The Dice Game

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2015 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; game; dice; bond; leather; boots; armbinder; gag; hood; straps; breast; toys; insert; hogtie; tease; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

Cheri, Laura, and Gwen were best friends but almost nothing alike.

Gwen was aggressive and passionate. She’d competed in gymnastics as a child and still practiced a little for fun and exercise. She also captained the university’s debate team and was bound to be a high priced lawyer someday, which got her into trouble when she contradicted her professors a little too much. The short-haired brunette hardly went a day without talking about her next hiking trip to the mountains

Laura was outgoing and lithe. She aced every college class yet still found ample time to bury her nose in Victorian romance novels. She was blonde and knew perfectly well how hot she was. She liked the attention she got from men whenever she put on a tiny dress and went to a club, teasing them with the nautical star tattoo on her shoulder. At times, it took both Gwen and Cheri to keep her properly grounded. Laura taught late night Pilates classes, saying she needed the cash. She didn’t though, as her family was incredibly rich.

Cheri was slightly shorter than the other two but made up for it with her envious bustline, to the point where she’d been forced off her track team in high school from the discomfort of running any faster than a jog. Born in France before moving to the US at a young age, Cheri’s parents were doctors and had transferred their love for science to her daughter. Analytical but also warm, Cheri made friends easily and already had an impressive summer internship lined up with a research lab.

Enduring an unpleasant Geography elective their freshman year helped the three become fast friends and soon they rented an apartment together. Secrets never lasted long between them after that, and thus they discovered a few interests they did share. One of them was bondage.

Laura had always been into bondage and couldn’t hide her fetish for long. One day Gwen and Cheri had returned home to find her searching the sofa for a lost key, wearing nothing but handcuffs and a ball gag. Laura, understandably, had been embarrassed but her friends both found the concept intriguing. Soon they were all helping each other experiment with Laura’s extensive collection of toys.

Not that these young women always agreed. A normal Friday night for this trio usually involved heated debates over local nightlife. Each girl always wanted to head to a different part of the city from the rest and it became something of an ongoing rift between them. That was, until Gwen invented the Dice Game. The Dice Game allowed the three friends to make quick decisions about their plans by adhering to strict rules. More than anything else, the Dice Game acted as a deterrent. If the girls agreed to use it, one of them would spend the night bound at home while the other two went out. It was harsh, but in most cases that stiff penalty helped the girls reach consensus voluntarily.

The girls rarely invoked the Dice Game but after two years together it had been around enough for each of the girls to have been on the losing end at least once, left bound in some form or another (the game determined that) while the other two went out and partied. They had every piece of equipment they ever needed thanks to Laura’s credit card. No matter how much they each enjoyed bondage, being the odd girl out was always less than ideal.

The last Friday of the semester, with final exams finally over, caused something of an explosion on campus. Thousands of excited and carefree students flooded the area’s night life. It was the night of the semester. Cheri, Laura, and Gwen naturally couldn’t wait to join in the festivities.

“F.L.E.X., tonight, please,” Laura pled with her friends. Strobe lights and dance music. Guys eagerly buying them overpriced drinks. Yes, please.

“Ugh, I can never hear the next day, it’s too loud and the guys get grabby,” Gwen complained, “C’mon girls, martini bar on 2nd is doing jazz tonight!”

“Kill me now,” Cheri hated jazz. She personally wanted the frat parties. Cheap beer, the hottest guys. The argument went on and on for half an hour. Finally Cheri got fed up enough to go and shower. When she came back the other two bickered on. Cheri decided to break the stalemate.

“Are we really doing this, Laura? Gwen?” she asked pointedly, drying her hair with the towel. “If we can’t agree, that means Dice. You really want jazz, Gwen?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Laura, F.L.E.X.?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Ok,” Cheri sighed, slightly nervous. “I’ll get the dice.”

Cheri went to her room and retrieved a small lockbox with two locks. Twisting both keys, she took out a small wooden tray with the black and white dice rumbling within. The rules were written down inside but by now they had them all memorized. Laura bit her lip. Gwen put on a tough face but it was clear she was nervous too.

Without commentary, Cheri placed the tray with the dice on their coffee table. She picked up the white die and gestured to Laura.

“1 and 2,” she said without hesitation.

“5 and 6,” Gwen went next. That left Cheri with three and four. To start the game, each girl chose two numbers on a single die, which was then rolled twice. The first roll chose neither the winner nor loser. It just took that girl out of the game. With the next roll, the girl who got her number won, and got to choose their plans for the night. The loser of the second roll was the “victim,” who wouldn’t be going out at all. The rest of the game merely determined how naughty or nice her night in bondage would be.

Laura rolled the first time. All three watched as the die tumbled around the box, finally landing on a six. Gwen exhaled audibly in relief. It seemed jazz was out of the question, but at least she wasn’t the victim. Cheri, impatient, grabbed the die and rolled again. The die ominously read two. Laura giggled with excitement and jumped up from the table. They kept all their bondage equipment in a locked, innocent looking chest along the wall. Opening it, Laura pulled out a short, thick strap.

“Shit,” was all Cheri could say.

“Clubbing ain’t looking so bad now, eh?” Gwen laughed. Cheri stood up but Gwen quickly followed and grabbed her by the arms while Laura pressed Cheri’s wrists together palm to palm. Cheri’s chest, covered only by her towel, rose and fell rapidly.

“Wait, c’mon Laura,” Cheri stammered. Her heart was already thumping. “You won, let’s just go where you wanted.”

“Too late,” Laura chucked, wrapping the leather around Cheri’s wrists, “We played the Dice Game and you lost. You know the rules.”

A small padlock closed on the buckle. Cheri wouldn’t be getting her wrists free without the key, which Laura had already stowed safely in the pocket of her jeans. Cheri’s towel was already jarring itself loose, but she could no longer adjust it on her body.

“It’s just a game, we don’t have to…”

“Just saying that cause you lost,” Gwen smiled. The victim always immediately had her hands bound precisely so she couldn’t back out.

Cheri was set forcefully back onto the sofa, with Laura and Gwen on either side. Pulling at her hands, Cheri began to feel rather trapped. Of course, that excited her, but she tried to hide it behind pursed lips.

Gwen picked up the box and dropped the second black die into it. Round Two required both dice and determined the position Cheri would be bound in as well as how stringent the tie would be. The higher the number on the black die, the tighter Cheri would be bound. On the white, each number corresponded with a position.

“Any bets?” Gwen asked mockingly, “I’m pulling for a 6 myself.”

Cheri groaned. Six meant a strappado. Personally, she hoped for a four (chair tie). Gwen had a bad habit of shutting down the bars.

“Whatever works for me,” Laura quipped, “I can make anything fun.” She easily knew the most about bondage. No one that Laura tied ever escaped.

But, it turned out, Cheri was on the worst losing streak of her life. Laura rolled the white die and it came up two. Fucking two. That meant a hogtie.

“Oh no,” Cheri complained, “Laura, please…”

“Quiet!” Gwen had a rather commanding presence, “Let’s see how tight it’ll be.”

She let the black die tumble into the box. It struck two walls before rolling itself into a rather ominous 6. Gwen and Laura both giggled.

“Shit!” Cheri yelled. Laura and Gwen could make quite a sadistic pair and the dice basically just told them to go for broke. As tight a hogtie as they could make it. Cheri licked her lips despite herself, thinking about how sore she was likely to be tomorrow.

Cheri was made to lie down on the sofa. A second leather strap bound her ankles so she wouldn’t try anything, and Gwen threatened to gag her if she heard even the slightest peep down the hall. After a while, Gwen and Laura both came back dressed to the nines and made up for the clubs.

“Gwen, Laura, really,” Cheri began, “It’s the end of the semester, I want to go have fun with you two.”

Laura and Gwen just smiled at each other.


“Besides, you’re wearing something different tonight,” Gwen said wickedly.

Cheri was made to sit on the edge of the couch, hands and feet still bound. Laura laced her into a leather underbust corset while Gwen prepared knee high ballet boots. Cheri started to protest them but another warning from Gwen kept her quiet. When Laura finished they untied Cheri’s ankles and wrapped the boots around her ankles. With Laura’s help, Cheri was made to stand so her feet sank fully into the toe of the boot while Gwen snaked the laces up the boot as stringently as she could manage. Cheri’s heart beat faster thinking how far her friends might go, and whether they’d still be friends in the morning.

“Hmm,” Gwen said, looking around, “Coffee table?”

“Naturally!” Laura said merrily, “but don’t you think something’s missing with this outfit?”

Cheri stood there silently, balancing in her impossibly high heels and stuffed into a tightly laced corset. Breasts and pussy there for anyone to see, what could possibly be missing? she thought sarcastically. The Dice Game, if nothing else, fostered camaraderie among the winners. They bonded by tormenting the victim.

“I know!” Gwen said suddenly. She went over to the chest and pulled out two thin leather straps. Laura held Cheri still while Gwen held one just below Cheri’s left breast. Laura instantly looked gleeful but Cheri protested.

Gwen ignored Cheri and wrapped the first strap around the base of the perky orb. Gwen held the leather carefully in place as she pulled the loop tighter until it gripped Cheri’s skin and began to squeeze. Cheri groaned as the cinch of the strap made her tit bulge like a balloon, seeming to defy gravity completely. A moment later Cheri’s helpless tits jutted out in near perfect spheres, traced by the leather supporting them. Buckling the straps in place, Gwen caressed each magnificent globe for a moment. Cheri gasped sharply. She’d always loved having her breasts played with. Did Gwen know that?

“Much better,” Gwen seemed satisfied.


“Coffee table, now,” Laura warned. Cheri needed help with even the couple steps to the table, and was actually happy to get off her booted feet. That is, until she was made to lie on her stomach. Gwen’s hand pressing her downward, Cheri winced as her body weight compressed her newly bound breasts into the table. She tried to protest but another threat of the gag kept her silent. Tossing her hair to one side, she tried to watch what her captors were doing above her.

Laura fetched a leather armbinder and Cheri, much to her chagrin, felt her arms being fitted into it. Laura didn’t even bother to remove the strap binding Cheri’s wrists as she began tightening the laces methodically. Cheri groaned as the soft leather stretched over her like a second skin, forcing her arms and soon her elbows to touch behind her. Once confident that Cheri’s arms were welded together behind her, Laura knotted the laces tightly and wove attached leather straps over Cheri’s shoulders, pulling them fully back and ensuring the sleeve could not be worked down her arms, as if there was a real chance of that. Each buckle received a padlock.

Gwen decided to put icing on the cake. Grabbing a stiff strap, she wrapped it around Cheri’s elbows and tightened it until there was absolutely no gap between them, depriving Cheri of even the miniscule slack the armbinder provided. Another strap soon wrapped around Cheri’s arms and just below her breasts until her arms pressed rigidly against her back. Both were padlocked. Cheri’s fears were confirmed: Gwen and Laura were taking that six very seriously. The thought made her quiver but she was already helpless to resist them.

“Jesus, Gwen, don’t you think this is a bit much?” Cheri struggled and found her arms completely immobile.

“Someone’s a sore loser,” Laura taunted, “and the dice aren’t even done yet.”

Cheri’s eyes widened as the box was placed before her eyes. She was dreading the next roll even more than the last. It determined her “entertainment” for the evening which always meant toys of the vibrating persuasion. Numbers on the white die determined how intense the victim’s toys would be, while the black die stipulated how many orgasms she would have (like it or not) during the evening, minus one to keep things interesting. Rolling a six meant five orgasms, five meant four, and so on. Theories varied whether higher or lower numbers were better.

Cheri held her breath while the dice tumbled before her. Turns out it really, really wasn’t her day. She would have suspected cheating if she didn’t see the roll herself. The white die tumbled into a six while the black settled on one. Maximal stimulation with no orgasm. Cheri cried out indignantly, but Gwen was ready for her.

“No way, this is too much. Ow! Wait, Gwemmmph…NNMPH!” Cheri’s last words were cut off as Gwen pulled her head back and shoved an ample ball gag into her mouth. Cheri struggled, wide eyed, as the ball was wedged between her teeth. Gwen clamped a hand over her mouth to keep it in place while the strap was buckled tightly behind her head. A corresponding chin strap soon forced the jet black ball to nestle itself in her jaw. Writhing on her belly, a newly defiant Cheri tugged against her leather-bound arms with all her strength. Laura and Gwen discussed her future without taking notice.

“Wow…these dice have it in for Cheri today,” Laura bit her lip nervously.

“Isn’t it fun?! The dice say intense tease and denial. Looks like Cheri will have a night to remember,” Gwen chuckled. She was far more amused.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m thinking…” Gwen fished through their box of toys and pulled something out. Cheri couldn’t see it behind her. “…this. And Mr. Snuggles.”

Cheri whining into her gag, but Laura held her down easily. Gwen worked a wide leather chastity belt underneath Cheri’s waist, but that wasn’t what concerned the bound girl. Mr. Snuggles was Cheri’s name for her best vibrator, but that didn’t really do the magical device justice. They’d all bought one of these things together as a kind of suicide pact some months ago. Cheri called hers Mr. Snuggles—Laura’s was Brutus and Gwen’s was Marshall. Whatever the name, each one was an apparatus comprised of two generous vibrating plugs, one long and ridged and another short and bulbous. Another small rabbit-style vibrator jutted out for her clitoris. All three vibrators joined into one large toy designed to be worn with a harness.

What made Mr. Snuggles truly impressive was the chipset and receiver built into it. Controlled by a deceptively innocent-looking app from Cheri’s phone, Mr. Snuggles could be programmed any way Cheri (or in this case, Laura and Gwen) wanted. What’s more, it learned. Cheri’s reactions to Mr. Snuggles’ stimulation, everything from tightening her vaginal muscles around the plugs or shifting her hips, were recorded by sensors inside the toy and used to improve future performance. If she wanted orgasms, Mr. Snuggles knew exactly what kinds of vibration and intensity she liked. If Cheri wanted to be teased and denied, Mr. Snuggles knew exactly how much stimulation made her cum, and the exact moment to stop short and drive her wild. With months and months of data to draw from already, Mr. Snuggles could be rather potent. Normally, Cheri loved this about Mr. Snuggles but without control over it…

Suffice to say, when these monsters had first arrived in the mail, Laura and Cheri had surprised Gwen, tied her spread eagle to her bed, inserting a gag and Marshall. After choosing some random settings, Laura and Cheri left to watch a couple movies. When they came back Gwen was climaxing every twenty minutes like clockwork, just as they had unknowingly set the toy.

With that memory and more in mind, Cheri refused to cooperate when Laura asked where Mr. Snuggles was kept, but Gwen already knew and retrieved it. Cheri looked on apprehensively as Gwen carried the rather well-endowed toy behind her. Cheri struggled as best she could with bound ankles, but Gwen grabbed her hips and lifted until Cheri’s genitals were exposed against her will. Laura lubricated Mr. Snuggles and bore down on Cheri menacingly. The toy drew a gasp as its long, ridged center plug parted the lips of her pussy. Laura pressed gently but firmly as several inches disappeared into her victim’s hole. Cheri gasped sharper still when the fat conical anal plug reached her ass. Cheri moaned and bucked but despite her protests the plug stretched her until, finally, her ass was allowed to tighten around its base. Laura caringly spread Cheri’s labia so that it rested directly on her sensitive clit. Cheri’s mounting arousal forced another moan past her lips.

Gwen fed the wide hourglass strap of the chastity belt between her things and pulled as stringently as she could manage, parting Cheri’s soft cheeks and thighs with a wedge of stiff leather. Mr. Snuggles pressed inward as Gwen buckled and locked the belt in place, sealing off Cheri’s loins completely with the toy buried inside. Only the power cord snaked out from under her, which Laura dutifully took to a nearby outlet specially modified for their bondage games. Plugging in the cord, she then closed a small cage around the plug which was held in place via two small screws. Finished, Laura twirled the screwdriver in her hands, giving Cheri a knowing look.

“I feel better knowing your pussy will be locked up safe and sound all night,” Gwen chortled. She rapped a knuckle loudly against the leather cleaving Cheri’s thighs. “Now only Mr. Snuggles can play with you.”

Cheri exhaled bitterly. Her one secret hope had been that she might be able to reach herself with her bound hands and steal an orgasm. With a chastity belt there was no chance.

The two captors now turned to their victim’s legs. Cheri thought briefly about struggling, maybe even trying to run. But it was pointless. She had no leverage and nowhere to go. She’d regret her complacency later.

Cheri’s ankles were already bound but new straps soon appeared above and below her knees as well as high on her thighs. Then Cheri felt her legs being bent up behind her until the backs of her ballet boots brushed her wrists and rotund ass. Gwen held them in place while Laura looped a long strap between Cheri’s ankle and thigh restraints, cinched it tightly to keep her legs fully bent, then attached the remaining slack to a metal ring on Cheri’s armbinder between her shoulder blades.

Cheri grunted uncomfortably as the strap tightened, forcing her to model an exquisite and severe hogtie. Shoulders pulled fully back, feet forced against her ass and pulled fully forward by taut straps that would never budge. A small gap appeared below her arms where her back arched. For good measure, Gwen fed yet another strap around the spikes of Cheri’s ballet heels and wrapped it around her forearms. Pulling it tight forced Cheri’s feet to retain their elegant en pointe position her ballet heels molded.

Each and every strap was secured with a small padlock. Laura had an unending supply and they all fit the same key. Cheri privately doubted whether they’d let her borrow it.

Cheri moaned obstinately. This was already uncomfortable and Gwen and Laura weren’t even out the door yet. Laura and Gwen were beside themselves.

“It’s tight all right,” Laura quipped.

“And she’ll definitely be teased,” Gwen added, “But something’s missing.”

Cheri gazed up at them with glassy eyes. Her gagged pleas seemed to inspire Laura.

“Silence Dogood.”


Fuck history classes. Cheri cried out and thrashed in her bindings. At least, she tried to. There was no real mobility to be had. Cheri’s friends ignored her frantic moans and shaking head.

Silence Dogood was their strictest hood. Cheri caught a glimpse of the dreaded thing as Laura sat down in front of her. The outside was black calfskin leather, unbroken except for two small metal holes. Inside, those holes connected to small tubes which Laura inserted into Cheri’s nostrils to ensure breathing. Once in place the hood spread over the rest of Cheri’s face. Plush padding pressed into Cheri’s eyes, forcing them closed. Gwen gathered up Cheri’s brown hair and tucked it into the back of the hood before starting to tighten the laces down the back of her skull. Cheri felt the hood pull taut around her head until it hugged her like a second skin. The straps of her gag indented the leather like a panty line.

Slowly and methodically, Gwen worked the lacing down to the base of Cheri’s neck. The laces were like reins, and her captive’s twisting and shaking head only helped tighten them. Aside from the holes for her nose and the bulbous imprint of Cheri’s ball gag under the leather, Cheri’s head became a mass of nearly uniform soft leather. Once knotted, Laura fitted a stiff leather collar around Cheri’s neck over the base of the hood and its lacing. The hood could not be removed without first taking off the collar, whose two buckles Laura padlocked individually.

“You think she needs Silence’s belt?”

“Definitely. She’s having a lot of trouble keeping quiet.”

Cheri whimpered as Gwen produced a short but thick leather belt with a two pronged buckle, which she threaded between a belt loop at the back of Cheri’s hood. Passing the belt in front of Cheri’s mouth, Gwen threaded it through another loop and then the buckle. Bracing a hand against the back of Cheri’s head, Gwen pulled hard on the belt. Cheri groaned miserably as her ball gag forced itself deeper until the full silicone volume packed into Cheri’s mouth.

Cheri bellowed her disapproval but managed barely any sound with the belt now stretched across her lips. Gwen responded by feeding a strap through now-locked belt on Cheri’s hood and attaching it to the strap on her ankles. She pulled hard until Cheri’s covered face hovered an inch or two above the table, suspended solely by her gag, then secured the strap. Cheri faced irresistibly forward, the ball serving as a rigid bridle keeping her in place.

Laura finished the job with three more straps. The first two strapped Cheri down to the table at her waist and thighs. The third strap fed through a large ring on Cheri’s collar and pulled her down and forward on the table, compressing her strapped breasts even more. Padlocked again—they could hang the table from the ceiling and Cheri wouldn’t budge.

Gwen picked up Cheri’s phone and opened up the innocent looking app. Activating it caused Mr. Snuggles to spring to life between Cheri’s pinned thighs. The helpless girl jumped and instantly tried to grind against the vibrator. Yet despite straining her hips, the straps kept her agonizingly still. Gwen adjusted the settings for maximum possible stimulation without allowing orgasm. Even Laura shuddered as she watched Gwen set Mr. Snuggles on an indefinite cycle.

“Perfect!” Gwen announced. Cheri gave a quiet moan, unable to do anything else. Tantalizing vibrations poured into her without the slightest regard for her wishes.

Laura knelt down before Cheri and whispered in her ear. “If we don’t go soon, all the good tables at the club will be taken. You don’t want us to have to stand in our heels all night, do you?”

Cheri moaned pitifully, her sounds barely penetrating the thick strap over her lips. Her own feet, pulled aesthetically straight, already ached.

“Of course not. You’re so thoughtful!” Laura giggled to her helpless friend. “But you know, there’s one more roll of the dice we have to make. Rules are rules.”

Cheri knew this roll and hoped to high heaven her luck would change. Through her hood, she faintly heard a die smack against the wooden box. Trapped in darkness, she really had no way of knowing whether Laura was truthful about the result.

“Today just isn’t your lucky day, girl,” Laura rose up from the floor and headed over to the lockbox that they kept the Dice Game in. She placed everything from the game back in, as well as Cheri’s phone and the only screwdriver in the house. Finally, she tossed in the key to all Cheri’s padlocks. Without it not even they could set their friend free. Closing the lockbox, Laura removed both keys from their locks and handed one to Gwen, who dropped it into her purse. Cheri, whimpering at her fate, needed no explanation. Now she could only be freed with both Gwen and Laura present. Cheri prayed they came home together tonight, and that they wouldn’t be in the mood to play. It had happened before.

The vibrators already had Cheri moaning in unfiltered pleasure by the time Gwen and Laura gathered their things together for their night out. Gwen called from the door. “Have fun, Cheri!”

Laura was closer. She bent down in front of Cheri and took the helpless girls’ chin in her hand.

“Don’t wait up, Cheri” Laura chimed in softly. “Behave for Mr. Snuggles, ok? He’s in charge tonight.” Indeed he was. Cheri screeched into her gag and jerked about in her bonds, but her two best friends were already gone.

* * *

Cheri barely lasted twenty minutes before she was pleading into an empty room for release from her predicament. Mr. Snuggles knew exactly how Cheri liked to be pleasured, and that was the problem. It brought her continually to the edge of orgasm only to refrain devilishly from finishing her off, leaving Cheri to struggle in frantic dissatisfaction. A few times she came extremely close, but then her convulsing muscles triggered Mr. Snuggles’ sensors so that it wound down at the last moment. It then corrected its imperfect calculations and used them against her.

Eventually Cheri realized that her desperate attempts at release weren’t subversive at all—Mr. Snuggles had learned all her moves and was merely letting her tease herself. This realization caused muffled screams and pleas to burst from the leather hood as Cheri tried to thrash in her bonds. After a few minutes Cheri exhausted herself, and was soon subdued again in preparation for her next supervised rehearsal. Mr. Snuggles kept a very tight schedule.

Hours dragged interminably. Orgasm was just a fleeting fantasy for her but she’d never wanted it so badly in her life. It didn’t help that her excruciatingly tight restraints made her every muscle scream for relief. Her strapped tits chafed under her weight. Her face was hot and sweaty beneath the hood. The only thing that made it bearable was the undeniable reality that Cheri couldn’t do a thing about it. She could only wait. Wait for release. Wait to cum. Wait for her friends to save her from the purgatory they so flippantly condemned her to.

Cheri heard the lock at the front door turn many times that evening, but only once was the sound more than a bitter phantom. Cheri’s relief was. The click of heels on tile followed. Cheri shook and moaned on the coffee table. At last they were back! All the energy that had been sapped from the poor girl flooded back into her veins.

“Hey Cheri!” Laura’s cheery voice broke the silence. Cheri thought only of being freed. But instead, Laura walked right past her and into her bedroom. Only then did Cheri realize that she hadn’t heard Gwen’s voice. Mr. Snuggles pressed on, catching Cheri off guard. Tempted sadistically, Cheri sensed glorious release and tried to bear down. A guttural moan escaped the gag while she flexed her hips and tightened her pussy around the quivering plug within. Of course, this only caused the vibrators to relax dramatically into a lower hum, leaving Cheri to howl in frustration as her coveted orgasm dissolved into yet another beautiful mirage.

Laura returned and, this time, set herself before Cheri’s hooded face. Sensing her presence through the darkness, Cheri begged hysterically for mercy. She’d rehearsed her pleas for hours by now, but the gag and her desperation muddled every thought into chaotic moans.

“F.L.E.X. was busy tonight!” If Laura took Cheri’s meaning, she didn’t acknowledge it. She gossiped like they were having tea. “Gwen met Shawn at the club and of course decided to join them. It was fun at first but I felt like a third wheel so I came home.”

Cheri whimpered. When Gwen and Shawn were together, they forgot the rest of the world existed. She might come home in an hour or in a day. And Cheri could only get free with Gwen’s key!

“Supposed to be my night,” Laura moped. She had to carry the conversation herself. “But I guess things didn’t turn out like I wanted.”

Cheri had trouble sympathizing, but at least it was a welcome distraction from Mr. Snuggles. Laura seemed to be looking for something to do, which could be good or bad.

“You look pretty entertained.” Laura shifted her attention where Cheri wanted it. The bound girl immediately resumed her appeal for mercy, not that it could go anywhere without Gwen’s key. Cheri felt Laura’s hand brush her shoulder and face affectionately.

“At least I have you to play with,” Laura cooed softly, “I may have swiped Gwen’s key from her purse while she wasn’t looking. I know it’s against the rules of the game…”

Cheri was already throwing herself against her bindings.

“…but I didn’t think you’d mind.”

Laura got up and quickly returned with the lockbox for the game, setting it on the coffee table by Cheri’s chin. It was so close. She was so close. Cheri squealed as she heard both locks click and the box swing open.

“By the time Gwen was finished with you earlier, I felt kinda bad…” Laura mused, almost to herself., which she played with the instruments of Cheri’s salvation.“Locked up for hours with Mr. Snuggles but unable to cum. Those straps are so tight…you must be sore all over.”

Yes! YES! Let me GO! Cheri screamed in her own head. The muffled moans didn’t pass on the message.

Unseen to Cheri, Laura was fiddling with Cheri’s phone, browsing through the app that controlled Mr. Snuggles. Laura relished the idea that she literally held every Cheri wanted in the palm of her hand. Soon, Cheri felt Laura unlock the strap pulling her head back, and then remove the stiff collar around her neck. Cheri then felt the laces on her hood loosening blissfully. Soon the leather prison over her eyes lifted away.

Laura had not turned on any lights, so Cheri’s eyes had little adjusting to do after the black of the hood. She could see Laura kneeling before her still very bound body, gazing at her affectionately. Cheri’s ball gag was still in place but without the hood it was at least tolerable. Their eyes met.

“You want to cum, don’t you?”

It was amazing that Cheri could nod so vigorously given her ordeal. Mr. Snuggles still raged on inside Cheri no matter how lovingly Laura looked at her.

“What if I gave you one teensy little orgasm in exchange for staying bound like this until morning?”

More nodding. The poor woman didn’t even really hear what she was agreeing to. Cheri’s denial grew ten times more intense when she felt this close to release. She’d do anything, and Laura noticed. In such command over Cheri’s fate, she was getting rather hot and bothered herself. Biting her lip, Laura touched the control on Cheri’s phone and fulfilled her friend’s greatest wish.

At first, as though her body didn’t believe its own luck, Cheri barely reacted as all three of Mr. Snuggles’ vibrators revved up inside her. But as she processed the pure bliss she was finally achieving, Cheri’s eyes widened dangerously and rolled back into her head. Any other time Cheri would recoil at the intensity of it all. Having her pussy, ass, and clit all assaulted like this was far too much for her to bear. But she didn’t care. She didn’t fucking care. Every aching muscled tensed as though lighting had struck Cheri’s body. In a way it had.

Gag or no, Cheri filled the room with her moans. White teeth bared around the black sphere. The moans turned to blissful screams as Cheri experienced the most intense orgasm of her life, followed immediately by the second strongest. Those brief moments made Cheri forget all about her aching muscles and pent-up frustration. All that mattered now was the wave, crashing over her and then enveloping her like a warm blanket, making every nerve tingle happily.

As Cheri bucked, she barely registered Laura unbuckling her gag and finally removing the stifling ball from her captive’s mouth. Cheri’s heavenly cries immediately magnified. Laura relished their sound and held Cheri’s head caringly, letting her friend embrace her own pleasure fully.

Then, at last, it was finished. Cheri positively collapsed, held together only by the straps. Every muscle ached, but she felt relaxed like never before.

“Thanks,” Cheri managed to croak out after several minutes. She’d never orgasmed in front of Laura before, let alone so explosively. But that hardly seemed to matter now.

“Welcome,” Laura smiled knowingly, “but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.”

Cheri heard the distinct jingle of a buckle and, even in the dark, she could see Laura bringing the gag back before her lips.

“Laura, no. Please!” Cheri begged, “please don’t leave me like this—”

* * *

It was after 4:00 AM by the time Gwen made it back home. Remembering Cheri and feeling devious, Gwen entered the house soundlessly, her heels in her hand. She noticed the sounds first—the stifled involuntary moaning. Creeping through the house, she saw her friend still on the coffee table. Christ, Gwen had forgotten how strict it all was. Silently, Gwen flicked the light switch. Cheri, thoroughly blindfolded by the hood, didn’t react.

She writhed now and then in her bonds, clearly fatigued and reacting to what must be a very intense longing between her legs. Hours of denial does that to a person. This was why Gwen loved the Dice Game. It always pushed boundaries.

Something, however, felt off about Cheri’s predicament. She was there, arms and legs strapped stringently as before, hooded with the rather imposing belt still strapped tightly on. The chastity belt gripped her hips. Hell, even her breasts were tightly strapped and compressed beneath her. But everything seemed…off.

Then Gwen noticed it: the star-shaped tattoo on her shoulder, almost concealed by the straps and the way her shoulders were pulled back. Looking up a little, Gwen saw a couple strands of bleach blonde hair emerging from under the severe hood and collar. Of course something looked off—this wasn’t the same person Gwen had helped tie up so long ago.

This wasn’t Cheri at all. Laura had evidently gotten herself into some trouble, and now lay on the coffee table in a corset and ballet boots. The armbinder, tightly laced, welded her arms together behind her, with the extra strap joining her elbows quite rigidly. Just as they’d done to Cheri, Laura’s boots has been strapped to keep her fully en pointe while her ankles pressed rather harshly into her forearms and ass. Laura’s neck was smaller than Cheri’s, so the collar held her head more stiffly than Cheri’s had been. With a taut strap yanking her head back, Gwen doubted Laura could budge her head at all. All that on top, of course, of a hood that had clearly been laced up vindictively. Laura was in Cheri’s exact former position right down to the numerous padlocks. If anything, this was tighter.

Laura, still unaware of Gwen, gave a frustrated grunt and tried to budge her hips. Gwen noticed a faint but rather insistent hum beneath the chastity belt. Apparently Brutus was having a ball between its owner’s legs. Given the constant flexing of her hips and exasperated moans, Laura was trying—unsuccessfully—to achieve orgasm.

Looking around, Gwen noticed saw that Cheri’s bedroom door down the hall. It was closed. Also, the black ball gag she’d used on Cheri earlier now lay innocently on the floor beside Laura’s coffee table. Gazing into the bin where all they kept their bondage gear, Gwen counted all their gags present except one: a two inch red behemoth that none of the three girls found particularly enjoyable to wear. They reserved that gag strictly for punishments.

By now Gwen had a wide smirk. She decided to make herself known.

“Having fun?” Gwen quipped, near enough to Laura’s ear that she jumped. Laura immediately thrashed and attempted to speak. Her cries were far more stifled than Cheri’s had been before. Gwen no longer had any doubt where all that unforgiving red silicone was hiding.

“I can only assume you came back here after you left the club,” Gwen mused while Laura squirmed desperately. “Even if you didn’t let Cheri go right away, that still means you’ve been tied here for… a couple hours at least. Right?”

Laura whimpered and squirmed in her bonds. Gwen was not especially sympathetic. Rules were rules when it came to the Dice Game and Laura had broken them.

“I’d let you out, Laura,” Gwen paused, letting Laura dangle as she waited for the inevitable extension of that sentence. “…but it seemed someone swiped my key to the lockbox while we were at the club. I only noticed after I’d left.”

Gwen knelt down and gave Laura a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Cheri and I will decide what to do with you over breakfast.”

A well-muffled shriek escaped the poker-faced hood as Gwen walked away. All down the hall she heard Laura’s tantric pleas fading until, when Gwen closed her bedroom door, they disappeared into the darkness. Undisturbed, Gwen was soon fast asleep.