Paradice Lost

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2016 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; F/f; game; dice; bond; leather; gag; hood; straps; nipple; toys; insert; hogtie; susp; tease; caught; hum; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

This story is a sequel to "The Dice Game"

Part One: Revealed

The Dice Game took on a life of its own. For its three inventors, like most people, college was a time of self-definition and preparation for the rest of their lives. But it was also a time apart—a time when the excessive could seem reasonable and when identity was a work in progress. By the start of their senior year, these women hardly resembled the fledgling girls they had been just a year or two before. They had blossomed, and so had the Dice Game.

The game began as a rare occurrence between Cheri, Gwen, and Laura. Conceived to use bondage as a stopgap which settled disagreements before they could undermine or threaten friendships, the game could not easily reconcile with the fact that, whether they admitted it or not, these three women enjoyed bondage. A lot, actually. Not one of them considered whether a pleasant punishment was really a punishment at all. So by the end of the summer, when the game transitioned from one of arbitration to pure entertainment, not one of them saw it coming. All they saw, once she returned from a two-month internship at a research lab across the country, was a very lonely Cheri.

Shortly before leaving, Cheri had found herself on the losing end of a particularly nasty round of the Dice Game. Laura, Gwen, and very permissive dice were a deadly combination. Cheri spent that evening in an incredibly tight hogtie while Mr. Snuggles, her adaptive and programmable vibrator, kept her teetering on the edge of unachievable orgasm. Though released prematurely when Laura broke the rules of the game (for which she later paid dearly), Cheri nevertheless found herself haunted by the memory of her ordeal. Throughout the internship, her mind constantly wandered back to the intense need and vulnerability she had felt while bound, as vivid as when the adrenaline and arousal was still flooding her veins. What surprised her, though, was how warm these thoughts made her.

While she was away, Laura and Gwen left their old apartment to rent a house closer to the university. Within a day of returning Cheri practically begged them to tie her up again, so they rolled the dice and Cheri spent that evening tied spread-eagle to her bed, blindfolded and gagged, getting reacquainted with her long lost friend Mr. Snuggles. It was nowhere near as stringent or excessive as before (in fact, Laura set Mr. Snuggles to satisfy Cheri repeatedly), but Cheri knew that day her memories of feeling secure and blissful in bondage were not just mirages in her mind. They were something real she could achieve with the help of her trusted friends.

Evidently, Gwen and Laura felt similarly. Late that evening, Cheri heard someone enter her room while she was bound. With the blindfold she couldn’t tell which of her friends it was, but the woman caringly switched off Mr. Snuggles and slid him out of Cheri’s dripping (but exhausted) pussy, tossed a blanket over her helpless body, and climbed into bed with her. Her unnamed friend lay silently against her, gently caressing her body until they both slept, but Cheri never once wanted to be anywhere but where she was. The companion left Cheri for her own room sometime in the night, but not long after that Cheri heard her door creaking open again. Though unable to see, to this day Cheri has no doubts that both her friends visited her that night without the other knowing.

Within a week, Laura and Gwen were themselves willing victims of the Dice Game. Any excuse sufficed to bring out the lockbox holding the rules and dice. Wherever else they went for their classes, their jobs, or their fun—the Dice Game waited at home. It became the ultimate expression of their bond of friendship, and their devotion to one another’s happiness. Of course, all that was before Gabrielle.

* * *

It began innocently enough. Cheri met her a week into the fall semester, on a trip to the Registrar’s Office to dispute a charge on her tuition bill. The stranger sat on a bench outside the building, alone and crying. Most people cast sympathetic looks but just passed her by. Cheri didn’t.

“Hi,” approached Cheri tentatively. “Is… is something wrong?”

The woman sniffled and looked up in surprise. Her face was toned and striking and she had incredibly long, black hair tied in a neat braid. She was tall but not as slender as one might expect. In fact she was quite curvaceous for her height.

“Pardón?” the woman asked. Cheri immediately envied her accent. Though born in France, she lost her own when she moved to the U.S. at a young age.

“You seem upset. I was just wondering if I can help.”

The woman stared skeptically for a moment, then caught herself. “I am sorry,” she said quickly. “Americans are so quick to be open with ozzers. I am not used to it.”

She introduced herself as Gabrielle, and Cheri reciprocated. Gabrielle was an exchange student from Paris visiting their university for a semester. Apparently her home university had not forwarded her tuition funds to the U.S., and Gabrielle was having trouble fording the river of red tape.

“I keep being told I need zis and zat and I do not know what it means and zey all speak so fast,” Gabrielle said miserably of the registrar’s office. Cheri remembered her first few months in the U.S. and how isolated she felt before she perfected her English.

“Oh, that’s terrible!” Cheri offered her a hand, “Let’s try again. Maybe we can work it out together.” It took her a moment to calm down, but Gabrielle accepted Cheri’s offer. From the registrar they were sent to the campus study abroad office, then two more places, and wound up with a stack of forms to complete. Gabrielle called her university in France to learn where to send all the forms. Cheri sat mesmerized, listening to Gabrielle prattle on in fluent French. Then they had to hunt down a fax machine, because apparently people still use those, and one exceedingly long international fax number later the paperwork was sent. Now Cheri understood why Gwen always called their school’s administration “byzantine.”

Most importantly, though, Cheri made a new friend. She and Gabrielle met often in the next month, discussing their courses and comparing France to the U.S. Gabrielle, it turned out, came from a town not far from where Cheri had been born. Inevitably, Cheri mentioned her other friends, and Gabrielle couldn’t wait to meet them.

* * *

“You live ‘ere?!” Gabrielle exclaimed as they approached the house. “But it is so ‘uge. I have two roommates also yet I must live in ze dormitory! I would do anyzing to live in a ‘ouse.”

“You’ll love it here,” Cheri chatted as she pushed the door open. “My friends and I—“

Gabrielle and Cheri entered the foyer to see Laura and Gwen in the living room beyond. Strewn about in a gigantic mess was almost their entire collection of bondage equipment. Gags, vibrators, straps, chains, lingerie—it looked like a kinky sex shop had vomited on their carpet. It didn’t help that Gwen was sitting on the floor, already with her hands strapped behind her back and a gag in her mouth. She quickly went as red as the ball itself.

“Cheri!” Laura yelled.

“Ohm-shimph,” Gwen managed, pointlessly trying to turn her head away.

“Laura! Gwen!” Cheri yelled and jerked her head quickly toward Gabrielle’s widening eyes.

“What is all zis?” Gabrielle gasped in shock.

“I told you I was bringing Gabrielle back with me!” Cheri huffed in embarrassment.

“No you didn’t! We were waiting for you to get back from class…” Laura shot back and pulled out her phone. The indicator light blipped merrily, showing that Laura had a text from Cheri. “…fuck.”

“Maybe I should go…” Gabrielle said softly, heading out onto the porch.

“No, wait!” Cheri followed her out. “Look, we have this game…”

“Game? But what are you doing with ‘er? You said Gwen was a friend of yours.”

Cheri explained their kink and the Dice Game. That it was all just fun, that they all played it willingly, and even how good it could feel. Laura and Gwen, who was freed, soon joined them on the patio and confirmed what Cheri said. They spoke delicately, but there was no point omitting anything. Gabrielle had seen most everything there was to see.

“I ‘ave ‘eard about such… kinks, of course, but never seen zese things done before,” Gabrielle finally spoke. To Cheri’s relief, she sounded excited, or at least not disgusted.

“Look,” Gwen said, “we didn’t know you were coming over today. We normally wouldn’t think of playing the game with you around. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, really.”

“Yeah,” Laura joined in, “yesterday Gwen forgot to do her chores around the house and we all agreed that today we’d play the game with her as the victim. As, you know, a fun little punishment.”

“You were going to tie Gwen to somezing and… do what, exactly? Punish ‘er?” Gabrielle raised an eyebrow.

“Well, when you put it like that…”

“I like it,” Gwen cut in. She looked sheepish as they all stared. “…We all do.”

Gabrielle gave them a strange look, but not a disbelieving one. She glanced back into the house.

“Show me,” she said at last.


“You were going to play zis game and tie Gwen up,” Gabrielle said with a curious look. “May I see?”

All three of them looked nervous. The game had always been a strictly private affair.

“Uhh…” wavered Gwen.

“Yes,” breathed Cheri.

“Cheri!” hissed Laura. Gabrielle shifted awkwardly.

“She’s a friend, ladies,” Cheri replied hastily, glancing between them and Gabrielle, “be nice.”

“Cheri, what the fuck—“

“Let Gwen decide,” Cheri cut Laura off, “she’s going to be the victim today. Let her choose the audience.”

Gwen faced a fierce glare, a nervous plea, and a curious expression all at once. She suddenly felt very small.

“O…ok,” she said finally, “but she’s just a spectator, not a player. Got it?”

“Got it,” Gabrielle and Cheri responded. Heading back inside, all windows were covered and the doors locked before the group settled in various seats around the toy-littered room. Gwen promptly had her hands re-tied behind her with a leather strap. Cheri showed Gabrielle the box and the dice.

“Usually we roll to see who the victim will be, but there’s no need this time since we already have Gwen here as our lovely volunteer,” Cheri explained, “Once we know who we’ll be playing with, that person has their hands tied so they can’t back out on us.”

Gabrielle watched with interest. “Of course,” Cheri continued, “that’s just business. The next roll starts the fun part. Let’s see what position Gwen will be tied in.”

Laura eyed Gabrielle grumpily as she arranged their toys on the floor, most of which had been purchased with her credit cards. Cheri prodded her, silently asking for help making Gabrielle feel at home.

“Each number on the die represents a different position,” Laura explained.

“I hate this part,” Gwen chimed in.

“What? Ze positions?” asked Gabrielle.

“No, the waiting. Let’s pick it up a little?”

“Gwen apparently forgot that in a few minutes she’ll be even more helpless and we’ll be deciding how nice to treat her,” Cheri smirked. Laura rolled the die and it read one.

“Damnit,” Gwen groaned.

“What is it?” Gabrielle asked eagerly.

“Ooh!” Cheri exclaimed, “that’s our new addition! Before a one just meant tying Gwen’s hands and feet, but that was so boring. We replaced it with a new option: the stress position!”

“Ze what?”

“It’s kind of like a wild card for us,” Laura said excitedly. The result brought her out of her shell a little. To Gabrielle’s puzzled look, she clarified, “It lets us choose any position we want for Gwen, on the condition that it’s stressful. I mean, uh, uncomfortable.”

“Tied up and… uncomfortable?” Gabrielle still looked confused, “and you all want this?”

“I’m not sure I do anymore!” Gwen piped up, but those were her last words. Cheri caught her by surprise and stuffed a ball gag into her mouth. Gabrielle was agape as she watched Gwen struggling to prevent Cheri tightening the strap savagely around her jaw before giving up. But she didn’t look disheveled or upset at all. She looked ravenous.

“So what does ‘uncomfortable’ mean, really?” Gabrielle asked over Gwen’s muffled sounds.

“Let’s find out,” Laura continued “We’re not finished with the dice yet. The next roll tells us how stringent we get to make Gwen’s little predicament”—that roll came up a three—“so kind of stringent, but not really that harsh. Gwen gets off easy this time.”

Gwen was clearly relieved. Gabrielle looked a little disappointed.

“Probably for the best. Can’t imagine what you’d think if you saw our nastiest moves right away. Let’s keep going.”

Cheri grabbed the dice again. “This roll determines how entertained Gwen will be when we’re finished with her.”

“’Entertained?’” Gabrielle asked quizzically. Cheri gestured to the sizeable collection of vibrators strewn about. Gabrielle’s eyes widened for a moment but then she grinned widely. Whether or not she knew bondage, she clearly knew vibrators.

“White die says how intense the stimulation will be, the black die determines how many times Gwen gets off.”

“If at all,” Laura elaborated wickedly. Gabrielle gasped at the thought.

They all watched as Cheri rolled. The white die came up with a four and the black die with a two. Gabrielle watched Gwen, who seemed mostly content with the result.

“Is… is that good?” Gabrielle asked fervently.

“Fairly intense, one orgasm. We can work with it,” Laura said cryptically, “What do you think, Cheri?”

Cheri eyed Gabrielle, clearly wanting to impress her. “Let’s see: stress position, kinda tight, kinda stimulating… Laura?”


“Who said the stimulation has to be from a vibrator?”

“What do you mean? We’ve always—” Laura began, but Cheri beckoned her over and whispered into her ear. Gabrielle and, understandably, Gwen strained to listen, but all they gleaned was Laura’s excited smile.

“This way, Gwen,” Laura said abruptly, taking Gwen by the elbow and leading her out of the room. Cheri selected a few items from the pile before following. “C’mon, Gabrielle,” she said, “You’ll want to see this.”

Seeing the toys Cheri selected, Gabrielle did. She really did.

They went through the kitchen to a flight of stairs which led to the basement. It was no palace down there but this basement wasn’t the dank, moldy pit one might expect in a college town. It had been renovated by the landlord into a small living space that could be let out, but the three women covered the rent without needing a fourth resident. There was carpet and decent natural night from window wells. A couple narrow poles in the middle of the main room helped support the main joist of the house, and the beams supporting the floorboards above were still exposed. Naturally, a few hooks and eyebolts had somehow appeared in select inconspicuous locations among the beams.

Gwen was marched to the center of the main room and made to stand. Gabrielle watched in amazement as Gwen’s jeans were slid down her legs, revealing green bikini briefs. Her top was unbuttoned, exposing a strapless bra that was dutifully removed. The shirt couldn’t be taken off without freeing Gwen’s hands, which was clearly not going to happen, so it remained draping lazily off her shoulders.

In flash, Gwen’s bondage multiplied. Cheri wound another strap around Gwen’s elbows behind her, drawing them together until they nearly touched. Laura attached heavy leather cuffs to each of Gwen’s ankles, then spread them far apart and braced them with a long bar. Gwen groaned and squirmed during much of this, as though protesting her new restraints, but not even Gabrielle believed it for a second. Gwen’s eyes were glassy and her breathing haggard. She was clearly getting more aroused by the second.

“Hmm,” Laura said finally, “I think we need to replace the gag.”

“Shit, you’re right,” Cheri agreed, “I didn’t even notice.” She dashed upstairs. Laura unbuckled Gwen’s gag and slid it out. Gabrielle saw a chance and seized it.

“Gwen, I must know,” she blurted out, “do you really enjoy all zis?”

Gwen seemed to be barely paying attention at this point, but she turned to Gabrielle and nodded. Gabrielle just stared back in astonishment and admiration.

Cheri returned with the supposedly right gag. It was a ball, just like the previous one, but this had a weird looking eyebolt sticking out of it. Gabrielle was puzzled until Cheri brought it to Gwen’s lips. Gwen opened readily and in it went. The eyebolt jutted out from her lips as Cheri secured the buckle. Laura brought out a stepladder and set it in front of Gwen. Climbing it, she attached something to a hook in the ceiling. It was a pulley, and Laura fed a thin rope through it and climbed down.

“She says yes now,” Laura chuckled, “but she doesn’t know what we’re doing with her yet.”

That caught Gwen’s attention, and she looked around. A glint of light caught her eye and she noticed a short chain now in Cheri’s hands. It had small clips on either end, like metal clothespins. Gwen groaned and shook her head, but Laura held her still.

“Now now, dear,” Laura soothed ironically as she knotted one end of the rope through the bolt on Gwen’s gag, “The dice said stress position, remember?”

The rope went up through the pulley above and by the time it came down again, Cheri was approaching with the chain. Gwen struggled and protested but Gabrielle watched in amazement as her captors attached a clip to each nipple, making her flinch each time. The rope from the pulley was tied to the chain and pulled taut until Gwen was forced to stand on her tiptoes. She was left wobbling in the center of the room, gag and clamps tied tightly so that Gwen’s chin and chest reached hopelessly for the ceiling. If she relaxed her feet at all, her gag would pull the rope and pinch her nipples excruciatingly. Needless to say, Gwen was doing her best ballerina impression.

“Zis is amazing!” Gabrielle broke the silence, watching Gwen try to flex her arms around her sides to reach the clips on her breasts. “She is so ‘elpless. We could do anyzing with her!”

“Exactly,” said Laura, “Give Gwen here a little time and she’ll be very cooperative.”

Gabrielle grinned as though she’d just tasted ice cream for the first time.

“You know what I like to do when I can do anything I want with Gwen, and she’s just begging for mercy?”


“Nothing!” Laura laughed. Gabrielle stared in disbelief, especially since Cheri nodded in agreement.


“What can Gwen do except wait for us? We’ll show you. Laura, can you go upstairs and get one of our board games?” Cheri smirked. Gwen groaned.

Laura left, and Cheri went on, “We’ll just sit and play the game and let her whine all she likes. We’ll play with her on our terms, not hers.”

Gwen clearly felt left out of this conversation, and cried out in frustration as Cheri described her that way. She shook and rattled against her bindings, with increasing hesitation as she succumbed to the bite of the clamps, and eventually settled for glowering at them. Honestly, it all just proved Cheri’s point.

“…and I bet that whenever we do decide to play with Gwen, she’ll be so eager for relief that she’ll be grateful for any attention she can get.”

Gabrielle watched Gwen struggle, mesmerized. “And she really likes to be tied for you and Laura?”

“Look for yourself,” Cheri nodded toward Gwen. Gabrielle gasped when she noticed: Gwen’s cotton panties now had a prominent dark spot and there was nothing she could do to hide it. Gabrielle was breathless. “I… I want to see her beg you and Laura. But is she really ‘elpless? Look at her arms.”

Gwen still tried, now and then, to reach her bound hands up to her nipple clamps. She couldn’t quite reach, but she was getting pretty close. Cheri noticed what Gabrielle meant and smiled.

“What do you think we should do?”

Gabrielle picked up a discarded rope and studied Gwen’s position for a moment. Gwen eyed her approach suspiciously and recoiled when she began feeding the rope between Gwen’s wrists. Gwen yelped but Gabrielle gripped them and held them involuntarily still. She tied the loose ends to the center of Gwen’s spreader bar so that Gwen’s wrists were pulled down towards the floor. Gwen whimpered but, to Gabrielle’s delight, couldn’t resist.

“What are you doing?”

Laura had returned. She held both a board game and a furious expression. “Get away from her,” she snapped, “Cheri, how can you let her touch Gwen like that?”

“She saw that Gwen needed a little extra restraint. I didn’t think it’d hurt if she…” Cheri stammered.

“We play the Dice Game. Letting your friend watch is bad enough, but it’s not up to her what we do with Gwen. Jesus, Cheri, we trust each other, not her.”

“Excuse me?” Gabrielle shot back, clearly affronted.

Gwen was quite agitated now, shaking her bound limbs and moaning loudly. That’s when Cheri and Laura both realized that Gwen was humming through her gag. Singing any old song was their safe word, so to speak, cueing that Gwen sincerely didn’t want to play anymore and must be let go. Just hearing it shocked them. They’d played the Dice Game for years now. They’d all been tied up many times, sometimes quite nastily. No one had ever used the safe word before. None of them ever needed to.

Cheri and Laura both moved automatically to free Gwen. Gabrielle looked confused.

“What did I do wrong?” Gabrielle asked, “I was ‘elping you with your game…”

But Cheri simply told Gabrielle the game was over and showed her out. Later that night, long after Gwen had been freed and cared for, the three girls sat around their living room (now clear of all their toys) reading or doing homework. Gwen broke a gloomy silence.

“I only play with the dice because I trust you both so much. I’m… I’m sorry I gave the signal earlier. I just kind of got spooked.”

“Oh Gwen!” Laura said immediately, “Never feel bad about that, ever. Cheri went too far this afternoon.” She gave Cheri a stern look.

Cheri flushed with anger but knew Laura was right. “Alright, keeping Gabrielle around was a mistake. And I definitely shouldn’t have let her try anything with Gwen like that. I’m sorry, ok?”

“Look… it’s alright. I know you meant well,” said Gwen generously, “You know what might help?”

“What?” asked Laura.

“If we tried again,” Gwen smiled.

* * *

Gabrielle and Cheri remained friends, just outside of the house and away from Laura and Gwen. Gabrielle did not seem angry about it. She dwelled incessantly, though, on the Dice Game and bondage in general. Seeing Gwen tied like that stirred something Gabrielle had never felt before. She wanted to know everything, so she asked about the Dice Game constantly. She pestered Cheri until she memorized all the rules and heard all she could about past games, ideas, positions, etc. Cheri, wisely, told her stories judiciously to Gabrielle. To think what Laura or Gwen might say if Cheri told Gabrielle about compromising positions they’d been tied into, or how many orgasms the dice had dictated they have! But Gabrielle kept pressing, and Cheri reasoned that she could share her own tales of bondage adventure. Weren’t they her secrets to tell? Gabrielle’s favorite conversation carried on for weeks until one November day when she and Cheri sat in a crowded coffee shop.

“They left you like zat?!” Gabrielle gasped with her hand over her mouth. They didn’t want to be overheard.

“Exactly like that,” Cheri giggled softly, “hardest I’ve ever been hogtied. Everything excruciatingly tight, and Laura padlocked every single strap so there was no way anything was getting loose. Can’t make a peep from the giant ball they stuffed in under Silence Dogood, and then of course there was Mr. Snuggles…”

“I do not understand. ‘Under silence’…what? ‘Oo is Mr. Snuggles?” Gabrielle pressed inquisitively. Cheri explained how sometimes they gave fun names for their more interesting pieces of bondage equipment, and how Silence Dogood was their strictest hood that made it impossible to see or speak. But Mr. Snuggles shocked Gabrielle even more.

“It’s a vibrator, basically, but it’s got three appendage things for, you know, everything down there,” Cheri checked that no one was in earshot, “but it’s also more. It’s got sensors to detect how you react to it, and it will adapt based on your behavior. So, if it’s programmed to get you off, then it will learn what your body does when you’re trying to, you know… cum. Eventually it get good—really good at, you know, revving your engine. And it’ll remember next time you use it! But it can also do the opposite, and pleasure you without allowing orgasm. It knows what you need to get off and will do just a little bit less until it makes you insanely horny. And that’s what Laura and Gwen did to me that night.”

Gabrielle’s mouth hung open. “For ‘ow long?”



“Hours,” Cheri giggled again, “They took the keys with them, so I was stuck until they came back. Well, almost, but that’s another story.” Cheri didn’t want to start talking about someone else’s bondage.

“And zese two are still your friends after such an ordeal?” Gabrielle asked.

“Well… yeah. They didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just how the game works sometimes, “Cheri stammered. “I’ve done just as bad to them. We’re friends and we all like playing the game. At the time it was intense but… it’s like they knew what I wanted even though I never would have actually asked for it.”

“You wanted zat?”

“No… I mean, yes. In a way,” Cheri struggled again. This stuff was easy to feel but hard to describe. “Look, when I was tied there, and Mr. Snuggles was just buzzing away, I wanted to get off so bad I could taste it. I tried as hard as I could but that damn thing just wouldn’t let me. There was nothing I wouldn’t have said or done to get free from that hogtie and the teasing. But, well, it also felt sooooo incredibly good. I kind of miss it at times, you know?”

“Non,” Gabrielle said dejectedly. Cheri blushed and fell silent.

Gabrielle found she couldn’t contain her thoughts any longer, so she blurted them out. “I want to play ze game with you and Laura and Gwen.”

Cheri shifted in her seat. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“What, why?” Gabrielle asked quickly, “you ‘ave told me so many incredible zings! I want to make you—or Laura or Gwen—feel ze way you describe. If… if I lose I could be tied up too…”

“Gabrielle, maybe I’ve been telling you too much,” Cheri said delicately. “I play that game with my friends—just my friends—because of how much we trust—“

“Am I not your friend?” Gabrielle interrupted, her patience fading.

“Gabrielle!” Cheri was taken aback. “Of course you are. It’s just… different.”

“I do not see any difference! We ‘ave become such good friends. Why then can I not play ze game as well?” Gabrielle felt offended now.

Cheri felt backed into a corner. “Because… well, because I don’t trust you in that way. I’m sorry…”

Gabrielle’s looked daggers at Cheri. Swiftly, she gathered her things and left. Cheri sat for a while, worried about how far Gabrielle had gone with all of this. Gabrielle, she realized, didn’t seem to understand how unique the game was, that it required so much more than dice to play. Cheri wished she could go back in time and erase everything she said about it to someone that wasn’t Gwen or Laura. That was a mistake, but at least Gabrielle now knew she wouldn’t be taking part. Gabrielle might be mad for a bit, but at least the matter was settled.

Gabrielle disagreed. All that conversation settled was Gabrielle’s next move.

* * *

A week later, Cheri answered a knock at the door.

“Gabrielle!” she said excitedly, “I thought we were meeting later for coffee.”

“I zought maybe Laura and Gwen could join us zis time. May I come in?”

“Um, sure,” Cheri ushered Gabrielle in. “It’s just me right now. Gwen’s off at class and Laura had a couple meetings before the start of Thanksgiving break.” Classes were canceled after Tuesday this week due to the holiday. Most university students were leaving town as quickly as they could.

“It is ok,” Gabrielle waited tensely for Cheri to close the door. Subduing Cheri was easier than Gabrielle anticipated. Handcuffs were noisy and would have warned her, so Gabrielle prepared some makeshift cuffs with rope and a noose knot. When Cheri turned her back, telling some banal story about how she was leaving soon to visit her family, Gabrielle made her move. Seconds later Cheri was pinned on the floor under Gabrielle as the cuffs appeared on her hands and the noose drew tight. Not that Cheri was happy about this, but an elaborately knotted scarf stifled her enough for now. Gabrielle wouldn’t fall for her hesitant routine anyway.

Another quick rope on Cheri’s ankles and Gabrielle was ready to move onto the next phase of her plan. She hid Cheri in her room, for Gwen would come back eventually, and linked her wrists and ankles into a hogtie before she familiarized herself with the house. She’d only really been here once before, after all. Gabrielle laughed out loud when, while exploring, she happened upon the giant chest filled with their bondage toys for the Dice Game. It was barely hidden, placed in the living room (clearly for easy access), and didn’t even have a lock on it. The tail of a leather strap was sticking out from under the lid!

The fetish lingerie, however, was elsewhere. Gabrielle quickly found it in each of the girl’s closets, well cared-for and neatly tucked away in drawers and on hangers. They had so much of it all. Gabrielle was impressed. It wasn’t acceptable though. They needed something new, something Gabrielle had picked out for them. And, of course, Gabrielle needed something in her size. But that was all in the mail, as well as a few other items Gabrielle knew she’d need. Gabrielle intended to spend a lot of time here.

She also found the dice—those innocent looking dice. They sat in their box so calmly for what they were. Gabrielle nudged each one gingerly with a finger. With her help, Cheri, Gwen, and Laura would soon be free of this child’s toy. But for now she’d use them. The girls would enjoy watching Gabrielle use their favorite game to decide their fates.

Eventually, Cheri saw Gabrielle reenter her room. She glared as her captor strolled to her closet and thumbed through the hangers of lingerie she found tucked away. Cheri was inching herself slowly to the edge of the bed, thinking hard of a way to free herself before Gabrielle could stop her.

“You should not do zat,” Gabrielle warned without facing her, “I have, like ze other students say, ‘done my ‘omework’ and my knots are quite secure. If you make me get more rope zen you will already be sore later, when I really tie you up.” Gabrielle smirked at her.

Cheri jerked her body and cried out in frustration. She had no idea what possessed Gabrielle to do this.

“Relax,” Gabrielle advised, going to sit on the bed beside her. She stroked Cheri affectionately, tracing the edges of her bra beneath her top. “I am going to ‘elp you, and when Gwen and Laura come back I will ‘elp them too. But for now I need to get you properly ready.”

She took out a large box whose label read ‘Deep Purple.’ Cheri trembled.

* * *

Gwen wasn’t long before she was back from class. Caught unaware, she gave Gabrielle no more of a fight than Cheri did. Just as Gabrielle tightened the knots, she felt Cheri’s confiscated phone receive a text from Laura. She was running a bit late getting home. This gave Gabrielle an idea, and texted back in Cheri’s name:

Can’t believe you’re late AGAIN! This means dice when you get back.

A moment later Laura responded: Are you serious?

Yeah. Gwen’s mad. She was making a special dinner for us. She wants dice too.

Gabrielle waited on baited breath while Gwen struggled beneath her. Laura took a little longer to respond this time. Ok, tell her I’m sorry. I’ll get back as quick as I can. And if it takes dice to fix this… sounds fun :-p

Gabrielle replied quickly: Good. There will be cuffs just inside the door when you get home. Put them on behind your back and lock them.

Laura: Should I be nervous? ;)

Gabrielle smiled.


* * *

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