A Novel Idea 2

by Tied2achair

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Storycodes: F/m; bondage; D/s; cons; X

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A Novel Idea 2
by Tied2achair
A Friend In Need By T.S. FESSELN

He spent the night struggling in his silk cocoon as she spent the night enjoying the warmth of his body and thrill of what’s to come. She awoke at 7:30 to prepare her slaves torment for the day. She wanted him immobile and aware of his peril. She wanted to make a statement as to say to him I am the spider and you are the fly. So she began creating a web between two polls in her basement she first tied a piece horizontal at the top of the poll and one at the bottom then she attached lengths of ropes vertical every few inches till she had what resembled a prison cell front made out of rope then she tied the rope horizontal again from one poll to another but this time she weaved it making a rope web for her slave to lay against; And feel her power. 

While his captor was busy spinning her web he awoke to the pain of the nipple clamps and the dry taste in his mouth from the ball gag. He tried to remember the first time he ever was tied up and how he came to this point in his life. He remembered the games of cowboys and Indians when he was a kid and how he loved to be tied to the tree by his sister friends. He also remembered how he used to play batman and pretend cat woman captured him and tied him up. But then he realized that the bondage of his youth were clotheslines or scarf’s he had gotten as Christmas gifts not the steel handcuffs biting into his wrists or the rubber ball gag in his mouth. He sighed and moaned as he realized just how far he came on his journey to submission and how good it felt to be helpless and with that he realized that there was freedom in bondage, the freedom to give in and let go. 

She completed her handy work with the web, made a cup a coffee and headed back to her bedroom to introduce her new pet to his new life. She stopped off by her closet and picked up a shoebox and returned to his side. She removed his blindfold and looked into his eyes he was frightened and yet calm. She knew that he was enjoying his captivity. She pulled out what looked like a cock harness and proceeded to wrap it around his cock and balls she undid his legs and produced a pair of leather ankle cuffs and placed them around his feet she then removed his nipple clamps and pointed to the bathroom and told him to do his business and clean himself up.  He looked at himself still gagged and handcuffed in the mirror shook his head and returned to his mistress. She attached a leash to the cock and ball harness and led him to the basement.

When he looked in the mirror he saw a naked man in handcuffs and a bright red gag in his mouth the black cock harness brought his cock and balls to stand outright. And the collar kept his chin up high. He thought about the porno films he used to watch late at night or the magazines he would look at when he was alone. The man in the mirror was anyone but him. The reality of his situation did not hit him until he moved his hands up to dry his face and he saw the handcuffs where actually on his wrists and the ball gag he was touching was actually in his mouth. 

She led him into the basement slowly he stopped for a second as he saw the web. She pulled him silently till his back was touching the web. She quickly attached the leash of the cock harness to a poll behind the web making it impossible for him to escape. She then proceeded to weave the ropes around him as to sandwich him in the web and make it impossible for him to move. After about 30 minutes of weaving her web she stopped and admired her handy work. 

He didn’t know what the web was at first it looked like a cargo net. Maybe she was going to tie his hands and feet to it spread-eagle and whip him. Never in a hundred million years did he think that he would become part of the web: every part of his body from his far head to his feet where bound tightly. Upon this realization he let go and two drops of cum hit the floor. 

She saw the cum hitting the floor and realized that she had succeeded in his submission and he was now ready to begin his training. She spoke for the first time that morning.

“Good morning slave” she said “you will remain in that web for the next five hours and contemplate what it means to be a slave and realize that you are mine forever”. He grunted, she turned, shut the lights and left.

Forever is an awful long time for that matter so is five hours he though. Perhaps she was the one he was searching for and with that another drop of cum dripped to the floor and with that he relaxed and realized that maybe forever was not long enough. 

To be continued.


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