New Mexico Training Session

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2012 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

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She just wasn't listening anymore. Oh, she tried to please me, but somehow she had lost focus. When I told her to grab me a Negro Modelo, she would come back with a Shiner. And frankly, she often seemed a little distracted when she was giving me a blowjob. Unacceptable. So, after a little internet research, I found a place outside of El Paso that I thought might help her sharpen her focus. We flew to El Paso and drove over towards Las Cruces on some back roads, and turned into a fairly nondescript dirt road that led to a Spanish-style villa on a flat hilltop. The adobe style home was not overwhelming, but it had several private courtyards and seemed cool and private. We walked into the living room and sat down, and were served fruit juice and some guacamole. The proprietor then walked in and greeted us and said to call him "C". He was about 50 with a beard and he looked amazingly like the guy in the "most interesting man in the world" commercial. His assistant soon joined us and she was about 6'1" tall, very fit, and looked like Brooklyn Decker.

After making a little small talk, C looked at me and said, "So your wife needs a little remedial training"?

I replied, "That is correct. She is distracted and unfocused, and just needs some additional training."

"Well", he replied, "you have come to the right place." He then looked over at my wife and said, "What do you think"?

She replied instantly "Whatever my Master thinks."

C looked over at me and said, "I like this one. Are you sure she needs training?"

"Oh, yes" I replied, "she is fine right now but loses focus during the day."

"Okay" C replied, "if you are sure let's get started, and remember the training takes a full week."

"Fine" I replied.

With that, C told my wife, "Get naked, and naked you shall remain until I feel like you are making progress."

My wife immediately looked at me and I said, "You heard the man. Get naked. You will treat him as your Master until I return."

She trembled a little bit but got up off of the couch and slowly removed her clothing. She stood there in all of her naked glory, and C said, "I think I will enjoy training this one very much." I saw a gleam come into the eyes of his assistant, and she actually licked her lips. With that, I stood and walked over to my wife, put a set of Irish handcuffs on her and handed C the key, hobbled her legs, and said, "remember, this could have all been avoided had you been a better slave. I will see you in a week, and I know you will grow from this experience." With that, I took my leave.

Now C and his assistant video 100% of their training such that the slaves' owner can see their slave progress, and then build on the training once the week is over. That is why I can relate the details of my wife's training. The very first thing C did was ask my wife "What are you shortcomings?"

She looked at him and said, "I am really not sure. I try to please my Master."

C and his assistant both grimaced, and immediately led my wife out into a courtyard that had an arbor overhead. They connected a large hook to the Irish handcuffs, and immediately hauled my wife's hands above her head until she was standing on her tip-toes via a rope and pulley system hidden in the arbor. C removed a large paddle from the wall and said, "Count backwards from 10. Loudly." With that, he cracked my wife's ass sharply with the paddle, and waited until she said "10". He then proceeded to give her 9 more solid whacks as she counted down the blows.

C's assistant then walked to the front of my sweating, whimpering wife and said, "First lesson. Never look your Master in the eyes, and always address him as "Master" or "Sir". And call me "Mistress". Do you understand?" My wife started to look up at the assistant but managed to stop herself and say "yes, Mistress." With that, they let her down and began the training.

The first day was all about service. They rang a little bell, and had my wife constantly on the run bringing them drinks, snacks, books and anything they wanted. She actually performed fairly well, and was attentive most of the time. On the one occasion that she did not instantly respond to the bell, C had her go outside and get him a willow switch, and then had her bend over in front of his chair as he used the switch on her already sore ass. All in all, she showed very good progress in the service arena.

Day two was all about anticipating her Master's needs. When C's assistant let her out of her room, it was immediately apparent that she had not shaved her quim that morning by the slight stubble around her glory hole. In addition, she had not put on any perfume or done her hair. C and his assistant did not say a word until after she had prepared breakfast, done the dishes, and then had squatted down at C's feet to await her orders.

C then softly said, "Does your master like your pubic area to be shaven"?

"Yes, Master" my wife replied.

"And is it"? C asked.

"No sir" my wife answered miserably as she glanced down at her vagina.

"What else does your Master like"? C inquired?

"Pretty hair, perfume, and cleanliness, Sir" my wife answered.

"Go take care of all of that immediately" C ordered.

When my wife returned, cleaned up, hair done, and shaven C stated, "I don't ever want to have to go through this again. To help you remember, we have a few things in mind. Stand at attention in front of me."

My wife scurried over and C brought out some wicked-looking nipple clamps, and attached them very very tightly to my wife's nipples as tears ran down her face. He then took her outside and over to a fairly large woodpile and said, "Move this firewood over to that concrete pad" which was about 75 yards down a hill. With that, he left the assistant in charge and went back inside. My wife moved about 100 loads of firewood down the hill while sweat poured off of her buck-naked body and her bare feet got very sore and scratched up.

When that was done, C appeared and said, "Get in here and make us lunch."

After lunch was over and the dishes were cleaned up, C once again led my wife outside and said, "You know what? I actually don't like the firewood being down there. Bring it back where it was."

Once again he left the assistant in charge as my wife trudged miserably back and forth with the wood, and brought it uphill this time. Her nude body glistened with sweat, and occasionally a branch or twig from the wood would hit the chain holding the nipple clamps and make her cry out slightly. When the wood was all moved, the assistant brought my wife back in and said, "Now go get like your Master likes you." My wife ran for the shower, shaved herself again, did her hair and put on perfume and then presented herself to C and his assistant. "Very good" C said. "Bring us some cocktails."

Day 3 was all about tidiness and cleanliness of the home. My wife dusted, mopped, swept, tidied up the pantry, and generally made the entire house spotless. Because she had appeared that morning shaven, perfumed and with her hair made up, and because she never made eye contact and remembered to properly address C and his assistant, they removed the nipple clamps and generally allowed her to go about her business.

Day 4 was to be about always improving your Master's possessions. To that end, they led my wife outside and gave her a paintbrush and said "paint the wall of this courtyard." The sand-colored adobe began to take on a new shine as my wife diligently painted away, until she made a terrible error by saying out loud "the sun is hot." The assistant gasped, and immediately called C out from inside the house.

When he heard her explain what happened, he led my wife outside to the yard and threw her on the ground. He then took 4 large tent stakes, and pounded them down to the four points of the compass, and used some rope to stake my wife out spread-eagled and naked, and fully exposed to the sun. He had the assistant rub sunblock over my wife's entire body, and then left her to sweat. Every hour they would return and flip my wife over such that she spent half the time on her back and half the time on her stomach. After 4 hours in he merciless sun and heat, C came over and said "What have you learned today?"

My wife softly said "never complain, Sir?"

"Very good" C replied as he removed the ropes, "you may now finish painting the wall."

Day 5 arrived and after breakfast C asked my wife, "What does your Master like sexually?"

My wife replied "He loves bondage, light whipping, girl on girl, and blowjobs Sir."

"Very well" C replied, "let's see if we can improve your technique. You may begin with some girl on girl by giving cunnilingus to my assistant."

The tall pretty assistant immediately pulled off her clothes, got on a couch with her legs spread, and said, "Get over here" to my wife.

My wife rather reluctantly approached the lovely woman and tentatively began licking and blowing softly on the assistant's cunt. The assistant gave several verbal commands which my wife followed, but rather half-heartedly and without enthusiasm. After the assistant came with great tremors, she had my wife lick the cum inside and outside her pussy until she was clean. C watched wordlessly, and when that was done he commanded, "Get over here and give me a blowjob."

Again my wife was somewhat tentative, and while she licked and pulled and sucked she didn't deep-throat and it was clear that this was not her favorite pastime. When C came in her mouth he too had her lick up his love juices. However, she made a slight face as though something was distasteful. Both C and his assistant looked at my wife with almost sorrow in their eyes, and C said, "You know that as a slave the sexual satisfaction of your Master is imperative, and one of your most important duties?"

"Yes Sir" my wife replied, "there are just a few things I don't really like to do."

C jumped to his feet and almost screamed, "I don't give shit what you do or don't like to do, slave! Now you really need a lesson."

With that, they literally dragged my wife back to the courtyard with the arbor, and hauled her up on her tip-toes again. C took out a flogger and looked over at his assistant and said, "Call that strip joint in El Paso where the soldiers go, and have them send up 5 guys."

My wife immediately began to speak and C put a large inflatable gag in her mouth to shut her up. C and his assistant then both used the flogger vigorously for about 30 minutes until the doorbell rang. While the assistant got the door and settled the soldiers on a couch, C let my wife down and said, "You better treat these guys right like the slave that you are."

With that, he paraded my wife into the living room and she stood at attention in front of the soldiers. "Okay" C said, "I call this "5-ways" and here is the deal: this slave is to be put in stocks and taken from behind once vaginally and once anally, then she will be tied down on a bed and taken once again in each hole, and the 5th way is she is going to pretend that she is a baseball catcher and bounce up and down on some one's dick until they unload."

With that, C pulled out a hat and put in pieces of paper with the numbers 1-5 and had the soldiers draw. When that was done, C made my wife fetch the soldiers drinks and ask each one: "Sir, how are you going to be taking me? I can't wait to service you, Sir".

The first soldier selected bedroom bondage and fucked her cunt for 20 minutes. The 2nd soldier thought that as long as she was tied to the bed he might as well continue, so he fucked her tight ass and came rather quickly. The 3rd and 4th guys took her to the stocks like in Puritan times, and ravished each of her holes again from behind. The last guy laid down on the ground and let her squat on top of him and bounce up and down with tits flopping until he came. C then sent the soldiers away and softly asked my wife, "What did you learn today?"

She replied, "Only my Master's desire matters, and what I like or don't like sexually is of no consequence, Sir."

"Very good" C said, as he sent her to her room.

Day 6 was reinforcement day as they worked my wife through service, cleanliness of her person and her surroundings, improving the possessions of her Master, and sexual servitude. She gave both C and his assistant oral sex with great enthusiasm and vigor, and generally acquitted herself well all day.

I arrived on Day 7, and there stood my wife tall, proud and at attention in all of her naked glory. She was freshly shaven, her hair was made up, she smelled lovely, and she had her eyes firmly on the ground. The house was spotless inside, the outside was freshly painted, and a tall glass of lemonade was waiting for me. After I said hello to her, she answered, "Master I missed you so. Please take me home and I will serve you as well as I know how."

At that moment, C and his assistant walked in and said, "She has done well, and I think you will be pleased with the corrections we have made in her attitude. I really like this one, and after talking to the guys at the army base in El Paso I believe I could really make some money off of her. Is there any chance you would sell her to me for $200,000?"

I saw her lips begin to tremble as I pretended to entertain C's offer. "No", I finally replied, "I think I will keep her. But if she displeases me in the future, I will call you."

With that, I handed her the skin-tight dress I had bought her for the trip home, which displayed her assets well and left little to the imagination, and said, "Let's go catch our flight."



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