Not What I Expected

by fourinchrichard

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; gag; hogtie; cuckold; transport; toys; hum; mast; oral; climax; cons/nc; X

My wife and I had been married only two years and I had asked her to try some bondage with me at least a hundred times. My wife, Kim, told me no each time and I knew if I were to be successful with her I would have to find a new way. Kim was extremely sexy and I knew I was lucky to have my petite Asian wife, and she thought I was lucky to have her also.

I think I was feeling guilty having Kim all to myself, and I suggested to her at least once a week during foreplay that she needed a boyfriend. The first several times Kim said I was enough for her, and then she started to play along with my "fantasy," for lack of a better term. Kim would tell me she was trying to decide which man at work she would let take her out dancing after work, and what she would hardly wear on these dates. Kim knows I don't dance! Every time she played along with me, my cock got especially hard, and she couldn't help but to notice.

Kim then cut me off from sex with her, instead "forcing" me to masturbate into a condom while she described what her perfect date would do to her. Kim had me eating her out during these masturbation sessions, and as odd as it sounds, it was highly erotic. Kim also introduced a large lifelike dildo to these sessions, and I would have to "prepare" her tight pussy for her large friend to use. I didn't realize it at the time, but she was reprogramming me to only get aroused when I prepared her for another man to use.

Sometimes when she was reaming herself out with her toy and I was licking her clit, she would slip it out of her wet pussy and into my mouth, and before I knew it I was technically a "cocksucker". The first time that happened Kim orgasmed, and I came hard into my condom like a fire hose. Kim suggested that maybe we both needed boyfriends! Kim then noticed the look on my face after I came off with the large dildo in my mouth, and she told me not to feel embarrassed because I was a natural! If she was trying to make me feel better, it wasn't working. Kim also collected my used condom like always and did whatever she did with it and the many others I had filled lately.

Kim sent me out to a shop she knew to get a real pair of handcuffs, and finally I thought she would let me cuff her and have some fun. Kim had different ideas and soon I was wearing the cuffs behind my back, kneeling at her side of the bed. I was helpless and I "had" to prepare her friend and her for sex. I was really starting to enjoy her abuse and when she bet me I could deep throat her toy deeper than her, I accepted. It turns out I could get her man sized dildo down my throat all the way. I "won" the privilege of humping the corner of the bed until I came with the dildo still in my mouth. It seemed like the only time I got to cum anymore was with her toy in my mouth! Kim then released me and had me strip and remake the bed, and wash the cum covered sheets.

Kim now decided when, or if we had "sex" together, and I found myself with more of the domestic duties around the house. Kim also went out with her friends from work more, and she would tease me that some of the group were men. I felt no jealousy, only arousal at Kim's impending pleasure, even when I noticed her ring finger was bare all the time now. I realize now that I was turning myself into little more than her sissy servant. And it was all my fault!

Kim and I went out shopping for the increasingly sexy and revealing clothes she now wore when going out with her friends from work, and Kim instructed me to pick out a complete outfit, head to toe that I thought would make her look irresistible. Kim told me there was a man she met who wanted to do more than dance with her and all I could say was "cool." That was possibly the worst thing I could have said, but I was not thinking any of this kinky role play we were having was real. I had ignorantly missed all the signs, and Kim decided I was right almost a year ago when I told her she needed a boyfriend, and she was determined to find one who was a "man's man", and use her for his pleasure. Kim wanted to prove to herself that there was nothing wrong with her, except maybe her choice in husbands!

I found Kim a little black dress that looked perfect on her little body, and we found a skimpy bra and thong to go with it. That dress, with the high heels we found to go with it, would make any man want my sexy Kim. I had, in effect, dressed my Kim for her new lover, and sealed my fate all at the same time!

Kim had not let me cum in over two weeks, and we both knew my horny state would make me even more willing to do anything she wanted. Kim told me "we" are going out and that I was to shower and lay down nude on the floor of her new van. If I wanted her to go out on her date tonight, I was to wrap one of my leather belts around my ankles, and secure it tight. I was then to interweave my cuffs in the belt while laying on my belly and cuff my wrists behind my back, hog tying myself in the van. Kim told me I was to wait for her like that, or else. I held my ankles to relieve the strain of the cuffs on my wrists and wasn't on my belly for five minutes before I came off all over the rubber floor mat of her new van, with my cock trapped between my legs.

When Kim came out to the van she looked stunning, and I told her I didn't want to play anymore today, having lost all my kink at the same moment I ejaculated on the rubber mat. "Tough shit" Kim told me in a tone I had never heard from her before. She told me she had a date with a large man she had met, and that she might not be home tonight. With that stunning revelation she closed the side door and that ended our conversation on the subject. Kim drove to a spot that we had hiked many times before, and even in the dark I recognized the trail as one that leads back to our back yard through the woods.

I had no idea what was coming next when Kim told me I had to walk the two miles back home, nude, and sleep in the garage as she was out with her date. She told me the alarm was on in the house, but off in the garage, with a new code, and if I didn't want to get arrested I would leave the house alone. I still thought Kim was playing with me as she unbelted my ankles and helped me out of the van into the thankfully empty parking lot. When Kim saw my puddle of cum on her new floor mat she was pissed! Petite Kim forced me back into the van and held my face right on the mat and told me to clean it up. I didn't want to taste any cum, not even my own as I turned my head to the side. I was still hand cuffed behind my back and in no position to resist with my ass in the air, but I was determined to resist Kim, who I just realized wasn't playing any more.

Kim briefly removed one of her little hands from my head and I felt her fumble with something from between her seats. I distinctly felt her push the small end of her cold three D cell mag light right up to my exposed ass hole. I literally froze and she calmly told me if I didn't want to start an intimate relationship with her favorite flashlight that I would lap up the mess I left on her floor. At first I was disgusted, but I had no choice. I couldn't believe the threat of flashlight anal sex had me hard again, and I came again all over the other rear mat, and I was directed to clean that one also. Kim told me she thought I was bi curious, and this just proves it!

Kim got me out of the van and just drove away as I stood in the parking lot, nude with some cum still dripping from my cock, and the taste of my cum in my mouth. I stupidly stood there and expected her to return, and when she didn't I started walking the trail that lead to our home.

I was thinking about what Kim was doing the whole walk home, and I hid any time I thought I heard a sound I didn't recognize. The two mile hike was scary with the threat of discovery, but I did find the garage unlocked and I found a sleeping bag laid out on the floor where I was to sleep. I didn't sleep well that night and I looked forward to Kim releasing me and admitting to her I learned my lesson about asking for things I shouldn't want. But the truth of the matter was I got off twice thinking about my sexy wife fucking some guy from work while I was helpless to stop it.

It was mid morning when I heard the distinctly silent sound of Kim's new van drive up to the garage door, and the automatic door opened and she drove in with the headlights blinding me. Any of my neighbors in the right part of the road could have spotted me curled up in the sleeping bag! The door mercifully closed when Kim pushed the button, but the headlights were still blinding me as she got out of the drivers door. I knew something wasn't right when I saw her walk over to me, the walk was all wrong. Just then the automatic headlights turned off and I saw Kim's little sister Lisa standing over me laughing her head off at me.

Lisa never liked me and I had no reason to think she changed her mind as she called me a pathetic wimp! I don't know how this situation could get any worse, and I wanted to just crawl inside my sleeping bag and hide! Lisa told me to get on my knees and when I did she took a picture of me with my phone and sent it to her sister.

Lisa told me Kim was fucked hard all night long by her new man, and they only took a break long enough for her to get the van to check on me. Lisa told me I was going into the house with her as she had the new alarm code, and I was to shower off my smelly self and make her some breakfast. I told her I refused and she said that was OK with her I could just leave the handcuffs on until I lost all use of my arms. Lisa was right, my shoulders were on fire, but they didn't hurt bad enough to prevent me from getting hard again at the mention of my sexy Kim getting it good from her new stud! Lisa looked right at my cock and said by the way he liked the dress you picked out for Kim to wear for him! Lisa took another picture of me with my phone and said if I didn't cooperate with her fully she would send my pictures to everybody on my contact list!

Lisa released my cuffs and let me into my house for the last time, and I showered like she told me to, and I even made us some breakfast. I was still nude and I was starting to feel like I didn't even deserve clothes, especially around Lisa, who was very commanding for her young age. Lisa was also trained in Ti Quan Do, and that increased my respect for her tenfold.

While I was showering Lisa did something with two trash bags and I didn't dare to ask her what. Lisa had also printed out two sheets of paper, and told me to sign them. When I asked her what they were she grabbed my left wrist and bent it around until was helpless. I signed both papers without reading either of them, not that it would have mattered.

Lisa told me if I listened to her SHE wouldn't hurt me, but that if I gave her a reason she would enjoy hurting me! I believed her and she told me to lock my wrists behind my back again with the cuffs she handed me. Once I was helpless she had me kneel at her sexy feet and she fitted a short thick penis gag on me and buckled it behind my head. She told me not to move and I didn't dare to as she carried the full black trash bags outside. I saw her grab my car keys and heard my Volvo wagon back into the garage, and she encouraged me to follow her while holding onto my ear lobe firmly. She had me climb into the rear and lay down where my sales brochures and samples usually were kept. A second set of handcuffs were put on my ankles and a length of chain was used to connect the two. I was loosely hogtied on my side when she covered me with a sheet, not for my comfort, but to conceal me.

Lisa did some other things before she locked the house and drove us away in my own car, with me helpless in the back. I heard Lisa texting and laughing, presumably on my phone that she still had in her possession. We drove until the car needed gas and Lisa filled my tank with my own credit card, and continued to drive.

We were at least two hundred miles away from the house before Lisa started to talk to me, it ended up a one sided conversation with my large gag in place. She told me one of the papers I signed was a letter to her sister Kim, telling her I suddenly discovered I wanted a new lifestyle, and that I was leaving for good! The second letter she told me was to my new "friends", asking them to ignore any pleading and begging I may offer. She paraphrased the letter she wrote to them on my behalf asking them to help me fulfill my desire to be dominated and roughly used without any choice. I was to be their gift for whatever purpose they desired, for as long as they desired! And when they got tired of me they could lend me to their friends or even discard me.

And when I thought it couldn't get worse Lisa told me she gave some of my cum samples that Kim had saved to one of her friends in the police department. She said her friend would make sure my DNA would find it's way to a crime scene, and if I wanted to stay out of jail, I would keep away from her sister. She also said Kim didn't know any of this, so let's keep this secret between us!

We stopped when it got dark and Lisa texed somebody with my phone pretending to be me and reminded them of my desire to beg for release and not get it. She then dumped all my clothes that were in the garbage bags into a convenient dumpster. We then drove to a local cemetery and Lisa pulled me out of the car by my ear and sat me down, still nude, on a large marble bench. My legs were pulled back under the bench and re-chained to my wrists, forcing me to sit up straight. Lisa hung the keys needed to release me around my neck on a string, close enough, but out of my reach. Lisa left my signed letter with me that she wrote asking for my new friends to help me live out my kinky fantasy, and to show me no mercy.




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