Old Git

by Paultt

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Chapter 4


Tina's arrival at the house was quite spectacular. She got out of the car in dawn's early light totally nude. I was gobsmacked.

She noticed my reaction and laughed. "Well, master, I don't expect to be going out much as a prisoner of the state."

We'd arranged for her to come early, as she wanted to be placed under lock and key from dawn to dusk. We kissed and she looked at me, asking, "What now, master?"

I'd decided to step up the amount of punishments she would suffer. So it was down to the cellar and the start of her new week.

Tina's eyes roamed the dark recesses and corners of the room. I hadn't brought her down here before. She seemed at once to drop into the mode of slave as she bent down onto her knees and bowed her head. Placing my hand on her head I indicated that she should stand and we moved over to a frame. This was a lifting device. It was quite cleverly designed to lift and spread eagle the subject. I quickly buckled Tina into the cuffs and set it in motion. Soon she was taut. Strain was showing a little as I stood behind her and used my belt to warm up her bottom cheeks. I struck at a steady rate. Little yips and yelps began to escape her lips as I reminded her that if it got too much she should say the safety word.

Her buttocks bounced with each blow; the red hue grew as I continued to cover her orbs.

Tina was crying now but still she didn't say the word. Her breath was coming in pants as she pulled at her bonds.

I stopped and walked to her front, and running my fingers down the length of her pussy found it soaked. Looking up at her wrists I decided that she could take a bit longer in this position and so I pulled a chair up between her legs, collected a couple of things from the storeroom at the back and sat down in front of the available pussy. Tina was looking down at me as I reached up and flicked her left nipple and placed a spring-loaded clip onto the engorged tip. Apart from a grunt and her body's slight strain against her bonds she remained silent as I repeated the same on the right one.

I stood and walked behind her and pulled a canvas hood over her head and pulled the drawstring snugly around her neck.

Standing to one side of her I started to play with her pussy lips. I used my fingers at first and then the tip of a butt plug. Tina's breath was now picking up speed as pushing the plug against the natural resistance of the muscles in her anus I worked it all the way in, up to the T bar.

She held her head to one side as if listening as I squeezed the bulb a couple of times before I attached it to the valve on the T bar and began to pump up the bulb deep inside her. Tina started to moan as I continued to pump. She actually said the safe word and I stopped.

Sweat was starting to glisten on her body as sitting on the chair I parted her lips and gave the full length of her crack a lick. God she tasted sweet. Sucking her clit until it was rock hard had her moaning out loud and soon brought her to the edge. Picking up a vibrating clit clip I clamped it on and turned it and the anal to full. Her scream of "OH MY GOD TOM," let me have a clue of the effect all this was having as I picked up the belt and began a steady beating of the target zone again. Tina seemed to be coming with each blow as she struggled to do anything but orgasm. Now it was time for me to have some fun.

I picked up the chair and moving it behind her used the control buttons to lower her onto my lap, stopping her just above my straining erection. By turning the valve I let the air out of the anal plug and pulled it out. Quickly before her distended anus contracted I lowered her onto my penis until her sore cheeks were pressed against my belly. The beauty of the frame was that as she had been lowered her legs were pulled outwards so in reality she was still hanging in mid-air. Only my dick now deep inside her bowels gave any stability to her position. She started to use her internal muscles to bring me off as I reached around and tightened the clamps two turns

I manipulated her breasts, squeezing and pinching them. Tina soon started to moan as the clit vibrator and my fingers helped her to use her hips to bring herself and an extremely hard me to a crashing climax even as I spurted deep into the tight recesses of her innards.

She screamed a startlingly loud "OH FUCKING HELL!"

"Yes it was good, wasn't it?" I whispered in her ear as I used the frame's winch to again pull her upwards and off me. Little splashes of juice dripped across my leg as she was pulled clear of me with a loud plop. Lowering her until her feet touched the floor I removed the clit and nipple clamps and left her standing there while I had a shower.

My return was welcomed as I bent down and unfastened her legs from the spread position into a pair of leg irons; her wrists were coupled into a pair of cuffs attached to a collar which went over the canvas sack. Thus she was led down into the next level of the cellar where I placed her into the wooden crate that would hold her for an hour or two. It was simply a wooden crate that she sat in and I pulled the lid over and made banging sounds as if I had nailed it down.

I left her there several hours.

After releasing her, I fed her supper, and then we made passionate love and then went to bed as the day was over.


Tina sat and looked at the frame in front of her.

"Do you really want me to put you into this?" I asked her.

She nodded and as I helped her up and positioned her onto the two blocks of wood on either side of the upside down V. Cathy had only used this when she wanted to suffer a lot. So I was surprised that as I had asked her to pick a torture for an hour while I went shopping that she had chosen this device.

I locked her into the high-collared back brace and fastened her arms far up behind her until she had been able to scratch her own shoulder blades. Then a large soft foam ball gag was buckled tightly in her mouth.

We had made a variation on the normal one so this could have a pair of spreader bars attached to the victim's neck. This held the body upright so no shuffling could be used to ease the suffering involved.

Tina gently lifted her legs off the blocks so that her lower regions took the pressure. I bent down and tied her ankles to the rings that stopped her from using her knees to help take some of the strain.

She watched as I held out two nipple clamps for her inspection. She nodded as much as the collar allowed and grunted as the springs increased the pressure on the engorged buds.

"Right, I will be back in one hour," I said as I turned out the light and left Tina in the dark.

When I returned, she looked at me with grateful eyes as I carefully eased her back into a normal posture and then released her. I half-carried her to a bed and her spent body fell asleep.

In late afternoon, Tina and I were having a little rest. The sun glistened on her naked body. Her arms were spread wide above her head, her legs were the same again it was Tina's fault because she confessed to seeing "The General’s Daughter" on video during the week and wanted to try the scene where the woman was stretched between tent pegs.

So there we were: me with a large gin and tonic, Tina with nothing but a smile and a gallon of sunscreen. She had admitted to not wanting to go back onto the "plank" as she called it for a long time and as her pussy had gone numb, it had fallen to me and the sunscreen to prove that she would be able to come again. She did, several times. We discussed how we saw the time together going.

I asked her if she minded stepping up the level that she would suffer as I believed we should move along. Tina was ambiguous about her torture; "If I don't suffer I don't get the orgasm. It is a means to an end as the amount of pain seems to add to the strength of my orgasm," she admitted as I inserted a finger deep into her pussy. Soon she was groaning as I used my thumb on her clit.

We both froze as a voice was heard above her groans.

"Tom, where are you?"

"Shit, it's my sister!" I jumped to my feet too late as she'd walked around the corner.

"Oh, I didn't know you had company."

Tina gave out a little scream of embarrassment as totally unaffected Karen came and sat down with us.

She is a star, my sister. She never batted an eyelid and it was if she had known about my habits all along. Well I think maybe she did as she was very close to Cathy. Karen introduced herself to the now blushing Tina. "I am so pleased that Tom has found someone to care for again." she brightly said as I went to get her a drink. Actually it was mainly to get out of her way. I was embarrassed as well. After all, my niece is her niece, so she knew Tina as Katie's friend.

The door from the garden opened and Karen walked in.

"I'm so sorry. I should have rung but I wanted to see how you were. This also answers the question of "who" Tina's new man friend is. We knew he was older than she was. Oh Tom I am pleased you have found happiness. If it is any consolation Tina loves you. We have all noticed a change in her." she gushed as if to stop me making a fool of myself. I smiled and held out my arms and she came for a hug.

"Thank you" I said.

We both went out carrying a tray of lemonade. To say it was a little bit surreal was an understatement, a naked girl staked out in the sun while a man and his sister chatted to her and discussed family matters as if this happened in everybody's back garden.

Eventually Tina asked to go to the bathroom I untied her and she sauntered off to the house.

My sister giggled and said, "I see she has been a bad girl Tom. It's all right; Cathy and I used to talk about the things you did. I am surprised at Tina though."

To say I was mortified is an understatement.

We kissed at the gate and off she went.

Tina was sitting at the garden table with a big grin on her face. "That's dropped the cat among the pigeons," she laughed.

I swatted her behind as we walked back to the house.


Monday started by us sharing a bath. And breakfast was served by my naked slave dressed only in high heels and a collar.

As the morning was beautiful I'd decided to take her to our other torture center.

"Okay slave here's where I give you a head start. Run towards the bottom of the garden"

She giggled and ran off down towards the trees at the bottom of the garden. I followed, rope in hand. We wove our way between the poplar trees and into the woods.

Tina realized that I was slowing and pretended to stumble. I finally caught her and sprung onto her. Well, fell was a more accurate statement. I was not as fit as I used to be, you know.

I tied her hands and elbows behind her back crushing them tight.

The girl growled at me and said, "You will never get me back to prison you bastard."

I realized she was setting up a challenge and proceeded to hoist her wrists up behind her by throwing a rope tied to them over a high branch and lifting her arms high up behind her until she was actually stood stooped, her arms well above her head.

"Shit, this is uncomfortable," she said. I smiled and walked away for some more rope.

"You're not leaving me like this!" I heard her say. I waved and kept walking.

I returned and noticed that she was grimacing and moaning a little.

I walked up to her and held out a ball gag and buckled it tightly as she opened her mouth for me.

Then I made her a breast harness and then a really tight crotch rope and lowering her arms, linked a noose around her neck to her two harnesses.

These then went to a ring, which evened out the different lengths of rope so a pull on the lead was spread to all of her.

We moved off down the stream so we could walk for a long time.

I felt so lucky. At my age to have this beautiful lady following on a leash was such an aphrodisiac. Crossing behind the lane we entered a field and moved into the waist-high corn. Its golden color highlighted the brown skin of my prisoner as we moved into the center of the field.

Tina was jerking against the ropes so I looked back.

There were people standing on the bank looking the other way so we dropped to our knees.

'Shit, what the fuck are they doing here?' I thought as Tina tried to crawl up to me.

"Follow me" I said and we moved off.

Tina got the giggles I had to stop and give her a chance to catch her breath. And I moved to remove her gag. She muttered something like "Dddonnt uuu daree."

So we moved off with her on her knees and me looking back. Slowly we got to where I was aiming for, an old deep air raid shelter left-over from the war.

It was locked but as I own the land I had the key on my ring. So, unlocking the door, we moved off into the dark depths.

The chill of the air raid shelter was not unwelcome as I led the tied-up Tina down into its depths. She didn't seem to mind the dark as we wandered through the labyrinth of passageways.

Flicking on the lights, we went down some more steps into the sub-basement.

Tina gasped and moved forward. Her eyes were wide as she took in the old-looking torture chamber that Cathy and I built years ago.

Wandering around the torture implements she looked at all the chains hanging from the walls and the large wooden frames that filled the room.

She looked at me and I read her eyes and undid the gag so she could speak.

"God, this is great, can we try everything here?"

I smiled at her sense of adventure.

Unpacking the rucksack I set out a light snack.

I fed Tina and myself and then untied her.

I watched her rub the indentations from the ropes.

Her excitement was palpable as she looked at the old rack and the new version of it we'd designed.

Tina did as asked and lay on the backboard. It ended at her shoulders and a clamp rest supported her head. A leather strap held her neck and a wooden board fit under her armpits and locked her chest to the table. A vice attached to it then pulled up her breasts making them bulge out. Her arms were pinned out at right angles to her body and pulled tight using a ratchet system. A waist strap held her as the rest of her bottom half was hanging over the edge of the bench. An Y-shaped set of leg supports held her ankles and knees. This moved out from the center, spreading her legs as wide as the operator wanted.

Placing Tina's legs as wide as she could take, I realized the beauty of this position.

The whole of her genital area was hanging in the air. So, taking a chair I placed it between her outstretched legs.

A table held all the implements for use on her for the next few hours.

Tina asked if I could gag her and I obliged her with a length of tape over her lips. She was trembling as I held out a feather and began her session. Running it all over her exposed anal opening it seemed to work its magic and Tina shuddered and I heard a giggle.

It trailed over her clit and ran up and down her lips. She was soaked.

I continued this treatment and while she was distracted I picked up the next item. It was a knobby dildo. It started small and each node was larger until it reached the last one, which became smaller so that the ring could close over it to hold it in place.

Using her dripping juices on it to lubricate the soft plastic, I started to lick at her little clit.

With each lick the dildo slipped in another ridge. Pushing gently as it got to the big one, I was fascinated to watch as her anus opened and contracted against the intruder. I moved it inwards and outwards a section at a time. Her groans got louder and louder.

Tina was panting.

Picking up a very high-speed vibrator and pushing it against her lower pussy and sweeping it up and down her lips I teased the swollen bud of her clit. I knew Tina well now, and seeing her about to come I stopped all stimulation.

Her breath was ragged as I tightened the screws on the breast clamps and placed nipple clamps onto her rigid teats.

She groaned and tried to move against the restraints as I sat again between her thighs. Taking up the leather strap I began to slap her outstretched thighs while shoving the vibrator deep into her pussy and grinding it up against her g-spot.

She reached a point where I thought she had an out-of-body experience.

Her gagged sounds reached a new level as I turned a switch that opened her legs wider.

Then I slapped the strap down hard across her pussy. And she let out a low groan and came so hard that the whole frame shook. With a shudder she passed out.

Oh shit! I quickly ungagged her and sat her up, stripping the straps off her legs.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Cathy never did this. I sat her on the floor and cradled her as she slowly came around.

"Wha… wha… what happened?'" she stuttered.

"You passed out. Are you okay?" I asked as I placed my hands across her body and pulled her tightly to me. I realized then just how much she meant to me. She sat cuddled close into me as I stroked her hair.

We paused to give her a rest. Tina told me how she loved every minute of what was happening to her and the pain factor that increased the feelings deep in the core of her sexuality.

Tina sat up and pointed at a frame. "What's that for?" I moved over to it and explained its use. Tina moved over to the wooden sides and asked, "Can we try this too? I really want to suffer for each orgasm."

So with not a little reluctance on my part we strapped her to the frame.

The main part of the frame sloped at about 45 degrees. It consisted of two vertical posts with a board in between them. At the top of each post was a ring. Tying Tina's arms at her wrists and elbows I placed them over and behind the board between the posts. Rope was then looped across the top of her breasts. This was then run down behind the board to the bottom. This was only about 18 inches wide. The rope then went around the top of her stomach biting deep and up the backside of the board to her breasts to begin the loop again. This pinned her to the board. Tina shuffled to ease the tightness.

Next I showed her the hood that Cathy designed to wear with this torture.

It was a little like an old style pilot's helmet. Made of leather, the goggles were the blindfold and the headphones were actually earplugs and there was a large penis gag attached to the straps that buckled over the top of the helmet. A microphone flap covered all this and her nose. Two rubber tubes were fitted into the nostrils of the victim. Tina struggled a little with that bit. Cathy used to say it was claustrophobic.

Still, no safe signal was given.

Then came the hard part. Buckling leather cuffs to her ankles I lifted her left leg upwards until it was actually above her head. The ring at the top of the post was then used to tie her leg off in that position. The right leg followed.

This left our Tina with her ankles above her head. It was a very harsh position to be in due to the pressure on her torso from the rope around the tummy and chest. Also it dug into her armpits.

Both breasts were thrust down and the girl's pussy and anus were pushed forward.

The idea Cathy had was that I could, with one slash of the Multi-tailed flogger, hit both targets.

Also laid on the floor were two pump-up dildos. When in place and inflated, due to the tightness of the position, the vibrations were felt with tenfold intensity. Now the idea was to use the vibrators to build up her pleasure.

Tina groaned as I pushed these none to gently deep inside her. I realized at this point that we had crossed the line. Bondage wasn't the only thing we were doing. S&M had joined our relationship.

'I need to talk to her about this,' I thought as I sat and watched the openings of her two holes starting to bulge outwards due to the inflation of the two air bladders inside her.

Now if I were to say to you that I wasn't turned on by all this, it would be a lie.

Here before me was this marvelous woman, naked and placed in a position of unnatural sexual torture; and she was there by her consent.

God, I do feel honored.

Now as you know, Cathy and I had a relationship that developed over the years and here we were in deep.

Too deep maybe but hell, at my age, what could you do but enjoy the moment?

As soon as I turned on the vibrators Tina's muffled moans turned to long drawn out groans.

I sat and watched her muscles struggle with her instinct to not orgasm while in such a harsh position.

I picked up the light flogger and using my knowledge of her orgasm cycle timed the soft slashing of the strands of leather with the contractions of her internal spasms. The tips of the whip hit the ends of her breasts and erect nipples causing pain to contrast with her pleasure. Tina seemed to shudder as she came again and again.

I was careful to watch her legs, as her ankles were above her head the blood flow was very constricted and soon, too soon, I had to let her down.

Leaving the helmet and the vibrators as they'd been, I held her up and moved her around the room until she regained control of her legs. Her widespread stance was fun to watch.

So I buckled a collar around her neck and lead her around with a leash.

Tina buckled under another orgasm. And clicked her fingers three times.

Quickly removing the helmet I sat her down on the edge of a bench.

"Oh you glorious bastard," she panted, "you know just what to do to me."

I bent and kissed her mouth. She tongued me as I rubbed her nipples. She asked, "Can we go out tonight if it's okay with you, master? I would like to be bound in public."

I held both breasts in my hands and squeezed until she groaned.

"Yes, you deserve a treat. My love, it's going to be fun for you."

My devious mind had an outfit in mind. She'd be stunning.

I untied her and we moved around the shelter with Tina looking at all the different devices of torture that I'd made over the years.

Tina looked with awe at three different sized penises that finished with a huge dildo attached to a frame which had a spreader bar attached to a pole which forced the person to move along the frame to get off.

Cathy used to ask me to whip her bottom with the crop every two minutes until she had reached the end; each dildo had to be sat on for four minutes.

So that should give you a clue to the minimum of strokes she suffered.

Tina seemed fascinated by suffering and asked if she could have the crop as well. I smiled at her and said maybe later.

Still we had to get back to the house so we went up the stairs to the door.

I unbolted it and stepped out into the late evening's sunset. Looking for signs of life I saw nobody about as Tina stepped into the glare of the lowering sun. Her body was tanned from yesterday afternoon's sun and she looked quite dusky as if she was a maiden from another country.

Around her waist was a belt with just a thin cord cutting deep between her lips.

A pair of handcuffs was clipped to the ring at the front of the belt and the rucksack I carried out was now on her back.

We moved back to the house slowly, carefully keeping to the shadows.

Back at the house Tina went off for a bath while I made us both a cup of tea.

Sitting on the edge of the bath I asked her how she felt. Tina was washing her breasts and looking at the lines the flogger made.

"We have moved further on than I thought I would go." She paused.

"To be honest with you, Tom, it frightens me that I could feel so intensely alive as you make me suffer. Does this make me weird? I don't know. All I know is that it feels so right and so wrong at the same time the intensity of my orgasms has been so strong that I have not been in my body."

"Do you think we could live a life like this? I mean, could I come here and live with you? Do you want me to?"

These questions knocked me off my feet, they were so sudden.

I needed time to think so I told her to get dried off and meet me in the storage room.

When she entered I had her undergarments laid out for the evening.

These were made for Cathy but I knew Tina would fit into them. She gasped at the stainless steel belt and bra. The belt's crotch strap held a large steel dildo with a huge girth.

The bra was made out of steel and wire cups. It was painful to wear and it made her chest look huge.

Soon we hit the town. Tina was wearing a lovely dress and high heels.

We tried a new bar and restaurant. It was nice but not very well managed.

Tina was moving with grace that belied the fact she was astride a huge steel penis.

We entered a pub for a nightcap.

Unfortunately for me there were three lads about Tina's age drunk or at least a little Gobby. They started in right away, "Old git's got an escort for the night." "Don't you know that sex with your daughter is illegal?" That sort of thing. We ignored it and it went quiet for a while.

Then one of them moved over to us as Tina snuggled into my shoulder. "So darling," he said, "why do you want to sleep with an old duffer instead of one of us studs?"

Tina stood up and looked at him. "You children wouldn't be able to handle a woman like me. Go find a teenager to play with and come back to me when you are men."

The lads looked crushed as we walked out of the pub.


Tuesday dawned wet and windy. I'd decided that evening that I would have to let Tina live with me as on her own she would only come to some harm.

Now that I'd introduced her to the art of bondage she could find herself in danger from another, say less-experienced person.

Well, that was my excuse anyway.

"How do you want to spend the day as I have to go into town to see my directors and managers?" I asked my lover as she sat reading the paper she'd run the two miles to get.

"In bondage, master," she smiled, looking up at me.

"In a cell or on the bed?"

"In a cell," she smiled.

"Okay, then up and get yourself ready and meet me in the cellar."

She arrived as I placed her restraints out for her. I'd laid out rope by the coil, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, hoods and gags. I'd also left the keys by the door.

"Ok slave this is your turn. There is a clock. I will be back at 4 PM. It's up to you how I find you. Experiment with these items and I want to find you with all your holes full except for your nostrils. There were different-sized vibrators and dildos in the cupboard.

The cells lock at 3 PM as I have set the timer, so you will need to be in one by then. I have placed bread and water for your dinner on the floor of cell one. There is a toilet in there too. Have fun."

And with that I locked the door at the top and went to town.

My day went by so slowly. The image of what Tina might be doing to herself kept tormenting me. A permanent hard-on made walking uncomfortable and my attention span probably caused a few of my staff to think that the old man was going soft in the head.

When the day was over I rushed home to see how she had tied herself.

The door opened to an incredible sight.

Tina dangled from the floor. Her body was tied bow tight. The harness she had made for herself was holding her weight up to a ceiling ring.

Her arms and legs were both pulled back towards the middle wall ring.

I studied how she had done this. A chair lay on the floor on its side.

I moved around her looking at her bonds.

The harness was intricate, rope wound around her body digging deeply into her flesh. Her breasts were crushed by rope and tied with string to look like a bacon joint ready to cook. Both nipples had vibrating clamps attached to them.

Her stomach was reduced in size by multiple windings and pulled tighter by the way she had tied it to her shoulder harness.

I could hear a faint humming from the vibrators buried deep inside her pussy and anus.

A hood enclosed her head and I saw she had strapped a ballgag in place.

Studying her position, I guessed she'd tied her ankles and knees together then tied her harness to the ring from the roof tightly and then climbed onto the chair.

A rope extended from the floor to a wall ring which was halfway up the wall. This was tied to her ankles so that as she shuffled off the chair and swung under the roof ring it pulled her ankles up and behind her.

Tina's wrists were cuffed with leather cuffs locked together with a padlock and from them a rope stretched over to the same ring her feet were tied to and up to the roof ring so as her body fell forward her arms were drawn up behind her in a strappado position.

Moving to her front I gently flicked her nipples. She grunted, startled. Her body pulled against the rope and I noticed the strain on her bowed body and quickly cut the wrist ropes, letting her arms fall behind her. When I released the ankle ropes she only just touched the floor. I unfastened her ankles and left the roof ropes tied while her legs regained their circulation.

As I took the hood off I saw the ballgag first then a pair of ear plugs and finally her tear-stained face.

"Overdid it a bit, did we?" I asked as I struggled to get the ballgag out of her mouth.

I brought her a glass of water as she worked her jaw to ease the stiffness.

"Oh, Tom, this was so weird! I kept orgasming even when it got so painful that I didn't want to move. What time is it?"

I looked at the clock "Four twenty-eight, dear; what time did you place yourself in this position?"

"Three twenty. God, it seems like hours! I came about seven times an hour. No wonder my pussy is sore." She moved her legs, "Okay, I think I can stand now."

I cut the ropes that had dug deeply into her skin.

She waddled to the bathroom and I heard a moan of relief followed by two plops.

"Do you mind if I go lie down for a bit?" Tina asked as I helped her upstairs.

"No problem."

I watched the video of her day while she slept. I had forgotten to tell her about the cameras.

She used most of the things I had left for her. She was most ingenious in her planning, I have to admit.

I left her to sleep until late evening and after she had a bath we snuggled in and watched TV.

Tina left to go to the bathroom and came back wearing a collar and a pair of handcuffs.

The night finished with her making an old man very happy with a blow job.

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