Petgirl Trapped 2

by Nicole

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© Copyright 2009 - Nicole - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; petgirl; collar; gag; cuffs; caged; reluct; X

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Part Two

"And what happened to you Autumn?" Nicole bent over and rest her hands on her knees. Her blond hair was tied up in a bouncy ponytail and fell off to the side,

"Mmmmffff!!!!" Autumn grumbled and took her wrapped up "paws" and tried again to get the gag off and motioning for Nicole to let her free.

Nicole giggled and patted Autumn on the head, only narrowly dodging a swipe from Autumn for the gesture. Flipping her ponytail back and kicking off her sandals, Nicole walked over to the work desk to snoop a little. Autumn watched in a little bit of envy at Nicole. At least she was wearing a snug pair of shorts and a tee while she was stuck like this.

*Autumn's cell phone goes off, playing a Backstreet Boys song*

Nicole turned and looked at Autumn, "You still like that music. You are so lame girl."

The phone was on the desk by Nicole but it might as well have been on the moon. Autumn was not getting to it for help. Nicole sat down in Autumn's chair... the chair no one else was to be in and crossed her legs and waited for the phone to stop. She picked it up and opened it.

"Ah... you got a voice message." Nicole pressed the button and placed it up to her ear.

"My my... Master L has such a handsome sexy voice." Nicole fluttered her eyes as if she was being swooned.

"Mmmfff!!!!!" Autumn turned a new shade of red in her face and tugged against the leash holding her in place.

Nicole shut the phone off and looked at the helpless petgirl. Autumn didn't like the look on her face. She shifted her bound up legs so she would be sitting up..though this gave her a very submissive pet look.

"Remember when I was last here and you had your fun with me? Remember the chains, gags, impossible heels, hoods... and all the teasing? Remember how you wished we had more time to play?"

Autumn didn't like where this was going. She pawed a few strands a hair away and shifted on her knees. The ruffles on her panties brushed against the bare part of her calves. Everything about her screamed helpless right now.

Nicole spun out of the chair and walked up slowly to Autumn. She stopped just outside of the leashes reach and put her right hand on her hip. "Well hun.... your good and sexy husband just called to let you know that he had the chance to run off on a fishing trip with the boys and wanted to check in with you. Sadly he said that out on Lake Michigan there won't be no signal so he won't be checking in on you."

Autumn gulped into her gag at this revelation. She didn't know what else to do and just sat there. Nicole must have approved of the situation because she walked out and into the storage room in a comfortable manner.

Autumn fooled with the leash again... reaching toward the phone but it was just too far. The gag was locked... the binding around her bent legs were also locked. She had to be careful not to get too excited with this corset wrapped tight around her waist.

Nicole sauntered back in with a bag, "Are we keeping busy? Whats this? Are we trying to get free again? Shame... bad Autumn... bad girl."

Autumn shot a look of pure venom over at the blond. Talking down to her like.. like... like a bad pet or something. She didn't know what to expect from Nicole but knew it couldn't be good. Every move she made over to her she saw. Nicole dropped the bag on the ground then quickly reached over and unhooked the chain keeping Autumn leashed to the door.

"MMMFFF!!" Autumn tried to lunge out at Nicole. It was probably the best chance she had. Her legs were worthless but she could still reach out far with her arms, even if the hands her trapped in the bondage paws.

All this was anticipated by Nicole though. She quickly got on Autumn's side and grabbed one arm. Autumn couldn't respond fast enough and got pushed onto her back. Nicole straddled over Autumn's corseted waist and held each of Autumn's wrists with her hands. Autumn bucked and fought as hard as she could, but her legs couldn't extend and were basically worthless. She just kept grunting and wiggling wildly for a few seconds and started to slow.

"Well... this is what it is like to be on top of you. Do you buck and thrash like this for your husband or just putting on a sexy show for me." Nicole giggled and mocked Autumn.

This just brought a new bout of thrashing and fighting from Autumn. But soon she was all used up. She was gasping for air through her nose, her chest was heaving up and down in the corset and having Nicole sitting on her belly didn't help breathing either. Nicole twisted and forced Autumn onto her belly and quickly got back on top of her..sitting on her ruffled pantied butt.

Nicole reached and grabbed the black bag. Autumn could hear the clink of metal inside it. In no time Nicole produced wrist and arm cuffs. It wasn't too hard to force the cuffs on Autumn's wrists or upper arms but she was not going to allow Nicole to lock them together. They would become just as useless to her as her legs were and would be reduced to walk on elbows and knees.

Nicole sighed and raised up some and sat back down hard on Autumn's tush... making Autumn grunt. "Now look her... you will allow me to lock those cuffs together."

Autumn shook her head as best she could considering the collar around her neck. Her wild red hair moved back and forth. Nicole grabbed the mass of red and pulled it back... making Autumn yipe in her gag, more out of surprise than pain. She still motioned no.

"Oh Autumn Autumn Auutmn... such a tempermental redhead petgirl. It will be fun breaking you in. Now.. as.. I.. was.. saying..."

Nicole yanked Autumn hair again with one hand. The other hand reached back and grabbed the soft, tender and very sensitive lower part of Autumn's butt and pinched hard with her nails. Autumn reeled in the sharp pain and quickly pulled both arms back and allowed Nicole to lock them in place. Nicole patted Autumn on the head and rolled off her.

Autumn got her bearings and rose up on her elbows and knees. She wiggled for a sec and the cold realization hit her hard. She was totally helpless. Nicole's small bare feet stepped into her field of vision. The pink polish on her toe nails seemed to mock her. Autumn tried to lift her head up but between the angle she was forced to stand in and the collar... she couldn't get no higher than Nicole's waist.

"This is much better I think. No more of that swiping at me." Nicole moved down and reattached the leash to Autumn's collar and started to tug at her to follow. Autumn resisted but only for a second. The collar didn't feel good against her neck as Nicole pulled firmly. Very slowly, Autumn walked on her knees and elbows behind Nicole.

After what seemed like an eternity, they both got to the supply room. There sat the cage that they had used for a photo shoot a year ago with. Autumn hesitated.

"Oh... I guess you know whats coming. Well... your Mistress needs to freshen up and get a few training items ready for my precious little kitty."

Nicole bent over and gave a quick kiss on Autumn's head and then pulled hard on the leash till Autumn obeyed and walked into the cage. Nicole shut the door and locked it. Autumn nudged the walls of the cage and they were quite solid. No way out. She reared back on her bound legs and finally got a better view of her confident new Mistress.

Nicole stepped out and back into the other room. She soon returned with her sandals back on and with Autumn's purse. She started to finger around till she produced some keys.

"Hmmm... the keys to the Prowler. You don't mind do you hun? I didn't think so. Maybe when I get to your place I'll check out your closet for something fun to wear. Well.... try to rest up. A few hours will go by fast.. for me at least. Buh-bye"

Nicole exited the room and left Autumn by herself in the cage. Autumn swore she could hear her Prowler revving up outside and taking off. She struggled in her bonds, her cage.. even her gag but it was no use. What was she going to do and what evil did that bratty blond have in store for her?



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