Next Session with Mistress

by slavek999

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© Copyright 2011 - slavek999 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FF/m; D/s; bond; cuffs; bfold; gag; bdsm; electro; gasmask; display; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

After my last visit to my mistress I was both anxious and apprehensive about the next visit (See story A Fantasy Session with Mistress).  Well it was coming soon because last night my mistress called me and said I was to be at her place by 6 pm tonight and said I was to be prepared for an extended session.  Six O'clock came and I found myself outside her door thinking deja vu.  There was a note telling me to go in, disrobe and use the equipment on the table to put myself in bondage.  I walked in to find the entry way lit only by a candle and found ankle shackles, a blindfold and a leather belt with handcuffs attached to the belt.  I promptly disrobed, put the ankle shackles on and had a decision to make regarding the belt and handcuffs.  I hoped I was doing the right thing by putting on the belt and positioning the handcuffs behind my back.  I put the blindfold on and was able to cuff my hands behind my back and waited for mistress.

Mistress must have been watching because I didn't have to wait at all because as soon as I had clicked the final handcuff on my wrist I heard her heals clicking on the floor and approaching me.  I am greeted again with a slight click and a large plume a smoke as she lights her cigarette and exhales into my face, she then seductively touches my cock and I jerk and moan with excitement.  I immediately feel a hard whack to my ass with some type of paddle as she admonishes me for moving and making a noise.  I then silent and motionlessly endure more teasing and torment from her and she smokes her cigarette and exhaling into my face. 

After a few more minutes of this she calmly tells me to get down on my knees.  As I ponder how to do this while bound as I was, I felt her hold on to me as she helped me to my knees.  She then removes the blindfold and tells me to open my mouth.  I watch her take a large final drag on her cigarette and she exhales into my mouth and passionately kisses me.  She stops kissing me and promptly places a large dildo harness gag into my mouth and proceeds to tighten all the straps on me, she then places a different blindfold on me and sweetly tells me it is time to get ready to go.  After kissing me on the cheek she then places a tight hood on my head and laces it up.

I was very happy that the dildo gag was a breather because I was getting all worked up wondering what was happening and where were we going.  Next I felt mistress messing with the handcuffs, I wasn't surprised with her paranoia to always have me overrestrained.  I was however confused at first because she unlocked one of my hands and told me to not move at all.  She then proceeded to put a leather cuff on my wrist and secure it to the belt at my waist and repeated the process with my other hand.  So here I am blind, speechless and almost deaf with a strict hood on with my hand secured to a belt at my waist, one at each hip. 

Next I feel her sliding some type of pole between my elbows and back.  Turns out attached to this pole were two cuffs which were attached to my arms just above my elbows, and a belt was attached to this pole which went across my chest.  I can barely move my arms.  I am surprised again when mistress removes the ankle shackles and tells me to stand up.  I then feel leather cuffs being attached to my ankles with a very short chain between them.  Then, just in case I could move fast she attaches a second set of leather cuffs to my legs at my knees.  A collar and leash is put on and I hear her yell lets go and pulls me along.

It seemed like I was shuffling my feet like crazy because of the short chain between my ankles to keep of with mistresses pace.  After a bit we came to a doorway and a couple of stairs down.  Mistress helped me down and the floor did not feel like her immaculate hardwood floors inside, I was guessing we were in her garage.  I heard a door slide open and she helped me sit on something and lift my legs up.  I guess I was getting into a van.  She then helped me scootch around until my back and arms were against some sort of back rest.  She proceeded to tighten a couple of straps around my torso and secured my head to the back rest.  Straps were then tightened across my legs to secure me to the floor of the van.  Mistresses then exhaled a plume of smoke through my gag's breathing hole and shut the door. 

I don't know how long she left me sitting like this but it seemed to take forever until I heard the door open and felt her climb in and slam the driver's door.  She asked if I was ready to go and the van started moving.  She must have drove around for at least 30 minutes making lots of turns.  I honestly don't know why she was worried bound as I was with the hood and blindfolds, it didn't take a half hour of roundabout driving to confuse me.  I was already lost.

After the long and confusing drive I felt the van stop and mistress get out and start to unstrap me from my seat on the floor of the van.  She then placed something over the hood around my ears, I later learned it was a set of noise protection head phones, and I could barely hear anything.  I was lead around and up a ramp, and I thought I could hear music in the background.  I was then pushed against some type of pole and was secured to it with a bunch of straps.  I then felt something pushed up into my rear end and what felt like mistresses hands attaching something to my cock and balls. 

After this fiddling I thought I heard the music stop, and amplified voice followed by some yelling and applause.  I then felt heat on my skin, as if a bunch of spotlights were aimed on me.  My guess was that I was now the anonymous star of some fetish show.  Well the show obviously started because I started to feel a nice pleasing tingling sensation to my cock and balls, mistress had hooked me up to all of her electrical toys and was demonstrating. 

It wasn't all pleasure because all of a sudden it went to a random sequence of painful bursts, it was hell because I couldn't talk or even move.  The breathing hole in the gag a few times wasn't big enough to supply the big gasps of air needed when the big painful bursts hit.  I don't know how long this went on for but I learned later that mistress was at the front of the stage I was on interacting with audience while bouncing me between hell and nirvana.  Then it seemed that the sensations started to focus on pleasure without any pain and then I came in a massive eruption this was followed by a bit of applause which I was able to hear through the headphones and the lights were turned out.  All I wanted to do was curl up somewhere and take a nap but I couldn't because I was strapped to the pole on the stage so I just slumped into my bonds and vegged out.

I was left alone for a while and then suddenly felt someone removing all the electrical attachments, however it seemed whoever it was, they were removing everything in a hurry making me believe it was not mistress because she is always very careful and particular with her toys.  I was led a way to another room and forced to lie down on some sort of table to which the mystery person moving me strapped me down to.  I then feel something very cold being applied to my cock and balls, almost to the point that I am in pain.  Then the mystery person attaches something to me and I feel the laces on my hood being loosened. 

The hood was ripped off and the blindfold taken off and standing before me is a tall (I guess almost 6ft tall), long red haired goddess smoking a brown More cigarette.  She tells me that she enjoyed my show and that I was not to make any noise once she removed the gag.  This tall beauty is totally naked and proceeds to finish smoking her cigarette in an extreme seductive manor.  This is having an effect on me and to my dismay as I harden, I feel sharp prickly pain on my cock, it appears she had put a set of Kali's teeth on me. 

As she is unstrapping the gag she tells me that I am to pleasure her and that I will pay the consequences if I don't.  She promptly straddles me on the table and plunges her shaved pussy into my face.  I attack her with gusto but simultaniously try to not think about what I am doing because my erection is growing, thus increasing the pain to my cock.  However I am successful in pleasing her because after I bring her to two large orgasms she slumps over me to catch her breath.   She then gets off the table and lights another cigarette, tells me I did well and kisses me.  She reminds me not to say a word and again seductively finishes smoking her cigarette.  She tells me she must return me and proceeds to gag and blindfold before putting the hood on me.  As this is going on I hear commotion outside this room and she hurries to unstrap me and quickly pushes me into another room where I am left.

I heard more commotion and eventually mistress found me.  She saw the Kali's teeth and admonished me for getting in trouble even when I am all tied up.  She then told me that I had performed extremely well and that I was going to have an encore performance because I had cum without asking permission.  I am thinking WTF, I am all trussed up and gagged, how could I ask for permission, I start to moan and struggle in my bonds.  Mistress grabs the Kali's teeth and tells me very sternly to stop fighting, I know the rules and therefore must be punished.  She then attaches a leash to my collar and pulls me back to the stage.  She then bends me over probably a spanking type bench and straps me down and connects my ankle shackles to the bench also.  I then feel her attaching more things besides the damn Kali's teeth to my cock and balls and then I am left alone.

Since I don't have the extra headphones on anymore I can pretty much hear what is going on and then I hear an amplified voice and the crowd quiets and I feel the heat from the lights on my backside.  I hear the announcement that they are pleased to present SlaveK and his mistress for an encore performance - His punishment because he came without asking for permission earlier.  I hear my mistress on the microphone stating that she is going to go easy on me because I did not know what was going to happen this evening and immediately feel a bunch a shocks to my cock and balls.  This is followed by something like a crop hitting my ass.  I am subjected to a series of shocks and escalation of the assault on my ass with probably crops, and various paddles. 

I am given a small break and I hear my mistress announce that it is time for the conclusion to his punishment - he is to receive three lashes with a cane.  Little do I know what is coming, I try to prepare myself but it does no good because mistress in her infinite wisdom has dialed up the intensity of the electro toys and times the application of the shock with the strike of the cane.  I hear the audience shout one and applaud.  I struggle like crazy and am almost hyperventilating.  The same thing happens for the second and third strike and I almost pass out after the last lash and feel the spot lights go out.  Mistress says she is proud of me and rubs some type of lotion on my behind and unstraps me from the spanking bench and says it is time to go home.

Mistress then slowly led me back to the van, had me sit inside against that back rest.  She then strapped me in across my torso and added the straps across my legs.  It was just like the ride here except that my ass was on fire from the punishment and my cock was still in pain because she left the Kali's teeth on me.  I felt her straddle my legs and then smell the plume of smoke from her exhale.  She told me that she was proud of both of  my performances and hoped I was willing to do something like this again.  She continues to smoke her cigarette and exhaling directly into my face while teasing my nipples and chest with her hands. 

After a couple of minutes of this she says that she is going to make the ride home more interesting.  She doesn't move but I hear the door close and someone else climb into the van and start it.  I feel something else pulled over the front of the hood and then tightened.  Mistress continues teasing my nipples and then I feel a sharp pain in each one, she has attached nipple clamps to me.  I then feel a tug downwards on them, I guess she put weights on them also.  Then the extra ear phones are placed on my head because I can now barely hear anything. 

The van starts moving and of course the weights on the nipple clamps start causing a lot of pain coupled with the pain on my backside due to my punishment.  On top of this I get a concentrated dose of mistress's smoke, she has put a gas mask on me over the hood.  The ride again is a long one with lots of turns, except who ever is driving this time is taking the turns alot faster which is resulting in more torment to me.  By the time we get back to mistress's place I am completely worn out.

As soon as the van stops mistress starts to undo my bonds from the van and helps me out.  She leads me into the dungeon where she has me sit in a simple kitchen style chair.  She puts a longer chain on the cuffs between my ankles, removes the second set of cuffs at my knees and removes the cuffs and pole connecting my elbow.  I still cannot go anywhere but at least I have a little more movement in my arms and legs.  She takes of the ear protecting headphones and tells me to stand up. 

At last, she finally removes the Kal's teeth from my cock and the clamps from my nipples.  She then leads me into the bathroom and helps me take care of relieving myself and also gives me a quick sponge bath.  I am then led back into the dungeon and sat in a chair again.  This time however she straps me down in the chair and proceeds to remove the gas mask and hood and blindfold.  As she starts removing the gag she tells me that I am not to say a word.   She then straddles my waist and lights another cigarette, exhaling in my face and tells me that she was very pleased with both of my performances tonight.  She then proceeds to tease me while smoking a couple of cigarettes.  Then she announces that it is time to get me ready for bed. 

The first thing she does is place a small camping style sleeping pad and small pillow into the cage.  She then gives me a very arousing good night kiss and pulls another gasmask over my head.  This one fits over my head with a zipper on the back and has round eye lenses that instead of clear plastic have some type of distortion lens instead.  She then puts on a wide collar around my neck and locks it on.  She then unstraps me from the chair and proceeds to fit on a metal chastity devices around my cock and balls using the waist belt I am still wearing.  She removes the chain from between my ankle cuffs and leads me into the cage.  She locks the door and tells me to come sit against the edge of the cage with my back to her.  Then she unlocks my cuffs from my sides and turns out the lights to the dungeon.  Her parting words were even though I performed well tonight she said there was still one piece of unfinished business from tonight she needed to deal with in the morning.

I was tired but wired and distracted because even though I was no longer in bondage I was extremely frustrated because of the chastity belt mistress put me in.  On top of that, I knew she had preplanned a lot of this because the odor in the gas mask it smelt of mistress's cigarettes and like a pair of her heavily worn panties.  This frustration and the pain from my punishment was going to make sleeping hard, especially being in the cage.  Well at least I had a little padding and a pillow, and eventually I was able to fall asleep.

I don't know how long I slept but I was greeted with a series of shocks to my behind, legs and torso.  That was followed by get up you worthless slave, sit up with your back to the side of the cage.  She then roughly grabbed each hand and reconnected them to the side of the belt around my waist.  Next I hear the cage door opening and the order to get my worthless self out of the cage.  She has me stand up, locks my ankles together with a short chain and almost drags me back to the bathroom where she roughly removes the chastity belt and literally yells at me to finish taking care of my morning business.  I am pulled off the toilet when I finish and hurried back into the dungeon.  The extra cuffs around my knees are put back on and the pole behind my back connecting my elbows is also put back on.  Some sort of cover is put over the lenses of the gas mask and I am again dragged across the dungeon and pushed roughly into the torture chair. 

The chains are removed from the cuffs on my ankles and above my knees and my ankles are quickly locked to the base of the chair legs.  My legs are then strapped to the chair, two straps below the knees and two straps above the knees.  Mistress then unlocks one arm and locks the cuff the the end of the horizontal cross bar and also straps down my arm to the cross bar also.  This is repeated with my other arm and then she adds three straps across my torso starting at my waist and ending just above my nipples.  

So here I am secured to the torture chair with my legs split wide, my cock and balls hanging down from the little seat, my ass end available for torture and my arms spread wide.  Mistress then fiddles with the breathing hose on the gas mask and I smell cigarette smoke, very strong, it appear mistress has lit a few cigarettes, placed them in an ashtray and positioned the breathing tube right over the ashtray.  I am left alone for a couple of minutes until mistress comes back and starts attaching things to my cock and balls.  I know I am in for another round of electro torture. 

When she finishes in front I feel her slide sometype of butt plug into me (it is obviously electrical).  I am left alone for 5 minutes or so and then she takes the collar and gas mask off while warning me not to say a word.  She then proceeds to gag me with a pump gag that after pumping it up it feels like my cheeks are going to explode.  Last but not least I am blindfolded and my head is trapped into the head rest assembly of the chair.  Mistress then says she has to test and tune the setup, I am hit with a series of intense shocks, I struggle against my bonds and start to have trouble breathing since they are so intense.  The shocks stop and mistress removes the gag and blindfold.

Mistress has set up a few spot lights around me and all I can see his her standing there.  I however smell fresh cigarette smoke and see that mistress is not smoking right now so I do think there is someone else present.  Mistress looks at me and asks how she can trust me, I mumble what Is she talking about.  She sits down and hits a button on the tens unit and I try to jump out of my chair.  She says that even all tied up last night I was out trolling and fucking around behind her back.  I deny it and am again hit with the electricity.  She says again why did I go out looking to mess around behind her back.  I loose it and yell WTF is she talking about.  I pay for it with an unending series of shocks. 

After I calm down mistress calmly asks me what happened last night.  I tell her what happened how I was led off to a different room, tied down and made to please a strange unknown mistress.  She then asks me why didn't I tell her last night what had happened.  I am not thinking and  try to calmly tell her that I was obeying her own orders when I was told not to speak.  I am rewarded with another barrage of electrical shocks and while this is happening, mistress shoves the gag back into my mouth and blindfolds me yet again.  She states that I am to be punished again.

I am let loose from the chair, obviously mistress secures my arms one at a time and leads me over to the spanking bench.  I am strapped down to the bench and mistress changes the pump up gag for a penis gag.  I hear something like a chair being moved around and then my blindfold is taken off.  I see mistress sitting in a chair with her wonderful pussy right there, in one hand is a remote control and in her other hand is a cigarette.  She seductively takes a drag and say pleasure me.  A pause for a second and I am rewarded with a shock to my balls - she left all the electrical toys hooked up to me. 

I quickly see it is a double ended dildo gag and quickly plunge the other end into her pussy.  Mistress continues to seductively smoke and occasionally shock me while I work on pleasuring her.  At one point I see her subtly nod and I then feel a large whack to my ass.  Mistress shocks me again and tells me to keep on pleasing her and do not try and look around.  I continue as best as I can with the task at hand to pleasure mistress, however it is not easy to continue between the beating my ass is taking and the shocks to my cock and balls.  After two intensive orgasms mistress pushes my head away and yells enough.  My head just slumps down with exhaustion.

After what seemed to be a short cat nap mistress lights another cigarette, removes the gag and kisses me.  After she breaks off the kiss, I look up and standing behind my mistress is the tall red haired mistress who had her way with me the night before.  I have been set up.  The red haired mistress takes a seductive drag on her More cigarette and also gives me a big kiss.  The two of them proceed to kiss each other.  As they break away the both say they are very happy with me and that I will be getting a big reward soon.  However they both put the blind fold back on me and leave the dungeon to allow me some rest time to recover.

After about an hours of rest I feel the electrodes being removed from my cock and balls.  I was unstrapped from the spanking horse, helped up and led around the dungeon.  I am pushed back against the bondage table where the two of them help me up on and have me lie down.  Each mistress takes a leg and straps my legs down to the table.  One of my arms is released and it is strapped down also.  This is repeated for my other arm.  I am given another smokey kiss from each mistress and told to relax a little while they finish getting ready. 

I was hoping my reword would involve me not being tied up, blindfolded or gagged, but laying on my back I could imagine what could happen in the position I was in hopefully I was in for something good.  I dozed a little more and awaken to mistress putting something on my cock, then each mistress gives me another smokey kiss and informs me I must be gagged again.  Unfortunately the mistresses gag me with a penis gag. 

The blindfold is removed and I see my mistress who is around 5'-7" tall with long blond hair standing on one side of me wearing absolutely nothing.  My eyes pop open with surprise.  I look to the other side and there is the almost 6' tall red haired mistress wearing an outfit just like my mistress, absolutely nothing.  Both of them are standing there seductively smoking.  If my mouth wasn't stuffed with a gag my jaw would have fallen to the floor. 

My mistress then silently mounts my cock and starts to ride me.  The red head then climbs on the bench and mounts the other end of the double dildo gag in my mouth.  The feeling is amazing and frustrating because the pressure builds, I hear both mistresses come and nothing happens for me.  They both dismount, smoke another cigarette while teasing me with their smoking.  My mistress then points out the cock ring which is preventing me from coming.   The red headed mistress then mounts me while my mistress rides the double dildo in my mouth.  Again it is both wonderful and frustrating. 

After this next round of orgasms for them they again tease me with their smoking.  This time before they finish they take the gag out and each give me another smokey kiss.  Mistress again mounts me and red then tells me to pleasure her as she climbs onto my face.  I aggressively please red because even though I am frustrated the feeling of being ridden by these two is amazing.   They both come again, tease me with their smoking and switch places again. 

After this fourth round of having their way with me instead of more teasing the put a gas mask on me and take off the cock ring.  Then they both starting smoking again and exhaling into the mask's inlet hose.  After overwhelming me with their smoke mistress asks if I am ready, after what has happened I blindly answer yes.  I am able to see her mount me again and start to ride me.  Both are still smoking and tormenting me with their smoke.  Very quickly mistress asks if I want to cum.  I scream yes.  Both mistresses take a massive drag on their cigarettes and exhale into the mask while telling me to come.  It doesn't take any more because I explode into mistress, probably more than on stage the night before.  I pass out from exhaustion and the exertion and am awoken to the ladies removing all my bondage.  They then take me by my hands and lead me upstairs out of the dungeon.