Old Git

by Paultt

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Chapter 5

Our Continuing Love Story

Well this being written on the request Peter. He has asked for an update. We are both defying all predictions, both from our family and friends.

The past five years have seen our relationship grow from the beginnings which hopefully you have read in the earlier chapters to one in which Tina only works as a supply teacher when she wants. She has no need to work as my business has grown beyond all expectations; thanks to good managers and wise leadership.

Well I like to think so. (Grins.)

Our lives have become more and more introspective and we now live pretty much for each other. Cathy is still in my memories but as the saying goes, time heals, etc.; time and having a wonderful woman like Tina to share it with, that is. She has just had her 26th birthday. And we celebrated by having a party for all our friends who do believe in love with an age difference.

I am sixty-one now and don’t feel a day over… oohh… say fifty-five...

Tina keeps me young and this has been written not as the bragging of an old has-been but in the interest of just letting you know that age is no worry if you both are happy.

Tina has still not become submissive in the true sub world that Cathy used to inhabit. We are more into role playing or at times she just seems to want to push herself to the very limit of what a female body can stand.

Tina has taken up yoga as a way of becoming lithe for our games.

She still evokes a feeling of total love in my old bones. Just the way she looks at me sometimes makes me shiver. When we are out on the party circuit she still enjoys the looks we get. We still sometimes cause as stir among the people who don’t know us. They expect her to be older or me younger.

Still enough about us as a couple; you probably want to know if the old man still get it up. It is asked of Tina sometimes by the youth of today.

Well the answer is yes but not as much.

Twice a day at my age is not too bad. And we have plenty of plastic and rubber substitutes.

Okay now to the bondage. Well that’s why we are together is it not?

Tina surprises me still by her need to be made to suffer greatly. She goes out of her way to find new tortures to endure. I do come up with ones as well but she has a knack of making me so horny and willing to try the ideas she has designed.

Last week she came to me after working in the shed out back.

Her return from town included the usual kissing and shedding of her clothes. She loves being naked around the house and as Karen is my only relative living nearby we don’t need to worry too much.

Then off to the shed she went with a shout of, "Get the ropes ready I will be back in a while." As this was Friday and Friday is fish day she was to be spanked with a fish slice. (For you non-Brits, that’s a kind of a spatula.) Daft isn’t it? But it was a type of punishment that she had earned by annoying me on Tuesday by getting out of the hogtie I had placed her in. I had gone easy on her due to her period being in full flow and Tina saying she had cramps but to tie her anyway.

Her return was welcome. She was holding her hands behind her back. I smiled at her. "Okay what do you have hidden from your master?"

She grinned and held out a ball gag. The large rubber dog ball wasn’t any different to the twenty or thirty we had hidden around the house: brass rod through the middle; a d-ring at each end with a leather strap attached to them.

Then the minx rolled it over. On the other side of the ball were lots of rubber spikes. Tina had cut the ones on one side off. If you looked closely the bases of them still showed.

I knew better than to question my slave when she was in this sort of mood and held out my hand. Tina curtsied in that "fuck you" way she has and placed it onto my hand.

She wears her hair in a short style now and it suits her. It is also better for the hoods and harnesses we use daily. So as she turned around for me to help her to insert it into her wide open mouth I was able to stroke her face and ease the skin down the side of the strap that I buckled tight. Her eyes were wide and she was making a mewing sound that indicated distress.

I looked at her and she shook her head at my unspoken question.

She is so brave.

The gag must have been digging into her tongue, palate and cheeks.

I took her by the arm and led her to the place of her punishment. Today it was to be the loft cells.

She nodded her head in the direction of our bedroom and thinking she needed a pee nodded and carried on upstairs. It was a beautiful morning. November can be so enchanting in England when it’s not raining. The weak sunshine poured through the window as I pulled out thin cord. She seemed to be in a masochistic mood.

On her entry I had to count my blessings as she was dressed in a Basque and suspenders. The black of her stockings and the brown of her skin contrasted with the bright red ball in her mouth.

She curtsied again; this one was a question, "What do you think?"

I smiled and nodded to the large bay window. Tina stood looking out at the fields. I held out my hand and she placed hers into it. Using doubled up cord I quickly tied each wrist. These were pulled outwards to rings set into the surround of the window. Bending down I tied her ankles spread outwards until her toes were the only thing holding her on the ground.

She was spread-eagled facing the world. Next came the bit we both enjoyed. This challenge was a no-movement task. Two clothes pegs were added to her nipples; these had cords attached. These went to rings set in the bay at nipple level. These were pulled until her breasts are stretched out -- not too tight but enough to make the pegs pull and make movement a risk.

Then two more went on her pussy lips with cords to rings set in the floor. They stopped her from moving upwards too much.

"Oh dear I seem to have forgotten the fish slice!" I announced as I left her to stew a bit.

I wandered downstairs knowing that she saw this as part of the game.

And I took my time so she had time to lose a peg or two. Each lost peg equalled one hour in a really tight hogtie. Oh how I love our games.

On wandering back I found her mewing and trying to stand forward so the pegs eased on her breasts.

I slipped under her outstretched arms with a grin and asked, "How’s my little slave?"

She glared at me with very un-sub-like looks.

Kissing her lips pressed around the ball I stroked her sides and watched as she struggled not to laugh.

Then followed a lengthy spanking session with the fish slice. Only when her bottom was ridged and a scalding red did I stop.

Tina’s struggles left two pegs dangling. "Oh, darling!" I said as I wandered to look out of the window.

I turned and asked double or quits? Tina looked at me in a way that asked, "What’s the challenge?"

I held out the riding crop. She looked at it and I told her "Three." She nodded and watched as I refastened the pegs.

Standing behind her I laid the first one in the crease between buttock and top of thigh. She jumped up with a muffled scream and the pegs on her pussy lips flew off. Looking back over her shoulder Tina glared at me. I just nodded in a masterful way. She looked out of the window again.

I moved to her side and caught her across the front of her thighs and I saw that she’d guessed from where that one was coming and managed to not pull her nipple pegs off. Picking my spot I used an underhand swing and brought the crop up hard between her legs. It wasn’t really fair but I had a plan that I wanted to try.

Tina’s screams were nicely muffled by the ball gag and I saw both nipple pegs fly off.

"Tut tut, darling you have lost all four. Oh what am I going to do with such a lax slave? Oh how I hate to have to make you suffer."

I paused and rubbed the back of my hand along her wet pussy lips. She ground her hips. I pulled my hand away. She sighed out loud and I smiled at her.

She smiled back and we both knew we would enjoy the game that would follow.

Last year we had a bit of cash to spend. Since I had Karen’s grandchildren coming for a couple of weeks I had a water slide installed on the pool. It involved building a tall extension on the side of the pool building.

The plastic half and full round pipes twist and turn until you and the water that carries you down are dumped in the deep end of the pool. It surprised me how much fun you could have with it.

Tina and I had gone to Barbados two years ago to a place called Sam Lord’s Castle and the beauty of the hotel and the lovely people had given us cause to think about our lives and we got married there on the spot.

Oh dear, I am waffling. Anyway we went to a water park where there was a slide and that is what inspired me to fit one back home.

One night I had an idea and set to work making it become reality. There are flotation devices on sale that are long thin tubes. You might have seen them on the beach in Spain or America.

You can bend them into shape, tie them in knots and use their flexibleness for messing about. I experimented for a while and soon knew I could do the dirty deed that was eating away at me.

‘Oh buoy,’ I thought while collecting all the things I needed and taking them to the top of the tower.

Tina was away at school while I completed my preparations.

On her return that night I asked her if she felt the need for a challenge and if she felt brave.

Her eyes widened at the offer of a challenge.

"You don’t scare me old man!"

I smiled at my little trooper and retorted, "We will see slave; we will see!"

As she hadn’t eaten I decided to go ahead with the plan.

"Meet me at the top of the slide. I have laid out some leatherwear for you on our bed. Please place yourself at my disposal in 15 minutes and don’t be late!"

Tina’s eyes widened as she climbed the steps to the platform at the top of the slide seeing the rope and chains laid out on the railings at the side of the slide.

She had a slightly rolling gait due the fact she had one of the double dildo belts locked in place.

A head harness held a ring gag in place. She’d also cuffed her wrists behind her. She turned around and dropped the keys into my hand.

She was so great. She dropped to her knees and nuzzled my trunks and I grew hard. Her nose pushed against the bulge in them.

I eased myself out of my trunks and shoved deep into the ring. And I felt her tongue lashing the end of it. Tina made her mouth soft and wet as I slowly thrust in and out. Holding her head in my hands I fucked her mouth by moving her head.

Soon as a master should I deposited my offerings deep in her throat. And she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and smiled.

She does this a lot when she is suffering or has brought me pleasure; it totally melts my heart when this happens.

Sated, I helped her sit up and started by placing one of the tubes under her arms and knotting it. Then I used a plasticuff to lock it tight.

Then binding her arms at elbows and wrists I also placed another of the tubes under her breasts and used it to crush them together and used rope to hold it to her body. The final one was wedged under her arms.

Tina was looking at me in awe. Not fear -- just awe. Rolling her onto her front I then bound her legs and made a hogtie of it.

A rope was looped in the bend of her knees with weights attached. Her eyes did go a bit wide at this point.

"Well darling, at this time I wonder have I got the weights right or have I misjudged the ballast against the buoyancy?"

She looked at me with a slightly worried look.

I held both her breasts and moved her over to the edge and placed her on the top of the slide.

The weight moved her down a little bit she looked a bit miffed. ‘This is fun,’ I thought as I stripped off. ‘I am just a horny old bugger,’ I thought as I presented my now-erect penis to her open mouth again.

So here’s the picture: a naked and tightly bound lady only her body’s natural resistance keeping her from sliding down the dry slide; and a dirty old man sitting with his legs on either side forcing his penis down her throat.

And she was doing her best to lick him to orgasm. The girl was pumping her hips to bring herself off from the two dildos that were deep inside her and then just as she began to come the old bastard pushed the start button on the pump.

And she was pulled off his dick as her body picked up speed as the water reduced her drag; and off she went with a gurgling scream.

I gave it a few seconds and throwing myself into the torrent followed her down the dark tube.

It is at moments like this when your mind suddenly thinks, ‘Oh fuck! What if I misjudged the whole thing?’ My hard-on was diminishing with the coldness of the water. I heard a shriek and a scream from the bottom of the pool followed by a soft splash.

I willed myself to go faster now and lifted up onto my heels and shoulders. The screams were lost in the roar of the water in my ears as I straightened out to splash down.

I panicked as I hit the bottom of the slide. Holding my breath I hit the water; fear bubbling inside me.

I swam to the top and looked around with a sense of dread.

There she was and I got it right! Her eyes looked deeply into mine. Fear, lust and love were all apparent on her face and I swam over to her and thrust my tongue into her mouth. And I used my finger deep under her dildo harness and rubbed her clit hard to much groaning and writhing.

I brought her to a climax and looked into those eyes. "One more challenge for you. Do you want to accept?"

She looked a little pensive but nodded. I pushed her over to the far side of the pool and swam over to the far end. Picking up a few things I reeled out the strong fishing line and swam back to my brave sufferer. Reaching under the water I attached two nipple clamps to her rock-hard nipples then clipped the hook onto the chain joining them.

Dressing in a robe I stood and picked up the rod. It was a large fishing rod and I saw she’d turned around due to the current from the slide.

Pulling her in I used the whip in the rod to feed the line back in. The line tightened and two nipples appeared on the surface. This tilted her back and I could hear the little grunts of pain as the current pushed away from me making her grunt and groan.

Oh this bliss! Reeling in a beautiful fish! It’s quite a fight to get her to the edge by my feet.

Tina grunted and groaned as I lifted her out and pulled the weights out as well.

The ropes had shrunk and tightened up making them difficult to get off.

She moaned as the blood rushed back into places it could get. Her nipples looked very stretched and sore. I held her and stroked her as the pins and needles surged through her.

"How was it?" I asked as I picked her up and dried her off.

"Frightening, so scary; as I lost your dick out of my lips and then oh boy it was a rush to the bottom. Then on hitting the bottom I orgasmed and swallowed half the pool." She smiled that lovely smile and I melted.

"We need to use a different gag though. The time it took me to stop bobbing up and down I had to push my tongue through it to stop the water from pouring in."

I kissed her and taking her hand led her back to the house.

Oh how I love this girl.

And that is the state of play at the moment. We are happier than ever and still playing our games.

So my advice to you young gals is find an old master and enjoys the artistry and craft work of bondage and the benefit of age.

Bye for now.

The old git.

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