Petgirl Trapped

by Nicole

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© Copyright 2009 - Nicole - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; petgirl; collar; gag; reluct; X

Autumn turned around in her chair just in time to see all the girls coming toward her. With all the stress as of late, Autumn didn't have time for a bunch of whining from the shop girls. All of them stopped in front of her, hands behind their back and big grins on their faces.

"And what do you all think you are doing....we got work to mmfffff!!!"

Alexandra was the first to act. The small asian girl was faster than anyone realized. She got behind Autumn and clamped a cloth over her mouth to muffle any noise. Autumn started to reach up to grab her long dark shiny hair.

But Sandra wasn't having none of that. She grabbed Autumn's wrists and held them together. It was quite easy to hold Autumn's slender wrists and the look Sandra gave Autumn from behind her sandy blond bangs was pure orneriness.

"MMFFFF!!!!" Autumn started to kick her socked feet all around. Her denim shorts were tight and helped her start to slide off her chair. She kicked at Lisa with the left foot... that one got caught in mid strike. She flailed out the other at Ayva and that too got caught.

Lisa laughed as their imposing redheaded boss now struggled helplessly in her workers grasp. "Ready ladies?"

All of them nodded their heads and lifted Autumn off her chair and carried her to the next room. She groaned and strained in their grasp.

Master L took all the guys out for some golf... even though it was quite busy. Autumn was more than happy to stay behind and crack the whip on the girls while the men folk were away. Well, they had enough.

~A half hour latter~

The hardest part wasn't stripping Autumn down but forcing on the corset, bondage paws and ballet boots. After she realized she had no choice and was flat out tired, the ruffled panties, collar and gag went on easy enough. The girls leashed her to the doorknob and finished her off by binding her legs so she couldn't get up from a kneeling position. Autumn groaned and begged to be let go.

Ayva patted Autumn on the head and laughed, "I am afraid not hun. You have been too much of bitch lately... it's time for you to be a good kitty."

All the other girls gave a pat on Autumn's head and giggled as they exited the other door. Alexandra was the last to leave,

"Have fun... and don't worry. I'm sure the boys will be back in a few hours, unless they stop over at the bar. Maybe we will text Master L later.. much much later."

The door slammed shut. Autumn groaned and stared at the strong metal chain. There was no way her bounded up hands could do anything in these bondage paw mittens. She reached up and tugged at the gag but the heart shaped lock kept it in place. Those brats were soooo dead when she got free.

The doorknob her chain was attached to started to move. This door led to the loading area... maybe one of the girls were coming back to let her go. Oh she would get a big raise.

The knob turned and the door started to open slowly. Autumn took small little steps on her hands and knees so she wouldn't get hit. Whichever girl it was needed to be more careful.

"MMMMfff!!" She grunted before the door shoved her into the wall.

"What?? Who's there."

The voice was familiar but she couldn't place it. Autumn wiggled out from behind the door and gasped along with the girl looking down at her. Well, gasped as good as a gagged petgirl could that is.

"Well well well... what do we have here?" The blond haired girl placed her hands on her hips and smiled down at Autumn.

Autumn's green eyes fixed on the last person she had wished to come by today... Nicole.


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