Reality Television Star Continued

by El Hijo Del Sooprbrane

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Storycodes: F/f+; bond; kidnap; torture; electro; toys; straps; enclosed; mum; tape; feeding-tube; gag; permanent; hood; extreme; nc; XXX

Introductory Note: I’ve long been a fan of the stories of the author, known here as Tina, and elsewhere as Sooprbrane. For a long time, I’ve hoped against hope for a comeback from this tremendous writer and inventor of many sadistic scenarios. While these stories were extremely non-consensual and obviously fantastic (in more ways than one), I’ve returned to them over and over again in my internet travels. I honestly am not sure there has been a more talented writer in the genre. So that brings me to this note. I’ve decided to expand on the mythos and stories created by Tina because I think the stories deserve this level of ardent fan fiction/sequel. I’ve done my best to imitate the voice and talent, but if anybody out there knows the true author and wants this ‘tribute’ erased from the web, they are free to do so. Contact the site owner (or myself) and I’ll make sure to end this experiment. But my hope is that the Original Writer sees this work and knows it as what it is…an inferior tribute to a great author, but a way to enhance and add to the ‘franchises’ left to us.

Continues from Reality Television Star (by Tina)

Chapter 2: Marita’s A Memory

It was early that morning when Elise’s alarm went off on her new phone. Despite her age (Elise could pass for middle aged, but was approaching the end of those years), she made sure to keep up with the technological advances of the ‘smartphone’ age, a necessity if one wanted to continue on as a quasi-celebrity and especially with her extra-curricular activities. Speaking of which, Elise picked up her phone and made sure to hit the snooze button. Though the result of that subtle, clumsy thumb-clicking was hidden below in her soundproof basement, she could almost hear it in her own brain as a sleepy smile creeped onto her face. Downstairs, she knew that the inserts in her two newest toys were receiving the linked Bluetooth signal and responding with the jolts of electricity that let them know Elise was awake. Or rather soon to be. For she’d hit the “off” button after a few more minutes of precious shut-eye where Elise would go over the events of last night over and over again in her brain.

“Well, hello honeys. Or should I say “honey” as I’m sure only one of you knows I’m here right now?” Elise announced as she climbed down the stairs. She was dressed in a designer and very comfortable bathrobe and slippers for her weekend activities. Around half an hour ago, both of her current captives received a little electric shock to let them know their day had begun. It was going to be the start of a nice little routine for former reality show Amanda Night. For Kimmy, on the other hand, it was going to be the start of her last interactions with her former jailer. Elise licked her lips as she thought that maybe soon as she descended into madness, Kim would look back on those sadistic and violent shocks as a pleasant memory compared to the completely immersive and irreversible nightmare that awaited her.

As she processed that thought, Elise looked upon her newest piece of prey. The delinquent Ms. Night, who seemed to avoid all sorts of consequences or control over her lifestyle, had now started to experience both in spades. Amanda remained in her kneeling position, her calves strapped tightly, her heels forced to her famous ass. The nineteen-year-old would still be engaged in the torturous game of trying to lift her bottom off the saddle shaped stool she was forced to straddle or else start up the objects alternating between pleasurable vibrations and terrible shocks, but, Elise had turned off the continuous flow of electricity for the night, choosing instead to give some random ‘motivation’ at various times. Of course, she never told Amanda of this course of action, smiling as she wondered how long Amanda kept up the game before realizing that it was over, only to have it randomly re-engage throughout the night. As Elise heard Amanda’s muffled ‘greetings’ of curses and strained noises, she checked the time. Exactly nine hours she noticed as she congratulated herself on keeping up her sleep schedule. She wandered over and inspected Amanda. As predicted, Amanda had made no progress in freeing herself from this situation as her mittened hands remain trapped to the opposing shoulders, only forcing the reality tv siren to push out those amazing breasts a little more. Elise could not resist tweaking the nipples of her captive a bit as she walked by. She was excited to further introduce Amanda to her new life. But Amanda was going to learn lesson number one of Elise’s Place quickly… that it was NEVER about the famous Ms. Night. No, first and foremost it was about Elise’s pleasure. And today…Amanda was a distant fourth. She lightly kissed Amanda’s lightly hooded head as she could see the blinded and ball gagged brat trying to follow her movements, but as Elise sipped her morning coffee she needed to attend to more important business. She first walked up the stairs and headed back to her garden. She sipped and walked about, enjoying the serene nature of her glorious greenery. Many a paycheck from her gig as a soap opera star had contributed to her ‘happy’ place as she strolled about and came to the centerpiece…the magnificent koi pond that she had enjoyed discussing with Amanda last night. The koi pond that held six (soon to be seven) of her former victims. And right next to that koi pond sat two objects wrapped in blue tarps. One of which was the wheeled cart that held the trapped and mummified body of the object once known as Marita.

Elise did not feel any hurry to get to her duties. One might say that leaving one of her trophies out unattended would be too much of a risk. But Elise knew that whatever remained of Marita was not about to be making any noises that would rise above the level of the waterfall she remained parked by. She wasn’t even sure Marita even knew that had been moved from her ‘coffin’ in the basement to her new forever home. But secretly she hoped Marina knew exactly what was going on. The privacy fence kept out any intruders as she checked to see how her newest layers had dried on the mummy. The two layers of fiberglass tape had hardened, just as Elise had detailed the night before, and a few knocks to the forever trapped figure gave a stiff and unmoving response. Marita was just as Elise had hoped, a mummy trapped in tape with the consistency and strength of iron and never again would she be able to move a muscle. Happy with this turn of events, Elise turned from Marita and pulled away the second tarp. Elise had kept in the garden since it arrived, and it was exactly as she remembered. Of course, Elise was familiar with those around the country with similar ‘interests’ and through multiple safe third parties was able to order the tremendous object in front of her. A metal ‘box’ as she called it though it was hardly that. Sure, the other six beauties had been trapped in uniform iron cubes, never to escape. But this was something special that she was experimenting with. For one, she just needed more space. This iron ‘box’ was a coffin in the shape of Marita’s bound form. Almost exactly. The hours spent taking her measurements and making contacts while Marita was her preferred slave had paid off with this gorgeous device. It looked like a steel Y to some extent to mirror the bound torso (no room for arms of course as Marita’s arms had been forced behind her back and barely any room for her head either). And her folded legs were represented as well.

Elise took her time removing Marita from the wheeled cart, hearing barely audible wisps of breathing She let Marita tumble to the ground, hearing the satisfying thump of the iron-hard tape hitting the Earth.

Elise decided to use the rest of the rolls she had for good measure. as her statute couldn’t even move a toe or finger. Then she opened the several locks adorning the ‘case’ (its creator called it a ‘guitar case’ with a morbid sense of humor as the object fit a victim like a guitar case fit a guitar. Elise whistled a little tune to herself as she set up some helpful machinery to complete her landscaping project.

With the help of a pulley system, Elise managed to somehow fit Marita into the metal object, barely able to fit the illegal immigrant inside. Of course, her months of bondage had resulted in some slight size changes to her victim, but she had optimistically guessed (and secretly) hoped that would happen and reduced the measurements. After all, if there was any problem, Marita could wait a few days before going in.

However, that was a problem that didn’t need a solution, Marita fit, barely, into her new and permanent home as Elise made sure to pull her watering and air tubes through the very tiny holes meant for them.

Elise then had fun slowly re-locking every single lock on the case one by one. She knew Marita was long since deaf and long since blind and hadn’t felt human touch for months. Her mind was likely broken, but Elise still enjoyed the idea that maybe Marita was still inside of there, feeling the preparations that she was told would some day come. And because of that, Elise took her time, hoping that somewhere Marita was understanding that the day was here.

Once she completed those meticulous actions, Marita’s fate became even more sealed to an almost comical level as Elise filled each keyhole with some fast-drying epoxy, filling the locks. After that was done, Elise checked once again to make sure the tubes linking air and water/food to Marita’s still-breathing body were attached and working…and then she saw the last remaining hole. She had almost forgotten. She didn’t want to leave Marina with even a hint of movement, and she reached over and attached a hose to that remaining entryway and proceeded to fill the remainder of the ‘guitar case’ with mud, waiting until it started to overflow through the hole and robbing Marita of any chance of movement or touch. Satisfied, she screwed on the watertight cap to the hole. Once this was all done, Elise went into her shed, grabbed a few items. She first took a pass with a soldering iron, making sure to go over every lock and that watertight cap, making sure any escape was impossible. After a few minutes with this process, Elise’s phone alarm went off and she went in to enjoy a nice lunch. The rest of the work could wait.

Two hours later, Elise knocked on the ‘case’. She didn’t expect a response and didn’t get one, but again, taunting even the deaf, blind, and dumb captive gave her some inner joy. Once that was done, she went into her shed and pulled out the chain and the pulley system and proceeded to lower Marita into the dammed off area of her koi pond, specifically the hole she had dug there just for the claustrophobic case. Hoping her measurements were correct and with no compunction or hesitation for the human being trapped inside the case, Elise lowered Marita downwards until she was firmly in the hole which was then packed with the remainder of the mud and she put an end to that chapter of her life.

“Adios, Marita” Elise said to herself as she wiped her brow. Sentimentality would have to wait, maybe forever. She had more work to do.

As she finished her project, she saw little evidence of the buried coffin except for the breathing and feeding tube protruding. As she removed the dam and let the water and fish rush to occupy the area, she was happy to see the tubes still extending above the water. As a test, she took out a large bag with some liquid food into one of the tubes and proceeded to force it into Marita’s stomach. She was satisfied when she saw the food disappearing into the stomach of her captive, who would now have to be watered like a plant. As she heard the tortured breath resume, she walked away. As she did so, she checked on the breathing tube of her last victim, Christine maybe? Was she the college freshman that decided she was going to prank the lonely old soap star? Or was that the one before? She lowered her ear down to the breathing tube, but didn’t hear much…was that a tortured breath escaping? Maybe? The young have such a desire to live after all.

As she returned to her mirror-filled basement/dungeon, she got there just in time to see Amanda once again engaged in her “kneel to her full height or be shocked” game. It had been a long day and she wondered if she could do any more today. She was getting on in years after all. And if she did want to play, she had a strong desire to play with her new plaything, the tortured and humiliated reality show star. But she decided that she would power through and take care of her next chore, Kim.

After all, this would be one of their very last days together.

Amanda felt the buckles and straps around her face start to loosen as her drooling mouth, which had wettened the legging material around her face, was able to eject the ball. She coughed and choked…


Elise didn’t respond to her pleading as she proceeded to take off the rest of the harness off the face of her hooded victim. Not only did this allow the ball to be removed from her mouth with a ‘pluck’, but it also allowed her head to gain some freedom back as the “O” ring at the top of her head harness had forced her to ‘stare’ sightlessly at the ceiling for the night. The black sock-like hood kept all sight from returning to Amanda, but she was briefly able to move her mouth, the material stretched over her frantically moving mouth as she moved her neck about, trying to recover from the strenuous position the night before.

“Please what? I already took the gag out…the words you are looking for are ‘Thank’ and ‘You.”’ Elise responded coldly.

“Unnnghhh…” Amanda responded. She felt a million miles away from her days as the tabloid and reality tv sensation as she tried to process the past two days. Her mind was sluggish after the night of torment. She was well known and familiar for staying up and out all night and waking up in strange places, but certainly not under these strenuous circumstances.

“J-just s-sto-“ Amanda’s words were shushed with Elise disrespectfully placing her fingers on her prey’s mouth…a level of humiliating control that Amanda had never experienced.

“Shh…Amanda. Let me stop you right there. I’m going to remove this hood now, but I’m doing it for a VERY specific reason. If you say as much as one, single, solitary word without my express permission, last night is going to seem like a walk in the park…do you understand me?” Elise said threateningly.

“Y-“ Amanda couldn’t even get a syllable out before the hand shushed her again…

“Not. One. Word. Do you understand me or are you too dumb to even get that? Remember, this is one of my beginner’s hoods”

Amanda had to stifle her own rage at being talked to like this as she nodded anyway..

With that, Elise pulled off the sock-like hood and allowed the light of the room to hit the eyes of her deprived captive. She could see Amanda’s eyes flutter as they tried to adjust to the light, watching as her captive processed the brightness of the room before seeing her tortured body in the surrounding mirrors. Elise also watched as Amanda saw what she looked like after the night of sadistic treatment, her sweating body, her brown hair looking messy despite being pulled back in the tight ponytail. Amanda had to keep from the urge to tell Elise exactly how she felt about her and the situation and the creepy older woman looking over her with those carnivorous eyes, but before she could do so, Elise anticipated the protest and Amanda felt a quick and terrible kick right to her crotch. As she opened her oral cavity to groan in pain from the sudden ‘cunt punt’, Elise responded by pressing something soft into Amanda’s right cheek and then feeling a second invasion of her mouth as Elise’s fingers pushed the wadding of the legging like fabric into her mouth, ballooning her cheeks…it was the same hood that had covered her sweaty head.

“MGGgggggggggHHFFFFF!” was the only sound that escaped from her stuffed mouth as she felt tape being wrapped around her lower face. Clear, transparent tape that showed off the voluminous stuffing. Elise laughed a bit as she pulled wrap after wrap around her captive’s lower face.

“Quite a pedestrian gag, I admit. But soon you’re going to graduate to much more diabolical arrangements, so we’ll start you slowly. You do look so cute with your cheeks stuffed like a little chipmunk, however. But I bet we can make you look even more like the ‘star’ you are.”

Amanda shuddered as she had no idea what the depraved and evil woman had in store for her. She had to watch as Elise pulled out yet another hood. This, too, was made of the leggings-like material, but it left a space for her nose to protrude from it and two small holes around her eyes. It almost looked like a modified ‘ski mask’.

Elise took her time to make sure that the nose and eye holes matched up as the hood also contained a tiny hole at the back that she managed to fish Amanda’s pony tail through. After taking a look at her newly hooded and gagged prize, dehumanized and grunting noises of disapproval through the tape, the hood material surrounding her mouth and her exposed nose.

“Now let’s begin your make-over. I bet you and your sisters didn’t have anything like this…”

Elise reached into a pocket on her robe and pulled out a small thin cord. Attached to the cord was a hook that had two separate prongs. Before Amanda had time to decipher what the object was, Elise was already forcing the prongs of the hook into each nostril and then had great fun in pulling Amanda’s nose up and towards her own face. As she pulled it tight, Elise managed to hook it and knot it around Amanda’s neck, making sure that it was secure.

“There we go. Much more beautiful. Can you imagine this picture on the front of the National Enquirer, my little reality star.”

Elise hit the last couple words with a coldness as Elise thought about all the talentless idiots that now dominated the minds of the public as opposed to the soap operas of the past that required talent, acting, and ability. As Elise worked through that resentment, she went over and picked up two other objects and showed them to Amanda’s distorted face. They looked kind of like the dental gags from before, but much smaller. And their purpose became evident as Elise secured one in each of Amanda’s eyes, forcing them to remain open to make sure that Amanda was, quite literally, a captive audience for her next act.

“You just sit here and watch. Good girls see, but are not head,” she responded with a laugh as she walked over to the cupboards, knowing that Amanda was forced to watch her do so.

After making sure Amanda was taken care of, she did not hurry as she repeated her ritual of taking Kim out of the drawer and then the plastic prison that kept her hidden.

Elise felt a rush knowing it would be the last time.


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