A Fantasy Session with Mistress

by slavek999

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© Copyright 2010 - slavek999 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; electro; smoke; torment; hood; gasmask; cons; X

I had reached the door to my mistresses dungeon, instead of ringing the bell to be let in there was a note that said I was to enter and follow the instructions left on the table.  I opened the door, it was extremely dark only lit by a candle on the table.  The note on the table required me to disrobe, blindfold myself and put on the handcuffs and leg shackles.  So I undressed, put the leg shackles on my ankles, put the blindfold on and handcuffed my hands behind my back.

I don't know how long I stood there but I knew better than say anything or move around.  Then I heard heels on the hardwood floors approaching.  I held my breath in anticipation.  Then suddenly I heard a click and then mistress exhaled her smoke into my face.  I moved my head around to discern where she was and was rewarded with a slap to my cheek and another cloud of smoke in my face.  All I heard was the clicking of her heels on the floor and felt more clouds of smoke in my face. 

After a few minutes of this I finally heard her say "good boy" and another slap to the face.  She then said it was time to get me ready for my session and told me to open my mouth.  A Ring gag was put in my mouth and tightly strapped behind my head.  I heard the click of her lighter again and felt another cloud of smoke.  She then started walking around me teasing and tormenting with her hands will blowing her smoke into my face.  After this additional torment she declared that she was afraid that I might escape and that I needed to be restrained more.  She proceeded to cuff my elbows together, add cuffs at my knees which were attached together and connected the handcuffs to a belt strapped tightly around my waist.  I heard another click, and another cloud of smoke in my face and felt her breasts pressing against my chest while her hands were doing something to my neck.  She was putting a collar on me, then backed away and snapped a leash on it and said, "Come with ME!".

I was led into the dungeon and was forced to sit on a hard chair it seemed.  Mistress then unlocked my legs and proceeded to strap them in four or five places to the chair I was sitting in.  Next she unlocked one of my arms, stretched it out and also proceeded to strap the arm to the chair in multiple places.  She did the same with my other arm while blowing smoking in my face from her cigarette while she secured me to the chair.  To top it off she then secured my waist and torso with additional straps and then strapped my head into a headrest on the chair.  I heard the clicking of her heels, it sounded like she was walking away from me.  I was left sitting there, blindfolded, a gag in my mouth and only able to move my toes and fingers.

I don't know how long I sat there but after a while I hear foot steps again.  I felt Mistress sit across my lap.  I heard the click of her lighter again and the blindfold was removed.  Mistress took a monstrous drag on her cigarette and exhaled into my face and exclaimed, "Now we I can find out why you are here", and then gets up and walks over to the shelf full of stuff that I could see on the other side of the room.

It was a good thing I was gagged because, I could only make unintelligible noises because I was thinking "Why the hell was I here".  With the limited movement of my head I could see that the chair I was strapped to was very solid, my arms were stretched out sideways, and my legs were strapped to the weird chair legs that held my legs wide apart.  Mistress could do what she wanted with me and there was nothing that I could do.

After a little bit she was finished on the other side of the room and came strolling back towards me with a big grin on her face and a bag of stuff in her hand.  Again she sits on me and this time starts to tease and torture my nipples with her hands and teeth.  She then, coyly asks if I want to tell here why I am here.  Between the gag and the torment to my nipples, all I am doing is moaning, there is no way I can answer.  She then declares since you don't want to answer, you need more attention.  She reaches into her bag and pulls out a pair of wicked looking nipple clamps and promptly clamps them to each nipple.  All I can do is scream through the gag.  She slides off my lap and starts to tease my cock, all I can do is moan some more. 

While teasing me it seems that she has put a parachute around my balls with a small weight hanging from it.  She stands up, lights another cigarette, exhales in my face and asks me again, "are you sure you don't want to tell me why you are here".  I am still unable to answer.  With every drag on her cigarette she adds additional weight to my balls and nipples and usually hits the weights to make them sway to add to my torment.  She finished smoking that first cigarette and immediately lit another.  When she was almost finished smoking the second one she said that since I was unwilling to answer her that she would have to take away my ability to speak.  She took a massive double drag on the cigarette and then exhaled right into my mouth through the ring gag.  She then shoved a penis gag into my mouth and secured it.  She then gets up and puts the blind fold back over my eyes and walks away.

Mistress wasn't content to just lest me sit and suffer, no, I could continually hear the sound of her heels on the floor as she walked around.  However that was not all, she would always either pull on the nipple clamps or make the weights sway every time she was near me.  I guess she eventually got tired of this torment because finally she came over and said that I deserved some relief.  She quickly removed the clamps on my nipples, I would have jumped through the roof except for the little fact that I was rigidly tied to this damn chair.  While she was removing the parachute and weights she again asks me why am I here.  Of course I cannot answer because I have a big gag in my mouth but no, she states after I don't answer, "since you won't answer I will have to resort to more extreme measures".  I am really in trouble now, luckily she walks away and lets me stew upon that for a few minutes.

When she returns she starts to tease, play with and fondle my cock and balls.  She then abruptly stopped.  It felt like things were wrapped tightly around my cock and balls.  A couple minutes later I felt her massaging my behind and spreading my cheeks.  I then felt something being inserted into my backside entry.  I then felt her hot breath at my ears and she said, "Lets see if this will help you to talk".  I felt an exquisite vibrating between my legs, but as it continued for a few minutes I knew it wasn't enough to make me come.  After a little more of the exquisite feeling, the blindfold is removed where I see Mistress again light another cigarette and she says to me that this treatment can bring both pleasure and pain.  She adjusts something on the control box in her lap and the sensation sped up and the intensity skyrocketed, I tried to scream in agony through my gag while mistress smoked and laughed at my plight. 

She continued to cycle me through the states of exstacy to pain and removed both gags during the pain cycle so I could scream.  She lit another cigarette, continued to cycle the feelings from the electro torture box and asked me again why was I here.  While waiting for my answer she removed the straps securing my head to the chair.  Unfortunately I was rapidly becoming a basket case and could only moan in pleasure or scream in agony.  Mistress was clearly unhappy with my lack of response and grabbed the hood she had set nearby.  She placed this severe restrictive hood over my head, that had a built in gag.  While tightening the hood on my head she said since I didn't want to answer her that I would be punished for that disobedience.  To test the effectiveness of the hood she dialed up the intensity of the shocks for a short period and then abruptly turned them off.

As I sit there moving my head around even though I cannot see, it is the only thing besides my fingers and toes that I can move, I wonder what is coming next.  I don't have long to wait because I feel the straps around my waist and chest are being loosened and then the straps on one of my arms are loosened.  I do not get any time to enjoy any sensation of freedom because my arm is immediately pulled behind my back and placed in the one of the handcuff that is still attached to the belt behind my back.  Mistress then repeats the process with my other arm and also cuffs my elbows together.  She then proceeds to undo my legs and before allowing me to stand up she shackles my ankles together.  The leash is then attached to my collar and I am led to my punishment.

I am pulled into a piece of furniture and forced to bend over onto it.  Mistress then runs straps over my back to secure me to it.  My head is then strapped down and held in a cradle.  Mistress then releases my legs, spreads them apart and straps them to the the legs of the bench.  Last my arms are released and strapped to the legs of the bench in front of me.  She then wicked spanks my ass with her bare hands and removes the gag from the hood.  I try to talk and explain why I am here and I stopped when she says, "You had your chance to talk, I do not want to hear another word from you". 

I am still a basket case and do not stop trying to talk so she shoves a gag back into my mouth, at least this gag is a breather with a hole for air and allows more air than through the nose holes of the hood.  Mistress didn't waste any time, she started to tan my hide.  I think she used her hands, a crop, various paddles and floggers.  I don't know how long I endured but the pain was intense, to finish me off she gave me two fine strokes with a cane.  Even with the breathing gag it was hard to get enough air to scream from the pain.  Mistress then told me I had done well, rubbed some type of lotion on my behind and let me rest for a little while still tied to the spanking bench.

I am still a basket case but after a little bit I feel one of my arms being freed, Mistress give me a few minutes to move the arm around before cuffing it in front of me this time (the attachment belt at my waist was turned around).  She then repeats the process with the other arm and then frees both legs.  After being able to sort of stretch my legs she shackles my ankles and unstraps my head and torso from the bench.  This time instead of the leash on the collar she comes behind me and gives me a large hug from behind and steers with a hand on each shoulder.  When we come to the next destination she tell me to step up twice and then has me turn around and sit down.  Next she has me scoot around to get me positioned right.  It seems she is still afraid I will escape and straps down my waist and chest.  I am sitting but reclined back some.  Next she secures my legs to frames at the end of the bench I am sitting on.  Turns out is was an exam table and my legs were secured to the stirrups.  Last she secures my arms one at a time above my head and allowed to rest for a few minutes.

After a short rest I feel mistress teasing my nipples and cock with her hands.  Then I feel something being put on my cock (Later I learn it was a Venus 2000).  I'm still blind and mute and have no idea what is going on.  I then feel mistress messing with the hood, which she removes.  I blink at the bright light and watch mistress tease me by seductively smoking her cigarette.  I am told immediately that I am to not say a word and I will receive my reward for enduring this session.  Mistress finishes her cigarette and tells me to close my eyes so she can begin her final preparations.  After I have closed my eyes I feel her pulling something tight and made of rubber over my head.  She then tells me to open my I eyes and I see that she has put a gas mask on me.  Mistress has a big mischievous grin on her face and promptly lights 3 more cigarettes.  After placing two in an adjacent ash tray she says that now I am ready for my reward.  She then take a large drag on her cigarette and exhales directly into the gas masks breathing hose and switches on the device on my cock.  I am overloaded from the sensations between my legs and coughing from all the smoke.  Mistress torments me with her smoke by continually exhaling into the masks hose while adjusting the intensity of the device.  I don't know how long I last but when I erupt, it is massive and I believe I pass out from the smoke and sensory overload.

I don't know how long I was out but my hands are again cuffed behind my back and I am wearing a hood.  At least this time there is not gag.  I hear my Mistress say that the keys to the cuffs are somewhere next to me and when I release my self I am to follow the instructions left next to me.  It seemed like it took me 15 minutes to find the keys and unlock the handcuffs.  When I get the hood off I see that I am in a cage in a small candle lit room.  Luckily the cage is not locked and I see a note left on my clothes.  I get dressed and follow the rest of the instructions by leaving the keys in the cage, put the shackles on my ankles again and cuff my hands behind my back.  I make my way to Mistresses lounge and think what an amazing session.  When I reach the lounge Mistress is again seductively smoking a cigarette and asks - "Are you willing to return for more amazing sessions".

For those who have read this my question is would you return?