New Mexico Training Session 2: Remedial Work

by Jon Deets

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Part 2: Remedial Work

The week my wife had spent in New Mexico in slave training had been well worth the money. Upon our return to our home after the training, my wife/slave diligently performed her tasks: her person was flawlessly maintained as was the house, her service and attitude towards service was superb, and she took great care of all of my possessions. And her sexual performance was that of a hungry tigress, no matter the place, time or position, she was simply a perfect slave. For two months.

Then, I noticed slight flaws in her daily performance: her body not perfectly shaved; the kitchen floor not mopped daily; a slight hesitation and slowness in her service; and not quite the appropriate amount of exuberance in satisfying me sexually. I spoke to her quite directly and warned her of consequences, but the poor performance continued.

Finally, I had enough and took her for a night in our basement dungeon. A night with nipple clamps, the flogger at full speed, a little electric "therapy" and tight bondage in uncomfortable positions did, in fact, sharpen her focus. For about a week. Then one morning I was sitting at the breakfast table waiting to be served and I noticed that her hair was unwashed. I told her "take off that nighty right now" and sure enough, her quim was not shaved and had stubble. As I glanced around it was obvious that the house had not been cleaned the previous day.

Holy shit, this would just simply NOT do! I told her "pack our bags" as I called my acquaintances in New Mexico.

Upon arriving in New Mexico at the adobe mansion of the slave-trainer ("C") and his assistant, we walked into the living room and I immediately had my wife strip naked as I put her in a fairly strict hog-tie. C and his assistant walked into the room and gazed sadly at my slave. C looked over to me and softly inquired "is remedial training necessary?"

"Yes" I replied, "I am afraid so."

"Okay" he said, "there will be no fee since our last training was guaranteed but clearly failed. However, I do plan on making some money off of this slave. Remedial training is 2 weeks."

"Do whatever you think is necessary" I told him.

With that, C's assistant came and took my hand and said, "I am so sorry that our efforts did not achieve the outcome you desired. We will do better this time, and right now I want to begin by helping you cheer up."

With that, the tall, beautiful buxom woman took me into a bedroom and proceeded to turn me inside-out for the next few hours. I can honestly say that I have never been fucked so wonderfully well by such a gorgeous woman. I was, in fact, cheerful as I left my wife for her training.

C's first words to my slave were, "Remedial training is much harsher than normal slave training. You see, before we were just trying to mold you into the perfect slave. Now, we have to break you first, and then mold you."

The first 3 days of training were all very similar: an hour long session first thing each morning involving pain: whippings, floggings, hot wax, nipple clamps, electrical and fire play- anything to make the slave say or do anything in order for the pain to stop. This made her very grateful when the session ended each morning such that she could focus on her training.

This would be followed by remedial training on service, cleanliness, taking care of the house, and taking care of her Master's possessions. There was no sex of any kind during the first 3 days. Each afternoon my wife would be staked out in the hot sun, naked with sunscreen applied everywhere except for small stenciled letters directly above her quim in a semi-circle that spelled out "slave" which blocked out the sun leaving her skin very white there.

When these sweat sessions ended each day she was allowed to shower in an outdoor shower, and then was dressed up as a pony-girl and pulled a cart with C and his assistant around the property for a daily inspection of the acreage. Then, exhausted, dirty and tired, my little slave would pull service duty for the evening as C and his assistant played billiards or lounged around the swimming pool.

Day 4 began differently as there was no pain therapy session at all, but rather intensive focus on all of the various duties a slave should perform. There was no staking out in the sun, either, or pony-girl session. Instead, it was a very light day except for the focus on service, cleanliness, etc. After dinner, C told my slave "tonight begins the next part of your remedial training, and this will continue for the remainder of your stay here. We will be going down to El Paso to a strip club. You need to learn to except all kinds of sex gratefully"

My wife immediately began to object by looking up slightly, and C stated, "Your choice-an all nighter of our little pain sessions, or a few hours at the strip club. Make your selection."

My wife finally said, "whatever Master wants" and stood silently at attention.

They arrived at the club around midnight, and C spoke to the manager and then took my little slave over to one corner off of the main stage, had her strip completely naked (except for her collar) next to a stripper's pole, and then put handcuffs on both of her arms and legs such that she was bound helplessly to the pole. Now the clientele of this strip club were primarily soldiers from the big army base in El Paso, and several of them sauntered over to take a look at my wife. One of them asked C, "isn't she going to dance?"

"No," C responded, "she is the after-hours entertainment for a few lucky gentlemen".

Another soldier asked, "why is the word 'slave' there above her pussy?"

C just smiled and said, "you will see later."

About 30 minutes before closing time, the DJ announced, "are any of you boys gambling men?"

A large cheer rang out from the soldiers and the DJ said, "put $20 dollars with your name on it in that jar next to the little naked slave girl, and 5 of you lucky gentlemen will have some after-hours entertainment tonight."

About 50 guys put down a $20 and when the club was just about to close 5 names were drawn and the winners were taken to the private room behind the main stage. C hooked a leash onto my little slave's collar and led her into the private room. He said, "alright gentlemen, here are the rules: Absolutely no blood, scat, urine or broken skin. No bruises either. Otherwise, she is fair game. You have 2 hours."

With that he unhooked the leash and stepped to the side. The soldiers all just sort of looked at each other for a few seconds, and then one said, "alright, who's first?"

Immediately they jumped on her like a hyena jumps on a gazelle, and worked out a system where one soldier held each limb- right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg-while the last guy pounded my slave's love hole until he came. They would then switch in a clockwise fashion until they had each been served.

After round one, one guy turned to C and asked, "does she do oral?"

C replied, "she is a slave. She does what she is told."

With a loud whoop, the soldiers each had my wife give them a blowjob until they once again shot their load.

Now a couple of the guys had been drinking pretty heavily and that was enough action for them for one night, but the other 3 decided that they would each let her climb on top of them and bounce on their stiff dicks while she alternated putting the other two guys penis's in her mouth to keep them hard.

Just after they had all been serviced a third time, C announced, "time, gentlemen" and put the leash back on the slave. He then led her out of he club, naked, tired and covered in cum, to his car for the drive home. On the drive home he said, "I made about $1,000 tonight, and since I have lost a $10,000 fee since I am not charging your Master, another 9 nights of this should cover it."

The next 9 days and nights were essentially the same for my wife: intensive training of slave protocol and skills during the day, followed by nights at the strip club being fondled while handcuffed to a stripper's pole, followed by 2 hours of getting raped by 5 random soldiers.

I arrived back in New Mexico after the two weeks had passed, and drove up to C's adobe mansion daydreaming about another few hours with his assistant. C and his assistant met me in their living room, and soon my wife marched in naked and with a collar on, very tan except for the white "slave" above her poon, and looking very very tired.

C said, "okay, we have done our best to make her understand that actions have consequences, and we have reiterated many times the duties of a slave. If she fails you this time, bring her back and I will give you $100,000 no questions asked."

"Okay", I replied, "I don't think that will be necessary but out of curiosity what would you do with her?"

"Oh that's easy" C responded, "I can give 50 soldiers a night a shot at her instead of just 5. And because its guaranteed sex rather than a drawing they will pay $40 each instead of gambling with $20. She will only last about a year, but at a $2,000 a night that's a pretty good return on $100,000."

I haven't had any problems with my little slave since we returned home, and I like the little "slave" word above her glory hole I had in permanently tattooed there in Gothic script.

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