The Rainbow’s End Part 1

by Kurt

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© Copyright 2005 - Kurt - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; scarves; cons; X

The Rainbow’s End, Part 2 by Kurt
Part One

It would be ridiculous at best to say that we met across a crowded room, but that would be pretty close to the description required to describe my meeting Shelly. Actually, it was a crowded parking lot.

I was driving through the parking lot of the Rainbow Road House, a place located just off Rt. 340 at the Virginia/West Virginia line. It is a country bar that Patsy Cline used to sing at when she was first starting out. I'm no great fan of Patsy, but I had always wanted to see the inside of this place. So I was driving through the parking lot when I saw Shelly walking across the lot and into the front door.

She would probably never stop traffic on a New York City street, but she stopped me dead in my tracks. A petite 5'3" with long blonde hair and the cutest little ass I had ever seen. Until that time I had been having second thoughts about going inside, since it was so crowded, but now I had to go.

Inside the "Rainbow" as it is known, I found pretty much what I expected; a smoky, somewhat dingy-looking country bar that smelled of spilled beer and stale cigarettes. There were two pool tables in the corner, with a crowd of would-be hustlers gathered around. The bar was crowded, men and women both, some trying to pick up, some trying to be picked up. The music was loud, issuing forth from a band located somewhere on the other side of the dance floor, a mass of bodies weaving and swaying and gyrating to the beat.

As I scanned the room and took all of this in, I was keeping an eye open for the girl I'd seen in the parking lot. After quite some time, I spotted her standing next to one of the wooden support posts near the dance floor. After fighting my way to the bar and finally getting a drink, I wandered over to where she was standing. Damn, she was beautiful. What I had seen from the parking lot was only an appetizer. The long blonde hair framed an angelic face with the deepest blue eyes you could imagine. But what really set it all off was the way she was dressed.

Black leather pants hugged her legs and hips, a lustrous cream-colored silk shirt billowed around her delicate frame and a long, black silk scarf was tied loosely around her neck, with one end hanging in front and the other end draped over her shoulder, hanging down her back. As I approached her, hoping to make small talk or perhaps to dance, she turned and walked directly into me, obviously not knowing I was there.

For just a moment, neither of us said anything, but finally, I managed to croak out a weak "Hi there." Since I'm 6'5". It took her just a few seconds to work her way up to look in my eyes. Then she looked back down, staring almost directly at my crotch. It wasn't until then that I felt the wetness and realized she had spilled her drink down the front of my pants. Oh great, how to make an outstanding first impression.

She looked back up with a horrified expression on her face. "Oh my God, I'm soooooo sorry. Let me help you clean it up." As she began to brush off the front of my pants with the napkin in her hand, she suddenly realized that this might not be the best course of action to take. With an apologetic grin, she stopped and looked at me again. " Maybe I'd better let you clean it up"

"I thought you were doing a pretty good job, myself." I said with a smile. Those blue eyes looked into mine and, for just a moment, nobody did anything. Finally she spoke.

"Hi, my name's Shelly, what's yours?" "Kurt" I answered. "Look Kurt, you can't just stand here with wet pants all night long. I live just a couple miles from here, we could go there and get your pants dried, and then come back here and dance for awhile. Whaddya say?"

It didn't take much convincing on my part. I was growing more uncomfortable by the minute as the wetness soaked through to my skin. "Sounds okay to me. Shall we go?"

"Let me tell the people I came with where we're going and then I'll be ready." Shelly disappeared into the crowd and I truthfully never expected to see her again. But a few moments later she reappeared with her friend. "This is April," she said. "I just wanted her to meet you before we left." April was about the same size as Shelly, maybe an inch or two taller, with brown hair and cute features. A very attractive woman in her own right, but standing next to Shelly there was no contest.

After exchanging good-byes and giggles, Shelly turned to me. "Let's go, but we'll have to take your car, I rode with April." In the parking lot, I looked around, desperately hoping my old Volvo station wagon had turned into something sportier or sleeker, but I guess I had used up all my good fortune for the next couple of years just meeting Shelly. We located the mighty Volvo and climbed inside. As we were leaving the parking lot, I turned to her to ask, "Which way do we go" when I found Shelly staring at me.

I noticed her beauty anew. The blonde hair was somewhat curly, down past her shoulders. It framed high cheekbones, a delicate nose and full lips, but her eyes... Damn, I could stare into her eyes forever. One hand absentmindedly twirled one end of the long black scarf she wore, twisting it around her hand and untwisting it again. Finally I croaked out my question and it seemed to break the trance. Shelly blushed, smiled and said, "Take a left."

Over the short drive to her place, we made obligatory small talk, although I couldn't tell you anything that was said. Every time I glanced over at her, I saw those eyes. Not wanting to risk wrecking on an unfamiliar road I tried to keep my eyes ahead. Mercifully, we pulled up to her place in just a few minutes, just like she said.

We piled out of the car and she took my hand to lead me up the steps to the townhouse. She unlocked the door and we went inside. "Why don't you go into the bathroom and take off your pants so I can dry them off. You can use a towel to wrap around yourself if you want to." The mischievous smile that followed that followed that sentence led me to believe that perhaps I hadn't used up all my good luck.

In the bathroom, I took off my shoes and pulled down my pants. I emptied my pockets on the edge of the sink and looked down. My boxers were soaked as well. Damn! Well I guess if she's drying one she can dry them both. I wrapped a towel around me and walked back out to the living room. "Guess I got everything wet." I said as I handed the pants and shorts to her. "That's okay, we'll take care of that"

Shelly disappeared into the kitchen where I heard her deposit the clothes in the dryer and turn it on. Se returned and offered me a drink while I waited. "Sure, rum and coke, please." I replied. Off into the kitchen again only to return a few minutes later with two glasses.

"Sit down and make yourself at home." As she motioned for me to sit on the couch. I sat at one end and I was pleased to find that Shelly walked up and sat right next to me, even though there was several feet of couch left over. She handed me my drink and I said "be careful with your drink, this was the only towel in the bathroom. If you get this wet, I won't have anything to wear at all." We both broke up laughing, Shelly laughing so hard that she had to put her drink down. I did the same and when I looked up, our eyes locked together for what seemed like days.

When we finally stopped laughing, we continued looking at each other. The tension was too great for either of us. We kissed and seconds later we were all over each other like a couple of school kids in heat, pawing and clutching and carrying on. After a few moments of this Shelly pulled away. I was afraid she was too uncomfortable with this setting, but I was wrong. She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to her bedroom. Apparently my luck hadn't run out yet.

Once in the bedroom, she sat me on the bed. "Stay right there, I have a surprise for you." was all she said. She went over to her stereo and turned on a CD with a heavy, sultry beat and began to dance. The music did her dancing no justice whatsoever. She swayed and gyrated and rubbed her hands down her hips and thighs, grinding her hips down toward the floor and then back up again as her hands roamed over the silk shirt lightly caressing her breasts. She closed her eyes and licked her lips and ground down to the floor again and then her eyes opened and she stared directly at me.

I was a wreck. My mouth hung open, and I could only concentrate on the beautiful vision before me. The evidence of my arousal caused the towel to point up obscenely. Then Shelly began to strip.

She started by unbuttoning her blouse and peeling the silk slowly from her shoulders, pulling her shirttail from her pants, revealing a white satin bra. She threw the shirt in a chair in the corner, followed quickly by the bra. This revealed a pair of pert breasts, small by some people's standards but just fine by me. The small nipples turned up and looked to be as hard as stones.

The pants were next. She unbuttoned the waist and unzipped them, then she peeled the black leather down over her hips and down her thighs to her calves and finally her feet where she stepped out of them. They too ended up on the chair in the corner, leaving her in just a tiny pair of white satin panties and the long black scarf. Shelly grabbed the sides of her panties and tugged slowly upwards, grinding her hips from side to side until the thin strip of satin was buried firmly between the lips of her sex. She untied the scarf and walked over to me. My mouth was still hanging open.

Shelly took the long scarf and placed it behind my head, pulling me toward her. She kissed me deeply, our tongues intertwined in their own private dance. She pulled back slightly, taking the scarf with her, then turned her back to me and crossed her wrists. "Tie my hands," she purred "and the rest of the show can begin."

Life is good sometimes. I would never in my wildest dreams have thought this possible. "What's the rest of the show?" I had to ask. If I was supposed to tie her, I needed to know why.

"I need to finish undressing. Have you ever seen a woman remove her panties with her hands tied?" I shook my head. "Well then you're in for a treat. Then I'll undress you. Tie my hands...tight." I certainly wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. I centered the scarf over her wrists and wrapped it twice around. Then I crossed the ends at 90 degrees and cinched the first wraps. A quick knot kept her wrists crossed. But I wasn't done yet. I took the two long ends left trailing and pulled one end through her left armpit and up over her shoulder, repeating the process on the right side. Pulling on the ends raised her crossed wrists up her back, considerably out of reach of her panties. A pretty bow behind her neck finished her bindings and I turned her to face me.

"Ooooooh, you cheat!" she hissed. "You're certainly going to make this a challenge, aren't you? How am I supposed to do this the way you've got me tied?" I reclined on the bed and waited for the show to begin. " You'd better get to it, it looks like it could take a while, and even after you finish undressing yourself, you've still got to undress me. Let the show continue"

As if her removal of the rest of her clothes wasn't enough to drive me crazy, her efforts now merely served to add icing to the cake. Initially, she tried to get her hands down to her panties by twisting and turning, elevating her hips on one side while leaning the same direction, but her fingertips remained just out of reach of the thin waistband. Shelly quickly realized this was a fruitless pursuit and concentrated on trying to just gyrate her panties off. While this was certainly an admirable tactic, and one that I could have watched for hours, it offered no hope of success. Since she had pulled them up so tightly, they were wedged firmly between the lips of her sex in front and the cheeks of her ass in back. With a perplexed look on her face Shelly decided she needed to try a new tactic.

She looked around the room for some way to rub her panties off. She tried the arm of the chair the rest of her clothes were thrown into, she tried the bedpost, but it wasn't until she spotted the knobs on her dresser drawers that she saw a chance for success. With a smile of impending triumph on her face she strutted across the room. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Shelly finally hooked the waistband on the drawer's knob and started to work the panties over her hips. Even this was an exercise in sensuality as she wiggled back and forth, turning this way and that, trying to get the panties off. The best part of the show came from Shelly having to squat lower and lower to hook the waistband of her panties on drawers closer to the ground so she could pull them off.

It took several minutes, and when Shelly finally, triumphantly stepped out of her panties, hooked them on her big toe and walked them around to the chair containing the rest of her clothes, flinging them up to rest with the shirt pants and bra. She was out of breath from her exertions, as was I from watching her. She turned to face me.

"How was that?" she asked, with just the slightest hint of sweat forming on her brow and chest. "Absolutely magnificent," I replied "but you still have some work to do." I reminded her, pointing to my shirt ant her towel.

"Stand up." came the simple command, and I obeyed. Shelly walked up to me, turned and grasped the towel still wrapped around my waist, but doing little to hide my enthusiasm. With a quick tug, it came off, and her hand found my erection, grasping it and squeezing, sliding up and down it's length. "Plenty of time for that later, you still have a ways to go." reminding her of the shirt I still had on. As difficult as it was to do, I pulled away from her followed by a frustrated little whine from Shelly.

"Oh, all right, sit back down on the bed." I did as I was told. Shelly again backed up to me and started to undo the buttons on my shirt as best she could with her hands tied as they were. I started leaning back slowly, causing her to lean back to keep working on the buttons. As she got the last button undone, she lost her balance and fell back into my lap, her bound hands trapped between us. I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands and caressed them gently as she struggled to do something, anything with her hands. As her struggles continued, she wriggled her way up my body until my manhood popped up between her legs. She eased back down, trying unsuccessfully to achieve insertion. As long as I held her like this, she couldn't get the angle she needed and without the use of her hands, she couldn't direct me into her. So she just slid down until the length of my shaft rubbed the soft opening of her sex. A deep moan escaped her lips as she worked her hips to rub her opening on me, hoping to entice me to enter her. I was quickly losing my resolve to make this moment last as long as possible.

"Not yet." I said as I pushed her up, off of me. She stood before me, pouting. "I want this night to last a long time, and if you keep that up, it will be over with all too quickly. Now, short of making love right here and now, what do you want to do next?"

"Tie me." Shelly replied. "I already have you tied. What more do you want?" I said. Shelly licked her lips again and walked over to her dresser again. "Open the bottom drawer."

I walked to where she was and pulled open the bottom drawer. Inside the drawer, which was about six inched deep and almost three feet wide, were piles and piles of neatly folded silk scarves. The drawer was full. There must have been several hundred scarves in there. Different patterns, bright colors, different shapes and sizes and textures. Having bought scarves as presents before, I knew they weren't cheap, and some quick math determined there must have been a few thousand dollars worth of scarves in that drawer. I looked up to see that mischievous grin on her face again. "Tie me up tight and make love to me"

"How tight?" I asked. "Tight." came the reply. Never being one to argue with a beautiful lady, I grabbed two big handfuls of scarves and deposited them on the bed. I went back to the drawer and repeated the process. I had probably taken fifty scarves from the drawer and I hadn't even put a dent in the supply. Some of the scarves were soft and silky and threatened to slide from my grasp as I carried them to the bed. They felt almost like liquid as I ran my hands over the silky smoothness. Some of them were almost rough feeling by comparison and wouldn't slide at all. I preferred the slippery ones and I suspect by the balance of silky to rough that Shelly did, too.

"How long do you want to be tied?" "I don't care, as long as you don't just tie me and leave me. Once I'm tied, I won't have much to say about it, now will I?" It seemed like a reasonable offer to me, but I wanted Shelly to know that she always had something to say about how long she remained tied. "Once I've got you tied, if something becomes uncomfortable or hurts, just hum a song, any song and I'll untie you immediately. Understand?" Shelly nodded the affirmative.

"Okay, come over here." She came and stood in front of me. I kissed her deeply and asked her if she was ready to start. "If I was any more ready, I think I'd explode." she replied.

"Okay, turn around." I started by untying the knot behind her neck and removing the long black scarf from her wrists. I turned her around to face me and grabbed the first two scarves from the pile. I wadded them up and placed them in her open hands. "Hold onto these in your fists." Shelly closed her hands around the silk I placed in her palms. I took two large square scarves and shook them out to their full size. I lifted her left hand in front of her with her forearm pointing up and draped one of the scarves over her closed fist, centering the scarf over her knuckles. I took a long rectangular scarf and wrapped it around her wrist and the first scarf, closing her fist in a little sack of silk. I knotted the second scarf, not very tight. It would get tighter in just a second. I took two opposite corners of the first scarf and tied them tightly over her knuckles with a square knot. Doing the same with the other two corners pulled the wrist scarf tight around the base of her hand and compressed her fist slightly. I repeated the process on her right hand and now both her hands were completely useless, compressed in their little silken sacks, unable to use her fingers at all. This would allow me use bows, rather than square knots because her fingers couldn't grasp the ends to untie them. It would also make it quick and easy to untie her when the time came.

I turned Shelly around with her back to me and tied her wrists together behind her, using a second scarf to cinch the bindings. I repeated the process on her elbows, pulling them together until they were about two inches from touching, and using another scarf to cinch and pull her elbows together slightly more. Her breasts pushed out nicely with the addition of that last scarf. I don't know if Shelly realized just how helpless she already was, but judging from the way she was flexing her fists in their limited confinement and trying to twist her arms, I think she was beginning to get the idea. "Okay so far?" I asked. Her only reply was a low moan and a slight nod. I must be doing okay.

I reached for the pile of scarves to fashion a blindfold. Picking up two of the square scarves, I folded the first into a rectangle about two inches by five inches. I took the second scarf and opened it up fully on the bed behind us, placing the first scarf in the middle of the second. Folding the scarf into a triangle and then into a band about three inches wide kept the first scarf in place as I tied it over her eyes and knotted it tightly at the base of her skull. Sight was gone and another moan seeped from Shelly.

More rectangular scarves around her chest, pinning her arms to her back, two each above and below her breasts. Unfortunately for Shelly, I had to reach around in front of her and adjust the scarves repeatedly, inadvertently brushing her nipple or caressing her breast, drawing sighs and moans that seemed to be increasing in volume and passion as I went along. I took another rectangular scarf and tied it between her breasts around the scarves above and below and pulled it tight, pulling them together and compressing her breasts, forcing them out more that the elbow bondage had already done. I tied this scarf up, over her shoulders to her elbow bindings and this served to lift her breasts slightly higher. This was shaping up nicely, but there was still more to do.

Time for a little experiment before I went any farther. Taking one of the softest, slipperiest scarves I could find from the pile on the bed and one of the roughest, I had Shelly part her legs slightly. Taking the rough scarf first, I drew it between her legs and pulled it back and forth across the lips of her sex. Shelly shuddered slightly and I stopped. I removed the rough scarf and replaced it with the slippery one. Repeating the process drew another shudder from Shelly, but this one was different. This one was accompanied by some downward pressure from her coupled with a slow, deep moan. Question answered. Shelly liked the slippery scarves better for this purpose.

I went to the chair that held her clothes and deposited them on the floor, and dragged the chair over facing the foot of the bed (damn, it was heavy), about two feet from the footboard. I guided Shelly around to stand facing the bed with her feet spread to the legs of the chair. I tied each ankle to its respective chair leg and helped Shelly sit down in the chair. "Stay there." Like she had a choice. A small smile came to her lips as she continued to work against the scarves binding her; the sighs and moans picked up another notch.

I went through the pile of scarves on the bed to find what I was looking for to complete the next step of her bondage, but I couldn't find a scarf big enough to serve my purpose. I went rummaging through the drawer and was just about to give up when I found it. A large 48-inch square scarf that was just as soft and slippery as you could possibly imagine. I found another right below it and my plans modified somewhat. This was getting better by the minute.

Taking the first scarf and tying one end of it to the footboard cross-rail, which was conveniently just below waist-high to Shelly, I took another scarf from the pile on the bed and tied it around Shelly's waist. Taking the second large square, I draped it around the back of her neck and tied the ends to the scarf to her waist scarf, making sure that the scarf would lay directly across her breasts. I left plenty of slack on purpose. I took a moment to stroke her breasts through the silk and the sighs and moans again increased in volume and sincerity.

Okay, I told myself, this is where the fun starts. I stood Shelly up and took the scarf tied to the footboard, pulled it between her legs and tied it to the wrist bindings, adjusting the length until she could get her butt about two feet from the seat of the chair. Then I took another scarf from the pile and tied it to the back of the chair. I stood Shelly up straight again and then leaned her back slightly. Taking the long end from the scarf tied to the back of the chair, I pulled it up and tied it to the scarf draped around the back of her neck, and over her breasts. Removing all the slack left Shelly in a very interesting predicament. She couldn't sit down because of the scarf linking her wrists to the bedposts and she couldn't stand up straight or lean forward because of the scarf tied to the back of her chair.

Shelly realized the gravity of her plight and did her best to wriggle out of her bondage. All she succeeded in doing was rubbing the scarf over her breasts and tugging the scarf tied to the footboard in front of her back and forth across the opening of her sex. The effect, while desired, was profound. Her writhing took on a new urgency as I watched. No matter which way she moved the silk would caress her somewhere. I tore myself away from this vision and left Shelly to explore her predicament, while I prepared to add the final touches to her bondage.

Keeping an eye on Shelly, I walked to the bed to pick out the final scarves to use on her. Let's see... Four large squares and two long rectangles... no four long rectangles. There, that should do it. Shelly continued her struggles to no avail, (at least if she was trying to get loose, they were of no avail) and I prepared to finish her bondage. I tied two of the long rectangles together at the ends and passed one free end down, through the scarf at her waist and tied that end to the scarf running through her crotch, about a foot in front of her. I made this knot good and tight to keep it in place. The other end I let hang down in front of her...for now.

I moved behind her and took another rectangle in my hands. "Open up" I said and Shelly parted her lips slightly. I drew the thin band of silk between her lips and then as her teeth parted, I tied it behind her head, not tight, but snug. It pulled back slightly at the corners of her mouth and kept her mouth open. I grabbed one of the large squares and folded it into a thick pad and touched Shelly's chin. Her mouth opened slightly and with another touch from me opened further. I took the pad of silk and folded it over the top and bottom of the scarf already parting her lips. This served to keep the packing from sliding back in her mouth and possibly choking her. It bulged slightly from her mouth, but she made no effort to spit it out. I folded two more squares like I had with the blindfold and tied this over the packing in her mouth forming a wide pad of silk from just below her nose to her chin. The last rectangle I had selected especially for this purpose. It was long but about twelve inches wide. I placed the center of the scarf at the crown of her head and pulled the ends around in front of her. I wrapped each end around and under her chin, cupping her chin in the width of the scarf. "Bite down, hard." She did, and as I pulled the ends behind her head and knotted them, her bite on the mouth packing remained. A quick tweak of her nipple confirmed the effectiveness of the gag; only a slight grunt of surprise came out.

The last two steps were at hand and she would be finished, literally and figuratively. I took the last remaining square and opened it fully. I let the scarf drape down her chest lengthwise and tied the two ends together behind her neck, leaving about an inch or so of slack around her throat. I took the bottom of the scarf - hanging well down past her waist and pulled it up, over her head and down between the scarf rubbing her breasts and the back of her neck. With one hand I pushed her head back slightly and passed the end of the scarf wrapped around her head around her elbow bindings. With just a slight tug, I knotted it fast, holding her head pointed slightly up but not wrenching her head back. A scarf hood now covered her head and kept that stationary as well. The moans picked up in intensity again, though their volume was greatly decreased by the gag.

The final step and then the show would truly begin. I took the two scarves tied through the scarf tied at her waist, connected to the crotch scarf and sat on the bed. "Is that tight enough for you?" I asked, knowing that she couldn't answer. But she did her best to try. A tiny frustrated moan escaped the gag and she struggled as best she could. The moans, which had continued to increase in intensity throughout her bondage, now went up another notch as I pulled on the scarf in my hand. The scarf through her crotch raised to meet the upward pressure and with a final tug, I tied it off to the footboard.

Shelly was now done. Stretched every way imaginable. The scarf through her crotch was pulled snugly up through her sex because of the scarf tied to it, up through the scarf at her waist and tied to the footboard. Shelly's hips were thrust out in front of her nicely. Her fists were pulled tight against the crack of her ass when the crotch scarf tightened. That pulled her hands down slightly and the scarf hood reacted by pulling her head back just a little more. The forward pressure from the crotch scarf being tightened pulled her body forward until the scarf tied to the back of the chair was pulled taut, forcing her shoulders back and pulling the scarf over her breasts tight. She was completely blind and unable to make much sound at all. I didn't know how Shelly felt (although I had a pretty good idea) but I was in heaven.

I got off the bed and circled her, surveying my handiwork. She could move, but not very much in any direction. Her shoulders and hips could move slightly, that was good. Her knees could flex some, which was good. Her head was limited to side to side twisting and her arms were completely immobile. I was satisfied and soon Shelly would be, too, I hoped. I reached from the side and caressed her breast through the silk. She jumped as much as her bonds would allow. Grasping her nipple between thumb and forefinger, I teased it gently and enjoyed the reaction as her hips rolled and ground the scarf deeper into her crotch. A whine escaped the gag as she realized just how little movement was afforded her. I leaned in close and spoke through the silk hood holding her head.

"Is this what you had in mind, Shelly?" A whimper issued forth through the silk packing. "Is this tight enough for you?" Another whimper sounding somewhat affirmative trickled out. "Would you like me to make love to you now?" A long groan seeped out from behind the gag. I could read her mind. Shelly was sure I couldn't make love to her tied like this, and for the most part, she was right. But I could stimulate her enough to let her relieve some of the sexual tension built up over the past hour.

I took both hands and roamed over and around her breasts, rolling the nipples, pinching and pulling lightly. The response was fantastic. The grunts coming through the gag picked up in volume and intensity as did her struggles. She fought the scarves holding her prisoner and ground her hips against the scarf pulled, almost to the point of disappearing, into her crotch. I kissed her shoulders and down her ribcage while I let my hand wander toward the disappearing scarf.

I grabbed the scarf just below the anchor point at the waist tie and wiggled it back and forth. A shriek came from behind the layers of silk and her hips ground even more furiously than before. I continued kissing down her ribcage, heaving with labored breaths. My hand continued down the crotch scarf to the point where it vanished between the moist and swollen lips of her sex. For just a moment, I paused and let Shelly catch her breath some; her breathing had gotten ragged and uneven. I didn't want her to come just yet, There was still some playing to do, however I mistimed my intentions and scraped my fingernail over the crotch scarf where it vanished between her legs and she came.

My God, did she come. Thrashing about, wailing into her gag, her body racked by shudders, hips now grinding furiously against the silken intruder. For what seemed like several minutes, but probably wasn't, I watched my beautiful Shelly fight against the waves of orgasm and at the same time, unconsciously grinding to keep it going...and going...and going...

A few moments later, it was done. Slowly, Shelly's breathing returned to normal even though the shudders still racked her body every few seconds, an aftermath of what must have been an incredible orgasm. "Shelly I'm going to untie you now, alright?" A weak but affirmative moan crept out of the gag. Fortunately, it didn't take as long to release Shelly as it did to tie her. I quickly released the two scarves tied to the bed and the ones holding her ankles to the chair legs as her knees had begun to quiver. I sat her down gently and untied the scarf hood from the elbow bindings, allowing her to move her head. I took off the layers of gag and blindfold and helped Shelly stand up. Gently, I pulled the scarf from between her legs, drawing another shudder and an "Ooooh" from her ungagged mouth. I helped her to the bed where I pulled back the covers and helped her lay down. Silk sheets, I should have known.

She still hadn't opened her eyes, even though the blindfold was removed. I kissed her forehead gently and she finally opened her eyes to look at me. A smile spread slowly across her face and her eyes twinkled. Shelly croaked "We're not done yet, are we? We still have to take care of that!" Nodding her head toward my erection, which had not flagged in the last hour. "What do you suggest?" I asked "Surely you must be a little tired from all that."

"That" Shelly replied "was wonderful. I've never had anyone tie me that way before, that tight, that completely. God, what a rush! But I'm not THAT tired. Besides, you were supposed to make love to me while I was tied. That ride on the scarf was great, but I want you inside me this time." "Are you sure you're up to this?" I asked, "I'll have to tie you again and this time we won't be done so quickly."

"I'm sure" she replied. "Just untie my arms for a few minutes, and let me get a drink. I'll be ready to go again in no time." I rolled her onto her stomach and untied all her bindings except for the ones holding her hands in little fists. "As long as these stay on, you can't get away from me." I told her, and her answer surprised me somewhat. "What makes you think I'd want to? But, if I'm going to stay your prisoner, you have to go get us something to drink. Sound fair?" "Sounds alright to me." I replied and went off to the kitchen.

When I returned, I crept up the stairs to see what Shelly was doing in my absence. She was sitting up in the bed, holding her hands in front of her, trying to figure out how to get her hands free. She tried to untie the knots, but with their limited movement, her fingers couldn't grasp the silk. She tried rubbing the scarves over her fists, but they were tied too tightly for that. She even tried picking at the knots with her teeth, but gave up on that when she couldn't grab the right part of the knot to untie it. She sighed and slithered under the covers to await my return.

I crept back down the stairs, finished getting us a drink and returned to the room. Shelly was still under the covers, waiting for me. She sat up and I carefully gave her some of the soda I had poured. After a few more sips, we started to talk.

Holding up her fists, Shelly said, "This is pretty ingenious, where did you come up with this idea from?" "I have done this a time or two before." I replied "so you liked it?"

"I liked everything. I loved the fact that you even tied my head so it couldn't move. My hands and arms were completely useless and I could barely move. I'm not sure what you could hear from out here, but the gag felt as though it stopped all the sound coming out of my mouth. Then the scarf between my legs and the one over my chest really drove me over the edge. What do you have in mind for this time? I can't wait to see what you come up with next."

"Well, first I have to straighten up all these scarves so I can use them again, then I'll give you something new to think about." Shelly stopped me. "Oh, don't worry about cleaning them up, just go get some more from the drawer, I'll straighten them up tomorrow"

Easy enough, I thought to myself. I walked over to the bottom drawer and started going through the remaining scarves in the drawer, picking out what I needed to get started. "Okay, sit up in the bed and let me have your arms. Shelly started to put her arms behind her but I stopped her. I folded two large square scarves into two wide bands and tied each one to a wrist. Then I crossed her arms behind her and pulled the free ends of the scarves around her waist and tied them off in front of her, holding her clenched fists just behind her hips. Not real tight, I'd take care of that later just enough to keep them in place.

Her chest was left unexposed and I bent to suck a nipple into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. Shelly sucked her breath in sharply through her teeth. I slid her to the edge of the bed and led her to the chair again, sitting her down. I spread her ankles and tied them to the chair legs, and then I passed a long scarf around her waist and tied it leaving one long end free. I slid the knot behind her and lifted her slightly to pass the free end through her butt cheeks. I pulled on the free end and Shelly slid forward to the edge of the seat. I didn't tie it off yet. Two more long scarves, tied together at the end went behind her back with the knot in the center and ran around her hips, down between her legs, to either side of her sex and out in back. I didn't tie these off yet, either. Shelly sat, fascinated as I continued to make her every bit as helpless as I had before (at least she hoped I did.)

Time for the gag. A large square scarf with a smaller square knotted in the middle was poked and prodded behind Shelly's teeth and knotted tightly in back of her head. But then I pulled the free ends back around and knotted them with a bow between her lips and the knot of silk filling her mouth. Tight. "Now don't drool too much, or I'll never be able to get that last knot undone. And you'll be stuck with that gag in your mouth." Shelly groaned behind the wad of silk. She knew she would drool. She also knew I wasn't done gagging her yet and as I wrapped the scarf with the pad wrapped in the middle over the knot in her mouth, and tied it behind her head, she experimentally grunted a few times to check the gag's effectiveness. She knew how well it would work, I guess she just had to prove it to herself. The muffled sounds that escaped couldn't have possibly been heard outside the room, nevermind the next townhouse.

The back of the chair consisted of horizontal wooden slats about one inch square and about two inches apart. I trotted off to the living room to get a small pillow from the couch to put behind Shelly's head. I leaned her back and placed the pillow so that it cushioned her head. Taking two more square scarves, I tied her shoulders to the slat they aligned closest with, pinning her shoulders to the back of the chair and holding the pillow behind her head.

I went to the bottom drawer and went looking for something special. Ahhh, there it was, a long chiffon scarf. As I picked up the scarf my hand bumped something beneath it and I reached down to find a remote control vibrator. It was the wireless kind that could be activated from across the room. For now all we need is this scarf, we'll come back for the vibrator later. I walked up behind the chair and placed the center of the scarf over Shelly's face, feeding the ends back through the slats and up to the top rung of the chair, where I knotted the ends tightly to the rung, pinning Shelly's head to the back of the chair. "No blindfold this time, I want you to see everything that's going to happen to you, and you should be able to see everything through that chiffon." Shelly attempted to move her head and all she accomplished was moving back and forth about half an inch. She whined in frustration as she realized that being able to watch would probably be a torture in itself.

Time to finish the tying. Shelly stared, wide eyed and silent as I took the scarf running forward between her butt cheeks and pulled it again, pulling her forward once more. This time though, with her shoulders and head tied to the chair, she could only slide forward so far before she had to lift her butt off the seat to accommodate the pull of the scarf. I knotted the scarf to the bottom rung on the chair. Two scarves pulled her legs wide and secured them to the arm supports of the chair. The two ends that passed around her hips, through her legs and behind her were tied to the top slat of the chair back, lifting her up even more. Her butt remained suspended about three inches off the chair. As I untied the knot holding Shelly's arms crossed behind her back and pulled forward, her back was forced to arch slightly as I tied each off to an armrest of the chair.

Throughout the entire tying process Shelly had remained strangely quiet and still, a contradiction to last time when she was in almost constant motion with an interesting array of sounds issuing forth from behind her gag. I looked up to see her eyes, wide and staring through the chiffon, waiting for my next move, almost studying me. I, on the other hand, was studying her.

She couldn't move much at all, but she could move her hips; this would be important later on. While this bondage wasn't as devious as the first one, it would hold special surprises as time went by. Shelly may have thought she knew what was in store for her, but I was sure I would surprise her a time or two before she got free.

"So, you like watching yourself get tied?" A moment's silence and then a meek affirmative moan came out. "Do you know why you're tied like this?" This time the moan sounded negative. "Let me give you some ideas what all we can do with you like this."

I started at her neck, just below where the chiffon scarf anchored her head to the chair, and planted wet kisses all around her neck and shoulders. The motion started again, as much as it could. As I worked my way down and around her breasts, the soft moans started. When I stopped to suck on a nipple, the moans intensified, when I stopped for a moment, a frustrated whine escaped the gag. I continued working my way down across her ribcage, rising and falling with her excited breathing, to her belly, where I paused a moment to tongue her navel before continuing down toward her sex. I swerved just before I reached her opening, and traveled down the inside of her thigh toward her knee. Back up that thigh and down the other one to her knee and back up, always stopping just before I made even the slightest contact with her opening, displayed so prominently.

"Well, that's one thing we could do," I said as I pulled back. Shelly emitted the most horrible whine and did all she could to bring her crotch into contact with my face, with no success whatsoever. "I take it you'd like to continue that? All in good time, but first I must show you what else we can do." I rose to my knees and placed the head of my erection at the now very moist opening of her sex and pressed ever so slightly. The head popped just inside and I held it there as Shelly continued her gyrations to try to draw me deeper into her. Poor girl, she was beginning to realize that, for the second time tonight, she was completely at my mercy.

It seemed to arouse a passion from deep inside her as her efforts picked up another notch. Instead of drawing me deeper, I pulled out. The sound from behind the silk packing was filled with frustration and sounded more like a growl than a whine. "Or we could do that." I said, matter-of-factly. "Would you like to do that, too?" The growl intensified.

"But first, I have something I want to try out." As I went to the drawer and returned to Shelly with the remote control vibrator and a scarf to hold it in place, she whined and shook her head as much as was allowed. I leaned close to her and said, "Just remember, you have the power to stop this any time you REALLY want to. Do you remember?"

An affirmative grunt was all the answer I needed as I looped the scarf in my hand around the scarf tied at her waist, slid it behind her and drew the two loose ends between her legs. "I don't guess I'll have to lube this up, now will I?" As I started to slide the vibrator home, I thought I'd better see how it works first. There were three buttons on the remote, marked "V" "T" and "H". The vibrator itself was phallic shaped, about five inches long with three sets of accordion-like set of ribs spread across it's length. I pressed the "V" button, and as I expected, the unit vibrated quite nicely. Shelly moaned. I released the button and it stopped. I pressed the "T" button and the vibrator began to lengthen and shorten slowly. At full length, it was about six inches, at its shortest, about four. Shelly moaned again. Hmmm, thrust. Now for the "H" button. I pressed it and nothing happened. I pressed it again. Still nothing. Then I had an idea. I pressed the "V" button and while I held it down, I pressed the "H" button. When I released the "V" button, it continued to vibrate. Hold. Boy, this could be fun.

But something else interesting was occurring. The longer I held the "H" button down, the stronger the vibrations became. I pressed "H" again and it stopped. When I pressed "T" and then "H", the thrusting continued, in and out but the rate of that also increased the longer I held down the button. I pressed "H" again and turned back to Shelly.

I began to slide the vibrator home again. When it was fully inserted, I pulled the two ends of the scarf up, and trapped the vibrator inside. A place I would occupy sometime before the night was over. I knotted the scarf, nestling it between her lips and went to sit on the bed. I watched Shelly for a moment; she was full of anticipation, her eyes still wide and her body in constant motion. It would only get worse. I hit the "V" button...

I thought for a moment that Shelly would rip the chair apart. Her thrashing took on a new urgency. I'm not sure if she was trying to get loose, or to get the vibrator out, or grind it around inside her. All she succeeded in doing was the latter, which seemed to drive her even further toward distraction. Her breathing became ragged and uneven, and grunts and groans filled the room, but still her eyes remained open, watching me.

I pressed the hold button, got up off the bed, and walked over to the drawer again. I pulled two soft, slippery scarves from the pile and walked back to the chair. Leaving the scarves folded, I began to massage Shelly's breasts, one in each hand, with the scarves. I fondled them gently, I tugged at her nipples and I fondled some more. As expected, the struggles raised another notch. But her eyes still didn't close.

I walked back to the bed, picked up the controller, and pressed the hold button again. Shelly calmed as the vibrations stopped, only to start afresh as I pressed both the "V" and "T" buttons with one thumb and held down the "H" button with the other.

The chair creaked, the scarves pulled taut and muscles stood out on her legs as she sought to close them around the mad intruder trapped between. Her moans had turned into an almost constant drone and her hips thrust as much as allowed meeting the thrusts of the vibrator. As the thrusts picked up their speed, so did Shelly. The chair creaked even more. I put down the remote, grabbed the scarves again and renewed my assault on her breasts, moving down her ribcage and belly to the insides of her thighs, tickling the very sensitive area at the top of her thighs. Her gagged moans rose to squeals as I teased the very edge of her sex, where the scarf holding the vibrator had nestled so nicely, pressing it even deeper inside Shelly. As I looked at that scarf, I could see the vibrator pressing outward against it as it extended to it's full length only to recede slightly as it shortened. From the scarf, I could tell the frequency of the thrusts was quite high. Of course watching Shelly would have told me the same thing. She was getting closer and closer to orgasm, something I wanted to avoid...for now.

As Shelly's eyes watched, I went and picked up the remote again, sitting before her on the bed, waiting for the right moment. She sensed what I was waiting for and tried to calm herself some, but to no avail. The vibrator continued to do its devilish work and she came closer and closer...

Finally, I felt she was getting too close and pressed the "H" button. The most pitiful whine erupted from behind the layers of silk, but that, too only intensified when I untied the scarf holding the vibrator in place and gently pulled it from between her lips. The vibrator slid out into my hand, absolutely drenched with her passion. Slowly, she started to come down and her breathing returned slowly to as close to normal as it could. Her eyes still stared at me through the chiffon scarf. She hadn't closed them yet.

"You know, if I left this thing in all night long, there wouldn't be any time for anything else. You DID want me to make love to you tonight, didn't you?" I asked. A very energetic answer I could only determine to be affirmative was Shelly's reply. "Very well then, what was I going to do next? Hmmm... Oh yeah, that's right, something like this." My mouth descended on her chest, sucking and licking and biting (gently) and sucking some more. A deep moan signaled that I just might be on the right track.

After paying ample tribute to her chest, I worked down her ribcage, across her belly, just like I had before, and down the insides of her thighs. After what must have seemed like an eternity to Shelly, I finally let my tongue wander to her moist and ready sex. I teased the outer lips and Shelly groaned. I ran my tongue up and down the length and she groaned louder. I teased her clit and she tensed in her bonds and her moans took on the sound of a growl. But finally I slipped my tongue inside her and she went silent, stiff as a board. I knew she would come at the slightest provocation, but she had earned it. I continued to wriggle my tongue inside her and when I could stand it no more, I attacked her clit with my tongue.

If the chair hadn't been so strong, she probably would have crushed my head, but tied as she was, her legs spread wide, she could only endure my tongue-lashing. She bucked and heaved at her bonds. Had I not filled her mouth so well, her screams could probably have been heard back at the Rainbow, and.

She finally closed her eyes. Tremors shook through her as I relentlessly kept after her, Shelly's pitiful moans and shrieks like music to my ears. After a few moments, I eased my attack and started kissing her gently, where I had ravaged her moments ago. Ever so slowly, she returned to the land of the living, her breathing slower and more even, the tremors decreasing in frequency and strength. Some slack, however slight, developed in the scarves welding her to the chair and she finally relaxed completely, sagging in her bonds. Her eyes opened again, but without the fierce, wide-eyed stare.

"So, have you had enough?" A weak moan. "Don't you want to finish this off right?" An affirmative, but still weak moan. "Are you sure? I could just untie you right now, and we'll call it even." A definitively negative-sounding grunt and as violent a head shaking as she could muster told me Shelly wanted to finish this the way we set out to, with me inside her.

I rose to my knees and placed the head of my erection at the opening of her sex and ever so pressed slightly forward. With her overabundance of lubrication, I slid in easily, but I stopped with just the head in. Slowly, in and out, just the head. Shelly started to respond by moving her hips with me, trying to take me deeper. For my part, I wanted to drive deeply into her and finish this quickly. For the past hour and a half, I had witnessed the amazing show before me, which was Shelly. I had been teased by her beauty, fascinated by her eyes and spoiled by her charm. Since the moment I had first seen her walking across the parking lot at the Rainbow, I had hoped for this moment. I had wanted to make this beautiful creature squirm with delight. I had not been disappointed. So in all good faith, I could not hurry this moment now. It was something we both wanted, and I owed it to Shelly to make it last for as long as I could.

As my strokes started going deeper, our eyes locked again and I could see the fire smoldering behind the chiffon scarf. I couldn't look away; her eyes drew me in deeper. I thrust farther and farther, Shelly's moans turning to grunts as I drove deeply into her. There wasn't any way I was going to last long at this pace, Her eyes kept pulling me into her, harder, deeper, faster.

Surprisingly, Shelly was the first to come. I felt her internal muscles clench, squeezing me, then she want stiff and silent again, but for just a few seconds. She screamed, and bucked herself against me for all she was worth, her breath whistling through her nose in short, ragged gasps, all her muscles clenched, waiting for me to come. I tried to think of something else, anything else to prolong the moment, but with her eyes burning into mine, there was little I could do. I found myself almost helpless to do anything except what Shelly wanted, even though she was the one tied.

In moments, I came, burying myself to the hilt and emptying my passion into her. Shelly froze again, but just for a moment, and then started the mindless thrashing again, her eyes finally glazing over just before they closed. Heaving against her bonds and grinding herself against me, she started the slow descent toward reality, the shudders of post orgasmic tremors rippling through her body. Once she had clamed sufficiently, I untied her.

Twenty minutes later we lay in bed together, Shelly finally free of all the scarves that bound her. I kissed and massaged the wrinkles in her body where she had been tied as she lay still and silent. Finally, she grabbed my head and drew me to her as we kissed for the last time before she drifted into a fitful slumber.

In the morning, I dressed quietly, and prepared to leave. I bent to kiss Shelly's forehead and she stirred. "Where do you think you're going?" she asked, " I wasn't done with you yet." I answered, "I have to go to work for awhile. Can I see you again sometime soon?"

"How about meeting me at 9:00 at 'The Rainbow'?" She got out of bed and started straightening up the room, picking up the scarves from wherever they had fallen. "I guess it's a date, see you there." Shelly set all but one long scarf on the bed and draped it around her neck as we walked downstairs toward the door. Standing at the door, she took the scarf, drew it around behind my neck and pulled me down to kiss her. As I turned to leave, Shelly wrapped the scarf around my wrist and pulled it behind me and said, "Now tonight, things might have to be completely different, be prepared for anything." I knew I was, and I was relatively sure she would be, too.

I guess you can never be too sure just what you'll find at the end of a rainbow.

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