Reality Television Star

by Tina

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© Copyright 2010 - Tina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; kidnap; bond; drug; bdsm; electro; toys; wrap; box; encase; entomb; nc; XX

Amanda Night left the party like she had left almost every party since she had turned 13, completely drunk and wasted. She refused the offer of a ride home, telling anyone that would listen to her slurred words that she could drive better drunk than any of them could sober. No one believed her, as it was a well known fact that she was facing serious jail time for multiple drunk driving infractions, including an injury accident that promised at least a year in jail.

She had not been expressly invited to the party, but she was a part of some reality show on one of the millions of channels on the tube and as such was always privy to whatever parties were happening. The network that broadcast her series secretly made every effort to get her into every Hollywood social setting it could, since her being drunk and spoiled and slutty were what made her show the minor hit it was.

So no one tried to stop her when she slid behind her moms late model BMW, and screeched off. It was one of the few nights in the last few months where there wasn’t a camera crew following closely behind her, and that lack of supervision was about to cost her everything. She pulled out of the long driveway, and a bit confused about where she was, immediately took a wrong turn. Even in her inebriated state she knew right away that the scenery was all wrong.

She was feeling sick to her stomach and just wanted to lie down for a couple minutes, when a turn came up too quickly for her dulled senses to compensate for. The car went straight over a mail box, then planted itself into a hedge, with Amanda shaken up badly, but otherwise unhurt. She could see she had come to rest outside of one of the countless mansions that dotted this side of the hills of Hollywood. Groggily she opened the door and threw up, barely able to keep herself from falling into her own sick. She groped around for her purse and phone, but could not find them under the seat of the car where they had fallen. Someone was coming towards her from the house, and Amanda waited patiently for whoever it was to arrive and fix things. A slender, late middle aged woman appeared in front of Amanda.

“Are you okay?” She asked. Amanda thought she looked familiar but was in no condition to puzzle out who she was. She just nodded her head in the affirmative.

“Was there anyone else with you? Are you all by yourself?” The woman questioned. Amanda again nodded her head up and down. She just wanted to lay down and recover, she didn’t want to spend time talking to this old woman.

“Oh come on, a gorgeous little thing like you, someone has to be with you, or following you or something, right?” The woman pressed. Amanda was in no mood for any of this and spoke her first words to the woman.

“Just get me a phone, and let me call my Mom.” She said. Once again she reached around the seats of the car looking for her purse. The woman reached under Amanda’s arm and helped her to her feet.

“Lets get inside and you can use my phone. “ The woman said kindly. In a few moments they were inside the massive house, and the woman parked Amanda on an ornate couch the size of a truck. Amanda curled her legs under her, desperately trying to stay upright.

“Stay right here, and I will get the phone.” The woman said, patting Amanda on the head. She stepped out of the room and Amanda focused her vision to look around at her surroundings. Whoever this woman was she had money, and a lot of it. Even drunk, Amanda could see that the furniture and artwork in this room alone was worth thousands, if not millions, of dollars. She was about to close her eyes, when she noticed that sitting on a table not more than twenty feet away was a phone. Why had the woman gone to get a phone, when there was one right here? Carefully she got to her feet and began to shuffle over to the phone. Before she realized what was happening the woman had come up behind her, and a sharp pain, like a needle, shot through her neck. Amanda spun around and swung a fist at her, but she was too slow lost her balance and fell to the floor. Her short skirt hiked up to show the barely there thong she was wearing, her long legs with high heels kicked around uselessly on the tile floor.

“Well that settles that.” The woman said. “I was unsure if I was going to be able to keep you, but well now I kind of have to, don’t I?”

Something was different about the woman, but there was also something very different going on with Amanda. She felt very strange, like there was cotton in her head. It was very different from being drunk or stoned. It was affecting her ability to move, and her thoughts were getting even harder to focus on. Keep her? What did that mean?

“What the fuck is going on.” She demanded, trying to get her arms under her to help her lift herself off the ground. Her limbs would not obey her commands and she slumped back onto the floor, facing up at the woman.

“Here's the story little girl. I recognized who you were outside. Your that bad girl Amanda who parties all over town with your sisters and your skank friends. I have seen you on the news a lot. If I remember right you are scheduled to go to jail next week for six whole months. Well it looks like your jail just got a lot harder and a lot longer. You picked the wrong house to crash at and now I'm afraid you are going to be my little plaything for a lot longer than six months. “

She reached down and ran a bony finger up one of Amandas exposed legs. Amanda tried to move out of the way, to shake the unwanted hands off her, but her body was no longer responding to the commands being given to it. The woman showed Amanda a ring that had a small needle on it.

“This drug paralyzes you, but you already know that.” She explained. She then reached into a handbag she carried and pulled out a syringe. “This drug will knock you unconscious for four or five hours. We will talk more when you wake up.” She flipped Amanda on her stomach and from a long ways away Amanda could feel the needle enter her perfect behind. In only a few seconds she was completely knocked out.

The woman finally took some time to examine her prize. Long legs in black fuck me pumps, a skirt that was so short it barely covered her round firm ass, and of course the breasts, the characteristic that Amanda was best known for. Large, high and firm as only a 19 year olds can be. Amanda had claimed many times on her show that they were real, offering to let anyone who doubted their natural origins. The woman relished in learning for herself if they were real, and was both amazed and pleased to find out they were. She then began the process of both immobilizing the girl, and placing the clues that would lead the police to believe she had gone far away from the place where she actually was.

Time passed for Amanda. She woke up a couple times chained to a bed, but before she could work out what was happening more drugs were pumped into her system putting her under again. Finally after an extended period her eyes fluttered open. The room she was in was brightly lit, and it took a while for her to get used to the brilliance. She was bound in an uncomfortable way, and as she blinked her eyes clear she could see the room walls were covered with massive mirrors. She was sitting in the middle of the room, straddling a saddle shaped stool. Her legs were bound ankle to calf with leather straps. Further straps ran from her ankles to straps around her waist and chest forcing her heel to touch her ass. Her knees were the only thing touching the ground. Each of her hands had been wrapped into some sort of leather fingerless gloves, then her left hand was pulled up behind her back and strapped to her right shoulder, and her right hand was strapped to her left shoulder. Multiple belts ran around her forearms and bent elbows locking her aching arms in immobility.

Her long dark brown hair was in a severe pony tail. Her mouth was stretched as wide as it possibly could go by some metal contraption that fit behind her gleaming white teeth. No matter how hard she bit down the device held firm. She could make unintelligible noises, but could not form any words. She could see every inch of her amazing body straining against her bonds, with the mirrors reflecting her helplessness back on her endlessly. She tried to pull her bound legs up, to get off the metallic saddle she straddled, but further straps kept her legs tightly tied in place. This movement did alert her to something even more troubling though. There were a couple things inside her, things big and inflexible. Again she tried to lift herself up, and somehow get her legs or arms free, to get these intruders out of her, but there was no give anywhere. She looked down at her bound body, unable to see much past her massive breasts. There was a metallic belt around her slender waist, and a second metal band that ran from the belt between her legs, and she could see in the mirror, connected to the belt again at the small of her back. That metal device was holding the items in her pussy and ass. She began to struggle some more, panic and revulsion over the intruders inside her adding to her struggles.

“EHHHHH EEEE” She cried out. She could not get free, she could not get a single one of the belts to loosen. Her fingers clawed uselessly at the leather gloves that wrapped around them, she twisted and turned every way possible, but it was hopeless. Finally she just sat there, staring at her own helpless, nearly nude image reflected back on her endlessly.

After at least a half hour the single door to the room opened. The woman who had kidnapped Amanda strode confidently into the room, admiring her own handiwork on the much younger woman.

“Are we enjoying our visit to my house?” She asked playfully. She was dressed in a simple, yet classy, light dress that extended to her ankles. The exact opposite of Amandas style of skin and cheapness. Amanda shook her head no, drool dropping from her distended mouth onto her quivering boobs.

“Eee et ee oooo” she said pleadingly.

“I'm guessing that you are asking to be let go. Now why would I want to do that after all the work I did to put you in that situation?” The woman asked.

Amanda shook her head again, she was desperate to be let free.

“Do you know who I am?” The woman stood right in front of Amanda now, looking down at her helpless form. Again Amanda shook her head in the negative.

The woman let out a long sigh of displeasure, then walked over to one of the mirrored walls, checking her makeup and hair. She then pressed a section of the mirror and it slid aside revealing a large television. The woman grabbed a remote that sat beside the television, pressed a button and a the television turned on.

“I recorded this yesterday afternoon.” She explained. The television showed a blue screen followed by a DVD recording of a local news telecast.

“Police have determined that Amanda Night, star of the reality show Night Time, may have fled to Mexico after a one car accident in the Hollywood Hills on Friday night.” The anchorwoman said. “Teresa Rodriguez has a report from the scene. “ The view on the television shifted from a television newsroom to outside the very house that Amanda was prisoner in. A Hispanic woman with a microphone was talking to Amanda’s captor.

“We are here with Elise Konrad, the star of the long running daytime drama Search for Love. Amanda Night apparently crashed her car right on Ms. Konrads front lawn before escaping in a second, unknown car with another person. “ The reporter turned towards Elise, the woman who Amanda now knew to be her jailer, and asked. “Exactly what happened, Ms Konrad?”

“I was asleep actually, even though we were not taping the show on Saturday, I still have a habit of being to bed before ten. I was woken up around two in the morning by a crash outside. It took me a few minutes to get a proper robe on and find some shoes, and when I came outside this young girl was getting into a four door car of some kind. She made a rude gesture with her hands at me, then she and the driver took off. It was too dark for me to see the license plate or what kind of car it was, but she left her own car right on my front lawn and left laughing at me.” Elise gave a look that showed she did not approve of the way these young people acted.

“Thank you Ms. Konrad.” The reporter said, dismissing her. “Police are not yet searching for Amanda Night, since she is not wanted, and Elise Konrad has refused to press charges in regards to the property damage done to her yard. There will be a warrant placed for her arrest if she does not show up for her jail time on Monday at eight. That’s all we have from here, Anne.”

The image on the screen flashed back to the station studio.

“Amanda Nights mother released a statement asking that Amanda contact her family to let them know she is all right. “ The image behind the reporter changed from a picture of Amanda to a cartoon image of a fire. The anchorwoman started talking about a fire in downtown Los Angeles, when the image was turned off.

“You didn’t even make the news today, I'm afraid. I bet you are not mentioned again until Monday when you become a fugitive from justice.” Elise said with relish. “You realize the police were all over this place just yesterday, and I gave them complete and total cooperation? All while you were chained up in my basement unconscience and being cleaned inside and out? I would imagine that your mom will hire a private investigator when Monday comes to try to hunt you down. I look forward to being interviewed by whoever that is while you are twenty feet away, bound, gagged, blindfolded and helpless. “

Amanda let out a shrill scream through her gaping mouth. Elise immediately walked over to her and grabbed one of her massive tits and gave the nipple a severe tweak.

“You want to scream, bitch, at least have a reason for doing so.” She said. Elise then reached between Amandas legs and twisted a knob. “I bet this will be fun for you.” She laughed.

The objects inside Amanda’s cunt and ass came to life. The one in her ass had a mild electric shock that varied in intensity. The one in her pussy vibrated madly against her clitoris. It also pulsed back and forth, acting like a mechanical tongue. It hit her exactly where she was most vulnerable, most likely to be excited at.

“I have the dildos inside you connected to the belt holding it in. Now you can stop the vibrations and shocks if you can just lift your cute little body off the stool you are bound on. You see its metal too, and every time the strap between your legs touches the metal of the stool, it ignites the dildos. So you either keep those legs of yours as tight and pressing upwards as possible, or you are going to be fucked and electrocuted by those dildos.”

Amanda strained as hard as she could, and was just able to pull her groin just enough off the stool to get the vibrators to stop. But she could only maintain the position for a couple seconds before her muscles gave out and the connection was made again. The shock spasmed in her ass, and her legs gave completely out and she was being fucked and electrocuted once again. The cycle began again as she pulled herself up, but it was just a little tougher to do now, and she was only able to stay up for half the time before her legs gave out and she once again completed the connection. While Amanda struggled to maintain herself, Elise quietly closed the wall that had the television in it, then moved to the wall opposite where Amanda was facing.

“If you can stop paying attention to your pussy being rubbed, you might want to pay attention to what I am about to show you. It's your future after all.” Elise explained as she pulled the mirror aside exposing what looked like a built in wall hutch, with multiple doors. She grabbed a hidden handle on one section and an upright plastic box pulled away from the wall. The box was just a touch taller than Elise and a good four feet wide. She easily rolled it over next to the struggling Amanda, and stood beside it.

“This is your future, my dear. This is where you are going to spend countless hours, days and weeks blind, deaf, and immobile. “ Elise fiddled with some keys and inserted one into a lock at the top of the container. There was a soft click, then a small door, about a foot tall, swung open. There were two half filled plastic bags in the section that was exposed, connected to tubes that ran into the, much larger portion of the box that remained closed.

“This stuff is what you will be living on. Nutrients and water and crap like that. It will be connected to you so you won't have to worry about where your next meal is coming from.” She explained calmly. “Let me show you exactly how it works.” Elise then used another key to open the much larger lower section of the box. It swung open and to Amandas horror there was a woman inside. Amanda knew it was a woman because there were two massive breasts with evil looking clips dangling from the nipples. The woman was bound as completely as a person could be.

“This is Kim, Amanda. Kim, I know you can hear me, you are being introduced to a celebrity“ Elise said. “Kim is a stripper that I was able to trick into my car about seven months ago. Alas, her tits, unlike yours are fake, but whoever cut her did a pretty good job, don’t you think? Since I hate when women resort to plastic surgery I make a special point to punish her whore tits. You can see that these clips on her have weights attached? They are magnetic and anytime I think this bitch is getting uppity I can drop another ounce or two of magnets right here.” She pulled up one of the dangling clips hanging from the poor girls breasts. “Just like this.” Elise let a metal bit attach itself to the string, then let it drop. Amanda could hear a highly muffled grunt of pain from the girl.

“Lets go through her predicament from bottom to top. Her legs are folded under her, and like yours my dear bound ankle to thigh. But in addition straps run from her knees to the sides of the box, keeping them apart, while other straps criss cross from her legs preventing any movement side to side. She is wearing this nice elongated corset that has been tightened to a rather extreme level, which has also pushed out her ample breasts even farther. There is a similar chastity belt and vibrator arrangement in her as there is in you, hers are a touch bigger and a bit more active. . You can see Kims arms are bound so that her arms are behind her head, elbows pointing straight up to the top of the box, then her wrists have been pulled straight down the center of her back, her wrapped hands tightly encased at the base of her neck. There are straps at her waist, chest, neck, and head that attach all over the inside of the box, so that she literally cannot move a muscle. Her neck is kept rigid because this little thing that looks like a leather turtleneck has steel inserts in it to prevent even the slightest nod of her head. Speaking of her head, you have noticed its completely encased within this black leather helmet. This is one of my nicer hoods, because even though its tight, there are still places for air to get in and give a tiny bit of relief to the face. Instead of it being one piece, it has these cool snap inserts that can be removed. “

Elise reached up to where one such piece covered the girls eyes and pulled. Several metal snaps let go and a small hole appeared in the leather helmet, where Kims deep brown eyes looked out, filled with terror and fear.

“Isn't our new guest pretty, Kim?” Elise asked. “And her breasts are real, not the slut man traps you tried to make yours be. “

Elise reached down and swung both weighted clips back and forth to emphasize her displeasure with Kims double D breasts. Tears appeared in Kims eyes as she struggled to prevent the weights from swaying. “There are two tubes going into Kims little whore mouth.” Elise continued. “One of them keeps her miserable self alive by feeding her the nutrients and water from the top of the box. This other tube, with the bulb attached, is part of a pump gag system. You see, every time I squeeze this bulb, the rubber mass in her mouth gets bigger. “ Elise gave a demonstration squeeze and Amanda could hear Kims grunt of pain grow a little softer, as her terrified eyes got a little wider.

“There are a couple other tubes leading from her skanky cunt and ass to get rid of her wastes, but after being subjected to about twenty enemas, plus living on a pure energy liquid diet for over half a year, she doesn’t have that much shit or piss. She could stay in this box indefinitely but I bring her out at least a couple times a week to play. Usually I keep plugs in her ears to remove her hearing, but she knows this is a special day and I want her to know exactly what is about to happen. You see I only like to have two girls at any one time. One for serious play, and the other to slowly, but surely take away every bit of humanity from. If a girl is put in a situation where she can't see, or hear, or touch, or taste of move it will drive her mad. Would you both like to see what that looks like?”

Elise did not wait for an answer, and instead went over to the wall and pulled out a third cabinet. This one was shaped like a small coffin, about four feet long. It had several metal straps around it, each of which had to be unlocked. The lid required an electric drill to remove the 7 inch screws that held it on. After nearly a half hour the lid was pulled off, then the side of the chest facing Kim and Amanda was pulled down and white sand poured out of it . Buried in the sand was what looked like a mummy where the corpse had been folded in on itself. Amanda could tell that it was a woman in there, but just barely, as incredibly tight wrappings covered every inch of her body.

“Amanda, this is Marita. She was an illegal alien that I discovered twenty months ago. Kim there has met Marita before, haven't you Kim? You see, Marita was in the box that Kim lives in now, watching while I explained what was going to happen to Kim seven months ago. I have Marita bound with four layers of different kind of tape. I started with duct tape, followed that up with medical tape, then a layer of black electrical tape, followed by this white tape that stretches quite a bit. I can barely remember what she looks like, since I never take pictures, and I painted multiple layers of rubber on her face starting seven months ago. Her ears are completely filled with rubber cement, her eyes are encased in all that rubber. Her mouth is filled with a pump gag like the one Kim here is wearing, but instead of air, its pumped full of epoxy that has been slowly drying. I would guess it’s a concrete mass inside her mouth by now. Marita has not seen, heard or touched another thing in months now. I am reasonably sure she is quite insane under all that tape and rubber, but I really cannot see a way to find out. “

Elise was unhooking feeding and breathing tubes from Maritas faceless head, and waste tubes that ran up her ass. She then pulled Marita out of the coffin and let her drop on the floor. Her body had been forced into a grotesquely awkward position by all the taping. Her legs had been pulled back until her heels touched the small of her back, Her arms were in a position where her elbows touched right in the center of her back, and then her hands had been pulled up to where they settled in the base of the back of her neck. Her head was pulled straight back with the back of her skull almost touched her bound hands. How could she still be alive after all that, Amanda wondered. Marita was laying right in front of Amanda and Amanda could hear very soft wheezes as the mummified girl was still breathing.

“I used sand with Marita in her little coffin, because it removes even the slightest sensation of anything touching your body. I have checked up on her every couple weeks or so, but its always a surprise to see how resilient a slut like this can be. However its time for her to move on to the final level of my little bondage paradise. “ Amanda was looking with horror at the vaguely female shaped object at her feet. What else could this bitch do to it?

Elise was pulling out objects from the drawers along the wall.

“This is to be Maritas final taping. This stuff I have here is called Bondo fiberglass tape. Its used to repair gashes on cars. It goes on pliant, but when it dries its like iron. I am going to wrap this little Mexican whore in two layers of it, and you both are going to get to watch. “

For the next hour Amanda and Kim watched in growing terror as the little body of the girl was further encased. Elise was meticulous about this work, making sure that every wrap was as tight as she could make it, with no hint of bubbling or erratic wrapping. When she was done, Marita had changed from a white mummy to a jet black one.

“Marita will dry overnight, then she goes into a final steel box. That box will be locked and the keyholes filled with solder, the rest of the box will be filled with mud to overflowing. There will be a tiny air and watering tube that extend out of it. Then she and her casket will be sunk into my koi pond out back with the feeding tube barely above the surface. She will join my six other lovelies that have spent time with me. You know that Karen, the second girl I took, lasted alive for a month in that box sealed away forever? I was amazed and I almost decided to try to pull her up and see if I could free her. Thankfully I got over that little bit of curiosity and she still sits there today. The reason I am telling you all this is because this is your eventual future, Amanda. Tomorrow I will start encasing Kims head in layers of liquid rubber, and removing all her contact to the outside world. You will take her place in that box she is in now, a faceless, helpless big titted bundle of sex for my own use. Then one day you will get to wear the very hood Kim is in now, and I will pull off the blindfold to show you the lucky girl that will take your place. You will then know that you are destined for the sand box and endless mummification. Finally, if your mind is still functional at all, you will find yourself tossed on this very floor, and you will know that your day to be put in permanent bondage will have arrived. Of course you will not have seen or heard anything for months at that point, but just maybe your memory of this day will come back to you.” Elise walked over to Amanda, touching her breasts, and then running her hands up and down her bound body marveling at how taut and soft her skin was. Amanda tried to scream at her, to beg her to let them go.

“I'm sorry, this dental gag thing makes it real tough to understand you.” Elise reached around and lessened the pressure the device exerted on her jaws. Finally the hated device came loose from behind Amanda’s teeth and Elise pulled it away.

“You sick fucking cunt.” She screamed at Elise. “You murdering bitch, let me the fuck go.”

Elise ignored Amanda’s anger, and instead moved behind the girl holding what looked like a large black sock. She released Amanda’s hair from its pony tail, and Amanda could see in the mirrors, pulled the sock over Amanda’s shaking head.

“What the fuck is this, pervert?” She screamed. The sock was more like the leggings of very snug tights, like the ones worn by professional dancers. She could still breath through it, but all sight was cut off.

“It’s a hood, my dear, the mildest one I own. You are going to have to wear it until tomorrow, I'm afraid, then we can get you fitted with some thick leather ones, or form fitting rubber ones. But that’s tomorrow, and today you will just have to wear this. Aren't I kind to you?”

“You’re a twisted fuck who I am going to kill when I get out of here.” Amanda replied.

“But you see, my dear sweet Amanda, you will never get out of here. You are going to be bound for the rest of your miserable life. Oh and good bondage requires a good gag.” Elise said.

Amanda began to respond when a large ball was shoved into her mouth. The stocking on her head was also pressed into her mouth, and Amanda could feel multiple straps wrap around her hooded head, each one pulled mind numbingly tight. The ball forced its way all the way past her teeth and settled in there, with each strap applied her poor sore mouth was forced even tighter around the ball. She could not force it out, or even open her mouth a tiny bit. She groaned with frustration and anger, made blind and mute in barely a minutes time. Elise attached a leather belt to the top of the Amandas head, where the gag straps had a metal ring. She then pulled Amandas head straight backwards until Amandas sightless eyes were staring straight up at the ceiling. She then locked the strap off, holding Amandas head in this awkward position.

“See what happens when you make threats at me, little girl?” Elise whispered in Amandas ear. “Well of course no matter how you had acted you would still be bound exactly like this, like a piggy with an apple in her mouth.”

Elise spent a couple minutes playing with Amandas exposed chest, again marveling at the amazing shape she was in. Kim had been bound for so long in dark places that she had turned ghostly white, with poor muscle tone, while Amandas body sang with color and vitality. Finally Elise let out a sigh of regret and began the tasks she had to do. She first reapplied Kims blindfold, checked the connections that held her and then closed and locked the doors to her tiny prison, before pushing the cabinet back into the wall. She left the open casket Marita had been in and the sand that had she had been buried in where they were. Plenty of time to clean that up tomorrow. She rolled Marita onto a small wheeled cart, and before she left the room took a long last look at the sweat covered young woman who was her new plaything. So much time, and so many things she wanted to try with her.

“Goodnight Amanda. Enjoy your time by yourself.” She said as she shut off the lights, wheeled the immobile Marita out, then closed and locked the big oaken door.

Inside the room, Amanda struggled to pull herself off the contact between her pussy and the stool she was bound to. She was having a tough time breathing through the thick elastic hood that covered her head, and her bonds felt like they got tighter with each moment that went by. The images in her head were even worse than her bondage though. Images of Kim inside that box, of her being there soon, a faceless bound thing. Images of herself being wrapped in miles of tape, with the last of her humanity being lost. Images of hoods, and pump gags, and being stuffed into boxes like a toy. She groaned into her massive gag, making another desperate attempt to get any part of herself free.

She wondered if Kim could hear her, if she had experienced this exact same situation months ago. She thought of her mother, and sister who would assume she had run off with some guy to Mexico or Canada to avoid going to jail, and she wondered if they would ever know that she was less than three miles from their house, bound and gagged by a twisted rich old soap star. Six other girls had gone through this before her, and Elise had never been a suspect, had never been caught. Amanda cried helplessly as the dildos inside her continued their endless rape. She realized that she would never be missed by anyone. This was now her life for as long as Elise wanted to keep her, a bound and gagged toy.

The end.