The Rainbow’s End, Part 2

by Kurt

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© Copyright 2005 - Kurt - Used by permission

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The Rainbow’s End, Part 2 by Kurt
Part Two

It did me no good at all to go to work that day; all I seemed to be able to think about was last night.  I had spent a wonderful night making love to a beautiful bound woman, and suddenly, I couldn't think of anything but going back and doing it all over again.

Shelly was a very captivating woman, to be sure, but there was something very unique about her that I couldn’t put my finger on.  Well, maybe tonight I’d get another chance to find out what it is.  After all, she’d promised to meet me at “The Rainbow” for another evening of fun and games…  Who was I kidding; I’d probably never see her again.

I went through the motions at work.  After all, it was Saturday, I was a salaried employee and I didn’t have to be here, but I was.  I should try to do something useful.  I tried... I couldn’t. 

I went home about 11 o’clock, having accomplished very little of anything.  I mowed the lawn, did the trimming, changed the oil in my car and generally puttered about until dinner.  After dinner, I started getting ready for the evening.  I was supposed to meet Shelly at around 9:00 back at “The Rainbow”.  If tonight went like last night, there were some things I needed to get before I met her.

Let’s see...  I needed to go to the hardware store, the fabric store and the adult bookstore before I met Shelly.  At the hardware store I bought 50 polished chrome rings about 1 inch in diameter, two smaller rings about ¼ inch in diameter, a tube of super-glue, four eye hooks, twenty feet of nylon rope 3/8 inch thick and a 16 pack of “AA” batteries.  At the fabric store, I bought 100 yards of 1 inch wide red satin ribbon and two feet of ¼ inch wide blue satin ribbon.  At the adult bookstore I bought a pair of remote control vibrating eggs. I was set for another evening of fun with Shelly.  Now if she only showed up.

I arrived at the Rainbow, fully expecting Shelly not to be there, but I was surprised to see her pacing back and forth nervously at the corner of the building.  As usual, she was dressed to kill, or at least dressed to kill me.  A pair of painted-on blue jeans with black heels and a black silk shirt, with a blue silk scarf tied loosely in a hacking knot around her neck.  As I pulled into a parking space near where she stood, she walked over to my car, stuck her head in the window and kissed me.  Really kissed me.

“I know you probably wanted to dance for a while, but I have another surprise for you.  Can you follow me to my place?” “Sure, what are you driving?” I asked.  “Oh that little black car over there.” And gestured toward a black Mazda RX-7 parked directly behind me.  “Jeez, try to keep it slow, I need to keep up with you.” I replied.  I meant it.  If Shelly drove too fast, there’s no way I could keep up with her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t lose you.  Besides, I’ll need to get this back from you.” and took the scarf from around her neck and tied it around my left wrist in a square knot.  As she leaned back in the door to kiss me again, she leaned down on my arm holding it against the armrest, then quickly pulled the free ends down and tied them around the armrest on the door.  As I stared up in surprise, she replied, “Now don’t take too much time trying to get that untied, or I might be gone.” She ran across the parking lot, hopped in her car and fired the engine.

I was still fumbling with the knot holding my wrist to the armrest when I heard the Mazda start.  Fortunately, my car was an automatic, (There aren’t too many Volvo wagons with 5-speeds) so I started the car with my free hand, put it in reverse and backed out into the parking lot.  As I started for the exit to the parking lot, I saw Shelly’s car turn left and head off, up the highway.

Cursing under my breath and laughing at the same time, I drove off in search of the black Mazda.  Luckily, I remembered most of the way to Shelly’s place, and caught up with her after the first turn.  She was driving slowly, so I’d be sure to catch her, she just wanted to worry me a little.  She had.

I followed her the rest of the way to her townhouse, and parked next to her.  As I looked over to see what she was doing, she sat, laughing uncontrollably in the driver’s seat.  I continued to fumble with the knotted scarf holding my wrist to the armrest and finally succeeded in untying it.  I took the keys from the ignition, reached behind the seat to grab my bag of purchases, and opened the door to my car.

Shelly was already there, still giggling. “Ooooh, I wish you could’ve seen your face.  It was priceless. Sorry, I couldn’t pass that up.”  She smiled and I melted.  “C’mon, let’s go inside before someone sees you wearing that pretty blue scarf.”  Glancing down, I remembered that I still had that scarf tied to my wrist, the ends flowing in the breeze, which Shelly grabbed and led me into the townhouse.

Once inside, she untied the scarf around my wrist, draped it across the arm of the sofa and asked, “What’s in the bag?  Something for me?  Will I like it?”  I replied, “The answer to all three questions is yes.  Now, what surprise do you have for me?”

“Wait right here.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She said, indicating that I was to have a seat on the sofa.  Shelly disappeared up the stairs and in the direction of her bedroom.  I heard some slight commotion and the sound of moving furniture and assumed Shelly was making some room for another one of her dances/strip shows.  I certainly wasn’t going to complain.

However I took this opportunity to assemble some of my purchases.  I took the two remote control vibrating eggs from their packages, found the two small steel rings and the tube of super-glue.  I glued one ring to the rounded end of each egg, made sure the bond was good, and returned the super-glue to its package and then the bag.  Finding the two-foot length of ¼ inch blue satin ribbon, I cut it in half.  I took the first piece and tied the ring glued to the egg in the center of one of the lengths of ribbon.  I repeated the process with the remaining ribbon and egg and that part was done.  Just in time, Shelly was done upstairs and headed down just as I finished returning everything to my bag.

“So when do I get to see what’s in the bag?”  She asked.   “I want to see my surprise first, and then maybe you can get your surprise” I replied. 

“Okay, but I have to blindfold you.” Shelly grabbed the scarf from the arm of the sofa and twirled it in her hand.  “I won’t peek” I countered.  “No blindfold, no surprise.” came the reply.  “Okay, you win”

As Shelly was tying the scarf over my eyes, I got a tingle deep in my belly.  I’m not sure why, but tonight had been so completely different from last night, I wasn’t sure just what to expect.  Shelly led me up the stairs, my bag of surprises under my arm, to what I assumed to be her bedroom.  Since I couldn’t see, it was hard to tell.  Finally we stopped.  She took the bag from under my arm.  As I started to protest, she said, “Don’t worry, I won’t look.” and placed the bag somewhere near me on the floor.

Then Shelly started undressing me.  Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt, kissing down the length of my chest to my belly.  She peeled the shirt over my shoulders and discarded it.  Already the evidence of my arousal pressed insistently at the front of my pants.  She started kissing at my neck again, rubbing her silk shirt across my chest as she kissed me.

As Shelly started to undo my pants, she reached inside and stroked my erection lightly.  In spite of my efforts to remain quiet, a slight moan escaped my lips.  Shelly giggled.  She pushed me backwards when my pants were at my ankles, and thankfully I fell onto the bed.  She untied my shoes, and pulled them off, followed by my socks, pants, and underwear.  I’m sure I must have been quite a sight; totally naked except for this blue scarf tied over my eyes. 

Yes indeed, I must have been quite the picture.  Then I remembered how good Shelly looked to me naked with a blindfold over her eyes just last night.  Shelly took my hand, opened it, and placed a small object in my palm.  “Remember this from last night?” she asked.  After feeling around its surface with my fingers, it felt a lot like the remote control for the vibrator I had used on her while she was tied to the chair. “Is this what I think it is?  It feels an awful lot like...”

Shelly interrupted. “It is, and the other half of it is tucked away somewhere very safe.  Now why don’t you just lay back and enjoy this.  Feel free to play with the ‘toy’ in your hand.”

Shelly pushed me back so I was laying on the edge of the bed with my legs hanging over the side.  She started kissing down my chest again and this time when she got to my belly, she just kept right on kissing.  She took me in her mouth and swirled her tongue around my head.  I pressed the button I assumed was the “V” button and then the “H” button.  A muffled shriek came from in front of me.  Shelly jumped.  It didn’t sound like the sound came from the same direction as Shelly but with the scarf tied so tightly over my eyes and ears, the sound was slightly muffled.  I was probably mistaken.

Shelly sucked me deeper and I let out another moan, louder this time.  I pressed the “H” button again and a whine came from Shelly.  As she maintained her efforts, I pressed the “V” and “T” buttons with my finger and held down the “H” button with my thumb.  The shriek was more intense this time, but Shelly didn't jump at all.  She just kept on, driving me to distraction with her mouth and tongue.  I let off the “H” button after a few moments and heard the rhythmic grunts that coincided with the thrusts of the vibrator.  Shelly started bobbing her head up and down in time with those grunts and in no time at all I blasted my passion down the back of her throat.

The rhythmic grunts continued, even though Shelly’s head was relatively calm, still holding me in her mouth.  Finally she released me and pulled me up into a sitting position.  The grunts continued as Shelly took the remote from my hand and pressed the “H” button again, stilling the intruder inside her.  A frustrated whine accompanied the stoppage of the vibrator and after a few moments Shelly sat next to me, whispering in my ear.

“So, that was the first part of your surprise.  Are you ready for the second part?”  “How many parts are there?” I asked.  “Only two, but the second part will be even better than the first.”  Somehow, I had difficulty believing that.  Shelly untied the blindfold but told me to keep my eyes closed.  Who was I to argue?   If the second part of the surprise was to be better than the first, I would stand on my head if she wanted.

She stood me up and told me to open my eyes.  I looked around the room for my surprise but saw none.  The room was basically the same as last night; I saw nothing that even hinted of something different.  Shelly handed me the remote control again and said “Go ahead, press the buttons again, drive me crazy.”  Who could refuse an offer like that?  I pressed the “V” and “T” buttons and held down the “H” button and the chair started to move.  Or rather, what was in the chair started to move.  Until now, the chair had looked like it had been piled full of clothes, with the silk sheet from off the bed draped over top, to hide the mess, but now there seemed to be a person under there, and this person was doing an awful lot of groaning and not too much moving around.

Shelly walked over to the chair, grabbed the sheet and shouted “Surprise!” as she pulled the sheet aside to reveal a young woman tied almost exactly like I had tied Shelly last night.  The only difference was this girl had been tied tighter… much tighter.  Her shoulders and head were welded to the chair by an abundance of scarves, her hands, tied in little fists, even tighter than I had tied Shelly’s were crossed behind her back, stretched tightly to the chair’s arms and tied there.  Her legs were spread wide and fastened securely to the arm supports and her ankles were cinched to the chair legs.  Even her feet had been tied into immobility with several more scarves holding her on tiptoe.  The scarf around her waist was tight and pulled forward through the crack of her ass, then tied to the bottom rung of the chair and the scarves that ran backward, through her legs, were stretched taut, knotted to the uppermost rung of the chair.  All slack imaginable had been removed and movement on her part was at a premium.

“Kurt, you remember April, don’t you?”  Shelly asked.  The figure fastened to the chair did her best to writhe in humiliation, to no avail.  There was a deep blush which could have come from exertion that started at her forehead (what little I could see of it) and spread down across her chest (what little I could see of that). I most certainly didn’t recognize her in her present predicament, but I’d take Shelly’s word for it.  “She’s awfully curious” she continued.  “We were talking about last night and I told her how great it was with you, and she kept pressing for details.  So I told her.  I told her how you tied me and made love to me.  She said she wanted me to show her how you did it.  So first I tied her little fists like you did, then I tied them around, behind her back like you did.  One thing led to another and soon, she was finished.  I got to looking at how she was tied and decided to ‘fix her up’ a little better, you know, tie her a little more and a little tighter.  Then I got the idea to save her for you to see.  How’d I do?”

My mouth, which had been hanging open for quite a while now, was very dry and the only answer I could give was a nodding of my head and a croaky-sounding “Fine”.  In spite of her humiliation (or perhaps because of it) April was beginning to hump in time with the thrusts of the vibrator, which were quite rapid.  I realized that my thumb still held the “H” button down and that now the vibrator was thundering away inside her at maximum speed.  She wouldn’t hold out for long.

Shelly took the remote from my hand and pushed the “H” button again and the intruder went silent inside April, a piteous whine issuing forth from behind the several layers of silk holding her head to the chair.  “So, is the surprise you brought for me that good?”  Shelly asked.

I had an idea.  It required a slight change of plans, but I still had everything I needed to pull it off except for...”Get me several small pieces of paper, some scissors, a pen and a hat, Okay?”  Shelly disappeared into the next room and returned with the paper, pen, and scissors.  She went over to her closet and returned with a black leather baseball cap.  “Okay, tend to your friend for a few seconds while I do this” I said. “I’m not too sure she’s gonna be my friend when she gets loose” Shelly replied as she took the remote and started April off on another ride.

To the music of April’s moans and groans, I took four of the pieces of paper.  On one I wrote, “tied to the bed and screwed silly” on the second I wrote “tied bent-over and screwed silly from behind” the third said “I teach you how to tie yourself up” and the fourth said “my choice”.  I took the pieces of paper and folded them in half then put them in the hat.  “Okay Shelly, come over here.”  She turned off the remote, giggled at April’s frustration, laid it down and walked over to where I was.

“Here’s the deal.  There are four slips of paper in the hat.  Each one has a different scenario.  You reach in and pick one out.  If you don’t like it or want to try something different, put it back, I’ll mix ‘em up and you can try again.  But you only get two chances.  Whatever you get the second time, if you try a second time, is what you get.  No questions, no backing out.  Okay to you?”  Shelly nodded.

I held the hat above her line of sight and waited for her to pick one.  She reached into the hat and pulled a slip out.  After opening it, she pondered for a few seconds, until I started humming the tune from “Jeopardy”.  She giggled, and then put it back in the hat.  “Feeling lucky, huh?” I asked.  I mixed them up and Shelly picked again.  A smile crept across her face.  “I think I like this one better anyhow.” She said and handed me the paper.

“Tied to the bed and screwed silly”, the paper said.  “Okay, I need scissors and about twenty minutes.  Just out of idle curiosity, what was on the first slip of paper?”    Shelly grinned and shook her head.  She wouldn’t tell me.  “Okay, why don’t you keep yourself amused at April’s expense while I’m doing this?  By the way, how long has she been tied like that?” I asked.  “Oh about three hours, is that too long?” Shelly replied.

“Well, it probably is.  You should untie her for a little bit and let her circulation return.  Here, I’ll help you.”  Shelly stopped me.  “That’s okay, I can handle this, you just keep working on your little project.  I’m not going to untie her completely anyway, just enough to move her to her room while we have our fun.”

As Shelly started working on untying April, I started working on something for Shelly.  I removed the roll of red satin ribbon and the 1-inch steel rings and took the scissors from where Shelly had laid them.  Then I waited until she had untied her captive from the chair and was leading her, still wobbly legged from the room.  I started to close the bedroom door, but Shelly came back in, walked over to the scarf drawer, extracted an enormous handful of scarves and sauntered back out the door.  “I might need some of these” she said as her beautiful little ass sashayed out the door.  Finally, I closed the bedroom door behind her and started my little project.

I took the roll of ribbon and started cutting off four-foot lengths until I had fifteen pieces cut.  Spilling out the package of steel rings, I attached two to the center of each piece of the ribbon by folding the ribbon in the middle, passing the fold through the two rings and passing the free ends through the loop made by the fold.  When the ends were pulled taut, the rings were held together, stacked one atop the other.  When all fifteen were finished, I tied six sets of the ribbon/ring combinations spaced equally down each side of the bedrails (one to each corner bedpost, and the other four spaced down the side), two to the center of the headboard and one to the center of the footboard.  Taking the remaining ribbon on the roll, I passed the free end through each of the loops of ribbon tied to the bed, starting at the one tied to the headboard and working my way around until I had reached where I started.  I cut the long length of ribbon and tied the ends together.  This pulled all the ribbon/ring combinations up, over the side of the bed with the rings toward the center of the bed so I could get to them quickly.

Next I went over to Shelly’s scarf drawer and started selecting a wide variety of scarves I would use to tie her with.  Twelve large squares and twelve rectangles, all of the softest satin.  For a blindfold, another large square and two smaller squares, and for the gag, a small handful of squares.  I decided to look through the bottom of her scarf drawer to see what other “toys” Shelly may have hidden away that I could use to torment her with.  Nothing much out of the ordinary at first glance, so I started to put the rest of the scarves back into the drawer when I noticed one of those vibrators that have the little finger curved upward at the bottom, designed to rest on the “user’s” clit.  I reached in and pulled it out only to discover two long, thin electrical cords attached to it.  As I continued to pull the attached cords, each some six to eight feet long, the other ends finally appeared.  On one of the cords was a plug-in for house current, and on the other was a control box with three buttons, three dials and three LED’s.

Not wanting to waste time, but determined to find out what functions this thing performed, I quickly plugged it in and started pressing buttons experimentally.  I watched in amazement as, much like the vibrator (still, no doubt buried in April), a humming noise, associated with the first button signaled a vibrating function combined with an LED showing it was in action.  Another press of the button turned it off.  Also like the other vibrator, the second button produced a thrusting motion.  The third button however, started the head of the instrument to gyrate in a small circle.  When all three buttons had been pressed, I found it difficult to hold on to.  Yes...  I think this will do nicely.  I gathered the scarves and vibrator and returned to the bed.

Taking ten of the large square scarves, I folded them into three-inch wide bands.  Next, I took the first of the rectangular scarves and threaded it through the first set of rings down the side of the bed.  I passed it through the center of both rings from the bottom, over the top and pulled the short end between the rings, so that it could be pulled toward the center of the bed.  This would let the scarf slide easily through the rings in one direction, but make it impossible to slide back the other way.  I repeated this process on all but the sets of rings tied to the corner bedposts.  These would create a series of tethering points to be used later.  Those I let alone for now.

I set about folding the remaining squares to fashion a gag and blindfold.  I took the two small squares and folded them into eyepads and another of larger squares into a three-inch wide band.  That should keep out all the light.  Now to keep in all the sound...

I fashioned a “fat scarf gag” by folding and rolling one large square into a two-inch wide roll.  This I folded into the center of another large square, tying a single knot at each end of the enclosed roll to keep it in place.  Another square folded into a three by six-inch rectangle folded inside another large square should make a pretty effective silencer over the fat scarf gag.  This left six large squares and a few rectangles in the pile.  Just for safe measure, I returned to the drawer and grabbed another two handfuls of silky soft charmeuse squares and rectangles, taking care to grab two extremely long rectangles from the dwindling pile of scarves in the drawer

Now the stage was set, and I went off in search of the leading lady.  She wasn’t too hard to find; all I had to do was follow the sounds of April’s whimpering.  I found Shelly putting the last touches on April’s bondage, much to the dismay of April.

Shelly had taken April to her bedroom and tied her there.  April also had a bed with bedposts at the corners, but there was also a detailed headboard with an ornate but sturdy latticework.  While I’m sure it wasn’t designed with the purpose of immobilizing someone, it was currently working very well.  With her subject already helplessly gagged and blindfolded, and her hands useless due to the silken sacks Shelly had tied them into, April didn’t stand much of a chance as Shelly tied her roommate to the bed. 

April was tied, sitting upright against the headboard, with a pillow behind her.  Her arms were straight out from her shoulders, tied through the headboard with a scarf every few inches finished in a nice fluffy bow.  Scarves circled her body and disappeared through the holes in the headboard, only to re-appear again and be tied in the same fluffy bows that held her arms.  Her  rather large breasts were crisscrossed with several scarves that were tied to the headboard as well, causing them to swell into greater prominence and a beautiful floral rectangular scarf covered her bulging breasts like a halter.  You could easily see the points of her hardened nipples straining at the shiny fabric.  Her head, still gagged and blindfolded, was held fast to the headboard in much the same fashion as the rest of her body, with another big fluffy bow on top of her head.  All the bows gave a dainty, almost fragile appearance to the bondage, but you could tell it was very secure.

Shelly had left the scarf running through her crotch in place, and the vibrator was still ensconced where it would do the most good.  Scarves were tied between April’s knees and the headboard, pulling them up and out toward the corners of the bed, and her ankles were crossed and tied and another scarf held them in place, one end tied to the headboard and the other end holding her ankles at the same level as her knees.  April wasn’t going anywhere.

Shelly grabbed the remote and pressed both the “V” and “T” buttons and then the “H” button quickly, maintaining the vibrator and thrust on their lowest possible setting.  She looked at me and grinned.  “That should keep her simmering for awhile while we have our fun”.  April whimpered pitifully and wriggled slightly in her bondage as the vibrator resumed its duties.  Shelly and I headed off toward her bedroom.

“This looks pretty elaborate, is all this really necessary?” Shelly quizzed, looking at the ribbons, rings and scarves adorning the bed.  “I just don’t want you getting away, that’s all” I replied.

“Getting away?”  Shelly asked and she moved next to me, wrapping her arms around me and gently kissing my chest.  “I don’t think I’ll even be able to move!  But then again, that seems to be the way you like me, isn’t it?”

“Now now, there’s no time for that” I said, leading her toward the bed and reaching for the blindfold.  “Now turn around and hold still.”  I had to add that last part because Shelly had taken her shirttail out and was rubbing her silk-covered butt against me.  Still being naked, this had an alarming effect on my manhood, and Shelly knew all too well just how wonderful this felt.  I had to finish tying her up, and quickly.

First the blindfold, checking to see if it was too tight, then the fat scarf gag, nice and snug, then the padded gag over that.  I stopped for a second to reach into Shelly’s shirt and gently pull on her nipple.  The gag silenced into a very slight hum what would have normally been a low groan.  Shelly, completely ignoring my directions to hold still, had put her hands behind her and was rubbing my cock and balls ever so gently with her shirttail.  Many more minutes of that and I would have been of no sexual value whatsoever.

I turned Shelly around and started to undress her.  First that troublemaking silk shirt.  With all the buttons undone, I finally got the shirt off her and out of harm’s way.  Her pants proved to be another challenge, and she provided no help whatsoever to my attempts to remove them.  I guess it was her idea of making me work for it.  Finally, I peeled the painted-on denim down her legs and she reluctantly stepped out of them.  Her bra and panties proved to be little problem.  Truth is, they were so slight I could have probably ripped them off with my little finger, but I didn’t need to.  Finally she was naked before me.

I took the two pillows from the head of the bed and positioned them where her butt should be and helped her lay on them.  The silk sheets were having their desired effect on Shelly, as she could hardly hold still, squirming around to feel her body sliding on the slippery fabric.  Now it was time to make her helpless... again.

I shook out four of the large squares and laid her hand across the open end of the first one.  I wrapped the open scarf around her hand several times, keeping the rolled edge of the scarf just behind her wrist until the two corners of the scarf barely met.  After I tied the corners together, her hand was wrapped in three or four layers of the scarf with the balance of the silk trailing from the end of her hand.  The scarf couldn’t be pulled off over her wrist, and her hand was contained inside several layers of silk.  If she wanted to, she could get her hand outside the scarf by unrolling the trailing end.  At least she could for now.  I repeated the process on her other hand and then both feet, tying the scarf just above the ankles, with the balance of the scarf trailing out past the end of her foot.

Taking the pile of square scarves I had already folded into strips and the remaining rings, I took one scarf and two rings, passed the scarf through the rings and tied them around Shelly’s left arm at the elbow.  I did the same to her right arm and then each leg right below the knee.  As I was working on her knees, Shelly’s hands had made their way to her breasts and she was rubbing her silk-encased hands lightly over the mounds, enjoying the feel of the silk gliding over her skin. 

This is a sight I could have watched for some time, especially when one hand slowly worked it’s way down between her legs and began rubbing, slowly at first, then with more and more force.  When her hips began moving in time with her hand and her breathing got heavier, I knew I’d better stop Shelly or I might just come watching her, so I grabbed her hands and pulled them away from her body.  I took the scarf trailing from the end of her left hand and fed it through the ribbon and ring combination at the corner of the bed, like I had earlier so that the scarf could only be pulled through one way.  Any attempts by Shelly to pull her hand toward her body would tighten the rings against the scarf and clamp it between the rings.  When the rings tightened, it also sealed Shelly’s hand within the three or four wrappings the scarf provided. No amount of wriggling could get her fingers out of that scarf, making in effect, a silk bondage mitten.  Shelly moaned her disapproval and when I fixed her right hand the same way, her hands were lost to her.

This didn’t stop her from trying, mind you.  She tugged and twisted her arms, but the scarves stayed securely wrapped around her wrists with the ends trapped between the rings.  I figured I’d better take care of her feet as well and soon, she was in a loose spread-eagle, her butt perched on the fat pillows, her sex providing an inviting target.  But I still had some work to do.

I took one of the last remaining square scarves and tied one end of one of the long rectangles in the center, then tied it around her waist in an overhand knot, passing the ends over one another and pulling them out to the side.  I pulled the loose end of the rectangular scarf through her legs, with the end trailing down over the foot of the bed.  I tied the loose ends of the square to the scarves already passed through the rings near her waist at the side if the bed and with a little tug on each side, tightened the scarf around her waist and held her in the center of the bed.  Her elbows and knees were next. I separated the rings I had earlier tied around Shelly’s right elbow and tied the loose end of the rectangular scarf I had set up earlier as a tether through the ring.  I pulled the free end until it was snug and then did the same to Shelly’s right elbow.  I took one of the remaining rectangles and tied it between the remaining rings tied to her elbows, taking out almost all available slack.  In just minutes, her knees were finished the same way and slowly but surely Shelly was becoming an integral part of the bed.

Moving to her shoulders, I took the last two large squares and tied them in a figure-eight with the centers crossed between her shoulder blades and the ends tied in front of her shoulders.  To these ends, I tied the tether scarves closest to her shoulders and pulled out some of the slack. Only two more scarves to tie and then I could start to tighten things up a little.

I shook out the second long rectangle and centered it behind Shelly’s neck.  Pulling the ends around her head and over her chin, being careful to keep everything away from her throat.  I pulled each end up the side of her head and threaded them through the two sets of rings at the head of the bed.  Pulling gently, I snugged up the scarf and turned my attentions to the vibrator, lying silently out of sight.

I didn’t figure I’d need much lubrication, even with this fairly large vibrator.  Slipping a finger between Shelly’s lips drew a muffled squeak of surprise followed by a moan of delight and a twitching of the hips.  I withdrew my finger with all the lubrication needed to house the vibrator inside Shelly without a hint of discomfort.  I reached down and parted her glistening lips with one hand and slowly slid the vibrator home with the other, gently twisting and turning as I went.

Shelly responded predictably, thrusting her hips upward and struggling to impale herself on the vibrator.  When the little finger was nestled snugly against her clit, I grabbed the long scarf trailing over the end of the bed, brought it up between her legs and over the vibrator, holding it in place.  The end was passed through the scarf around her waist and back down to the foot of the bed, where it was threaded through the last remaining set of rings.  I pulled the free end and removed enough slack to keep the vibrator in place, but not enough to really tighten things up... yet.

“Shelly, do you remember what to do if you REALLY want out?”  She nodded her head. “Okay then, I’m going to start to make this tighter, are you ready?” A nod of the head and a soft moan were all the encouragement I needed.

I started with the scarves tied around her hands and feet, pulling the free end of each scarf through its respective set of rings, until Shelly’s limbs were stretched toward the corners of the bed.  Next, I took the scarves securing the rest of her body and tightened them slowly by pulling on the free ends.  Slowly her movement became more and more restricted until finally, almost all movement was denied her.  I had left her head and the crotch scarf alone on purpose, waiting until last to tighten them.  I grabbed both ends of the scarf going behind her head and cupping her chin and pulled all the slack from them, pulling her head flat against the mattress and severely limiting her head movement.  Then I took the free end of the crotch scarf and tightened it until it was pulled snugly between her ass cheeks and stretched tightly over the head of the vibrator. 

I had to admit it, I was rather proud of myself.  While she wasn’t stretched painfully in any one direction, Shelly was almost completely immobile, with her hips thrust invitingly in the air.  As I busied myself untangling the wires, plugging the vibrator into the wall and laying the remote at the side of the bed, Shelly was experimenting with her bondage, twisting and tugging as best she could. The beauty of this bondage with the ribbon/ring combinations was that, even though she may create a little slack from her struggles, I could eliminate it just as quickly by pulling on the free end of the corresponding scarf.  Over the next several minutes, I re-tightened all the scarves as Shelly worked her way toward total immobility through her struggles. 

It must have been somewhat frustrating for her, because usually struggling brings you somewhat closer to freedom, even if you don’t achieve it.  Shelly’s struggles only led her to be even more stringently bound.  Every bit of slack she achieved meant that something, somewhere was about to get tighter.  When I tightened the tether scarves, the precious little slack she had achieved was removed and things were now tighter than they were before.  Finally she realized this and her efforts calmed for the moment.

“Think you’ll get loose from this?” I asked.  What can best be described as a growl came from the head of the bed, followed by a slight, almost imperceptible shaking of her head.  “Good, then you won’t mind if I do this.”, and turned on all three functions of the vibrator.  The effect was, shall we say, dramatic.

Shelly had never ceased to amaze me so far and I guess she wasn’t about to start now.  With all her might she heaved and struggled at her bonds, but achieved very little in the way of movement.  As the vibrator hummed and thrust and wriggled inside her, she was only afforded the opportunity to accept it.  She could do nothing more.  As usual she was a beautiful sight, and it was with a slight twinge of regret that I pulled the silk sheet off the chair and covered her, caressing her breasts lightly through the silk and covering her in the slippery softness while I went to check on April.  You could see the outline of her body clearly under the sheet, her hips thrust up in the air from the pillows, the outline of her legs and arms, and her head.  But her nipples were the most outstanding part of her outline, pointing up proudly and tenting the silk draped over her body.  It was just too perfect.

Shelly’s gagged moans and whimpers accompanied me out of the room and down the hall, only to be gradually replaced with those coming from April’s bedroom as I drew closer.  As I entered the room, I saw just what I expected.  April still tightly bound to the bed, the vibrator still slowly working inside her and a thin sheen of sweat covering her body where it wasn’t covered with her bindings.  The vibrator had apparently been doing it’s job, because April’s hips were gyrating slightly, given their limited movement and the sounds coming from behind the silk packing filling her mouth had taken on a truly sultry sound.  I just had to stand and watch for a while.

Sometimes life is just too good.  Here I stood, with two different beautiful women bound to two different beds in two different rooms, completely helpless, and waiting on me to attend to their growing sexual frustrations and desires.  Who was I to disappoint them?  I might make them wait a little longer than they’d like, but the beauty of the situation was that they didn’t have much say in the matter.  I had already attended to Shelly, at least in part; it was now time to do something different with April.

I grabbed the few scarves that still littered the bed (there weren’t many left that Shelly didn’t use, but there were a few) and approached April, lightly stroking the insides of her thighs with the scarves in my hand.  April was quite unaware of my presence until that time and screamed her surprise into the silk filling her mouth.  I kept up the stroking with one hand and reached for the remote with the other.  I felt April had suffered enough.

With a few quick button pushes and a prolonged pressing of the “H” button, The vibrator roared merrily along at Maximum speed and April shrieked suitably, doing her best to move her hips with the thrusts of the vibrator.  She started grunting and moaning, trying to gain some movement while I continued stroking the inside of her thighs with the slippery silk.  We carried on like that for several minutes, and it wasn’t until I put down the scarves and started licking the edges of the scarf covering the vibrator that April really started moving towards her much-deserved orgasm.  After all, she had been tied for well over three hours now; she should be rewarded for her efforts.

I continued to bring April along slowly over the next fifteen minutes or so, alternating between tongue and scarf massage, always careful not to push her too far.  Over the next fifteen minutes I toyed with April, bringing her slowly toward the brink of orgasm using a combination of vibrator, tongue and scarves, only to stop and let her retreat, moaning and whining through her gag, into her only option, helpless waiting.  After letting her calm down for a few moments, I started again, only to deny her.  This continued for a while until her actions and sounds took on a rather ragged tone, her breathing uneven and short.

April fully deserved what she got next.  I led a full-fledged assault on her loins, using all the tools at my disposal, and it was barely 15 seconds later I was rewarded with the sight of April cumming.  Maybe it was the fact that she’d been tied for so long, maybe it was the fact that she’d been denied release for just as long, maybe it was the humiliation of being bound and tormented by a perfect stranger, or maybe it was all those things.

I thought the bed would come apart, despite its rather sturdy construction.  Not knowing April very well, for a few moments I was concerned for her well being, so violent were her movements that I almost stopped teasing her.  Soon I realized that she was fine, but she was still cumming.  Over and over she came, so many times and so hard that I finally felt the need to stop the teasing and turn the vibrator off.  As it stilled, I untied the scarf between her legs and eased the vibrator from inside her but only after gently sliding it in and out a few times.  The scarf that held it in place was soaked with her juices as were her lips and pubic hair. 

As I got ready to untie April from the bed, I realized two things; the first was that April’s bondage was extremely secure, the only thing that could move were her legs, but they couldn’t move much.  Even her balled-up fists had been welded to the headboard by Shelly, along with the 5 scarves that held each arm to the headboard.  That didn’t count the ones at her shoulders, criss-crossing her breasts, at her stomach, and her hips. 

I took a moment to study how her head was bound.  Over the already plentiful gag and blindfold, a scarf went from the crown of her head, down under and cupping her chin (covering from just under her chin to just below her nose) and tied in back of her head.  When this was pulled tight, it pulled down on the crown of her head and pulled up on her chin, forcing her to bite down on the gag.  But there was more.  Rectangular scarves were tied over the gag and blindfold, back through the headboard, pulled tight and tied back in front with the obligatory fluffy bow.  There was even a scarf that started at the back of her head, wrapped around the bindings two times, cinching them even tighter and ending on top of her head in yet another bow.  In addition to the knots that you couldn’t see, there were twenty-three of those big, fluffy bows adorning April’s body.  With all the colors and the shine of all those scarves, even if you didn’t admire the bondage, you had to admire the use of colors.  There were brilliant solid colors of yellow, red, orange, green, blue, and there were florals and paisleys and patterns in a variety of colors.  It was a beautiful sight, made all the more beautiful by the previously struggling, but now exhausted young lady underneath.

But it wasn’t until I started to untie her that I realized the second thing.  Underneath those decorative bows in so many colors and patterns, were very tightly tied square knots.  While the bows almost gave the look of gentleness, the square knots underneath drove home just how rigid the bondage actually was.  It took nearly five minutes just to get her legs untied and when I lowered them to the bed, a contented sigh seeped out around the gag.

I went to work on her head next, feeling certain that it was probably the most uncomfortable of her bindings.  I untied all the bows and then started on the knots underneath.  That took several more minutes until her head finally drooped forward slowly, followed by the obligatory sigh of relief.

I realized that I hadn’t checked on Shelly in a while so I told April, “I’m gonna go check on Shelly for a minute, I’ll be right back” April whined piteously and shook her head, but knew it would do no good.  I walked out of the room, knowing that April stood no better chance of getting loose than she did twenty minutes ago.

When I walked back into Shelly’s room, the beautiful sight of Shelly, still writhing slightly under the sheets, greeted me.  I walked over, pulled back the top sheet and checked her bindings.  A little slack here and there, but nothing she could get out of.  I gave some sharp tugs on each of the tether scarves and Shelly was again almost completely immobile.  I leaned down next to her head and asked her through the layers of silk “Isn’t this just awful?”  A moan of the affirmative answered me.  “Have you been waiting long enough yet?”  Another affirmative moan.  I bent to kiss her nipples, still standing out like they were when I left her, kissing and sucking on them in turn.  The moans rose to a suitable level at this attention so I stopped, checked to make sure that the vibrator was on a suitable setting to keep her very aroused until I returned, covered her over again and left to some of the most angry sounding grunts and groans I had heard yet.  Finally they settled into a more pitiful sounding whine and I knew Shelly was once again resigned to her fate.

April was still moving her legs around on the bed, trying to get the kinks out when I returned.  Still heavily blindfolded and gagged, she wasn’t aware of my presence until I started to untie her body from the bed.  As I tugged on the bows only to find the knots underneath, I was confronted with a new problem.  April had perspired a good bit since she was tied to the bed, and that coupled with her attempted thrashing about had made the knots damp and tight.  It seemed to take forever to get them untied, gradually freeing April’s body from the headboard, but finally they were done and I started on the ones holding her shoulders and arms.  They proved to be much easier to untie and I left only the scarves at her wrists tied. 

I untied her fists from the headboard and set about trying to untie the scarves that held her hands balled up.  I should have guessed that under the bows there would be more square knots to fight, and due to the flexing of her hands, these knots had tightened up as well.  When the knots were finally free, I pulled the scarves off of her left hand and helped April straighten out her fingers.  A wadded up scarf dropped out of her palm and she slowly regained the use of her fingers by working them around.  After freeing the other hand, I took two of the square scarves that weren’t sweaty or wrinkled beyond recognition and tied them over her hands like Shelly’s were in the other room.  When I finally untied her wrists from the headboard, April realized that she was relatively free.  She slowly flexed her arms and moved about and reached to untie the scarves still blindfolding and gagging her.  With the ends of the scarves trailing from her arms, she couldn’t begin to loosen the knots, so I slid her forward on the bed.  As I rubbed her shoulders and arms to help circulation, she kept trying to loosen the knots around her head, with no success.  Finally, I was satisfied that she was comfortable again, so I pushed her arms behind her back, and crossed them, grabbing the scarf ends trailing from her arms and quickly passed them around in front of her, tying them off at her navel.

Understandably, this brought forth a fresh series of questioning grunts, struggles and thrashing about. I quickly brought April’s knees together and tied them, calming her movements considerably. Now that I had April under control again (even though she was still fighting her latest bondage) I decided to take her blindfold and gag off. Once I removed the scarf wrapped over the crown of her head and under her chin, I couldn’t decide where to start.

I started with the blindfold.  As with all the bindings so far, there were nice, solid square knots holding everything in place.  After a great deal of picking at the knot at the back of her head, I finally started to unravel the blindfold.  First, a rectangular scarf wrapped twice around her head, then a square scarf folded into a band with another scarf folded in the middle to act as a pad, then finally two small square scarves folded into individual pads, one for each eye. At long last April could open her eyes.  She blinked repeatedly trying to get her eyes used to the sudden exposure of light.  With as questioning a look as she could muster after being blindfolded so severely for hours, she looked around at me, trying to get an answer as to why I had tied her again.  I felt she deserved an answer to her unasked question.

“You should be glad I untied you in the first place.  If you were to wait for Shelly to untie you, you’d be there for a long time to come.  Would you like me to take your gag off now?”  Silly question. “Before I take this gag off, I want you to realize something.  No one has hurt you, and no one is going to.  Other than the surprise that we both got from Shelly, have you enjoyed it so far?  I mean, I know you didn’t volunteer to be tied up like that, did you?” An emphatic shake of the head and a rolling of her eyes reinforced what I already knew. “ But once you got over the shock of being tied, the experience was rather enjoyable, wasn’t it?”  A very deep blush spread across April’s face and she nodded her head slightly.  “Good!  Now would you like to try some more after I let you rest a little?”  Again the blush (not as deep this time) and a more enthusiastic nodding.

“Okay then.  I’m gonna take your gag off if you promise to be quiet.  Shelly’s very busy in the next room and I don’t want to disturb her by making a bunch of noise.  I’ll answer any questions you may have if you ask them quietly, but if you make too much noise, I gag you again.  Understand?”  Again the nod.  So I started picking at the knots holding April’s gag in place.  Much like the blindfold, I unwrapped a rectangular scarf that was wrapped twice around her head, then a large square with another square folded in the middle as a pad and then, just like I expected there was another scarf with a big bow tied in the front.  I undid the bow, picked at the square knots and at long last untied the last scarf.  It was a large square with a double-knot tied in the middle.  The knot in the middle had been forced between April’s teeth with both ends wrapping around behind her head.  It was knotted there and the ends were pulled around in front and knotted over the double-knot between April’s teeth.  It was only after pulling that double knot out from between her teeth that I saw yet another scarf packing her mouth!  No wonder she had been so silent.  Several layers of silk, two big knots and silk packing.  As I plucked the scarf from between April’s teeth, I was surprised at its size.  It was one of those large designer scarves, nearly 4 feet square and it was tucked and crammed in every crevice in the poor girl’s mouth; stuffed first between her teeth and cheeks at the side of her mouth, then deep in her mouth cavity, and finally between her teeth and lips in front.  It must have taken quite a bit of work to pack it in there because it was so enormous.  I’m amazed she didn’t choke on it during her struggles.

Poor April could close her mouth completely for the first time in several hours, but she couldn’t keep it that way, she had too many questions to ask.  After I gave her a drink of water from the glass on her bedside table, April worked her jaw a few times and the questions started.  I reminded her to be as quiet as possible as to not disturb her roommate.

“Did you teach Shelly to do that?”  April asked   “I just tied her up last night,” I replied “at her request mind you, I guess she was paying pretty close attention.  I’m judging from your reaction you’ve never been tied before, have you?”  Another blush and a very quiet “No, I haven’t”

“So what happened?” I asked.  April took a deep breath, let it out slowly and began to answer.

“We were sitting there talking about last night and she just kept going on and on about how wonderful she felt and what a unique experience it had been.  When I pressed her for details, she asked me if I wanted to see what you had done to her.  At first I wasn’t sure, but she finally talked me into it.  She made me strip down to my panties and then it started.  First she tied my hands into those damned little sacks.  I couldn’t move my fingers at all.  Once she tied my hands around my back, kinda like this” and made an ineffective attempt to raise her arms, indicating that Shelly had tied her arms crossed behind her back, much like I had last night “and blindfolded me she just started tying me up tighter and tighter.  I asked her to stop, but she just said ‘You wanted to find out what it was like, so now I’m gonna show you.’ Then she stuffed that huge scarf in my mouth.  I fought her, but I knew it was no use.  She had tied my arms so I couldn’t move them much at all and she tied my knees so I couldn’t kick.  She stuffed that scarf in my mouth, I thought it would never fit in there and when she was done I thought I would gag and then she tied one over it to hold it in place.  From there, it was pretty much over.  I knew I couldn’t fight her when I was tied like that.”  “So how did it feel?” I asked. 

 “I was scared, but at the same time, I knew Shelly wouldn’t hurt me.  I mean, I’ve known Shelly for years now and I never saw this side of her before.  But she wasn’t done.  First the untied my knees and pulled my panties off, then she sat me in that big chair in her room and tied me to the chair.  I mean really tied me to the chair. She tied my feet to the bottom of the chair, she tied my knees to the arms of the chair, and then she re-tied my arms to the arms of the chair, crossed behind me.  As if I wasn’t gagged enough already, she added to that and my blindfold She just kept tying me until I couldn’t move at all.  There were scarves running everywhere around my body and tied to the chair.  She even tied my head in place so it couldn’t move. Then she got out that vibrator, and when she went to put it in me, it just slid right in.  She told me I was so wet I didn’t need any help.  That’s when I realized that, for as scared as I was, I was just as turned on.  I mean, I can’t explain it. Maybe it was the uncertainty of it all, having never been in that position before, but something had me all worked up”

“So then, get this, Shelly ties that damned vibrator in place with another scarf, turns it on, tweaks my nipples and goes to take a shower.  I was furious at first, but then the vibrator started working on me and soon I was carrying on like nobody’s business.  It was like I was the only person in the world and that vibrator was tickling and touching me in all the right places and I couldn’t make it stop”

“I guess you were beginning to see why people like to be tied up.  So what happened then?” I asked.  It suddenly occurred to me that I was asking all the questions and was sitting there with a furious erection listening to April’s story. 

“Just when I thought I was going to explode, Shelly comes out of the shower, turns off the vibrator and starts fixing herself up to go out.  Every now and then she’d come over and tease me a little with the vibrator, or play with my nipples, or stroke me with one of those scarves she didn’t use to tie me up.  God, I was so worked up by the time she was dressed I didn’t know what to do.  But Shelly did.  She turned that vibrator on its lowest setting, kissed me on the forehead and announced that she was going to meet you.  I thought I was gonna die.  I tried my best to get loose the whole time she was gone, but all I did was get myself worked up even more.  If I hadn’t been so mad at her for leaving me tied I would probably enjoyed it a little more, maybe even gotten off, but that damned vibrator was set too low and I couldn’t get over the edge.

“Then an eternity later she comes back, tells me she has a big surprise for me, moves the chair over next to the bed, turns the vibrator off and covers me over with a sheet.  Of course it was a silk sheet and she had to tease my nips through the sheet before she went downstairs to get you.  Then I get to listen to the two of you for a few minutes and then, out of nowhere, that vibrator explodes in my puss and I hear you moaning and carrying on and it almost drives me over the edge again and then, just when I’m ready to finally come, it dies again and it was just too much to take.  I’m almost going crazy under the sheet and I hear the two of you talking the vibrator comes on again and then Shelly yells ‘Surprise!’ the sheet gets whisked off my body and I think I’m gonna die.  I mean, I don’t even know you and here I am, naked, tied to this chair and humping this vibrator.”

“I guess I can see how you were embarrassed” I replied, “but you shouldn’t be.  You were absolutely beautiful.”  More blushing and downcast eyes. “I’m serious, you looked incredible.  It was truly an amazing display, even if you don’t think so.  I was fascinated.  If I untie you the rest of the way, will you let me re-tie you a little later?

“I guess so, as long as you don’t leave me tied as long as Shelly did.”  I untied her knees and plucked at the knot holding her arms wrapped around her back.  She gave a slight moan as her arms were free again, and she started to flex her limbs, completely free for the first time in hours.  I  “I’ll be right back, I have to pee rather badly.” April said and wobbled out of the room.  Even though she wasn’t bound in any way, she was still recovering from the last several hours.  I took this opportunity to clean up the scarves that littered the bed, some still poking through the headboard where they had secured April not that long ago.  When April returned, she was moving much better, her limbs reveling in the freedom they had been denied so long.

We sat and talked more about being tied by Shelly, how she wanted so badly just to come when she was tied in the chair but even more so when Shelly led her to her own bed and re-tied her there. She realized just how helpless she was with just the blindfold and gag, and with her hands tied into fists.  How Shelly, once she had her hands secured, turned the vibrator on low again while she finished fastening her to the bed, all the while fussing over her and tying and re-tying the knots to make sure April couldn’t get loose. And finally how the orgasm I finally gave her was the most intense she had experienced in quite some time.  We talked about what she liked about being tied and what she didn’t like, all information I would be happy to use later.

“Could I get you something to drink?” April asked.  “Sure, a coke would be great.” I replied.  While April went downstairs to get me a coke, I went to Shelly’s room for two reasons. First to check on Shelly (it had been almost 45 minutes since I last checked.  Time had flown and I guess I didn’t realize just how long April and I had been talking).  As I pulled back the sheet, I saw that Shelly was simmering nicely, her body struggling to move almost constantly, her hips gyrating as best they could, her head tossing back and forth as much as the bondage would allow.  But the neatest thing to me was that there was no slack anywhere.  She was stretched just as tautly as when I last left her.  Her nipples were still at attention, she was also starting to perspire a good bit from a combination of her struggles and her inflamed passion as the combination of the bondage and vibrator brought it to the surface.  I decided to leave the sheet off and turned on the ceiling fan.  I knew that the fan would cool her down a little.  I leaned over and whispered, “almost done, only two more hours to go!”  It had the desired effect.  While I had no intentions of leaving Shelly that long, I wanted her to realize her helplessness all over again.

And she did.  She wailed into her gag and renewed her struggles, while I turned my attention to her scarf drawer for another handful to use on April.  I also took the leather baseball cap with the slips of paper in it and headed back to meet April. I got back to her room as she was returning with the drinks. 

“So, you wanna play a game?” I asked.   April looked at the fresh handful of scarves on the bed and replied, “It looks like the kind of game where I get tied up.  How does it work?”

I repeated the rules to April just like I had Shelly a little over an hour ago.  April seemed to understand and was eager to join in the game.  She reached in, pulled out a slip of paper and looked at it.  Her brow furrowed for a moment, and she handed the paper to me. “I guess we’ll try this one.” she said, not quite certain what it meant.  The slip of paper read “Tied bent over and screwed silly from behind.” 

“Let me explain” I offered.  “I bend you over something like the end of the bed, tie you there and, after a certain amount of teasing and stroking and stuff like that, I take you from behind and make every attempt to screw you silly, while you’re helpless to do anything about it.  Does that sound like something you’d like to try?” I was trying not to sound too anxious, but in my mind I already had her bent over, her nice round ass twitching in the air while I toyed with her, tying her tighter and tighter to the bed frame.

“Okay,” she said, “but I get to pick where I get tied, okay?”  It seemed like a reasonable request to me.  “Where do you want to be tied?” I asked. 

“Shelly’s bed, her bed sits higher than mine and that way I won’t have to bend over as far.  Besides, her footboard has a nice round edge that won’t hurt as much.  Look at my bed and tell me how uncomfortable I’d be.”  I glanced at her footboard and quickly realized that she was right.  It was very low and the top edge of the footboard had very sharp edges.  Whew, this kid picks up quickly on this bondage stuff.  Of course, after her baptism by fire at the hands of Shelly, she probably had a lot of time to think about her comfort.

“Okay by me, but I’ll need to tie you here, then take you into Shelly’s room to finish.  She should be almost done with her project, and that should give her enough time to finish.  You ready to go?”  “I guess so,” she replied “let’s get started.”

I took the first few minutes shaking out, folding and arranging on the bed the scarves I’d be using to tie April.  She sat on the edge of the bed and watched with interest, asking the occasional question about why I folded this way or that, but for the most part, she just sat and watched.  A few moments later I had enough to start, so I stood April up and turned her back to me.  As I pulled her hands behind her palm-to-palm, I reached for a large square and tied her hands, with a rectangle to cinch.  I took another square and tied her elbows, pulling while asking her to tell me when to stop.  I pulled until her elbows were about two inches from touching and still hadn’t heard anything from April, so I stopped. 

April piped up almost immediately “What didja stop for?”  “I didn’t want to hurt you.” I replied.  “It’s okay, I’m pretty flexible, go ahead.”  So I did.  I slowly closed the gap between her elbows until they were touching, glad that I used a large square folded into a very wide band for her elbows.  I wrapped the ends around again and tied them off in back. “Are you sure that’s not too tight?”  I asked.

“No, silly.  I told you I was flexible.  Now go ahead.”  I didn’t need any more than that.  I took another square and tied below her elbows, then cinched both of then with a single rectangular scarf.  I turned my attention to her hands again.  I asked her to interlace her fingers and keep them there, which she did with a questioning look on her face.  I took a heavy satin scarf and pulled it up and over her clenched hands, held it in place with one hand and pulled a rectangle from the pile with the other.  I wrapped the rectangle around her wrists and tied it off, holding the satin scarf over her wrapped fingers..  I didn’t need to tie it very tight.  I pulled down on the ends of the large square, snuggling it up around her clasped hands.  From here I just needed to pull the opposite corners and tie them over the top of her interwoven fingers.  I tied the first two ends together, and then I pulled hard on the other two ends, tightening up everything considerably and knotted it off, trapping her fingers in their folded position.

None of this really seemed to phase April, who twisted her joined hands around and strained to look at them.  I let her examine her hands for a few moments, then got back to business.  Pulling her hands back behind her again, I grabbed a rectangle, tied it around her waist with the knot in front.  I tied another long rectangle around her bound hands, right above her wrists.  Pulling down on the free ends, I pulled them between her butt cheeks and between the lips of her sex.  I snugged this scarf tight and tied it off to the waist scarf, pulling her bound hands against her ass.  April squirmed and gave a slight gasp at the application of this latest scarf.  I took four more long rectangles and tied two above and two below her breasts, pinning her upper arms.  Before I cinched the scarves wrapped above and below her breasts and holding her arms against her back, I took two large squares and folded them into a narrow band and passed the first one under the scarf tied below her breasts, one end on each side of her left breast.  I continued up and passed the ends under the scarf tied above her breasts, pulling the ends until the middle of the scarf rested against the bottom side of her breast.  I crossed the ends over the top of her breasts (and the scarf tied there) and passed the ends back down, beneath the scarf under her breasts again and let the ends hang loose.  I repeated the procedure on her right breast with the other scarf.  The trailing ends hung down, well past her waist.

When I turned her around I cinched the scarves holding her arms against her back with two separate rectangles, tying them so that they each had one long end hanging free.  I pulled them up and over her shoulders, one on each side of her head and down in front to meet between her breasts.  I passed the two ends between the scarves above and below her breasts, pulled them tight, and pulled up slightly.  I separated the ends and passed them, from opposite sides, behind where they came down from over her shoulders and tied a pretty bow between her breasts.  This lifted the scarf below her breasts and pulled down on the scarf above her breasts, squeezing them in the most delectable way.  April’s breasts were prominent enough without help, now they were just stunning. 

April had grown very quiet over the last few minutes, studying what I was tying and how I was tying it.  She chewed her bottom lip as she watched her progression from free woman to helpless plaything.  It would only get worse; she would only get more helpless.

“Time for the blindfold and gag, are you ready?”  I asked.  “Sure, Let’s get on with it!” April replied.  I found myself amazed at how eager she was, especially since she had never been tied before last night.  But who was I to argue? 

I grabbed one of the large squares from the bed and shook it out.  Holding it by the top corners, I passed those ends behind her neck and tied them together, leaving a little slack.  The remainder of the scarf hung down across her chest, tented out nicely by her bound bosom.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fondle her breasts for a moment through the silk.  April closed her eyes and gave a soft moan.  After a few seconds, I grabbed the two remaining ends and pulled them up and over her head.  I pulled the edge of the scarf to the back of her neck and tied the two remaining ends around her neck, again leaving some slack.  The effect was that I had made a loose hood with the scarf.  It would get tightened considerably in a moment.

I grabbed two more scarves from the dwindling pile on the bed one rectangle and one large square.  I shook out the rectangle to its full length and folded the square into a pad about 3” x 5”.  I took another large square and folded it into a band about 3” wide with another square scarf folded in the middle. I made a duplicate of the square scarf with another square in the middle shook out one very large square and I was ready to get started.

I pulled the large square from the pile on the bed and explained how the gag would work to April.  “This scarf tied over your head will allow me to pack your mouth without the danger of it slipping back in your mouth and choking you.  Then I’ll tie one over your mouth to hold it in place and blindfold you. Then we’ll go to Shelly’s room and finish things up”

“What about my hands?  How can you take be from behind with this scarf holding my hands down?”  She tugged slightly at the crotch scarf and shifted her legs slightly at the friction between her legs.

“Oh, that’s simple, I’ll untie it when we get to Shelly’s room.  But for now, it’ll keep your hands out of the way when I gag you.  Now let’s get started.”  Okay, so I lied a little.  When I started packing this huge scarf in her mouth, April was bound to have the involuntary reaction of trying to bring her hands up and stop me.  Wrapped as they were, they would be of no use at all, but also the involuntary reaction would tug on the crotch scarf and wedge it even more tightly between her legs.  It would be fun to watch and even more fun to listen to.

I put my hand on her chin and coaxed her mouth open.  She opened it eagerly, probably because she couldn’t see the size of the scarf I intended to pack into her mouth.  I started with one corner and pressed it into her mouth, up against the right side of her mouth, pressing her cheek out slightly.  I took the other end and started on the left side of her mouth, pressing the scarf in until that cheek started to bulge slightly.  I waited for a second to see if April had any reaction, but she didn’t.  She probably thought that was all the packing.  Boy, was she going to be surprised!

I gathered up the rest of the scarf and started pressing it into her mouth, working it back towards the back of her mouth.  Her mouth was already somewhat full and I still had the middle of the square, the thickest part, to go.  April was starting to try to work her jaw and tongue some, probably trying to eject the wad from her mouth, but there was little hope of that by now.  I continued to stuff the remainder of the scarf into her mouth, poking and prodding into the corners to pack it all in.  April was starting to struggle slightly now, grunting and groaning into her gag, probably fearing that she would gag as I continued to fill her mouth.  Her struggles were completely controlled as I hoped they would be, the scarves that bound her rendered her unable to move her arms more than a fraction of an inch in any direction, all the while pulling that scarf between her legs deeply into her sex and causing a most delicious grinding of her hips and swaying of her bottom, accompanied with more grunts and moans.  If I hadn’t been so busy trying to finish gagging her, I would’ve just stood back and watched the show, but there was still more to do.

Gathering up the last little bit of the large square, I packed it into her mouth.  When I finally finished, her cheeks bulged and her mouth was held open a considerable distance.  I held the packing in place with one hand and picked up one of the pre-folded squares with the folded scarf in the middle with the other hand.  I centered the scarf over the packing in her mouth so that the folded scarf in the middle was completely covering the packing.  I pulled the ends behind her head and tied a double overhand knot behind her head, pulling as tightly as I dared.  This had the effect of packing her mouth even more tightly and drawing the folded scarf between her teeth.  I passed the ends around in front of her head and tied the ends in front, centered over the packing.  Quickly, I picked up the folded pad and the last pre-folded square with the scarf folded in the middle.  I placed the folded pad over her eyes and tied the second scarf over it, knotting it tightly behind her head and then again at the bridge of her nose.  The scarf hood that had been so loose just minutes ago was now tautly stretched across her face.  Now April was done. She was every bit as helpless to change her situation as she was when she was tied to her own bed, but at least now she could move somewhat.

The effect was dramatic.  As April continued to struggle, I watched fascinated as her efforts took on a different note.  Her moans and grunts were sounding less desperate and had taken on a growling, lustier tone.  Her head shook back and forth, I guess in an attempt to dislodge the gag or blindfold, but there was no chance of that happening.  Her shoulders twisted somewhat, and I could see the muscles n her arms straining against the silk holding them.  But the most interesting part was the effort she was putting into pulling on her crotch scarf.  Her hands, still held in the folded position by the scarf tied over them waved and pulled at the scarf, sawing it even more deeply into her sex, and her hips were gyrating and grinding on the strip of silk buried there. Her breasts bounced and swayed back and forth with her struggles and the ends of all those beautiful scarves swayed and tickled her as she struggled.  I almost came just watching her.  But we still had to tie her to the foot of Shelly’s bed, as promised, and I would take her from behind, as promised.  The surprise for April would be that her roommate would be tied to the same bed while she was being screwed.  God, this was gonna be good…

“Enjoying yourself?”  I whispered into her ear.  April jumped and squealed into her gag. I don’t know if she was so lost in her sensations that she forgot where she was or who was there, but it certainly took her by surprise.  She did her best to hold still, but she was so worked up by now that it was almost impossible.  She continued to pull at the scarf between he legs slightly and her hips swayed slightly from side to side.  I examined the packing in her mouth; the scarf was wedged so tightly in her mouth it was like a solid ball of silk.  I tapped lightly on the front of the packing and it felt like an enormous solid ball.  The blindfold was equally effective and cut off all light.  If only I had some of those noise-canceling earplugs I’ve read about, she would be completely cut off from the outside.  Oh well, something to work on for next time. 

“Is anything too tight or cutting off circulation?”  I asked.  A negative shake of the head and a very muffled negative grunt, almost inaudible.  “Are you ready to continue with this?”  A very enthusiastic nodding of the head, another weak sound from behind the gag and some energetic struggling and tugging on the crotch scarf. 

I guided April by her shoulders out of her room and down the hall to where Shelly was waiting for her.  How absolutely delicious that neither one knew the other one would be joining in their fun….

Part 3 to follow soon