoy pleasing people, especially men?”

“Yes Master, I had to please my mother, she was tough on me and I sometimes hated her for it. I loved pleasing my father, I would do almost anything to see him smile and nod his approval. It would hurt my heart when he frowned and shook his head.”

“Did he ever punish you?”

“Yes Master.”

“Yet you don’t resent him for it, but you do with your mother?

“Yes Master, that is true. My mother is an overbearing bitch and impossible to please. My father is kind and gentle but firm when necessary. My father sometimes spanked me and as I got older he would ground me. I knew he had my best interest at heart. My mother on the other hand is a selfish person who only ever lectured me about how I was embarrassing her, and how she would never have done the latest horrible minor infraction. She never stopped beating me.”

“Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. I will of course punish you for disobedience, but obedience will be rewarded, like tonight.”

“Oh Master, can we do it again?”

“Not tonight my pretty slave, I can see that I have stoked the fire inside you.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips blushed and bit her lip, the fire was indeed burning brightly.

Brett grabbed a ball gag and stuffed it into her mouth, buckling the strap behind her head. He then reversed the procedure when he had fastened her to the bed. Releasing one ankle and locking the ankles together with a hobble chain before releasing the other ankle from the bed. He released her wrists from the corners, then sat her up and locked them behind her and as before, added the leather strap that pulled her elbows together. She couldn’t understand why he had gagged her, pussylips wasn’t usually very talkative, but for the first time in her life she wanted to talk with her Master. ‘Wait no, he’s just my captor, not my Master, or maybe…’ she thought. Brett reattached the leash and jerked to signal that she should stand and follow, breaking her out of her thoughts for the moment. She followed him into the next room and stopped in shock though Brett still pulled at the leash. There in the room was a cell! It was approximately eight feet deep and about twelve feet long. Inside was a single bed, a toilet, a sink and a shower.

“In you go,” Brett ordered and forced her into the cell, clanging the door closed, locking automatically. She turned to look at him, a pleading look in her eyes.

“Come over here and put your back to the bars,” Brett ordered and pussylips obeyed, she hoped he would release her bonds. He first removed the ball gag.

“Why did you lock me in here?” she asked as she turned to face him.

“You are a slave, you will sleep in your cell until such time as I feel I can trust you not to attack me in my sleep. Now turn back around so I can release your arms and legs,” Brett ordered. She turned her back to him again and he released her elbows, then her wrists, then removed the hobble chain. Finally as she turned back to face him he unclipped the leash from her collar, but left it and the leather cuffs locked onto her body. She immediately realized that he would free her other bonds once she was secured in her cell. “Good night my beautiful slave, get some sleep, tomorrow is a new day and your training continues,” he commanded and left the room.

“Yes Master,” pussylips agreed and walked over to sit on the bed. The mattress seemed firm but not hard, the pillow seemed nice, there were sheets on the bed and two blankets, she would be able to cover over and get some sleep. She used the toilet and washed her hands, noticing he had left a bottle of water on the floor near the bed. She drank gratefully and nearly finished the bottle. She screwed the cap back on and laid down on the bed under the covers, in no time she was warm and comfortable. As she lay there the lights dimmed. At first it seemed quite dark, but pussylips soon realized as her eyes adjusted that it was just perfect. She could sleep but if she needed to use the toilet in the night she could see well enough to do that.

As pussylips lay there trying to sleep her thoughts would not allow that to happen. She had been kidnapped and her death faked for the world to see. Her parents must be mourning her death, but she was very much alive, though she might never set foot in the real world again. Her Master had renamed her pussylips and had amazing sex with her twice. Wait no, that wasn’t right, her captor had given her a new name against her will and raped her. But why did it feel so amazing? Why didn’t she resist, instead she had assisted and participated in her own rape, thrusting her hips and rocking back onto him to make it better, so was it really rape? She tossed and turned physically as well as mentally, sometimes crying, sometimes tempted to stuff her fingers into her now needy pussy. What had he done to her? She never needed sex before, but now it was like he said, the furnace had been turned on and the need was growing.


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