A Novel Idea

by Tied2aChair

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Storycodes: F/m; bondage; slave; wrap; cons; X

A Novel Idea
by Tied2aChair
A Novel Idea By Tied2aChair 

It all began with an idea, a simple, novel idea… To fall in love

She sat at a table waiting patiently, quietly, calmly sipping her vodka and tonic surveying the room looking for the man to fulfill her innermost desires and fantasies. Not knowing whether she would find him or spend another night alone. But as she looked at her drink she saw something that caught her attention. A man 6’1 180 lbs average build, average size. She gave him a warm gaze that was sure to catch his eye, he smiled he was intrigued, he was enslaved. They talked casual at first about the weather and their jobs, what they sought out in life and how things could be better. As the conversation continued she started to hint at first about how she always had to be in control and how she liked to see people work for what they wanted. He smiled as he realized that this could be the one that would show him what it was to be dominated and loved. As the night grew close to 11 the conversation picked up it’s pace and the two decided to head back to her place. 

When he entered the apartment she told him to kneel, he did; she walked behind him and placed a scarf over his eyes he was now blind.   He hesitated at first never experiencing the feeling of not being able to see as he felt her warmth touch hit his body like a warm breeze on a sunny day, she unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time, as each button came lose he felt a level of his freedom slowly disappear into the abyss of darkness that now covered his eyes. 

As he felt her stand up and walk behind him to pull the shirt off his back he felt her slowly massaging his arms and pushing them behind his back, he felt the cold hard steel hit his wrists as they guaranteed his submission for the evening. He wondered now as many do if he did the right thing but it was too late. 

She told him to stand as a prison guard helps a prisoner, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and said “wait right here”. She returned and again walking behind him blowing in his ear and placing a leather posture collar around his neck. He heard another click, which he assumed, was a padlock and now he knew he was bound for the evening. She attached a leash to the collar and said, “Come with me “. 

She pulled him along blindfolded with a collar on, slowly letting him know where to turn and where to go as a teacher tells a student. She was now ready to accept her new prey into her lair. She told him to sit; he sat and awaited his future with his new found mistress. She slowly unbuttoned his pants as he sat on the silk sheets of her bed waiting to find out what was next.  As his pants came off she paused and noticed his pulsating member hard as the hardest rock ready to explode, she grinned with an evil grin and took off his underwear. She told him to lay down and as he did she wrapped some rope around his feet securing them together but not to the bed. 

She then walked over to her closet and pulled out a handful of scarves and other bondage necessities. She began to play with his nipples and as they became hard she placed a pair of nipple clamps on him. As he screamed she reached down and pulled out a ball gag and placed it in his mouth. He now knew that he was in for more then he bargained for. Little did he know it was only just beginning? 

Happy that her slave was well secure she began to take the silk sheets and wrap them around his feet then torso and finally his entire body. Till he was encased in silk sheets. She then began taking long scarves and wrapping them around his legs and mid section to ensure he was helpless. And with that she straddled over his helpless body and whispered into his ear, “sleep well you have a busy day tomorrow”.

TO BE Continued.


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