Not What I Expected 2

by fourinchrichard

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continued from part one

Part 2

I sat on the marble bench in the dark cemetery with my wrists cuffed behind my back and my ankles cuffed together, and both of them chained together trapping me on the bench. I watched Lisa drive away in my car with a satisfied look on her face, and I thought that this time I was really screwed. The term "self inflicted injurys" came to mind, and was probably the fairest assessment of my situation.

I sat there long enough to think that the cops might find me first, but a large SUV with tinted windows drove by me once and then turned around and drove up to where I sat. I couldn't hide my nudity in any way and just sat there as they looked me over. They could see the penis gag and drool and didn't bother asking me any questions when they got out. Who else would be in the situation that I was in but "the guy" who was just texting them? There were two guys in the SUV and both got out and looked around in the dark to see if they were watched, it would have been comical except for my situation. They grabbed my contract that I was forced to sign asking them not to show me any mercy, and they unlocked the chain binding my wrists to my ankles with the keys Lisa left around my neck, and they made me hop into the rear part of the truck. I was driven away with my new owners to a fate that I assumed would have me doing things I never expected to do.

One of the guys, Arron, sat in back with me and asked me if I was thirsty. I nodded my head and he told me he would give me a drink, but only if I promised to not make a sound. I needed the drink, and thought I could explain my mistaken situation to him and his friend later. He removed my penis gag and my mouth felt like it was stuck open, and I was sure I looked stupid like that. The bottle of water he helped me drink was ice cold, and felt like the most precious thing in the world at that point as I had not drank anything for hours. Arron told me he and his friend Rick had done this kind of thing before, as "my" desire was not all that uncommon, and that I would be sure to get the whole treatment! He also told me he could see by my letter that I was curious, but had never been with a man before, also common he said. Arron told me even so I would have no contact with anybody at the compound until I passed a health exam.

Arron told me the first rule was I wasn't to ever speak without being asked to do so first. I wisely nodded my head in responce. He told me the second was I was to address everybody I came into contact with, after being asked to speak, as "sir" or "mam" only. Arron told me that I would choose my own level of discipline and if I behaved and did what I was told enthusiastically, I would receive only minor "corrections". If however I wanted a more severe experience, and more restrictive control, I was to act out as I felt fit to do and I would receive proportional treatment. In this manner, Arron told me, I could make my experience with them as "real" as I wanted.

So there was my situation, fight back and these two guys would punish me like they thought I desired, and I would likely have all the sex I never really wanted. Or I could meekly submit and not get punished too badly, and still have all the sex I never really wanted! I had to hand it to Lisa, she came up with an ironic way to make me disappear, and I was sure my sexy Kim would likely forget my name as quickly as possible with the way she thought I left her...

I found myself at their compound and in a lower room in the massive house. It wasn't a jail cell, but the sparse block room was underground and had no windows, and a shower and toilet all in one small room. The door was locked from the outside and heavy and thick like the kind of door in a hospital. That room would be my home for the duration of my stay at the compound and there were others who lived in their own separate rooms down there with me. There were two women there as well, and we all had duties on a schedule and in rotation so we all got to learn all the jobs. I discovered that people came to the compound two ways, "voluntarily" like I did, and to be sold off after training. Or by contract with their owners for a specific training. There were guests at the compound as well, and they came to practice whatever brand of kink they desired at the time. Some of the guests wanted a guy to use for their entertainment, other times one of the women, usually bound and in some helpless position. I did things I never thought I would, but Kim had started me down that road with our play toys, and this was just a natural continuation of those things. The bondage got me hard, but I was to provide entertainment for the guests, and my release wasn't always what they wanted.

I never explained my mistaken situation with the guys, and couldn't get dumped back home even if I did, only to get arrested for some crime because my thawed out cum found it's way to a crime scene. I knew I could never go home anyway as Kim was certain to be enjoying her new man, and with the way she thought I left, after she specifically cuckolded me like I begged her to, I couldn't blame her. I didn't know how long I would have to be gone before Kim could marry somebody else, and put our relationship out of her mind for good. That door appeared permanently closed for me!

* * *

I lost track of time, but I had been in the service of Arron and Rick at the compound for well over a year. I had seen many of the people I was training with leave, and get replaced with others in need of training. Most of the people, both men and women, who came to the compound were under contract by their owners for training, and when they were sufficiently trained they would go back home to serve their masters, presumably for life. Nobody paid for my training, and as a result I needed to earn my keep at the compound as a lifelong servant doing pretty much what I had been doing, or I would be sold off to one of the trusted guests by Arron and Rick. I had to let them know what I wanted as it appeared that I had little left to learn, and couldn't possibly get any more submissive than I was. It was the first time since I came to the compound that I had a choice in anything, and I realized I would have found it difficult with the experiences of the last year to blend back into society without somebody regulating my time and actions. The truth was that I needed to be told what to do and when to do it, and I got off on serving others like the true submissive I was transformed into. I imagined it was like a prisoner being released from a long jail sentence, and suddenly free to do whatever he wanted. Without some kind of intervention, they as well as me would get into trouble. Unlike a released prisoner, I couldn't use my real name, or anything from my past without the risk of becoming a real prisoner.

I finally had an opportunity to explain my situation to the guys, and to say they were pissed off would be an understatement. Not only had I been trained against my will, I was technically kidnapped, and they were accessories to the crime. To me, they weren't responsible for my problems, and were only guilty of giving me an experience that they thought I wanted. I was too submissive to be angry with anybody, but the guys couldn't just let me just go either.

Two weeks later I had been bumped to serving duty, and when I served lunch to the guests I saw Lisa sitting with Arron discussing something in an animated way. I never expected to see her again, and if I wasn't so conditioned to be submissive, I would have dumped her soup all over her. She looked even better than I remembered her looking, and her presence left me with many questions. I responded to both as I had been trained to do, and remembered the public flogging I received from a guest the time I didn't. I said, "Your soup, mam and sir" and I left the table. Lisa looked at me like she was suppressing a huge laughing fit, but only said "thank you". I was wearing little at the time, only a small pair of shorts, as this was the lunch uniform. It always looked better on the women!

As I served another table I heard Arron telling Lisa that she owed them for the training, and she was lucky because of the unique situation they were in. I didn't hear the rest of the conversation because I had to go back to work. Could Lisa find herself as I was, paying for what she did to me, the submissive servant of anybody who asked for her? The way she looked she would be very popular, and it would be worth it to stay to see her trained into a full blown submissive like me. I liked the idea of her becoming a bound fuck toy for the guests. I had to be careful though, that mental picture had my cock growing, and in full view in my shorts if I put down my tray.

It was several weeks until I found out the result of that meeting, and in my last discussion with Rick and Arron they explained that they couldn't just let me go under the circumstances. They said they had found me an owner, and I would be doing pretty much what I had been trained for, with the exception of any sex that they were aware of. I meekly understood my position and I thanked them for their kindness.

I was transported at night in the large SUV, bound and naked just like they had found me over a year ago. I couldn't see where I was going in the back of the truck on my side, but we drove for hours. The truck took some slower roads, and then a bumpy dirt road until it backed into a driveway. When I was hustled out of the truck and onto a driveway I saw Lisa waiting for me! This wasn't her old house that I had been to several times in the company of Kim, it was apparently deep in the country as I heard no noise at all from any road. I was fitted with a collar with a battery pack, and the thing was locked on in the guys presence. It wasn't hard to figure out what the collar was for, but Lisa wanted to demonstrate it for Arron and Rick anyway. The first warning was just a piercing beep, the second was a shock strong enough to make my knees buckle. I didn't know how many more levels there were on Lisa's remote as she didn't let me see it.

Rick and Arron left, and I was in one of the many awkward situations in my life. Lisa told me to stay on my knees so she could look down into my eyes when she spoke to me. I was given the rules of her house, she was married now to a man who did very well in the oil business, but had to travel to some dangerous and remote places, and as a result she was alone in this large house often. She needed help and if I did my duties properly, all would be well between us. She said if I had any lingering animosity toward her, she would gladly beat it out of me!

I knew she could!

I couldn't help myself, despite Lisa's responsibility for most of my current situation, kneeling there under her control I got hard! I was still cuffed wrist and ankle, and tiny but powerful Lisa was incredibly hot to me. She noticed my condition and walked away from me, only to return with a garden hose to hose me down with cold water. It had the desired effect, and I was soon cold and very unhard.

I was shown to my quarters in the basement, it was a recently constructed room connected to the finished basement playroom. My room was double wall sound proofed, and was hidden with a wall length one way mirror so I could see into the room, but nobody could see me as long as no lights were lit on my side. I had a shower and toilet, and a cot in my small room, and the only way in or out was a heavy door to the outside. The next day, Lisa's husband was still away, I was to make her breakfast in a deja vu moment from our last time together. I was then to cut the expansive lawn in the nude so she could watch me from the pool and be entertained. I was to have a set of coveralls with me, and if I saw somebody I was to dress quickly. I maintained the whole house, lawn, garden and pool, replacing several contractors and saving Lisa's husband a lot of money. I was slave labor and I knew it. I had done the exact same things for Arron, and we had all took turns with outside chores at the compound, as much for training as to keep from getting too pale. The problem was I enjoyed doing things for others, and especially for sexy Lisa. She would watch me work from the pool in her skimpy bikini, or from the house if it was rainy. I was usually as undressed as possible, and was used to that from my training. There as well as here, being kept nude in the presence of others fully clothed was a way to remind one of their lower status. I was to be clean shaven as per her instructions, and that was also the same as the compound. I had an incredible all over tan, and Lisa could easily see the result of her teasing on me, and I knew she was getting off on it!

It was weeks before I met Lisa's husband, and he was under the impression I lived in the out building and was a live in groundskeeper. I didn't contradict his impression, but that meant Lisa had to remove my collar. She had never had to use it on me, but it did remind me of my place in her house. He was only home for a week, and during that time he was on the phone a lot. I volunteered to cook dinners for them, and tried to stay out of the way. Lisa's husband had more compliments for my meals than for his sexy wife, and that struck me as odd. I thought if she were mine and I was away for a month, when I got home I would screw her until she couldn't walk. Then I thought about Kim and had to laugh to myself, I certainly didn't do that for her, did I? After he was gone I finally realized Lisa was lonely. She had quit her job and moved away from her family and friends to this wonderful isolation she had created. After everything Lisa did to me, I felt sorry for her!

That night at dinner Lisa was very depressed, even as she was working on her second glass of wine. She apparently couldn't hold her booze any better than Kim could, and I told her I wished I could do something for her half drunk self. She was almost in tears when she said "like what". I suggested she go visit her friends, or even her sister. It gave me pain to even think about my sexy Kim, she was gone to me, but still Lisa's sister. She said I would only run away and make trouble for her, and I promised her I wouldn't... I thought how could she have forgotten about sending my frozen cum to her friends on the police force, making it impossible for me to resume a normal life... I could tell the thought of visiting friends cheered her up, and she said if I promised not to run away she would, but that she would have to put my collar back on me. She told me there was invisible fencing around the property, outside of where I would cut the lawn that would set off my collar. The fact that I didn't know about it only meant that I could be trusted even more. I truly had no place to go!

"Follow me!" It was that voice of command that I couldn't ignore, especially from Lisa. I followed her into one of the spare bed rooms, I had cleaned it once when I first came to her house and it was raining too heavily to work outside. "Lie down, close your eyes, and under no circumstance say a word." More commands, but I again had no choice but to follow them. Lisa came back in and put a leather cuff on each of my wrists, and then attached each to the corner of the massive head board. My cock was very hard and at attention after she told me I could open my eyes only, but if I said a word she would cut off my cock with a pair of my hedge clippers and serve it to me for dinner. It was a threat, but we both saw the humor in it. She pulled off the skimpy shorts she had me wearing in the house as a kind of uniform, and jumped up on the bed with one sexy little bare foot on each side of my hips. She proceeded to strip for me, first her thin shirt, followed by the bra that she really didn't need. It was the first time I ever saw her perfect little tits in the flesh. Her white bikini was mostly transparent when wet, and she would tease me without mercy with it. But this was way better. Next, her little skirt came off, it was the kind that buttoned up the side and was wrapped around her sexy little hips like a bath towel. All she was left wearing were skimpy white panties, and they were soaked through with her desire. The little panties stayed on, and I thought that this was one hell of a way to tease me to death.

I thought I felt my heart actually stop when she started to squat down in the direction of my straining cock. It was slow and deliberately teasing, but she moved her pussy right on top of my cock, and if not for the fraction of an ounce of fabric, I would be pushing inside of her. I was certain that I could push her panties deep inside her with my cock as hard as it was, but I assumed if she wanted me inside of her she would have ripped them off with her striptease. She shocked me by pulling them to the side, and lowering herself down on me. She was painfully tight, as if she had no sex of any kind for a very long time, or her very successful husband was very poorly endowed. She was fortunately very wet, and inch by painful inch she mounted me. When she was finally down on my average self all the way, she started bouncing up and down on me in little strokes as she whimpered to herself. I so wanted to thrust up into her, but managed to just watch the show Lisa was performing on top of me. Lisa started mashing her tits together, making fists with her little tits trapped in her hands. I would never have done something like that to any woman for fear of feeling like a rapist, but here she was doing it to herself and enjoying it!

Lisa rode me in short strokes and mashed her little tits together until she orgasmed in the noisiest display I had ever felt or seen. She got so stiff, and clenched her shaking muscles so tight it felt like she was getting electrocuted. I had been good up until that point, my training had also included orgasm delay, but this was too much. I came off filling her little clenching pussy with weeks of stored up cum. I was instantly semi hard, but still inside Lisa who started riding up and down on me again... It was quite a sound we were making together, and my second orgasm held off for a long time, but Lisa experienced several more of her own while riding me. They were nothing like her first one though, that one had left her body sweaty and that made it easier for our bodies to grind against each other where they met.

I was spent from one hell of a work out with Lisa, but the obvious condition of her little pussy had me full of questions. She popped up off of me when she realized I was done for the night, but it looked like she wanted more as her panties pulled back into position covering her little pussy. I knew what I just put into it, and the panties in addition to how tightly she snapped back together ensured she was going to be keeping nearly everything I just gave her. We looked into each others eyes, and I wanted to do something else for her that I had discovered I have a special talent for. I couldn't say a word without violating our agreement, but the look I gave Lisa apparently did the trick. She crawled up my bound body and kneeled on my upper arms, and lowered her panty covered pussy to my face. I kissed all around her building up my courage, and then pushed her panties to the side with my chin to gain access to her.

She was sitting up on my face and rocking herself back and forth with a firm grip on the headboard. I licked her in long strokes from her rosebud to her clit, and she exploded in climax before I even went inside... To make a long story short, when she left me to go take a bath she was clean and so were her panties, and her pussy was very sore. My jaw hurt as well, but I was OK with that. She was also orgasmed out, and as a man I took pride in my ability to be able to do that for her, no matter what method I ended up using!

To be continued...